The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1939
Page 4
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fciGEFOUB BLYTHEViLLE (AKK.) .COUKIEU NEW WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER .8,'. 1.9'^ il Jonesboro's Hopes Depend On These Golden Geisets First-Year Crop In South ; .Packs 'Plenty Of Power ' ATLANTA,' Ga , Nov. 8. (UP) — Pont Kok for fam.n&r names when jou read about Southeastern Conference foolbull games nevt feundiy you non't find many, because the §jk>rt In Dixie has been turned o\er to sopbcmores The likeliest-looking bunch of first-year men in history Is assembled under colors- of the various Southeastern powers and they have stepped In to share the burden with' veterans nnd in seme cases put ins stars on the bench. It all adds up to a strong indication thai, formidable as It Is Ihls seosop,' Dixie football will be even more jwtent when these joungstcrs come of age In 1940-41. Cknsldcr: Johnny Duller of Tennessee. The largest crowd fn Klioxvillc's foot ball history turned out for the Alabama game expecting to see the gTcat;Oeorge: Cafego In action. But what fhey saw was Butler, Cafes-'s substitute, sew up the game for "Tennessee with a wraith-like run for 58 jards through an nrmy of Alabama.tackiers. In other games Bullet has shlncd ncarlj as much ' as Cafego ulilch Is some scintillating considciing that George Is being ticketed for AlI-Ameilci Johnnv Bosch of Ge igh Tech The liUlesI icgnlai jilnjer in Ihe conference Is 1111$ 140-pound Jack- rabbil He aluiobl beat Duke with his bullet passes ami whirlwind runs around end Bosch made good from -the.'start nt Tech nnd shoved Billy Gibson, last jcii's Tech slai inUr a less bnporlant bnckficld post Etmnl Allen and Noah Mulltnt of Kentucky Kentucky Is hailed as a great tcmn of ' junlois" but It is UiesD two sophomores who hiuc made the leoin click Allen's passes j beat Georgia and Miiilins' mad-bull' rushes gave Tucky a tic wilh Ala I bama. ' Jlmmj Nelson of Mnliama Nelson overcame Ihe handicap of Ihe label a great prospect' by actually being one Ho set up Alnbama' 1 ! winning touchdo\vn o\ei Faidham and was an heroic figure in the defeat by DP IK ONDfiSlIfl I Illinois Coach's Feat In Turning Back • Michigan Regarded As Tops 1 CHICAGO, Nov. 8. (UP)—In just four (lays of practice the ll'lllc Dutchman worked the miracle of the KCiuion. Against Northwestern his line couldn't tackle and his bucks couldn't block. A week to he led his lambs to slaughter against mlghly Michigan and for CO inln- tilc.s they played like supermen. i The United Press nominates as crach of Hie week— I Bob Zuppkc of Illinois. set was against Minnesota's "per- feet team" of 1916 which had rolled over every .foe by 40 points or mere. Even his weak teams of 1921 and 1922 had their upsets. This year It was Michigan, last season Indiana,:It. was Northwestern In 1937, Michigan in 1938, .Southern California in 1035, Ohio State in 1934 and down the line. During' these years, he contributed the huddle, the spiral pass for center, Ihc Ilve-ann line, the flra- fllekers, the stem-winder. Uie flying trapeze and the blackout. His finest contribution MS himself, caustic of wit, champion <f iion-coimnercfnl intercollegiate football and master of upsels. Iwm higher than a cat can arch his back, he said he'd chunk Ills wallet on ihe Uble for a side- ] jet. All he stipulated was n dls- Today's Sport Parade By IIUNIIY Mcl.liMOKB NEW YORK, Nov. 8 <UP)—Col. Edwnrd Rllcy Bradley, whose Fiery little Kup, the man ihcy i breech-loading cellar was the in- Practice Holds Interest At Steele! lance of around a mile and n six- STE ELE, Mo . p NOV. 7.