The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1941
Page 3
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FRIDAY, .MARCH 14,. 1941 jiATHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Published Every Friday In the interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. U JS. Will PAGE THREE IT~* A nrj rr^r^o FEATVRES Enter the Plant-to-Prosper Contests sponsored by the Courier and Commercial Appeal. Facsimile Cotton Order Stamp Idea For rosper rooram Td^as cnm-d om , i n , }lc anmml < - To Pro?p-r Contesr.. cri*l-' I WO JOtlS Of Pork pared bv the Memphis Coromer-' n ,0 - r ... f ro/w 0/?£ Litter •°s a menus of PTpat«r rix-a>-ure of inde-! V 1 OPf? l'i"h<if livi»«v i?i.-iii • TI '].,,.; ;^ ,- -i.m-' me popular trend toward great- w ' 1 I-- „ ": n ! m , of Il r MidSouth, er efficiency in getnn,' "thin^" i^ 6 . ^j;: h ^- Ult ^4 nUa " ^ ^ apparently Co Se Tefpi', of rh» p,,i^R m-oarain SWm f kl ^ dom also - shinln * e *»v 0 „„ v,_! \J;;..V,A. a i W a l n a^Ple 01 this increased ls nf n,o cnnfen-e-1 To i-i-r:- of- ,-w-ri,vM^, efficiency was demon- traieii when one litter of 17 pork- ^r-cnJtol leaders "on "the £?*'?- lhe , 1940 Mlnneslia Suufi id i». }< understood that tlie , LllLer Conlesc ' with an as- m . 0 _ ( ^.ui>d'.n»' total weight of 3,878 Plant P° lmd s— a ^-osi 2 tons—in 180 . " dove f*' mak'ty th-' 5 - fic-ieni throu-h Proud owner of this nearly 2-ton - . methods one) litter was 18-year-old Earlo "Bovum of rhe products pro- of Fergus Falls:. Minn. The litter 1 1n "'' : fti as from purebred Duroc parents . „ ..., anci cne reoord made was one of of the lne highest ever attained by any TWKNTYFIVK CKIXT NON-TRANSFERABLE COTTOAOMDEU SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS PRESCRIBED BY THE SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE rwenty.five com stamps like rhe above, bound in small, handy books, will be issued to cotton farmer, who eocp.rate in the now Supp eni-niury Cotton Program by making further reduction in cotton on ton or " r cotton goods from their local stores coi- fanner niier rn rhe land. a D»ri~ra in various cri'n*rv anr i in f ovf ,^ n londs fls breed. U was 901 pounds heavier "«vr ' i-he next rankine litter " in of >"ir-e-sprea^ national mib-- ci 1 '.' in mflpfF.'n^s pnd newsuaD^rs. '• the Minnesota contest and the Manv n-ricultu'-p] ieadp»-s' frnn''average weight per pig was 228.12 fher spfi'ons have visircd the, pounds. Frnnir ^ ]( r YGn " e d itn " I * ccu . b " lis sensational Duroi' litter »nd Wai.* r Durh'om PHnt TO m ' e!V were: hullecl °«ts. shelled P-^-orr Dir^io-' bsiv-'l-oth" visire'l CCr "' barle - Vl lllolasscs - tanka-e m.n^ro.K- cU.iPs iifter'beine Invited • a ? d milk ' The ' cosl P'-' r l0 ^ Pounds 10 tell of tho success of the con- gam Was Qnly s3 - 15 and evoii te c r. The annvfli comppfition js ap'ain * v " 1 "»'"&ti. mat ci t-jii« s-^n^-ored " in Mississippi made il net P 1 ' 0 -^ of »» — County rhi.s y^ar by rhe Blythe-1 viable earning from the produc- vil'e rpnrjer NPWS wiih thp" eo-i on of J ust oue - s °w- ouerarirn of the Commercial" Au- peal. with both newsonnsrs offer- in", rash fn"o"ds for winners in the tn o u gh the pigs were sold on the lew marget lasi September, they ' — an en- Owner-operaioi-8. tentuius. and sharecroppers mav earn up -jumps: operator. O f two or more farms or or farm, , it tenants may earn up to $50. export markets, prevent up of surplus ccuon, , . ' rr "j^ wi OLU plLl.