The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1936
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 193G BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 PAGE Community Observance, of Anniversary Is Planned for Sunday Pictorial Highlights of Dycss Colony KY GI'.NE NKWSON WIISON, Ark. (UP)—Dyess col- cny, the federal government's ma jor experiment in agriculturnl cdii- •;nt!cn near here, will observe the second anniversary of Its founding, Sunday, October 25. The program, marked ry sini plicity and keyed to the tenor of life on the vast project, will Xco all cf the 3.0C9 colonists, i:nt living here gathered on the lawn of the Community build ing for an old-fashioned basket dinner. Duripsr t'ne aucvncon t>.e ci'.- cirists will hear their own cnnr- fet composed of ,!nl:e Stark, Perry J. Ncal, J. S. Seals and H. 13. Koilz broadcast a' prcgram Iron 1 Elation KBTM at Joncstoro. and see a short pageant in which 1 13 small girls, representing fit first 13 families to arrive n.t. t'.ic •:o!ony in 1934, will take part. Later in the day o historici! '•n"rnnt. written by Mrs. A. I, Kcllsmd, the wife of n colonis will te prcrentj'd. Mr:i. Holland's pascaut will picture Arkansas history frcin UM ti:ri~ of De Koto to the prf^ont day. Dudley Invites Visitors Farly in the evening the co!- rnists will wnlch a colony prn- duccd play in the Community jjuildiir-: and hear a short musical program of old time favorite songs presented by a vlclin, guitar and mandolin orchestra. In a round-lable discussion during the afternoon the heads of the 441 ' families in the colonv will review their accomplishments of the past year and make their own fanning plans for the con: ing year. E. S. Dudley, resident manager of the eolonv, in discussing th n plans for the celebration said, "there are so niany people in Arkansas who really know nothing of the Colony and I 'hat they would visit us ant learn for themselves, what has teen accomplished here." "Cur announced purpose hera at the colony is to teach a group of ordinary fanners ho lo get the most out of good Mil." Dudley said. "All these families have be=: selected - with care. They, an ; ; :;,!>cqd;;;fclks but adverse circuhv ,, stances,>jbad .crop -.years, orvptrie "reasons' brought" them to^'ll ' • brink of economic misfortune. • First Suggested by Dyess "The late W. R. Dycss, wliil serving as state relief ndminls trator went to Washington "breached the subject of a gov eminent-subsidized colony, to th heads of the federal organizalio "Dyess' plans were formulates on the basis of a sugjestlon o Col. Lawrence Wcsttrook, thei reiief administrator of Texas, wh had closely studied the Frenci agricultural communities. "With funds granted by the old. FKRA, Dycss bought up tracts of cut-over timber lands in Mississippi county with a total acreage of 1G.OCO acres, mostly from drainage districts that had acquired the land for delinquent taxes. "The state relief organization supervised erection of seven saw mills. Road crews cut right-of- ways. As the native timber moved through the sawmills, building crews turned it into bridges, temporary barracks and structures to house laborers. "From the time that the first Iree was felled in the latter part of May, 1934, until the first house wns built in August of that year, the colony changed from an Ar- ] luire been built have filial up BS fast as ll)cy are completed," Dudley declared. The colony miuwjci 1 e.xplalned' Hint there nre no\v 411 fnmllk's living on tlic project uiul during the unsl growing season Imvo I rnl/cd enough food lo last tlicvn iwd their sloe!: l|irovgli 1037. I UiivliiB the cc:nliiK vrlutpr the cclrnists will clear nddltio:ml land and prepare it for planting next spring. l.i'illey listed it few of the In- lcrrsllr>3 (acts about (he colony (hat r.ri> net ircnerutly ):iicwn. 1. H is the oldest and the forest of four government eol- cult's. 2. It h n complete city wllliin I !l."tir, with mi ui)-to-dalo hos- !"l!n!. cnimlii" plant, slii'rlll's ot- !u'o, cafe, .';|:oe shop, garaie. post t>fl!ce. general store and n weekly i)cws|xi):cr, the Colony Herald. 