The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1932
Page 4
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PAGE POttR BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ooofcOB mwa oc, puB .-•>-•••' 0. R. SABCOCK, K11WT H. W. RAINES, Aartrtttlog •oil Ntttawl Admttolut Itepresentatves: Aita&m IfeUkt, iae,- N«w York, cuicaio, Jrtwtt. St. Louis, BtUu, &u*ii City, UtUt Hock. . PubUibed Evety Atternoou Lxccpl Sunday. totered u second class matter at the post •Sloe at Btythevllle, Arkansas under act c" Oougiess October 9, 1817. Strrea By toe UnltM Frew SUBSCRIPTION BATES By carrier In the clly ol HlyiMcvlllc, 15c per seek or $6^0 per yeav In advance. By mall within * radius ol 50 miles, $3.00 per year, 1160 for six months, B5c (or three months; by mm In postal rones two to six, Inclusive, »6-5fl per year, 111 zones seven and clfilU, (10.00 per year, payable In advanu\ Oliver Wendell Holmes It seems -traiiKe Hint Oliver Wendell • Holinc-s should be leaving llie .sii|>n'mt: court because of the failing liciiltli lli;tl cxtrc'iiic n|{(! has lirouglil him; for here, if anywhere, tliui'c scorned (o lit; one man on whom age Inn!- DO elTert. Conservatism often is the hiindmarl; of age—yet Jii.slicc Holmes is, nnd hits but>!i for 111,'iny yews, one of llie nation's foremost liberals. Nearly ill years old, he has ninmtKcd to keep what many of us 'lose l>cforc we reach half that age; an oiien, iiiijiiirintr mini), a forward-looking attitude tlml is ever ready to hail a now horiv.on, n willingness to recognize-change and tt desire to meet that change unhampered by too great reliance on the iirecwl- ents of the past. t Could such a inan be called old? In years, of course; he lias gout; far beyond the scriptural allotment of three score and ten. Hut mentally In: has been one of the youngest men on the bench, and he has given the nation's supreme court a tradition ol' liberalism that has leavened it .for yf al ^ ' i' .....:-•; -' ' •'And now he is retiring; and fow Americans of any time had a finer record of service to look back upon. • * » It is startling to.realize what a IUHK period his active life spans, lie served ; in the Civil War, seeing much of the hottest lighting of that fearfully sanguinary conflict, and being wounded in. action tlii'ce. times—near liicli- mond, at Antictain and. at Fredericks-' burg. Jle retttniod to Massachusetts, the distinguished son of a dislinguislted father, to finish his education, to teach law at Harvard and to serve, fin- 20 years on his stale's supremo court, j [caving it_p_nly when President Roosevelt elevated him lo the- United Stales .. supreme bench. Few men have compiled so bright a record. And yet it is not UIQ record alone that has endeared him to his countrymen. II is a lhin K hanlor to define, harder t<> grasp—a Ihim; that is most easily summed up in the overworked word of everyday conviTsa- lion as "personality." H is what lie is, more than what he lias done, that makeslm final retirement siidi an uu- OUT OUR WAY pleasant bit of Heaven kiujws, Justice Holmes has earned a rest, and we cannot bogrudue it (o him. U'u can only regret tiuil it finally became Jiiavssai'y for him lo tnke it. In the i|iminl, old-fashioned phrase, "In- lias dwtrvwl wull of the JtUpubJic," — Hrnco Oi The Collon Soulli's Great Stake In Lurope The lavl thin, 1! oni ol h, 1H Toms lm-l»bl>ls Of Old llailSf III KI !