The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1941
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 15, JBUTHEVTTJ.F,, (\RK.) COURIER Wilson Society—Personal SCHOOL NEWS to HIGH SCHOOL Ni:\V.S oi of Ihi; in ihc pro- pre- W. a. Turner, f.-h .Junior lJf']-iari:iienL Wilson Coop,"r;Um Club, w; iViiny lieJij' ;ii. ;hP i:ou-;e Thursday a f io:;:oon. A gram of music and d>ijjc-in-j presented. Tlie climax ol' Lhf gram was the fashion shcr.v by ihe sirl* of the Homo Economic.? class. »no:'elirr : >>; made in class rim-in!) ihi^ Win'er and also featuring some advance Spring stylus, under the direction ol' Dorothy Miller, loachc-)-. The fclub-hoiist* was ariisii-a!ly decorated wiih jonquils. Jnpruu^e honeysuckle and japonica. ' The hostesses served a salad plrJt- carrying our a Si. Patrick" motif in ihe salad and decorations. Sharing ^]hostess honors were: Mrs W D* Wallace. Mrs. Herbert Pipkin. Mrs N. B. Thompson. Mi's. Oorge Reev&s and Mrs. A. J. Colo. Cotillion Club 'Hie regular motuhly daneo 01 .ll'.MOlt SA-3 The- follov;ing were on the honor roll for til,- rtA-3: Jrnn MOOIT\ Joe fiMlltot IV-cky M'.'OjlM. :md Warren. TiiUM- wilh :i })j>j'h>,;i aC! rmji-d ^ire: •fVunh. Pischel, Wrnon Conni-k. n. 1V }(i .Syims:e:-.' 'itidmni -, Chiu-lis Warren. W. C. , ll.-bby Winers. Liu-ille Manp-n. Marjjarei Mitchell. Jean Moore. Helm p.iie, June Roberson and Marilyn Shelton. 8A-J The I'ollowinn in J>A-I had perfect attencianct' for ihe firs; six weeks in ih» st'c'ond .semester: HIUTV Rn.v Brock*. Guy Burks, Billy Caudle. •I. C. Cole, Billy Do Lou]'. Orvilir' Elkins Jr., Richard Rase. Edward Stiles. Evrtyn Ashley, Kaiherine Austin. Shirley Barham. Mary Fram-es Cain. Gent- C:illips. Dorothy Crawford. Evelyn Stanl'iekl. . The fo»]° were on the honor roll: Shirley Biirham, Gone Cnllis. Dorothy Crawford, Ann Dsen, "Mnv- ine Evans. Mary Ann Smith. In 7A-3 llu 1 honor roll wn.s ranked as follows: fiouy WoocLson, Donna Wmiderlieh. Fnmoos Shouso. Anno Weedjjuin, Barbara \Vhii i)<>. May- nurd Siilw and Bc-itc Uu ;' The tjupiJs '.vilh pt'r'K-?. amv w».w: ClJn'oni Porter Jcre H.-i Charlos Slay on. Thoma.s Sylvs'SK *on. llon^ Pr-a ilic-f. Paiv . Jennie mxjdt's, JimunV SuuTord. ', Morris Thomp- Co'kvn Hasp. Skohon. R'nrlino was .he-la EJoneti from Insi week nh;ht at the \Vith Mr. and Mrs. S. A., Reynold und Mr. and, |Mr.s,. Briitfc},Wilson hosts-and hostesses. A buffet supper was served at intermission. Business Meeting Held The Wcuuim .?ocieiy of Chnstinn Service met Monday at the church with 19 numbers nresem. In the absence of the president, Mrs. C. L. Bird, the vice ur^ident. Mrs. R L. Moulirie presided. The program was coined bv sinsino; "More Love io Thpo." Th WHS qiven bv Mrs. Rc\ B. W'lkcs after which she' continued n sLiirlv of onestions on the ''Four GosnpK" Eich question was a?kcd and dis^:>«<;»cl by every member of the society. To Ptv^'/it Concert and Oneretta A ronc^rt comnb.sed of bv the -R-niov a r»rl Junior Glee Clubs, and Mixed Cho'-us, all tin- d°v the direction of Miss M^ry E. Svmonds. teacher of music in Wilson S'-hoois. ii-> connection