3. The buildings in tho Om- ir.unily center me grouped nbout In n clrcU 1 with a fountain and a u".T;orlnl [a the late VI. It. in (he center. ". No two residences on the :olc:iy nre alike. 5. All Ijinlillngs except those iv,:.di: ol brick, were ccnslructed •f iiiillvo lumber nud were tic 1 - s!p:icrt ty Ho.vard Elchcnbau'.ti, •trie' WPA nrchllccl. C. The colony linr. n mcdern •rcllcn ijiu, that will prepare 30-3 for t!ie nnrkct th!:> wln- Ur. 7. That rioyd Sharp, slata WPA administrator, H. C. Baker •nil I!. C. L'.mcrick, WPA ollb- crtr/.'cie the board of directors cf the colony corporation. f. Thr-t all colonv land Is nrnble and that (•,001 acres Is I'.ow under cultivation. 9. That t!ic colonlsls have p: - o- c'urrd over ia,CDO jia'lons cf sov- ;lu::n, K.COI) bushels ol corn, lui'J 57'! r.crcs o[ garden in cultivation and canned 1V.CCO quarts cf vc^rtablc:; and fruits. 10. Thnt nil castr, uf o;:er.'.-'!i nre belli;; prorated IT the colonists themselves and thai tiiey will pay cut, c;vn their own :ro;:crty nnd equipment nnd build- Injs within the nc::t 00 years. New Canadian Envoy to U.S. One Trial In In 130 Years CANTON, Conn, (UP) —in Ihc 130 years since this town \yas in- coriwrntcd In 1800, only one Jury trial ever 1ms been (veld. A six-man Jury recently deliberated the right ol Miss Dons Ilond lo remain in Ihe old home owned by her late father, which Was erected lit 1170. Winner Heads 127 Books ST. LOUIS (UP)-Eleauor Pfclf- n grade school student, read 127 books this summer'to win first! I place In a book reading contest, Her nearcio opponent, Korma Mamolh, completed only 69. I)R. SALIIiA . Ear, Nose Si Throat lloom 210 • lies. I'hbiic 410 Ingram Dug Office 418 Millions Will Want to' Switch to Amazing New Car i Brilliant New 1937 Dodge Captures ' '\ Spotjight at Sensational New York Preview! 1 Cnnada's now minister to iho United Slnlcs, Sir llcrberl ftlnr- Icr, is shown here, carrying his hut, ns lie led (he White llouso nttcr iciidcrlng ills credentials to 1'rcsldem Roosevelt. The new envoy tormcriy was Canndn'3 minister lo Jnphri. Student Pays Expenses From B?.ff o'i Tricks aid lo cats and dogs lit. troubl. 1 . When the signal "Callliig -M.S.P. C.A." is flashed over the palic? rndlo, Charlie I3rook, driver of the radio-equipped ambulance ol Ibc Angtil Memorial Aininnl 'Hospltil, listens (o directions, then spe;ds lo aid ot the domestic pets. DOROTHY WRIGHT AND RENE BELLINGER "Suc/l smarf, racy, beautiful lines " says Daralli} Wn&M ot New York's yourifrtr social, set., ."Such luxurious interiors you ja*t can't blttma' anybody fat- wanting to switch to Dad&cl"... And her escort, Hcne Bollinfer, afrues with her "I II Centura to lay Ihat hundreds of thousaml* will want to switch id this remarkable 1937 Dodge.,.it's a honeyl" Top row: left, a view of the Commissary or Colony store; right the shcps building .which Includes the Colony cafe, post office, etc. The larje building shown immediately below is the Administration, building which together with the above lv, r o comprise the Ccmmumh Center eioup Third rov Colonj houses ivhich range from three to five "rooms, shewing" two of the more than, two-score different, typss. Fourth row: left, shows interior of library In Community building center picture one of the original 11 ccl- onist families; right shows portion of colony store interior nfth row right and icfv, detail vlo*' ot Colony hospital Interior; center picture of Community buildin Ei\th low lelt sOrghum crop light, cotton and corn field. Seventh row: left, sorghum mill In operation; right, Colony cotton, gin interior. BERKELEY, .Gal. (UP)—C'lrrer It. -Hrahrs; 22. -is'bslievjrt to be Ins only university student in the world who is paying hh way through Echcol as the result ol sleight" of luind magic. Bcnhrs can do all of 'tile sto:k tricks of magicians. H? snatches cooked eggs out of thin nlr un-l slips mysteriously out of. tandculf.i and pulls yards of silk from empty hols. The only possible,rahlion lint might exist between B?nhrs' hu of livelihood and his university work Is that he is a zoolo-'lcivl stu- rien and the latter might help him sraus in producing mysterious mlcs, pigeons nnd rabbits. . • ! Heahrs fell heir lo the costly