The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1934
Page 2
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• i. Members ol the.:D«xr»ttc We- men's chrtsi-ot 11 coiinUe* , ' comprise .t)ie ' Korthe^t Ar . District No. 1, *)]> (ttbtr '4 Bonetboe ' Like, , Art., Friday for 'so all day, .'picnic' tad SMtUil. Mn. James B. Clfcrk of this otty, chairman, will JK~ in cbarf e. Mi»!sclppl, 'CrlUwdto, Cfalf. head. Cross, let. Phillips, wood, run; QrwtM, Po&tett. Clay and 'St.: lYands coiwt(ie« are Included. Mrs. Khel Cote CuBJUnghatp of •pi'rdanelle, state ch«!rm«n, «C(J '.Mrs. Ultra PlUbutb o! utUe Rock, first \ice cii»lrm«n, >lll -to guecU of honor. , The affair 'is to be th ip.fpnat one with swiinmini and .» 'plcnk lunch for oth«r'dl«rt!oiis. Lvmoh- es may be prepared at -home or may be obtained at 'the Inn where the affair will' 1 be '-held 'whether or not' It •rains. ' • - Welshimer Offers Advice On Romance TO This Fall's New Co- fv WfUN •-' Writer t» notWn« new about tlte »'»y of | mini with a maid. The ihtine 400( do«6 not vary. It is as the grey drip of an . the way of a maid with » mtn hae met with variations during the last few years. It Is getting larger and larger chapter headings in Uie new textbooks. .jver since Oberlln College decided tlu't 'girls should have the »<KihUge ol "an higher education, bistro »dmitUne them, moth' «'cUon«y , ' b9*n explalolnt Uie re- of a campus to th41r daughters. Love was Bits oj News Mostly Personal , . gj Md to bww whom and when and where fo follow. And what decision to maXe at the cross-roads'. Bu,t cow— -A ctHf'd.may begin the game of !>»»rt tti, is she wfahes, some *du- Wfcri MB t«lUng 'i». There are collaas which 'advocate temlnlii* Initiative wfcen . It comes to . the matter, of dat«s. They maintain W»tr » «irl «T(Oiild .pay ter slure ol ; tht ploalc or ao'rte or dance '" Mr. and Mris. F.'.-H. -. and Mrs.'. Edie • B, : David. Miss ' ' 'Whit- .. , Minnie '•Mstthewi; ./Frtijk' worth, Mrs! ' Margaret day foT.: vine, where.' 'th«y; ' yesttr* . ., •• .-. Lieut, and -Mrs. •peorge.yM. :Pow>' , . ell, of Carlysie, -: ' ' 'Sat- X ' Ujat a*'if jwjy-ind wheth- Wi'th*»n lt-6r-not, most men ami tall "«i«n -40^4 ' ii__. will- tea Hite tbey yesterday her aunts, Mlsees Emma and Orra Hasklns, of MemphU, and Mrs. T. O. Sines, of Indianapolis, Ind., and two brothers, W. M. Stsk of Cenlervllle, MUs,, and Eugene Slsk. of Memphis. W. M. SUk aUo visited his mother-in- law, Mrs. Mamie Pritzlus. equally well. Pray that you will. You will have more fun, and there will be no idle tears spilled across Irrefular French verbs and Isosceles triangles In your texts, because the answer to your freshman campus prayer has pluriizcd his heart Interests. You are in school to learn. How to get along with men is one of the courses. Make it a comprehensive one. Then, when you have your diploma, there will be time enough for specialization! ===== Osceola Society — Personal ^ Mlss La Verne Scurlock of Osceola and Mr. Clols S. King of Blythevillc were nurrled at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Scurlock, here this altemoon at 4 o'clock. The ccre- '( -•- •: > I • . .. . I lufferUig/frpm a'ttoo* doVln-thc veins of his leg.,; AjmtuhiUon -of I h|* foot-will be r^aary an$^ h y'' «telaru say th« operation <will be extrtoMly haamrdius to tiew ol Mr MaxweU'i «4noetd ace and ?