The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1934
Page 4
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FAQI FOU1 (ARK.), COURIER NKW0 MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 1934! JHS BLYTHEVILLE COURIER XHl OOUiUH* MKWa 00, PUBUOHCU Ci R. H. W. ftito Nttfetti Aikanui DtUtM, Inc., N«w Vock, Cblca|o> JXltclt, St, Louis, D»U«, liaww City, Memphk. Published Every AfUrrouu Wccol 8un<J«y. Entered as second uisM in»tler »l the jiost olflc* at Bij'Uicvtlle, Arkansas, nuclei *ct ol Congrcw, Oc- wt*r u, lal'l. yervcci LJV |n * United Preaa 6UBEKJrtIlTION RATES By carrier m me City or Butucvni*. l&o «*K ur KJ.W per year In aiHtira:, By mall within a rn/llua of M »)>», *3.00 p«t ic»r *i 00 for al» mwiJjs, »e lor tUrw uy mail ID posul zones twb U> e«, tttltO per year, In zones seven, »w< elint, pel y<w. (oyatilc In advance. repeal And t is just about an far from solution, now as it ever was. We have had altogether too much emotionalism on both sides of the fence. As a result, we have had nothing remotely resembling u cool, scientific study of the problem which might now show us the best line o!' a It tick. Unless we get something uf thiU kind, we arc apt to lind Hut we returned to the drawbacks of mi open liquor traffic without abolishing those uf prohibition- — lirucu Callun. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Careful Study Is Vital We Haoc a Neu) Law, But Same Problems The federal government is getting set to make- a new drive against Luol- leygei's and ruin-ruiniinv. This Hlalemenl pcema lu put tlie clock back several years. It smacks of the old days when we look it for granted that Hit' 1811) amendment was here to slay. But it comes from Washington in I he summer of HUM. more than a hah' year after the amendment was buried. Details of this; new drive have a strangely familiar sound. The alcohol lax unit of the internal revenue bureau ."is 'lo he expanded. Coast guard force's; all .along thn Atlantic coast a're'to be-strengthened to strike at a ne^v "riin'i row," • j i'he .iie\'v liiiuur bottle and label I'ctjulatiuiiu will be enforced with all VJojsible strictness. Lowering of the llqjior (m'ilV and tax rales i;; discua- fki,'.;sij. tltol'Uic price of legal whisky Hiay-)je ! '..i;iil'lo ineet.illegal compcli.Uun. i - • . • » '-»... The American people had two chaneer, to uwlte mistakes in connection wilb the liquor traffic—and they took butli of them. First of all, we. more or less took It for granted that by making the traffic illegal we would solve the whole, age-old liquor problem- We tried that and it. didn't.'work. After 'less Hum a decade and a half of prohibition we found, that we had simply liopped out of the frying pan into Ihe fire. 1'rohibition brought certain benclils, but it bruughl such flagrant abuses that the amendment was finally ousted from the constitution by an overwhelming vule. And then came our second mistake. JvisL as we had originally assumed tliat outlawing Ihe traffic would automatically solve the problem, .so now our child-like faith led us to believe that legalizing the. traffic would do il. In the lirst instance we thought that all we had to do was pass a law; in the second, we Ihoughl thai all we bad to do was repeal one. But the