>:i'SCIll lUVl'K. mid one Toms K-natur, V utu! In Cini-ivy; ii:;nlnsi ralKyiuj; (he i-iinviii iuM.i'<,;i'. : , : > , : ii (oii-i-;ii ili'lj;s, Ird thi- Tc.y:,:, weekly IK u'-k v.helhi-)' il).people ol 'ivxsir, risi!!/,, how Jo t i y u\rtt m;i- teibl vr-liiirc Is lied n t ; nilli the oeoi:o:iilc nnd pulniciil fortunes it Kiuoiit. U was p:miliMl out dm cue-third of Ihe iniiiiihihoii or Texas ut-ks lo mate Us living Ijy ijruv.hi.; co'.lon, ol which nlne-ii'iulis must ihiil Ic-ii-iijn mai-ia-is Willie In Mississippi tilt J-iMli) i.-, nril ll|-;lll'|-. and lu the cutlon Ml as u wliok- priilntoly i,nc liitiifly mil n! every four ni,ik..; ;. c:ullon tro]i ns 1!'. phtitlp;il ii]!ili::l»t:lii<: e;:i-li ye:u. * t * II Ihvic Is oiiL- tliln;; llie s-i-.iili IIIIMIO! ;1 f- fc'Kl lu i!o, for (lip ,:n!;i. (J r 11-, , :v .n (••.senlial liilwi.-..:, il is (., (;1 | :e tin. : it (iiii,: L . Ilicit what h:i]:pci!:. In KUK.IK!. null lu Kiiioi».. Is the con- ccni tolely uf KnullKliincii,' rreiithiiiui, Cierniaii» and oilier Eiiropciin ixjujili-s. —Ark;i!i«is Cia/j-ltt. But ol ruurro for thle iiiiiuiinie.s. IliliiKs will ho prully dond. Uul, when Greek me| O;vek. :i|ip.iicnlly one nintie n piny for lliu olhcr. sec us, we'd (hlnk H n.u tuo other k-Huws. A UiciitrJcal coniiianj- uns MirtLlcil in Cull- fornln lor bt;ii;ln a u,, nncitnl tin-el; dr:im:i. The unciwil Greeks were loo mullein for us Cities :ue slrlvlng In l):il:ine e Ilioir blltl»cls I" order to keep tho luhnco, theru will linye to be ;i lot of Juggling. Bind: painicd lips are (lie inlcst fail ,Kist anulhci- evidence tlinl ivhi-n things ioo k d!u - k . wl tlicy'rc usually piviiy iuft Piouably oughl to extend thnt inoriilwlm,, lo Include Leap Ycnr. First the (Icprcsilon e eis B nmii (!ov,n, ami then the women Leap on him. Ainu-ay, if Greek drama iviis as bud us they ,-ay. ijonnmfc misivt, the only place thtTD «-ns .soini'lhlie; i-oltm. Bill Paris ilrc.wniakers lire usiu-,- dollar M-ns for iHitlons. Whifh-brliiBs np i u jan, ,| 1B ,, ui line. "Uiilton, button, who's B ot the bniion?" Philadclplifci Ins put Its museums on :i p.iri time basis. That should jirovltlc wo.-i: fi>r „ few more anlicines. llonulnh, l,ns bin. placed under military mle. Kviiieiuly has lo lie tome way (u Ltep lo;.',s Icokins for Rra.^-skirleil, ukululc-play- '"ss cals iroin Betllns L-caeluil. t'ittsbtiruli nvcrasccl n imircler a \virk in ID31. lint W j,i, womvn having u, L > privilt-c of maliins mistakes, teo. (his l.eaj) Yea:-, mny- tc they ran l)iin s up ||if stvcnvw a lilth- In inn:;. By Williams is AVMRIGHT, \ /^ y^' / vlll not b? used as the olflclal party var cry i;n:, year. A magazine ol- ercd a SIM privus ami Senalori j'oiielund of New Yoi .Vashinsjton and Shcpix.. u ul !„is, all IJemoerats, actctl ns Jmlccs. 1'liey picked Ihe Stubbs entry, which vns, "I-res, hnwl We're coming back." . . . Apparently lots of peo- . . tie thought llie Democrats ha.t <le- ! ac: " tnm S£EGLANCES ' By George Clark I ; -^ - ^ Induflry stimulated their metal) i- Jlaii nnd liicrtasnl their ix;!!:;lone, but that'ort'iactivity brwioh't. about f.itlsue with dlsturbai^ts metaboljsm. anemia, lrrlts.ii'1- Ity and digestive' disdirlunces, a r.c! In the case of many Koincn disturbances ot their .'emlnlne Jui'c- llons. Tbe only iafa treatment fir illene and cxlfeustion is' icst. Chroiilc lallsi.'r h .shown by a d!"'"'' aiisu'int of red coloring the- bleed, a. rilj,iini s h.