The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1939
Page 2
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?AGB TWO 0LTTHEVILLE (AUK;) COURIER NEWS '"WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1939' New Vork Cotton NEW YORK, NOV. S Colton closed steady. upon tilsli tow oaa 935, . . 922 Mar COT May .... 835 \lo- ovci the Republic Sled Corp- gratloi i'\ a unanimous ilecl Ion by the UiU'd U. S circuit <o«(t, pj ia!s ' sustained the order o( Jpp the re-instcteinent ol liriateVy 5,000 strikers und Most " '" ' (j flt ?7,50»,000, Iso upheld ttii) bomd's dttfolcn that the companj and not, Hie union v f,s responsible lo (he Etilke tliMr spread tlno'mh the comrtm/s plants In QJi'o,. tied up U. s; r malls, 'barricaded thousands of lo'al emptojcs uitluu company lion ht frequent '" """" and Writer* amiij roiuh!, JMl, CXI.. U15n 003 891 m 85V 858 314 845n 826 913 005 close 919 022 BIS 003 800 §j>gts closed nominal at 941, up J-t. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS.- Nov. 8 (Ul')r- Cotton futures closed steady tcday vtltlt net Gains up lo 35 cents a Child Dies Tuesday At Grandparents Home Pauline Ccotey of Oak Tlidgc, Mo..' died last yesterday at the home of her ' a IK) Mrs. Fi'iwk Grant,' nt Nine, whore she hud been veiling. The sevcu-year-old 'child \v«s 111 only a Keek. TlK) Rev. S. A, Merrill, panlor o[ the Assembly ot Cod c'lnirch, con-, ducted the funeral rite lh|s after- DOOII BIU! burial was jimdo at Wiim» IHT Nine cemetery. JJcsiclcs Her parents, the child is su't'vtved by QIIC skier, C;rn S>W Cooksy, nho of Oak Illdsc. bile. Dec. Jnn Mar, May Jul. Oct. ctuirye. Funeral Home wu,i In V33 0521) 923 till (MS lisa 343 Ml 823 012 83? MS 10\V 031 !>H !I01 88< 65IJ Spats closed steady at 924, up 1, Slock rrlcvs YORK. Win. 6 SIOCKS moved 'irrfguluiix lower Hght tuniov«r. r,.,., ............ , ins 7-!) OUOBK IN THE OlliVNCJBTlY COURT OK emCKASAWBA DlSTfitCT MISSISSIPPI COUN'CV, AUK- ANSAS, tiilcllii; CQCper, PlallUKV, Vs. No. 7002 \V. H. Cooper, i)e[i'l«lait(, ' The ilcfoudmil, \V, II. Cospcr. !h ^'nriicd lo (im>cAr wJthln thirty days In Hip court niuneil hi UK <yi'.i --(cnption hereof and answer Hie 931 02» 015 003 W 65? (,our| Much resulted In o \erd'ct o! $to fi\ municipal couit he nas duel ten ('p!l°i§ befoie (nkms an litpeil, Aqotr'CT' use of jmblte, nlio nn appeal, » no? tried tin;, mpvnlng tecause of absence < f n s itness Gliudc 1' Anaconda Copper 321-2 AssosIMcd DO U M | Heth atcel 88 1-13 Chrj'.iler ',. .'. '. S?> 1-» C:co Coin — ••• M2 1-1 omcral Eloctvlc 33 lj-8 GeiH'ral Motors , 51 3--3 jut- Harvester C2 3-8 Mimlgonidry Ward ., 5'l 1-0 N V Central 20 1-2 l'a;kard j.... •' Diiilips •!'/ Uadto .,'.... 01-8 Eclieilley .. : H Simmons .. ., ,... 231-3 c ccony Vatitiiin Ki 1-4 Sltindnrd OH N J <7 1-8 Corp • VI U S Smelt ,... ;.. 