The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1939
Page 7
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.WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1939 Ross Tells Of. Happening Along Gotham's White Way Ky GKOKGi: ItOSS NEW YOKK, Nov. 1.-A1I Arouml the Town: A sign In the shattered window of a Sixth Avenue film .shop:' "WIM. THE MAN WHO T H n TO W TJIE ROCK THROUGH THIS WINDOW AND STOLE THAT CAMERA KINDLY RCTUIIN 1TSO WE CAN PII.I, rr WITH . THE PROPER SI7.K AND FILM? WITH OUR COMPLIMENTS, OP COURSE." Tilings that make yrn feel old: Jackie Coognn's thinning hair. And he won't wear a toni>ce. Mnry Marl In won't warble "My DRIVE TO LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION ARK-MO STATE LINIO FOR Gas and Oil NOAV.MANAGED BY Walter Cox, Jr. and E. M. Murray BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS For Best Results, : In Baking—Use Shibley's Best FLOUR; ASK YOUR GROCER Henri, Belongs to Daddy" for anyone tliesc days. That's a turned iwge IH her life. That man; William Snroyan the voluble Armenian, Is here again. ills new i>!ay, "Time O f Youi Ijlfo," Is a ail Biul he Ls In the clcucls. talking; a blue streak, hitting llie high spots and energetically enjoying himself. ..Good laugh iu "The Cut ami the Canary" by Bob Hope when <|| s . cufslng a corpse who was pretty crooked in life. "We had to use a screwdriver to get him into llie ercuud when ho died," comments the ebullient Hope, SWING .SHAKESPEARE Something to sec: the truiupel- blarltig, "satchel-mouthed" I/Hits Armstrong as . Bottom In urn Shakespeare's "A Midsummer •Night's Dream," which they are about to suing! I like that full-page O.A Busby Berkeley took the other day for no special reason. His mo.^jige was confined to a small island or white space- In a sea of white: -it's been a lovely day," Ls nil he .says, "here In: the. USA." Elmer Rice's hatr used (o lie sinvk red, it. now lias turned a russet brown niul, uBnarpiiiiy. not frc'nt worrying. Beatrice Llllie grows lonely in Ixmdon and addressee rather momentous cablegrams (o her (rlends liere. Often .she inquires in- un- coded mes-saees, "What's new?" Simoiic fitthon, who Is going to be a Gibson «irl in llie new musical, hits Irimincd her ivnlsllliio down to a minimum. There's that hamburger simul on Long Island. The sisn snys, ''Our Hamburgers Have a Sou). Our Qwn Soul Goes Into the Making of Them. Some Ccoks Put Vim, Sonic Put Cave, Some Put, Intelligence. We Give you These and a Soul Besides." Personal Nomumticii for Meanest Man In the World: villain who feeds the pigeons in City Hall Park— but wraps the bread crumbs In cellophane! NO NOItMANDIB ' FOIi, KOSE I'm the chap who predicted that television might be on ,i(s way. to your home by now. And my Informants say ihat it wailcl have been true, if the war did not curtail many ' important contacts with European televising moguls. All this fuss about Billy Rose faking over the liner ' Nqnuanilie, which Is Idling in her Manhattan berth, for a mammoth nl?ht club has been promptly repudiated by the French line. Rose' broadcast the news himself. Peculiar set-iip for the cowboys at the Rodeo. They don't work for salaries— only prizes which are guaranteed at $50,000 each by the Garden. If a cowboy wins. he's in the chips. If he dojsti't. it's t dcuehnuts and ' coffee. But the Garden, -the .cowboys gratefully, telj. you; rodeo in the, country th'nt will I pay. nil hospital expenses when a bron- cho bustor's hurt.' > No actor touks so sniff in his roles as does Lionel Slander, big and burly nml probably hhndy iiith his dukes: >' Funny slant the other evening to ' see Mayor LaGuardia (with Secretary of • llie Interior Ickes) scowling at the tralfic tie-up in the' street where his cwn limousine was blocking- traffic. A Manhattan court put an end io stigmatizing New Yorkers as the world's leading jaywalkers when n Justice ruled Ihat n pedestrian can cross the street with or against the light. New Yorkers are quick to seize such n legal advantage. Just -watch some of the jaywalking henceforth. Those liens in front nf the Pub- Nqwsmcn's .Expeditionary Force Off To Fronl All the the to 25% CHAMPION mr *.