The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 7, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT .BLYTHEVILT,J5)'(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER- V1939 A War rington, Godwin Ailing; Harbert May Start Frida^Night By J. P. FKIEXn Two of the Tilylhovillc Chickasnws 1 main cogs in then grid machine wore missing yesterday as lliey began propitiation for their annual struggle with the Jouesboro Colden Hurricane at Jonesboro Friday night. Captain Dan Wai i Ingtlli, right*- Tennessee Mows Down L. S. U. end, was'confined to his bed will! an attack of Hie flu, and Co-Captain "Wild BUI" Godwin, renter, did not don a uniform but spent the lime doctoring his bruised leg that was injured in the Hope, game last -week. Both were honored on the mythical all-ilale selections last year. Captain Warringlon was also selected in 1037, them to crash In the Big 15 ?ol- umii. Especially were they lliu.siasllc over the fine work nf Mosley, Warriniiton, Godwin, vin Justice, Huddy Baxter, Travis Bennett, Raymond Blekprslalf, L C, Johnson, Paulk. Lloyd iihd Ford, which Includes (he entire Chic 1 ! i.tarling lineup, and Harbert, Gene Hood and llowell Alley, who wont Even with two stars ab- |tl .,,. substitutes. It Is the ouln sent the spilit and piogram f'f'iou O f many funs that Wnrrii <; the. tube «a<> not dampened In tlw )lotl| Godwin, Justice and Moslcv played their greatest games of. the least. Head Coach Joe Dlldy r.eir. ' Johnson Blackwell, younger broth- cr-:of the Illustrious" Gene now at Alabama, to the right terminal, and Inserted Godwin's chief understudy,' Bo Coppedge. over the tall and .work •went .on just the same. Set lip Defense Fully'aware of I he vaunted passing attack of the Golden Hurricane.' which netted three touch- don ns against Hope, one against Today's Sport Parade By HfiNltV McI,KMOUH NEW YORK, Nov. 7. (UP) — If you cnn't afford to go to Yellowstone and watch Old Faithful ' -. „ spoilt, (lie next best thing Is to oystem 01 bmart, come to New York and watch and ! , T • 1 r I II U "- qtt ' n to man's nearest countcr- M i Vicky roolball naS part of that celebrated geyser, season. They stopped the Bobcats' every threat, except that brief lapse just before the half during which Hobby Ellen broke out on that touchdown run "for 13 yards. For Die first time since the opening game li'.tlc "Monk' was free of injury and he came through beautifully. He gained 114 yards from .scrimmage and set up both touchdowns, one on n long run in Made Missouri U, By CARI, IAINDQUIST Untied Pices Slsft coirMtwni James Joy Johnston. As a mutter oi fact, Johnston may be even better than OU! Faithful, which, as I recall, spouts only every hour or so. Johnston KANSAS CITY, Nov. 7. — Den sixiuls every minute, on Ihe inin- Paurot. graduate of '25 who had an utc. Usually he spouts about box- Idea that footballs, like balloons, ing, which is very close lo his blimrjs and other inflated craft be- heart, which, in turn, is very close longed in the air, came back to his to, his pccketljook, being as IK alma maler to snap University of keeps that article sewed Insldi Miss-.uri football out of the dol- hi* vest. drums thai apparently had come | Johnston's latest eruption came. In say under the Oarideo regime., in mid-afternoon yesterday :c starred his :onn is Just, nfrnlil. Which is •Ight, I guess, but I hate to wwal cowardice show up so early in u3« 'ellow. And lie's a nice looklm-fj joy, too." Johnston to thfl conli'ary, Conn|'| mil. Ills board of control prnbawyjf probably are smart to duck P(vs-j,l lor. The best such a fight Would5J draw would he around $100,0002 and Conu might well eel licked,| Pastor being his equal as a boxer*! and having a decided edge on )iim|l in experience. By playing sflfe,|l and Ignoring Johnston's taunts,|l Conn can be almost sure of " 1! ; outdoor shot for the licavywtlglujj championship next summer. Andjl Conn find Louis would do half in'l million or more at the gale. Conn;:! is personable, lie lias that inlangi-T We thing we call'color, and, not; I having been whacked lo bits by:| Louis, could be built into quite a I card. ' ' "I Of course, he would be murdered. I No fancy Dan is ever going to'I lick Champion Joe, and fancyif Dan is just