-The offl- tccnth and a fust track. He was d!ll 01 , cning of tl , 0 basketball sea- caitent lo let Bimclccn do .mo 50n c r gi cc j c high school will open 1[!Sl - (November 24th ivlien a game will H was an amazing challenge, be played with the A. and B. bojs Wllli no warning whatsoever, (he (cams, of New Madrid. However the olonel laid his wallet, his silks [ gam c which is , looked forward to and Ills on the line, daring , [rom year to year Is the Alumni Clialledon, Kayak II or mis' horse 'n any stable lo try and lake them iway. Bui Bradley hasn't had tiny takers, which would indicate thut fiiadley isn't the only owner who thinks Blmclccli can't be healen. Chnllcdon said lie already lias taken his. collage in South Car- cliiiii for the winter, and couldn't ycl out of Hie lease. Kayak II said nothing, and (or once silence didn't mean consent. So it looks as If Blmelccli will have lo wait for (hat soft May afternoon In Louisiana to coll the Bradley hcops down in front again. That will be all rlglit with the Colonel, too. Because no picture ever palmed, no SOUR ever sung, li'icd to fire only last hill, did more JBplration for the modern slaiiing (no word ever wrillcn stirs Uie Col- Accs of the Joncsbovo Hurricane backlield are Bud D.-uigherty, left, and Woody Durham. Daugherty is the toscr in Joncslwro's finely Jcvelopcd aerial attack with three wingmen who are especially adept, jl catching his heaves to receive them. Durhnm is the outstanding ;round gainer of the Hurrlc-.ine backficld. If the Chlckastuw stop the Hurricane at Jonesboro Friday night Ilicy will hnvc to stop this pair. . . • \ > 11V i!IU,Y SHKI.TON Johnny OsmcnL, and Robert Daily Trilium;/ Sports Kclitcr .''Polly" Black are as ideal 11 bunch JONESBORO, Nov. 8.— In Ihc .of (tankmen »s you expect to meet stern face of hide-bound figures, in ordinary walks of life. Barringcr ihe i-linnces of a. Jonesboro vie- hits Uie scales around 180 while tory over Ihc Ely theville Chicks dement drops down about ten here Friday night nre about as pounds and black, about live more. big as t!ii! waist of yc modei-ne But . all three of them are (nil, young belle. But, us near as we fast, and learned their pass-cnlcli- recollcct, there is more - to ttiis .ins' with championship basketball Blylhevlile-Jcnesboro game than teams. , mere nr.ui and weights and rcc- ( The. lackle situation is a horse ords. . 'of another color. Tackles are one Tennessee Cliff Kim«cy Gcotgia Tncj Fcr a simple sample, Ihe .Gold--of Coach Clarence Gels' chief en Gcisers are In tiln midst, ol headaches. Gettingtechnical nbcut Sevisins ii cunning iiir-altnck. the situation, there are three Now, It bus been hinted aboutMn tackles: on. .the squad. Elbert Bnr- ceitaln Communistic circles that ringer, n 200-pounder, is playing passing constitutes'--one of Ihe ^hls first year and 'although he has •-•-'_ ideas, he has trouble ,em across. Eugene Har- 'rhiis, a teniu short on weight, I ris, another freshman, weighs about of a loam'net quite-as good : as:lfJO pounds. He too Is chlliuslastlc- anj other team generally, - may | ally Ignorant of the. adept thing greatest leveling-processes in foot-'the right, ball'that bns ever..been conceived. getting th call him ' Truck' because he legs like 4CK12 tires and plenty of. horscporacr His trip upheld in Uie | lailds nnfl last feji inlnulcs o£ play uublcd . " ltl|l V. conic through with a. youngslei who has rifle sights on his arm and a