an oosratta bv children from th r}^-. vv i|| comprise th' program to be given at the s'-ho'V ihe .. in 8A-2 had pt?r- ^e':i jittendiincr- for the firsi .six: weeks in uhe second semester: Jesse Lucy, Jim Sman, Betty Jean Gainejs, Dorothy Hardy. Prankie Harrison, Munc.m-i Hill The following wm> on the honor roll: Prcmis Holder. Billy John- sou. Jim Sman, Krankie Harrison. Y SCHOOL N'EU'S Grade, Ilubler The ;'ollowin;> second grade ,stu- denis have had perfect spelling .scores for the pasi six weeks- Ciiarlene Tart, Melba Whitp Joe Lynn Copeland, nobby MrDanie) ChaiOra Prichard, iCdwurd SinijKon' Ted Vance, Nancy Bratoher, Shirley Bronte, Bonnie G 0 ff. ' Janet Snider, Lottie Poarl SUlwel! Joe Txvilla, Deny \Vade. Loretta Waiden. Billy Allison. William Ausien Lawrence Dallas, Charles Siak-up! Alice Benton, Jac-qtielyn llrackin, Joyce- Ciwashere. Laura May Go- lorCn, Shirley Humphrey, Wanda Humphrey. Rertv Lu Krui? Rnbv M;u' Noble iht 1 iviisons for farm i'mnilies linve'ir own milk and bui.UT. Moeiinp, wn.s oponed with sini-'Sn,. 1 . 01 "Homo rtwivi, Homo", son;) ni i hi* nioiuh. History ol tlu- SOUK wa> j-iiven by Mrs. French and. the devotional \vi\s jjrrwnted In- Mr;;. Ltv Stylf-s. Roll call was ansv/erotl by each member's ifilinp; her favorite flowor ajKl tree. During ilu- roi-rfsition period, Mrs. WaSnv Bunu^ won {irss. phu-c in the eonu-si }>luyt'i.i by iho 'J2 members and DIK- visitor, \ij-s. E. B. Iliickcr of BraiiM <;ii.y. housouucsi of Mr. und Mrs. C. j. UUle. Mrs. Cornelius Schearer and Mrs. Little, whose birthdrtys are this month. \vcn> pi>\senreil pifts. Thw Disiiie PAGE THREE Mi ihe (lieuie uilk. llmis i- lio! rolls were Co;Ul,.f. i play lournmnt'M Mrs. Fred eave a reji of Mrs C, on making eiven by plans were Wall!. Miv;, on on [) 1( . Mi If' wen- sf ll'.iii) by Ih The club nnniver^uy . , „ ,. ! hostess served ho: chocolate imd , ' !:ly I1)!iny flt doughnut*. '"" * 1 "'' " The nexi njeotiiu-. will be al. tlie | home of Mrs, Sehearer March l>5. •^ippi c:ouniy Council ;. dou^lmui;, and rol- rvi-d durlnn UH» surinl ' ll()>:l<'.s.s. will i-i'li'i)r«U> its first on March ir> with n i llrv.'w ni t . Voralionul ilr«|)«riinenl-. ' prnmlmmi, men meiMInp;, 1 with t.lie !',)•<, u|t al the confe:;i:; mid iu a liuu-lji-oii. were V. 1!. Wbhlfunl, iu .-'.uiie supervisor oj' tho A.; D I s ! r i e I, Supervisor 0. Sanders, Hiitewille. and D. F, Showalter, Dr. 11 R :l nd 11. W. Uolhm) of Aj-k- .State «'ollr-f»<». i'al i j\v ;'»)•( is were ^.iven lo .i|)t)i coumy farmers us fol- F. Sin-op- second; Uryioi O.sborne. Manila, Dairy cows re- the gave the members idling their taws. During Die club de- ' *-»!»* i-^J^i.1, JU-tH >* 11 1 \.l Mary Prance-? Munn. 