The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1039' BLYTI1EVILLE (AUK) COURIER NEWS Professor Of Finance Says Results Can Be Far Reaching SAN FHANCISCO, Cal. IU1') — American business may uc affected in three different ways by Hie European war, depending largely on Us length, according to Dr. Oeorcfi William D.-ftTle. professor of fl- nnncc in the Stanford University Gr.idimle School of Business. Dowric said there were three schools of thought on the probable duration of the war. "One sch:ol," lie said, "believes the war will be cmlcd by Christmas. In Hint event American business Is likely to suffer a reaction from Its present improvement, "A second group believes that the 'phoney war' will drag along as it has up to the present time with little Important effect on American business. "The third believes the 'blood ball)' threatened by Hitler is due s:oncr or later, and Hint If such a conflict Is prolonged, there will be a yrcal stimulation of American business—with another depression us an aftermath." business !s Wary The noted financial authority and •author said lie believed that American business as a whole Is Inking every precaution to av:id the errors made dining the World War, especially those created by over-expansion of Industrial plants, over- borrowing, 11 ltd price Increases and heavy market speculation. He pointed out that present stcck price indexes-are 20 to 50 per cent below industrial production rates-indicating the caution with which Investors vieu 1 the slock market, Another conservative factor, lie continued, is that there are now large world .surpluses of f:od stutfs and raw materials which was not the case in 19J4. Snapshot Worth $1500 MOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewis Four Boys and One Girl Face Electric Chair DEDHAM, Mass. (UP)—Four hoys and a gin, none over 18, face trial in Norfolk and Plymouth counties on charges of first, degree murder for slnyings over » risiljt and in holdups that tctalecl only . $!0.-!8. Death in the electric cliair is It the penalty. F Helen E. Hayes. 17. of Ogimqult, |- Ate., and lier companion. Harrison C. Howes Jr., 18, of New Bedford arc accused of slaying a dump carctttkeri. in .-sfougliton after 'robbing him of 48 cents. , . Another Indictment charges Walter L. Teachman, 17. of Wnrchmn with the murder of a WPA worker for a $10 debt,. —y The other two held for trial are f Arthur S. Cray Jr., 18, and Irwin R. Nelson Jr., 18, both of Qnincy. •They allegedly killed a liospitsil Malchmtm during a series of holdups that netted them nothing. Read Courier News aunt auii. Leg Perfection Grand jniuc winner al Washington Salon ol Ihe Newspaper National Snapshot Awards is this picture snlcrctl by Joseph Gulllozct of Dayton, Ohio. Besides S1000 award, Qiilllozcl won $500 first, prize In class for picture.', of children. "Yah! You mill your raCl. . . . Sometimes I wish we'd never escaped from Alcalraz!" At The Hospitals Hlylhcville Huspllnl Mrs. A .A. Pitts, Bassett, ndiullled. Miss im/el Gurley, Promised Lund, ndmitted, Joan Perkins, Lcachvllle,' dismissed. Marvin Oxford, city, dismissed. ' Walls Hospilal Pftlty Chltwood, city, admitted. Mrs. Clarence Drrulf;rd, Steelc. Admitted. J. P. Smool, Ulbourn, dismissed. Wnriici G. lawson. Manila, i)is- mlrecd. illcniphls St. .Inscilh's Hospital Mrs. Eminctt chile.s, Joiner, nd- mitted. Memphis napllsl Hospilal Mrs. Irn KobWns. city, admitted, 