The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1936
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VI 1'OL. A'XXIll—NO. 188 Htythevlllo Courier niytlicvllle Herald Hlythevllle Dally News Mississippi Vnlley Lender _!!!1^^^ ~ $16,500MSED TODAYfOR FACTORY fill rnMlflrWT ft H T; No WoiTV- v Sipi^ ^°y Nelson Injured in 'DrnflDTP flfl ITT T? „ •, ~^7. ~~~~~ +- MILlHULIll rLLld J b"S Early Morning-Accident ntlOn d MlL III ^Xpected to Wed fiU fl P T [C j [ All Italv 9or.rU NW,'111/11 I PnilTllllir ' IHCTIfflY IS W'H^lfiO] - -on,^-attorney, 6US - pur" Tp n|nBrn !Italian Diplomat "1110 UlltD 111 'TJl^ lUILl 111 HM KlulURi Ij duni KulK //J ^.^.™?*^. .„-- «*. , FW s HUHKH n——— , in iirui nrni niu Ambassador Tn nnrnn "H.. Roosevelt Greatly Cheer-' ccl by Enthusiastic New England Reception ' WASHINGTON, Oct. 23 <UP>President Roosevelt planned strategy for the final iveek- of Jih. campaign today, confident that] his rc-elcctlon Is assured. The president returned early to- i day from u whirlwind louv of New England, convinced that the unprecedented reception he received there forecast a D:mo:iatic victory In Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Back nt hi.s desk, Mr. Roosevelt had before him reports from paity leaders assuring him that his re-election on Novembsr 3 is "in thc bag." - Friends said he wns greatly cheered by the wildest dr'tnorfiTatloivs accorded him during his campaign. Landon Kids for Democrats i OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Oct. I 21 (UP) — Gov. Alf M. Landon called upon all "real" Democrats tcday to "light shoulder to slioul- • cler with us" against the New Deal. "Thc present administration In j Washington is not a Democratic administration at all." the Republican presidential nominee said In praising by name such anti- New Deal Democrats as Alfred E. Smith. ex-Governor William H. Murray of Oklahoma, Joseph B. Ely, Lewis W. Douglas and "a host of others." "The administration has forfeited all claims of allegiance from those who still believe in' the principles or that great party," Gov- ^ernpr Landon said in an address prepared for delivery here.;" 7 '' _Iri vading' 6k! a hofna, where Mur- j ray greeted 'him, Governor Laii-" don emphasized the seriousness of issues that have caused regular Democratic leaders to break across party lines and turn from the "political habits of a lifetime." I Hoy Nelson, city attorney, sustained a severe gash across the chin when his car struck the rear end of n car driven by James Terry on Highway 61, a short distance north of Blytheville, about 2:30 o'clock (hts morning. At the Blytheville hospital, where Nelson was rushed after T, . ",~." the accident, It was said that his 1 llCUS.ands Kent From Injury was not serious unless In- " •• - i • • fectlon should set, In, tiiough the wound was a deep one. j Terry was driving off the high-' way Into the driveway of the Theodore Logan residence when T ---— — the accident occurred, it was stat-' '"' ( ' 6 "o !ll ors for the senate-cam ed. i l' aI 8» expenditure committee . rc- ncrtcd today that thousands; ol Walnut' A!iii " c ™ters have been threat- Walnut ' f netl w1 "' disqualification because j I hey were recipients of relief. s, Senate jnvcstiga- litig Body Finds i W^HTNGTON. Oct. 23 (.UP) — Both Terry been to the Blytheville Fiitlee football game at Ridge. Nelson escaped with minor Tllc committee Issued an oiTic-j bruises In an airplane accident lal «»»°U"cement in which itas- seversl weeks ago at a southeast «rtecM(,hc Investigators reported Missouri landing field. Apparently little perturbed by the furor resulting from his friendship with Mrs. Wallis Simpson, England's King Edward VIII stoically takes his roy?l duties and recreations In stride. He is shown In a recent .' . ', photo. Joe Hardwick to Face Hearing On Tuesday CARUTHERSVfLLE, Mo. —Preliminary hearing for Joe Hardwick, held on charges of felonious assault with intent to kill, has been set for next Tuesday, Oct. 27, before Justice of the peace Charley Kyle, at Cottonwood Point. Hardwick. is being held in jail following an attack, with a shotgun, on his nephew, Richard Shull. 