pair of ends wIlli nets'Vor Ihc best, of Oe-rgia to Irlm Mercci classing the Chicks wthi. the .best 'Leo Bird of Louisiana Stale Ken of IfiU h haling his stance? -.As for Ihe Golden Gang grcat?5t jear bvtt he couldn t cntUr . .steiiplJjByVe'.jtocl in Ihcir wny; ' t those... passes unless someone is .is throwing them In tlic ngbt phcc, aiid ! Bird's the man; Bird Can also one of gnnclfnthei s laior- run" with' the ball, as 'demonstrated lit the, Tennessee (,-imc hotter set of ends than the Golden Read' Ocurier;News wsnt ads WHISKEY BUY FOB TOE MONEY 2 An old-timer, not a new' aod "riacllowccl to pcrfcctloa by an c».tra cat io the 1880 and mailc tlic qualit)' way, to do. Norton Fcrd weighs about L70 itnd lins ployed In Hie back- field'nnd nl guiiril. This year even in times of epidemics nnd revolu- lions, he lias lo move over to guard. Ford can handle his share of UIG knocks and. dish .them on! too in a right creditable manner. 'Guards! ' ttie , backs are'just tiboul* typical pf.ihi-lcam .light,, fasli hard-figiitlng. Tliej never ghc up. Bill Buttiy* 170, 1 he veteran of the lot and pcrhap he best Everett Crowe,' 165,.:ls. a >it. slow nnd't been known to ;ill anyone when he ilorris Uolinnn. ICO, has eye trouble and is IIWlc bit quavery but lono tlic less eager and willingly does lite part when lie knows wlint 1 is •'•• Center. Is we!I-mnnncd when the opposition" isn't so lurgc. Leon Maliry. 165, is smart and cagey on the Held,, a wizard on defense, tlnidy Taylor, 170, Ills understudy, niso is- belter on defense than offense. In the backficlil (strange, but somehow, every team In the country manages to get hold of back- ftcld) there arc the usual light little fellows, mighty anxious lo go places in a hurry. Bud Daugherty lends .the crew from his nuarloi"- back hole. Daugherty docs the passing, quilc a bit of: the running mid occasionally kicks, enough, In fact, lo imike him a triptc-throiitcr. Woody Durham Is the. ace ground-gainer. He's light, 105 at. (he most, is as fust us a- rabbit. He's been hampered by a bad knee all year and has had considerable trouble gelling slavt- cd. Charlie Jclmson. and Henry Drehcr probably will round out quartet, both playing regularly for (heir first year. Drehcr is nn old. lianci at 'football however, following after his two big brothers. He's the most vicious tackier on tlic tciini, docs mcst of Ihc punting. Johnson is a conscientious blocking buck and an all-around handy man. llian upset Michigan, iu to 7. He | sate, finally caught a perfect hand .restored confidence In n good Illi- j after 50 years of walling—and nols f-rolball team lhat hncl tie:l! now nobody is solug la call it. one nnd lost three .straight game.';. The old Gambler from old Kiiln- llc restored spirit on the Illinois tuck lu's conic up witii straight .. campus lhat had spiitlcrccl out Hushes before. He had Behave I fomplclely In the last five .years. Yourself, Bubbling Over, Burgo-j He answered critics who said he King and Brokers Tip, derby wln- uas all wnslied Up—that his brand of coaching belonged t: Ihe golilcn cva of 'Grange, now undated—wilii ic only weapon at a conch's com- nund. • Any man who has played at Illl- ois in Ihe last 27 seasons will irii :n '£\\p'x secret of soccess: "He'll ouLsmart yon every time. Give any oilier conch 25 year.