The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1939
Page 7
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'UESDAY) NOVEMBER 7, 1989 BLYTlIEVILLti (AUK,) COUU1BU NEWS PAGEStVtt CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION £>al)y rate p«r line for coniecu- 've insertion* time pet lin» ico fwo times per line pei day 03o llifee (lines per line per day OSo K thnes per line per day v O&s tonfl rale per line 60o [•aids of Thafiks.. 506 & 15c Minimum chifge 56c Ads ordered for tlifee or six khie.s and stopped before expiiai Inn will Be niafgM for (he niiin- ler of times the atirt appeared arid Idj'lisfmerit 6) blii made. I AD Classified Advertising cojiy liibmittcd by persons residing oul- •itle of the city iiYuisl be uccoiu- iumea by cash. Rates may be eas- 1 ftoniptiterf ffoin abovt table. Advertising ordered for irregular lisertioiiS taKe's liie otic time rate. ! No fespoiiiiuuV.ty will be tateti 1 uiore ljia;i one iricofrect liiser- ii til irisf tiasSiiied ad. For Sale Tivo broadloom.- twist • weave O.xia rugs. Color iiiaroon. 1'racllraliy hew. Reni-bargain. Phone 727. 3,-Qk-10 Tulip slid Narcissus bulbs. True (o riaihe and color. Henton's TRUE BARGAINS of ribwort, 200 E. Davis. 7-ck-H AT I'HILLll'S O!nni~jonquii bulbs 50c p?i doion. Every Used Car and Truck Mrs George Cro*.- 300 Lake S(, Offcrwl Vor Sale Is Ready lo ^,i=^._^_, i .^.-,._..J' clc ". 1 ' | f io - Scd ''' hcm T ° th »'! Nice fat chicken*. Live, )5c pound, iw ;•„,,, p.,,-,;,/ c-»> Kiitl dretsed, We pound. HIS W. Main, phono 125. 4-ck-ll '38 C'hev. Coach 1D30 Ai'Kansas >'~ Ton Trailer L1- conso. Number 281-368. Owner may Imvo suine by paying' cost of tills nd. Courier News.' - winter, phone 4-P___^ i 1—3!£ Gallon ypuni; Jersey cowj| Oood condition. Tested,'fotihdj' 31 clu 'v. Se(Jllu •••'•••••• .-...5389 free of disease. Gives 50',f> cream. 1—10 yfar old riiule. Sounri, food condition; Cheap. Plione 700 or 372. For Reiit • | Several good ihuleEj mares | young horses. Paul Byruin. l-cK-8 and poiiifoflabie bcdrfiorii. 1025 Wiilnu'.. Late mqde| tractors. RebutH and Call 512-W. 7-pk-H: refiriisiicd. Good as new. . Paul convenience.^. Ash. Couple only.- BIO 7-ck-tf Aiils-Ciialniers COnibiiics. Easy Terihs. Paul Bynilri. 2fl-ck-(f rooiri unfurnished apaflinem.! Mrs. franklin Young, 2(1 S. |*iKc. .. • 7-ck-ll usli6d Corn, Chops, Meal . and Bran. Public Crushing. Blaylock liil; Higliway 61. .• 24-pk-ll'24 WAUNINC. IN THE OHANOKflY COURT CHJC'KASA\V«A D I S T H I C T MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, AUK- ANSAS. Harry. BaiiRli, i'lnlntllT, vs. No. 1015 Mlrlmu A. n:i»ijh, DcfiMidnnt. Tlic ilcfendnul. Miriam A. Biuiyi. S485 Is wnniod lo niijicnr wllliln thirty rp rill -..-g I days In the court niimcd In tho r< •—v* 1 ' 8 caption hereof ami answer the Tiidor ...... $3i$ complaint of tho iilalnliir, Harry Baugh. Dnted tills Oth (lay of Nov., 1939. HAHVEY MORIUS, Clerk. By Elizabeth Dlylhe, i). 