what Conn is. Hci lias a pretty style and n wlnnliiKf.) Army SiiiTOunds The'Enemy' to the school where he once starred his office to the Paramount mint-." "•- • ^. ^ ' air' a rtistic butl in football, basketball and baseball, ing at Time.s Square, paused w i,,,.' ' „,,.),„, „;,,,' lets ,1,, Thc'I , and the Tiger, grid foilunc.J.ave! ^ei. He ^chosen ^ s-H=€H;= SSTsSsTd , m Madison Squaic Oauien ^^ ^ ^ mUe m(m who | This Is liow the boys from lennessec do II. Cotlmaii, of tlie Volunteer, smashes Into the .. | nnfl t|)e Tlgel . s . grU | lorumes nave i »=«••»• «<= "»« muai-ii • ". ••<» .i»- . .. State university line at'Baton liou«e In one ol thfl'power plans that save Tennessee a 20 lo 0 victory, i^en Icoking up ever since. 71 took; jcc^thej^al^of Biny^Cnnn, the, j^',„„,,,,,. , hon ^ echo 0 Mhe:| LItlle Rock, three against Catholic which he reversed his field, and ' the other on a return of a pmvt.| He should improve all along wild both Ills legs In great shape. And Hint spells trouble for (lie opponents. High, and In fact most of their scores, the Maroon Maulers launched fight'into selling up a de- tense to check Die nerbl IIP.IVCS from Bud Daugherty. This youngster is said to be one of the neatest heavers In the slate. His 11:2- brd- bears out that rating, too, as lie lias n very good aveiage of completions. In the Litllc Rock game he flipped 42 Ihrough Ihc ozone and 20 lang the bell which is not bad hurllngs even in the big leagues. Jonesboro has some boys around who are bctler-llinn-fair hands aU receiving the oval. Johnny.Os- inent and Howard Bar linger arJ listed as regulai ends and arc of the glue flngeied type, to s.iy tV<c least of Wcody Diuliam, James McCall and Henry Drcher, in the backfield. With a light and none too durable forward wall, the Gol- rien:.Geisers toss the ball around much on the ordei of basketball and are a constant threat. Slake Chick Changes Continuing his search for more — offense, the tribal big chief made anothei sweeping change in his backfield yesterday, a change he has been planning on since early in the season He switched the versatile Sonny Lloyd, a pile driving 168-pound bundle of djnamite to fullback and gave the starlhiK light back beitli to the dependable Hugh "Tex" Harbeit.. That meant that bridegroom Willis Ford will act as trouble shooter, n F|ir-t formerly held, down by the nimble legged Harbert Nonnan "Monk" Mosley and Long John Paulk sur- The Dope Bucket By J. P. FIHEND WONDERS — Tlie victory over the powerful and undefeated Hope Bobcats has worked wonders with tlie spirit of tho 'ElytheviUc Cliick- asaws. While their enthusiasm lias been of a remarkably high order even though they have been the victim of some mighty tough breaks in their conference losses to Pine Bluff', Little Rock and North Little Rock, it readied new heights following their 14-G decision over Foy Hammons' big and rugged feline outfit. Tlie fans -can help no Hlt;j in maintaining that zeal, so necessary to n winning athletic team. The test of loyal supporters comes at a time when most needed and that time is at hand. It .the Chicks ever needed' backing and encouragement they need it now. Unas been tough time for Pnii'mi. In develop the kind of team that irad brought hi'" ">-" at the Kirksvillc, Mo.. Teachers College. His Teachers eleven was working on a 2T-i?amc winning' streak when he resigned to return to Missouri. meet (or, on Dec. ID. If Conn's mother or sweetheart had been there one or both of them would have slapped John- couraging setbacks lie gradually installed his system of fast, smart, tricky football and the fans went for it. This season there has been very rough burgh Irishman and lie didn't stop to smile when he said them. He challenged the Irish in Conn for one thing, saying that he had al- Billy wasn't there. But he'd gel a lot of money aii'ljl speaking as a. man who once had 1 ! a new, bright, crisp $2 bill, right:! in his own hands, lhat money; isn't bad stuff. i ways understood that Irishmen ' liked to fight and would take on all-comers just for the sheer delight of a brawl. Then, lapsing into the patois of an Oxford Don, lie accused Conn of taking o. "run cut powder" on Pastor. Translated into vulgar English powder" simply means ^^^^mfmmmMiM&m^m^K^^^^^ •..