The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 24, 1936
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VOL XXXIII—NO. 18.0 Blythevillc Courier Blytlu'Viile Herald Blythcvllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader BLVTHKVIl.iJ.:, AHKANSAS. SATUHUAY, OCTOHKR inn a SINGLE COPIES FIVE 'C&llS ^ George Greb Breaks !|JITC Dflll CV Leg in Road Accident Hill) DnlLtl Rome Expects Austria and Hungary lo Take Similar Ac'.ion | , George P. Greb, 'liead; 'of the -Blylhevlile CannfiT°: coiiipiny, had 'his left! leg broken below'-the knee when a car in which' he ..was riding crashed Into the rear of a- I parked truck on , Higlnvay .51, (aliout -seven miles: below.. 1 Blythe-- jvlllc about c o'clock last. night. | Mr. Oieb and u representative r , Ii r>i xi -i of the Continental Cam com- I'tlfrclJ Charges iNeglect 111 an - ' '- - pany were, cnroule- here after n pjceoln. Mr. Oreb said lie' 1 _ did not see any tall light on the ROME, Oct. 24 (UP) - Nazi I '"''^O trLlck .»"'' "'"I their car! ,™ TIP Germany, in a gesture of friend- ' 1US almosl °" " le lr S«* Wore it ,, 7 v , waa i ' ml - The ™r .» n ~ Ocv ' J : Prosecuiion of and , ship that constituted also a warning to all Europe, recognized formally Fascist Italy's conquest of Ethiopia today. Fuehrer Adolf Hitler, in confer- ci'-ce ut Berchtesgaden, in Bavaria with Ccunt Galcazzo Ciano, Italian foreign minister and Premier . Bpiiito Mussolini's son-in-law, announced Ihe recognition, flouting the League of Nations which opposed so long and so vainly II dice's war on Italy's fellow League member, Ethiopia. I'redicl Others Will Follow j When the Spanish nationalists 1 enter Madrid, perhaps next week it is believed here that Mussolini and Hitter together may announce Inch- recognition of a nationalist government of Spain. Today's recognition by Germany or Italy's conquest of Ethiopia was the •first formal one by any H0 v- ernment. It was welcome lo Italy because of its diplomatic, implications of Italian-German soldiarity. It was predicted that Austria and Hun- minor bruises. _T[ i n jjs-1 Job bcry-1 )cn i i i - A r rest limy would follow German-* soon Germany's action places other nations, including the United SUtes. in an embarrassing posil Iran. The Keilogg-Briand and the faaavedra—Lamas peace pacts for- I"d signatories to recognize acquisition of territory by force. "Olive Branch from Bayciiefs" BOLOGNA, Italy, Oct. 24 (UP) .—Premier Benito Mussolini: in an address f to:--,{he Bologna Fascists today said t mt "I s md : tt message of peace. to>lhfl world." ••-'--' •&! II Duce. in bringing his peaceful message-to the nations add- "Tiiis olive branch grows from the forest of 8,000,000 bayonets / which are well sharpened and held by our courageous youths" Mussolini spoke in the public square at Bologna during a tour through the countryside He re called that he had not been there since- 10 years ago, when an attempt was made on his life _ Asking the crowd, "Has' anything changed between us?" 'he was- answered with a roar, "No!" The prime minister continued saying that Italy was now dominated by tlie same spirit whicli imbued Julius Caesar's Tenth Legion which founded the first Roman empire. Screw Worms Likely to Invade This County «i. 24. (UP) was sum. The car, .a new"model ~ c;cv ' J : M-'F'Ui'cll today leveled machine, was damaged consider- 2 m ? c '' ltlclsm ftl Alt V- Oen. Carl ably E - I'nilc-y nnd declared the at- Mr. Greb was resting fairly I 01 , 111 ? P' leml ' s °«"* I™' »eg- wcll at the Blythevillc hospital cc1w ' t < ) . l»'osccu(n.' Hire, cases loday. His companion a Mr ''',' vhlcl , c!