0. Vii'ull Gifme (Ally, for ri(f.» Clnucle P. Cooper (Ally. Ad Llteml 1-H-21-28 Dig, Dig For Defense '38 ForiJ Tiidor 5487 '.'id Ford Tudor S2S8 — TRUCKS — '31 O.Ji.C. 3/4 i'lck-iip S^8 '37 Ford I'k'k-up $3'J1) '37 Clicv. '30 Ford 'infortable betlrooiii. adjoining j 10 head young, fresh Jersey cows. I m fll /"l&tit IAIVIOCI null/ '111 \W Clrtiiiiii- \Tnr-1-nt TDK mi n n't baih. Geiitleman -only. 713 W. .lulu. Phone 806 W. roohi furnished apartment. Frig^ idaire! Private ball). 110 W. Ash. ilia Micfe. 6-ck-'J ~209 room fiirnishcd aparlnient. IJeh'lUckyi Apply after -six 'clock. Mrs. Sisk. ' C-ck-tf Ihv. room apaylnieiil. 224 piigan. In- (juire at 229 bngnti. Mrs. Wert. • • 4-ck-U pardiieiit, 816 Aih, wilh private bath. Rent $15. Tliomas Land Co. 4-ck-U room furnished apartiricnl. Ufili- ties fufmshei il2D.W. Ash. flcely furiiislied fcuf-roorn apart- /nient. 530.00. Call evenings, phone -. 305 • Dugaii. ' ' 2-ck-9 room apartiiieiU wilh bath. 207 Vine St.: Call 816. C. Abraham. • • . i-ck-lf room furnished apartmeiil. Mrs Elma - Crowder,. 606 N; 5th St. -: '•::..•; .'• . 36-ck-lf closets, .'stearii heat. Icrrcd. . 'Phone" 1. faed5j b two Men pre"- 23-ck-tf or 3 room fiirnlslied apartment. Newly decorate'tt; 9'i4 Heani: 2l-pk-ll-2i fbmfortable bedroom. 101V' \Val- hul.- Phone 102 after fpiir. : . 17-ck-U beafbo'ms. Business women. only. Plibile 339. ' U-ck-tl Nice comfortable room. Close in. 310 W. Waihiit. 13-ck-U Nice • Bedfobfii. Convenient to bath Gaines Market. Phone 93. 23-pk-ll-23 Upriglit piano and four foot Fri£- Jdalfc" electric refrigerator. Bolli in excellent condition. Phone 17 oi- call at 811 W. Main. 9-ck-ff Oak; Cypress. Sl8 per thousand. Delivered for *20. Ad- Idlnlng Clear Lake Farm, D. R, Garner of Armorch ll-pk-ll-ll Wanted to Buy WANTED A FLOOR SCALE PHONE 70* OR 312 24-ck-ll-24 WE PAY OASil FOR Used Furniture Roy Koniice Fiirtiitiire Store 111 W, Main ,.23-ck-ll-S; WE BUY SOYBEANS Stcvens-Coppedee Gin Open Dar-NHc — Iliwx 18 West • 16-pk-ll-ic rU p Phone 810-811 for \VAUNI.\d OHDUll IN THE CHANGERV COURT OF C1I1CKABAWBA DISTRICT, ,,,. .f... ,3,3 MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, A.II- I! ' J la " fJ ' J | KANSAS. ?203 Hoy wnlkor. Plalntlir, vs. Ko. 7050 Mary Wnlker, Dcfcndai'il, 'Hie defendant, Mary Walker, Is warned to appear \vilhm thirty days In the court named in the r:iplio» hereof nmi aiisiver Hie coinpliiliit or the plalnlilf Hoy Walker. i)a(ed (his to day of Oct., ite3 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Pltf. ! Claude Cooper, Atty nd Ulcm. 1 • . 17-24-3J-7 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Corner 5th & Wahmt Ucmmis'-ratlou' Ait. Notice WAHNINO OKDllR ; IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CmCKASAWUA DISTniCIT. MISSiSSIPI'Z COUNTV, ANSAS. Pauline Wnltors, I'ltilntlff, Vs. No. 7(Ki] W. L, Wallers, . TliO (lorendniil, W. L. Wallers, Is wiivncd to uppenr wltliln Ililrty days In tlio couii naniwl In Iliii caption hereof niul nuswer llio complaint of (he plalnllft, Paulino Wnllers. Dale this 2«h ny or 0 0 l. 1030. HARVEY MORIllS, Olork. Ally-, for i'IK pcroy WHdlil ' Ally, nil lllciii, OlftMdo Cooucr M-31-7-M WAltNING OltDER Henvy T, Biatxlunburij is wnin- to iippoAi In llic ' Conimcn for tho Clilckiisawba County, «' Pirn Court District of ..... _ ,, Arkiinsn.9, wllliln iiility dnj's 'liorn this -Unto, lo-anwci a • cpninlnlnt (Mod HKiiliisl lilm by bhoclaw Culvert & Maclilnciy Ooinpniiy, IJillori this Oc-tobcr 30, 1113d. HARVEY MORRIS.