«k heart .eonmuon. »»• daughter, Mrs. Roland Oreen of Blythe- vllle, has been with him during the past week. Another daughter, Mrs. J. A. Pigs of 0«eola, went to Memphis today and his sons, Abner of Shaw, La., Charles ol ISIEADFOR PflSl MONDAY, AUGUST (Contlnned from Page 1) efforts to Improve agricultural conditions, holding that farm prosperity was imperative in • any program of national well-being. , He was a student and critic tou of tariff and fiscal subjects and jumped into the national spotlight Prefers Them to Dogs or Cats. ror a nice pet, have an elephant! Take It from the trainer or the elephants who go through their paces at the Lee Bros. Wllrt Ant- umped into the national spotlight ' , r( :.,. " „~~. ""*>• "." '. " with a spectacular attack upon the ?'?'?'""" '?"'"* <° Br » l »«> v Pavrn.-Alrtrlrti tariff «htrh rtivAimi. «> raorl °w-. There s no finer Payne-Aldrlch tariff which dVveloji- Oaceola and Blan of Memphis, are I ^ lnto a general Democratic fight at their father's bedtMe a* Is the thlrt daughter, Mre. R. White of '• Mr. and Mrs. D. Fred • Taylor Jr., apent Sunday In Memphia with Mr. Taylor's mother. Robert Stunners of Strong, who formerly lived in Ccceola and was employed in the Pint state bank returned last week to accept a position with the Mbaisaippl County Bank. Mre. Sumnerx and the baby will Join him here later. Mr. and Mrs. John Andrew Ed- on the Taft administration. Political observers save him considerable credit for the election strategy that, In the.following presidential campaign,' elevated Woodrow Wilson to the White House. Graduate »t Amhenl Ralncy grew up in Carrollton anil went to Amherst college for his scholastic training. He graduated there with the degree of A. B. in IMS. took a two-year law court!! in Chicago, then went back to Massachusetts for post-graduate work which yielded him an A. M. •lllc JV>t thim a nice, big's trumpeting elephant rington and Mrs. Oeo. Bdrtaglon' work whlch 5 " elde(l hlm of Oeceola. accompanied by Mrs i degrec tron> Amherst ln Enoch DougUss of Memphis are He was * boxer and ' In OWcmgo attending the lair. Mrs. J. B. McOhee of Atlanta arrived Saturday for a visit with ier mother, Mrs. W. E. «urton Mrs. McOhee was before'her marriage, Mlu Virginia Burton. John Keiser ancT bis 'mother, Mrs. Buste. Ifrflser, accompanied by their cousin, Miss .Mary Elizabeth Rhodes of Payettevllle are expected home Tuesday from Chicago, where they spent the'week at thc Fair. 5al<1 , - - nigbV-tor ,''a ..ten .'djys .' stay' •with - MK.' FoweU'* p««lit», i Judge ' -' and' Mrs. G.rZ. K*$i. T^iy h'av« been vitltint /parfa'te .'«? '.-Hew. Powell .1j$ ; ;C61oriAi..' • •'','-'•. '".'^i*^; notebook/ il 01 : 'ajl, .as you enter th* campus routine, d«dd? to get by *iib as irhaU-aa ainount of 'neck - irig; as poisible. -Kpt because 'of moral .reasons -.or~4ear of coose- <}u«R<*5 oaiy. But 'because "you «ur< ; )j.}ye.ia 'Jot 'Wort luijl if u ' tl>c Rcv of thc ; . junior jWi» attr«ct)ori for' .jbu ',*«* 'you will go . "forew il you do wit .you.- i y . ,11 miy She wifi'j sister, Miss be Mni. . "*• .,•,•**•?,••; at •*V""W r ' ,Y*~ •MMiJ Evelyn. !*«,-. -ijnd -at ''WjjckllrJe, Ey., : where'.-t»fy.--v1^i;w>elb UT i 9 e .city. •'•;•:'.'-', '••'•',.•••;' • •• "'' .'• -.--.• ' *&•' «°S'i?«&- :; r*rcy JBtoftt,»« • tucky', a'ye^»e—to-''tb> 'farm at -'S»t6r6.' ' '• • -Miss •'- •-" '' », . »n rrtog -ur^.ditft! He'll probably )!!?••= y?«'-'J«« :•»'• well, and If be' iownt, - «e'' wbiijdnt have been 1586. sprinter in He's A 'Real Pel real pal. He never awake : Were .iwij- never. a girls' dormitory «.