^..KIMX'^S.*!**.::^ :::=.:„— — -»~-»~ ^•-•— ~™ ^ Completely surrounded by foemen. fullback l-iepui of Noire Dame (at left in black jersey), ncverihc- parantly ^ ,, oraE lo lleci( , less kicked up a lot of dust at Yankee stadium before he was brought down by Army tackier on ^ • opening kickoll'. Noire Dame won, 14 to 0. sailing face ''or dlrecten criticism following, their reverses ' by the Zebras, Tigers and Wildcats. Many ol the most rabid fans made no bones about openly attacking Ihc vlyed the change at left halfback! team, coaches and every one. con- and blocking back, lespoctively, nectcd with the school and it hurl and likely will team with .Hugh n nd hurt plenty. So, why not for- •dlally and farmly ns it they I Arkansas and should offer an ex- ling •indeeA tor me kids-in the ccllent comparison between the brand of high school football played in the Wonder Stale and Indiana. Following .that game Hie Chicks wind up the season on foreign soil, meeting the strong Russellville team, conmicrcrs of North Lit- 1 tie Rock, on November 24, and the i t. Referee Is Weapon For Mat Demon «iui jmu.j v,m icmii iv mi . ""3" (111(1 IIUI'I picniy. OU, way IIUI iui- lie limn, uii.uuii.iiiut.1 - u ••— „„„„„«,, nrnwrl nl Hint and Sonny In Friday's starting L el whBl hns gone before'' That's next Thursday they ring down the A ^r-capa dtj, crowd of:mat lineup in the ball caiiymg dc- so mllcll wnlcr im j er uic bridge [and cftn'l be undone as much as like. Let's ciicournEc (lie .partmenl. Tills move appeals lo be an excellent one Tlie advent of "Tex"I£„ ''"aivc'uicnrn"resouiiaVng" slap with Lloyd and Mosley gives the on Ulc bal , k lim i 101 uicm we're Cliicks tluee triple threat artists L thcm m %. Greet tlicm as and should inciease the efficiencyL oixlla i, anrt wlumly as „ , hey nf nrllrnllr-lnrr Mid Kn 11 \\Jiiitr. rt I J . - i . curtain at Forrest City. Botli are conference games. This Friday night they .will be at Joncsboro fans jammed the Legion arena to the ratters last night for a canna- Imlistlc demonstration between of ndvanclng Oie ball While n M • lop of Ulo wo ,. w * demon on decnse Po,,l has not am , wcrc u * c kl ngolns O f the whole been able to bicak away very of- ' )d , abov ° l ,„, , urn om ,„ ten on long urns winch have chat- r"'°; " "; f ' aclerized otliei Chick fullbacks In * nltn lllc ' n I 50 " 01 " 1 previous seasons 'such as Kddie Sa- After all, they haven't done so liba, LeRoy Brown. Bjron Walker, badly. They lost 12-0 to a great and Murraj Thompson Paster, Pine Bluff team, one which may and agile and - especially danger- go down In Zebra history as one Charies ' with a Big 15 game. So, start • right now beating the j drum for but succeeded in winning two straight over Freddie \Vllliams:'He took the first in 11 minutes .with a hammerl'-ck and the. second In seven with the crab hold. The veteran Mixe Meroncy rolled back the years long enough to pin back the cars of Joe Feronl. the big, bad Italian who fell for Meroney'si old ring trick. The ancient Irishman was getting'iicnc the better of their one-fa!) match, but suddenly stopped wrestling and called the attention of the referee and a' wllout crowd at almost every game and .with the emphasis on the airways, the Missouri attack lias been Sensational. A veteran army inan, Maj. BilT Jones cf Nebraska, brought his undefeated Cornhuskers lo Missouri Saturday and stayed lo see them lake a 27-13 shellacking. Faurot's air-minded Tigers, with blond Paul Clirislman directing the attack, handed Nebraska tlie most stinging defeat, ever administered by a Missouri eleven. The'Tigers piled up more points than the previous (ive Cornhusker t cpponents combined. Most of the gains were instituted on the pre-| au excuse! Pastor weighed j clsion passing of ChrLstman, who anc i Louis 208 the first lime they 1 completed eight out of 12 tosses me t. And in Detroit this summer for 104 yards. I Bob was only IBO'.i to Joe's 2C4. ' Tied with Oklahoma for the Big' Only sissies care about weights. ,' Six "conference lead with three vie- Don't tell me that Conn is an I lories and no defeats, Missouri's Irishman. He wouldnt have o schedule the rest of the wav apaears give more than five or s x pound, n bit softer than that of the