The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1967 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1967
Page 2
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Blythevffle (Arts.) Gotirttr News - Friday, May 26,19OT — Page Watch Turbocar in Indy By DAVE BURGIN INDIANAPOLIS - (NEA) Newspaper Enterprise Assn. INDIANAPOLIS - (NBA) Nerves in (he aulo racing fraternity become frazzled this time of year. The Indianapolis 500 — everything about it — will do that to nu. But the 1967 Indy race on Memorial Day may rank as the strangest of ali. Eerie, in fact. Practice sessions so far have been wild. In.the pits, people who are the best of freidns are snapping at each other. On the track, the speeds are terrific you. and so are the spinouts and wall 1 icvumin.ii «. ..... .--. and suphistication of the 196/lgined car which began in earn machinry is, gosh, incredible! Nerve - jjangling begins, of course, with the most contra- versial car and design ever to hit Indy. It's Andy Granatelli's Turbocar, that odd, but sleek- looking thing with the Pratt- Whitney helicopter turbine power plant. 'Just because it is radically new doesn't mean it's unpredictable," said a veteran racing engineer, his tongue deep in cheek, of the Turbocar. I predict it will average anywhere from 160 to 200 m.p.h. at Indy, no more, no less. Even with the Turbocar, the revolution" of the rear - en est three years ago is not yet over, not when you consider there are still some old faithful front - engine Offy's around. What if the Turbocar runs away with it, many are asking? If it should, and it could with Parnelli (Put - Yer - Foot- In - The - Carburetor) Jones at the wheel, the postrace hassle about fair and equal specifications will be on. So will some soul - searching by car owners who put millions into suddenly obsolete machines. Another thing about the race which strikes long-lime Indy fans as weird is the list of drivers. Who in heaven's name is this Jochen Rindt?" 'I know 10 USAC drivers who'd give anything to get a ride in this race," one oldlimer told us, 'but where do they come up with this guy Uindt?" Rindt, the very talented Grand Prix driver from Austria, is in because a fellow foreigner named Jimmy Clark and another named Graham Hill, back-to- back Indy winners, have made it easier — fashionable, in fact — for foreigners to get rides. Underlying it all is danger. In recent years, many believe, luck has come to play too much a part in this race. Another of those 12-car, first - lap crackups and one of the old front- engine Offy's could come home a winner. In most other brands Astrological * Forecast * 3j CABROIX BJGHTEB Two Selected For Summer Institute chance now to get your sur canc roundings in such an improved condition that everything is eas- ...» ,«...- ..... -- ----- - ier in the days ahead. Be sure . of automobile racing, the pros go with the winning drivers who are chauffeuring winning machinery. At Indy, somehow, it is not so easy to use that kind of logic. Indy practice opened April 29. The weird tone we speak of was set that first weekend when Cale Yarhorough, a NASCAR man who built his rep in stockers, set some weird first. He was the first 1967 driver to crash in the pits, the first driver onto the tract, the first to determliu rou icHUUl. nuM paragraph opposite <UW$ «hlcH Include rour blrtb d»« SATURDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: tyvoleste UB- during the work week should be contacted now. Then off to be with congenials for whatever U1J .,~.,..~ .-..-_. | purposes you have in mind. Ex- You certainly have a good ^ {avors ^ brjng you thejr good will. SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Ideal day to do wbat- you build up a new il i re lever will make your property I more comfortable, valuable you Buna up a new suuumj •«• lmore com fortable, valuable, yourself by finding some practi-i Ggt monelarv a [[ airs better cal means by which '° P leas <; handled, also. One who has feet flinco imnn whom VOU depend i _ ,. ,,-j „..„ „:,,„ ,,„,, ov_ those upon whom you depend for the respect and good will of a public nature. ARIES (Mar. 21 to, Apr. 19) Step out into the business world and contact as many powerful individuals as you can who are dm .. ng w()rk „;.„,. r-i r « (difficult to week. State your aims. Get your credit matters handled with intelligence. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) on the ground can give you ex cellent advice. