The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 18, 1934
Page 8
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ar*.- FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, Lord Jim Proves He Belong* In Equine Peerage 'Arkansas Schoolboy Continues Senwilional Pitching; Giants Win Pair Lynwond Rowe,' llie schoolboy! wonder from Arkansas, was Ihe star ns the Detroit Tiiicrs, Ainer- | lean pacesetters, nii:l ihclr nearest, rivals, the Ynnkces. divided BIIIIICS si, New Ynrlc 1 yesterday. 'In.iim National tcneii'? Hie New York Olnhus widened the ^up IH-- tween* tiiem nnd the Cubs to 11 fi ' 1-2 gnme lend, wlnnlne two while the Culls Infit one. The Yankees and Tlgevs look turns shittlhig' each other out, yesterday. The Yonks' accomplished the trick first, winning 5 fo ft, lx>hind Hie cfiretiil hurling of \fMy Onmez. In the second fjainfi Rowe hart the Yanks'walking on llieir Imnds, allowing (hem but thive 1 hits to slap tlie third whltewiish on the New Yorkers Hint they have j sustained In two years. Incidentally i tlw victory brought Howe's win- lilng streak to H enines. two shy of the leHfiHt 1 reriml of. 1(1 held Jalnily by Cirnvr-, Johnson nndj Wood. Thf Ail:ini?,ns ghmt. Ml iliic ihlnl 1:11 r: til Hie; Srnrlng nn npsi't over ilirer- tnvnrlU's. lAnl 'Jim raml inlo ilu> iirmge of iHuiim niters when lie won the ninth renewal ol the- famous IJlnmnlf-lonian Stakes, worth JH.OOO to Ids owner, nl (loslicn, N. V. Consiiiei.->d nn migaliUy^oll, the extent of his superiority is vividly' dem- hti-li f.s iiffiiii-Nl above. Muscl.'lfiiie iitid 1' I'eg trailed him past 'the-Judge',, tuUJM*: Btrood th*t how- j of" the Arkansas high ichool .... . «m 'the tctrt(*tlao ol nopeful* |* tlc ^f', 81 ' 0 " "* W1 T ^ecifl^ U hud tTdSStbe. True Uslle ' u """"" —' '-- - ' In prohlblllng uiy form of train- Debirt of Ex-'Bwia Star As Chick ::Gbach Awaited With Interest • •. • • ; . ~ i ••Carney O.. Lmiei' new l>ead coach of th» ..BlylneriUe high school Chlckttm, hi* arrived .. ,_ here to -makt ptons--for , hk,^!!!"; will have an amy of more or le« experienced (ridden on hand but he must derelop at least t*o or three good performers to fill big laps If his team goes places this fall. . Today Uslle and his assistant, "Ace" Puckeit, are making final arrangements for a recreational camp, they will hold for local boys at Hardy before school opens In September, the camp will otirn Tuesday for two weeks diiralion. Needless to say a number of prospective football players will attend the camp but Utelr activities will be confined strictly to the usual routine of camp Life. FooUiall ' form will be strict- . ing before the deadline In Septem ber. To Indulge in sueh would endanger grid liope.-i for the entire Fifty cornels continuously circle Hit pluiiet Jupiter, r><t In Hie finish of the fourth a'lwt flnnl lirnt, i • The Bombino Was Jiwi/a Trifle Slow heavily game aiid fdr A while 11 wns fear-, ed his 'oiAle \vi>s isroken. Mtf r | . first aid ireaim?rii he cnmp b.icl: •to flnlsll llie irnme ^v-titug fllrksy, Rulh and Uelu-i? cm .--.ti-llrps helore the off air riuU-tl. ' Wfsk>y FWrrtl shnwei) nlil time form as he ttinirii llie Kt. Ifliils Brow'ns taek \\iih iwo lilts mid 11 6 to 0 slml. out In ihn flv.M. gnnip of ti doiililelir-ailr-r ill Unstnn. 