liquor problem, like death and taxes, seems to be inescapable. It was a knotty one under prohibition, and il is almost equally knotty under Towards StahilHy The fact that the birth rale in flic United States is steadily declining may be an encouraging sign, in-Head ol the reverse, according lo Dr. W. S. Tlumip- bon, director uf the Bcripps Foundation lor Research in f'upulaliun. A jKipnlatioii which is not inci easing rapidly, an American population has been increasing ever since the republic was founded, should develop a more stable society than has been possible in the. past, predicts Ur. Thompson. Fewer |>eople will be moving into the large cities. Then: will be less of the wasteful "mushroom" development of the kind that brings alternating booms and slumps. I'cople will not sliif.1 Irom place to place and from job to job KO much. MIV will move along more evenly and with fewer dif- Uirljances. Usually a declining birth rate i;; looked upon as ominous- It is noteworthy I hat this expert on I lie subject takes 'il more hopeful view. In Adoption of a Child BV DR. MORRIS HSKBE1N tdllci, Journal of Ihr Amerk.iu Medical A^uciatinnj and (if llygclii, Ihe iltallh Ma»a/ii r Motives for adopting bullies usually are highly Idealistic and t'.xcellenl, hut in some Instances, ul course, other motives may sup- f-t vcnc. (;LLSCJ; are actually known in which women have adopted babies with the Idea of pacing them oil ah their own to secure Inheritances. )n iilhcr cases, children have been adopter! wllh n view in tralniiiii i hem itilo lllesHl occupations. l-'ur Hits reason, every agency which has cliiklren lot adoption. It it is-a modern agency and pfu|HM'- iy conducted, looks very caieftilly intu the kim! uf |X'0|ilc who wain lo adopt children. II is ol coiiisr. the duty ol llic agent:! 1 to make certain Ilia' \ the child given lor tidoplion Is j j, suitable in every way ijos&ible. , t ^ Del'milc investigations must Ire un- i^iluki'ii lirfoic the child is dnn- cil o«r lo Us new parents. Aniinp, the .-Uudie.s made -ore hrst uf all altempts lo explore the his- iiiry uf Ihe pinentii ftum tlie point ul view of their heallli anj (ree- Juin fnjtn variou:'. t.ypes uf hetedi- lary diseases. Ihe child, tut, If possible, also ol Ihe pirenls, Dr. li, L. Jenkins also iccuin- mends a sltnly uf llic be|iavlor ('I Ihe child as to ils agyresslvtnew or liinlitlty. ils sociability HI- cxclti- slvencss. Us adaplahllity, emotion- ul stability and response lu discipline. If possible, il Is well also tu h;uc Ihe child (hat is to be adopled looked over by a specialist In psy cholosy (if a physician familial with menial studies (o make certain that il is uf nonnal inlelli genee. Indeed. II has even been ing (jested Ihul ellorls should he mad- lu place children above normal intelligence with parents who aie iibove (lie normal, thus giving th" child suitable opportunity lor (lie highest developmciil. Lifkbuof Played OB Mont«u MALTA, Mont. tUP)—Uglitnlti played a freakish prank on flv men al the Phillips' ranch liea here. Tlie men were silting in a t-ov errd sheep wagon. Tlis lightning boll iip]ied limj Hie .