- Clerk, Uy KllKaboth- Ulylhe, Deputy. Held and Kvrard Attorneys foi' I'lnlntlii ualcs of ilie University of Penn- Olinnla in 18U. It now has 00 C COO volumes, available only to, nicinbers, PAY rVilliulelpiiiii's Athenaeum Is n library (ovmcd by six young fcintl- Flcxoi 1 muscles In lhc> palm of lire orniiR-iilnn clench Ihti fist s(> lightly Unit mliscuin collectors, iklimlne OHO c f (ho animals, found It ncccssniy lo cut t!i<< muscles before (liny could slriiljjlilen out (he Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SBK" Over Jne i»:iac»' Stort • I'hone 510 Notlcc-^I am now tuletinaii for Thomas Ejiml Co. Huvc good buys on Farm nntl City Property. H. C. Campbell. 13-ck-ll-13 Hunting License & BIRD DOG LICENSE FOR YOUH CONVENIENCE WE ARE PREPARED TO ISSUE YOUR HUNTINa AND BIRD DOG LICENSE AT OUR Sl'ORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PI1ONB 35 . Tailors Tailor Made Suits ' S23.50 lip ALL KINDS ALTERATIONS Dclmlc Is XhKihini'uti fJOSTON (UP)—The reason listeners to ft local radio station heard n program of Straus waltzes in- slcad of a scheduled debate between Harvard nnd Massachusetts rnslitule of Technology students- i was very simple. Both KKD FJYDRR" Already cntrehched in Ihc Mn- ginot Lino, French soldiers, iibove. wield pick and shovel (o dig still another trench somewhere lieliijiii llic front Jinns. teams bad prepnrrd Hie iiegiUi«o debating | sido of (he qucsllcii, —PRESCRIPTIONS-— Safe - v Accurate. Yotir Prescription DrugglBt Fowler Driif( Co. Aialn A f'irji Phone 141 IrIM In Blylhcvtll*. l)l:l«si'« KJtlnl PRESCR1PT10MS . Freshest Stoelt (iiiiii-antcci) JleSt J'rltm Hirby Dru? Stores Now I.otntfd *i Kit Nnrlli Secom] ADDING MACHINE & tYPEWRlTfiH SERVICE iSUREAU DON KIHVAiti>S, I'rulirlctor All MakWi of Kttjiilit typcwri'ttrt, Arfrtlnit MnMilftM »nJ C'aleulatorit—Rtpniriiin—l'iti-U—Ultil)6m ON OUR BUDGET PLAN STANDARD TIRES ,, PROPORTIONATELY IOW// MJY NOW WHII,K TODAYS I.O\V l>U10fcS KXIST. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'lllb Snlyii, Bidjel Mfef. Walnut I'holid 814 ! J. t r 61 ne white face" steer yearling . weighing about 500 pounds. Dr. I E. V. Hill, Route 1. 4-pk-lt . 'Biylhcviile's Only'.. Tuilor" Personal Farnts Wanted Arouse Singgish Hvcr, iiork off i • the bile to rid yourself of constitution, gas pains, and that sour ; j Want' 80 to 100 acres, references. mlnk feeling. Take one box ol fox "R", courier News. 4-i)k^9 . . .. K! . R . B "V'S ACTIVE MVEfl fllA.S 25c at all Klrby" Stores Lost Washiria;, Iroiiing Black purse with about $3 In change and compact. Lost on Haley School Grounds., REWARD. "Mary Ex Pert washing arid Ironing. Cheap. Sfeam heat.-Phone 280; 19-ck-tf ; L. Cox, W7 So. Oak, Osccolii. 4pk-8 AMERICAN INVENTOR HORIZONTAL I i, 4 Pictured American td Dexterous. fi Single thing. NCalnip. B6Snaky- fish. In Surly dog. II ff Postscript. Its'Bashful. Navy (abbr.). t"-l Lock part. ... • E2 Indian. 46 tVofcssibrial E4To slitfh. nthlelc. [ie To harvest. '17 Shrub; .3 Royal diadem.'49 Series of iOLariy in Spain. I Japanese Answer to Pr6*ious Ptuile coin. p3 Graced. h4Mnrs)i. PSToward. p7 Steeped morsel. i6 Transposetl. Ill Adam's mate. Itt Lobelia. 