** • , - ._^a«ffl PRICES . ECIN AT Come, see for yourself why this roomy, handsome Stu deba kc r Champion is'tlie stand-out success car of the past 10 years. Just as stunningly styled and soundly built as Studebaker's famed Commander and President. Saves you money on gas and upkeep every mile you drive. Safest, most restful riding car of its low price. Trade in your present car and become a proud Studebaker Champion owner—easy C.I.T. terms. J. F. LIVINGSTON MOTOR SALES 1M E. Main . phonc PAGE SEVE1 (•too . degrees browned. D mill! delicately Ihe slogan: It is a kid-konslruclion set with materials for building forls incl long-range coastal guns. :But Ihe box Is Ihoughlfnlly In- icllcd as being Intended • solely for Home Defense! FIFTY YEARS > 01' STEPPING Not. many venerable performers evoke such sentbiient from oldtimers ns Pat Rocney, ,the . hoofer who first made his, mark fifty years ago at llie'-^hisloric Tony Pastor's, And lot, many' veteran cnterlinnijrs'.ha've remained 'at" flicl'r' j(i'bs""so" : cbntln-- (he grayed but peppy Pat. He is in his lale sixties, but au- dlciict's woiilil never know it, if Lhcy 'were unaware of this, lils jubilee year en Ihe slage, His fa- moiLs wtiltv. clog dance bears the nimble energy of youlh. Ills smile They look as' if lliey mlBht be the Ci«nernl Stull-Ojut Ihcy'rn wcltitilly n France-bound plnne in Kn(!lflnd. Thcv wear il\e new ofllclnl .uniform for corrc.spoiiitcul.s. which similar to a Brills))' ofllfer's. except foe snccln'l i)a<!|;es marked "C," •'Armed Nciilralily' Appears To • Be Stains 01' Nation's Toylaiifl NEW YORK, Nov. 7.—Christinas ilready has como to lower Fifth Avenue. In the great- annual' Yiile- ide preview of toys, one note is conspicuous. The liy-inakers hnve idopted a sileul slogan in (,hcsc .var-trouuled times. That is: "Keep American- Toys Out ot the War." There is an emphasis on pacifist, (11- I'ersion for the children, and such nilitary playthings as tin or wooden iCldiere nnrl iiop-cnnnon. 1 ! arc in H lotablc minority. There is one possible exception, >ut the toymakcrs regard one renegade ns eonformin this lie Library on Fifth Avenue could use a -scrubbing and a manicurist might go over their pa\vs. i Remember this old beauty judge's choice of flaxen-haired Delia Und ns the most, beautiful ivomiin In Manhattan? Well, it was not a prejudiced choice. Artist Arthur William Brown has cfficially selected her us the pme of pulchritude iu this iown. lo know I am. I nin din flashes with the same old spoil- 1 tancity and ha'Is ns dapper as ho ever wns In the old clays. Oldtimers never will ' forget that ho popularized "Sweet Hosle,, O'Gindy" and "The Sidewalks or? New York," so (cr half n ccntin'yf he has been repeating .these Mnh- hallan ditties al vociferous re' • "iiiiui tui'iivo 111> •uLiiuiulln i V~ , , " "•-* ••••"• quest. All' the more remarkable, •?'," ]vllr °l ;e - Tll «'- country sup- lion. So he bunged his pnl on the bnck \viiii u jovial, "ityn. Mack I" Wlitirenixin his supposed friend turned out lo be an Irato strnnaer. Oalgc's friend npolcglc.ecl and the strinifier was mollllled. "Although f don't know you," he .Mild, "you might, be interested falher of Hudy Vallco. And this, he willed proudly, "Is iwdv Vallce's dog." Human freaks are more' common in Hungary lhan anywhere tor he still renders them with affection. He is n nostalgic veteran. In conversation he likes, to riiinlnnla through the old days Bcwcr.y was "Broadway" nnd sieve Brodic took 1 his high dive off flic Brooklyn Bridge. And he doesn't care much whether- he happens to be hoofing on Broadway or off. Only thai, he Is not idling' ruray the week. ' ' . . I'ATEIINAI, : 'I'KIDK Sinclair "Red". Lewis is pacing ( thc Forties and Fifties Ihe'sc days— galhering inspiration' for that, nc\y play; He wrote his last one in conjunction with Fay Wrny". "'yOr:sby Galge passes this alcin«"' ASfrlond/of his was wa " Park Ayenue