The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1936
Page 8
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"'• PAGE EIGHT ter Hazard No Bar to Japanese Troops ' BLYTBEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Great Immigiatioiv , Move, meat Is Scheduled (o Slait This Fall IIY .IAMH3 liOUHHAlKlH UnlUu" : 1'fcrj Stuff Corrrsnomlcnt ADDIS ABABA (UP)—The vast' Vplateivus and plains of Ethiopia, now under Italian rule, will be •thrown open to rolonlmtlou about Nov. I, the United has been ..lidvlttd by government official At Dsssye, Asmara and back In Italy tens of thousands!o( Italians uii; iflgeily nnnltlni; the comrilq- (Icn of the road to Addis Ababa, expected about Nov. V to begin ivlmt imy be tiie eio.Uc!>t immigration movement of Ihc 20lh ccn- luiyj : certainty the greatest slnco (lie Untied st.itcs icslricled Immigration, When the road is opened a" Steady stream of colonists will push toward Addis. Ababa In a fleet of trucks to obtain', the choic-! cst bils of the fertile mid well j \ ntcrcd plateaus. '• | Cariithersviiie in . ; Over Poplar BJuff; 6-Q of Mo.— Pla Paper Production High In Pennsylvania Mills FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1936 HAnmSBUKCl, l>a, (UP)—Tlie ionic of the first papsr factory In America, Pennsylvania, lo;lay has pajwr and printing business rln.; ml llie contention of many that "war Is nil wet maneuvers at Hokkaido wet," these Japanese soldiers wa Japan's ncrtheriiiuost Island. . In nnd in the face of the "enemy," n,e soldiers kept dry only .llJH, • willed they held above their heads. tills. practice from the rest' of 'offeied the adventitious minded^ • - - ^...j, ,, K .wuucrs Kept dry only their smis am! „„,„„, , of other coimliles ammg the lost 1L ""' '«''''"> "•"•• '•-••• -• •• -••• • • animunl- cfiitiny Young people will have;"— !hc S o ri '^! 01 e<p!,T,es V |Ii'J 1 l li '?!!r'Mm' > " rovl »« s win " e " >c nrsl settled, Hi-ldly prohibited A man =h,, S fn-rmug'or cattle ranching: » taTui^m^uSSSlb^ri ' mVB ,'"* mlleh " S "" ^w^'ST Naliics Still Kisemlfnl i b ? ,m , I n i i n i "W.iie himself but In city find 1 r .«*£*& "'•"»'"-« •••- ..;,,,:; ,.,."'", n 1>cctl0 " "tost year has extended to nlilitl^ «. .iiiutAi .MFaiued la Ihn (vim nF iivfvi»»» i.. n ~...ii.. . ., __ iininiLa, ac- ersvllle 'J'lgcrs scored their nrst >B3C conference victory by defeat- Ing the Poplar Bluff Mules C-o „ p!il f, r and I"' lntln S business Wednesday night at Poph, Bluff " mol . lnll »B **> 52«,220.000, accord- Murpliy. Tiirer half anel most con- p nLJIrL'"'"? 1 !',''*'!^' U ° f Jam -' i alsleiit ground gainer for llie Cats K™-.^ ,' ,?, Department of tills season, .stasliut Ihrongli left V, *' WaWrs - tncklc and ran 25 yards' l.i the! ,, Kc 5' s '<" | e state can lay third qunrtcr for the only murker • n " lo the nrst >ma " e factory, of the gnmc. -. .. , lllc "rst soda ptilpmlll, the tlrst I'oplar Uluff was in scorlnu dJs- ^'f'" 0 ,"^ with ".'" S11| P | "'« l»'o- lance only once, In the fourth ^ ^ P ' 1|)er pulp "'° m WOKl - Oiiarlcr ivhcj) lliey ndvnneed to i'< • ""'' J )il '" !r '""' VVii: > cstab- tlic 5-yard line. mnwj at ]{oxl»rouijh, now part of team co-ordination in the Poplar Bluff game than In any so far this year. He said the work of big Ed Gnithcr, 240-pound tackle was particularly .ouUitnmllii«, ami that Murphy playexl well In the backfleld. Tlie Tigers play' Ea'sl ; Prairie licrc next Friday, Oct. 30, the Biuiie to be played In the iiftcr- nooii Instead of at night. Thus far. tills .season, the Tigers have n'ori two and lost two defeating Portagcvllle 0-0, losing 18-0 to Matthews, and 'going- down 10-0 before tlic,>charleslon powerhouse line, but defeating the Poplar niuff .team .".Wednesday night. These last two /gailies : were -t. -e',?