Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 5, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1898
Page 19
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If o Figures Changed. S The 1-4 Off Sale AT THE HUB Starts Today and will continue until our 25 T10USAND DOLLAR STOCK is Reduced to its normal size. Remember % off on everything in the house. Nothing Reserved. AMER GREEN'S CRIME. Dnnkier Preadber Says Be ffw nocent of Merder. In- Sajs Ho Saw Lnella Mabbit Hire 1*. THE HUB A special from Flora says: "The Rev. Daniel Parker formerly a minister in the Bunker church in this county, in a conversation; recently relative to th« mysterious disappearance of Luelia Mabbitt some years ago, stated positively that in the lynching of Amer Green the missing girl's supposed murderer, an Innocent < man was put tojdeath, "Mr. Parker was a frequent visitor at the Mabbitt homestead, and wa.s well acquainted with Luella, with whom he frequently talked. For several years he has traveled extensively in the west and in Mexico, and be says that while in the City of Mexico he met Luella Mabbitt, who waa married to a wealthy and influential Mexican. He had a conversation with her, but she was averse to speaking of her past experiences, and gave him to understand that his room was better than his company." The special adds that "there'are many people in Carroll county who believe what the Rev. Mr. Parker says." The above story adds a very sensational flavor to a highly sensational murder case. Luella Mabbitt's disappearance from her home in Carroll county some years 'ago, after having last been seen in company with Amer Green, is fresh in the minds of every- Harry Frank's Old Stand, 313 Fourth St. Kroeger & Strain. UNDHRTAKHHB TBLBFHONB — O«o«,, SETH M-VELSEY Loans Money nt 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and Writes fire. Tornado and Plato GlaBS Insurance. W. J. Baroett, Suose ' 80r * Cl L< wo11 ' Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. «7 Market street. Calls 'funded day ornUrat. The flmeet outfit, in the IJ. S. Col. 0. L. wou, will remain with me. Office 16. Hesidenoo-Miitual' When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GO TO- F H. Wipperman, iMIFOurU Btreet Opp. Court Home Kntranoo. W. BODEFER. Keal Estate, Loans. . Money *») of Market street bildw. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over CJty National Bank Corner o>t Fourth iind Broadwa* Oentnl «elejilioae No Oflloe SSS, residence S43 Private Monej to Loan No Delay- c- O-'HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. 20S Fourth Street. E.H. GRACE, D.D.S. DENTAL PAHLORS, S16 Market Street. New Alumlnlio Kubber Plates. Bur and Sell Second Hand Goods,, Olveuiaoall. SW «tU itroet D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET i oiror Brugijeman's Millinery Store. OITY HHWS. A son was born 1;o Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder, of 'the Eastend. Mrs. Luther, mother of Mrs. G. W. Hoffman, is recovering from a long illness. Muncie Herald: W. H. Buchanan and wife are home from a week's visit with Logansport relatives. D. E. Pryor entertained his Sunday school class, all boys, last evening, in a Delightful manner. The ladies of Bethel church, Clay township, cleared about |25 by the social at the county house Saturday night. Charles W. Garrett waa at Lafayette last night and heard the lecture delivered by Nanseu, the Arctic explorer. Miss Rose Ladd has returned to Union'City, after spending the holidays with her sister, Mrs. H. S. Coats. Mrs. B. F. Harrison has returned bo Union City, after spending the holidays with her niece, Mrs. T. E. Martin. Abner Seybold has gone to Poplar Bluff, Mo., on account of the serious illness of the wife of his brother, Dr. Ira Seybold. E. E. fading and family of Elwood returned home yesterday after a visit with his brother, Patrolman Nadlog, and family. (Jus Guthrie and wife have rented the Bucher property on Fourth street. Mr. G-. Is