The Portsmouth Herald from Portsmouth, New Hampshire on January 22, 1964 · Page 1
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The Portsmouth Herald from Portsmouth, New Hampshire · Page 1

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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Wednesday, January 22, 1964
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The Day's Almanac · JMU 8urtM ?: . * '·· "·· »«» P-»- HI«fcUd«Tfcyr.,l.trt.,«:4«i.«i. VOL. LXXVIII, NO. 99 The Portsmouth Herald Continuing tt» Nmr Htmnhlrr Gutf* ^ PORTSMOUTH, N. H., WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 22, 1964 TH Timti Mirt* wtm TH« HIKALD MM I, Ml Weather Forecast TMlfU-Filr, Older Tomorrow-Showers. Little CoMe* HeriM temperitwe (24kwvi)- Hl|h44. low 3*. 22 PAGES Body Found Beside Road Manchester Girl Brutally Murdered Seat for China In U.N. Hit By Goldwater WITH GOLDWATER IN NEW HAMPSHIRE (AP)-Campaigning Sen. Barry Goldwater said today a United Nations vote to admit Red China would put the world body "almost completely in the hands of our enemies." "It's like inviting Al Capone to a Sunday evening social," said Goldwater, launching the second day of his hunt for votes in New Hampshire's first-in-the- nation presidential primary. Goldwater, seeking the Republican nomination for the White House, said "I can see no real reason for any western; power to stay in the United Na-| tions" if Communist China becomes a member and her back ers take the upper hand. Goldwater told a news con ference in Keene that ever sine the assassination of Presiden John F. Kennedy radicals have been trying to stifle honest dis sent in the United States. "The liberals, I prefer to cal them radicals, were the mos disappointed group in the worlc when the assassin turned out to be an extreme leftist, not member of the Birch Society or a friend of Goldwater," he said He called President Johnson's latest proposals to the disarmament conference another step toward "unilateral disarmament." # * * "He proposes nothing new, except that we stop making fissionable materials," Goldwater said. Goldwater warned of "Fascism on the left" as he pressed his campaign for votes. The Arizona senator -- outfitted with his first pair of overshoes to cope with the New Hampshire slush - scheduled another packed day of person to person campaigning for the March 10 primary. # « * Goldwater planned more of the Informal campaigning he has made his New Hampshire style. The format: A brief talk, a question and answer session. Then has many hand shakes as he can squeeze into his crowded timetable. He opened the second round of his New Hampshire campaign yesterday, s w i n g i n g through a half dozen villages with sideswipes at New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller in a call to voters to rally to his conservative colors. BEAGLE MEETS BARRY -- Sen. Barry Goldwater continued his quest for Republican votes today in the Lakes Re- Navy Probing Mystery Death Of Sub Sailor The mysterious circumstances surrounding fatal injuries to i USS Nautilus crewman Sunda: night at Portsmouth Naval Ship' yard are under intensive Nav; investigation today. Disclosure of the death of Tor aeodoman's Mate I.e. Robert S Helton on Monday night a Chelsea (Mass.) Naval Hospital after Navy surgeons tried in vain to save his life, was made public for the first time today The Navy said it didn't know yet how Helton got the injuries -- a fractured skull complicatet by profuse bleeding -- and could not confirm reports that they resulted from a fight. * * # Helton, whose widow and two children live in Gales Ferry, tonn., was found unconscious near the bottom of steep, long stairway outside the submarine barracks. The Navy said he was found late Sunday night by another Big Field gion of New Hampshire. In this picture he strikes up an ac- Nautilus crewman, whose iden- quatatance with » little beagle pup to Gofftstown, one of the jtity wasn't made known. Helton towns where he campaigned yesterday. iftad been seen about 10 '30 that jnight at the barracks. He was taken to Portsmouth Naval Hospital and later transferred to Chelsea for surgery. The Navy said he died there Monday night at 8:10. Cmdr. Francis C. Fogarty, skipper of the Nautilus, said he has ordered an investigation into Helton's death and that further information will be made avail- 22 Republicans Go for ConCon If the number of candidates for seats as delegates is any indication of interest in the State Constitutional Convention May 3, Portsmouth Republicans today show solid evidence of it. No less than 22 candidates*- Gregg/ Bowles Enter Race as Rocky Delegates C O N C O R D (AP) Former Gov. Hugh Gregg has filed nomination papers seeking election to the Republican Na tional Convention as a delegate at-large favorable to New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller. Gregg, who filed