( ' to ' dL>llts lKli ta <-'> Lancaster of the research depart-' ™' B "^ l ° "» s °" « »" "«- ment ot the Continental Cnn ',, -npon, Chicago, escaped with" ^ ! ^Z^^^ e ^ ' ii'.s" Ihe cases of A. T. Iludspeth, convicted tanker, and Jlni X. Camithcrs and Hubbies Claytonj nerrccT under death sentence. r'-dvr?lU was convicted] and sentenced to one year for violation of the state banking i alvs . Tlie negroes were given dcatli sentences after conviction for assault on a ivJiite woman in Mississippi county. Futrell said Huci.speth's conviction had teen declared void in I- ; n Poone ccunly circuit court and ' tndlcafcd It' was held void because of lack of elforl mi the part of Bailey's office. I'lrtrell said lie hud refused For two weeks there lias b™-i a -heavy infeslation of screw wcnns in the livestock of Tin- ten, Shelby, , and Favcllc counUT: Tennessee. Jud'jin- from "if 1 WnS re Ihe large number of infested - " ° thcr ollic<!rs - [•alsc Imprisonment Charged m Two Pen scot Damage Actions. GARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Damages for false arrest and'Imprison- ment .at Steeie'are asked iii two suils filed in circuit court here recently against the city of steeie W. H. Howell, c «ef -of police at Steeie, and others, it is reported by ' th3 CaruthersvUle Democrat-Argils. The cases are expected to corns to trial at the November tenn of In one suit Samuel F. Bsrry asks <1 Cir- damages for false arrest and imprisonment on October 10', naming Hy Mayes, steeie policeman, as the -.arresting officer,;, 'and 52,000 damages for injuries he alleges were lnntcte<l uponihim by other prisoners while he was In'the care and custody of tlie city. Sues for Cooler ;Youf ft ••.-. . In the second suit, filed liy E M DeBakcy, Cooler, in' b°>wlf'' of Thurman D^Bakey, 19, $1,000 damages are asked of Chief Hmvell ana others for the arrest and detention for two hours lost August-of the younger DeBakcy. .The petition says that DcBakey was detalncxl ia Jail without cause and was denied access to friends or to legal court- clcivency, lo Hudspeth and asked if Bailey Intended to grant a pav- J - when he becomes chief ex- He also said suits of t'.ic two negroes to escape 7 thc death pen- co " rt ! W " C " tllelr auto - lowcr " llot0 ' crns "«l into a barricade erected by to (ir ..V.",*,.., ficiJtmlA, l/Mlll,; IS -IIC t rrtct It; f „„, j. .,,. E-oing tc- sec Hint these cases'arc j i!>. ol Beloit, Wis., and her companions, James Magid, 20. prosecuted through to conclu- all<1 Chester Johnson, l(j, of Chicago: and Richard Flanncry, 16, of Cairo. 111. .The chase tcean nfler the holdup of a dcwn'town Memphis drug store. When the '.car crashed, Magid, police said; captured. In sion?" Cluvtcn and convicted of cri-iihml / aksault upon a •'while '- ' . .- . °- Walker, center, arc Priscilkr and wohiaii .'and'iCvere sentenced to the 1 -"• FlHnneE Vvr at tin;. BrowKsvilleATCnn.,- jaiU,after.-, their arrest' electric chair., Their -convictionI - Wns imhcld In,the stale; supreme' court' b'ut 'sciitence was stayed '.-by He asks $500 actual and $500 punitive damages. ' Dc» Berry's petition states that fai'[ Jan. a month prior to his arrest he hud Mar. suffered from chills and fever. On May a visit to Steclc on October 10 ac- July conipanied by his brother, he al- Oct. leges, he became feverish. Craving somthing to drink lie went to a store and drank a soda, which made him sick. Upon leavintr the the :filing c'r an action iii-: : fedeiat" court in which ^llie negroes charge that Ilicir constitutional ;rlglils were violated In the trial here. New York-Cotton.'' j NEW yoRK. Oct. 2-1. (up>-Krns^s Schools Will Be Subject of Radio Ad- ,Mr/ James. Roosevelt had. no re|ply; lo, make Ibdny'.;bnt>wll'i'i'dc- . liver a radio address Vntijled, 1 'The j Facts on'Kansas Sclio'olsV nt 7:30 S Tfll I/; l °nioiTo«- night. I n| R lest of that addi I flLll nl)!c lo "> e p''?s Co'.ton closed steady. store he was arrested by Mayes and kept in jail from "3"o'clock in the afternoon until 9 o'clock next morning, Beaten Uy Prisoner Berry says that he asked officers to call a physician but that his request was refused by Mayes and open hl7h lew close 1170 1170 11C5 1168 ino 1170 11G5 1169 1180 1180 1115 1178' 1184 1184 1180 1183 11EO 1182 1118 1179 1135 1135 1131 1133 Epcts closed quiet at 1213, off 5. Spol Average Is 11.07 The average price of 7-8 inch; middling cotton on the ten designated spot markets today was 11.9V according, to the ville Board of Trade. dress Tomorrow .BOSTON, Oct. 24 (UP)--Presi- dsnt Rocsevelt's oldest son, James, that he will re- announced today liver "The nt 7:30 p. m. to . Tlie following The complete iddrcss will be nvail- >ss later." ':'!'