50 Not slack. 51 Moss."' . 53 Egyp'tian underworld 55 He ihvenicd Ihc . 56 His was the successful machine W its kind. VEftflCAt 2 Dress trimmings. 3 Heathen god. •! Grief. 5 Hybrid • • stallion. 6 Virginia - willow. ; • VXmas carpi. 8 To conic in. 9 Longs. 11 Right. 13 His gin ^— seeds from .cotton. 15 His gin is the '. -or riiod'cl for modern : ginS. To »e*p. 19 Sleeveless •' cloaks. 21No. •• 22 English coin. 23 To be in deb' 25 Slate of bliss 26 Was , victorious. 27 Macaw., 32 Neither. 34 Merriment. 36 Convex rnolding. 38 Thin metal plate. 39 Manager. 40 Girder. •12 To give off. •!'! Chinese dynasty. •!!> Pressing tool. •S6 Couple. 48 Performance. 50 thi ee. 52 Stop! 54 Whether. Rough dry and finish. 6 quills $1.00. One day service. Wililp ' Green, behind City Ice Plant. • 8-ck-10-S Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE! WELDING lie and dcaTy . wi specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co, Drag line welding Phirifi 19 or Res. ioi» Used Car & Truck Specials for This Week ID33 Cbcvroict Sport 'Sedan, Color. Driven only 12,000 inilcs. A beauty ..;..,.. l!)38 .Hudson Terrnplano ilrouglini. Radio & Heater. Low mileage, 1940 license. • <? /! 4 n Bargain .............. .... §449 1937 Plymouth -Town Sedan. license. Real buy for e. Come .earlj^. 1937 Clicvrolct tick-up Truck, 1940 license. - . 1937 dodge Pick-lip Taick." 1510 ifccnse- 193G ChciTolel lied Pick- Up Truck. 1910 license ... 1933 Chevrolet Coupe. Rumble scat If You N'tcd « l,rtfj;c Tr'ucli Vit Have It. Chevrolet, G.5I.C.. International, Font. All late models null ready' (6 gn~. Easy. G. M. A. C'. Payment 1'lal Open Ni;Iits anil Sundays Tom Little Chevrolet Co. rhoiic 033 P It BI)..-II ARM AD SHERIFF, BUT -TiJRM \T ER ID tte VJIFB I covJSoy.iSAi.wE/ WEPSWOLF' STORY / r OUR TFJJP? ortWO.MV PEA& THIS TIME I'M eolMG ALOME-; 71M&-7RAVEL IS MUCH TOO PANSERO'US FOtiMB 1O, RISK. THE LIVES OF VES, tOCTOR.lM GET7I FOR.OURTR1P GE7TIN1& 1W A ^i BACK. TO 7ROV i LITTLE TARfeET PRACTICE, EHS ILL HAVE ALL I GAM DO WHO SAVSI CAM'T TAKE CARE G)F MYSELF ?". TO TAHE CARE OF MYSELF WITHOUT HAVIW6 TO LOOK AFTER. A PRETTY LITTLE GIRL WASH TTIRHS HY ROY CRANK MOW I TtilWK \ VES,m A SUCKER. IKUOW WHY VOU\FQR A, ^03 5TOBV TRV TO VCEEP \ WWHIM6TOU PEOPLE FR6IA COMIUd To VOUR MUSE. UNCLE LIVKOLM KMOW VOUR I TPV HOT TO USTEH TO THEIR TROUBLES. 1 TRV VJOt TO CARE. BUT CUKE THE/6ET up, VM ^60MER. OH. i DUMIJO \WT I'W 6UNMA DO! 1 CAVJ'T60,OO ML MV ure: THERE LEFT i BUT WHEU I SET TO THWKlVT OF TMEW PJOC \.\. PRIOpV V<lfrS. WITH THEIR FATHER T&> LAZV TO V.'ORk, AND WO WIIK Atf ES6i FEP. T'HEIR SUPPER... IT...IT SOETA (SETS ME, WASHIM6TOU j HEPE, HELP ME FIDO A POT. IT'S GOT UQMEV IW U. I GOTTA BUV THEM Ul KIDS 50ME A KItKf'KI.KS AND HIS FRIENDS The Super Scholar DO YOU MFAf-l THAT THIS BOY ,'OATiONAL &SSAY CONTEST ? ---'EZER.'— W V .15'THAT YOUR. H AIMT Yep—AMD S GOLLSGS SCHOLARSHIP J AS WELL J .J MOT , DIGGEir/ DID 1? MR.NUB6IM ETZ6R: You ARE AD^SED THAT YOUR. ESSAY WAS TMe I LOTTA FOLKS \ THOOQHf ir THE THOUSANDS THAT WERE SUBMIFTED---

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