20. thc men became embroiled in an argument about a Gun at Sliull's home, and Hardwick left, returning with a shot- Bun. He walked to wilhiti 50 feet of young Shull, nnd opened fire. About 50 shots lodged in Shull's hip and leg. His condition Is regarded as serious. Roy -House Walks Unassisted to Death Chan- at Tucker Farm TUCKER PRISON FARM, Oct 23 (UP) _ Roy House, convicted Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Oct. 23 (UP) _ 'Ihc stock market advanced fractions to mere than draggy trading tcdn.y point in s'ow nnd Irregular start. Oils reflecting the good statistical position of " the industry onri utility shares started the advance whic to the industrial the 179 3-J •10 1-8 72 127 later spread croup. Rails tagged behind markot despite reports of „„. Association of American Railroads which showed car load ings for the week of Ocl 10 ot 820,155 curs, the highest since Nov. 12. 1930. A T and T Anaconda Copper .... Bethlehem Steel . Chrysler '_".'.'.' Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester McKesson-Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central '.'.'" Packard Phillips Petroleum .'.'."• Radio Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N j Texas Co U S Smelling U S Steel '.'.'.'.'.'.'. Warner Bros Zcnlte ' •'" slayer, was electrocuted nt G'-IO o'clcck this morning. Four minutes later he was pronounced dead by two prison p},y- iicluns. * . House was convicted of slaying . 'JV. ngcrt Garland coun- moncy-lcnder, in March of this II>H- 'n'niiy vntpis failed, loi r»~- isler ; and vote because they had leen told they would be challenged as nni'pt'rs. ".' ' Res|idaslblllty for the ruling that relief recipients had been classified as paupers and barredi fiom votlns under a state law! DEU BUI IS CLOSE New Voters. May.' Be Deciding Factor in November 3 Ballot ing i)ijToiii;i( , CLEVELAND.— Among' the "big ' five" stales whose electoral votes nre so vital to Governor Laiuion, Ohio is the only one which Ims voted with the vanning . side In every presidential election sines I 18D2. You will find some Ohio Deiuo- r ernis fearing that the unpopular-' |Hy of ' Democratic Gov. Martin I Luther Davcy will pull President I Roosevelt down to defeat niul soms ' Ohio Republicans will teli you ! they're worried lest bavey ride on was placed on* Maine's attorney « ' rone,-,!), oivde r<. chapman,' the committee announcement. In Ki'1'.'.t unit .he will «-od An- r y ° , Cd 1CSt Dl>rey rlllc °" wisto Uosso, furnu-,- Italian am- | °f «™U's conl.lnlls to victory over l>:is>.,<lm- l<> the Uniu-d Slate, l .'? '' f" dl(l |" c ', Attorney Gsncral now .xlitiiniu'd in Mosanv w-is Jolm W. pricker. CiilK'cl :m ••im,.n,,r.!..,,.',,i ...!... '!M I Generally ipcakinsc. however '»• j ']' n'r ' i. ' I ""'"miiee announcement. Olld Refunding Proposal! Senator Augustine Lonergan A nrirri ,,«,] t n 1 I ! ICo ""- ) committee chairman, said Appioved at rolls: the report had teen ' Thursday, 168 to I .. ... had been referred (Oimnlltfc counsel, Walter fcr an opinion. Little interest ^aY displayed 'inLrl' 11 ,'™ 3 "?!" 0 ^ rep , orlcd lllal vot yesterday's special-election In niv f threatened by statement! theville Wia DisS No 5 oi' 10 r '' cc , li °", <". fld[ »* <° t»«' ; ef- n.. *., . _-."