'LouLse Ralney. Martin. Third Grade., Chief Imub. The following pupils in Mrs. O. E. Quelhnalx' th.irci }»rade made perfea spollins;': .scores; Larry Lutz Jimmy Yovell. Louis Anderson, Larry Shamlin. W. C. Tiio- mason. T. H. VanBibber, Bobby Edwards. Paftv Bariholoniew. Helen Mrs. w. J. Ltichvio w ill be The public is invited io attend. and Mrs. J. H. Groin are Mrs. J. in Hot. •:tau?ht&r will leave- Sntnrdov for Po- .Q rt ,.i, v ^ to vUit ho ,. mother Mrs. Jnc<->r)hinp Mo'-ris. an ir.,iV>n on -] \v}li'(> M»Houston is ntt.ondMi", a w»«k of Mina .State Univorsiiv "xt ^«iton ROM?C. Mv.s. H. w. .Alien is in Bluff \vhr>re «he hns suenr. the "• relari'-oc; anr i fr-eii'ls Mrs. R. E. L. Wilsoji TIT son. ore soendin^ vflcntionin-i in Miami, and 7A-1 The- following in 7A-1 had perfect attendance for the first, six weeks in the second seme.ster: Ben Abbott, A. J. caraway. Don Chain- blin. Bobby Cullison, Jefi Dodson. Richard Prichard. Leon Waklon' Bessie Bishop. Billie Sue Burks. Mary Ellen Crawford. Barbara Cullison. Hattie Faye Eaton. Juanita Evans, Verna Mae West, Thu following were on the 7A-1 honor roll for the first six weeks in the second semester: Don Cliam- 'blin, Oliesrer Caldv.-ell, Carol Ciiapin. Joyce Damon. Frances Field. 7A-2 The following were on the 7A-2 honor roll for the first six weeks in ihe .second semester: Harry Carter Fair. Billy Joe Gean and Edsel Harber. who had perfect attendance records are: J. E. Harrison. Randall Hawks. Johnny Heara, Lawrence Hopper, Austen Jenkins! Donald Men-ill. Christine Flanngin. Betty Lou Foster. Hugh Mansrum. Marie Myers, Berlon Hampion. Billy Joe Gean. Fred Fowler. .Sullivan. lieria Vastbinder. Anne Weedman.-Evelyn Wheat, Geneva White. Barbara Whittle and Betty WoccLson. Charline Mullias. Margaret Suuon. Barbara Payne. Nancy Ann Damon. LouLse Sullivan. Patsy Loti Pope. Betty Lovelace. George Reed, Bert Lamb. Buiord Hopper. Laverne Collier, Eugene Wells. Donald Deskin. Nancy Nye Hamilton and Pal Burk,s." This group in planning a -Kite Day." Prizes will be Riven io ihe cn« Jlyin-t Ins kite the highest. Tlie following new reading r-lub olficers hsive bt-s! elated: Patsy Lou Pope, president: Bert Lamb, vice president; John Anderson, secretary; Ann Lane, ireasurer; Marjory Cagle. program chainnan'. A party is being planned by this group for students who have" been absent recently due to illness. Fourth Gr:id<\ Tartuim The following pupils made perfect, scores in spelling for ihe six weeks' term: C. M. Crotich, Bob Damon. B. p. Elder. Bcnnie Gentry, bcnnie Gentry, jinnnic Marler. Jackie Phillips. David Shepherd. Billy Walker. Billy Lee West. Charles B. Young.' William Doss;.' Joyce Allison. Helen Argend. Ann Boswell. Billie P. Dallas. M-irv Dowdy. Betty Goff. Mary J.'GO- foilli. Mary J. Hayne.s, Betiy J. Jones. Patty Neely. Norma Pierce' Nancy Richards. Ann Skelton. Le-' tha Wnldrup. Eli?.abeth Wilder Bobbie Bomar. Sally Mschell. Cunaia»ham. HIIVK All Day l-'ourtc-on mi'mbcr.s of uho Doll Home Demonstration cinb m<M, in Lhr- community house l-Viday for an ail day .session. A covered dish luncheon was .served al noon, at which rime. Mrs. M. W. Lewis ewvfd iho pri^o for having most attractive dish. Mrs. j. A. Luckett voiional after whicli swei-ed roll call by Ifavorisc- flowers and j ilu» se.ssioj), j cidcti to have a biny;o party Thur.s- ! day at the clubhouse. . The program on "Home" wa»s led by Mrs. H. A. Greemvuy. Mrs. Braxlon Gill gave ihi- historv of I ihc son». -Home. Sweet Home" j which the tjroup Mien sang. i Mrs. M. \v. Lewis discussed tho care of russ; Mrs. J. M. Stevens discussed flowers and what, they mean to a home; Mrs. Nuble Gill , read M poem on -Home": Mrs. i R. t\. Grrenwny yave a picuire j study. "Age of Innocence" bv Sir j .Joshua Reynolds. i Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. J. L. Tid- j well will be hoste.