'llio 'Browns evened nmllers for the dny by Inking Ihe .second, !J to 2, witli Hlnehoider (n Hie winning role. - ' The Chlctifc'o Wlille. Sox mid Philadelphia Athlcllnt ilividc.l two games nl Philadelphia The Macks took the first, 9 to ft, nnd the Sox Jhe second, 3 to 2. Lynns won the : hnrlins duel while Kinishuw lasi •the first to his former males. The Washington Scnntor.-i dc- j fi ; nfc<l the Ulcreland Indians UUoe j . nt Washington. Tiie scores wire j '•4.10.3 nnd ,1 in 0. Wliltelilll nnd j •Duiko were thn winning! pitchers.; Hthleliraiul and IVnr.son were the .losers. Suskn cni tlncc lilts oul <if thrco limes at bnl In llie sec- 'on'd. gnme. . . :The Olanls wnlloped the Pills- .niugh Pirnlrs 7 in 3 mid 8 to '1 ul Pittsburgh. The Oinnls won with Parmelee and Hiibbcll tiirnlni! in triumphs. It was Hiibhcil's 18th victory of the scnson. Ott hll for the circuit In »ch yntnc. brliighie his home nn totnl to 32. , Tire St. Louis Cnrdinuls defeated the •Phillies 12 to 2 at SI. Louis. Paul Dcnn; recently re-ins(nlcd by the. card management after a fine and suspension for .'allure to oijcy orders, was the winning pitcher. Dean' relieved Vance to hold the Phils'to 4 hits in 7 Innings. The. Cincinnati Hcds were on the.losing end of a game with the Brooklyn Dodgers. The score was •!. Leonard mis thr: winning and Bcnlon the losing pitcher. A Cincinnati rally in the ninlh fell far short of tying the game. The Boston Braves defeated Hie Chicago Cubs 5 to 2 at' Chlragn. Hilck Belts was UK! winning Wlch- *r : although" relieved by $niit)\ la'le •hi ; the.-game..Klein'and Jtirgcs re- turned.In, trie 'Cub. line np alter n . Ions aluenc'e. '''" ; • ' ; first season • it •. tne • -heid' • of the Maroon and White grid squad.' Local • hl»h .school alumni, business men amj followers' of the gridiron sport, in. this section- have looked forward with increasing interest to U*.li*'s debut' as'chief of the Chlckasaw tribe. Indications are that more enthusiasm will 1 be evidenced In 'trie. gridiron, hopes 1 of Blytheville high than in a number of .years.. .'. .'..'• ;, Not oiily are local 'enthusiast*' Interested In ?l'y.lheyllle's 19M football, program but other schools in .norlheast Arkansas! and in fact Pelican Pitcher Missp* Hall' over th * enUre stst *' ^ e casting ntr I p :.,i«> anxious-eye toward Blytheyille. ut I'ame by ocant-Mar-'^P 0 "* nav ^ *<** <""• Ih « » tat8 \ of renewed mtereet here and • the 8"' signing of Laslle, former, tackle on -^— - the University of Alabama's Ciun- A slnetc with two men out -In so'n llde. is head coach, the ninth Inning proved the"barrier that separated Pred Jonnsori New Orleans hjirler.-from a no-hit, performance agaiiisl • the'.-Cna'tta'- lAoknuts 'yesterday. " y t>bo ° at tte Don't Vargel CaudHI's Agency General Insurance -an Unix- Ruth tiled to score from second bnso 011 'Selkirk's single In the third game or tilt scries with tin DiMvolt Tlsci-s In New York—mid look wlml happened! The Bninblno wns out nt the plate. Another svlio mis vnmldfiixl "iln-out'li" iiluiKil him. Goslin making a Hold to Catcher Mickey Corhrune. -— single that spoiled Johnson's sensational ef- fort. Johnson allowed but one base ' on bnlls. The Reading >eU of the Southern Association won,' "•PettIL was the losjng pjt . The Knoxvllle Smokies defeated Hie Birmingham Barons 4 to t at Ulrmlnghani. Heusser-was the'win- nlng hurler and Griffith the loser 1-a.slie, has^ played'under two of the leading-coaches of the game, Wallace Wade, g>»at" exponent of power football, aod iftank Thomas, 1 disciple and '. pupil of the late Knute Rockne. He has also coached under