*«orlty hot»e. 'that talked over ^U5,'dc.nqueit.).as eagerly as to . : d«TOt?d to «Hiw;r»e(ie theirs. ' The receiving rooms of the Scurlock home were beautifully decorated with baskets of pink asters and ferns. Thc bride wore an aft*moon frock of pink crepe and her "flowers were fashioned in a shoulder bouquel combining sweet-: htart. roses and valley llljes. Leaving unmeUlately after the 1 ceremony Mr. King and his brtdo' drove to Tallulsh, La., for a vlail •1th his parents, Mr. and Mrs T. I. King. For traveling the bride wore a sport dress of white crepe with coat and accessories of blue. Returning after a week's Bly ' Mrs. Kins Is a recent graduate of the Osceola high school and is well known here where she has been an active leader in young people's church work. masculine Don't be Xli^WftS: ip^lo viUe 'hosptt^Trttay. is Sr^fe^:'^.!™. »' Wife -hospitii improved." "~ yesterday ;.in' ' -.(* Watioh for- a 'Week. .. . Saturday from - reiaV ' . . . ?: Mr*. -.O..vH.VHcIt -and Oookesvlile of •- .,,. Mrs. C.. B.^Hblt,;.and/.Mr. arid Mrs,. Bruce r Holt'. '• : Walter' ^ Alison. -Coi, son' of'; Mr ' ' . , ' and. Mrs. .Wiltt^Cox 'jr,: of "ta. b:'«ry;.fliyat.the homeiof - was ..|rat«fnlty. Nobody ' * lass "ilk or ••'••TTTTT— apples 'for a -T--7J-.counter'-woman. This is- njt-.«:;*itacKm«ht. it's Just sound /Jtton't-.Utt about marriage. TI " '""-"— will meet are in ' to have a good .vr:' -r---~.— j-» »re hoping for »{n»nc*. .don't let them know. Don't refuw to .date men who «re socially acceptable Just, because .your; heart is set on a certain one who'helps a football to Piake -a. game. Have dates. Go places..-Be .gay and merry and sympathetic. Stay In circulation. A Wile-that does, you know, is iMv.wore-.likely to land in the pocket-for which It is aiming than If • it. remained at home in a cracked teapot: ' Constancy is admirable, but until you. have grown acquainted with. a. variety of under classmen and : upper classmen.' don't ret one exert a monopoly oil you. There several whom you will like _. „ KUl * h "s made hUj home in Blythevllle for the past four years where he Is now employed with the J. c. Penney company. He is the r T l!f h ,r ** *•*»•* Included 'in the small group of " ntl -who , a -o attended the ceremony were Mr King's brother, T. E. King Jr. and M . rs ;, »ng. and R. L. Hood of Blythevme; Mrs. R. N . st(]ne an<1 M;SS Frances Scurlock of Mem- : his . . . B: ewsr. Roy 'Rkey of • Waferb'ury, -Conn Dick and : . Date -RIM, .'of -Chicago' spent yestercjay with. -Ed -Rice! their brother, '..and. his' family.- en] 0 **-. 1 9. ".tKeir- homes" -.'after'' at- tendins the /limeraU of '•• their ; mother at-West .Plains, -M6. Mr Rice, .who-.-also .'atteiidtd 'the • funeral after having -been . there, sev- fra\ Aon* .Ulc.. __ -' * ___ ' . ;•'.. .. turned . Mrs., w.'-. A. Hatchett '.arid biby have re urhea -;tp. '.their • home in St. Ixmis .. jfter . spehtjinj j - part °' 'I 16 sumner -with. -Mrs. Hat- iiBiil}', motored to Jonesboro yesterday for .Katherlne Lnvcrty who spent some-mile with Roth «coy. MISS sjcoy accompanied her home for a visit in Blythevillc where-'she formerly resided. .Baker Wilson has returned from Memphis where he 'was with Mrs WlUbrr and their Infant dahghtcr Jane Grace, who was born Thlirs- the Methodist hospital The ' Mrs ' Bog « ttri . .... ~' ~~»6««1 «uu IKU6 Lillian Boggan of Tupelo, Miss. James M. Wilson of Herrin, ill., and Miss Margaret Todd of Paducah, Ky., were married at Lux°™ on , *" Bust 12 - The ceremony *as said by the Rev. R. A. Kimbrough of that place. Wm. Hale of Etowah and Miss Irene Halsey of West Hldge were married at Etawah, with Magistrate J. H. Luiuford officiating. • -* • Loal .Dlckson of Osceola and Miss Lois Lee Hardln of Burdette "st.