™"" 0 " A| '" l>al Cha "K c<1 LAKE cn ' y <U' 1 >-Scl- C " Ce "" ss "PI' Ial "e<l the old- fash- the conference tuts. None of London's bullSlrigs 'ex- : cccd 200 feet in lv>[%*Uf/ '..•,•'• .NOTICE To Our Customers Effective loclay, we will close our repair department and gas'station nt 3 p. ji. cacli day, however we will maintain all night service at the Hlyllicville Motoi- • - Sales'Co. - :; Phone 1009 for Service ;" ' At Any Time •Tom Little Chevrolet : #V Co. ranges of the central provinces. Ncr will dtiiiye, be completely lacUng The smouldc,ing rescnt- Itnlla of Ita . „_-„ -..j il ---- • Sen is and (ho \o«ng ploneere, with guns ready. \ull have to fro,,, Ihc motherlan Soldier; r,.l i- fliid it difficult ..ho wish ma farming will go to sections appiopriate Fruit growers will bo • »» »., " . If mcnt. Hciiaymenl lo the government will be over a long period. ! To Expioli Oil Iti'source* Government officials also said that the mineral and petroleum ' '" ces- of Co to the '» O ainb Tiie Queen Mary, trans-Atlantic liners, placement of Ti,50o' („ i,/,;,, • • " C PCU ' newest of has a dls- and a applications will To what extent foreign cnpllal will bo invited to participate in llie exploitation of mineral or other resources has not been ele- cldcci. The wild animal life .fend flora pce-ullnr lo Ethiopia will be preserved. Parks and -'-cserves will bo set apart where animals can - — -~ ui jn«. inunf wno persist, in OPDO I fl " ( ' ^°^' c rs grow'undisturbed w,7,7"e i sovcuimcnt docs not .sition to the new regime nro cer- i. lrinally ' tllc niltu ™' wonders of S 1 ^.."™ d "*™t'«l Pioneers ,l«ln lo have their lands conflscat- ! "° ," ow el "l )lra *'»' »c opened to tlic cd. Tliasc who submit to Italy and to " rist3 for the (list time. The awesome mountains, which caused nds who have been settled wrong parts of the empire.. Experiment Sl.Uions Set Up 1-nrge expcnmcnt stations al- jcoppcmlo loyally will be paid in i. , --— -• | full for tlieir holdings. I £0 '"." cl ) lllk ''« "ow when tiuid can be obtained cdrre- Handy Thing Abom Many 1 Folks. Like When it comes to the proper size dose of a Inxntive medicine different persons and ditierenl ages naturally need different doses Proper size doses thoroughly do the work expected with/nil harsl purging. ' Black-Draught laxative Ls .prepared In a dry powder so', llie size of the dose easily can bs adjusted to tries needs of ^he, person inking it.' 1 Not too much,' 1 tmt Jiisl enough . thoroughly to relifye -j go. i number of years, dencnttliuV* oii TITO ranges now are ovcr-nui the value of Ihc land When the with scrubby native horses and period ha., expired the SC l er Ml cattle, but the government already -receive full title to the la, i^ d v has plans tc, import belter stock also may be purchased dlrTc V which ,1,11 thrive at this allitude from natives but officla approvnl and climate. , must be obtained flrsl. nl)plou " The Crown Lands In the fertile. Speculation in land win iju M-M-M-ML..REMEMBER M & M? Old-timers arc spreading jho good ncns—Jiatlingly & Moore is back in town! And you'll agree, when you ery if, that M & M is just about llie grandest whiskey you'ie ocr foimd at such a low rice. It's ALL whiskey—several nestraight whiskies, made inthe old-fashioned way dnil bleaiteil together. You'll like M & M! FRANKFORT OlSTtttlRIES, 1NCORPORAIED lOblSVlllE • BAlIlMORr S3" Blnek-praiight is. credited with leaving the digestive tract more able to continue elimination, regularly, every day. Be sure .to try It! • ,) Sold In 25-cent packages. —Adv. :iliiS9 A