Thomas' . system. Just what system La»lie,wlll mstall liere Bobby Ueeves.', Chattanooga; third ?, 1 ? c L ple _ a ' ld pu ?" : °' the ' tote sacker. picked out the single that illicit throw from the out- ', ihe Smokies bunched their hits ! lor two runs in the first and two |ln the eighth Innings. / Ujhlnlnt Spilled Dlshts UHRICHSVTLLE, O. (UP) Lightning struck nl the home of Walter McConncll, followed wiring under the kitchen, upset a kilclion catiinct niied with tlislies. No one was hiirl :md iin fire rpsnlleil. SOFT BAl.l, I.KAfillF AI.I.-STAU ClIOIflFS POSITION First Hti.w NAME (r.i?n Base Third Stmri Slnp . Slmrl Held .. 1,01,1. nelil ... Ccinci 1 Field RlBhl Field . Catclm- .:... Pitcher- , ,.. Pitcher Pitcher NOTE:— Ifllrr i ballot. NAME tfasoiK.fnr irlprllrwi must arrow(xiny " STREET and STATK to Ciilirlfr NfKS, Hljlhfvlllr, Ark. or . what .combination of systems • t,, he w !" use Is hot known' but it Is •r°i hardly likely that'taslte will open with as complleated a game as Thomas' cohorts use. .Fundamentally his methods wilj likely resemble more closely the'system of Wade, who is. probably one of the outstanding adrocaW' of simple but forceful football Iri the country. ' likely lobklng; squad awaits MESSENGER? CTENOGRAPHF.Rr keeper? Cook? Whatever you need, we're in a position to get you excellent results. Employers who advertise in our classified see> tion only, have to advettise once. Saturday Only MAT. & NITE—10c - 2Se 'FRIENDS OF MR. SWEENEY' with Clinrlic- Kngglcs ..:• -JJiK-k Jim'es Serial . \ Cartoon IN THE Sunday-Monday MATINF.E fr NrrEJ-10c-35c ond Starts to ptoy —everybody goes fo worf A» %top hiraV Wtd 37 Yean,, Su«l CLEVKLAND (UP)—Suit for divorce from Frank Gage, .her husband of 37 years, wns filed In common picas court by Mrs. Jesse M. Gage, charging doseillrm and non- Mipporl. Fuurlrrn Tonialtws on Slem PAINESVTI.LE. O. IUP)—FOI1V- loen innialoes were .grown on oiw .stem In W. n. Thnyer's gnrden. Gelling Dizzier Every Day By Krenz WOODS WE NEVER {rftw M M that we do not recall our childhood con- cent as we theafht of what mifht have happened to the two story- b««k .chiWren who wandered aimlessly into the forest and he- ROGERS trs'on Cwrpel* Octroi j Gomel '»;rt PIGGY WOOD CONCHIT* MONTtNIG»O M»«T C»»tlSll . «OGt« IMHOf 1 *OII»t tAYlOl | rrf *x SOL M. WURTZEL. | Paramount News j Broadway Brevity "Darling' Enemy" with 'Gertrude N lessen cane We never irow, so wise that we can walk blindly into the marts of trade and stnufhtway find the shoes, car, ham, cleaner, rug, antiseptic n what-not that best Jits our individual need, fancy or pocketb««k. Without a dependable buying guide we are all Babes in llie Woods... lost when it comet to judging qualities, values or styles. "Kiww the repaUtwn «f the store/' is one rule. "Know the reputation »f the prtdgct and its manufacturer," is another. The two together make wise selection doubly certain. You can form a very reliable estimate of the stores which ail vertbe consistently. So also ef manufacturers. Only s*«*d merchandise, attractively priced, can continue to repay the retailer or the manufacturer for his advertising outlay. If he caa risk the money it costs him to tell you about his goods,; jr« ca» be reaiwuUy sore that y«ur path through the wtods will lead !• the best val«« ftr your buying dollars. The advertising pages are the pathivaij to Highest Quality and Lowest Prices.

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