3. J. Lambert, Elowah. ndmlltcd. Davis Miles. Hayli, ndmltlcd ' H. B. Bpcnce, Stcclc, admitted Ask Belligerents To Negotiate Peace And Oder Their Services (ConIbiucd Prom Page, 1) •ervcrs were siild to have icloinl- l«l (lie plnncs. • SwItMrtnwl ami Uonmnrk re- JOitcd plnnes, believed lo be German, fold boon sighted over those coiiuti'les. Denmark niid Sweden •e iiliinucd by tho number of nines, also believed Qernmn, llpnt- l"K 'In their shinning channels. Norway Imd Incurred Nm\ wrnlh by Inking (lie American frcltihtci' illy of Flint, away from n Qcrninn >rke new. releasing (ii c ship lo he Americans nnd Inleriilng Ihe In Ihe fncc of Oerniaii ilcmnnds :hal llie prize crew lie released, Norway announced last nlelit that ;he crew would bo tnlusi to tiie indent Konssvliiuer • castle near Ihe Swedish frontier on Wednesday, and kept, in Internment thciv. Some European nnarlors believed Germany's.nniicr over the oily of 1 lint incident was not likely lo' Increase her respect for liev iieutrn) neighbors to (ho west and novlh. rurthciiuoro, it i s known Mint the French iirmy lilsh commimd seriously considers the possibility llinl the German nviny, blocked but of 1 ranee by the Mntlnot line, might attempt flank nllncks through Holland iind Belgium, or Switzerland.' llollund and Belgium are friendly neighbors, both have Ihelr forll- (lcntlci)s centered on their eastern borders, facing acrinnny, bul they hnvo no military.nllhmco nnd Holland remained neutral while Ihe acrinnns Invaded Belgium In the World \vnr. lint neither hnvo overlooked the possibility that this time the German army might strike further north ami invade them both. Tliis Is No rish Slcry _ I'lSTERSBURG, Alaska (UP) — Tiie largest salmon ever caught In southeastern Alaska weighed 120 pounds. The fish, taken in the 1939 season, wns 53",i inches Ions ai\d 3f\i inches around. It was cniiglii in n net. The previous record salmon, caught in 1010, neighed lie pounds. I'ony 'League Intact . . BATAV1A. N. Y. (UP), - Tho .I'ONY Iwselmll Icuuuo made up of teams from Pennsylvania, New York nnd ojitnrlo, Cannita, fs expected to remain Class D In 1940 with the snmc cities represented Members arc Olcnn, Bradford] llamiltoji, out., Dntnvln, ?!lngrini Falls and Jamestown, - Tlurc lllncks—2,1100 miles : MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. (UP)—A transfer company went to great length—2,300 miles—lo move n piano Ihree blocks for A. M, Shearer. When Shearer's stored furniture was moved, Ihe piano wan missini;. Investigation revenlotl it hnti been sent by mistake lo Dallas, Texns, PAGE FIV«' I Speakeasy Card Collection Not For, Sale—Owner Too Sentimental to Sell By OKOUGK KOSS NEW YOHK, Nov. •!.—When I want to feel truly oM (well, .36 any. way), I step mound to lh« display window of that little shop In the I'-iflles where lliey feature u col- Icollui of siwakonsy curds. lleniem- bcr? Those day), when the -whisper of "Charles X. Hlehstoop Bent Me" was open Sesame al the Billlc-auto seem far more distant Hum they railly are, Those roaring twenties arc not GO far behind us—and yd few of the younger generation, the jitterbug age, vividly recall the iinlycon days cf bathtub tjlu; Jack. "Lens" Diamond nml ijivry Vny; Ilic trend-softly saloons; Texns Cluluiiu; izzy itmiinn, the maraud- i»S revenue innn; (ho bootleg tvuf- fic and the hljnck iniissacrcs, ami nil the other hlulillislils of that tlmn. which \Vostbrook Peg lor