The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1934
Page 2
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•LTTHIVILL1, (AIL), COURBB NEW! TUESDAY, AUGUST'21...--19&4 Sodu Calendar duin* « ChrW 81M4 ~< *tth Mrs. J. W.- B»*r. M. Miss Frances Berry Weds Mr. W. B. Gilbert Pot Pie Can Be Unusual, Too The marriaje 6f Xta BCTTT, daiithter bt Mr. »U« M» Ed U Btrry ol Ttx«kan«, to Mr. William Bilbo Gilbert, of this city, was (ofembiisd at the First Presbyterian ctnirch of Teiirkiiu Saturday morning, &:» 6'cJock. A larjfe fatherlnj vltn«i»d the exchanging of the marriage vows asked by the Rev. Thomas J. Wil banks. the bride, who wa» given in marriaie fey her latter, wore a 1 frock of morocco brown flit crept with a matching coat, wi|tl lingtti. This was stain trhnrncfl. H«r accessories were in brown and she carried a shower fcbun^H M valley lilies. ' Mrs. Martha- Goodwin, of TJx- ariiana, me matron of honor, and the fcrMeemaU was MM fcami Berry, sfcter of th« bride. They wore bouffant freck* and carried shieathE of yellow, gladioli and talisman roses. Mr. A; W: WttUi.wa* but mm and tlw utters '..were: Harry Ferguson, Id -L., Berry, Jrn A. W. Stephena aod N6r»tti 'Ooodwuv all erf TeKarkant. A we*iin« : breakfast, for members of tbe families and U* brldai party, was served following the ceremony tefore Mr. CjUoeri and hie bride lelt. for this city. They are now at hom«- in the Me- Mulllft apartment • on W«t Main street. • •' ' - • - ' Mre, Gilbert attended t}« Texarkana college following titr trad' uation frfu high school there. Th« briieirbofe atttMe* T«\t arkana coUtte, .ChiliRotbe *i*Uit» college at-'GMJiioothe, Wo., ahd Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Fireside Factories Thrive In Quebec Mike O'Kelley of Tampa, Fla , tmcl Lon Blackwtlder and daughter, Opal, of Savannah, Tcnn., spent last week-end here with relatives. Mr. O'Kellcy returned to Savannah with them lo visit his wife, who Is touching school there. Mr. imd Mrs. Raymond Frakcs and son, late of St. I-ouls, who imvc been visiting Siere lov the liust two weeks have to Chicago. where they will make, their home. Mr. Frakes has accepted a position with the Walgreen Drug corap&ny there. » » • Mr. nnd Mrs. L. E. Sloan arc .jouncing the engagement of heir daughter, Clara Mac, to Mer- In Pluminer, th« wedding to take ilacc in the mldde of September. Final plans for the wedding have Golden brown MM nils make Ihii pot pie attractive. BV MARY E. DAGUE NBA Sirvlc* Staff Writer A crussdc I'd like to lend OQ« to fit. into the i. r.ew reciiv.. iuls, too. are not uio . .iinerlcan housewives alt ot daring to try ..lid new food matcr- . lie only reason we .n as the best cooks .n the wor.d Is that we do not make con., lac use of the superb natural resources we have. The test ra • -u products on earth arc foun. ht here. When foreign ch to visit, they ilir.oit go out of their senses ,er our maikcts Arkansas A. and u. Magnolia. He ha#. coUe$« it or until biscuits arc browned. Serves <. Decp-fnt frylnR and broiling arc two cooking methods olten stight- cd in the nvcraeo home. Vet boll these methods are simple and develop food uavot-R that arc distinctive and popular. French Fried Foods Fritters, croquettes. Frend fried vegetables and such cconom leal dishes ns fish cutlets are up petlzing for late summer menu nnrt »re, possible only with deep-fix Irylng. This method of cooker: Is n short-process, too. Hanclicraft School Launches Course Creating $10,000,000 Annual Industry Uy NEA Stnrk-e QUEBEC — More than 160,000 arm families In lhe French Canadian countryside arc now clothing themselves tastefully '*lth tl» products