•'' fto --s on,/ccl thit thej' 'v.ould net-, be eligible to vote," the announce incut .said, "and that these slate mcnU vycre supported by a' let in i;no:' lYoiuvs Wilkinson alinve. prominent iti flii, ChiciiKo. and Den- sni-ii-ly. She was reported to loiivo soon for Moscow. the proposal to float a $227000 refunding bond issue but electors who did go to the polls voted overwhelmingly i n favor of thc proposal, loa to I/ The election earmarks" seven mills of the 18- nnll school . tax. for debt service By their vote/the ejectors au- thorizcd the school 'district board to proceed with? plans, to exchange new bonds for three bond issues totalling {227,000, now outstanding, if they.can obtain the agreement of bondholders to accept the new bonds. -,-, • .. School officials 'hay that they can provide,n full-tenn tree, high-school as.<.,weiras grade school, if the- ' refunding : program 13 carried through.' This' will be accomplished it Is claimed, by an annual savinc of funds for thc district through reduction in debt service by the spreading of maturities over, a longer of years and re- ter from the office of the state attorney general holding: • ; "'The person who receives pauper's supplies from a town at-any time wuiiin six months Is not entitled to vote. Those who arc on emergency relief are'' deemed to be paupers within the mean- illlT Of tllP<!P «(n t llfftr nnrl ,, : ,I-tl_ relief Company Offers $5,000 Reward (or Persons Guilty of Attack (stale the same law apnlies.; ns r^S? ° f f lot ' s , was n , ml at a '.though.v,it -' was pnld ^by- thelT^ 18 ""^ "^ A r ^»^s : pnsschgcr town."' •-..,-« •• '.•• >.| c j train near Alexandria today in the ... Loneraan .said. Hint., rnnmintm i?,^fi.° !L. !o "? -^les of strike out..... Lonergan .said, that-., complaints .of .-this i opinion' had .bce'ri mad just after the Maine election These charged . that (lie attornej general's cpinlon did not reeog nbe a revision of the la\v pas whicl persoi Tom „ , „ ui JL-UIJ una re- auction in interest, provided .present revenues are not impaired. Teachers Will Attend Meeting Here Saturday Practically all of the 284 teachers of Mississippi county schools and many of the schools' directors are expected to attend the all day teachers meeting to be held here tomorrow, beginning at 10 sed March 28. 1933,' in it: was provided that no should be classed as a for having received funds his cure, support, medical or surgical treatment or education." After being with Mr. and Mrs. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner county supervisor, will-preside ' - . than the told - -- ....... -.. ....u ™rs. ,. ,- ""^""~i, win preside in House, Ills arents, for more I he u ™ ses£ ">'^ to be held at the a ci , an hour, House death chair unassi Pnson Farm Superintendent ! speclal """ ....... ' ---- - ... , t , uujjti IlllCHUcllL Tom cogbill that he was ready to "I'm ready to die, captain" House tow the prison farm head ,. . . Wftllt t° thank you for your K= to n,e during thc time have been here. After Cogbill had placed the Says Assailants Are On Payroll of • Governor Leche of Louisiana interest to *""cTassroouiI NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 23 (UP)-- -mo, aui mure' — * v "^ nvm in, ine rsc talked toi c . lty nildil *» li »»». The morning ses- nassisted nnd Sl0 " feature a program of ! r> . , _ . Knppinl inlni-nc-l *_ . < i .. ** * *«t I* JJJiiUL'Q me leather mask over House's headj «"tl stepped aside, the electrocu- '°" er . »'" )wi « switch that sent the death-dealing electric current '"to thc slayer's body. Two "shots" were necessary be- mro nhi. r :«: n .