-iky, striking l> a t. Bai'H>v "amidship." The metal ring burned ironi Ins svatch. w the crystal was, reduced to mulie''' b'ltiss. niom Biirrow. the boll leape lo liert Jaivis. streaked down hi les and loosened the heel uf shoe. Both Harrow mid JurvLs wer; knocked tli/zy—1ml lecovered. Curiously, the camp wagon beai no marks of the lightning's visl Its canv'iis vool was imblentibhet 1 while nn trace of the bolt's cour.? could be found un metal ur M-UU pai ts. ( arc . "Whieh would ytm riithfi 1 have, (.lie man ur the one with Ihe new stove'.'" with the door Kume condition^ of (lie nervous jstein arc: believed lo be Ivans-! sixccsslully l? to s;ome.eslenl lu Ihe child. b; is i. s . u Ainniic arc [onus of Idloi-y. mental deficiency, epile[)sy atid al- eolioliKin. There arc ulso cominun laborii- lory lesUs lor venereal disordeis tied In advise jK-riod uf irei'liatis a year or morel in each instance lo make ceitain! Uial evnylhini; is .salisiaclory Iw- lore the iitiujitlon te legally completed. Such period ijives (ip[ior- tunlly fur study of the situation in (he home and the extent lu which the child can lie adapted suitable lo life in Ihe home. In oilier words, the placement of u child for adoption is a highly individual matter and can hardly bc handled on a routine necessary lo adapt every child individually tu Ils new snrroiindiny.H. r which should be made Kvery spring, (he kub-o-link ha'i only ol! a complete moll. EAST tjT. I.OUJS. 111. (UI'i- i-auw od file lu-.ivy vim uf mcnl cattle and 111? coiiipany'.i uwn pincliaiii's, Swllf mid Company lias put '.:ao addillonal llr killers lo woil: at. UIL- plant \\e\z. An Effect of LIIB GIR.L. iieli'oil oily uutlioriiic.s arc 1 icpurled In lie vastly pcrttii'Lal ijy u rthai'j) risu in iiutomubilc trad it- atritlctits .this year. Between Jan- I nntl July !l, 1'JH'l, Llelroit's traffic kilk-tl i!tG iieoplu— Uiu liiijliesl tfatl'it; tlealli rate in Detroit's history — while u'08'1 person;; have been injtireit. As a result, the trull ic patrol t'uiTu IK Lieing (iotibletl anil a campaign is un lu enforce the trail'ic cwle very strictly. •Detroit is not the only dty that itas hail a rise in the traffic lull this year; and it is hart! to keep from wondering if repeal tloes not have some connection with this rise. Is the legal sale of intoxicating liquors putting mote drunken drivers on the highways, to menace themselves and others? It is time that a detailetl ami unprejudiced survey was made, un a nation-wide scale. Trrucvcc I'ilv OitTrrs I'illcil JOHNSON CITY. Tenii. Juhmiin City Inunil \l-,'M in. :i uiiiir.iiiil—bill [ili' -I'.uiiilition ^ the clra.i- i>f Mi:- liwul yr;ir. h had tollccl-iil S^S'i.UW in i-Kcc;.. ul jt-nscs. thr Uine in ni.-.iii .veins. .Todays Imanac president United States, wide poll to determine what le The cusl uf unplii uncd prtxluclioii is prohibitive in tenns of decency find human happiness. — Rexfurd O. Tiig\vell, iindcrseirrcl'iry of Wilhlii two or three inonllu* I he public will find H dccklcc! change for Uic better in the kind of songs winch" the radio curries. — Mlrli- avd liimber. leader iti new radiu censorship move. hnick. FIIVt:!l.V In (utrn, iU»ltk» nnd rnlli tn nxk hfr 10 . Hi (he Viu'tir CUih, Mlti*. WATIIHMAN, su T nl ihv Jinl Jtniuc lir'ri H*»- t" P'» — n r|titn11p*»hlr MIW (jo n.v WITH -run srnin CilAiTKll X CVIA'IA IliL-kcd Ihe usll from her ^ la:npi. The liiinil lioliliiig trniiWnl il Illlle. Hylvi;i « OT nai- eincMllil on ln'r Ililril c. linsl ilie siiiiliiiniril like ;ni evil eye. lon't l;nn»- you're talk- Ins nliont." flic Falil languidly. ls:lll?l I.H-Cil lier Kqiiiivcly. TllC cri ; ,)i inl curls "ii lbiilwl'3 small f.ilrly i-nn-kh-il. riiuik y ..... In." Kiin-.lily. "Mi.