of their own skill at loom and .spinning wheels, according to a report just issued by the Quebec Department of Agriculture. Tills amazing record in n machine era has come about througn the fireside factories which Imv2 been established In large numbers under the guidance of the provincial School of Handicraft to teach wool-weaving, rug-hooking j and vegetable-dying at home. The Department of Agriculture is now planning to increase the production ol fine flux, too, so lint linen-making may be added to the other fireside activities. These home industries nourish particularly among Quebec's larg- ioL been announced. Miss Sloan < is an attractive member of the nost popular younger set o Blteele. Her parents live In Hayti, but she makes her home here with Mrs. Alma Grlssom. Mr. Plummer is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Plummer, Mr. Plumhier being a prominent farmer in Petnls- cct county. Mcrvin Plummer is a promising young business man of Stecle. A number of social events in honor of Miss Sloan are being planned for the ensuing week. er families of French origin, imong whom you will find sometimes a dozen wohicn at work in one household. The famous Diomic quintuplets set an Intcrnatioiuil record, out If percentage/, of large families were being compiled, Quebec thinks it would have another mark for the world to marvel lit. Reason for Utrge Families According to Canadian historians, there is a practical reason for the custom In Quebre Province-of having many chiVdron. In the Seventeenth century, to stimulate rhis industrious French Canadian housp\viie sV, ~ the coiornu -wares of her crait on the steps of her home on Stc. Aune dc Ueauprc Hd., Quebec, the growth of population bo ncccs- . . „ . . , , . sary to colonize the viisl habitable A wedding of much interest to omitry of lhe Sl Ijilw , cuc( , low . with the- East Arkansas Builders Supply Co.. ot SlrUwvllJt, ewe Miay. * • • ... Battbt W. Ik. U. tetete. The Woman's Miasionary union of the First- Baptist church met Monday afwrnobn .at th« church fou a program on '-Missionary Footsteps -in the Orient". Mrs. E B. Woodsoh .was leader. the tteroUoaaa, taken iron Gil atiaas 1:1-8. was,Jed by Airs. W XI. Williams and Mre. R. L. Reede offered prayer 'Mrs. U. \V. Mul }ins spoke on "Missionary Fc*t» steps in China" afca Mrs. Murray smart bn "drienUJ Ftwtalep* iu Ainettca 1 '. iM.'.£ray«it were offend by . Mr*, tjennau Walpole, Miss Cordelia Wiifcjte and Mrs. Walter fcistidl). Mrs. Bliijop presided la the bus. iness.sessice and : tie rocttiij wat distofcafl *mh:&<aj»r by Mrs. Vi. M. .Wllliaias.:• -.'•' r - Circle* feei':'•'' ; •. Circles ct..'fUt v.httt Uethodist church.neSd.'isket&its Monday kr- terhbbn. .. the Sm 'jroup. .with 'u present, ,meV With/ UTB. John Smothermih..Mrs. L. E. Tull gave the devotional. .Cake, lopped wlto ice cream, *as afcrVW. In circle J, 'irnich met with Mrs. Eugehe t>ickir)spn, Mrs. w. 6. Jiigglaxm an* Jirs. j. Y. Turner were also hosWUes.' The -19 pres-1 ent heard. ilr«.'-'O. L. Wyilt give the devotional. An-ice course was served. - -•-..... Mrs. o. G. tttibbird entertained the 13 who attended the meeting of circles 3 and;*:: Mrs. B. A. Lynch gave.Uw devotional and » violin solo was rendered by LaVonne Redman. Aa ict course was served. . _ A| Circles Meti. . Circles 1. 12 and 3 of the Woman's Auxiliary of ths Fitst Presbyterian church mel at the church Monday afternoon for B study ot "The Teaching Ministry of the Master" as taken from Mark's gospei. In Circle-1. plahc were perfect- yi for thft Icod and craft ex- Change which -they, will sponsor ams a means ot making money. Mrs. Zal B: Harrison, chairman, appointed a committee to direct this project with Sirs. James B. Clark as chairman, assisted by Mrs. Roy W»lt6ni Mrs. Charles Brlghl, Mrs.". ROBS Stevens Mrs. Fred",Rutherford. Plans for social: »eti7ities, lo be sponsorW~ aUHnj: Seplemb-r by Oircle », were.