The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2(1, 193(5 crcLetu Wool Accorded Formal Recognition Club Has G»«ls Mrs. H. A. Taylor had the Thursday Bridge «l«b this week when she also entertained her cousin, Mrs. Georgia Dailey, 6! Campbell, Mo, who Is hero Joi an extended stay with Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCutchcn, Mrs. J. E. Calla»ay of Arkadelpm<. who Is \ls- ilin'g lier daughter Mrs. Chailcs 1>: Wylie, and M>. Wylie, and Mrs. C. H. Wlllejv Roses .and.-. Hallowe'en . tallies added a colorful the parly.! In 'the .games Mrs. Wyltc won the prize, hosiery. Mid Mrs. Callauay \\ns piesented handkcichiefs. A sal-id [ilnto was bencd with coffee. ' < * • * 5Irj. Boriim Entertains Thursday Contract Club Mis J. T Phillips was guest of Mis Edgar Boiiiin when she had the Thursday contract club for; the second party of the winter.-season. Gladioli and dahlias, in bright rhades, decorated the living and dining rooms and the;. 1 hostess used tallies In keeping with next week's holiday. Mis..John F. Lenti won a compact for the prize. A salad plate .refreshed the players after the same. « t * Guests at Club Mrs James H. Bell, Mrs.'M. A. Isaacs and Mrs. linrry Kirby attended the Thursday Luncheon club party this week-when Mrs, A; O. Little was hostess at her country home' "Fan-fields," Lunch was served at small tables in theliving room, where bridge was later played. Mrs: Ererell B Gee won high and Mrs, Byron Morse, second high. * • > Club Itcsumrs I'arltcs The Thursday Afternoon Drldp,e club, which has not been meeting since early - summer, resumed Its weekly , parties this week whei Mrs Rives C. Allen had a lunch- con Besides the mcmbcis, guest 1 Merc: Mrs K D. Caipentei, Mrs •W. H. Glover, Mrs. Russell Far and Mrs. C. M.- Ciittenden Thl gioup has a luncheon once end two months. It was n Hallowe'en affnh will velrd witches and ghosts, Jab OTanterns made from pumpkin and autumn noweis ananged ii Ihe living room Mrs H. G Paillow \von tli prize, hosiery. ', * •» * Central r-T. A. Has^ Guest Speaker The'influence of the home upo; the community \\eic discusser) b the J Rev Alfred Cnipentei. pus lui o( tlic Fiist Bsnlisl churcl in' .iQmcellng of.the Central War Parent-Teacher Association Wet nesday afternoon. He look up bot destructive and Instuictnc Inni cnces In his talk. Miss Maiy Outlaw ga\c til president's . ' message"' and Mi: Mary Emma Hood s. chorus i junior high yhls s sn g Defense,-' With Setting Card, Is 'Squeezed by Vienna Coup i;V WJI. K. McKliNNIiY ••,; Secretary, American firlilgc League One form of the squeeze, play consists of deliberately selling up high card or cards In the hand an .opponent, so that n squeeze (nation may be developed. Such Illation occurs, for Instance, hciv ; ii player cashes nn ace, leav- his opponent with Ihe kins as A A K 10 VKJ9 • A Q 1,0 5 4 lUibbci'—N. nnd S. vul., Soulli West . North East l';iss Pass 1 * Pass Pass 3 N. T. Pass Pass 4 4k Pass 5 * Pass (i N. T. Pass Opening lead—A Q. 23 'cr.s. • Whether It all makes sense, North and South, with 11 lo[> cards, nn doubt should be playlnis the hand ior a slam. When the opening lead wax made. Uajice, who was playing the hand, coulti coiml five club-jj three hrni'Ls, two .spades, and one diamond. Another