The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1939
Page 6
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fAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) CQPRIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 193ft BETTER HOMES Confovmancc With Plans And Specifications Required By FHA The Federal Housing Administration's compliance inspecticmf which nre .made on. properties securing insured mortgages, represent n distinct innovation, iji building practices and a constructive service increasingly In demand bs home buyers. These compliance inspections three nt least nnd more if conditions warrant, arc made by PH.' representatives during iho course of construction on new homes to insure • cp'nfpvhinnco wilh lli'e. | >rl(j i inn! specifications. Thus a hcnn buyer, rarely a competent judg' of building methods nnd materials lias assurance through the inspcc tipns that he is getting a ful measure of qualily as ordinal specified, for his building dollar. Tlie fact Uiat newly built home financed with FHA-lnsurcd mort gnges must imdcigo the compli ance Inspections 1ms autoniatlcall acused- builders to conform the 1 practices to FHA requirements i order to avoid delays in nrtdlllon al'inspections or possible rcjcctlo ol the FHA commitment to H sure. Tills • factor in general hr served to raise building slnwtav throughout the country. .-, Tlie first compliance Inspecllo is made at either of the two to lowing stages of conslruclipi When excavation is completed ai ready for footings and found: tlons, or when the foundatii walls are complete and ready I backfill.The second compliance In' spection is made when the main building is enclosed and all structural membeis are exposed aiv.l while rougUing-ln is In place and visible, and the third inspection is made when all improvements Comfortable Low- Cost Horne Comer Log Siding I Trap Sun's Heat for Winter Features Wagner House * ,„ •u]/i A ' >iii"/s V Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wagner and family have moved to their new home, 1305 K:IIy street, wjiich they recently erected. | SlJglilly different fro!» a number of the new moderate priced houses constructed here in the past two' years, the walls of the exterior j have a decorative note with the. cedar shingled ivfilJs flanked with' )o,' cabin siding nt the corners The is painted white with blue shutters and has a blue-black composition roof. The interior Is arranged with ai living room, two bed rooms, a large | kitchen with dining nook, ball) rcom. and centra) hall where the heating) facilities lire arranged.' /* ''II can lie clone" applies aptly to tliis low-cosl liome newly bunt in an Indiana city and valued by the Federal Housing Administration al $3,100, with a $3,000 VIlA-insiired mortgage. All- inclusive payments, comparable to rent, will liquidate Ilio mortgage indebtedness for the owner, wlio has an added measure of h'iilisfadion in Hie knowledge his properly lias met FHA miii- imum construction requirement!) and property standards ami is in n stable neighborhood. Rural Residences Are Being Repaired, Decorated Two country residences being improved are those of the B. G. Gills at Dell and Mrs. Otto Bratluerry in the Little River section. The IJradljerry residence is to liave new siding walls on the exterior, which will be painted white, nnd the Interior will be redecorated. New oak floors and a general repair nrcgram Is to be done nt tlie C.ill residence. BUILDERS STRESS OF FLOOR, PLAU Shoddy Practice In Construction Outmodec There'll be no more fuel bills if plans to Irap the heat of the Kim In summer for winter use work" out'for Massachusetts Institute 01 Technology engineers at Cambridge, Mass. Energy collectors on roof of house, above, contain water in coils to be heated by sun am stored in insulated basement tank for cold weather use. Living Stardar'ds On Farms Ars Improved Through FHA Farm families visiting the New terns: These loans, which come Questions and Answers Q. Several windows in my home to my attic so that I can use the To Build Duplex At ; Rear Of Residence Work will start tomorrow on a duplex to be built by Mr. and Mrs. "Jeiry-building." the term givei to shoddy practices in. housebuild- ing, is virtually a thing of the past, a condition generated largely throueh the influence of the Federal Housing Administration on construction practices. Buying a home in comparatively recent years was somewhat a matter of chance, FHA officials explain, but it is considerably more difficult lo market