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Some time spent in A.M. to improve your health, appearance intelligently is wise. Then out to be with persons whose islralion from Arkansas State University. Livingston, principal of Lange Elementary School, received his B.S.E. in elementary education from Henderson State College in Arkadelphia and his M.A. in public school administration from Memphis State University In Memphis. yours. You have savoir faire, charm; use it! AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) If you forget fun and focus J. E. Lawrence of Reiser and Billy P. Livingston of Blytheville have been selected from a field of about 650 persons to attend a seven-week National Defense | Education Institute this summer i in Conway. I The institute, which will concentrate on the various media of educational technology, will be held at State College of Arkansas at Conway. The United States Office of Education in Educational Media will administer the June 12 through July 28 course. Participants will earn nine hours of graduate credit in audio-visual education. Lawrence, principal of Keiser Consolidated Schools, received his B.S.E. degree in physical ed-, ucation from State College and his M.S.E. in education admin- Remember Pay Your Paper Boy Find some better system for! your attention on whatever is increasing success in the out- j important, you accomplish a lets that are vital to you and'good deal. Assist those corn- then off to be with charming j ra des w ho have much worry, persons. You find new partners;troublesome conditions to con- who can crash on the track. Then all the foreign drivers began to have trouble. Graham H lost it" twice — on the your affairs. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Find some new method that will put a new spark in some per- THE TURBOCAB—candidate for Indy winner's circle? by Abigail Van Bnren Husband Has 'Papa Myopia' DEAR ABBY: I have a teen-age daughter who is absolutely miserable about the size of her nose. She has been taunted and teased about it ever since she can remember. I have been in correspondence with a reputable plastic surgeon, who will schedule her for an operation during summer vacation if I bring her in and he thinks she's "mature" enough. My problem is my husband. He thinks our daughter is "beautiful" the way she is and doesn't need that kind of operation. He blames me for taking her side and says if it doesn't come out right it will be my fault. We don't expect miracles, but almost anything over what she has new. What can I do, Abby? HER MOTHER BEAR MOTHER: Your husband has "Papa myopia." If your daughter has been taunted and teased about her nose, she "needs" the operation to give her the self • confidence so necessary to a teenager. Take your daughter to the plastic surgeon and get his opinion. (If he's reputable, he will be honest.) I vote with you and your daughter. DEAR ABBY: Auggie and I have gone together for 2 years and we planned to announce our engagement officially with a ring at the wedding of Auggie's sister next month. When we told Auggie's mother of our plan she vetoed it on the spot, saying it would take all the attention away from the bride. We just thought that since all Auggies relatives and friends would be at the wedding it would be an ideal time to make our announcement. I am terribly disappointed. What do you think of Auggie's mother? What should we do? DISAPPOINTED DEAR DISAPPOINTED: I think Auggie's mother was ont of line, but in the interest of future family harmony, respect her wishes. (P. S. There is a lot to be said for keeping one's mouth shut.) DEAR ABBY: I am so disgusted with myself I could just die. I sent my Ift-year-old daughter off to school with no breakfast because she was slow in getting dressed. She was crying when she left, and I shouted after her that I didn't care if she ever came back! Abby, I acted like a maniac, yelling and scream ing and banging things around, and all because she was a little behind schedule, which isn't such a s e r i o u s crime. After she left I sat down and cried. I feel so sorry for that child. She is really a sweet girl and I shouldn't be so hard on her, but it seems like I'm always picking on her for something. I am so ashamed of myself. What's wrong with me? Are there other mothers whs act this way? ASHAMED DEAR ASHAMED: Yes, there are other mothers who act that way, bnt they blame the child. Few are wise enough to admit that the trouble could be with them. When did you last have a thoro check up? See your doctor. Perhaps your nerves could use a tonic, DEAR ABBY: I'll bet four bits that the jerk who complained because his wife went to bed with rollers in her hair every night goes without shaving from Friday until Monday — unless he has some social engagement on the weekend. So who does he shave for? His wife, or the people he works with? And he probably drools over the dolls who spend 2 hours on their hair and make-up every morning. These are the ones who want to have their cheese cake and eat it, too. Defensively. J. M. H. IN DALLAS How has the world been