dubs the Km of Wonderful Nciuffiisc, These spcakcusy cards 1 sjioalc ol nre not for snle. Tdo proprietor of the shoii icgarda them us too'vnl- uiible tut iimoiinl JIIOHICTIICCS to ra- tnll, They nrc tho innrbi of a man who could uct In imywhero In his ilny. UKV.l'lMC UP WITH l'It(K»KKSS That reminds j»e, Ilio lust word of progress hn.s come to u luxury transport, shop on 1'ark Avenue. Well, n:t » shop, rciilly, but an armory, where they sold Iind dU- playccl molor cars nnd speedboats, Lust week the store capitulated nml stocked up with luxury airplanes for private purcliusers. Just wander In there and choose your menus of private travel i by land, sea, or ilrl U'lU.l., SlIIiHSlAN WAS HIGI1T Tills incriilng l rccoivcd a letter from an English Irlmd, slrcjislug Ihe warllmc scene about Piccnilllly Circus and the Strand. And It seems thai UmdomnA uru Inklnu Iho war with n train of humor, It not with 11 grain of salt. My friend mentions the sign uljovc a heavily sundbnggcd apothecary shop: "BISMUTH, AS USUAL." l.lKi; TO St'K IT «O BOOM The nruurcal ncllvlty en Firiii Avenue has played havoc with the Sldcwnlk Siipcrlnlcndahl,'-;' Club which concerned luS/ only with excavations lor skyscrapers, Tho legion members of Ihu SSC .wcro devoted lo watching steam ahovols, excftvntori nnd bcMii io»cn>, »ml nil ilvpluig Imd to bo dono under uieli' supervisory cyca. ' ' J3llt nlong.cnin'o Uio Mfth Av«- nne elm trees nnd othes glinl^ of (he jorcstr-rmti tho '$SO' broke Ihelr alloRinnccs. >\)r of Jala, 30- Joct Selwcdlorl Irccs- Jiave '.liceii |)lantcd on tho avenue ! n'nd.thc ciixlnccrlint pioblem hat bean terrific. Workers Iind «u(f scarcely 13 Inches boiiDatli tho : pavcuwnl When lliey caino Hjwii solid rock. Jilastlnn wns tiulicalcd, nn<l It lliore Ls aiiylhhiK » SSC member llko^ ii i^ Li^e ti6vonallon of a lick of dynanllle In the ioort, linrtl reck of N«w York. Pull the Trigger, on Lazy Bowels, and Also Pepsin-ize Stomach! When ccmMlruillon tiring on ncldinrtl- KM ion, Miming, dlzjy tpclli, vis, coaled loiijjuc. EOIIF Insle, mid bud breath, your Blonmoli la prulwlily loaded up \Vltii ccr- I mil uiulige.*! «l toMu ml y 01 ir IXHVC la don't move, bo you need Ixjili IVpsiri |o liclp break up fast thai rich umlk-cjlcd food |!i y''"rslomiKli,iuidLjuiUw«Seminl'jpull I no triSBcr on Uinse hzy \wnv\3. So Iw sure yoiir tallvunlso coiitni.ij Pepsin, lake Dr. Caldwc Is Laxative, Ucnmc IH Wrui) Pepsin helpa you rain tluit voil- Mulstnninelicomfiirt.wlillclhoUttaiivc henna move) your bowel), 'resin move Urn |KwcrnflV,)s|,,iodisst>ivetlHisolitiiii!soC undigested protein IIKKI whlchiiuy Imi-cr I" your stomach, localise bclclilneiWrlc ncfilily m vl iiausta. -yhla Is how pepsin- l»i>K your Rtomachliclpa relieve!) a(Wh dis rc-ss. M llic s.imc lime this mrdn-inu mikcsup r.izy ncrvrauml imisclcain yunr bo wch to relieve you, comiip.itlon. So see [mw iimcli bolter y»u fa<l by U)k!m< ,ho nxnlivc th:il also tints Px'psln to work on Hint slu»).tcli discomfort;, loo. Even I'm- Icliy'Children love to liWc tliU pleasant laiinly laxative. Buy Dr, Cnldw'en's la* -Si'iuiii with Syrup I'oualu [it your lsl today) * * To MUh * <&md o!.pal!«ni Nsw Yoilurs inpenrislng a lt«e- pruning amid Uu> Iidrlv-burly of Fifth AveryKa Is"- to 1 realta) hbff r»m>lc*s are (otne An octopus Bettys Itself over Ha iay, forming * n airtight death chamber nbout Us victim, befdfe It,'. - • - , ... The Iiidlnn »at 'snake makes • a. M>imd like the '(one of a tuning folk. • ' 'it - . •? TUESDAY -.PAL Z nilmlltcd for price oil BAD LITTLE: GIRL with Gene Reynolds shoHs ana Wed. & f hur. INTERMEZZO with Leslie Howard & Initrlil Bergman News-Comedy 1 X Y TUE,-WED.