The Breese Journal from Breese, Illinois on December 12, 1996 · 19
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The Breese Journal from Breese, Illinois · 19

Breese, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1996
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Taken From The Breese Journal Dated Dec. 16, 1971 . High winds caused moderate damage in the Breese area Friday morning. A four-inch rainfall, the heaviest of the year, was accompanied by strong winds. The 30x100 new barn on the Mrs. Carl Schlarman farm 1-1 2 miles south of Breese was leveled. The wind blew down several wooden utility poles in Breese as well as in the rural areas in the township. - - Births ... daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kampwerth. Pocahontas; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leonard, Gcrmantown; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gale Gehrs, Breese; son to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Willi, Breese. Army Private First Class Gary Wcdekempcr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton W. Wedekemper of rural Carlyle,. recently completed nine weeks of advanced individual infantry training at Ft. Polk, La. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Deiters-of St. Louis celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at the American Legion Home in Breese on Saturday with a reception and dance. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dciters Jr. attended them in the absence of Virginia Harris of California, who was maid of honor at their wedding in 1946 but was unable to attend Saturday's celebration. Alvin Yaegcr, now deceased, was the best man. Margo Meissner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Meissner of Breese, was appointed to the St. Louis University Chapter of the Gamma Pi Epsilon, National Jesuit Honor Society for Women. This is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a woman student at the university. Mr.; and Mrs. Elmer Haukap of Breese announce the engagement of their daughter, Ruth, to Douglas Col-lard, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. Thomas Collard of Carlyle. A February wedding is planned; : Personals ... Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eilers and soni Ralph, Mrs. Clara Ratermann and Mr. and Mrs. Anton Haselhorst, all of Breese, went to Martinsburg, Mo.; Sunday; Mrs. Her taie fam tU Vee. 16, 1 97 Swut fwuuU -Minnesota Fats, famous pool shooter whose recent movie, "The Player," has just been released, shakes hands with Mac McAllister of Breese whom he had just defeated in a game of nine-ball. Fats played at several taverns and civic halls in the county Sunday afternoon and at Mater Dei High School gym Sunday night where he was challenged, by about six area pool sharpies. He defeated them all except one time when he scratched after making, the eight ball. Ik If'smnan! IPnse Mm b mm i. m Him :m caoori&i anajieik' 'jai& MKgiagf igfiJr)i- vSHffiato ijgnK HCjas- :; : v: : , innrinnr 1 bert Rautenberg of Nonhwuod, III., left Sunday after spending several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Woods; E.R. Haag left Sunday for Chicago to attend a meeting as a commissioner for the stale of 1 1 1 -nois.- Manne Cpl. Michael P. Gilhrcth. son of Mr. and Mrs Joe Gilhrcth of Carlyle, is a member of the T Turd Battalion, Sixth Marines of the Second Marine Division, homchascd at Camp Lcjcune, N.C and now in the Mediterranean aboard ships of our Sixth Reel. Gilhrcth and his unit are in the -Mediterranean for amphibious land- ing exercises and have been operating with the armed forced ol several nations. . Frank Sciffert and Rodney l.appc were selected as DAR and SAR win ncrs at Carlyle High School. Volunteers at the recent mock disaster drill held at Mater Dei and St. Joseph's Hospital were Marilyn Bcn-hofftlcn ENihg, Beverly llcmann. Melissa Henss, Bonnie Holtgravc, Ed Huelsmann, Kathy Jansen. Rita Lampc, Kathy Liitckcn. Kori Moss, Kim Perkcs, Sheri Pcrkcs, Marilyn Richter, Mary Jean Rolfingsmcier. Nancy Spihlmann. Lorraine Straeter.