6iS u s steel , •• 12 1- rrcd Dtvill was fined 550 on \ c!)i)rge pf iiolatlon pi Hie I' V U "nil jjanjelftv-s but the jm> lecommciKl- c<!y tt'Ht the fin" he stispMidcd ClmiJc T, Cooper roprcs"uted the delcndtml i EAST ST. r..Ol|Kj, Elok Himpt n, uegru IMS lined lUP)—H;ES: 8,500 tfH iijll.u-s on a pleA o; guiitj to j)lllj)l& gtsauit alter Uatlnj 1'Rd ttc charge reduced from thai o[ ustaiilt rath Intent lo kill \\' Lcou SliUih ^as. attorney (o> Haiupton 'five esse- cl H ti ArbvicVle, prr- \loujilj' cliergcd i»'Ui e)nbt?/!en)ent In ijoanectlqn, with tbo !l\cit ot .1 gutiqr, va-l rtjviccd to that ot pe(it l(iri;cnj ffter Ihq court learned that IHe \<>lue of the. g(dlar did not exceed, ten dollar?, H6 pleaded (juil- tj to tlic petit larcenj charge for which lie was fined teu <1 lhi u 0114 sentenced lo «lt i)iuntlt, im- priEOumcut bnt both ^cro held up OoCir A\!en nejro, chained with DeC; stolen projierty In luo • v! ' i - v 5 /mod S2Q on e.ich cliaree ^ plack, negro, nho ti' , ,.*•' charged wltli liurglarj in lonucc- IKH \vltli ths alleged entering o[ t\\t C M Bu:!c residence \ra' Xon.'id'tfl liflve 11 suspended sentMice in gnptriet; c.i«c and tin 1 cowl six* npunccd that dispc*itfon of Dili's casf ^(H b.e made, later of tho |)lain!lll, | 4 iii'ill« Duletl Ujls 2'UIi day of OcWwr, IIAKVKV MOHIUH, O'luik. lly EUniilJClJi IJlj'thc, H. U. '(•icy A- Wrltjlil, Ally.'AO Ulcin Clitiidc I'. CQOjjer, Ally, for I'll I. Livestock Top, C.35 170-230 Ibs., 13;JrB.3;i HO-lfiO Ibs.. 5.75-0.10^ Rnlk sou 1 :;, 5.3S-3.83 Cattle: 3,CO» Steers;, 0.25-1Q.50 Slnngliter stews, u.25-11.00 Mixed yearlings, "heifers. 7.51)-9.Hb Slaughter heifers, 6.2S-U..OO Beet cora, 5.00-0.00 and lov.' cutters, 3.50^4.15 Chicago Wheat open W BH1-2 ; iiigii ?• io«- 883--1' S73-.'! 873-0 8GI-2. close 881-1 ,87 !)li;h !o'.\' close 503-8. 305-3 5Q1--1 501-3 ft37-C §31-8 .323-1 527i8 At Gosncil School f &Wn? bandc{ been' arranged for Thursdfi} at ihe Gosncil sch'ol housg, It Coffee plants,, grown from rare- fully KCleeied .siied, are eltliei iown bi t! in nekl that the mnture iiU occupy, or raised in R nurs- inul later iransplantcd, TOO I.ATK TO CMSSH'V Th? jiftali' B under I he -uiiiilccv, . Fnr Ueut itpurtmcnt In Apartment Building on Main SU Call 571 nr 181. Jfnr Stiic. S.);'.n-. West! ll-ed-tt of the qc^ell VethoUst thuclv ' 5 room house, 50 feel by 101} [cell •thiv-baud-ts heard ench mornln> n | jot. Pack pf Camp ilmillrio. R.j Si^ighi Bcwbon Wlmke-/, 100 proof. Copy at 030 o'clock oxer WMC Mcu\- l W. Meadows, Galwsy FIllinR Stft- rinhl 1939, Stanley DisilHen Corp., N.Y.C phu ttd'9 station tjon. S,-.:!vl7l Both itie! The idiei iqu in !e,-s time and oppottuii'ly. 7he drudge nevtr rests. lie (oigets Uiat Q\Lt\vork brings faliaue thai, "d,rrta h,s uits How \vis' ! ro