diamond \va-s possible with a successful flnessc:, but for .some rcnson thai play was discarded. .The spndc :iec won Ihe llrsl trick, and Hapec at once drove onl Ihe heart ace. East returned u clul). Hapee llii-n cashed Ihe club nee and Ihe diamond act 1 , and ran Ihrce heart Irlcks and four more clubs, On the clubs and long heart he discarded his diamonds. East On the last club squeezed, us he could not retain ( , the diamond kini{ and a ijfor his spade jack, whllo North'* 11 two lii-sL cards were the king :.m jjtcn of spades, mid dummy's two [jlasl were (he Jack of diamonds li and the spade .seven. he high card of the suit; but he • dora nils with the Intention of orcing. the opponent later to dis- ] card the card which has been nattc the highest ranking one ot he suit. Thli play Is known as Ihc Vienna-Coup. The name, which lo .bridge player means nothing at ill. \v«s like so much ot our jrldgc terminology, borrowed from Whist, in which game it had h definite significance. Today's hand provides n . good example 'of .ihc Vicuna- coup H was: played by Georee' Rapcc and Curtis Jacobson nl the Sheridan lltlilgc- Club/ down tn'Gicenwicli Village, New York. ; 'I he bidding ot coiusoj tS highly uncdnvciiltonal, but, h or, a tj|jc favored by some-''younger. Today's Contract Problem South has the contract.; for six spades. He gels tho nppar- cnlly favorable opening" '.of a }o\v club, eliminating aciyUos- ors in lliat suit. Ones this lead by West help, or hinder,': him in malting his slam? AK 10 V K .1 G A K :t 2 Over the Bridge Table ny 'flcen N. nnd S. vul, Opener—* 2. Solution in next issue. 23 John diaries, have iclurncd fiom! Watson O f Hits eily,. luivlng scc- 51. Loiils,--. Eqimllly.. and' Karnak, they. visited relatives, up Saturday ond high score, was given Evening Hi Paris -perfume. The'guest j prize, hosiery, was . awarded lo 111., where Mr. White molb'rcd and accompanied Ihcii: home i Mrs. Prolwskic. . Monday; : Mrs.-;, White and ' John . '» •' *• : Claries., made 1 'Ihe trip up with! MlM:icnary,. Society McclH ., ilr^v i JV|njc,s.,|nint, Mrs. J. A. Wo-1 On Tuesday:-evening Mrs* W.SAi - ' : ' - -"'-•- '•-- Henry i Hyars •Tls u cruel cold world when you nave to go around trying to make licople really believe your sore an- dc Is from an accident and not one of (hose alfalrs you don't discuss— but we did gal the bad ankle n a bona fide accident and If you don't believe us ask the Tlptons or Marie Pollard . . . bul lo more Interesting things of the recent! weekend trip when some of the Ulythcvlllc ]iuoplc went down lp KCc Alabama 'play Mississippi Slate. JIminle Tlplon, with a bad lc» hurt the second lime, could not play so we thought Ihc game not nearly so thrilling as a Illytlievillc HI game. . . . Iml it did look familiar to soc the Alabama learn In uniforms just like ours and Coach Carney silting on the .bench with the players: . . . "Pop" Mosley took son Herechel four dozen hot tamnles as a present and Jlmmie and Gene Blackwell assisted Herschcl In eating them cold while "Pop 1 ' wa.s hunting somewhere to heat them . . . Ihe boys ate steaks all lime we were there (as loni? as anyoir would buy 'cm) even 'for Sunday breakfast and lunch. . . . Tuseft Inosa is a beautiful town filled with wonderful houses