a member of the new firm, the Logansport Produce exchange. Carl Ferguson, the young son of J. D. Ferguson, entertained a company of little friends Monday. It was his ninth birthday anniversary. Natural and artificial gas bills for January are due a'nd should be paid on or before the 10th of the month, at the company's office on Pearl st. A fair sized audience witnessed the presentation of the sensational drama, "The Span of Life," at Dolan's last night. Th« company was j In keeping with the requirements of I the play. one in this locality, her body in Wild Tha finding of Cat creek, near Delphi, and the identification of the same by her parents, were prominent feature' of the case. Amer Green, the suspected lover, was finally located on a ranch in Texas and brought back to the Delphi jail, by J. B. Stanley, from which place a mob took Green by force and hanged him to a tree near the scene of the supposed murder. The story now told by Bev. Daniel Parker will be accepted with many misgivings until something is learraefl of the man's responsibility. And probably he does not claim all that the newspaper correspondent puts In his mouth. The sensational publications or late regarding Mrs. Luetgert of Chicago may have a counterpart in this case. SWEET SIS6IN8 And Mlrth.ProrebiDg Gtnety 't^ 8 Opera Bewe Totigfct—"Prtd'fr bead ff UMB" Saturday Sight. For perfect scenic environment, beautiful costuming, sweet singing, mirth-provoking comedy, one should see "The Isle of Champagne" opera company, which w}ll be at the opera house tonight. When tnls opera had its metropolitan run, so great was its success that It is said to have packed the theatre nightly and the box office receipts amounted to more in one nighc than many plays reap in a week. This season the new manage- jraent is striving to outrival its former success and to that end has engaged the best ftalent—none other than Kichard Golden and Catherine Germaine—in the leading roles; a company of sixty talented and well known favorites in the support, a large ballet of pretty girls, who know how to sing and dancej scenery of the most exquisite and a complete orchestra. PUDD'NHEAD WILSON. "October is, one of the peculiarly disagreeable months in which to opeculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March^June, De- jember, August and February," says Piidd'nhead Wilson.'' The months i which it will please f you to meet Pudd'nhead Wilson," are twelve in number, beginning with January and •ndlng with December. "The latch string is always out" at Dawson's Landing, Mo., and the folks Mark Twain has introduced to the world as citizens of that village on the Mississippi, and who Edwin Mayo and his excellent company of playeis will make you personally acquainted with, will be as glad to see yon as you will be to see them. The coming of this play with its Missouri flavor will make its appearance at Dolan's. Saturday night one of the most enjoyable theatrical events of the season. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. at has she returned has been MORE NETS SEIZED. Deputy Fish Commissioner Hildebrandt Makes More Raids. Deputy Fish Commissioner Hflde brandt made another dig haul of nets yesterday afternoon. He sent Constable Kitchens and Deputy John S. Fox to the home of Charles Reed, northeast of Hoover's crossing, and they came back with 300 feet of nets. Beed will have his trial before Justice Lainct in this city. The above capture makes a total of 6,650 feet ol seine that has fallen into "Big John's" hands. Mr. Hildebrandt has also been a<) work in Fulton county. Yesterday afternoon he swore out a warrant for the arrest of William Kircher, who lives four miles northeast of Akron, in Fulton county, for illegal fishing. The man is said to be a professional fisherman. Another seine has been located near Peru, and it. will be hauled out of its hiding place next week, if the officers are not badly fooled. Annual Gas Rates. Artificial and natural gas bills are now due and payable at the company's office. Natural gas consumers desiring to avail themselves of the annual rate, commencing December 1st, can do HO by calling at the office and arranging for same. