The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1934
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Served by United I're** V1LEE COURIER NEWS HOME EDITION •rate DOMINANT VOL. XX.Xl—NO. Hi:-; Hlj-tlievllK- B»ily N MiMd.s.ilpi>l Velley niyinevttle Cnvrtrr niytliavllla Her»U OF NORTfUUft- AR1UNBAI AND KXTTOUft WMOOftl .Y'l'llRVII,],!•;, ARKANSAS, TURSDAY, AUfiUST 21, lf)!U ISTAKE SINGLE COPIES FIVE CBNT8 FROM ARMORED Striks May Halt Transportation in Chicago I CULL Tit IP fill Heiress Weds Truck Driver s Candidates-for-New Slvool ;tn(l KlovaUul iiirii l.iki'ly lo Bus l)nv('rs I.cail P,y I'lllti'i! IVi-Mi The U'luk'U'sl spfii in the nallon- nl sliikc front today was Chicago. where puller anticipated "1:1-.; (rou- ble" In a ilurah-iit'il traiispnria- tton walkoui. Whether all Mrci-l car and eli: valed train operators will strike in sympathy wilh bus drivers who have been pickulin;; for .severn' days depended on a decision 10 tie made at Detroit unlay. Thric | Ihe leaders of (he Amahnagutcd i Association of Strrei and Electric i Hallway employes. Ihe Chicago Surface Lin? Employes association. and the Chicago Elevated Railway union were to lU'cidj on a com;:e of action. Stonings. ([uarreis rind other sporadic violence in Chicavo caused Police Caplaii! Ira Mi-llo' tf» say 'Things ale atioul riix. 1 -.0 blow" wide open. I look for big (rouble." The threaiened ivMili: strike winch" might, put auom Mfl.OOO workers on the .slrects was in the offing as olTicials 01 the textile workers union ai-semulcd in Washington to arrange conferences with Blue Eagle code officials and William A. Grc'tn. president, of Inc. American Federation of Labor. None of these conferences will -.occur until tomorrow. '•"•"*~_j, ; . Portland, Ore., 30 named in murder complaints growing out ot a longshoremen's s'.rike. They were accused of killing A college student in a water front brawl. Hopes of iruck drivers thai a general strike would be called in Minneapolis, where stale troopers have been preventing picketing, were siill unrealized. The Minnesota slate feileialion of labor midnighl. photographed uilh her hustand (above til. the White Motor company vot-1 nexl morning, rcpcntent before evening, reconciled ihe following day r-d in walk out unless the company I—thai was the 48-hour record of Colletta MulvihiU. 22-year-old arcccded lo union demands f<"'I Monde oil heiress of Pittsburgh, following her" ejopmcni. on , with Thomas Cieen. young truck driver. Her prior eirago j Sidiin Patt'dc-s. wealthy young Spaniard, complicated her I Oral I'.lfiction ember In N< ov- Doctor May Experiment On Own Sons is STKEII I'.y I'ntti'il I'rrSS Wywmnn today joined ihu. grow-. int; list of Mutes li> pick iu,.candl-l dales for the Imporiani New jX'iil 1'lecllon In Novi'inlcr. -. - i Tin- i'lili:C fights art in ilie. Republican primaries and no . ; issuos of direct national siynifk'nncc. Ur.' involved. However, the comjjaiii- live vote polled in the Dcmocrailc and Republican primaries,.wcir£ ex : peeled to afford some lest 6f--whe- ther opinion has shifted. ' '1 Senator Joseph O. Mahoney is tmnpposcd for the Democratic scn- aloriai nomination. Four Repub- icans are in ilie field for. the ,;>:n ty'.s nomination with Rcpresen- [lative Vitison Curler and District jjntlyc . Harry IJ. Isslcy IxMleved be In the lead. One Killed, 30 Injured In Storm On Atlantic "1 would not hesllale lo use the vucclne on my sons." Dr. John A. Kfllmei, profe.ssor of medicine til GLASGOW. Scotland, Aug. 21 Temple University In Phlliulclphla, asserted In announcing thai he hud discovered a preventive vai-clne (UP)—The Anchor Line stcairtef,I f(n . |,, (nllt |i,. p :> r:ilys'. If further .'nboralory tests of Hie nfiv discovery verify his claims. Dr. Kolmer .Uliu'e' 0 ' s ,ilimer«t. inT^'of l!