*i WULIUII H'Pl'fn*. ccn,t:mp ion of cotton by farm families themselves and further e» murage home food and feed production. ' Hayti Lions Make Plans For Contest IK us i com si i' Pick. ;'on O/i The Farm Front (My The »,.\vs is a bit v for i-o(!on gro'vm. The otlU'i of Move Information Is Given On Stock Beets Following Queries An nrtide about, grown by P. A. Ron..,, o! tho Clear Lake Fanm, hns created so much , Acreae ,., --.„,, »..v K/ * ***. V \l f ( «« VI \t .M* i I I III IJ il I Vl IlV'll mill luivlun nt-vlcrltural roJjuimis ,M.VS ! qulries dim more information -Htock-beeu r The beets can be used as feed for hogs, dairy cattle, and chickens The approximate food value la 10 and in- is •••-'•' ' v.. t ,, »II\MV.. *i I i VJ1 llitl liUI 1 1^> I nuv t-oiion from America j boim', unnonmvd by j, j. plrkron, verted From Cotton Can Re Most Profitable Vivace diverted from cot Ion on i-otton I'lirms of Mis- UMO-H (i 14. Odd millicn, t!u> son. inotnlis of (lu !i!i;v year were only Mies. This in nearly two G70.000 Ijftlos loss thnn in |.l(!I-iO(i (he '' x " m| ' U ' '° °" ly 3 - ;MUI ° *i.s.s»!»l>i count, can o-.usilv ome u '!'' '' x " m| '' 7 T' tin- most proniabU- un the hr n """imn-d with Couinv Aw,n ..I. J. " 1 ""' 11110 " « >'«»• «KO. than A..IOMK CVuiuv Ai't-m. .1 J Pl-kron snki in H 1111Jllun " • vem> ll «°- A "w»« tt^t'ni™ - ~^r»':;~- . np^eatje so diverted " Pr ° UCUon ° :m produce ! lu iion nnd less (use of raw cotton lor from non-mi-nila) ch'iliun purposes. foreign relations fonnty furm These bivts were of the mum- mnth long red minru-ls vuriety with 110 duvs miituritv. The :•?<».• ,-j nn be rurchnw! from lhe seed-houses. The 1'ind should bo well-orn- ivired since the seed m> .simM. It .should be exccutiounlly well milveriwd ns ih<> .sei.'d nn« nlnnied nl a di-pth of one-half inch. Ten "'Minds ner !\-re o!' se-.'d nre ined. The seed win m**. uppvoximatcly 1») f^nts oer pound. The .seed should be nlnnted nff^r (he cliuuret- of frost, nbout .V>rll 15. Mr. Rovers usi'd a special pre- pnml cotton plate in a corn and rot ion nlonior. f'e took a solid Hole and bor"d holes In If, NO i.he ^''fd WOUM full ;;jv ( 0 j.j,.!,, ,, , ... j-.v.v.,.^». , .., .»mm.iw4i, uui uuviyn n-'muons douile benellt.s to cotton farmers. oilh>i> reports Mini, there were no uy (iivc'i-tin^, acreage I'rom cotion, shipments m all to such formerly cotu.n produc-ers on the farm will imporuvnt markets as Germany receive cotton order stumps (hut Franc;;, ludy, Spain and ThV can be used to purchase cotton Netherlands. Shipments to Japan Roods; in addition (he ucrea-ie so an;i China were also very low The- du-ertecl t-an be us-cl to proiluce «"ly ciamtry showlnjj ' IncrinusfH' ! ,° " n ' J "''woslMiiiiolv ei-ht iood lor the family which If pro- pi-'trhases of American cotton dur- . n(: / |V ' " oqrl - Rmvs -snoulr! be three ducs«d and conserved aecordlng to »»S Hie live-month period was , ,, npiu< !'