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th of each month. LOGASTSPOET & WABASS VAU I:T GAS COUP ANT. ^o IN HIGH ESTEEM Tb« Opinion H»W by • Ro«hM<«f Lawyer. BOCBESTEH, DTD.-"We have n»ed Hood's Sarsaparffla as a blood purifier and tonic with excellent result*. L«»t spring my Trite was feeling very poorly iindcom- plkined of that tired teelinjf, and shstook Hood's Saraaporilla with beneSt. Hood's SeisaparUla arrays seems to cleanse the blood and we hold it in very high orteenx as a tonic and blood purifler-aad gladly recommend it." P. M. BUCHASAIT, ESQ. Hood's Pilltt cure all liver ills, ascents. WEEK OF PRAYER Benorallj Ob«rred by Chutcbes Logans-port K. and L. of 8. Begular meeting tonight. Busi- Buy your shoes rupt shoe sale. Dr. Mae H. Hunt from Sullivan, where visiting her sister. Howard fejkle has been called to Poplar Bluffs, iio., by the dangerous illness of his sister. Miss Lillie Schill, of Wlnamac, is enrolled among the new students at Hall's Business college. Mife. George Strecker and daughter, Daisy, left today for Bloomington, 111., to visit, relatives. Miss Fannie Frank, of Delaware, Ohio, who has been the guest of Mrs. Otto Krauss, has returned home. Miss Mildred Hoffman, who has been the guest of Miss Katie O'Mara and Miss Anna Welch, has returned to Kokomo. Mrs. ChristenaShea, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Anna Peters, on North street, returned home yesterday. Peru Chronicle: Miss Lillie Ammons returned to Logansport last evening, after a few days; visit with Mrs. Frank Webb. Mrs. D. L. Metsker and daughter Elizabeth have returned to their home at Indianapolis, after a visit with relatives here. Kochester Sentinel: Chris'Lawson, of Logansporfc, has taken in charge the plumbing department at Zook & Ault's hardware store. John Himmelberger who visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Himmelberger, departed yesterday for his. home at Storehouse, Mo. Lafayette Jonrnal. Mrs. S. Posey returned home to Logansport yesterday, after spending a few days with her brother, Dan Woods. Idaville Observer: Miss Ella Fergus of Logansport' was the guest of htr aunts, Mrs, Beynolds and Mrs. Jos. Bird, a few days last week. Marlon Leader: "Harry Daggett was over from Logansport Saturday. E. J. McGreevy of Logaosport spent Sunday lin this city, the guest of friends." Clirk and Lynn Eogers, sonu of Dr. J. G. Rogers, of Longclifl, who were There Mil be Union Serrices—Topics for the Week. Union services will be held this week as follows, under she direction of the Ministerial association: Wednesday evening at the Broadway M. E. church. Topic, "Tne Consecration God Bequlres of Hfs People." Leader, Rev. B. &. Shaner, jasnor of the English Lutheran church. Thursday evening at the First Presbyterian church. Topic, "Christ's Sacrifice for the Church and the Grounds of His Claims for Our Serv- .ce." Leader, Rev. W E. Beider- wolf, pustor of the Broadway Presbyterian church. Friday even lug, at the Baptist jhureb—Topic, "The Holy Spirit Needful in the Work of the Church." Deader, Rev. Semans, pastor of the Broadway M. E. church. Sunday, at 2:30 p. m., at the Broadway M. E. church. A conference prayer meeting. Prayers and consecration. Leader, Eev. Putnam, pastor of the First Presbyterian church. The public is invited to attend these meeting. DEMOCRATIC MISS CONTENTION. JJJ ^-^—— , Will toe Held at North. Court Room -In Ciltj of LOKansport, on Janu- THt NewFornilurs Store COB.XARKBV,«th AMD Bill*. You can't expect . that your home will be comfortable and pleasant unless you make it so. There is npjise in these days to be without ftirniture that is comfortable and serviceable. You can all furniture at a low price at The New Store, Why rlbt have it? Come and see us. NO PAINING DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such ai ton mouth t sore gums, etc. Abiolutely sate an* paloles. No cha for extracting without th ary 8th. The Democratic ' voters of Cass county are hereby notified to meet at ttie north court room in the city of Logansport, on Saturday, January Stn, 1898. at 1 o,clockp. m.,in mass convention to choose delegates to the Eleventh n , aMnnrt district convention, to be held at Ihe Logansport Peru.) on January llth. 