-Gail Vahlkamp, John Voss and Gail Wade. Virgil Endres, well-known Clinton County farmer, was named to the County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation (ASC) Committee by delegates to the ASC county convention held Dec. 9 at the American Le-; gion Home in Breese. The delegates also selected John Orrell and Albert Wringe as chairman and vice-chairman of the three-member County Committee and named Ray Wicg-mann and 'Adolph Von Flatten as first and second alternate committeemen. A truckload ol shrimp turned out to be "hot" shrimp when it was discovered in Greenville Monday morning. Greenville police were called to inspect the abandoned truck on Ridge Avenue, and further tnvcsti- gatipn revealed. that the truck and its $ 14,000 of frozen shrimp contents had been stolen, The burglary took TACO BELL 'fir r 1 tri fcpllit' lii l-i I '.'JIDiyiSliodyjW 5 place last Sunday night at the Teal Wilson Poultry Co. in East St. Louis. Eight seniors represented -the Breese and Aviston campuses of Central Community High School have been named as a part of the national group of Outstanding Teenagers of America. Students were chosen on the basis or leadership, coopcrativc-ncss and general school spirit. They include Shirley Woltering. Carol Buddc. Dan Ribbing, Marccllus Tcbbe.-Sandra Schullc. Diane Whitc.- Ifs In The Mall What's in that note we sent to Sandy Claws is going to remain a secret, just between me and Sandy. One thing I'd like to ask him to do, to change my birthday from Dec. 15 to the middle of summer, well, he just can't do it. v We unfortunate souls born in the month near His birthday have spent a lifetime being, how should I say it, "gypped" out of presents rightly due us. Growing up, nothing was so evil as to hear from one of the relatives, "I have a nice present for you ... it's for your birthday AND Christmas. Just-because we were born in December? Why shouldn't we rate two presents like everyone born in the other 1 1 months? But I guess if we want anything at all, we'd better quit crabbin' and get into the spirit of things. By the way, I'll bet a quarter I know one ole' crab who won't gel anything this year. Last year one of the neighbors heard him holler, "I don't give a dern what your name is, get those reindeer off my roof." But the kids who talk to Sandy Claws need not worry," especially those, after being put to bed for the nite. can be heard whispering in Sandy's ear.' Notes Some people seem to think politi- BJWC WELCOME WAGON The Breese Junior Woman's Club welcomed the following people to Breese recently: . ' "John Rohke Ryan Reusing John Peek Janelle Trash ' I hvayne Mueller . Mike Hernie " Melody Wilson . Lurry Kampwerth Wendy Toennie's Market Report Tuesday, Dec. 10 Springfield, Illinois Receipts this week 500 head Last week 500 Last year -800 . Feeder Pig Auction: 500 head. Compared to last week, feeder pigs under 40 lbs. steady to firm; 40-50 lbs. scarce; and over 50 lbs. unevenly 3.00-7.00 lower. Overall quality below last week's level. Supply mainly 50-60 lb. pigs. Moderate buyer attendance. PER HEAD US 1-2 30-40 lbs. 40.00-46.00 . ' 40-50 lbs. , . scarce Large supply 50-60 lbs. 54.00-61.00 - ' mostly 54.00-58.00 60-80 lbs. 58.00-63.00 US 2-3 ' 30-40 lbs. 35.00-40.00 40-50 lbs. 40.00-45.00 50-60 lbs. 40.00-46.00 All sales on a per-head basis " using actual weights. , . This report is a service, of the.USDA and . Illinois Department of Ag Market News . Springfield, Illinois ".- (217)782-4925 imp Genc Gicsing anj Mike Kerr. Numerous skits were rvrformcd at Central High School's variety stum-held recently. Marian Buddc and Lou 'Ann Wood were Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt; Donna Fields. Mike Koch. Karen Schadegg. Jim Greer. Joan Hellige. Gene Geising and Dot-tic Grizzle kicked up a storm in the Charleston; Gary Detmer. Tim Herbst and Alan Winkler performed as a band; and Joyce Szczeblewski. Janice ' Skiver; Donna Ratermann and Carle Szczeblewski entertained w ith their "Alley Cat" skit - 50 Years Ago .. . Taken From The Breese Journal Dated Dec. 12, 1946 Thomas