«l mll 5' ln J° rt '"" 'I"'" 1111 " 1 " ">"'« < lf <»<•• I' 5 *" 5 * "'ti> the sy.slPTlis of His Hoys. .Inhn Jr., If,, mid Daniel passenger* sulle-ring from injuries ' H, *'. llu *»«»)< IU 1 Is |>lcliircil after being hurled across IKT" cflb- 1ns by 1>0 foot waves, nrriyed here today from New York to , rcfjnrl the loss of one life.. «•" ."•--^ A seaman on duly on tin; sUHrn"- lorn deck_ was wusbtsl overboard during "the"70-inilo gale and tarried to death. . . /^f. •'"'. ye'anwhlle -be>4»' deck, and >iiY'' eluded In a heavy passenger list were members of lite Pennsylvania State college passengers at one time seenii'd lo be approaching panic. ' hut wen quieted. dcmaiKls riglils. f lite Pennsylvania vt i r ' Tl > C 1 oiccr icam. The No indication Inat traig and Smilh Will. Reach Agreement L. Allen Has First Bale Ginned STEELE. Nfo.. Ana. 21.—\V. first prize. Second prizes were awarded t» .1. A. Jones j... and Clyde Middletun. All llnec , 1 CHlpCl a toaii.s vere sold lo Plnnter.s' <iin! at Sieele. Mo. ! New Orh'onH Cotton \V. K. ItK'H.MONl) ,V <'0_V AITI'.RXOON COTTON' l.l'ITJ'.It NKW ORLEANS. Aug. 21-The rot ton market remained on the upgiadc- iflflay as liie nadu ceril- oral ils altention on Washington'Allen bronchi in the fust bale of in the belief Unit the government coiion to Siecle last week and won ; w-lil .soon Announce, a siihslantial firsl prizo. Second and loan on (he new crop. UiTiUlh In tin- western l>elt le- mainrd unbroken nnd expccla- lions of a btilllsli weekly weather leview tomorrow and rumors lhal new steps were lo be laken in leyiird to Mlvrr were alfo su.'.lalu- ing fnctois. Opening piiri's were 10 points higlii>r bui Hie market later »s- ged. lo la^i nl^ht'.s close, only to turn stronger again and make new hicks nvar the close. Final' averaged 12 ixiint.s higher fur Ihf dny. Washington advised that Ihe decision on tin' tuan re.Mcd entirely wilh Pre.sldi'iu Kuosevell. who would announce laler whether theiv v.ould l;r any loan ami if so Dairymen Face Charges For Non-Payment Of Fees A jiollce drive on dairymen who have failed to pay city inspection fees 'resulted in several ..dairyman l:eing docketed in municipal conrl dare I yesterday on charges of failure 1 10 i to pay the fees. Ethel Brock was fined one dollar on her plea of guilty in one of the cases and officers reported lliat l>. B. Jarrett and A. Coulter, charged with similar offenses, failed to apjKiir in court to answer the charges. The case of Roney Lambert, similarly accused, war, continued after the indicated doubt as to guilt. He said he •Ptomaint Poison Hits Family of Floyd Grimes'i. :s Down lo 45 Dq/ \Vdcro, Week Ago Meal look Toll CHICAGO. AUK. 21 ilJPi-Cover- ig virtually the same region whcie i hundreds died of heal (wo weeks Floyd Grimes of Manila, once a ago. a cold wave dashed ihermnin- depiity sheriff at Osceola. and two tttr readings tioun today over half members of his family were .slilck-1 the niition. en suddenly wilh plomaine (Wison | Temperatures belweeji 50 and Sunday. Their illness resulted, itjco degrees wen- reported -over ua.s reiMitcd. from eatini; canned | (he midwest this morning with pork and beans. j readings of -15 to M degrees not Two of Grimes' children. Monte, i uncommon. I lf>. and Ruby. 1C. were seriously I Cleveland was nn? of l-he co)d !1 but wcie said lo !