-. I'Vinell saw ymi Unit >I;iy. Siio Mini f"r fl'inls. limy llnril:- 1.1 l:i mil." K!I in nn u "And sn ulint 'tier. Hint tmil'e mi-'!" Svlvla wanted lo know, with {Montana Mining Circles Find Magnesium Ot CHEAT I'ALLS, Molll. tUi'l Mining circles arc display!! teresl in an inimcii.^ Lixly of ma iiesimu ore rtfecovevcil near he \V. E. Splan. foimei CHUKU cohnly dcprty sheriff. i'?|iuil the find consisted of a (Iei» 700 to 1,000 feet, wide and inoi Ihan two miles loin;. Assays show small animi! dnralumlniim, alumiiutni. Bold, .silver, daces of vanartnl as well as about 7 17 to 50 pn 1 <."•'• nia^nesinni cuntent. Some 15 claims have i.-fcn sta) ed along the depasii. by Splan ai his associates, v,ho now ;irc ;. lempling lo interest easlein aim inum aiid alloy makers. McEuion Shoots Sisters Without Caus< OUT OUR WAY WUV IM THE WORLD YO'J OO AMF:-AU •WITH '[MB DISHED, Whi ML IS AMSWERIMG THE PHOME? VOU'I I BE .THROUGH THAT f'HJCht SOOMER. f OH, \. / PKAR Bv Williams I'Jo' COULDH'S" \ 10 CHEAT MV \ is n^? OUT Of- \ HF:R SHA^E OF DISH \ VJASMIKl' -- WMV, SOME \ PR?T CALLS HER UP \ EVE'V MIGHT, JVSr ABOUT \ DI5H WASMIM 1 TIME — IT I MW.I=5 HER SO MAD THAT / I ALM05T 8ELIEV6 IT / AIM'T A PUT-UP JOB, / R'JT MOT QUITE:' / "Vmi know ;i? well ns ! rln, Sylvia Kivri..."' p:iicl Ualiel liotly, "lll:H Hunts; It.irlinril llilllll'l » tiling 111 11:? wnrl'l in (lei wltll H.iKly's l-cins licht that nlghl. llc'il hail 'i I"! l"!f'>ip hn arrti-ed nt ymir tiiiile. He hail some more llieic— " "Am t "deny In? Hiat?" RyKta In- Tilrc-il. «'i"' n 'in; 1'innigh sinnhe. suilliim rv-r =n f.iinl'y. "No. rny r liltlc clrl [rknrt'f I'lF va? In {ininc OUT on MIP li him -- zi-nins lirr,=clf :i>ii. 1." s.iiil Sylvia mlrlly llv. "iKIll llOllllllS to (io "We simply musl pdfc/i the tfhalc thing up," Isnb 41-VT7KLI,. my dear, ask her your- > "Ami I lliink Hardy la terribly ** self." Sylvia's mariner was interested in lier if yrm .isk me." a judicious coinuouml of eymuathy Isabel fiareii, aiiuoyert al the other's ami Iwreilom. "I'.ven nowadays." • air. "Why wouldn't he be?" slie went on judicially, "a p,irl lias --\Vcll. that's pel feclly sweet of lo bo falily what, sbe does, you,'dear." rmirinnreii Sylvia wtUi Oh. I know, my dear, we all pet.Uie tolerant air of ona humoring .ind smoke ami lake a drink if the a lunatic: So Isabel *eut away., labhies aren't looking — bill tbe wounded and milled and worried. If, p : ' "' " ilnr. v. ti'i--(.'ik« 15.ini! \Vell. eveirT <lraw I be Hue at that," Falil Sylvia virtuously.' oniitlillt li add that ?hc bid liecn there two or three Mraes (tnrfng (lie whiter «-lieii fur collar; weie ;i|.>.iiiy. '-IK-HI iiollilns to do ,. a[h p r j„ n ie undue of dis»;niFe3 aud when tbe I.Trcliiici k set ilidu'i ' :;h? ili'ln't r.n w-sib him and ymi gr there much, anyhow. il. They u-oirt mil on Hie .,] a ,| m i ro you for your loyalty." Sylvia s.iid with jiuapicion.i pweet- ucsf* and ^enlleue?