The Napa Valley Register from Napa, California on December 22, 1982 · 25
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The Napa Valley Register from Napa, California · 25

Napa, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1982
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The NAPA REGISTER-25 Dr. Lawrence E. Lamb Ann Landers Wednesday, December 22, 1982 Decaffeinated Coffee Still Has Bad Chemical? DEAR DR. LAMB - I would appreciate your commenting on decaffeinated coffee promoting cancer. I read an article stating that some brands of decaffeinated coffee contained a substance which, when given in large doses to rats, produced cancer cells. I drink three to four cups of decaffeinated coffee a day. Since I switched from regular coffee to decaffeinated coffee I have noted an improvement in my digestion and my general health. I am sure thousands of people would appreciate knowing if they should discontinue drinking decaffeinated coffee or not. DEAR READER - The recent stories you refer to are almost a rerun of a story from six years ago. At that time a chemical used to degrease coffee was found to cause cancer in mice if their little stomachs were filled with the chemical through a gastric tube. The company involved stated that for a human to have the same exposure he would have to consume 50 million cups of decaffeinated coffee a day for life. But they stopped using the chemical anyway. Now another chemical, methylene chloride, has been found to cause liver cancer in mice subjected to huge doses. A spokesman for the National Coffee Association states that a person would have to drink 12 to 24 million cups of decaffeinated coffee a day to equal the amount that may have created cancer in mice. Since you are not going to reach even the 1 million cup level in your lifetime, let alone on a daily basis, it seems that there is an adequate safety margin. In terms of the potential for getting cancer from drinking decaffeinated coffee, I think you can regard the possibility as zero. Sunshine is more dangerous and causes many human cancers. Now, decaffeinated coffee as well as regular coffee can cause digestive disturbances in some people. So individuals with those kinds of problems would probably be wise to avoid all forms of coffee, tea, caffeine-containing colas and perhaps too much chocolate. tion of prolactin, a hormone from the pituitary gland under the brain. This is the hormone that induces lactation when a woman gives birth to her child to stimulate milk production. In some abnormal situations it can cause milk secretion also. And in quite a few middle-aged or older men the pituitary forms excess prolactin, which in turn is the cause of impotence. In these cases bromocriptine may quickly restore normal function. But the increased prolactin may be from a small or not so small pituitary tumor, so such cases deserve a complete medical evaluation before any treatment is started DEAR DR. LAMB - I have an annoying skm itch called dermatographia. I can write or outline a figure on any area of my body and a large welt will form where rubbed. The skin on the head is most annoying and I believe the worst place one can itch is under the finger and toenails as it is impossible to scratch there. Even swimming or diving in the water will bring out a red welt-like rash. Ive had Atarax and take warm baths with soda but I cannot spend my life in a bath I've had this condition since I was 12. What can be done? DEAR READER - It is a form of hives. Considering your early age of onset I wonder if you dont have the inherited form (technically with a C-l esterase inhibitor deficiency). As with other hives it should be approached as an allergy. Various medicines may be tried, often without success. Antihistamines may be useful but often they are less helpful in the inherited form than in the acquired allergic form. Im sure your doctor has considered and evaluated you for various allergies and if you havent tried antihistamines they are worth trying as a preventive measure. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN ) Bodies Of Two Are Discovered To brief you on the effects of these beverages I am sending you The Health Letter 14-4, Controversial Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Colas and Chocolate. Others can send 75 cents with a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for it to me, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10019. DEAR DR. LAMB -Please tell me where I can find bromocriptine in a drug store. I am 73 years old and take Inderal and Norpace. DEAR READER - It is a prescription item so you cant just buy it for yourself. It is a powerful medicine and, unlike many of the ineffective medicines used for impotence, it can be harmful if used improperly. Bromocriptine is marketed under the name Parlodel by Sandoz Pharmaceutical Co. It suppresses the secre- FREMONT (UPI ) The bodies of a man and woman were discovered four miles apart Monday. The Alameda County coroners office said that the woman had been shot in the head, but the mans body bore no obvious signs of violence. Police were still seeking to identify the bodies. DRIVING PROBLEMS? For The LOWEST RATES In Town CALL 252-4640 SR Filings Monthly Payments Phone Quotes CHESNUTT INSURANCE AGENCY 1400 Second St., Napa Premium Napa Valley Dinner Wines CHARDONNAY SAUVIGNON BLANC GEWURZ TRAMINER P.O. Box 2500 Yountville, CA 94599 (707)944 8863 Available at fine establishments like: Napa Valley Wine Merchants, Silverado Country Club and Resort, Jonesys Famous Steak House, Domaine Chandon Restaurant, The French Laundry, Meadowood, Palmers and TheCalistoga Inn. Do Men Feel Attraction To Daughter's Friends? Dear Ann Landers: I have seen several letters in your column from middle-aged