-,l amoimi uf red btot-d ceils, and a !owtd j:owi'j- of the blood iu ovcrc«:n? infectious diseases. Thesj uri; chvlnisly redous effects .liid iMianlcil nijaliiat ill every *• V$f '£.3 '• ^ : .\ WASHINGTON LETTER i b "H^V C """ g ll - llk "! tbc walcr - So! "»'»'= »sk«l him why, I.uokc<l I. ke a Good Dem«!r.itli ; nnd lie answered: 'I E5en a lot of . -lim I the EHUorial R IWJ1 - ra Marleil. - things in my -lire, but that's the only thins I ever seen there was enough of.'"... Latest picture of Hoover mid his cabinet shows the j president, Vice President Curtis, I Secretaries Sittmson and Mellon all' By KODNEY DUTCIIEK -SKA Service Writer WASHINGTON,—Notes from our j — - — ~ vti "..n ttivnun ui mtlon's opital . . . One rwrcts i lvear '" B hi 8" s "°«i. Private advice :trY> (till/ fllfll. tin Hint If, t._~ — .1. _, o have to Inform Mr. J. J. Slubbs if Kobstown. Texas, llint his pri/e- .•iniiins slogan for the Democrats are Unit they do that lo keep their ankles warm. Hoover wears ----- • • »^uu,vi >*vcu:> size 7-B, black, with pointed toes, made to order. • * * .ml Senator;; Majority Trader Henry T. Hainey >rk, Dill of '" tllc Hoi!se Usei( to'be champion lard of Tex- toxcl ' nt Amherst, and Minority :I us Jmlccs. Lcader Ber l Snell learned how to use his lists many years ago in it lumber c.imp, when he had to keep oricr. . •. Both are in good : phy- tie thought ihe Democrats ha,I <le- | ac: " ll ' im • • • Notliingr cnicriain- cidcil to yo into the campaign with " ns mni " conie ot !llis fllc t, but're- Itat one. but. (he incident has lUvi'n I" 10 "' 1>cr <llso (l!at b( %- '"'sky Mi- IIOSL- ot the party high command ''.'•''' 1 5' Trader Jce Robinson in UK Industry. WORLD ANNIVEP o m-lll |41^ LII I "t the party high command I'". 1 ' TjCa(ier Jce in acute pain in (he neck. Unde- [ bt -' :lnl « ! )lns been known to swiii*; el-vert bushels of editorial raspber-!? 1'°™"!"' fist, and thai Majority •-•-•- Lc.iik'r Jim Watson, not as beefy can always call •If.s have teen hurled nt the parly -- - Imnks to Copelancl, Dill and Shop- " s hc on( ' c w;ls ' - « ^,, nrd ™ '"f I!c »' iiepnblican senalar from Captain' Adolphus Andrews, chief t *™ ^"'f' W * rre " ™' Bluboilr ' ot stalf of the Nnvy War Colbyc al I "Xh "M,T ,* ''i-",'? 1 ""' "°"' U ' y Newport and former Coollilyc aide KIM, i' r ™ in| P 10 " of tl'c world. , . ells one on Theodore K<W5cvclt j. v ,.,. ,' ,!° s , n . l .^ ins lo fl ' l£l °'« nu-nt a New Year While House re- "L 1 " ""t , ''°" $ ° f t!oll!lrs :option many yenrs ago. Rooaavclt C oun"r bv h°"l , I>C C(I '" " lis He vtsidn.; (lelesations and C a fray "(I | !!L, h °, l 'f S ', N ° ,'" 0rc , Vlvki (O5! '=1(1 ;:ent who had wailed lor hours ' m, 1 ',. < tlb °" L lll!U ic.Kkd il,.. lino of citizens. "Mr. I?'"., •', £ r?°"'' curres l""'"™' mi aide amiomiccd. ' S' ,^,,^ 1 :. Clllrae<1 ; " <low lild y•Ci.ncru: Public!- H^ve.t who,!-, ^^ of' for^ ^1''in" >,] «.>.i >---j..1.1. '-^iir.L.1.. ,_i_.j ... ! ... .- .. _ ~'3" i-uunr-, lit- i. General!" Ami the leader of lie liltli; plain-folks army passed on. staring back in amazcim-nt. ,. cone into default . . .' \ JhoHJjhl he was leaving me enoiiah lo live on and then one of the big banks here handed ns over the counter e cu;a-;-d. when ask" n r" for l " .m-l'mc of t ' iU i b<! ',"" oi ' 5 re -=» s to ""' iiiiu me of thv i-olerctt boy on u ! wouldn't have bouulu them Ite war transport who le-., nr ,i ovtr the j said 'No.' 1 ,^1, I ould « i i, o i.iil all day .on.;, icotiuj. dmvll . lt j lomc business." ' ° ! vice president in his big priva'e of- 1CC thal i[ !:e ! " dl >' 1 «&"„£. =»" s to ""'occnt investors they Person Should Feel Tired Only Oiie-Fiftli of His Waking Hours r.V 1)1!. MOKlilS FI, ICtli'or, .Inunnt i:f HIP Aiivrlrini 1 Mrcliral Avsucialinn. H.'W-i.i, fl"' Kralth .1 ncl ot i i". that nay he a 1:: ..'