cauioment of the lats Dr. R. D. Williams, professor of psychology at Pomotin College. E.ll(U-1n S.4UO.C )SUI 31(1 .10J cam Ed enough money from Ills tricks lo pay his way through col- le^2. His especial territory is In Alaska, where he spsnds the summers giving exhibitions bstween DnwEon and Nenana or at Yuko. Eskimos and Indians hav; confei- red on him tlia title ol "Dingl Oc- sun Niein," or the "Big Medicine Man." Beahrs hop?s to graduatD nest May, alter which 112 plans [» mnke magic pay for a three-year j medical course. Strange But True BROOKLINE. Mass. (UP)—Police short-wave radio now brings swill He-Roof Now! We carry a complete line of iGcilng nmterinls...all gucrantccd ...el mcdcr.ite pi Ices. Let us :.h&:v yen how nn F. II. A. Loan will help you do the job. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. MR. AND MRS. ROBERT CATON PALMER 'Til bet literally thousands upon thousands will tarn to Dodge as soon as they see this amazing neiv edition *' oxclalma the charming Mrs. Painter... And her htisbtntl adds, "This hewDorf^e is certainly an eyeful;.. I, too, predict that thousands and thousands will want to switch to it," > • Scoring with ono sensaiionnl noiv featnie «fter another combining bnlliant new "windslrcimi" beauty with record b[o»!.nit economy the new 1937 Dodge is everywhere hniled ns iho hit cir of iho >ear the car that "millions will want to swhcli to" in tho opinion of Ihoso whu have seen this greatest money-saving Dodge of them nil! Scuiliis anuzing new Doilgc now on display at your Dodge ilcaler'sl Drivo ill Discover for yourself its biealh-laking beauty —its roomy, luxurious interiors — its many safely provisions — its' sensational economyl And you, too. will say: "Switch lo the big, new 1937 Dodge anil save money!' W. T. BARNETT AUTO. SALES J '-,y E. Main lilylheville, Ark; kansas jungle lo an embryo civilization. . . "Cclcter.25. 1334, V/illiam Mack Hcward moved his family into Dycss Colony. He had" driven alone through a rain storm the night before to get theie nnd his family of nine;.arrived, the next day. From-.that WHOOPS.' CRAIG'S DAIRY WINS A WALK.'" vmv NOT? IT'S ALWAYS N THE FAVORITE? A. snr; winner every time— CItAlG'S inilh will ccnllnuc lo be the favorite nf parcnls who ivaul good, pure milk for Ihcir children. GRADE A UAW MIUv Quart 10c Pint lie Hulicrmilk, Q( Gc HISTORY OF WATER SUPPLY Modernize Your Home The CISTERN and the WELL - ' : po !.0.\G as niankhui lived b.v htinting and ^ fishing, the problem of a watci' supply was not a very serious'', one. Men could : always m:iiiiii, r c to .line! some freshet or. •spriiiir.' .lint when the race assumed n pastoral existence, it was confi-ontccl'",\vith the danger of-di:piiKJit. On tlic .grassy plains, there were .seasons \wlic_n- Ihe streams dried up and the 1 sprinjj'3 l .''cifa'sb(L'' Gradually, men learned that rainwater'; eoiiltl |;e .stored from- season hewn from rock. Such tinned in the Bible, for than a thousand years lo season in' cisterns me the "wells"'-men- it v.'as not tititij less ago that \vc" learnc'cl You .may water • In . with. •' the F. :H.- : A.' install city your home aid of nn Loan...consult full : your. plumber details. for IKIW to .tap and to force up the water! that runs deep -down. iu. the earth and to raisc'it vo the surface. • • All these things were weary hut essential steps in .the evolution of the 'modern '\yatcr oyslcm as we 'know it today— the system .that puts a supply of • fresh', pure water at the in- slant command of. everv householder, > BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone 80 ' ''113 S. Broadway one is ALL-AMERICAN! J UDOI; your wliiskcy as you judge your Inlf-backs •'-on I'ERFOR.MAKCl lOit thnt sound basis, .Windsor stands oul among popular-priced straii;lit bourbon wliiskicj ns nn All-American champion , . . the belter, more (einnting bourbon for which you've been seeking. Your first taste -will tell you tliis is true . . . that here is a delicious new smoolli- ncss and full-bodied richness tliat's a finer in any glass. ' . 93 PROOF —STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY

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