but the hotel 1 . There liad never Ijeen more than 650 people at a name there nnd 17,000 tinned cut for tills one with 12.000 visitors In Ui2 town which boasts one lOG-room hotel. . . Jltnmle is one of Hie most! pop'ular boys on the campus, everybody gU - lii'< him a "111. lliorc—come over here—wartchn to meet somebodj and all the college gags. He says 'Gene ami Herschcl arc doing fin? In their football work and tbat Coach Thomas expects toth of) them to be really Hue ncxl yoar . . . baltiroom pap:n- was most popular at Ihe.gamc but it ..turned out IL was used lo throw through Ihe air whon Alabama made a good plav. . . . one of our party poll ouitc bold when a big man ob slniclcd his view ami ordered (.lie said man Lo move. When he didn't the local boy On a loud tone) told j the usher lo have him move al once. The man turned around and showed aboul four gold foolbalh , .. . . HI. returned lo her home i Prince and' Mrs. in 'Equality n'fter n vkil lieie. ' Mr£. Samuel C. Owen and Mrs.! 11. A. T. Cloar were, in Osccola Wcd- ncs'tlny'as gucslii-of Mr, and Mrs. Joe Watson. Mr. and -Mrs. Charles L. Wylie were joint hostesses to tlic Uclle al .... Uemiell Missionary \Societ-y their apartments on : Wesl Sixth , BOSTON (UP)—Patrolman Patrick F. McGucklan, Officer 13 of the Boston polic-3 force, says rj has always been an omen of goo;l luck to him, He has bitu on i-ho forcj 31 years, which figures II r e - vcrKd is 13. He spent many years of pclice service at Station 13. mecticafect with ihtDat-snoihinK ingredients of Vicks VapoUub. MAN 'J'O CUT YAUIXS I'cniiiincnt employment IT work good. CAM, HOG £lre« T n across his chc£'t and II none other than Tony Holm, former famous Alabama player [ Kay Francis, former room mate of Jim 1 ' mle. was anolher oi the thousand^ t ,ol visitors. Ihere,/along with his | Paragould. football game aiKl frien'il parents . . . we nearly got lost In our bathroom having visited (rieiuls Slcpjilng into the forefront of the fashion picture am stunning evening gowns and wraps made Irresistibly attractive woolen fabrics, The small di'Cf:s at left is of sheer, niil:by woril in an cye-catchin aquamarine. Her just-arrived friend has ,a wmp of Mack woo! duvctyn, with .a panel oi ermine r - Ilia back. It was \olcd to have the prcsi- Hot Mrs. dent, Mrs F D. Jojner, nllcnd the comcntion meeting In Springs November 4 and 5. M A Isaacs and Airs W. D: Chamblm will repicsent other local P.-T A's at the meeting. It was also voted lo buy some music books * • "» Entertains Club Mrs c C Langston had Ihe Town and Country Bridge club Thursday afternoon when Mrs Marvin Nunn and Mrs Edwin Robinson were ^utsts A salad plate with coffet' was served after 'he budge games. Mrs. J W p.nker won high and Mrs James Hill, second high. eic prcseillc( ' Club Mccls. Members of the Mid-Week Bridge club -Acre guests of Mrs M O Usrcy Thursday for (he usual luncheon and bridge gamd Thc ladies had lunch al Ihe dining room lable which had cenlerpiccc of small jellon dahlias and nasturtiums Mrs B A. Lynch ^011 flowers for the high scoie prize Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs Fred L Orabcl, of Jackson, Mich, is the guest ot her parents, Mr. and Mrs. n c. Scv- ICr. .; Mrs H M. Kesler, of Osccoia, is a patient