-• the;-.- a:«mi:l htm t- ';i.i nl accidents. t!i 0 si,,-,.; ;.';iu- hs •iml:iMry ro:!t:i... |::i'bi<-i:i. No M-ii-iuific i;. I.'"..- (or ('r; ihr (.-: h.i:inU:l atnoiml ft i; ; -. ly increase to th,- ]- v -ii; r. but the (h:;r; : i:-< just bcin;; tiird ai:cl b : s; 'o flu- pain: [-,; ( :,, : 'in art diiTc-renci-. -'' a porsor. V i :) ;„ lual:":i. he s!:oi;U: i; -;" lor ;::Prc thai. u:ic-i:li'. . '...-.kin-: l; :, i.j. of i::e most imiwrlai;. ". llll;.l.-: ill i!ll'.li»;;-.- [..";.. ccnip.ition nnd il t ' t ,1.,,,' wi'i.:,- ol il-.c Horkii-./''; v-n.'K i-( a sinniar O r n\- iii'iic;i:i chaucter. cerncc tii;i oi:]-. 1 ui;i L L'.u wi;h ihe pr;-:;i|-"i ' • | :.'i'. !o: the [ ;1 ::n:y jiv"- 'i::; c! the hwf:- >;,;,- il'.o'.d r;-.i;;cs i'.f:cv""ic'-';'.--, '.o l-e ! :i cx- of a A Is s • BOO ; : tiv-d i.i.s to- :•> UllC e.5 of c ublje ." liitic •AC lor .. mar.- '.vonicn .. '.vlt.-i - 1:011- clS-« > rtay, orpak• clca-i- •I'ork. Such occupations not- only bring aboin acliicd faliuuc but also ii.lcTforc with llie total amount of :'icp which is ecnialiy Important, licrcdom and n icclin-; of ii.-ec.'- i:<?s in.iy resn;; irosn' a nic.-.lnl or emotional at;i;n;ie lowarl '.'.or;:, bat borrdnin is not the KIIM-; ns physical fatuiie. Dr. V. M. r-nlmicrl. a Fn-nch physiciln, that a ncrsnul amount of tctivit.y tn tl-.i- pan 0 J women in Annointccme?its Tho Conner NT-U.S nas been a«- ll'.onred to ar-.;:&:;-cc the following cnnclidar'.i-:. subject lo the Dcmoeralic prim.iry. August S. l"»r Snrrift KOL.AN'I) GffKKiV CLAKKNCK II. W1I.SOM Comily Treasurer \V. w. HOLLIPKVKH ifor 2nd term) Circuit Cii Ur ( OrK R. L. 'I!!L!.Y" GAIMES (for ;ud term) Counlj ami 1'rolntc Clerk w. ii. -DOC- SCARSOKO MRS. ,T01i.\- LONG 'Re-election) ,_ r ° r f'ouni.v Assessor S. DILL.VUUNTY (for 2nd term) C'lTV KI.UCTIOX Tuesday, April 5 CAIU..UJ.VS AKIlKSiT On Jnn. M, im», Jawiili Cail- lanx. for me i 1 I'reiu-h piemier, was a i rested In Purls en suspicion cf troasuiu'';!'.' activities an:l Urfi;- p<l In Hie i-o/iini'.'ii prison known I-:L Same. It war, cli.ii'gnl that lie had been in communication with (ho Berlin Foreign Olfice, and that his object was to conclude a peace ut any price .';o that he eoulH. resume his bustm-st,. Ills anvil was due in part In a cablegram from Sccretarv ot Stnle Lansing of the United States, who furnished evidence (hat M. Caillaiix had been in coinmunic.itlon with the Berlin Foreign oirice ns far back as 1915. M. Caillcuix had gone lo Argcu- ina, and the. United States had nterccp'.cii a message ot Ambassador von Ueinslcrir from Wnsh- ngton n.