women who are worried about their romantic feelings and sexual attraction for a young daughters boyfriend (high school age). What puzzles me is that I never recall a letter from a man who has the same problem. It is because: (a) This sort of thing doesnt happen to men? ( b ) Men dont feel it is anything to be concerned about? (c) Men dont want anyone to admit to the problem? Curious, isnt it? Any explanation? Upstate N.Y. Dear Up: Men do indeed experience the problem, but they seldom write about it. Usually the letter is from the girl who says : "The dad of my best friend made a pass at me when he drove me home the other night. Or the wife writes: My husband cant take his eyes off a darling girl who is a cheerleader along with our daughter. He called me by her name in his sleep last night. I have printed letters from men who have complained, My fiancee pays very little attention to me when my dad is around. He loves it. When they kiss hello, it makes me uneasy. I think he goes for her. And more than one young woman has written to say shes in love with her father-in-law. So, you see that trains runs both ways, my dear, and the engineer can be either male or female. Dear Ann Landers: Can you stand one more letter on the subject of high school kids who have jobs? What did that boy from Georgia do with all the money he made working after school and on weekends? Did he save it for col- everything these days. Heres a hint for all those women who complain about their pantyhose ripping after two or three wear-ings especially since they rarely come with reinforced heels and toes anymore. Put them in the freezer brand new package and all. Leave them overnight or longer. The following day, wash them and let dry. This method really works for me. I usually pitch my pantyhose because of snags, not runs. Sign me Wiser Than Before In 111. Dear Wiser : Thanks for the tip. Ill try it. Address letters to: Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, 111. 60611. 0 0 0 Copyright 1982 Field Enterprises, Inc. lege? Im the teacher in whose class he fell asleep regularly because he worked until 2 a.m. the night before. When I asked him why he worked, he replied, To pay for my car. I then asked, Why do you need a car? He answered, To get to work." It is a vicious circle. If he didnt have the job, he wouldnt need the car. I have seen enough of this sort of thing so that I am convinced kids do a lot better in school without cars and jobs, unless it is absolutely essential that they work in order to help support the family. A Teacher In Middle America Who Cares Dear Teacher: I have been Inundated with letters from teachers who are singing your song, You teachers are in the front lines and see the battle casualties at close range. Your opinions are worth listening to. Thanks for writing. Dear Ann Landers: No big deal or maybe it is, considering the cost of What People Are Saying ...There are fundamental differences between the Soviet system and our own system here in the United States. But I believe our peoples, for all our differences, share a desire and a dedication to peace. President Reagan, on the death of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. Our prediction is a moderate-sized epidemic this winter. Dr. Sarah Braud, State Health Officer for Louisiana, saying that one of every 10 Americans will be struck this winter bv the flu. To be very blunt, we now see that unless there is dramatic action, the United States will experience an unprecedented series of deficits during the years ahead. The magnitude of the professed deficits is far greater than anything we have now. Martin S. Feldstein, U.S. government economist. For most, disengagement is a highly disruptive experience. For many, its a devastating experience. And for some, tragically, its an experience that is defined as worse than death. So you find a situation where in some minority of cases individuals actually prefer physical death over the kind of social death that results from their getting out of sports. Dr. Harry Edwards, sociologist, on how pro athletes face the problem of retirement. He was referring specifically to Bill Robinzine, a former NBA star who committed suicide. The liberal coalition is dying because most of its leaders are elitists. Richard Viguerie, publisher of New Conservative Digest. ir M TT(IDMIimW ant UlsS AM A FABULOUS NEW LUXURY ENTERTAINMENT CENTER ALL ROCKING CHAIR LOGE SEATS! PHONE 257-7700 CINEDOME 4 825 PEARL FROM HIWAY 29 TAKE 1st STREET TURN OFF EAST. -To VALLEJO COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR VIEWING COMFORT y RICHARD PRYOR JACKIE GLEASON j Tomorrow at 12:00, 2:00,4:00, 6:05,8:10 and 10:20 FOR EXCITEMENTI FOR A BARREL OF FUNI VISIT OUR FABULOUS NEW GAME ROOM COME EARLYI BRING THE FAMILY AND ENJOY! PG ondeF r FROM RAsmnl O 'WCOLMMUMcnMcaaiauitMU i s ii t A 4 Tomorrow at 12:00, 1:50,3:40, 5:30,7:30 and 9:30PM lMrihuti d by Pit Urn s And Associated I ilm Distribution ( orporation Universal City Studios 1th NSIltC'IO Jklnini FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE...ALL YOU NEED FOR CHRISTMAS ARE YOUR TWO FRONT SEATS! (E AIRPLANE II THE SEQUEL CHAD EVERETT-WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY KEN F PG 'PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED 3S: SOME MATERIAL MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN JULIE HAGERTY LLOYD BRIDGES YARD W KOCH TT PICTURE The newest and funniest Panther of them all. Ikadlofttfaifinfk fhmifw. PG k(SS oiMRjfuiTrnnv MGMUA imthhihmiwt c0 United Artists GOTH (A tiTAN PRODUCTIONS All R oht$ RE SI RvEO TOMORROW at 12:30, 2:15, 4:00, 5:45, 7:45 and 9:35P.M. TOMORROW at 12:00 Noon, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00

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