. The Landon statement referred to Was that in which tlie Republican presidential nominee charged -"scurrilous misrepresentation" of "Kansas school conditions ' by a member of tlie president's family. James Roosevelt, in a radio address Moiidny night, charged that Governor Landon balanced the FHITH FREED Of Jllfif IN DEI1TH DP Dropped by Yale Finds Him Nol Guilly in Murder of Wallace' Acl- dison a Year Ago | OSCKOLA, Ark., Ocli 21.—Bruce Frith, 21-year-old youth; Wns ac- iiultied by n circuit court Jury here lost night of a cliurge of murder-Ih the death of Wallace rtfdlson, 17, on Nov. 10, 1035. The jury returned its verdict nt 11:00 o'clock after delibcrnllng lor 45 infinites. Trial had opened einly hi thc day. . Frith repudiated a confession he legcdly. made lo officers In which V he admitted striking Addlson over „ the heiid with n crnnk JiniuDe.' ( Adciison's dw\th had llrst been f blamed on n truffle accident I i No«ro Is Defense Wlliicss I 0 A negro, Bob Taylor, was thc ..- University 10 re- Professor Jerome Davis was attributed to "cor- by Davis' liberal cco- nomic views, n conimillee of the .. nyor, was e, nomic vews, ii commillee of the principal witness for the defense.! American Federation of Tench- He (Mimed that lie sasv swing I c 's. of which lie Is president Acldlson walking along Highway chnrgos. At Vale his disinissai '"«• " in it 111^ IIIUJI^ lll^U \VllJ In front of his home and saw n car "alg-zneglng" as 11 sped by i spot which Addlson had apparently reached on the hlgliway. ^([{iison's body was liter found >ear thc negro's house. Thc boys, who were employed -U Dycss colony, had been to a night club near Osceola together. The state contended that they 'eft the night club in Frith's car and sought to show by •clrcum- Inntln) evidence nnd .'the piir- portcd confession that Frith later dtnicl: his young companion as lie climax of n quarrel. Itciimlialcs Confession In repudiating his alleged confession, Frith .. said that he left 'he night club; in his cKi- alono Mid evidence ; was r produced to hew that .Addison was last seen valking away from the night club. Vaung Frith was^found tils car, pnrkcd.-by, the side of\ifie road _ several miles , below the Place, where Addlson's body bad beeii- found. The trial attracted'considerable ntlentlon, yoimg Frith being- tltc son of a one-time third district WPA administrator. At the time ills arrest lie was released on d signed by a number of prominent-'Little -nock men, including Secretary of Slate Ed McDonald. Bruce Ivy of Osecohi was a truck Inst. band i i let and lan Points to Recent Ship' infills of Guns, Planes nnd Motor Ti ticks LONDON, oct 24 (UP)-In a nole to the non-liilcrvenllon --0111- mUtce, circulated amons Ihe members loday, the BiitLslt E o\ern- ment chnrgcd tlinl Soviet liussli Is making large scnle deliveries of war materials to Spain It jl o elicit delivers of num. by italldii •«jl|K to rebels al Palmn, on tnc fund of Mallorca The latest Inclilcjil of ft i| eKt ,(i Soviet dellveiy of munitions lo Ihe 'Spanish go\enuucnt nghlin; (for IU life against (he Hghtlst rebels, vviis declined In Britain's note (o have occurred at Alicaiile on (he Mcdlleirmtcnn, last Monday. H fm-llier accused tlie So\iets of landing is til motoicd p! n nci and 15 tanks a week ngo Points lo lanaiug of ,\,, m Hie note said: "The Spanish oilci Campcchc m October 10 was seen unloading at Carlagcim fotn-inch K uns trench- mortnis, hand gieiiade- •ami a large quantity O f jlflci and •me ammunition of Rus.5ian oil- "On oclota 15 the Russian rtcaincr Starl liotshenk, poil of rcgUlry Odessa, at lived at Cailn- gciin niirt uftci unloading food stuff.-, proceeded lo land cases conininhiB parts foi 18 tn-motoi- ed ahcrnfl. 15 inrge tanks, 320 nscs of bombs nnd n laigc mmn- llty of ammunition - ' On Qctobei 19 .the Russian steamship Chrushchev nriivcd at > Alicanle and landed,. 