-wes lo ihe club i Friday, April 4. I Are Hostesses to Club ' Mrs. J. J. Burns and Mrs. J. W. Richardson were hostesses to mem- I bers of the Flat Lake Home Demonstration club und three visitors j for the regular meeting Tuesday 1 afternoon. Visitors were Mrs. T. Broskowski of Memphis. Mrs. R.. H. Cummings of Osccoln and Miss Dixie Curtis ol Blythcville. Mrs. Julia Tole became a member of the club. I The history of "Home Sweet, j Home," song of the month, was : told by Mrs. M. C. Criltenden, j recreation chairman, and sung by ' the group. The devotional was ' given by Mr.s. W. A. Coalter and Mrs. Richardson read a poem, "What Kind of A Home Maker are You?" In answering the roll call, each member named her fn- in- Society—Persona! Re-OO-N Club IVIis.s KM Me Tnt.nrn was hostess to the members of UIR Re-oo-n Bridge Club TuesrJqy ooenimr nfc fh e home oi ner uncle. Changs E. Watson. K. Reeves won the score Hub nwj'rd. anrl Miss Mnry Jano Crysler brJdt'OP-ri io receive book ends The hostess served a dessert cot-rse find coffee at Mip end of the games. assisted Mrs. A. Club Mrs. P. W. Colemnn Mrs. S. C. Neff anc Rhodes wns liosto^c to of th* CaniMiersville Woman's'ciub Tuesdav nfrernoon nt her home of tliis eitv. Mrs. Marcaret Williams of Mai toon. TIL. was a gtif This was the d«t« of th? nnmial and election of officers the renort of Mr.?. R. M. Pierce of the nomtnatine committee ( the following officers were elected: Mrs. J. Thos. Marker president: Mrs. Roscce Coker. first vice-president: Mrs. L. H. Schult. second vke-ureskient: Mrs. S. C. recording secretary: Mrs. p Coleman. corresponding secre- and Miss Lucille Lacey treasurer. Mrs. Harry Ridgley was welcomed into membership in the club Following the business session tea nd a salad course with nuts and candies were served. Mrs. Rhodes Mrs. Neff and Mrs. Schult presided the tea table which was lain a cut-work cloth and center ed with a crystal bowl of Sprint flowers. Circle Three f or t he Presbyterian Church Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. George Jennier. u-ith W. Shade, present Tne meeting Was thc fin&} me fiscal year for the circle. and Mrs. 1W. D, Amburgey. auxiliarv chairman, will appoint a new cir- chairman for the next year before next month's meeting. The "'rcle ohairmiin will then hold an "' n ction frsv HIP nonointment of the otb^r circle officers. Tiie evening V '«s onened with a Devotional. -The Fnnt. of the Spirit is Life." by Miss Nellie Summers. A business meeting was held to finish all the past years business. At the close of tho meeting the hostess s&i-vod ft fruit salnd. cook>: ?s, and coffee. f1 hurch Cirr*!' 1 Party The members of the. ^-n-is Circle of tin.