*• .«llglitly j FJIOIS on the weather map with Giime.i fiillciTii'thr tni'rcmy brlow ^S. It was 17 .-X in Detroit and court had ! Lambert's brought milk into the city to another dairyman and did not retail milk here. A decision is ex- iccled in his case scon. Aljxander. negro, was fined charge of aygravatefl was fined SSO on SSO on assault. Sam Bailey a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Williard Young vias docketed on a charge of violating fire regulations and the case continued. A $60 bond posted by Sam Fin- clier on a charge of reckless driving, was forfeited. . ' Humors to .thoicontratyithe run-; off or second primary for .circuit court clerk of Mississippi comity ( , n - (|1 . ( - , 101]s( , appeared definitely on today. The run-off will lie held on August 'J8 with Hugh Craig of Osceola and Addison Smith of .Blythcvlllc In the contest. Efforts have been made to effect some sort of an agreement between ihe two candidates by ihird parties but all indications today were tnnt the two would battle it out at the polls. It will be the first run-off In the county under the new double primary law i enacted at a recent session of^ the legislature. > The. only other run-off con'.est to be carried on the ballot in this couniy will be the race be- ween J. Oscar Humphrey and harlie Parker for the office of late auditor. Efforts to secure n agreement eliminating the con-; for the state office have not' met with success so far. President RoMevelt To Attend Rainey Rites OARROLLTON. III., Aug. 21 <tl !)r-Prmldmt:. RqoM.yrlt. will ifwl VJuMiifiutahnhfeiroufr\of iiolloniil »iKi slate moimiern n^ [he funenil of Sprnker Henrj' T. flalney of the national tfouse of reprp.spnla- IIVPS, lo be h>ld at Wnlniil Hill, I tils conhlry .fslale, hfre lomnrrnw, j Episcopal fitnprnl services will be conducted at the Inln speaker's home, alter (ly. bmly lias lain In .stale for several hours In Ihe rotunda of • the Greene i-fli LITM ELECTED OF Rc-Nomiiiatrd Over \Vil liamsrm by 136 Voles; Contest Is Certain Ark., Ani;. '."I.— S. Marcus Bone of Unlesvlllc. wo. tenomlnaled Judge of the Fourt Judicial Circuit over Hugh Wll llamson of Newport by a vote o 'C.G20 lo C.4B4—a majority of 130— ncctiTrihie to complete official re four counties i Junk Carl On New York 'Streets Turns Out To Bo. Arseiial NKW YORK. Aug. 21 (U!>)—A gang of I a robbers bore down on mi nrmtircd truck three blocks from a .divisional police lieuil- rpiattei.s in Brooklyn today, imlnl- rd machine, guns nnd plslols uf Kiianls and cscniwd wilh a eiish film which ixillci! estimated at $-120,000. It wns one of ihe boldest mitt no-sL sensational holdups In tlu> New York area In recent years. The raid on the 'armored enr was as cleverly planned and eso- ciileil us n military maneuver. A machine .«un was concealed oh a push curt In Ihe slreel. The bandits carefully disguised Ihetr' purpose mil II the signal v;as given for tin; inltl. Then they strut:!', ftulckly and lied. The armored truck pursued Ihi'iii, tiring Ils own machine gun, lint they escaped. Kliiile 1'ursull All rnillu eais' In Brooklyn worn died In oil llin pursuit. Pollre ut out numerous alarms frr the audit gang which tied in (wo or nee black sedans. "Slop all suspicious rars." (lie a<llo alarm said. " men aro niiverous. Uw riiuilon, they are lined." All bridges, main roads, ferries; mil tialn te.rmlnnls were guarded. 