-. ,lvc lliciv twins to Z|ip nnd he'll icat you by two louchdoAns." .Aiy scant, in the Big Ten will idmlt Illinois is the loughcsl le-.un n the conference t:- scout. lt« icvcr dues the same Ihing twirc. •'ivc-man lines, six-man lines, seven-man lines, the defensive huddle used in. one scries of downs, wonder Tommy Hjirinon, Midi- Ban's wonder boy. fulled lo lo:k Ike ''another Grange 1 ,' ..last wci-k. Michigan Mockers would block nnd ind themselves sprawling into thin ilr while their targets, were smolh- ering Harmon. Zup was loo light !:r varsity football at the University of Wisconsin back in 1902 bub he stuck it out for three -years with the reserves while winning letters in basketball. After graduation, he sent to New York, haunted the art galleries, studied, sketched for commercial artfols and even painted signs. Art new is his. favorite hobby, his landscapes, especially Westerns, linvc drawn considerable prnlu 1 . Eight weeks a year, he retires lo Phoenix; Ariz,, lo paint. ners all. But not until this year, after a half century of racing, did the, flush- come up royal. Bimclcch Is this baby's name, and he has the look of .eagles -|n his eyo. The sweet smoothness of blucgrass is in his coat and the tire of eld, eld bourbon is in his legs. Six times he has answered the bugle's call mid six times he has led them all. The thunder of his hooves down ihe slreich hns done somefehing'for Braciley that doctors couldn't do. Old now, and as -the darkies around Uie slabte would say, "Do'in ps'ly" of late, the master of the Idle Hour Farm has drawn new life from this strapping brown oncl quite as much iis tho sight of iiis saddle cloth hanging- out to dry on Ihc iotc-bcard. Will Not Broadcast double Itc.-ulcr which will be play- e.1 on November" 17lh. Couches Thornton and Bowies are pulling their learns through seme hard praclicc now and lliey x|:ccl to have the best learns llils year of many years. The boys going out on tlic Slcele :nam are Joe Burton, Ralph Kelelunn, Kenneth Meadows, Regnold Harper and Howard Graham, first team players from last year and others are Marvin Harper, Travis Carter, J. T. Stewart, Jack Bcnlon, Lewis Hester, Bob Crockett, Obie Pierce, Billy'-.Wells, Elltf Dodd, carl Sheelcy, Chris Weint- '.'.II and James Victory. ~On the girls lineup we find Otilta PrUciuird, Frankie Garrarri Elizabeth Hlnchey, Hollis Kctcluim Willard Pritchard, Vivian .Smllh- wirk. Mcllm Wells, Wanda Lee Mellon. Bernice Funclcrburk, Carrie Weintecll, Roberta Reynolds t-onnie Jane Moore. Brooksfe Mc- Clnrc, Melbnc Severn, Oglcma My- Resd Courier N*ws-mnt Ads. .1 We're old-fashioned as acoonskfn cap when it comes to -'• I aging y 'whisky . P. VOUMTSW, 1 won't stand-far short cuts in our aging methods, WWourK. T. Whuty turned 4 years old, everyone Who tasted it agreed that we'd done just right in letting Nature take her course with our 40% Small Grain Whisky. It's wonderfully mellow and has that rich, full- bodied flavor you're sure to like. KENTUCKY 3TMICH1 BOURBON WHtSK I \\'e bolllf it attfic ittstitlci-y to pmerre the rich fluvor ; | Thij wfmtay [s 4 years o. f d—90 proof '• Game At Jonesboro I ers t Lillian Kitchen, 'wifma Wells, Christine Spainc and Pauline Mor- i JONE3BORO. Ark., Nov. 8. — Members of Die Hurricane Athletic Board of Jonesboro High .=cho:l voted last night lo ban the radio broadcast of the Jonesboro- Blythevillc game. The play-by-play description was slated to have been carried over the local station, KBTM, vhich has broadcast all ;lher Hurricane games this season, both at home and on the road. gan. horse. Even the doctors arc clocking Ills pulse, the Colonel is clocking his colt. It is hard to say whether Bime- lech has made more progress than his owner. The Cclonel was flat on j his back when the son of Black j Toncy went to the post the first j a two-year-[ year Without Accidents ABERDEEN, Wash. (UP)—More than n year without it fatal automobile accident is the record of Aberdeen and inquinm. t.un cities on Grays Harbor in western Washington. Ice cream Is placed between fine sheets of gold leaf before it is eaten by Indian rapahs. THE K. TAYLO DISmUNG CO The H . 