at the Memphis Mctli- cdlsl hoEpital. Edgar Ecllbcrt, of Dexter, Mo Is thc gmat of Hugh Nelson Thompson Jr, for tho weekend. rfosemary, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs'Matt Monaghan, Is daily Improving. .She !s at the Memphis Eaplis't hpspllal for ti-eatment for a kidney ailment. Her mother is \vilh her. Mrs. Oscar Bailey went to Memphis jcsterday to be with her mother, Mrs Maude Lamb - o Carutliersylllc, -who Is a patient at thc Methodist hospital foi treatment Mrs. Jesse. M. White and son have as their guest, Mrs. Wyilc's mollicr, Mrs. j. E. Cnllnwny, of Arkadclphla, who "will be here several weeks. Mrs. Callaway ac- comnanied Mrs. Wylie homo"Moil- nay night after Mrs. Wylie had Iccn in Arkadclnhia for a week. Cartalict'sviJlc Society — Personal KnlcrUins I'inoctilc Club The Pinochle Club was :alnccl on W«lncsday evening by Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Tlnvcatl, with Mr. and Mrs. Warren Driver, who arc visiting relatives here, beiui for Ihe evening. High scores were held by Slrcct. Mrs. A. u Freylag, president, liad charge of tho meeting and conducted the business session. DurhiR the business hour, a discussion of the "Week of Praycf," during thc week of Nov 1 lo 1, was held. Mrs. W. L. Meyer in- Iroduccd Ihe book. "Preface lo Racial Understanding." which Is the preface to a nnw study just beginning. * • • Mis. Vnndlvort. Kiilertains Mrs. Glen VnndlVj-t entertained her bridge club Tuesday after- neon with Mrs. Fred Wheeler, Mrs. D. O. Bcnnelt, Mrs. James Van Ansdall nnd Mrs. F. M. Haskell guests for the afternoon. The club prize, a pair of madiera pillow cases, was presented to Mrs. John Martin, who held high score. Mrs. Bennett, having high score among thc guests, was pi-c- Isentert a deck of cards. and Mrs. Fred Wheeler, who were presentee! hosiery as lliclr awards. * * » !t:k'Cluli Mccls The- Wednesday Rook Club was cnlcriaincd by; Mrs. Dick KBRS Mnrkcil Asainsl Thcfl PASSADENA, Cnl. (UP)-Stcal- ing eggs hns become us ticklish erime as kidnaping nnd goltlng marked r.insoni bills. Tlilcvo.s hen who lived In n Imndsomc anlc-lifl- um homo, with n tower room nnrt nnrbe] llreplaco in each of the bsci- rooins nnd biithrpoms, the hitler nrgcr than ninhj' of our 'bedroom! -.Sonic of the lionie lown girls are ;oing a visillng to the bi? city .No^- veinber I wlioh Kiitlilecn Block nntl Eslellc Vollmcr, In : their r.ow fur coals, ronna Wtmderllch, Ida Min yard, accompanied by Mary Pinlcy. once of here and now of Memphis, will set out in Mary's car. They will motor'to'Norfolk nnd Ihr-n romance to New York bii'a'btial return home two weeks later. ' We hear the Fred Schat/. family, oiue of here nnd now of Helena. Is vacationing In New York. Mrs. Marion "A. Zionclieck plans to retnn lo our fair city the last of tlic week tor another brief stay with sister, Berntce, and brother,' Jess:c stitt at Ihe Noble, before going to pil- as. (She is most attractive). The W. T. Darnells and Alice Ixsnll lind a nice trip lo Canada \vlicrc they saw plenty of snow. . . . The local lads nnd Insslcs vciwrt a gay lime at Pay's and Maxinc's after (lio rnlortlincn liv Tire ninl- \> i *<ni»*\\.vi imuLfm viiii,->. 