85 military oiries of ippro\l,nalely the tlnee- on Ijpc which were handed mer «n »ji»e ponce giiiccr« , Trmspoites Militate,, TJic i rsning tlie caf Her lius j ', I'!S ilEt'L inVlsfiigvy^iDlc hoinas Hale formci con cn c lo " li; s \\cie on the trail-" i ., , _ .. °rs in Hiissiiui Jetteis On September 7 'the Italian stciimei \feicida discharged at o-"- . .* i ,,,i^ , u:l utsiiiiftSHI «'ns said lo have been dictated solely by budgetary considerations. Captured, Wife Huit When Cai Wiecks, Anothci Meld Mn Hestn Hale 26 was slight 1} Injured when a car in «hich she was ildlng clashed into a at First and Hhlle Vine streets gfflccr; Junippd from was captured the and moved to the Penilscot county jail at Caiudicrsvlllc to face a clmi-ge of robbery. About $250 In cash was said to have' been taken in the robbery of -a rural store, near Holland. A man who gave his name ns Carl Smith also ' was taken into custody by officers in connection .. _. — uuu ... nkiu H i-«ian)ii v uy ui i ice is in conn prt in member of defense counsel while with the robbery of n nu" s or Denver Dudley, district prosecutor, n^,,,-i n i« .„,,_„"...;' . r headed state counsel. Kansas budget only liy ciiUin" a radio address . entitled.! school teachers' salaries "to nn| Facts on Kansas Schools," average of $9 a week," ellmlnallnis I uorrow.- . 44 schools, and obtaining federal! statement was loans and grants of $425,000,000. at .James Roosevelt's office. nests i I den's, statement ' of "last nightj us Verdun constant- „ Vi iin L ., aiV(i i mil- rrals along the east side of (he Mississippi liver. is probable .. • • ' •" *•, ,?iuu:tuiL they have spread to this side of thc river, according to John L Cameron, assistant county He further states in the petition that when he was placed in jail lie was assaulted and beaten by other prisoners sustaining injuries from on res rom agent wnich he has not yet fully recov- etected crcd - ln "'c petition Berry names '" Screw worms may be detected c by bloody excretions from wounds'" P riso "er, one La flue, as one who ever the bcdy or mound the' eat him - - C ° mm °" Wowf| y nmgotej He says when Officer Mayes plac- do not cause bleeding cd him in jait La Rue made the slnton^/vnt "I «i ___ i. _ in wounds. Anyone detecting an infesta- ... iJ "•• •iiii:.')ijv- Hen of screw worms is asked to notify the county agent's office Control measures may also be secured from this office Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service ..... Coca cola ;... C.en. Am. Tank ... Gen. Electric ... Oen. Motors ..... Int. Harvester ! '. McKcsson-Robbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Pcckard Phillips Pet Radio ",'' Simmons Beds Standard of N. J." Texas Co. ' U. S. Smelting U. S. Steel • statement, , :s i m c him. We fix him," to w hich remark, the petition reads, Mayes replied "Here he is. Kill him if you want to. The Question to Answer — .»T, Kilitoihl _ . It is asserted, assessed a fine' against Berry of $1.50 of Which Berry was able to pay only 20 cents. Thereupon .Berry was aid upon the floor and given 35 178 7-8 .. 121 3-4|lerwards and beat him I,, the" face .. 1 3-S «nd kicked him In the side break"" • i ing three of Berry's ribs and other- \CICA 111 ll\!-i«™ \.l«. 61 1-2 48 3-8 73 1-8 91 1-4 10 7-jS 56 3-4 12 1-4 45 3-4 wise injuring him. 70 3-4 . • o o-i Warner Bros 13 3--1 Zonlle '' New Orleans Cotto j NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 24. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. open high low close .. 11G6 1109 ins lies •• 1165 1169 1105 1169 1177 1173 H7fi •• 1179 1180 1177 1180 i •• 1177 1178 1177 ins .. 1135 [ 12 8 closed steady and un- Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec IHM 115 1-8 114 1-4 114 7-8 May 1127-8 1133-4 112 7-8 113 1-2 Dcc. Jan. Mar. May July Spots changed nt 1215. Chicago Corn Dec. May open high 94 1-8 94 1-2 89 5-8 00 1-4 low close 94 94 3-8 89 5-8 90 1-* The experience of workers yesterday in the first day of the drive to raise S70.000 to bring n substantial industry to BlylhevMlc imlicali-s that a serious obsliiclc to tbe success of the campaign is thc apparent fear of many of our citizens that their generosity may exceed that, of their ncixhbors or their compel!tors. Tlfot attitude mr-atis defeat. No un- (Iurl;ikinir for the .