^^ " "* ^ *«*>' • * * James Rubble and Miss Fields, both of Osceola, were married here with Justice of the Peace O. L Waddcll officiating. • « 4 Willie cVover and Mtes Irene Chism, both of Victoria, were married here. Magistrate O. L. Waddell said the ceremony. C. B. Hall of New Madrid, Mo., Is here for a visit .with his son, '. B. Hall.jr. arKUMrs..!HaU. Dr. and Mrs. S, b. Momicad and their small daughter, -Rhoda of Shre«port, La., arrived Friday for a . visit .with Dr. Morehead's parents, Rev. and Mrs. n. C. Morehead. Dr. Moreheart Is head of the department of economics at Centenary College ShrevEDort. : Miss "May H-ncan of St. Louis Is visiting . her aunt, Mrs. LouU Naming and her family Mr. wia-.Mw.-D. S. Laney and Mr. and Mrs. T. A. White arc in Blloxi, Miss., for a-week's stay. Mrs. J. A. Moran of Ftort Scstt Kans., is here for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Sam B. Coble. She will be accompanied home by llttl Miss Joan Laney. Mr, and Mrs. H. A. Behreas and their daughter,- Betye Joe who have been away this summer, returned last week for a short 'visit with -Mrs. Behrens- r bfoUier, S. L. Qladlsh arid Mrs. Sladlsh before going to'St. Louis where' 1 they will ms'k*'- their - home. Nathan Wetoberg and Miss Bess Buulrd left Siinday for St Louis where they'wuT buy fall merchandise for the Miller store. Mrs. Roger Pblntras left Friday -D Join Mr. Poitras In New York She was accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. F. B. Hale and Miss Elizabeth Doyle, who will spend a week in New York city before returning home. 'You ran have your dogs, your eats, your canaries and your parrots, but give me an elephant every, time. And why do I pick an elc- liliantV" "He's .._. „ , whines, never keeps you „.„„, at night with a back-fence serenade, never sinus when you don't feel like having music, ami dossn't keep up n nonsensical stream of chatter. And. what's more, he'll do things for you." | There was one time, the trainer chained, when Babe, leader oil her troupe of pachyderms, proved j to. be a true friend. At that she was playing under the, could do nothing to tlnU out what the matter was, and In u moment I saw Babe's shadow on the walls of my tent. She seemed to be toying with the ropes. Gust after |us of wind tore at the tent, but when the storm finally was over, it stUl jtood. The others were down, but mine was safe." "Pas«on Play" Film To Be Shown at Tabernacle The full-length screen piclur- ization of the "Passion Play", famous drama of the life of Clnisl as enacted In the world famous German community where it or- iginaled, will be presenter! tonight at the tabernacle, Chickasa\vba and Division streets, where the Rev. Leslie Garrison, evangelist is conducting services. Special music will be rendered appropriate for the occasion/ There will bo ix) preaching. IN MEMMUAM Sadi'y One year ap> today mi* hutband,- (ttber passed away: Oh how we miss you, Father 4e*r| And your sweet vo(ce we no mor hear. He is sleeping beneath the «uO Though in Heaven with our Go«l| :'here the angels called him ham! To depart Irom us alone, lo be with_Jesus on His ...,„.._ There we'll meet you, Father deal Up In Heaven with no tears. Then our sorrows will all be ^ C i ji When we meet you dea'r Father. 