FULI< TINT A FfJIL QUART $1.95 Here's the Bull's-Eye Hit In Fall Hats The t€*'' "TltKNI A MALLORY HAT Tlie Only »a(s that arc "Cravcnclte' 1 Moisture 1'roor It's fallcch"Tlic Trend" ficciiuse i( rc- tletts the trend of fashion toward less high crowns ;ind more generous brims. The rich fur fell is delightful lo feel. The lines of lli e hat have a swanlike grace (lint "tjocs his" with wcll- drcsscd Klylhcville men. A n d rc- mcmhcr. ...M;tll,, r y Hats arc shower- proof, pcrspiralinn proof, soil proof, wear-proof! As usual the best is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET Dlyilieville's Headquarters for Particular Men WHY •T. ; VC O TREADS- AIR COOL. ED. IhiitiK N«v«r V/e»n Sfflooeh, dou* CASH? GET GENUINE SEIBERLINCS MONEY DOWN! TERtaS TO j YOU! ^ SAVE YOUR CASH! M " T' 111 ' 1 ' y ° Ur " r With S">«i"e Sribrr- No money down— terms to suit you! Our credit ' plan ,, A, « MIM , in to ^ n . No «d. tap,,- No waiting, No delays, J ust pick out the tires and tub« you want-show' .us .your license identification-and we make immediate ,n" • p We also sell batteries, radios, heaters and other acc TIRE & BATTERY CO. Many times nothing else will satisfy The Black Custom Style Town Shoe With many Hlylhevillc men this conservalivp, fusion style, (own shoe is the foundation (| f (j, e j r s ), nc wardrobe. Nothing else will satisfy, ^'orn ()n m«nv oc- cafions, i| nuist f )c jtist right. H's .iiilliciilic because it's r«l)- hled by the hi>nse of Crosby Square. As usual the best is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN ST. Blytheville's Ilentiijiiarlors fo r Particular iMen toned street meetings, backbone of the Latter Day Saint "(Mormon) nvvv?.nP'l?™ ! ! I?lws Safw DENVERA (yP)-AHhoilgli coal John N. Oarnrr Drive's Truck MRAMIE, wyo. (UP) -John Nance' Oarner was located today in Laraniie-drlvlng a elellrery truck lor a.bakery. Garner fs a second cousin of the Vice-president Once ' a Hcpubllcan candidate for sbej-. ff- he lost his Nebraska farm due to the drouth. Flcad courier News Want Ads. . . , - * ——- It Is safer today than at any time In i]& Male's histoiy says Thomas AllenT state coal mine inspector Allpii announcc<l a decreass j'u ..£„ working death rate" m Colorado mines of 20 psr cant from last yea " S*rvl/-.i OPEN Ail, NICH'I CK CKNTKH .. Phones IT As PROUDLY As ANY MASTER EXCLUSIVB }1ART SCIIAFPNBR & MARX STYLIST .signs his work and this certification- i c«rtify thot this ' U new, authentic fallen appears in every garment you select from Mead this fall that's tailored by HART SCHAFFNER & MARX Here's the sensational Fall 1736 fabric favorite TRIPLE TEST WORSTEDS QUALITY TESTED- Kvery inch of worsted is put Ihrnujrli u scientific: "Third I)t>- Krce" to see. him- it stands up. 11 docs! STYLE TESTED- Kvcr-; ]>iecc nf faliric must p;,ss I ho cai.| c eye of Holier! Surrey, famed Hart Schaffncr & Marx style ;icc. It dues! VALUE TESTED- I" every way ---- fabric, moilcl, liiilui-inff ---- Ihose suils arc pil- against (he iiuld and they out on lop! Styled by Robert Surrey in The Double Hrcasled WINDSOR Si:Ic Vcnls! Tailored by HAUT SCHAKFNKK & MAKX Typically Kn.slish ill ils origin, side vents have no;v been nc- ccplcrt by well-dressed slasc mid screen stars in this country who have their dollies mnile by the morn expensive tuslqm tailors. With llie boi- lora Imltnn Imttoncd and flic lapfls rol'ing softly the Windsor model, originally \vcrii by (lie then IJukc of Kent is now a hit of llie season. As usual the best is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 3 IS WEST MAIN ST. I Hlylheville's Headquarters for Particular Men

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