'Under the ratio of apportionment Cass county I« entitled to a repre-' The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. » The finest and beat method ofCKOTOf Md Dr. W. T. Hurtt, DENTIST! ; SU 1-2 Fourth St. Over Fisher'* Drujrator Old? Commercial High School. If you wish to secure a position to work for ^ aa3W ^»/-— - -- a repre-' E . X pers«sMe Only. J>OK'T attend the sentation of 24 delegates In the Peru, transport commercial nt*n H0 ^ w ° ,.. „«., ™i*h m 00^.1,-A A 7i/ui*inri tha convention. , BENJ. F. LOUTHAIN, Chairman Dem. Cen. Com. M, A."LITTLE, Secretary. If you wfgb co secure a portion that you from 81 to f2 per week. Don't attend Loganaporc Commercial Hi#h School If you with to attend a School where can have plenty of fun. do agrou please, and have a"HotTime"ln general.I».>i> f t , .>i> f t attend the ommerclal But, it you wish to attend an r IntolWt.: Attend The Logansport Commercial ' High School. Over 321. S2J and S» Fourth Stn**. Don't be Hopeless and Discouraged. You need not be discouraged and lose hone lust because local doctors „,..,„, nuao uuy= ju.au receive* thorough mental and mori have failed to cure you. It is only andtraiamrtiwiwiii develop ^o the speclaUit In such complaints who jw '^"^J .^".'IIT,'"_'__ •can cure you. Dr. Greene, 148 State m'e of usofuioess and that your iif« , St Chicago, 111., the most noted and egteemol -y 00r f eUowmonan d the approba- successful physician In curing dis- tionofyo.n-owncon.cieaoe.theD. eases, can be consulted by letter free. His experience is enormous, he has cured many cases like yours through letter correspondence. Ha can cure you. Write to him without delay. Remember it costs nothing to get his opinion and advice in regard to your case. "Sunset Limited." A vestlbuled train of » composite compartment drawing room sleeping _rs and dining cars. Chicago and St. Louis to California In three days. Complete particulars mailed fre« to any address by jour local agent or James Charlton, G. P* A., C. & A. B. B., Chicago, IH., or B. 0. Townsen, G. P. A., St. L. I. M. & S. By. St. Louis, Mo Funeral of Samuel JPanabaker, Sr. The funeral services of the late Samuel Panabaker, sr., will be held at the residence, No. HIT North street, at 10:30 a. m. tomorrow, conducted by Bev. Patrick. Interment in Mt. Hope cemetery- J-fcCt W1O* UJ\i^ W* 6 «wi**£«««* -- — — - i —- - — - - r-» ' •-• ness of importance to transact. Foil home to spend the holidays, left yes l _ ._ _T _ _ t 3 T tn TT~ li«. « n ..f3aw tnf Tn/Honanrvll« t.f\ rPsntYM I attendance Is I Secretary. desired.—J. F. Kelly, terday for their medical studies. to resume Smoke the Columbia cigar RPOYED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tocker waere you are invited to call and Bee a fine line of Winter Woolens For Suiting* and Over- coatings that cannot be beat W.D. Craig, Pearl StSext to Dr.BelT* Ottw. BANKRUPT SHOE SALE We have got to sell this Stock of goods and we will save you Nearly One Half on your Shoe Bills What is better thana nice pair of Shoes for Ladies' shoes 890 Misses shoes 6gc Child's shoes 350 Ladies'shoes 990 Misses shoes 8<»c Child's shoes 490 Ladies' shoes $1.23 Misses shoes 9yC Child's shoes 590 Ladies' shoes $1.48 Misses shoes $i. 19. Child's shoes 890. $4 Ladies' Fine Shoes $2=48. Splendid Shoes for Boys We, S3.OO Lxadies's Shoes S1.89- i This is your Chance to buy GOOD SHOES for the priceX Cheap Christmas--- Nothing. M.W DEN.

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