Soon- to Pastor, and what's that? No. ers. The Tigers have only two more conference games and Oklahoma that apparently is c.oing lo decide the title will be the Miss:uri-Oklahoma contest on Nov. 18. This weekend Missouri goes East lo New York to Inckle an improving N. Y.'U. team. Oklahoma, an easy 38-6 victor over. Iowa State last- Tots Help Build School CLEVELAND (UP) — grade I pupih at St. Angela's school I turned out with picks, shovels and] hoes to help dig the foundation of I Hie new 12-room school being built] in suburban Flanders Village, run out 'ducking" or "scramming" or avoiding a certain situation because of fear of the., consequences of staying and meeting it. ""Hell,""Johnslon said, "I understand that Conn doesn't want to fight my man because he thinks is too heavy far him. What Feroni to a supposed object beneath the canvas. The unsuspecting „..„...j ..,.„.._ Feroni relaxed a moment and Me„ .'chewed"mid "gnawed each other tJI roney pounced 01, throwing him -right now beating Hie j Jhc in(ellse . sat | s r ft ction of -4he with a back drop and body pin. the nilcy High gn'» c -! mstomers until Sinkey finally pick- The lime was 11 minutes. . . c , lstomcrs until Sinkey finally pick- With every shoulder to the wheel C(( Hp . iUc re r e ree and hurled him we enn put the Job over, not for bo( | llv nt D [n 0 n to knock ihe 250- H._ .. n ), A ~t l^tn «nni n tten\r ^\'^1^ "«"• J •**- . __ _ • • . pus once in the secondly. Sonny of the Greatest of all times. And;the task well will be ample pay- should be able to get away oil I those two touchdowns represent jment for the elforl. Let's Go! the long Jaunts which have char- the smallest score recorded against acterlzed his sensational piny all the Dunaway Dead all season, .season. Against Little Rock the Maroon Hugh Held Ilish Maulers oulgaincd the defending Hugh'.'; value to Ihe team has champions by a.ratio of 4-1, yet been invaluable Though.'not a dropped Ihe decision by a single starter in exery game, the fact print margin, 7-G. One "break" that he is always a^ailable is In-|p r0 v«l enough to beat .them. It SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — When an orchestra at tlie Golden Gate Inteniatknal Exposition staged n . . v . j, _-...-„ free, dance "for negro jitterbugs fcr the stands to be filled to cap- | a ls , I)lcal gi n kcy show, but the 011 i y> " i rn te white jitterbugs stood actty. The feeling of having done CKvA rKU - C d Its" approval and lin-' outside by the hundreds and ycllnd> the sake of the lot the boys, Ihe cltv. What a tribute it would be game itself, but d g , ftnt tp tllc cn , u ,,, s nlld school and the . br , n g , ho matc h to an end. . was n typical Binkey climax to surance with high indemnity. K' is held high in the esteem [was one case where the superior team lost. In the North Little Rock Tide Works Out For Game With Tulane Coach Dlldy. Only ; -Jast week his gnme a dropped pass in Ihe end ability to transmit signals and see zone early in the ball game turned that they were carried out uponl thc tide of that battle. Personally,! . , going into the game paid off. U believe if the two teams were to TUSCALQOSA. Ala.. Nov. 7. (UP) —Coach Prank Thomas planned a stiff scrimmage for the Alabama Crimson Tide today as workouts were intensified in preparation for the game with Tulane next Snlur- Ends Holt Rast and Hal Newman, slightly injured In the 7-7 tie with well and Hcrky Mosley, Tide left gered in the aisles as Sinkey, Dillon and neferee "Bulldog" Mnllory put on a little extra riot Just bafore Ihe authorities started to call out the national guard. At any rale Sinkey was credited with winning the two final falls, one with n crab hold and the ether by railing across Dillon's chest after he had jeen knotted, down by Mallory's nirle<l body. Dillon's only score side from some retaliating bites along Sinkey's anat:my, was the irst fall which he won with a bc'ai nig and body pin in four mimites George Bennett took a lot o punishment in the semi-final match Dtscriminalion, discrimination." "It as necessary to cancel a second veiling for colored jitterbugs that ad been planned, Whole armies of Celts used to larch into battle unclad, more ban 2000 years ago. was good for 55 jards and a