1 nytor I>i sUHiug Co. , Inc. i tt.: .lisfillfiy. Us brands Qir-ittiiitwi in fit U .f. I'nffiit filfitt, and iieitfirr it t:oi if* ' eat-f any eonnfffioii leilk ant otfrrr dfit liinc this summer At Muskegon, Mich., and Oak Park, III., he coached highly .successful prep school tennis, eventually landing at Illinois as head coach in 1913. Since Ih'cn his learns have woii seven Big Ten UUes'-.and two old, but with each report of' how ] his green and white barrel hoops j were rolling down (he stretch he got belter. Last week Bimelech won Uie sixth straight lime; new the Colonel is out of bed and has changed the company of doctors and nurses for railbircls, dockers and swipes. Men, ilia Colonel is more than just out of bed. He is up, taunting and flaunting the world of racing, and having his pocket-book, like n color sergeant on dress parade. To the Colonel, who had bred and raced the .bcsb. Biniclcclv is not just .Yen ran buy anylbin^ in line now, paying only one-liMf down and tile tialiim-e next fall, j:i-ovuHti5 Ihc lulal hill »mounts to 510 or niorc. [ JUST FOUNP.THAT COO!., RICH-TASTIN' PRINCE ALBERT 'MAK/W cur TO., NEAT Biniclech is the greatest horse the world and Bradley has challenged 1 any owner cf anything with Grunge, but, his to get his animal out the so-called starless there, throw n saddle on him, and elevens of. 1927, , 1928 .n'ml 1923. await the boil vvilli his baby. Colonel ' Ed didn't ask They bccninc. liQ. "FigMini; Illin!" under Zup. His string of upsets is pvi/.e money or any cups. A gamb- unparalleled. His first nolnblc all his life and one who bet CIGARETTE ROLLERS! A tip for you! | n recent laboratory «smow n&bow ,,, tests Prmce Albert burned 86 l-'air lo St-.ul '10 Tour NEW YORK (UP) — Maj..Gcn Dentils E. iVotiin, director of stale partlcipaliHii at the World's Fair has announced Unit .several members , of the Fair stsff soon will begin a good will Uur to encourage stales to lake part in the 1SHO Kair. Big 6.4 cu. ft. family size ! Shown now for the first time! Check iia new 1940 features.' Call Us For Prices Before Selling Your Wilson, Ark. DEGREES I COOLER than the average of the 30 other of the [argest^seriing brands tested- coolest of a/// A COOLER smoke i, a ,nM cr smoke! And O " ' n Wards history SUCH an.oKer! Big 1940 electric refrigerator has latest developments months ahead ,-. . with features that cost $40 more c!sc:v!icrcJ Yet you can enjoy it for over 50 t'.iys \viih no munihly payments! SEE ALL YOU GET! Stainless Speedy Freezer! Automatic tray releases! 13A sq. ft. shelf arcs! Sliding shelves! Automatic interior light! Food Guardian! 5-year warranty! Ccm-.' SEE and OWN next year's refrigerator MOW! .uncn & . nght to lay r^W i n your papers to bc : gi|] and to draw smooth. You'J! give "no-bttc" nnce Albert the palm for all-'rouncl'smok- Wff goodness! (Pipe-smokcrs, you will, too!) in every handy pocket tin, of Prince-Albert 1 ft M«i)lhly stortmj rtuA ]. Ccnyins th?, Vninhorol offt' foi j \\r\iltA 'itfo oily I DISTILLERS PRODUCTS CORPOniiTION, NtV VOilK ' 4UG \V. Main St. Phone 076 7Z/MCE THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE

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