a poorly built and misplaced house today. FHA's Influence in this respect York World's Fair. this year saw a dramatic as well as practical demcnstration of how improved farm living standards may result from installation of a running- water system. They saw a farm house with a bathroom for every bedroom. The electrified kitchen was equipped with every known labor-saving device, including a cabinet-type sink with mixing faucet for tempering the water and rinsing spray for dishes and vegetables. Clothes were washed in ait open-air laundry. This modern progress, with its ccnvenlences which farm families . - - - ^ - (JLIIYUlliClI^CO YVlllljll I i" I" •—* has been due to its insistence that fw - s hflve consid ered the ex- mortgages It insures be secured by possession of urban resi- well-constructed homes In stable stimulated by Hie neighborhoods free from 1 fluency • u Administration. Can George p. Smith at the rear of ore completed and the buildings nre • wood-frame casements •• which attic for storage purposes. -----,,.,.-. 228 East Kentucky ave- are ready for occupahcy. i opeu ln . Can you nl ivise molufw you give, mo any information about, their ome, 226 East Kentucky ave — • |lo%iake these wator-Ughl? ,tbls type or, stairway? Can lob- nue,^ wtth^thD fmU entrances to •a the i stripping should ' n '" s Installation? There is nothing so unsatisfactory as a dark kitchen, This,is the echo of hundreds cf Is also advisable to have. n in _ on the outsidovof the casement to A. Disappearing stairways are keep tlujrwatclrVInSm running In-'.available In ••various widths -tihfl to the-joint at the sill. If your are mhmifaetured ready to put in *,.»,» ^ —-, ..- - -. DXtcrion walls arc masonry, any place. Since these stairs arc shov- housewives'who have to spend ;jo( n !s existing between the window eri up into Ihe attic about ha!- mahj^hours in poorly lighted kitchens each day. Not only is it depressing, they ssiy; but cooking and dishwashing are made more difficult. - Ah extra'window makes the room lULlllO) u,\ Law II IB wwnwr%-t.*i fiii- ,!.••-.— -• -i- ,,, , • i ii [ranics and the masonry should be way. before being folded into the caulked i celling, you must be sure that [(here will be adequate space and Q In a two-family house which clearance in the atlic to allow for ! own we are bothered by noises this protruding half. It, will also carrying from one floor' to the be necessary to consider the space more cheerful and at the same other. What is the reason for this needed In front of the attic open- time Increases ventilation. Cooking [condition, nnd what can be cionis ng to take care of the starway odors TOiich otherwise may penetrate the house cim be eliminated through good ventilation, which will also reduce heal. to eliminate it? A. Failure to .provide sound making an improvement of this ""• ""',"' deadening in tiie construction is tunas KI :g c ,, cml | y [),,, cmise of excessive imyiuvuuiL-m- «*.""»• i r _ nsm tMlnn kind may be obtained from lending | n ™, ~.' ..... ncji iv. T-IJ!HOOFS, ino !»!*'**••-"-« —i -—«•- — institutions Qualified by the Fed- . , „ , ,, w i m p 0r iant nril WrrtitiMtr AHrvimictrntinii jmHfir & _. of sound through method of construct- eral Housing Administration under Its' Modernization Credit Plan. Light For Entrance • A home owner will be repaid many times over In convenience and safety in Installing a. front-door or entrance ligUl. Such an entrance light, in addition to making unnecessary groping in the dark fcr door or'keyhole, can prove'an attractive feature. Such lights can be controlled from the inside of a house, and installations may be financed through -funds obtainable from lending Instlluticns under FHiVs Modernization Credit Plan. be en Laclede street. Each unit will have a 12 by 10 foot living room, ll H by 12 foot bedroom, a il by 12 fool kitchen ' , and .dining nook, nnd a bath. ' _.