'I'lie linlihiip npparenlly hlugeil >n one bnntllL disguised us a junk iinn. A fesV" minifies before ihe noney truck, rwncd' by ilio U; 9. Trucking Corporation, arrived' In from of .the .rtubel Ice .Corpora- pn.plaril the? fnko: junk man up- : "raved uf tile, .scene. "l'ii>.h dirt" Arsrnal Slowly ho .pushed his rlckcly cnrl 9lmi(i the curb, but willimit cnll-- g his wares. A piece of cotton" I'fred the can's cnnlents. ' In from, nf the. Ire plant." ho uplifd to vest. tvlpliiR the sweat. {Him bi.s foi'chpnit. Almlesslv sev- erved in the flrsl primary Tues- ay. Aug. 14. will be expected to erve for the second primary a week from today. The returns will be certified by the same Democratic ounty central committee mcet- ng August 31. ,'.""""," ""improved todav. Giime.> snllemi th,. uu'remv b.-low wtmkt decide himself the amount slj .., u ,, U!|( .j. bll , ll(s t . oi:! ,iii,m .;,t bhic W to ly advanced in sowers. i^ n()i ^.^ •,.,. .^ I , 1( ,,.,, 1 , 1 , X) -. ji As n whole (here was no change in Ihe uvailier prevailing ovjr ihe lielt. tiitl, the west remaining IIM and dry ;>n ,l shnwer.s fulliny In Hie ci in ml anil eastern sec- tl "" S " A nervous and irrcRiilar m.irksl seems piobalilo until some definite ket awalt.s estimate. Drouth Sufferers Mast Seek Federal Relief o Wheat \V. K. IIICIIMOMI A" ("O.S- AI'l'l'.liNOON C.UA1N' l.l.ritiU CHICAGO. Aug. 21 - The nr-»; IjackRrounil in wheat ami coin to- LVTTLE ROCK. Aug. 21 iUP> — Weather bui'eau"'forecasters prf- Governor .1. M. Fiurcll. recovcrini, dirtert rising teiiipi-raiiiri-s by nishl i ( ™'» "n illness which prevented ^,, n [ his attendance today at the Ar i k.nnsas Day celebration at the Chi I cngo World Fair, advised all ap i p'.icaul.s for drouth relief to nppl [fiireclly to federal Authorities, ft can do when applications ar to turn (hen [v.'ith .showers tailing over a IMairs. '/' » Of nnnoimcctncnt on (he loan ramesi || ffi v' 1 «-as construed as bullish, and ; 1'rlri-s rrnc one to morj iltan Ihreej.^m ),i m | lf - j, a y S _ Ls tioin Washington. We believe a LJiJjic me lone of the" 1 markets: points on the Mock exchange lo-|over lo federal men. ^ini,,' 2 ? ?' lK ' llcr , wl " nvCjVC :< U'« "»"• lhc >'«Pon.sp niaili- by \ day .sii.'.ialnln ; tnflmnre while the mar-L vhP . u was r( , lr ,Uvely poor. Tlvi"" - ""- - the neM Roveinmftit fntlm . c of m , Us i rt e to on-! larae In keeping with the pro-1 op'-n hl'ili low close im m CC( j strensih in foreign mar- j ;ets caused comment. I Several observers expressed Ihein- selves as unable to understand the 1M2 135(1 1348 13nO 1352 1353 1325 1341 134fl Oct Dec .Inn March Mny .Inly '• Kjxils elrvsed steady, at 1335 1335 13SO 13G1 1307 1358 I3C7 1374b up NpW YORK. AU7. 21 lUPi Cotton closed very steady. open high low ciose Oct Dec Jat: W.ucli May July 1337 1340 1328 1333 1351 1354 1343 1354 1357 1360 1350 1360 13G8 1374 1360 1311 1376 1330 1369 1380 1382 1389 1377 13^ Spots closed tnilct HI 1355, up 13 without much pickup jrday's dull sc-vion. A. T. nnd T 1 Anaronda Copper Helhlfhem Sicvl . various statement.': from Washing' ton. in view of the ' effort < earlier in ihe season lo mado i brin.J I about a higher . level of prices. Grain prices are still below the parity basis aimed al. according to a recent official statement. open hish low clo^e I Scp 104 3-4 105 l'-2 104 3-8 104 3-11 Dec 105 3-8 105 3-8 105 5-8 105 l-~. Chicago Corn open high low close Sep 14 7-8 76 74 7-8. 75 3-4 Cill« Service Coca Cola General American Tank 32 General Electric 19 General Motors 30 3-8 International Him-esirr 27 Middle-west Utilities .... 