csl ,, lean « 1 ") IC lsUl * < \ J '! St \f' ' - h (1 « orlb - halfbacks, playing the part o "Jitterbug" Kellogg. Tulane threat 10 Years Air 1'rogrcss DETROIT, Mich. (OP) — Tci ,, 1 l touchdown against Little Rock and cmu >' a LUllc u ° ck , ~ _____ ....... ..... ->,-- — he was on the sending end of five ed thcm ns thc " 11(ml luck cliam P- years ago Capt. Sam (Kit) Carsoi other completions m thai game. lcns of I933 -" For thc scason thc >' dean of the Lake Michigan pilots ' completions m thai game. He throws a solt pass, much 'on " nvc wo » " vc aw ' ' osl ll "' cc - Call Us For Prices Before Selling Your Michigan pilots mane his first flight from Detrcit the order of Herky Mosley. and Is Only one home game remains on I to jnuvaukee. The trip look one quite accurate He can scat willi! li ie schedule—against the James [ i mir aU( ) 10 minutes. Carson pi- the ball, too, having a respectful. Whitccmb Riley High ot Smith j lotc(1 t i lc Pennsylvania Centra! Air- nmnuig a\erage for Ihe year. He;Bend. Ind.,^at Haley Field. Nov-j lillcs amphibian across the blue also punts very well and has shown ' ~ Improvement all along. Monk Comes Through Coaches Dildy and Mitchell Best heaped. praise upon praise for the tory—a cool 1.000 berries. Tills great showing of their charges in game is deserving 'cf patronage. It snapping . Hope's winning streak should be an excellent contest, as that had reached seven straight it brings together two of the and at' the same time enabled strongest teams in Indiana and ember 17. To bring the Hoosicrs | wa t cr s of Lake Michigan recently to Blylheville required one of the j OI1 „„ anniversary flight: flying largest guarantees ever made In Arkansas prep school football his- time, 40 minutes. . week, may run into trcuble against Kansas Slate, a fast improving squart . that dropped Kansas 27-6 Saturday. Nebraska ' is expected to rebound against Kansas and Iowa goes out of the conference for a joust-with Marquette at Milwaukee. DRIVE TO LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION ARK-iWO STATE LINK FOR Gas and Oil NOW MANAGED BY Walter Cox^Jr. and E. M. Murray BUY NOW PftV NEXT FALL Yen can buy anything in our lino now, iiayiiiff only one-half down anil the balance next fall, providing die lolal bill amounts to $411 or more. KUBBARD FURNITURE CO. WINTER CONDITION Your Car THE PHILLIPS WAY Here's. What. We Do: 1. Drain oiil heavy, worn lubri-J rants anil refill transmission and! differential with 1 new winter! Gear Oil—up to S rounds. Ex-l Ira 'charge for extra quanfi-l ties. I 2. Drain out summer weleht oill and refill craultcase with the! correct grade of fresh, clean! .winter oil—up io 5 quarts fft 25c, oil. Extra charge for over| 5 quarts, premium grades, for flushing oil. 3. Complete lubrication of chasslsl and all movimr farts. 4. Clean and inspect spark p and rise! for' cola yeather| starting. ' • - >-> '"'"' 5. Remove battery from car antil paint carrier, test cells and] clean terminals. !. Flush radiator with special ra-1 dialor cleaner and inspect liosc and connections.' '. Inspect healer and windshield| wiper. COMPLETE SERVICE $3.95 For Belter Performance Use PhllliiK Safety-Cheek Servlce| PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. & Walnut Phone 81l| ISIS Lee Wilson 6 Co. Quite n Sight CLEVELAND tUP)—Mrs. Albert Fonda lias a collection of more • than 700 different kinds of eye-1 glasses. Harry Bailey's 'Rodeo and WILD WEST SHOW SOUTH 2ND ST., NEXT TO BI,Y. MACHINE SHOP FRIDAY & SATURDAY : NOV. 10 & 11 Featuring .... Broncho busiinj and Bm'lmia sieer riding, fanry ropin.?. etc. WIN §25 CASH 1 i Anyone who can ride "Joe Louis" under contest riding rules will receive ?25 cash. This horse has never teen ridden. Saturday 2 p.m. & 7:30 p NOTICE TAXPAYERS in DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 17 /ie tax books will be closed for the payment of Drainage Taxes on NOVEMBER 15th After which time penalty and cost will be attached. DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 1? of Mississippi County, Ark, BLYTHEVILLE--SUNDAY, 12th AMERICAN LEGION OLD CAR DERBY $150 In Purses--50 Mile Race---$50 Cash Prizes ADMISSION-2Sc~FREE PARKING-NO EXTRA CHARGE

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