^_ _ . J _ v dead. His 1'sicians pronounced'"House lhc public ' body ---.v..v.x> wy ur. A. p. Kelso, of Southwestern University nt Memphis, who is said to be one of the most outstanding speakers m this section and B discussion of the curricular pro gram by Ed Mccuislion of the slate department of education W. E. Phipps, state commissioner of education, win address both tenchcrs and directors at the aft eruoon session on "Tlie School Program In Arkansas" The entire program l s open to 124 1-2 01 5-8 48 3-8 13 1-8 90 7-5 10 1-8 56 3-4 40 3-8'. 12 1-4! i claimed by his s. who ordered It removed Hand county for burial. New York Cotton Ol'Jpnne Vlll.ani> I>'« h "» who assaulted _ ---.*,.. T.iiu < iaa u m 11:1.1 Gerald L. K. Smith In a radio -lation tost night were "pug- uglies on the payroll of Gov. Richard W. Lcche" and the plct to do him harm may be . traced beyond Louisiana to New York.'the former preacher announced over the breakfast table today. "To my certain knowledge two of the men are on the payroll of the. state administration. I am being subjected to the snme rcrt of attack that led eventually to Ihe death of Senator Hucy Long. It Is pitiful, I fill that the state administration 7.1 has sold out to the men who I planned and executed thc death — ; H" 11111 ^" MIIII u.xtruuif NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 23 (Up) ; of the late senator" -Cotton closed here, 2 to 5 points ' l^ *1,^T1 1-nrln-J |™.i*l*J NEW YORK, Oct. 2; closed steady. open high low 1170 1181 mi 1181 1181 1172 1191 1191 1180 Dec Jan March I lower J yesterday. The , easier during most of the dc.spitc favorable Smith had just finished a rousing speech over Station WDSU last night when three men burst ' into thc studio. Rve hundred union trainmen are on strike. . About 10 shots were fired, apparently by several persons. The fireman escajKd by throwing himself One Pull- to thc floor of the cab. bullet crashed through a man window and barely missed n sleeping passenger. Several bullets rattled against the side of day coaches. L. and A. officials today posted $5,000 reward for Informallon Ipadmg to (lie.arrest and conviction i of Ihe snipers. . ' ' ' ; '.Trie shooting occurred about n mile past Alexandria as the train passed through dense woods. The train ivos hailed and the crew searched the vicinity but could nnd no snipers. One spent ride bullet was found on the car iioor. L. and A. officials here said lhc passengers took the Incident calmly and "went back to sleep." They believed the fire -was aimed at the engine rather than the coaches. , Generally Awaking. however, I there nre certain points on which I most politicians nnd political experts agree: 1—Brlcker will defeat Dayeyinnd run well ahead uf Governor Landon , ;2—The winner's margin \ n the presidential contest will be very small. 3—Roosevelt will receive large urban majorities nnd destination o Ohio's 20 electoral votes will depend on Ihe extent to which rur.i ami small' town voters feel outraged concerning the New Deal. New Denl irarikans who believed a month or two ago thai Lttixkm would win Ohio now believe otherwise. Some Republicans agree with them, concedln- n recent swing lo Roosevelt. But the so-called rural „,«. usually dominates Ohio and although inrge cities formerly Republican no«- obviously are' Dem- ocratic.'the'rural areas'appear, lo .have, returned- to at least normal Republicanism. New Voters May „,„„„ "The Roosevelt-Landon battle Is so close, what with Negro, labor and WPA voters all veering heavily toward the New Denl, that this writer suspects it will be rlccMfd by any strong leaning there maybe among thc 200.COO to 300,000 new voters who appear on this y.»nr's unpreccdcnledly large registration lists. The Columbus citizen polled 100 new voters In normally.