11111., >\o HL-LC Z""c«U3 to 6r!wyer" lC tent ^j 8 ^' ^"sta,^ S^o^V" FOR SALE "Bernat ? ' Knitting Yarns FREE msTttuano>f REGUI^AR. JBLA'SSES Friday, 2^30 P. M. I Mrs LcslIt -Hooper I 1100 Cliickasawba - Phone, 702 as her award. * • * 'Tl?. Homer Kntcrl.iins Clult Mrs. Paul L. Horncr cntcrlnlncd icr Wednesday bridge club and an extra lablc of guests Wcdnc.'day allernoon. The guests were Mrs. B. o. Bennett of Little llock Ark, Mrs. Pcohaskle, who h vis-' tin? • relatives at Hayll, nnd Mrs. larry Rldgley, Mrs. D. D. Pinion and Mrs. Charles Rldglcy of ihis cily. At bridge, thc high score award, i Hosiery, was presented to Mrs! I PICKARB'S GROCERY THE SAFEST 1'LACK TO BUY YOUR MEATS & DAIRY PRODUCTS Wc receive Swift's Premium Beef twice weekly. Green's Grade A Pasteurized Milk twice daily. \Ve hi ;ive the most modern Frig- idaire meal equipment. Variety of Cold 'Meets and • Cheese. Fresh Vegetables Daily. We Deliver. Phone G73 1044 Chickasawba husband • says Itie load \va's 'win- 1 .leffiil. ; Blylhcvillc pso(ile who are spand- ihij more of' tluir lime elsewlters arc bein g enlDilainetl. Pally Sliane writes thai she attended a tea at Ilytlc Park, \viiere Mrs. James Roosevelt poured lea and that the Call children were also among those present. She also COOK to West Point (or a "hop" this wcck- Cirrling, -who has now returned to California,, told us more about her ronsinl Dicfc Powell, more about Jean Hnrlon 1 , more aboul Hie prl- vulo life of Mary Pickfovd task me more fdV details). Few of those.vciio read coiinty ot Mrs. Joe Matins' expensive new home in Memphis knew ttal Mrs. Malliis is the former Mrs. Harry lisarn. of hero, who later married Memphis' Joe Matlih clays before 11 end alter attending Vassar all week I E B . Lymim reports he has but took time o!r (o call her par- ' ents over the telephone 'tother clay because it was. her 17th birthday. been sick and any no( ,i cc O f that no one took it, so we publicly ; restaurant Iwo wedding. The grcalest anlicipatian of tl ! coming.week is the birthday dam Johnnye Gee and Oscar'Harrlawa I are having Thursday ni^ht at 11 country club, as tliDy di:l last yea Henranber that feed? Which re minds us that John Walerman an we have the sr^tnc birthday but you don't hear any annannccments from 115 abonl trying (o do what he did last year. . . . that was th^ nicest birthday party we ever had for It cost ns nothing! i ^ - - ; - _ ' lerjllung for your entertainment I J ' anil comfort \. !S PAL NIGHT t Vdulls Admitlcil ;or 1'rice of All Children—tOc On (he Screen •'TheLastof the Mans' With Kaiwtolph Scoll, Himvie rues, H c n r y Wikoxen, ice Caliot anil IMiilip Ki'Ccl An,lily drama liuritinif wilii Die flory of Amcric.t's most cxcitinir clays! /ilso Sclfclcd Shcrls —Admission.— . iliiliiicc—10 * 2Sc~Wi(h Ic. Tax Night—15 & .lac—With. lc Tax Saturday Only (.'i VSiiWi liB!HOASt DOCKS Fl![ SCREDil apologize for nol knowing il for . . . Margaret Keck, who Is doing ] j ( wc taci W3 uoll ]j havc (a i; en big things in iior senior yaur at \ h\ m a present!. . . We near many Lindenwood. has a lovely smiling j O f t h c young and old an again picture spread over a St. Lords pa- , Pxe ile;l over knilMng. wo all per recently for leading the aclivi- I v \ an lo develop sylph-like figures in the bc-tiy-conditioninj class. . Anne Vollmcr has a new bike and ties of something as president of the VWC.'