treating you? Unload your problems on Dear Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 For a personal, unpublished reply, encloye a self - addressed, stamped envelope. For Abby's booklet, "H o w to Have a Lovely Wedding," send $1.00 to Abby, Box 69700, Les Angeles, Cal., 90069, Clark, Chris Amon and Jackie Stewart also had track trouble. In another part of the world, Lorenzo Bandini, who had told friends he couldnl; get the thought of driving his first Indy race out of his mind, died from injuries sustained in a Monaco Grand Prix crash. Bill Cheesbourg has been named as Ban- dinis replacement. Pick a winner? We like young ideas and new thinking (not to mention controversy), so well be looking for Parnelli and the Turbocar in the winners circle. SPINOFFS: Europeans reportedly are going nuts over the expected Ford - Ferrari duel at >Le Mans, France, on June 10. Le Mans officials expect huge crowds. And Ford isn't getting caught in Uncle Sam's image abroad. Ford fans over there, we find, are the young people (they dig Fords Le Mustang!), while older generations still carry the Ferrari banner ... Speaking of Mustang, there is so much Mustang ;rass grow under your feet — but literally. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) If you sit down once more with associates and talk over your ideas, you can undoubtedly convince them this time. Avoid individuals who wants to start arguments, or cause them to occur. Be smart. LEO (J u 1 y 22 to A u g. 21) There are many tasks facing you, so get right at them without expecting others to shoulder your burdens, and be sure to show diplomacy with others in P.M. Others are cooperative during the day. They are quite different in tiie evening. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Find a better method for improving your recreational activities in the days ahead and begin with light amusement tonight. Plan how to live within your budget much belter. Cut down on what are purly extravagances. LIBRA: (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You have to be more attentive ig to your home as to furnishings, in "the fine French flick, "A Ibur'nishing, etc., if you want it Man and a Woman, that it'to express the charm that you be instrumental in i port. n uptrend in all of| PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Showing devotion to comrades makes them even more valuable to you in the days ahead. Go after personal aims in a positive fashion, also. Then you got the right results in ttie minimum of time. IF YOUR CHQJ) IS BORN TODAY he, or she, will be one of those interesting young jeople with a trigger-fast mine hat is pretty much focused on he practical, and since the ogic is fine, a tremendous success can be achieved in the outside world, and this is cspe dally true in the field of selling Give spiritual training to ware off coldness. IS EVERYONE AN EXPERT AT HANDLING BOATS? Protect yourself from beginning boat drivers with MPA BQATOWNERS INSURANCE. SEE YOUR MFA INSURANCE AGENT Buel Carter, Agent Blytheville, Ph. PO 3-3361 WAYNE DAGGETT, Agent Osccola, Ph. LO 3-5313 Saturday is the only day in the week named for a Roman god. It was named in honor of Saturn. could pass for a Ford documentary. The movie also has some great racing scenes and. like MGMs "Grand Prix, shouldn't be missed by any auto racing nut. want it to. Buy gifts for whomever you think a great deal about. Show tangibly that you are devoted. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Those persons you cannot see QUICK QUIZ Q—Why was the leek selected as the national emblem of Wales? A—Legend states that-when the Saxons invaded Wales in the sixth.century St. David, patron eaint of Wales, directed the Britons to wear leek on their caps to distinguish them from the enemy. In memory of the heroic resistance by the Britons, the leek became the national emblem of Wales. Q-Who invented bifocal glasses? A—They were invented by Benjamin Franklin to save the trouble of changing his classes when looking from near objects to distant ones. Dreifus Diamond Duos and Trios to Fall In Love With Tfirill to the heavenly beauty yet down io earth prices of our stunning Diamond Duos and Trios. Available in 14 K white or yellow gold. BOMB-SHAPED MISSILE on wheels, the Femri P/4, hit earned unqualified praise from Iti drivers on the r«ee circuit, one of whoa called K "the most complete cir at present. 1 * Winner of the M-hour Daytona, Fir, race to February, the car has 12 cylln- Sen mounted at a *>degre« angle In two rowi of six M either side of the block. It cenerate* 4M honcDower and cu oropel tk< car nearly tM m.p.h. E. * DtMond Trio 1250. CiDmnowlDn $75. a Dunowi ItrMMM* $MO. f. i Kmoi Dm, $150. F. 4 MMMK! Do. tWO. 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