-Republican ,- Franklin coiinly.- 'and found 76 for Roosevelt, n for Landon, 2 for 'Lento, and t for Browner. Tiie Akron Times-Press found new voters similarly stroll" for Ihe president. In Cleveland one i s told thai 120,000 new registrant* went on the rolls after conspicuous activity by Democrats and espsclallv by the pro-Roosevelt Labor's Non-Partisan League. But tho;e nre urban indicators Heavier registration outside the cities may signify, as Republicans Insist, - •• vote. Roosevelt Fflllflll Litfle Hope.Held for Recovery of Sixth Member of Family CROWLEY. La., Oct. 23 (UP)— Two women victims of a block- long r-Ai-fosiou ol butane gas yesterday succumbed today to Injuries, raising the total dead to a strong Lniulon protest Fulvlo Suvich, new Italian ambassador to Washington, Is scon here as ha left the vVhite House nfler presenting ;h!s credentials to President Rooscvell. The new envoy:has a long record ot service In Italian diplomacy. Nole Is : DeliVc'rerJ , ers Convene iii London for Slio\vdo\vn< LONDON. Oct: 23- f (UP)-Russla informed the internallonnl com- inlllcc on non-intervention in Spain today- that the non-lntcr- ventlpii Agreement has "censed Ir Campaign .Leaders Not •Discbinagcd by Fiist Day's Results Contribution;, amounting to $10- jCO Were mnde this morning to thc S70.0tiy r uml Hll , cl| B | } ( he . vllle'.must lalbc to assmc the establishment heie of a cotton penitent fnctoiy by the Hlce-stlx Dry Goods company of si Louis Because of imfuvoinble wcalhci nnd press :of pilvate anans, m 0st of the soliciting- committees quit woifc. for the daj nt noon Soms wcrk will Lu done tomc-uow but the campaign vvill not lie ic- sumcd .in full foice until neft week. Fnrlhci plnns vult be made at a incclln; of .ill committee men-.tnrs. called foi 7 30 toni"ht nt the Chambei of Commeice office. While Iciulcis ot thc dilve had hoped that. the first day of actual solicitation would cany the fund consideinbly closer lo Iho son), Ihcy described the results cs far from dUcoinnglng Many thousands of additional dolldis nre definitely assuicd Tlie re- It )i ted total toveis onlj' en-ill and notes actually in lumd im to noon today T\vo committees were continuing then \vor!^ this afternoon The campaign vvill be pressed ' vigorously In ah attempt to complete It by the end of next week. Ulcc-Sllx tompaviu (5 niix- lous to gel a new plant in operation us soon as po«ible and 3ms asked foi a dcflilite answer from niytlicvllle by November 1 K lhc factory fund is near Its 1 by that date it Is believed Hint isomi! extension of time can te obtained but leadcis in the campaign feel Unit ' is Imr-era- llvc '16 have vlrlual .assurance of-'ils uuccess by thai time .Many of thc prospective contributors Interviewed today, ihelr minds evidently nlieady made up, wrote checks immediately for their part of thc fund Thc nre whistle rounded at short intei- vals throughout the morning, .each blast, tion to the fund £E3D - addi- Otheis wanted a note itlcs Spain personally has been sure of Ohio ever since Se "Honest Vic" Donahey told he had it in the bag. o'ther big Ohio Democrats lind previously lold th« president Ihe same thing, but ha remained skeptical. Vic Has Bi ff Following The fact that Donahey recently •nade a hot radio speech for P. D. Fl... on the other hand, may be much more important than his prediction. Donahey served three terms as governor, built a bie rcn- persons. Mrs. Earl Shrcvc sr., Mrs. Earl shreve jr., claw Prices K'ITC depressed on 1173 j selling and from long ]j,- 1172 ; ' - vtiun.o f ,.i.u »,,i. diMinu. vyiiu puncnea ,'""' "V r E c Sports. I him in the face, another in the :hed today. Julian Livens, hedge May July Oct Spots down \. im 1103 1193 1185 1187 1192 1192 1180 1142 JH3 IHO closed steady at 1185 IHO mid iji:cpn.