-THUR. Mnfinecs—iOf to Everybody NMil—10o •& 20c tax Included GANG BULLETS vim Ann N;i«l & Rnlicfi Kent Aho selected shorts LISTKN TO KI.ON ''. ll'.Ol) a.m.— 12'.45 p.m.—1:30 p.m. HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without .Surgery, nitti Guaranteed A very snfo uiirl hnrinless wolhod; without confinement, to bed, loss of. ttine from wmk nnd with very lltllw dtecom- loii. All lj'|W3 of |ill<si, IlbturcB, llatuuui, etc., Imted by our office hiqlhodi Olliilc. 514 UAln DRS, NIES &N1ES. lUre Gridiron Gamn PROVIDENCE, R. I. (UP) _ A trange football game was played jctwcen Portsmouth Priory -and 'rovidence. country '"Day schools. Neither tfam punted during llm game. Neither team was penalized. And the ball was losl on dowtw only once as Priory won 19 to 1. Air Uccruils in Quebec MONTREAL (UP)' — Recruiting for the R&yal Canadian Air Fores is under way in Quebec Province. \ new call has bene issued for skilled technical men fa almost a fields, and tlie recruits arc icing signed on at recruiting offices in Montreal, Three Rivers and Quebec City. . , It fjuickiy CUSPS pain. Eoothci norvc.i BrfRgjdeZfehtfiilcnnir<nrl.A'filAniJbyo r.i forth" ],is t, •!') years For Best Results In Baking—Use 3 FLO ASK YOUR GROCER ONLY 60 FOR THIS COiMi'BI/i'IO Biding Comfort 1. SHOCK AHSOni!i;ns-cloaii anil refill will, .special Fonl Shock Absorber fluid M-IOIC, suited lo season. . Adjust for maximum riding comfort. 2. INSIM-XT SHOC-K ARSOKR- KUS for leaks and lighten arm | mil sand packing nuts. 3. SI'KLVGS—Treat springs with sjiccinl Forrl hiliricanl M-l(i2S. 1. INSI'KCT AND ADJUST SI'UTN'G SHACKLES. 5. LUISISICATi: CHASSIS Cf)XI- 1'I.KTIil.Y usinz factory specified lubricants. B. KQUAU/.E TIKE 1NFI.A- TfON to NIC recommended pressure. 7. JiO,U> TEST CMl for final adjustment of Shock Absurbcis tti suit imliviilual requirements. ALL ABOVE FOIl THIS ONE PIlfOE. LLSPS 5th A Walnut S10 "Sorry... is out of season... Suppose you got that answer today, from tho bread- man. Suppose the grocer couldn't deliver the coffee and canned peas and potted ham and pineapple juice you ordered—just because this isn't the right time of These arc most perfect legs in Hollywood the Physical Culture Foundation clccidecF and awarded n cup to 21-year-old Virginia Gilmore. Marlcnc Dietrich came CLARENCE II. WILSON Lp\y Rates Long Tcrnia I'rompl Insiiuclions Prepayment Privileges ~ First National Bank Bldg, lily Hi cvillc, Ar!(, Aiilbori/.cd Morljagc Loan Solicitors for The I'rudcnUnl Insurance Company of America RAY WOimilNGTON! Unthinkable? Yes, but only because plenty of planning has been done to bring you good foods : of all kinds straight through the year. Today you can buy. fresh meat, safe mitk, green vegetables, frozen foods '—whatever you like to eat, almost Without regard to season. . - ' - • ''->^fff||^ ••.••• , ..'.'"'%T! And this has come about to large extent -because rhas created a demand, for these things .. . and the vast quantities sold through advertising have brought prices clown to a point where 'almost every one can afford them. , Advertising is a great economic force which make* life pleasan tor ... for you.

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