«udt'-in the ous- Iness station .Ibjj tSte -group. Mrs S: E." y •• - hlch .esl ot every land esldt- . : foods, unknown isewl •>. Th. -Ith the average eminl cook is Ihul ie alic ... lamily lo gel into ute. c--.-..-. -ilshes become \wts ind si, .. "c;i over and over lain . ... same way. I nou:,- . .. see every one of is ta;.-. In the number ol All fiunilles are obliging and interested In something new. H lhe novelty nocsn't prove popular you don'l hare to repeat it. And Vary lhe .Shapes Use numerous foot! combinations nnd my the shape of certain dishes. For .example, a jellied vegetable sala.d served in a ring mold with the center filled with fresh tomatoes ctil in quarters and gar- Jlflereri. v...;s' we cnn prepare pushed with mayonnaise seems •yen - the most ordlnnry foods. Chkkcn Pot 1'le And apropos of that, I want to osert lust here a reclps for chicken pot pic that will rto things you neVtr dreamed coulrt be done to that old favorite chicken.. Chicken- pot pie requires: U 1^2 .ablespoons ' quick-cooking tapioca, L'4 teaspoon salt, dash of pepper, dash of paprika, '1 tablespoons milled fcutfer, 3 CU|K cooked chicken cut in pieces; l 1-4 cups milk or chicken stock. 6 to 8 mi- baked baking powder biscuits, rolled 1-4 inch thick. Goinblr.« ingredients in order given. Timi into creased casserole and bake in hot oven 1425 degrees F.) 25 mlnulrs, stlning mixture twice during first 10 minutes 61 biking, place- biscuits on lob ol chickih mixture nftcr it has tailed 10 ralnntes, return to oven and bake f2 to 15 minifies longer qnllc different from the' same jelly n individual molds on a slice of tumato. Because menus serve either ns imttcrns or to elve Ideas which wo :an adapt to tneals better suited lo individual, .n^eds . the . acj^m- panylng 'menu Id 'given with ^ the hope that it v\l\ prove helpful 10 you. Contrast 'in cooking methods Is stressed in the dinner menu. Tomorrows Menu BREAKFAST — BakeU pears, cereal, cream. French I6ast, honey, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON — Cream of celery soup with toast squares, lettuce and egg salad, apple fritters, syrup, lemonade. DINNER — Sauerkraut and tomato Juice cucktiiti. chicken not pie, potatoes an gratln, French carrots, blackberry Ice with garnish of whipped .cream, sponge drops, milk, colfce. , 11 Bitsoj Next | Mostly Personal 10 ins nomc aiiur spending several weeks in Manila visiting friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Tunwr returned home Wednesday after a visit In Savannah, Tenii., with rcl- nlivt's people ol Steele mid vicinity Is that of Miss Maybellc Zahncr to Bill Mood on August 15. The ceremony was performed In the udy ot the pastor of the First cthoctist church of Blythevillc, ie pastor of that church saying ie simple, but Impressive cere- .ony. Announcement of the Wedding as not made until today. The ride is the charming daughter of dr. nnd Mrs. L. W. Zahner. a raduate of Steele high school, nrt a member of the younger set f Steele. The groom is the son f Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Mood and promising young-business man if Steele. Mrs. Elpha Bomi and Mrs. Flov- :hce Blackwcll have returned from Oscebfc, where they, have been vis ting friends. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jenkins md children, of Kcnnett, were lore Sunday as guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Martin. ' Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Michic, aixls, tile government offered .1 t,i'iinl of 100 acres of land lo every alhcr with twelve livinu children. The trouble was, the ofliT hail 0 be hastily revoked because 5,- ( 600 claimants immediately appeared! Tim Trcmblays of" ChaVlcvolx county are among those who would be listed among the first If n contest lor the largest family were ever started.. There are ten living brothers and sisters whose ages add^ip to 718 years. The oldest In eighty-two, the youngest sixty. The children of these brothers and sisters average from leu to twelve children each and thu lour married grandchildren of this prolific family have n totnl ol 1 or ty-two children. SIO.WW.OOO Prijduct '. Meantime, nil these great liim- lly armies enroll in every new course lhat is and travelers passing through the countryside arc treated to lovely pastoral scenes — a contented grandmother, surrounded by rosy- of Carnthersvllie, were guests of i B ••"umuincr, surrounded uy rosy- friends here Suudav Uheeked. stalwart daughters, grand- Joe S. Dillahunly, who has bcrn ill for lour weeks from malaria, is no\v convalescing. Chester R. Babcock has gone to Manltfr.voc, Wis., lor his vacation. Upon his return he will be accompanied by Mrs. Uafocock and children who have been at SUnb- bona. 111., and Maultowoc since July 1. Phil Robinson, of Nnshvillc,] Tenn.. is the guec-l of his mother. JSrs. Mary Phillips Robinson, at the Hotel Noble, for a few days. Miss Carey Woodbuni was in Mr. and Mrs. I,. E. Mobloy returned home the first pavt of the week nftcr a two weeks visit in Hot Springs. Mrs. H. Y. I.lttlejolm hss been 111 for (he past few days. Miss C.crnldhve Edwavds was visitor in Blythevillc Monday on business. Woodrou- Hutton was a vlsitoi in Memphis Monday. Mifs VcrneHc tlyrd -is the guest of Miss Kathrlnc Tipton this week. W. w. Shnver wns a business visitor in Manila Tuesday. Mlns Helen Shelby was a visitor here Sunday. MUs Dorothy Still, Josephine Holly and Rubyc Barker, accompanied by Miss Marilyn Bass, spent last week-end as guests ol Miss Dorris Crowder at Dell, Ark. Mrs. Florence Blackwell and Mrs. Elpha Bond transacted business at Dycrsburg, Tenn, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert- Jordan were guests of E. W. McCarus .11 Cooler Sunday and report his condition improved. Mrs. Bate, and doughtei Lee, of Caruthereville. spei day here as guests of Mr. nivl Mrs. Charles Bates. Mr. and Mrs. N. Konry. nnd Mrs. Simmons nnd daughter went to Joiner, Ark.. Sunday to visit -•oncernlng his eyes.. tirs. Eron Jones nnrl tuo sons, Jf Jackson, Miss., nrc guests of Mr. and Mrs. w. D. Chaimblin. They will be here until Friday. Mrs. Jones was formerly Miss Nell aige, who lived here a number f years ago, and Is a sister of Irs. bee Walton. The condition of Miss Bobbie L*c King, who was critically ill Allowing an operation last Frito be greatly 1m- iucsts of F'. E. Howcll nnd family . .fi| clreli otetlnjs the • retUlat- tppiratiohal meetinii of : ti**Wttl«ly-*»«' held with a pwsriim «t -ISjfWaical i'nd'Presby tehan Howe'- Jtiis^in?". Mis. S H.- SalttMi. *;- led Mae devotional Th* pro»r»iB-was given In «» - ' .L. S Bj- WtUte Cran took part.- Mtv' Charles Brigh £an(f:» soto.'wtth Mn. F. B. Joy ner at the piano. 1 : . Members ot .Orclt 3, assisted b Misses Dori» Ray Dobyns and MIT} Vbvlota C*Uer,-.