61-3 Montgomery Ward 23 1-2 New York'central .... ». 1-8 P.ickard 3 1-4 Phillips Petroleum W 3-1 Hadio Coin 53-4 Simmons. Beds St. Louis-Son Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co 'Merger of Three Auto •2* 1H j 34 1-4 1 1 7-3 Builders Is Rumorc NEW YORK. Aug. 21 (UP) — lumors of n merger of the Auburn Automobile Co.. the Reo Moor Car Co., nnrt Pierce Arrow Moor Car Co.. circulated In Wall Street today without any confirmation. D.'C 17 1-2 T7 3-8 77 1-4 76 II 44 1-2 23 3- U. S. Steel 34 1-2 U. 3 Smelling US 1-4 Succeeds Neill Reed As Commander of Dud Cason Post Here Curtis J. Little, county representative and for years on tvclivc lender in ex-service men affairs, was unanimously elected com' manner of the Dud Coson post of the American Legion In a meeting lam night. Nelll Reed Is the Olhcr officers elected were: E. L. Crouch, first vice commander; Sam Coble of Osceola. .second vice commander: Dr. A. M. Wtushbiirn. historian; Eark E. Parker, sergeant 'at arms. Other officers and com- turns from ihe Ihe district. The vote in Independence county was certified lale ycsiertlay as follows: Done 2^61. Williamson. '890. The official vote tn llic other counlies was: Stone county, Bone 425. Williamson 87G; iJiwrcnce, Gone 1.800. Williamson. 1.923; Jackson, Bone. 1908, Williamson, 2195. While no official statement hnd been made last night" it was regarded as certain that Williamson would contest the election, charging frniul In Independence county. This charge. If made, probably will be based on the disappearance of several hundred ballots after they had been placed in the hands of Ibe secretary of the Independence county Democratic central Committee. cral oilier men who iipiMircd In In; loitering along the street 'approached the cnrl. The money (nick guards 'left llii'ir machine with the driver at the wheel unit entered the plant to deliver a payroll. As Ihe guards reappeared tile bandit leader apparently gave the signal. The men near [he pitsh <*ar£ sprang into action, whipped back' the cloth over the cau and ex- pofetl a machine "gun. '.'" Bereaved Widow Wanders Aimlessly In City Street Storekeeper Drops Dead . " ppoin H At Carutliersville Monday ed by Commander Little. Delegates to the state convcn- i lion at Eureka Springs. Septem- CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo., Au?.l !ber 3. 4 and 5. are: J. R. Stovatl, 21.-Henry Willis. 67. proprietor of R. J. Dodson. Ivy W. Crawford. «'« Wtll1 -' i Grocery, n community Henry Layson. George Gist. C. J. store In the eastern part of town. OKLAHOMA CITY, Aug. 21 <UP)—Near distraction over the. violent death of her husband. Mrs. Einicr Sartor Wandered aimlessly for five hours through (he streci.s today clad In pajamas. Searchers, nlanned^by the depth of her bereavement, found tin 1 newly widowed«ctnnt mother silling In a park weeping over a newspaper account of her husband's death. He was killed yesterday while acting as n motorcycle escort to Postmaster General James A. Farley. Jessie Hillis Succumbs In Little Rock Hospital Miss Bessie Hillis. daughter of uuie. Don Edwards. Floyd White. H. M. Hillts. died Inst night all Dr. A. M. Woshbum, Guy Bryant dropped fiend this morning shortly before noon while miking lo his a Little Rock hospital foilowins | nf "ojceola. and Nelll Reed. Alter-',small grandson al the back ot Hie an Illness of several weeks. Funeral .services were Incomplete today, bnl the body will. be returned here for burial by th?