-•" • "The exterior walls will be 'of siding, uainled white, with a green composition roof and the interior will have pauered walls, stained woodwork and oak floors. impairing their desirability hcmes and their value as investment. "Youthful" Colors Improve Residence Federal Housing Under Ihe Modernization Credit Plan, farm families may obtain funds from qualified lending iiisti- itutions for Installing water sys- 'rcm private lenders with FHA insurance, may also go toward the purchase and installation of plumbing equipment and some of the other permanent conveniences which rural people have done without for centuries. The electrified-farm exhibit contained .two complete systems, a shallow-well and a deep-well, and shows water, piped to eight buildings and In use at 12 different locations. Running water is used at tlie -horse barn, milk house, blacksmith shop, cow barn, poultry house, greenhouse, and packing house, and in the electrified farm home. In addition, water is piped to four stnndplpes localed strategically around the farm. Besides bringing plumbing anc its allied conveniences to the farm the FHA's Modernization Credi' Plan also 'considers eligible the installation of electric systems. FHA Lists Advisable Suggestions To Be Followed Greater emphasis is being placed v builders and architects on coins we'll planned in relation to ne another to suit family needs, ^ederal Housing Administration flicials say. Among the rules which guide the builder of modern homes today re: (l) A plan which makes It pos' ib!e to go from room to ronti vith the fewest possible sleps ami Jie least disturbance of occupants of other rooms. (21 Wall space arranged for maximum utility. (3) Practical use of glass or window area. (4) Simplicity of design. (5) A dining rcom usable 10 hours a day and other multiple uses of space. (G) Provision for seasonal out- of-door living. (7) Equipment and planning of the kitchen for time and labor saving. IB) An easy-to-get-at garage vith no lot space wasted. (9) Adequate wiving, wilh out- ets provided for the convenient, use of all electric appliances. (10) Arrangements for a labor- ;avfng laundry room. (11) An absolute minimum of waste space. (12) The orientation of the house •md location. (13) Provisions for privacy both in relationship of rooms in the house and in relationship lo neighboring houses. . Home owners faced , the Closet Lights Are Added Convenience when lowered. This requirement Proper lighting for the closets in a he me Is a necessity otten over- varies with-, the ceiling height ot i looked but one which can prove a Ihe room and can be determined bothersome nuisance, Federal by consulting the manufacturer's \ n ,. Administration officials problem of making old houses look' younger may try colcriug them with "youthful" colors. Federal Administration officials Requisites Are'Listed By FHA Among the necessities for n mcd- ccld weather will remind many . .. ern kitchen maybe listed the fpl- homeowners ot drafly windows and consLSUl Harmonious decorative doors, a health menace descrvln; shingles, and color accenU may be Septic Tanks Adequate For Outlying Areas One satisfactory method of sewage disposal for houses in local!- . ties not served by adequate public sewer systems k Ihe use of. septic tanks, Federal Housing Admlnis- - tration officials say. When this method of sewage disposal-Is used, Are -Health--Menace the lot upon-which the house is., loc.ated should contain not less lhari 5,000 square feet. This system of an underground settling tank and a sewnsje-disposal fletd. Tlie tank should be rect- pro- pbr- arid to 24 3rafty Windows considcraticn. Since you give no detailed information ns to the construction. It is assumed that the floor of the second story is framed with wooden Joists, covered wilh a single thickness of flooring, iiurt ins a plaster celling applied to tiie bottom of the joists. If such is the case, sound transmission can lie reduced by laying 30-|iounrt clead- cnint! felt over the existing floor and then laying a new finish floor of either wocd or linoleum. catalog. The Modernization Credit Plan of the .Federal Housing Administration may be used in financing the installation of these stairs. Fireplace Damper Frequently overlooked by home Solution to the problem is a simple cnc throuBh selection from many available methods. A ceiling light in a closet may have a pull chain or wall switch. Tills light may be forgotten, however, and burn for hours. A switch I outside the closet door may lor ui doors. A popular new exter- | color combination consists of .... ri -„,„, Housing Administration's Modern "" Cation Credit Plan, funds are ob- light salmon-cclorcd walls, emerald- green roof, and a flame-colored front door. : -, . Study Necessary Oi Roof Material builders, a fireplace damper is equipped with a pilot hsht which equally important ns the ilrcplace glttvs red when the light in Ihe Itself. In addition to being a rcgu- closet is on. la'torv device, a fireplace damper ' Another satisfactory method j t i i ..,_i«ll rt |1n.,-> nF n ,-lnnr ctt'irdl U'V Q. I nm considering the Installation of a disappearing stnivwny ln- HAVE HQTitmG >QjN,0,jtfjR PAINT I FOR A HAPPIER WINTER? (Whether you paint inside or out, you'll maka |your home n brighter, happier place to live ia ithis winter—if ihc paint you 13 Slierwin-i jWilHarasl Visit our store— let. us Sliow you! isamples of our latest colors .'