yesterday, is the first delegate candidate ti file in New Hampshire favor able to the New York governor He is the state chairman o the Rockefeller for Presiden Committee. The second delegate to file as favorable to Rockefeller today was ex-Stale Rep. Raimont Bowles of Portsmouth. Bowles, who filed as a candidate at large, was a 1st District delegate to the 1960 GOP convention favorable to Richard M. Nixon. Bowles said thc only way to prevent a GOP right wing "power grab" is to stop Sen. Barry Goldwater in New Hampshire, or "at least slow him down to a walk," and "the only practical way" to do this is to work for Rockefeller. He also explained that his "first personal choice" is Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, "followed in no particular order" by Governors George Romney of Michigan, William Scranton of Pennsylvania and Mark Hatfield of Oregon. ave filed for 13 GOP places on he ballot here March 10, with ontests in three of the city's ix wards. The GOP will nominate its andidates at a caucus 'next Monday night, between 7 and 9 'clock at the county court ouse. * * * Each ward is allowed as many onvention delegates as it has ause seats, with three in Ward and two each in the other ards. Candidates, who filed before the deadline dosed yesterday, are: Ward : -· John W. Morgan and Forrest Webb. Ward 2 -- State Reps. Henry S. Murch Jr. and Ernest E. Court Weighs Seabrook Case Over Water able after this * * , %, ' AP Phofo GRIM DISCOVERY--This was the scene a young Manchester truck driver found when he stopped to Investigate a purse he saw lying beside Rt. 93 at the Londonderry-Manchester line yesterday. It was the body of Pamela Mason, 14, Manchester schoolgirl missing since Jan. 12. A court dispute over an $835 water bill charged the Ye Cocke and Kettle Restaurant in Seabrook by the town was taken under advisement in Rockingham County Superior Court here today after a hearing on "the merits of the case." The restaurant charged there was a leak in the line and the didn't represent a true account of water actually used by :he restaurant, and also the res- :aurant owners were not notified by the town when town officials a. Murcn jr. ana trnest *-· saw the water usage sharply in- Stafford, ex-Rep. Raimond| creased 5 vl The Portsmouth Herald W«th«r Station Rtadingi 8 a.m. 12 m. Temperature 38 43 Wind Direction NW W.VW Wind Velocity 1 1 Barometer 29.82 29.89 Bowles, James R. Kelly, David Sanderson, George Remick and ex-Mayor John J. Wholey. » * * Ward 3 -- State Sen. Robert E. Whalen, Rep. C. Cecil Dame, William Palfrey, ex-Mayor Robert A. Shaines and D. Owens Merritt. Ward 4 -- Rep. Melvin H. Chandler, City C o u n c i Iman Frank Butterworth, ex-State Sen. CON CON (Please turn to page three) icreased. Court testimony today brought out that the leak was on restaurant property. This testimony was given by Herbert F. Georges of North Hampton, general manager of Ye Cocke and Kettle since last May. Thomas E. Flynn of Portsmouth, attorney for the restaurant, argued that the town's water officials should have notified the restaurant owners when sharp Relay 2 Orbits As New Link in Communications CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) --A new U.S. communications atellite, Relay 2, circled the is completed. artn today and may be joined Friday by another, the giant Echo 2 balloon, as scientists The Navy said disclosure o seek the best space system for ihe incident was delayed unti - - - Jie secretary of the navy anc Helton's next of kin had been officially notified by Chelsea Naval Hospital. The Nautilus arrived here just last Friday, for ts second overhaul at the shipyard. Progress of the investigation ivasn't disclosed although it is cnown that many people, including Nautilus crewmen, are being questioned. A Navy spokesman said the naval hospital couldn't list any particular cause of Helton's injuries. * * ;· Helton, who joined the Navy in September 1944, has been on the Nautilus only since last Dec. 12. His widow was identified as More Money 'Someday' City Council Eyes Sources of Income Ail-Out Hunt Under Way for Vicious Killer MANCHESTER (AP)--Pamela Mason, the missing 14-year-old babysitter, was shot, stabbed and slashed before her body was dumped into the snow beside a busy expressway, police reported today. « * * The week-long search for the girl came to a gruesome end yesterday when a passing truck driver spotted her body beside Interstate Route 93 in Manchester, just north of the Londonderry line. Police promptly launched an all-out search for ,he girl's assailant. "Apprehending the v i c 1 o u s!"'. ciller responsible for this p o o r ! x girl's murder is the top priority!