-elfaro of munity was ever put over by letting (lie civic .siiickws .sol lite pace. There is just puc question wbicli tlu! business men and property owners of lilythcvillc need to ask before de- {(nniiiiiij; upon the amounts they are willing to tfivc. Tbat is: WHAT IS IT \VORTH TO ME TO BRING THIS INDUSTRY TO BLYTHRVILLK? If wo are not. willing to answer that qiiesl i»ii for ourselves and to pay accordingly the §70,000 will never he raised. Hero are a few Tack; Thc 570,000 will be spent, mostly for local labor and materials, to erect n factory building for Ihe nxe of the Rice-Stix Dry Goods company, a highly responsible concern which has offered to establish in Bly- thevillc a cotton garment factory which will have a payroll of between ? 1SO,000 and §200,000 per ycnr . There is every prospect Dint the size and- payroll of the factory will later I JC . increased. It i.s not improbable Hint ultimately it m;iv linvc :i payroll as l)if as the Chicago i\lil! and Lumber company had before it began to ctir- (ail its operations here. Does Ulyllievillc need an insliltilion of that kind? Does your business need it? Ts it necessary to protect thc investment which you have in business and residential property in Ibis city? Wouldn't it b c worth to you, Mr. Miisincss Man and Mr. Property Owner, a t'ood deal more than your share of tlie ?70,000 that must be raised to obtain it? Hlytheville is having a very good year from a business .standpoint. Why? Kcciiuso hundreds of thousands of dollars in farm benefit checks were •distributed is this vicinity last winter; hundreds of thousands of dollars of soldiers bonus money came into the bands of local men last spring; an unusually good cotton crop . is being marketed at a .satisfactory price. It is a fine situation but it doesn't hold any guaranty for the future. Wouldn't'it be wise to put n part of present profits into insurance of future good business? . Continuance of Free Service Demanded by Local Board The Inclusion' of the Blythevillc public schools as a bill-paying customer of the Hlylhcvillc Water company under the new schedule ol" rates approved by the state department, ot public ulill- lies was discussed by members of Hie city council and representatives of thc proprietor near Holland and removed to Cai-uthersvllle. A third luiiii.. nllegcil to have participated In - thc roblicry, was also sought here. •Police here were on tlie lookout for Male and when (hey spotted his car they gave chase. The car crashed into a cottonseed truck ami Hale jumped out, attempting lo escape. His wife was removed lo Ihe Blythevillc hospital where it said her Injuries Cd. .U . . . believed- the new pro-" posal might meet Moscow's desire lo stay in the committee whilo^ remaining free lo be bound in non-intervention no more than any ether power. i , company at a meeting at the cily liall last night. ' T. a. Seal, member of the Mate commission, explained the. rate set-up under the now schcd-1 ulc. C. i\. Cunningham, counsel for the water company, and Robert IK. Johnson, owner of Ihe com- ipany, insisted that terms of the original 30-year franchise, grand- ed in 1911, as regards the furnish- inff of free water for tlie schools, had been, changed by later rale ordinances and were subject to the revised schedule by which tlie water company now seeks to collect what will probably amount to about £500 lo S700 annually from the school district. O. M. Buck, president of the were confined principally to lacerations about tlie shoulders. Hale and Smith arc accused of robbing Nat Nunnery, operator of Ott Samford's store five miles west of Holland, at seven o'clock last night. Nunnery was forced lo surrender $250 In cash and several carious of cigarettes. Later during Hie night two stores in Holland, owned by Mr. Samford, were broken into and a. slot machine removed from one. : About the same lime a pool room and cafe owned by Hubert Utley was entered and tv:o slot machines removed. Memphis Pastor Will Conduct Services Here The Rev, J. J. Walker, pastor of the ;East End Christian church of Mom'iritls, will conduct special services at the First Chris Man .