.. . . . Jane Branson went Delia Zcla. Virginia Martin j s taking lessons from j;er mother (the doctor one) Kappa Delta, Mar- m balancin'' herself Alice Ge- garet Shaver, Tri E)=lta. antl Mir-' se ii w;ls (h c first gin Mere to wear lam Smith, Sigma Iota Chi. a na- cnlotlos to chur.'h (only vou cotild- This Pepper is •Much Spicier \\ ••• r : than necessary to comply j with pure food laws. Seasons \ belter. Goc? farther. And t purer because it's vacuum ; cleaned. Money back if you don't agree tliat it's thc best \ j'ou'vc ever uscd.f. SPECIALS All Day— Friilny-Snlunliiy- Sunday T 12 C f F AMHHOSIA I<AYEK CAKE .. KAISIN HHIOAI) I.naf - I'KCAN HOI.LS Do/ l.GK. COCONUT COOK US. Do/. .. LAUGH PIUS Knch Spcciiils for liuferei; Hniir - l''ri. - Sal. & Snn. COCONUT 1MKS Indiviihial. Each .. FKUl'l' WAI-'ISKS HOT DONUTS Doz. cocoNirr CINNA-QC JtON UOU.S. Do/. J PLAIN UOI.l.S C.C Do?: (J Special Attention Given All .Special Orders - I'linne UU BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. IT tlonal junior college and boarding high school sorority. n't tell Itivy were culottes) hear thai, riaymie Cooper, daugb- Adm.—Always 10 & 25c—Ic Tax . Show Kvcry Nijhl ! Malinres Friilay, Saturday, Sund:ij Friday & Sunday nlafinccs—2:15 Saturday Jlalincn — Coiidiiuoiis Slinv/ms: — 1:00 Till ll:0d P. HI. Tilings which brightened thc ol:i I ler of the former Blythevillc man, town during Ihe last.week Injludsd ' had a lovely nn\v frock to wear in Huth Tanner and her two attrac-jorine Hul:iiins' «E.idlng as brinci- tivc guesl.s. from Helena, who', maid am! slie nwd it for her o,vn were wined and dined at several i wedding dress wi:cn she oloped \viti> affairs . . . our-visitor, Bernlce! lli= chef in her lathor's Memphis Banks Have —in the luisincfis men of (hoir Cnni'nuinil.v. IIS faitti in men is (if every .sound linn!; i'anks enlnist llicsy 1< positors' money to luisii they liave evevy couiid^i ficler. They have coiHi : > to tt'.rry 01 with s'K-'i.^ themscivrs nnd use-full'. nuinity. KinaUy, tlicy '.: llin sc-iiiulncss of liic v lin.-tnciiilly and in Vi'.'t.v which tlicy nro \n\ Til i.S llJlllk tillil'S (iiiiiiicial power lo ability of business oil liUKJnas:; cuit'co lical business scrv f Ilicir dc- i'M because: iHr char> in their Thc Federal IH-posil [IM,,, !; ,,,; ( ' nn , or;l [ i(m M • $5,000 aiHxi Farmers Bank fi 'frost So, Ulylhcvi'lo, .\it; Tonight--Merchant Cash Award Day • Jack Pot S1C4.52 On thc Srrecn l-'ri. & Sal. ^^irif^ ? Cartion ai;d Serial—'Tlic CUitcli- i«S Itand' 1 wilh Jach •.Mulliall Ccnfiunnus Sbcwin.!; Saltiril.iy 1&3-2I&1&*;;; :^:Sl '^? .: : : \e£&£S&^ r si.f£A'^ Fox Alovictcnn ..News and Comedy r '^ A!su Carlocn and Serial—"Tbci 1'hanlcm Kidcr' wilti Buck G'cnlimiuus Showing—From 11 A. J[. 'Till 11' v. jM. —A cl in issio u—• "fill 51'. Al.—10 ft 2Cc Aflcr 5 P. M.—1G & 31c Sunday - Monday With Stuaii Knvin, .Inhnny Downs, Arlhic JurlRi 1 . and lielly Grahlc . Also :• I'ar.imounl, News Adin.—Srnilaj— ifi & .IGc Adrn.—Monday Atatincc—10 •& 28= Ailin.—Jlenilay Nijhl—lli '.t 36c TUI''SI)AY, OCT. 27— $225.00 -HANK NI,GHT! ! ! —COMING SOON— "UIIELKU IjADY" wilh Jean Icw, Win. I'cHi-II. Slyrna I,oy and Srcncer Trar>'.

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