Uiosn who go _ to neither- civt,reiiie... tho r e who can Rive ' Work responsibly thtir full share enj tbcu f ufn in \vc-H lietct vcrj recreation. For jt H ,v\ thcw lio-ii-s, rf relaxation, thst iour farx>Jy enjoys -\our (-onipanionship. Bylu'ing^balancrdl-fe—\QU build trieuci- •ships a,id deve'op the art of hospUaliiy. T<ynperat.e >i\ all things, you come ty a ft'.!! miKzni-wn that tiic world abounds y.'ith pcopia and ways to nnkc life inviting, cvlritful find more \vvrOiwhile. Just :is surely as 11, fuie violin gives its voice to a symphony, or a soft light com- plrmciits ;\ painting, so floe<: )3«ciivc-iscr acid its contribution to an interesting lifc- tnuo--a contribution of companionship and contentment for Man and his mood when day's work is. done. .HAKE THIS TEST DRJN.K Budwetser FOR FIVE DAYS. ON THE SIXTH DAY TRY 70 DRINK A SWEET BEER. YOU \vtii WANT Budweiser's THfREAFTEj •-.-'•' t 1 — — - ^nl . Home FURNISHINGS Moderately Priced ARMSTRONG Floor Covering Cash and Curry Prices 12 ft. Wide Quaker . per it 86c 12 ft Wide Stanford. .perfl?2c Also in 0 .v 9ft. widths f!.,,..;. . .perSq. Yd.-57c ! per Sq, Yl 47c rniture 3-PIECE MODERN SUITE 3-Piece Modern. L'O.Ml'AKK THBSK' PIUCKS WITH OTHER CASH. * CARRY 1'RICKS. 12x12 StandWiugs . $1 12x15 Standard!iugs ... . $9.95 12x12Quaker|pgs-. . ... $18.95 : IUIY YOUR HUGS iind : ;FLOOH COVHH1NGS KtiOJI I'HH STORE THAT Sl'lU.S S10R15 AUMSTUONtJ'H !'R()i)(?C;TS THAN A N Y /OTHKR STORK i.N' ARKANSAS. '; : 3x12 Rugs $3,45, S3.95, $4.85 i.75 il..Spring . . 98 Coil Helical Spring . $4.85 3-Piece Modern Siiili 528,95 $3195 3 PC. Poster Bed Suites, in Cium . $28.75 to $59.50 ga- Solid Maple Bedroom SUITES Nu. 18 Comfm-t * Combinalion" Hc;itei-.s : No. 2'a Comrni-t ..5 Combination !Ie;iteivs . Cannon lU-alcm $|i-'><' nil cast, S7.95 to ....-Si' 2 Loose Cushions Tapestry and Velvet ly/. ^ . I))!. tlHtust«.>« ST. LOUIS, KO. Ci licsl qimlily inner spring pillows anil .scat, makes double ln'd. Soltl for fiiav years nifhout ci:m- plaint. Th i> be.-: t valiK- we can liml. Y«\i can buy vouches for less innn- vy, Inil ijnalily nml (hirithilily ;ue \\lnii counts. beautiful covers, A SPKCl.M. VALUS, as shown. 2 Pe, SUITES .... '$49,50-to $139-50. ALL-CAST RANGE Sl'KCIAI, As Pictured Itog. Price §:J->.75 Haine Rnnjje in Full Curcclain, Special ?;i'J.75 Cast lop, firebox and grate iN'n. 7 Slovc •7.1,5 No. S Cuok Siovc . . . MATTRESSES:' 6H !b. Layer Felt, Extra . $8.95 55 Ib.'If fi, Heavy Felt $8.35 nner Spring Waitress, not cheap Quality'..': . . . $13J5 up :' ROCKERS Cane Chairs 78c-Bcst Grade 98c Cane Rockers./. $1.96 to $5.45 Special. Upholstered Rockers $3.95 MANY. MANY olhci- Hems which \vc cannot list— MaUi- Ciis STOUK your Slorc—anil save. Every l)iiy

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