^. "N'oluidy kmro-3 lirttrr lliau I whit a true friend you are. But. Irelicvn me. you'ro waplinE your lime un Unuls. Kim is evidently determined lo bo rlnsh. (declHSsep." I "I don't hclieve It." Isalre' "And iifi-r," r-ylvla rmi.;liPd n-itli ;i litncli Mini vv.i? like the !!i' h of n »• Inn. "aller she FnMi'»iih"i"'l iiii'liim:. Oil. I know til,): srac HUP. I've ho.ird H before." l«.il-l spraiiR to her feet ur deeply. OOOTS' altitude, when Isabel saw her, nuzzled her further. Tills j was a new Boots, cool, enigmatic, i his from (lie club, wasn't il? she wanted tn know. Hilly outfit, anyway. She bad never liked it. Everybody was so stuffy. . . • ttry bread and rancid meat. Hardy ;l bringing out * flask, anil entirely true to form as th» "lie | iB man out for a night's gayety Boots had tinted all of ft sad h»<-j drawn a long bienlli of relief "het-.l at last she had teen set down U ; >1 her own driyeway. nut toda<'| everytblng n'a:i mora Lorrid stilljj Inslparl of pouring out the torren;:! of sympathy and Indignant cbam;,'| litonabip she bad expected! Isab had ciiiite- uround with :i stiff. *o rifd nlr 10 ask If alia iHdn't m1n(f| heinK left out of Ilia aulumr*;! parties! || HuuUi inaile Ireds and ilialics vvitli npatliy. How dlfferen.v| Illic house luukeil with Hottlfj' lawny! Nolhiu^i aeempd to go rtglnjl Kveu tlid Hindnw shades wera. <:r;c£y angles -uitl no matter ho slle twitcliori aL Iliom tliey seem lo respond. Oil. she- gel out ot licre, RO over to. th ami liwini and forget Uer CUB went along awiflly. rwin(i " her iMthiiig bap. humming tune witli nn air of casualn*** t was far from feeling. On the veran' da, a miigailuD iu her lap. ber Bye, nn two small li?ures In the Band fat youm; .Mrs. I'erry 0(!org«. ira."'j| of the U.ieliurnses neighlMirs. Boot " ilikeil mid admired the tail youn; ! wiimnn willi ilie fre^h color rfui tbe Iriendly eyet, Krances Georg had liecn an cdilur's assistant 'In, fore, ami after her marriage. "Hello, theic." Krances put ( : ttic story Klie had been reading ant; 'lockoned lo her. "I bear you'r loiisekeener. Como and bavo luncl with us today. We'd lovo it." Boots (rercbed on the arm of IS haltered wicker arrucbair. "l'i ailoTo to. Sine you want roeT' j' Tbeie. was soniethins challeu«1«»1[ Jlhont her tnne and Krances Georf.^' |Clevated an imi'iirim; eyel •"Wliat d'yuu Of cours( do." Boots shrugged her pretty sbou'lf ders. "The nld ladies are after mfa _rr a member tbe Larctincek Juniors." "Oil. thai!" Krauces langheg leerfully. "Well. I vlon't fee, in stood it ;i.-. long as you . 1[!]|t I]( , st yc;)r . . s ,(;„,,.,,;,_•• t si ,i«i "Why. wo simply | whole, liiing up! "V-n we ;(i:u»n. ' The mini ymin:; frmk 'l'i>:-c 1 understand." l,.- a Mrt of ga s asked (o resigr " woman in the ill frowned. "What iarc?" she demandeiJ-V nt it. if you want-lr . : said. must palch Ihe whole, liiing un! ]' Tcl1 mo : 'ln It's all so stupid. You iv.inl to Boi'''!! it d'lesnl nutler In tbe least lo Ihe Thanksgiving dance, don't | s ''e rroo fvom her chair al a shrfe j. 0 ,i7" i from one nf u, n Eraa || re i|.siilte Hoots smiled a faraway smile j lisures. Tlie My-chlM w«s b and said she hadn't Ihe faliit.-3t .laboring the sirl-chlld with "If you lei IW>[= suffer for this."«'e crew uv together. Until tbey |, Ira W i 1( , re E | 16 would lie by shovel, vi.i- .