.. and types 'of\ 'paint for your tvcry Fall painting need. ' SHERWlK-WllllAMS 8HERW/N-WIUWM3 SEMI-LUSTRE HRR-NOT prevents heat from escaping up the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. There Is considerable variation in tlie'types of dampers available, installation of which may be financed through FHA's Modernization Credit Plan. installation or .a door switch which automatically turns the light in the closer off when the cloov is closed. A light which bums for a staled time and then automatically turns olT is still another satisfactory from qualified lending stltulions with which to install most of the desirable features listed. When the roof of a home is renewed, the matter of weight of tlie material selected must be studied carefully, Federal Housing Administration officials say. If • the old roof is of wotd shingles' it is often possible to cover It without removing the old shingles, but If n heavy material, such as slate, is used, the frame must be checked to see if it method of closet lighting. will safely carry Ihe added weight, with sport. Game Equipment Closet A built-in cabinet in which sports and game equipment can be stored contribute to orderliness in a home. An adequate games closet, installation of which may be financed with 'funds. obtainable from qualified lending: Institutions under FHA's Modernization Credit Plan,:should have a number cf shelves as well as a bin or .hamper. In these can be stored seasonal sports equipmenl such us ice skates, tennis racquets golf paraphernalia, backgammoi boards, and other articles associated AMAZINGLY ABLE WALL FINISH THREE PURPOSE VARNISH §1.17 qi $145 q SEE OUR OTHER FALL PAINTING BARGAINS! rnr?a eovc» TI« tMTH HOME OWNERSHIP The First Step Toward -Security Uuilding a home for your family under the FHA plan is like buying an insurance policy for Uic future. A small amount of money to start witli, followed by small monthly payments over a period of IS or 20 years, will assure yovir faniily a permanent dwelling. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUILD, YOU CAN ENJOY YOUR HOME WHILE PAYING FOR IT. LET US HELP YOU PLAN, FINANCE AND BUILD. Phone 40 Sftouse-ienry Hardware Co. I q m m v Service Thonc 35 211 W. Main We Are "Service Conscious" Every member of our staff is conscious of the fact that u public utility system such as ours is founded and exists for service to (lie community. \Vc know that our duty not only is to •provide Blythevillc people with a ready supply of pure water at the lowest possible cost, but thai we must back up this commodity with friendly, helpful service that will enable you to get the fullest satisfaction from your patronage of this modern water system, BLYTHEWLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Mgr. •Water 13 Your Oh«P«t Commodity" allutions under FilA's Moclerni- tion Credit Plan. Mrs. Sarah Wincheseter believed at death would never take her long as her home remained un- lished, so she kept adding rooms it. On her death, in 1922, her ihta Clara, Calif., home contaln- 1GO rooms. Approximately 1.000,000 person; uiualty visit the British Museum id Kew Gardens in London. the overflow from the tank depends, pon the character of the soil and its ability lo absorb moisture. Disposal ordinarily is accomplished by the use of porous drain tile laid below the surface of the .ground. Tlie amount of tile required and size of the disposal bed or field depends upon the daily quantity of sewage and the rate at which the ground will absorb moisture. Under certain ground conditions other methods o'f disposal of sewage from the tank must be used. Introducing Newl940Line Wall Papers Our 1940 line of Fine SEARROOK Wall Paper Patterns lias just arrived. Other years we have haa remnants" to offer al bargain prices. This year our 1939 rollage is so nearly sold out that we have few bargains on hand. BUT WE HAVE DECIDED for the next ten days to offer up to 20% discount on the JJHO all new line. : . To make this sale more attractive vv^ will also give you reduced prices on fancy patterns of btiilding paper and on paints. PREPARE FOR WINTER by visiting -'our store now. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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