-nntics over ropcan situation. the En- Spot Average Is 11.99 .- .-,, e average price of 7-8 Inch 45 3-4 1 middling cotton on the ten dc•• • - signaled spot markets today was 11.99, according to the Blythe- 11 1-8 2 1-8 •17 5-8 07 7-8 •U 7-8 84 3-4 70 5-8 13 5-8 8 7-8 An auto trip across thc United Slates from Jersey city to Oak' ' '! In 8G hours and 20 ., ville Beard of Trade. GALEN, Mont. (UP)-when n big Northern Pacific locomotive i ^ i!i? thc dllc " llrar hfre, a hobo,.riding the brakes, is declared rtl M co , n \" !aln<! '' mor« biuerly or n,« lhe -* a W eMMW than all llh Passengers put to- ethr. n°"l, Of ,, tllc , Pass<mgcrs the «ishe& olf his Doc Jan March May July Oct open high low "78 1179 i 167 1177 1178 HG7 1187 1188 1)75 1188 1190 11CO 1183 118S 1177 1137 1138 close 1170 mo 1179 1181 1179 1135 -"-•• - •'"*•' ii,X) I ijg Epols closed steady at 1215, ofT stomach, but the 1-fisfcy self, termed Fascist leader and "rabble rouser" hold his ground and beat them off. "Thc New Deal machine," Smith said, "was behind it. That machine Is the most ruthless set of gangster ever to come Into power. A 'machine that would make cot pressmen out of the men who plolled the death of Hucy Long can't be expected to be ping pong players." Chicago Wheat Although he j his assailants. " would them. open Dec 114 high bw cl 1H 3-4 113 7-8 1H 1 U3 5-8 IU 5 _ 8 m J_ Chicago Corn Dec May open S4 ao 3-< high lcw 04 5-8 93 3-1 94 30 1-8 89 5-8 close 5-8 said Smith said he file no charges a;)iinst Cow Sets Milk Record LONDON (UP)—A young Shorthorn cow bred on the farms of J. P. Morgan, American financier, at Watford, Hertfordshire, Is believed to have set a record for her breed and age by yielding nearly 9 1-4 night. Kilted ' outright In the same explosion were Earl p Shreve jr., 20. and Etta Mac Shreve, 18. Little hope held recovery of Earl Shrcvc sr. Firc- men said the family would )mve reached safety Imd they not tried - "the people's ,.,>.„„, and was elected senator In 1934 br Ihe walloping majority of 437000 after the administration had vainly opposed him in the primaries. Many Onioans pay a lot of attention to Vic. Buckeye slate voters are tnvH- erate tickct-scratchcrs and often have voted for a Republican president and a Democratic governor .in the same year. Roosevclt't mar- slstcr.jgin in 1932 was only 74,000, wherc- j»s Democratic Gov. George White's for theivvas 300.000. and died negro, died practice : to exist." Russia demanded ....... „„. lint the leftist Madrid tjovern- nent be given the right and fae- to purchase arms outside while participants in the igrccment be authorized to sell or not to sell nrnis to Spain In their discretion. Tlie note was delivered bv Ivan kfaisky, Soviet ambassador, "to the Sirl of Plymouth, chairman of he committee. Just before the International body convened for a showdown on thc clash between Communist Russia and thc Fascist lowers, Germany, Italy nnd Port- iBnl. Russia proclaimed Its right to extend aid to the Madrid government to the same extent to which thc Fascists aid thc rightist rebels. Madrid Communications Cut LONDON. Oct. 23 (UP)-Cables and Wireless, Ltd., announced' today that communication with Madrid had been cut about 1 So far there has been no explanation. Bailey in Shreveporl for Address Tonight UTTLE HCUK. Oct. 23 (UP) — Atty. Gen. carl E. Bailey, Democratic nominee for governor, who returned to the city last night after a trip cast, left early lo- for Shreveport. La..' of his ollicc staff mciu- sald. llailcy Is