-iiiil I nr« tlirnusli a:, (rtemls." j losl (helr money alwut five years Thiinksglvln;. Isabel, repulsed by j "I miut rcsrus C.wen from tt ' -ivr .IP-.T hnw mtlnrtT-imalk as ° BooU Ki " " kcd l " cverr ''the other girl's coldness and ills-1 Fiend." shs said casuiUr. .lo-tl n.or. (lenr. low meTOu.Ti tti|ng H er family has lived bere; in i crcit . refrained from saytug .utter scandal of i« 0 ladies nesrb 111- 1 < IllKl I?. IU1II UIHIC ' *'J .Innunr Ill^ln :,Mvn11n ol=n'e" I , >. : „! » O..1.-I. *ha «3r;, ' c.,.;aj T.( «n ., , ,. '_',_ s'MMy. "(rinn£> arnnnd some day; wliou the wcatber isn't so hot aud I : longer tban anyone else's." janylhins aboul SylvU, Ihe Sara. :su=siiiing Sylvia allowed herself to look'or any of the olher topics Uer mind i"See you over their aler. ubow needlepblr. at one." I'd be clad lo lalk to Mrs.lUcc nowadays. Not tint J think li-.iik ber to glv*! Hardy would ever taka her sett- A rhecr(ul.aler'.-M>tn<lt-il r^rm Lid •who turned killer «l'i..i- ( t mo. , slaying else jlj'.rr jnd serl- ou.-ly woundlcc acolhrr. Kvert Scheliterer, 12, | 5 fUo»., -bovs ha was held at \Vju;j.j. uu , whils authorities r»nact«d what charge lo brins agaius! b:m. Re- turoing (TOW nucUti?. \:c turned his ri6e oa Marie, n. stooUts her tn ths Hit, then s!w LouUe, A.>>:•£< la. ti! f=r.«i.Mi Wliy. Knnell ab^' n-int? aunlhrr clnncr." "Von wnuld? Hnue=tly?" "Yes. only that—onIv Uial Root? went to I he Baiu Ijst uUht with ''Uool.T k beautiful enough for any man lo lake seriously." Isabel r ion W |(t, you know, serve, almost unfriendliness. young people at lb« showers « "I don't know what's setting Into ernl heads w«rs turned aside « me these days." Boots murmured |mlly. Judith rievlin. whom «' at last, struggles to a sitting'had Vnow u rather well Ht ecli* position and mopping b<T slrc-am- COU sln Ma- Ing «yes. "I look a perfect fright. the artUl— said (What It anyone should come lo the looked straight through — 'loot- beyond her. "Corns aions." Judith said. , Hardy, and John (•'•smell saw tier i^heu she wis h?rf las! vear lhai'door!" some ati<een comt>»oion there. I"'» all." flushed Sylvia lU|B,, 0 i; nas (ru . c | as5 | C beauty. ; She bathed reddened eyes aud clear, plpasanl voice. Bhe'lpwt entle regist. "ill o\er j] P . r ( 0n :av ' ' a tone ol sen av ed about her." town this rooming. "I don't relieve it wbn Mi= idfi-urr/ tb> 1)3'" N^> Mm 4nMhl»a shock .n'i h.'rt '-.•," s-pptatd tbtrt— only. w"»U t^ didn't go Uere jsiralshtened her tumbled locks Boots completely. «ent on to her yKta contentEd bcrselt by 'How. could Isitel understand that The t!5bel >tn*w cierelv liftinj hsr rlnsly arched her adventure list night had been her heart beating t«st. her Ma ougfci ino'it brow? over her too prominent, too- a gesture ot deflate, directed ai raeinj. So it »«s to-'» war. dcselv 'paved M'i5 her enemies Why. the Bira hid '^hs *-!tt, » as !f! gi»'ve^!A,t<i ! 'ReJlly:" sLs ,_.:!. dupcilai o! tiic s torrid bcra. Coup'.ii r»vc!v-..ths=; i 3T ayes — low ut ^ s t si'ti-ii Hrls in Larchaeck Boott aad cousin M»r!on all in sat ins slowly in a. ssolctUdta rooa..-tsrtj; " -' -f uiually. . .'breath, ....... _ . . 'Indlfiereat lood, sandwiches

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