Lager, son of Mr. and Mrs. August Lager Jr. of here, returned cians failure to keep their promises is one of the main reasons this county has survived for a coupla' hundred years. Moaning about time passes faster as one grows older, brother Bill reminded me "life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer to the end it gets, the faster it goes." : News story the other day reported quite a few years ago a sheriff was sentenced to six months in jail for shooting and killing a tax assessor. Doubt if our present sheriff would get that stiff a sentence just for shooting one of 'em. Personnel memo: A review of your application indicates that you are not qualified because you were not selected. John Madden, sportscaster, was quoted as saying: "From the waist down, Earl Campbell has the biggest legs I've ever seen on a running back." That figures. Big wheel movie guy Sam Goldwyn: "I want this fifty-fifty like I said. Butl want you to see that I get the best part of it." Now is the time of the holiday party, for a cup or two of good cheer Warning: Never give a party if you will be the most interesting person there. "The Rose Bowl is he only bowl I've ever seen that I didn't have to clean." Enna Bombeck. Based on brand preference surveys in the U S & Clothes Care System 1 HMndna iMMMng brand . Tit rf v arri a - 1 i: j Thursday, December 12, 1996 home Dec. I. bringing with him his ife from France who he met while serving in the U.S- Army. Lager Miss Simone DuFour ucrc married July 13. 1946. m St. Andrew's Church at Lyon. Fred Schmidt returned home Saturday after spending five months with his daughter and husband. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Schueltc. in Culhfcnk. Mont. Paul Hummcrt returned to Chicago after spending several days here with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. A J. Hum-mert. Dr, and Mrs! J Q- Roane returned home to Carlyle Friday evening from their auto trip to Whitewater. Wise.. where they visited with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Robbcji of St. Louis spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.-George Robhcn in(icrmjntowi). . Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stein of Belle . HOURS Wed., Thurs.. Fri.&Sat. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Quilt fabrics, batting, embroidery, stencils supplies, quilt tops, finished quilts and crafts. Ph. (618) 566-2652 Breese Family Vision Center 526-7765 Robert J Klinsky, OD 1 Fashion Eyewear Contact Lenses Economy Eyewear Packages Always Available To All Our Patients! Prov ider for most Prudential Eyecare Plans Member of Barnes Eyecare Network Accept Medicare Assignments ' . Member VSP 289 N. Main St. Kohneo Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. 1104 Sycamore Street, Germantown, I L 62245 618-523-4557 023 Canada Featuring The World's First LoadScnsor Agitator? Gets big tough loads clean with gentle cleaning for small dslicstd Iced-! ton Mtoct morM Maytag Dependable Breese Journal Page 53 ville spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.; James Humphrey and son Kenneth. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kennett oft Albers visited in Belleville Sunday. Louis Kauhrtg. Joe Kauling, Robert; Souihers. A. Hartlage. C Lee and- W.W. Brinkmann of Beckemeyer were in Breese Friday evening. H.H. Timmermann of Beckemeyer -attended a meeting in Peoria last week. - . Mr. and Mrs. Herman Diesen and daughter, Bernice. of German to wO visited with Mr. and Mrs.- Frank Stockmann in St. Louis over the weekend. . Mrs. Joseph Micheel and daugh-, . tcrs. Virginia and Lillian. Mrs. Estelle Trankle and daughter. Patsy, of Germanium n visited in Trenton Saturday. Mrs. Henry Molitor of German-town visited with Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Rademacher in Albers Sunday. 200 N. Jefferson St. Mascoutah, IL 62258 Charissa L Thorpe, OD Comprehensive Txams Reputable Service - Breese. IL 62230 Sole thru Dec. 31, 1996 DISCOUNTED PRICES ON 1995 MODELS! Can WaaMrt. Oiler ends 11297.

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