the ' olhci spotted an acquaintance . plies live for every one from the rest ot the continent, Here, Arc Specials To Help Make Holiday Dinner Complete KV JIKS. (iAVNOIt. MADDOX XI!A Krrvli'it Sinn" Writer Of, iwjtey for Tlicinks- BivhiB, But why not somolhtnjj dlf- \ rqrent to i;u with it? Bnlcr-i! ijirpn ;naiW iiluinii cuclrtllni! II>.L> noble bird on ihit plaltc'r avoirtd be soiiiulhlni! new that umki's thn inuulh water. Thnl. plus fld-fashlcnu'd oyster sdlfllne—well, Ifi'n no the limit and for dessert, sorvn li'c> croam wllii Illack clu-rry sanco. A .swfct nnlnlo |)»(l(l|ii([ Is an iMsy novelty,.Ion. Kiu-elul Oysli'r Sluilljl"" "" Ono mill u luiif, inuii'lii .stifle cMinvH* bread crumbs, 1-a cup bullrr (or more for extra richness), 1 loti- Bljooii p:ullry wtisonliig, salt nnd . ntiy cslru iKTdrd moisltnilni;, l-'J t'lij) chopped oiilou .sauteiHt In l-*t cup Imltor, l p|nt conrscly chopped rnw oyslcrs. sfjisounl wllh si|)l, pi'pper and leincu Juice. Hro»n crumbs In 1-'.! cup bmicr, Add poullvy KensonliiK. wuitced. onions, sail, nnd pqiiiw. Mis In the nj'slci-n, MoLsleu lo desired consls- leucy with oyster jutcc\ Sivpct rnlutn t'liddinjr Mnsli boiled sweet (iclatoe.s find season well wllh IwliiT, Mill mid pCppDr. 'Add enoiiBh ficalded milk lo ipolsten. Then beat imlll .smooth, light nnd fluffy. Plnro In tmllercd linking dish. Doll 2 tablespoons molasses .and I lenspoon butter Icacllu'i'/thcu pour over llie •"•'•--'' Hiikc.fii hot-oven H APPY UOUR GRO.& «MKT. I-'RKK DRLIVKRY ion W. Main St. Vlinue IS NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 130 For Prompt Laundry and' Cleaning Servict llniln juke ficm m\y good Inand of home-canned blnck cherries. Sweeten tho Julco ,to tiisle. llrinif Ihe cherry syrup lo Ijolllnfj pouit. Thicken with cornsUirch mixed wltli water, as Indicated above, Flavor with mm or iion-nlcoholla uim- "iv.'rlHif. Add pilled black i irve hot over vnnllhv JCP enly Li/jHtar Quality, liiil lligli'tr. Proof.., ilunuwilvliftiii'sSclicalcr'sGln- ^ s,n, : -rou Miivrldui for Vonil"! Cured Willioiil Sufucry, imd Giiiinmtocil A very safe and harmless inelhod; .without, conlhiement lo bed, loss of time from work nnd with very little discomfort, All types of piles, fissures, fistulas, elc,, (rented by our office methods. '..•••• DRS. NIES •'& NIES lllark Clicrry Sauce Homc-cnuned black cherries, su- eur to lastc, cornsltiVch (1 luble- fliooii to (nth | !-a cups cheriy Juke- mKcd v,lth 1 ti'lilcsponr) Fifty Kids Make .Toys and Noise; It's "Symphony" CHK.MCIO (UPJ-iralf a hun- dri'd. yonnsstcrji uiulor live ypnih old ciimjnlsfi i>orf)!i)).s llu- nittion's useful "symphony," . Ml«i DcLly BiiiLs. conductor of llw (irchcMra lit tho University of uhli'iifcoVi ninwry Mihp'ol, iinui: "Tdi 1 dhlldren, soiita li'.s.s than Uvo yoni'ii ' nlil. mnkc Insliuinolils »1 sound blocks nnd ohimoi, DI null;; Joined by fitriiin. Then th<;y Klvi'ii free - ViMn In . niinihlii't 'iusi'lvcs with tlie Mundii." im iiruri'Mi, Miss Uu;>s wild, di. ior ,si,ii-|||ii(; iraiills In 'linr- mouy uud Indicated [\ mnrkwl (il- Iriitlloii lo.iiiu.slo In ninny pupils ulvi'rsll.y nuUwrllli'.s Minijcalt'il tho elementary Jnstruotlon in urn- tic Ca similar course In rtidjmcn- tnry nit Is wnducUd) In an effori; to discern how early In. life chll- dien iKEln to absorb Instruction 'J'.io-yciir-o!ds, fot Instance, have been found to respond to Instruction nbout Uo v,eek<5 afici t)if oilRlnni lesson Four-year-olds re- fpond almost Immediately, Miss Hass said. Ilcml Courier 1,'ews -anht ads We make only J IlllJe whisky eacli year I We Hid to tie old tlow my used (ot 119 . . . led lie unit: u mlyhly flnejlrlnltlny Mskgl KeiiluckySlralBlit llourbon Whisky >n in.nikTj. Ntlwn Oounlj, Ky. I'. O, Hjnhlovtn, Kv. Dl'ilrlblitcil by IVIilnum'ii ConuiiU'tlon Co. •; ' llflona, Ark. ESTATE 50-WRY CTTOTCE LOTS-50 ' 4 The May Bel! Subdivision' v ; ON 10TH STREET v V'.•'.•.''BijrilieVilie, Arkansas - •„ 'SALB 10:00 A. i\J. 14jh, 1939 IMND CONCERT 9:30 ^A. li So good by itself so good with food Ice-cold Coca-Cola with food is a pleasant taste-surprise. Its life and sparkle give zest to something good to eat. That's why you see more and more people enjoying it with lunch. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COaiPANY Phnnc 36(i ' RlythcviDo. Ark. '.."MAY. BRU, .SUR-DIVIR10N" .!""' lhc l )lcnsui ' c of opcnhw up and •scllluK THREE Sub- lT ••'," " lvlllevlll '- 1 - 1 » «» b"l «na all who nttendM , nt uf AC ", "!'" BVKUy lnl onrciecl WAS sold lo ,,-. w « wish lo thank the w>d people of Blytlie-- Mile i nnd Mlsslssliipl Coiinly foi their ninny eomlesles- Mionn In the past and we amure you llie -.nine fnlr nnd honest (lenllnns In ''thU Clrcat Snle, and ureft rhul.lnvllo jou lo he mesent ' ' " •"• ',?'!? ™ llmlll ° l>''onnrly_ hiis licon coiislined bv the oivnei, Nfr, Spauel Gftll of I'-nltoii, Missouri,' to lie to .sell io MIC JiljIioM 'bld-leis ic- Bardlcw of price. U IIIIH been subdivided In n way (lint, will meet the nnprovnl of the most exacting rach lot or liact rneln? on n -broad Street or Avenue. The lols mo hii-li claw; in evejy -mocct, lovcl, well drained, and no mnre. desirable, uilcp lloiiicsilos me now or mny never be iimllnble AT YOUR OWN PRICE. Vou should not fall to visit tills (illrnctlvc SulidhLMon TODAY and sdcol the lot or tiact best, .suited to your Individual needs. < Located on 10th Street and in n section \\hcie many ne\v home'-, have recently been built and being only n few Weeks fioni the business district; yet with no cllv la\e.>i. fn view of theso Advantages, one can hardly estimate Ihe rapid Incicnrc In va'lue of. these lots. Invar I- rtljly, the prcnlest Realty profits are icallycd on laud hy icason of Its close proximity to n REAU bivn. HDSTLINO. TlraiVlNG GROW- JNO town or City,— Klyllicvlllp is all of llili^-and for that rcaion alone n wonderful enhancement I? nsMiicd tills property, because of its closeness io Blytlievllle, .whose clll/cnshlu unqtieslloiiably mcasuics up to n very hlch Rlnndnrd to be deshrd by any Clly or County, and whose continued spirit of "Community Co-operation" leaves no, doubt* In tho minds of. sufc. sniie. nnd succcwful hnoilois and Homeseekoi ? us tii ll<i fiilure Growth and success. Here are located r< number of Indiiitrinl plants, good EChcoK beautltulChurchcs, sound Bonks, Hospitals and many conveniences' of much laVscr city. Mississippi county of which Blythevllle 'is' the Caiiitol, Is the ccnlral County of llie famous SI. Fi'oncls , Valley and Its. soils nrc Incxhaiuilblc In tiled- fertility. Cotton Is King, Alfalfa, Soybeans, Corn, Poultry and nil kinds of livestock ore produced in ablmd- nnce nnd with case. BLYTHEVILLK. nnd Mississippi County, so rich in Natural. resources, lo which thousands are coming from other states. Is <rolnp in. continue Its rapid growth and, no doubt, double its popii- latiop within the next few yeais Tills ctin only mean' rapidly rlslnt; values In real (-stale. The nllrncttvc lots we are olTcrinE you in "MAY DE1,L SUBDIVISION" WILL NEVER AGAIN. sell as cheaply as they will on the day (if this urcal sale. This Is n chance to buv on the eve of n. rising market, it. is the opportunity of n lifetime. ' Will you" 1 grasp It? Will you look forward and prosper, or will you look backward with regret? TERMS: ' One-Third rash, balance rasy terms. SBK ANf) HEAR THR WONDERFUL AUCTIONl^EHS Who cry the anno bid al tho .same (line, cniising the lots lo change' owners at Ihe rate of one a minute, something worth' going : n long way to witness, . Music hy Kagliinc Hand from Dixiolantl FRBE! KRRK! 825.00'in CASK nnd 50 Oilier'Valuable Prizes!: YOU, YOUR WIFE, SON OR DAUGHTER 'WILL HAVE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AT THE .PRIZES. You don't have to buy In order to win, just simply be with us on this grand occasion. r Sale Rain or Shine . Sold on Easv Payment Plan SALi: CONDUCTKn BY Gonlinenfa! ieaily Auction Co. OP JACKSON. TENNESSEE G. L. YAItilUO, General Manager ItHOH YAKIIKO. Advertising M.inaijfcr "THIi TWIN SYSTESP' HOTEL NODLK

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