-uardiin M. Caillaux's ac- , .Ivities. - ! Speaking in (he (Jhtunboi of ynunsijAY, JANUARY_H_I 932 IHJS CURIOUS WORLfr HUHTSO /tMNXof Ttffi (riORiO'S KesTpAueefious AHIUH.S CHURCH EXCUSES =By Ccorjc W. Italliani; y, to come into enemies." with our t ity Clcik S. C. CK.11G ifor re-clcction) London Faci'5 Shortage In Good Tailors LONDON, England, (UP)—There s a scarcity cf tailors here. West, End tailors declare that unless here is a big increase In the snp- ily, t;cixl tailors will scon be very carce. The conditions cf work are lavge- y icsnomibii-. A bis proportion f the best ;ailora arc. pieceworkers, and ihcy • work ill shops in which they have to pay rent for a scat. Courier News Wnnt Ads Pay. There i s> no question tlml; the malic:- settled unless we call mot her dislikes Joe and his par-: In a couple of Japanese diploma's. ticuliir church as much, or iisoiv | , ~ than anything on earth-In fact i Judge DodgCS Charge Of Stolen Love S/1N FRANCISCO, Cillif., (Up) —"And 1 once loved that ink-robe." That's what Mr 3,- lold Jud^o G (she felt about. Ben F." .„, .,,., jstar bcardcr. - She claimed Dean I not only sto'I; her affe'ciions from ihcr husband, but filched K decoy [ducks, a pair of ruljUci- boots, a ismokim; jacket ar.d a batli robe (from her house while she was at ;Rent> gcttins a divorce so she ,could marry him. j Judge" Steigei- found Dean niiilty of the ducks and bocts cn.uuc. •Love," he said, "is intangible and (he defendant. Is not loyally guilty of theft in this ehn; 1 " apart as the poles, and since mother .has practically made our home her home they have pushed the poles back some. Of course Joe feels, nnd rightly £0, that K-C <l!<t him a bfe favor when he was allowed to come iu- lo our family. Yet, hc Is so wrapped up in his church that he won't even try lo '.Tro osir way; end I am how convincod that'since there aie so .many real smart men in our family, and they all believe our ivjiy Hint ive are right—nlilla on the other hand Joe can only boast (and IID do?s. plenty; of Oiic congressman and two or three constables in his family. - He says Ihcy were all members of his church nnd his Is. rjsbr. -,."0, •! don't believe we 'will ever get Frozen apples have beer -Vr lour months without \K-..\\ appreciable amount of vltasnin C "NOW we can tise it 99. Products are nearly always put on the market before they are advertised. Quite .frequently, changes liave to be made in an article before the public o-en- erally will accept it. Color, design, f lavor-those are some of tne thing's the public has to be consulted about. Sometimes a product won't sell at all and simply has to be discontinued. As soon as people show that they welcome an article and as soon as all refinements and improvements have been added then you could hear the manufacturer say, if you could be in his office, "Now we can advertise."' ' When you buy advertised goods, you may know they have gone through the experimental stages, ion may be sure that the manufacturer knows they are right and that he is willing to stake his reputation on them. You may be confident that you are buying goods that have sold and that would continue to sell without any advertising-at all. For advertising mere y lets all of the people know-now-what considerable numbers would find out bv word of mouth ten years from now. Of course, advertising goes a step farther. Word of mouth hardly ever tells all the uses of a product, ?, I j loosnt give the real reasons for its superiority. Advertising tells people all about a product and the numerous ways in which they can use it. Whatever you buy, therefore, let the advertisements be your guide. When the manufacturer savs, i\ow we can advertise it," you know that you can sately say, "Now we can buy it"

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