| Cobb Undertaking company. ! The deceased was well known j here and was one of the young-I est licensed optometrists in the state. She received her training in the office of Dr. Alva Weri and obtained her state license more Ihan a year ago. She was stricken In Little Rock nates"wnf be"chosen by" Mr."peed j s'ore. Death was attributed to nnd Mr. Little at a laler dale. heart failure. ! Willis had lived in this county I for a number of years, being a j modern Nation farmer until a few years ago aljhoiisinj net. which lime lie moved lo this city and opened his store. He has operated the store for the past six Bankers Association Pledges Cooperation WASHINGTON. Aug. 21 iUP> — The American Bankers Association today pledged to President Roosevelt iUs full co-operation' in promoting C. J. Evrard Head, of Equalization Board C. J. Evrard was elected chair-1 years. He was a member of ihe man of the Mississippi County Board of Equalization in a nieet- int! here yesterday. to industry and loans mirier the This group, n'hlch hears com Christian Church. The body was carried to New- tern, Tcnn., ihis aflernoon Cor burial. In addition to his widow. Colletta's Scorned Spaniard Already Wet! MANILA. P. I.. AUJ. 21 'IIPI— The entanglement created ty the .several weeks ago nnd was re- plaints against tar assessments.. Mrs. Laura Willis, he Is survived I clopment of 17-ycar-otri Colletta moved to n hospital there. have another meeting here I by four children, two sons. Lex She is .survived by her father, j next Monday nl the county court, I nnd Oscar of Ihls city, and two SQulrrel Daily Brrakfasl Gut-si VINEYARD HAVEN. Mass. (UP) —Mis. Harold Pledro has 6 red squirrel for breaklasl every morn Inj. The squirrel passes all l\\t larger farms and comes to her small place and steals an ear o corn from the stalk. II carries Ihe car away Mid eats It. wo brothers, M. C., and Houston i house. mills, and three sisters, Pauline,; Clatidlne and Helen Joyce Hillis.. "- mother died here Apni m. Kenneth C»uaw»y New _ | p em j Kot n^j ^ or j5 er Douflas Fairbanks Is 1 n i • 11 n i CARUTHnRSVILLK. Mo., Aug. Back m HoHywood,2t.-K daughters. Miss Cora Willis of this and Mrs. Bill Crockrem of Canndy Switch. HOLLYWOOD, Cal., Aug. 21 (U P'— Douglas Fairbanks, estranged Dlobe-troltlns husbind of Mary PIckford, returned to Hollywood today aflcr an absence of more than 14 months. He refused to say a word regarding • rumored conciliation' with the iclreti. Mulvihill in Pittsburgh. Pa., became uiors involved today whrn it was learned Rldtiano Paredes, her Manila llnnc-e. annlher women. is married to Lnxora Prcaclier Will Hold Osceola Revival WEATHER C .P. Henry, pastor of the LIK- ora Assembly of God church, will :enneth C. Callsway, of Boll var, Mo., has taken the Pemiscot County post of relief turjervisor made vacant two weeks ago by [open a revival at Osceola \Vednes- the transfer of Miss Dovie Stew-1 day night, art to New Madrid County. Calla-1 The meetings will ue held at the. way comes here from Newton I site of the old Osceola Inn, par- County, having been stationed Initially destroyed by fire some time similar work »t Neosho for. tire'ago. The revival will be ot InJe- past few months finite duration. ARKANSAS—Mostly cloudy au<J unsettled with showers In northeast not I Ion 'onltht ftid VYdne.-,- i!ay. Tha maximum temperature here yesterday was 84. minimum 7\ paitly cloudy with 17 inches of lain last night, according lo Samuel F. Nortla, official weather cbcervir.

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