««rw<l coottti ah p*nth U. UM< » txUitmt and tour Wbcc (trp) — TbotBM UM ' rovea icoa,. Mr. ar,d Mrs. H. L. Reynolds -d from a two inontlis -ay rn!» where they vis- ed po of InWrest. Air. Rey- lO'.QS, . has been 111. is now c.i .1.1. roved. toss .! Louise Edwards is spending hjr vacation In Wash- ngton, D. C. Monday and Tuesday. Mr. find Mrs. A. Fcndlcr were business visitors in St. Louts last Wednesday. The Woman's Missionary society met nl the home ot Mrs. J. W. Moore Friday afternoon. Tlwre was quite a nice crowd, present. Mrs. A. T. rtercc conducted an interesting . program, after which an Ice course *as wrvcd. Little Miss Phillfs Cow en has been reported ill for the past few days. Her many little friends will be glad to hear that she is much improved. . . i.. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bacon and small daughter. Peggy Rath, of Brown Spur was the guest ot Mr. and Mrs. dive Hutton Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Kenanll Bciry are the parents of another son. born Friday. August 17. Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Sallba. They were accompanied home by Miss Olgn Koury. Mrs. Tinnlc Bond nnd Mis Elpha Bond visited friends :n Joncsboro Wednesday. Mr. anrt Mrs. Sam Hnmra re-, turned Sunday after n two weeks 1 vacation spent at Red Boiling' Springs, Tcnn. Mrs. N. Koury and Mre. OcraW' Brooks, accompanied Phillip Koury to Joncsboro last Wednesday where he Joined the Coast Artillery Guards to go on their encampment to Petisacola, Fta. Mrs. G. a. Travis and son. Guy Stewart, returned home Saturday night after spending two weeks In Blythcvlllc with Mrs. Travis' mother. Mrs. I. u. Stewart. Barbara Ann Carter, of Rose- daughters and even great-granddaughters busy at loom or wheel. Not only do the women make all the clothes for themselves and their families, but they achieve sizable pin money, loo, by their efforts. They i]iui and we.ivo more than 2.000,000 pounds ol wool in a year and the actual value of that is about SlO.OOO.UCy in hard cash. The local handicraft industry ..... consumed the entire flux crop last,,, ~, ; season, so the acreage wilt be *"; "."J greatly increased in 19M and social courses of instructions in linen-weaving will be added to thos>- ottered by the School of Handicraft. Incidentally, the roster of students seeking instruction in (he school has grown in four years from 2,000 to 20,000. Steele School Paper's Editorial Staff Named STEELE, Mo., Aug. 21. — The editorial staff for "Station S. H. S.," Steele High School paper,' has teen elected for the year of '3435 ;is follows: Editor-in-chief, Frrd Alexander; Associate Editor, Vivian Ray: Department Editors: Social Science Elizabeth Taylor; English, Arabelle Stanfield; Mathematics and Science, Queuton Still; Agriculture, Marshall North- cult; Commercial, Mailleen Sweatt; Athletics. Ruble Burns; Music, Made-lion Kclley; Assemblies, Gorilla Kearney; Humor, li. M. Harper; Typist. Clara Stewart; Sponsor, liubye Ashley. WANTED ADDING MACHINE. Must lie In good condilion. Baxter Southern, Phillips station, Steele, Mo. 21ck2<S land, Ark., is visiting her aunts. Mrs. Otis Fowler and Mrs. John Parker, jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. n. Henderson and children, of Hayli. ar.d Mr nnd Mrs. Earl Hudgins <md son, of Birch Tree, spent Sunday hero as guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. D Hudgins. Africa's jumping hare can leap Personal 20 feet. Hayti Society-Personal This is where handicrafts arc taught—iu the Provincial School of Handicrafts at Quebec. Two teachers nrc shown at thu rui; and tapestry looms. Positive Relief for MALARIA! Sure End to Chill* aril Faxrt Here's real relief for Malaria- Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Quickly it stops (he chilis 3M< "• fever and restores your body to comfort. Many remedies will mete- ly alleviate the symptoms of Jilal- aria temporarily, but Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic goes all the way ami completely rids your system of the infection. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is n real corrective of Malaria because it contains two things. First, tasteless miiiiinp which kills ' tin; Malarial infection in the blood. Second, tonic iron which helps overcome the ravages of tlic chills and fever nnd fortifies ngainsl Inr- ther attack. Play Fate! Take Miss Ruin. Cunningham, who Is teaching in the Bragg City school, spchl the week-end here visiting with her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. J W. Cunningham. Miss Ix>uisc Golden, who spent the past week at Senatli visiting with Miss Lucille Davidson, returned home Sunday evening. MLss Martha Reynolds. \vho is employed In Bciiton. spent the week-end here visiting with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. Reynolds. Aubrey Burrcss, accompanied a parly of friends of Lilbourn. left for Chicago Monday morning, where they will attend the fair. Mrs. Hobart, Wells and Mrs. M Hamra of Steele wcro here Friday evening visiting with friends Mrs. J. L. Davis and daughter M'.iiy, left Monday morning la'; Festus, Mo., where they will visit with relatives. | Miss Anita Gciulrcn, who IMS | been in Kennclt visiting with Misi I Mario I'oolc (or the past wet, re-' turned' home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Wcturafii, who have been residing in Car- ulhcrsville. have moved here and are now living in ;hc Walts | i^s Anna Mac Khouric. who ha.s teen the guest of her cousin, Mis. Sam Hamra of Caidwell. Mo., ic- .\uued home Sunday aUcvuoon. Shu was accompanied home by Mr. John Hamra and daughter. Sallie and Mrs. Sliawie Nolfi-il of Fullou, Ky.. who .sjKUt hours visiting hero. Glove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. It now comes in two sizes—We anj SI. The SI size contains 2'.i times as much ns the We size and gives you 257 0 more for your money. Get bottle today at any store. —Adv. 15 CHICAGO' 1934 WORLDS FAIR • HOTELATLANTIC W * x^v-~v—. • -X — Making, Ilc-l>lorkin s & Trimming Hits H'e can rrnkc jrmir n]U Inls like | new. Steam blui'kctt any Mrs. II. G. Wickliain - Hess Ilall At Our Knhlcnrc 611 West Main - - 1'honc 280 I ! jMarjoric Duckcll Tcaeliur, All Types of Dancing. Rejislration Aug. 31. Sept. 1 Studio at Hotel Noble Mr . away ManlV -' H. Clark of Car- .ending .this week in :lie guect of relatives. . frs.' W. U. Scott have ,sl their daughter. Miss .Mr. j... ... _ u.tti'.,;.-. . tocM. upjMtt.-«<.'hta mooey 6te/rte-t::H, of Houston, Texas. They took fttt "fn»p.,Hie i.c«sh o. C. .-'nada.le 'reijorted on the driver' ud 0*1 H«iiy bad » sick list this week, to Ui pocket*. •'.'•'• ' Jim Oraot ot Orubbs returned Automobile Sales Co. . Cor. Main & Fifth (Successors to J. C. Appleby Motor Co.) studebaktr. Hudson, Ttrrap?»n« and Willys cits. KELV1NATOR ElccUic, Refrigerallon Get our priort and terms bejote you buy any eltctrlc refrigerator. /Vow located at Southeast Corner Walnut and Second Adding Machine & Typewriter Service Bureau DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All wafVes o/' rebuilt Typewriters, Adding and Calculators. Repairing — Parts — Ribbons Phone 71 Visitors to the WbtId's Fair wiilfindHotdAllontkmost conveniently located in tn« Loop with its Theatres... Smart Shops., tha business orxJ financial districts... yet only a few minutes to the Fair Grounds. FAMOUS FOR GERMAN COOKING 450 ROOMS FROM £^OO A DAY Our Own 200 Cor Carafe '- "oro FREE copy of Cfiefj Recipes ^! &^

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