- p. Churr-h entertained with o. 12 table hpnefit rook and brHac partv at 'be home of Mrs. Harry Ridley Wedneprlny afternoon and ni^ht, A Indies and a mens ]3rize was awarded to Die hiuh scorers. Refreshments of ginger cake, candy and coffee were served. Mr.s. Elmer Peal left this week for Benton. Mo., whore her daughter snd son-in-low. Mr. and Mrs. William Snencer live. Billv. son of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer, i.s ill and Mrs. Peal plans to remain there for some time. , Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Bamhart Jr.. of Si. Louis, are the parents of a baby bov. The yoimaster has been named Charles Cn Id well Barn- h:m. III. Dr. Barnhm-t is a lormer resident of this city, living liere when his father was'pastor "at. the Methodist Church. Mrs. Charles Neeley drove Mr. ^nd Mrs. Sam -Smith to Horners- vihe. Tuesday co visit, their daughter. Mr.s. Howard Marshall and Mr. Mr-r-hall. Mrs. Edwin Good ridge of Los Angles. Calif., has arrived to visit with her aunts. Mrs. Nannie Black and Miss Emma Alvey. i 4-H Club News Notes Thirty-one members were present at the meeting of the Half Moon 4-H Club Wednesday. The club was called io order by the president Jolly Leggett. The new cJitb captains elected were: Com captain, Jerl Rogan; Pig captain. Carl Ed Baker; cotton captain' Chester White; Chicken captain! Jimmie Decker; Cooking and sewing captain. Maude Conard; and Gardening and canning captain Lillie Mae Haskins. Cora Lee Coleman and E. w. Loudermilk, county ! cnt,s. attended the meeting. ' ' Demonstration Club News Notes G<>-nrv'r CJuf) Meets. Sixteen members of the Gosnell Home Demonstration club and four visitors met Tuesday for a lunch*on -at the home of Mrs. Ernest Dabbs. Follou-iiiM lunch, the club collect wa>: read in unison. Devotional was eiven by Mrs. Jess Greer. and n talk on "Home Management" wns made by Mr.s. Charles Hyde. Mrs. F. A. Donna, better foods chairman, gave recipes for cakes, after which the meeting was closed with poem and prayer by Mrs L. T. Karnes. A flower and shrub e>:chan»e will be conducted at the meeting D Tue.s- doy. "March 25. with Mrs. V C Overman. Committee Chairmen j Speak At Club ou- on C h i c k a- sawba. Hot Water Meat, atf?c fan. Terraced lot. $3750™Terms Possession today. THOMAS LAND CO. ATTENTION Corn Planting Time Is Here committee chairmen Mrs Preneli of the Home furnishing committee, nnd Mr.s ROSS- Moore of the dairy committee were the principal speakers at the meeting of the Yarbro Home Demon- miration club Tuesday ; it the honi- of Mrs. Spencer Bunch. Mrs. French di.sciussed repairing of furniture, cleaning and care of rugs and useful household hints Mrs. Moore demonstrated the ranking of cottage and outlined SEE OR WRITE ME FOR Funk's "0" Hybrid Seed Corn] The Best You Can Huy A. C. OWENS R(. 1, Manila. Ark. King Charles II enjoyed pleasure boating in the Channel Isles in 1646, when he was but, a boy HAPPY AR.