scheduled to spwik tonight at an .Arkansas banquet In a Shreveport hotel and 'is expected to x;main there for the annual Arkansas Universily- S?M Crn °I sl J ip . llmn _ ao . ollt velluid Bad Weather Grounds Oklahoma Flyers Here Mr. nnd Mrs. Orville Bakhaus, of Okcmah, Okla., nnd the pilot . ------- j VIJV ,\muuii /irsaiisas university- loday you hear more about lhe Louisiana State University foot- Crn ° sli l ban B nmc Saturday afternoon. The Attorney general, nccord- hi? to his first assistant. TJiomas Fitzhugh. Is not expected back to his capitol offices until early n their spccch- i' mentions Lnn don and Davcy hardly mentions Roosevelt. One sees "Roosevelt ....... ™, t , t<1 ,. - ,„., ^.,, and Davc.v" signs all over the state, next week. however, even though few believe; H will bs "Roosevelt and Davcy" on Nov. 3. Davcy Often in Hot \Valcr The Kansas governor failed to S =*» sia s a-j st-jsp W. E. Smith Is Elected District Bankers Head CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — At "i mcir piane, are grounded hereUiic „ .,» V, . .v. .Y ;., •"•"^••^"OVIL.UC.. uiu. — m because of poor flying vvealici• nrU ) ., 1° ° sMc a " d thc n " nilal "™""e of the bank" " ' - - — eastern point.';. Mr. ». 1, " ' lime nnu ugu oy jieniuig ueauy n i-< spending n part' of their llmi> ,«MI, £ , C StK' 3 ' 4 pomd& - 0 ' mllk ln ^'Lir s *• ^«- "!S" S *SSSA* in None of the larger newspapers or - S chnrgcd "*" h - r ' m l wta » l * * (Continued on Page 3) Association, held here Tuesday, W. B. Smith, cashier of the First %ras e'ecled . E. Thaxtpn, president of the Bank of Donl- phnn. was elected secretary. Eighty-two bankers nttended, State Bank here, chairman, nnd It. .-1 representing banks of 16 Southeast Missouri counties, ^ more time to consider the mat- tor. or to , discuss it ttith pirl- ners : or nssoclntcs. while still ethers felt that, they Were to- Ing asked foi too much nncl-ie- questcd that the' iiuidunLs.UiUot" led them te reconsidered. ^ '' The drive was not laiinched under altogether favorable circumstances. A cold mist was responsible for some discomfort " to tiie" campaign workers and, by waking it Impossible for farmers to work in the fields, brought many of them to to«n to ti.ule As a result many merchants Were too busy to work with the solicit-. his committees cr to discuss their own contributions. Mrs. Zioncheck, Reported Missing, Returns Home- DALLAS,. Tex.. Oct. ?3 (UP) — Mrs. Rubj'o Nix' Zloncheek, reported missing since Tuesday, returned lodny'to the home of her. parents il.-ar n'K.'a.rkaiia, reVl- tivcs here said. "She. was ' just avoiding re,-' porters," they explained. .-.''•' While iwllce of thc missing persons bureau were searching for lhc widow of the late congressman from Washington, Mrs. Zioncheck was on a tour of visit to friends in Fort Worth and Blytheville, ' Ark. Yesterday . she went shopping for a' fur coat nnd ' attended the races at Arr liiigton Downs. • ...... Alaskans Terrified by Earthquake Shocks ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Oct. 23 (LIP)—Violent < earthquake shocks, decreasing in intensity toward midnight, rocked Anchorage, Fairbanks, Scward and other Alaska' towns last night, terrifying residents. N r o deaths or injuries were reported and' damage was slight. WEATHER Arkansas-Cloudy and unsettled tonight and Saturday. Slightly warmer In north and central portions Saturday. Memphis and vicinity—CJoudy tonight and Saturday. Not much change In temperature. The maximum lemparature here yesterday was 73, .mfnimum 42, cloudy witJi .21 of an.inch rainfall, according to Samuel P. Nprrls. official weather observer. ^

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