^ ask of the full resources of our!! lolice department," said Police [I ;hief Francis P. McC!ranf?ahan.: : j Iiivesthiulurs .said a team o f I five doctors who performed a n I autopsy discovered that Pamela j] had been shot twice in t h e ' ] head, stabbed four times, a n d ; slashed in the throat. * * * Dr. Lionel Lavoie, Hillsbor ough County medical examiner, |l said the brutal murder w a s similar to the yet - unsolved ' slaying of Sandra Valade, 18, four years ago. j "I hate to admit it," he said, 'but the two murders are almost identical." Sandra Valade had been shol four times in the head, stabbec worldwide radio, television and telephone coverage. Relay 2 shot into orbit from Cape Kennedy Tuesday atop a three-stage Delta rocket. On the satellite's first orbit, radio communications and a television test pattern were beamed to it from Mojave, Calif. The satellite i m m e d i a t e l y xansmitted the signals back to Mojave and to a station at Nut- ey, N.J. * * # F i r s t intercontinental tele- Two possibilities for raisin more revenue for Portsmouth-not right now but "someday"-were discussed briefly by th City Council at last night' nidget session. One is the very real probabil ity that water rates in the citj will have to be upped before tot ong. Most of this is to covei vision broadcasts via Relay 2 were scheduled today -- an exchange of greetings between' J.S. and Japanese government! officials. President Johnson may speak on the U.S. segment. Echo 2, successor to the spec- acular Echo 1 balloon which srbiled in I960, is scheduled for aunching from Vandenberg Air Mrs. Nola I. Helton, and his Force Base . c i l i f - Friday. It children as a daughter, Dawn!' 5 to expand to a diameter of Marie, 6, and son, Michael, 5.1 135 fe et in space, and the Unit- Helton's mother was listed Mrs. Marie R. Helton of Lyn- agreed to try to bounce signals wood, Calif. lave Helton's age, but it was States and Russia have off its aluminum skin. It would be their first joint experiment in talking via satellite. * « c Relay 2, an active communications satellite, built by RCA, and Echo 2, which has no electronic parts and serves only as a reflector of signals, are different approaches in a U.S. effort Diversification The Defense Department's economic adjustment chief will be here tomorrow for a meeting w i t h Portsmouth area municipal and civic leaders to discuss diversification of the area's economy, now heavily dependent on defense spending. Donald F. Bradford will be the speaker at (he meeting tn he held at 8 p.m. at thc Rockingham Hotel, under sponsorship of t h c Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce's economic development committee. Bradford and his staff are responsible for assisting defense impact communities with development of new industries. Ruby's Lawyers Fight to Change Locale for Trial DALLAS (AP)-Jack Hubv's defense team return to ;o determine the most effective I court Feb. 10 to argue that his type of satellite for a global'murder trial should be trans- ., IUUJ ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,., , t ,,,,,,, space communications system, jferrcd out of Dallas because of Supt. Nat S. Stevens on his pro- the depreciation which must be charged for the Bellamy Dam water system. Another idea Js to some day set up sewer rental districts to lielp pay the enormous sums, which eventually must be spent on the city's sewer system over the next 20 years or so. As one councilman said, it's 'ine to cut the expenses as much as possible consistent with gooc services for the taxpayers, but t is also essential to find new sources of revenue to finance hese services as time goes on. * * » four times, and her t h r o a ' slashed. She also had been sex ually mutilated, and tests a r e under way to see if Pamela had been similarly assaulted. Dr Lavoie said her clothing ha been disarrayed and her under garments removed. * * * Bullets removed from h e body were described as be i n g heavier than 22 - caliber. Pamela's body was f o u n t face - down in the snow by Another Wea tossed around nst night was putting out to bid he entire rubbish collection of he city, so a private contractor vould handle it, perhaps more -heaply than is now thc case vith city crews. City Manager Robert C. Vio- ette conceded that under some ·ircumstanccs this might be less 'xpensive. However, the con- ractor for such a job would ave to be highly reliable and espnnsiblp, and would undoubt- dly have to be given a five-year ontract to make it worth his vhile to invest in thc necessary quipment. Violette said the City of Keene as tried it both ways, and has one back to collections by city rews. At p r e s e n t , Portsmouth's owntown collection and Went- rorth Acres are handled by pri- a'.e contract. Discussion of the above maters arose last night during a udy session with Public Works Most experts believe an even-("general animosity against .ual network will consist uf him." three to six satellites similar to Meanwhile, Ruby will umler- :he Syncom 2 payload launched R« an intensive mental exam ast year. Syncom satellites