„„ „„„,„„„.., church here each evening, for ten bo 't'e of milk and a quantity of days, beginning Monday.' ' These 1:t >J'. nnd will eat a carton of clg- scrvlccs will begin each night ati ar ettes for dessert if anyone cnrcs O-on . . I *» i__ ... . - ^ rge Palina a cargo which fndiidcU s ciatcd ah planes and n quantity of bombs shells, rifles and ammunition. On the same dny three Italian bombing phnci arrlml at " Palma." Consider' lilockadc .Britain and France \vere le- porled last night to Inve tun- Flqted a. new proposal lo enforce Ihe ban on aims shipments to Spain in an effort to icscue the' International Neutrality Com- mitlee from a deadlock of coh- fuscri recriminations. The Joint proposal was .suld to be a method of vigorous action- designed lo stop violations of the "hands off Ejiain" agreement at-' mcst immediately. Control of "all Spanish .. ports by foreign warships was said by some/ to bp one. of the features of this methi, 7:30. The speaker is well known In religious circles in Memphis and the trl-states and has a scries ie;«;^:^\^ a ?^u,rTc lieve the rate changes affected the free water provisions ot the original franchise and indicated that the school board would "stand pat" in insisting on free water for Ihe schools. Under the rale schedule proposed, customer.? of tlie water company ate supposed to iwrli- cipate in a division of profits made by (hc company beyond return on its fnvest- rcasonable incut. Summer Visilor for 53 Years RYE BEACH. N. 11. (UP) —J. j Leeds Barrel! of G» p yii5dd Valley, ' Pa,, claims the title "New England's oldest summer visitor." He has come here for the past 53 con- sccullve summers. Three of his five children were born here, • : ; in which s in modern .life .which tear at the foundation of .-Christian living. Members of all denominations arc invited to attend Ihcse mcet- to supply them. Pete's wild brethren never dreamed of the luxury that Pete enjoys. The Becket. family has supplied llicir pet with an innerspring mattress and n silk coverlet. VIENNA. (UP)—Ifei-r A. Grusn. official of a large Viennese firm, who has not slept for 19 years, has -*.*- iMtuuu iu iuiciHi uicse meet- «»io mis noi. slept lor 19 years, has lugs as there arc no messages for'agreed to give his brain when hc specific, groups. '' J ' ' ' Vimj- Rldjc Seeds lo Canada VIMY, France. (UP>—Seeds of wheat collected at vimy are to be sown in Canada at the spot where Jacques duller, French explorer, first landed more than 300 years ago, The idea of sowing wheat from Flanders was advanced by the Major of Vimy, himself a veteran-.of the World War. " *•" »••••" "io vi mii . to the Rockefeller Institute, t He suffered a shell Injury in the — | World War. More than $310,000.000 In "baby bonds" have been sold In the United States. - WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy tonight and Sunday. Warmer Sunday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair nnd slightly warmer tonight. Sunday parlly cloudy and warmer, • Tlie maximum temperature hcra yesterday 68, .minimum •!?. cloudy, with .03 of an Inch rainfall, according to Samuel F. Norris, official i n-eathcr observer. Deer Begs Cigarettes On Street Corner BARNEXJAT; N. ,i. <up> — A wliite-lailed deer, standing on its hind lees begging for cigarettes, : w a common sight in downtown Barncgat. : The 18-monlh-old deer, named Pete, was found by Raymond Bcckel -when Ihe animal was only a few hours old. Becket rescued Pete from a forest fire and reared it on a bottle. Pete, who now is sporting an eight-inch set of spike horns, is "- lame as a rtoj?. 'Pete gets'a daily

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