1 ) On (hat, blight and happy shore. Mrs. James M. Jarrett and Family. Read Courier News Want Ads. Marjoric Ducket t Teacher, All Types of Dancing. Registration Aug. 31, Sept. 1 Studio at Hotel Noble WANTED Hand operated adding maohiiK'.s. Phone IJ7 E. B. GEE COHON CO. track team he ran thc 100-yard u dash in close to the 10 seconds, ,, h , .... • ~ which was then the summit of',? ° „ ' m a 5" lail town - A human speed. Also he won the in-1,1°"" came u " (illrln & the — ercolleglate heavyweight boxing Iurmancc ' championship. When past 70 he lept in condition by using rtiimb- sclls and walking two miles dally to his office. Films, Z3 Years <)M Developed WESTFIELD, Muss. IUP1-A roll of films of sriapsliots taken 211 years ago by Mrs. Blanche L. Scy- ^iore were successfully developetl here recently. Energy S»rpflsed Police Chief BRUNSWICK, Me. iUP»— When two young men askicl Police Chief William B. Edwards for a 'meal he asked them first to work on the wood pile. They started at once. It was so unusual that after they finished he .gave them the meal, "The crowd was huddled in ths tent and we were in danger because the wind was whipping the smaller tents to thc ground. 1 had fled to my own dressing tent, and sat there in terror, not knowing when it would so down over my head. I had forgotten about my elephants, until I lienrrt an agonized squeal. It was Babel I . , and money when Ihey clfrarets, left. Whale "Blows-en" for Boat STONINGTON, Conn. (UP) — Whales arc unusual sights in Lcji Island Sound so 43 passenger aboard the motor-ship Elizabeth Anne were thrilled for 15 minutes when a 40-foot mammal cavortcc alongside the ship and "blew" several times, sending huge streams of Water into the air. Making, Re-blocking & Trimming Hats We an make jour old hats like w. Steam blocked iolo any new Style. Mrs. H. G. Wickhara - Besj Hall At Our Residence «1 We»4 Mate - - Phone 28* GAS STANDAIW KSSOLENE If unmolested, insects would, at] their rate of multiplication, • over- tun the world in a comparatively short time. Automobile Sales Co. Cor. Main «c Filth (Successors to J. C. Appleby Motor Co.) Studebaker, Hudson, Terraplane and Willys cars. KELVINATOR Electric Refrlgerallon Get ow prices and terms before you buy any electrio refrigerator. Terry Service Station Highway (il::-: Stale Line :-: On the Ark. Side Workers Hit Chrrk Fee SANDU8KY. O. CUP)—Because banks here charge a 10-cent fee for cashing relief checks, FERA workers ha've demanded c.ish on pay days, claiming they cannot afford to lose the deductions. Sandusky banks recently placed in effect a service charge on all checking accounts. The moon sometimes rises at absolutely the same time for a great number of evenings in succession in Norway and Sweden. CARD OF •>HANKS To our many friends we wish to thank all who was so kind to us during thc illness nnd death ol our father and grandfather and for thc many beautiful flowers, Mrs.. C.'-c: .'Ttoctor.' 'of -i Kansas it .' _ City, . «one.:to , :•:. ••!« «one.:to Carutherstjrie,< H Mo., .for '.a brief '' ..v^.i^ u ot.tll IJVULIU;,. J. Wunderlich Is In Memphis pday. : .where ;he • Is attending »n dvanced training school of the exaco company. He will be there hree days. Mrs. . Ophelia . Enochs who has seen the guest of Miss Sue Doien or-the psfSt .week has returned o.