or-|ination rnnduclcd by a three- jit 22,300 miles high, where!man panel of psychiatrists agreed upon by nisi. .Iiidge Joe B. Brown. Chief defense lawyer Melvin Belli said he was pleased over court which developments Tuesday, resulted in creation of the panel but failed to gain Ruby his freedom on bond. * * c Another result was delay of Litchfield. His condition was rc- OIJ) HOME DAMAGED--Jack Copcland, 20, of Ranficld Road, has a court appearance ported as good. scheduled for Jan. 31 as a result of an accident at the corner of Pleasant and Court Streels I A year ago ,il this lime, only .heir relative speeds match that of the earth and Ihey appear to hover over one spot. Litchfield Youth Killed in Crash M A N C H E S T E R (AP) -- , Michael Colby, 16, of Litchfield'Ruby's murder trial on a charge jecame New H a m p shire's j of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, ighth traffic fatality of 1964, the pro-Marxist accused of as- when he was killed last night i n ' s a s s i n a t i n g President John F. two - car collision in Man-!Kennedy. | Brown said If he rules Mrs. Pa-!against a change of venue Feb. ricia Colby, 39, suffered in-iIO, the trial of Ihe 52-year-old [ternal injuries and was listed i n ; s t r i p joint operator will begin 'critical condition today al Eliot j Feb. 17. Otherwise, he will Hospital here. j choose a new site and date for Also hurt in the crash w a si thc trial. Gerard Desjardins, 38, also o fj The Irial hud been scheduled ihester. The boy's mother, posed departmental budget, of S426,950-~-a decrease of $0,266 over the past year. Although councilmen f|iies- .ioned Stevens closoly, there seemed to be general agreement on the budget requests. Next budget study session will e Saturday at 1 p.m., when the r ire Department, the firemen's union, the other city employes union and the Police Relief Association will be heard. Then, Monday at 7:30 p.m., he School Department officials are slated to explain their re- luests for the new yenr. In Jakarta JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) Ally. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy irrived in Jakarta today for a inal round of talks on Malaysia ivith Indonesian President Su- tarno, arch enemy of thc new] cdcralion. last night. His car crashed into thc side of this P]* of an accident and operating an unregistered veh into w«i found at the icene «nd led to the arrest. . He is charged with leaving the scene number plate belonging tn another three persons had been killed in New Hampshire cidents. traffic to begin Feb. 3. The defense suddenly dropped ils alleinpl l« get Ruby freed on bond afler the court agreed to appoint thc team of psychiatrists. Lawrence Police Trace Activities Of Slain Girl LAWRENCE, Mass. (AP) A painstaking investigation was under way today to learn the movements of Donna Mae St. Amand, 16, a high school sophomore, whose partly nude body was found Monday night in a drainage ditch. An unidentified youth known :o have been friendly with the girl was questioned for hours yesterday and then released by jolice. Medical Examiner John T. 3atal said thc girl had been eaten on the head and two of her front teeth knocked out. ler clothing was in disarray and a brassiere, black jacket and pocketbook w e r e found near the body. PAMELA MASON ieorge Charland, a bakery :ruck driver, who Investigated after seeing a handbag iu t h n snow as he drove along Rout* Scattered about the area were the girl's schoolbooks and examination papers which she had taken with her when a stranger picked h e r up at her house week ago for a baby Monday, ostensibly sitting job. But Police Chief Charles F. Hart said "We don't know for sure if a crime has been committed. Right now, we are just trying to check her movements! · since she was reported missing Jan. 12." Data! said Miss St. A m a n d drowned in some 18 inches of water. He said she was alive when she was hurled or fell into the culvert. Batal also said an autopsy disclosed the girl was 4'/z months pregnant. Mrs. Gertrude St. Amand, widowed mother of six other chil- Iren. lold police Donna Mae eft Sunday to go skating with a Jirl friend. The skates were left e h i n d , however, Mrs. St. Amand said. * « Pamela was an honor student n her freshman high school class. Chief McGranaghan said foot- 'rinLs near the scene were not dentifiable. And Atty. Gen. William May- iard said the body apparently was left in the snow the night h e disappeared because there 'as very little snow beneath thc corpse. The Jan. 13 storm deposited up to a foot of snow in the area. « * * The girl had posted her name and telephone number on a jobs wanted bulletin board in a Man- GIKL KILLED (Please turn to page three) We're On The Air WHEB-FM 100.3 OPENING CEREMONIES TODAY AT 5:30 P.M. on WHEB-750 ON DISPLAY in our bank lobby! 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