& AGAIN ! ANOTHER MULE TURNED ON PASTUHK And REPLACED With A Good Used Tractor V | RECONDITIONED SEVERAL LATE TRACTORS OF ALL MAKES. Good Trades — Good Price —Good Terms Paul Byrum - . . the school. Mrs. 0anvil Abbou. Mr*, n. o. Shelum tuui Miss Beauiee llaiy.efi mv in v'.'i:n'-.!i' of arraiu'.emons. Ruoh member and former member is viie<! u> Mltenii ilii.s meeting. Mississippi County Farmers Win third, and lieef Osborn*-, Maniln, first. A. Flsli, ' Fishing Centers In Missouri Will Open CAllLmiERSVlLLll'. Mo,, March IS.—Saturday will marl: the opening of i,ho Ilshinjr .season nt two IM'omincnt, Missouri fishing cenfert; which are- anmitilly attended by numbers of Southeast Missouri llslwwon. 'j'lu-y nn- Lake of Uin O/.m-k.s ami J.ake TiUic.vt:oino, and Hie uperj seosoj) will <.'Xt('iid to tho Isisi, (Jay of (.!)(' year. .Saiuiday also murks the. statewide open season on channel cut- /L-ih. rind es.tcncLs io May Shoe Foreman Resigns CAHUTMF,R8VILLE, Mo., Afarch ;ri.--Momt»i- Turner, fitting room loremnn at, tlio llrown Shoe, Co., plant for four yean*, and who has boon associated with the comparv Jor 22 years, lias resigned to *.c- wpi a .similar position with the Specialty Rhne Co., plant at Chaffer- Mo., mid will report there Monday' March 24 Sixth Payment To Be Made Bank Creditors ^. Ark.. March T)i<- sweepstakes prl/e at tlie adulv stock judejiifv contests tit. Arkansa «o a lartie 16,- ilvst here Sinu» col)i»?.o deieKation of several fajiaers Leachville farmer Mamin mid Leachvill look otJier awards. ^!<'iv than 150 farmers from 2fi schi»ln ai.tended ihe contents, rep- rt'H'titii^ more than ;{,QOO adult vot.'itionul at-riculture students m 1S»_ nnuuie.s of nonhi?ti.M Arkansas. '1'in- contests wen; fir.s! io be rrd by the Northeast Ark- &. Mo., March lf >- An})roxiui!U« i ly SI2.000 will U> paid (.lie common nvdHors of the • if'. Hue.! n-uik <)f Carutiior.svillo, now in process or liquidation, uc- eoniiny io an Thura- ilay by .). R. Farrow, in chftrRC of ilir- local otllcc-. Furrov: j;uld check.* would b,> ready for distribution This is the sixth payment, and will amount io 8» y per cent, mnk- Jni', u loinl of 7i)':. ])ald crwlltors. riir^ ih'Kt payment. WHS in Jum i , H).n. aniounUny w 40 potvent. the si-i-oiul paymeiu of 10 por cent, WHS mmie in December, uwa, the next two paymem.s or » , JmTn( , llild ) \vciv nuuti- in OciobiM-, l«):jg ami Minvh. HMO. mid the lUUi ' payment of live D (T cent was November. COTTON SEED Coker 160 Strain 3 Slate codified, re-deancd nnd Ccrcsan treated. Stonevilie Ambassador Stoneville 2 R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Kl.vtheville, Ark. ILL OUT BLANK BELOW AND MAIL TODAY^™ •Afgjl^Fmm~— <fm ^ — — H1K EAG^E SCHOOL OF »»^ L ' oljAUS HlP iru^riss^- ! " n sBfl " i) iN. r k^r>i? \PHIL ist- ro THE .ARC ..• •"'.f^_t*s* NOW i I \V(illU\ ville, A' oHVrecl and Stale School? of to vnl«s i ml by WIN ONE OF 2 FREE SCHOLARSHIPS IN BEAUTY CULTURE GIVEN )?Y THE EAGLE SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CUI.TUKE ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS WRITE YOUR ESSAY ON: MOW I WOULD EXPECT TO BENEFIT FROM A COURSE IN BEAUTY CULTURE!" .•»•" , • .1 Upon Request, We Have Extended (he Time lo April 1st

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