- her, home, at Horseshoe Lake cco'TBpanled by Miss Dolen. • J. ,'W. Dblpn. left yesterday for a^.'-Loyls where'h3 will enter the tteco -hospital. .;.Mh. Lily Slsfc had as lier guests . .., , we received. Woodard Hutchins and Miss Pauline Bragg, both of Fulton, Tcnn., were married here. Thc ceremony was said by Magistrate Oeorge Rains. Carl Stcphenson of Warden.and- IMss Laura Hopper of Wilson were I married at Osceola with the Rev. H. M. Lewis, pastor of the Methodist church, officiating. M. B. Maxwell, one of Osceola's oldest citizens. Is in the Baptist hospital. Memphis, critically III. Meager hope Is entertained for the r«owry of Mr. Maxwell, who Is Mrs. W. D. Keith, Mrs. Ora Williams, Theo. .Kinncl, Geneva Gurnow, Catherine Keith. Quick Relief for Chills and Fever ' tmd Other EffteU of Malarial Don't pul up with the suffering ol Malaria —the teeth-chattering chills and the burning fever. Get rid of Malaria by getting the Infection out of your system. That's what Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic does—destroys and drives out thc infection. At the same time. It builds up your system against further attack. Grove's Tastetriis Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinine which kills the infection in the blood. It also contains Iron which builds up the blood and IK-ITK it overcome the effects of Malaria as well as fortify against re-lnfcc- t!nn. These arc tlie effects you wunt for COMPLETE relief. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is pleasant lo take and absolutely safe, even' for children. No bitter taste ol quinine. Get a bottle today and te forearmed against Malaria. FOI-J sale at all stores. Now two sires— 50c and $1. The tl size contains 2li times as much as the 50c size and gives you 25% more for your money. —Adv. ID F Is Just Around the Corner-— ' Let Us Clea Be Prepared ———• and Rebuild Your, Fall Hat Nov Barnes 9 Nu-Wa Cleaner Phone 180 Things you may not know CVD about your telephone THE WlSi OLD OWL . ... ..'..fy two lb;.1876)'xan<i(!r Graham .feell Almost'unnoticed at the great Ccn- Bc'll wisely left that problem »o his .perfected hit tetefrrone. The tenhial Eip^osition-in Philadelphia, father-in-law,Gardiner G.Hubbard. BelKrcaiiztd'his-prab'lem was but Hubbard and a group of friends hit half : sol\-ed.iHe'h>d^his telephone, upon the idea of licensing other to convince people companies to use Bell's patents. In they-could send their voics over eicfcahge, they accepted stock in thin-metal wires? these companiet. Hk'2. im.vbice'h'tard ovfer wirVs Was Bell' wheB'ihe'called thrbu'fhihis inttru- ion,"Mr.'W^tson, tome Here,-I-wmnt FOR YOU ... Good Service ot Fair Cost T HUS was laid the groundwork for the \raericin Telephone ind Telegraph Company of today ;:: iht patent orgjoittlioo of ihc 24 regionil operaeiog compjnie»,of which the Souib»e«rrn Corapjny ii oeej ' Orer more ihm SB yem of operttioo, thf fundtmental policy o{the B«II group,as jruIdH by (his parent organiration, has been to ih« • good telephone service it »f«i r cos( ; Thiipolicy b« been adopied becinieweht! thit, from your standpoint «! much is fto* our own, it is sound and »-ork»b)c. t( i, bjied upon the belief that in an nnoVrukini pfceo*'' like the telephone service for the loig pull, wtnt Is best for the telephone uj«t becofflei is iht end ihe policy that wfll bring •»'*« sounder, more eaduriDj Juccess. SoBthveitera Bell TtkpboM fnar'T

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