- reiuilations make.s Hie family elK'i- Ri'ssln. Shipments to Una market »luplln« rec'imnn-ndod is ble to receive a §3 cash payment in amounted to W.OUD bales compared S011l>>vv) '' tt t'^^f' Ur»" li^t r-"- addltion to oilier paymenLs under witl) practically none during the ouinion(lo(i ! ->.v Mio i-uinonnv. but "' ' coire.spondiuK. period of 1939 and' ^',\ Ro>rpl ' s - snkl !hnL ^> v> nVmt.'iur Uiickei- you can stnrt thlim'wr nnd various divisions. Hit-Run Viclmis The Peruvian castits andante plain suffers from -hit-and-run" motorisis. Taking nourishment - -- - -trom tlie -air, these slants roll enH^ n J h r iflrelV 0f . l T SUEpers> nlOU ' the ^'ound and' thousand^ eotlng the frame, windows, and ! of them are crushed while cross' l|; " n the Pan-American highway. Pigeon Cove. Mass.. contains V SHE a -• ^x* sTi 2s M rn^ Arkansas' cleanest Austlon--"Barn . . . disJnlec?ted weekly . . clean at all times . . . convenient . . . prompt service We Do Not Ruy ami Trade WE JUST SELL IT FOR YOU. Buy and sell at a fair price, -et a square deal both ways __ mniK CARUT-ERSVILLE. Mo. -The' '^ickl'en Points Out Ad- r-cm.u-rot County Phmt-lci-Prosper ; will be sponsored for the :hirct_ eonirv:cutive year by the Hayi Lions Club, according to an :up.ouncfinenr by E. B. Hope us- .istant county a^ent. ^ The Plant-to-Prosper program. .'c.sipnf-cl to us-isi landowners and '.nants in loilovviny ; -, bstter live- .u-hcme system of fanning. Ls di- vantages Of Using Farm Plan Sheets uu;u plan i-ne AAA program. In effect. Mr. Piekren said. thc| 19 ' 10 diverted acreuue may be said to j be erowinK clothing and food In- Anti hero's a report on the Chl- str-ul of raw cotton. jea^o Livestock market. The ayrl- ln order to qualify for cotton cuI Li«"il nwrkelin|,r service says t'hat siamos and make cotton prodirjor.s Inos( ^ lilss <?s of Hvustuck slioweil on the farm eligible to <iuallly for lmm ' l ]riccs in t-nc windy city tlie foot! production and con.serva- rluri 'H; the past, week. t ! on payment, the operator of the ' ln llu< cal ^ f:> nmrket. continui'ri cotion farm must sl-ui a .sh-jet, sly- 1 ^ hl l ' L ' t: «ipts iniled to stimulate uifvin-j his intention (o plant kis l ' K> lratlei fliut P rlCLl « of most class- cotton than his 1040 measured C -f Ul ' rc ' • slofltj .v l « - 5 cents lower, acreage or his 19-11 allotment Goc:1 un:l cholt:i ' heavy steers wen; whichever is the smnllor. Cotton S(IVl!re Pi'wssurw and showed the slumps will be received at the rate lu!1 c!eca ' tlse in W [ ^. Vwilors took of in cents a pound on th« normal J asM>s of fll) cenLs to il clol!ur tfur - .viekl on the undernlaniec! acre- ny tho woek ' , —— .inn iJiuu j .• •> "•• ui» mu vuiuL-i umuu'u acre- , v, -n-et m planning farm operations I a«o. provided the divrslon was e " lho;: l'> h hog receipts con- will enable Mississippi county farm- i indicated on the intention sh«et Ued l ° bo 1!gllt " Ule tlcmund wfts CM-S to obtain tht- greatest benefit Civblon of stamps to producers T!' mv '? ncl prlccs were sU>utl ^ lc 1 Htniv ,>-...! !_:....- - : ... . ' ' Wtlll 1_UI .1 i;Mi|li|| v Imtin^. 111,,.^ .. ...„-!- .. ,._ „ :iorn their purticipati .., >. . v ..i^in ui inijuui^. w m- v..^^ H . u u^iiJULion m the ! on the farm will be in the same ' ' vt ' 1 ' ^han u week earlier, .'ided into two divisions—the land-j ^'^ AAA f»nn program, according manner as the croo is divided'Tho Packlll « sows, however, held abou. 'iM'norc rliiricin.-. e,,.. ,. »i _ . I t.i 1 i 11:^1.. . ° ' " «i»^n.u. 1.11^. ---- • farm miLSt ounlifv for at least S5 in stamns for nroduccrs to be eli .n..^ t iuiu i\vu uivibions—me land-j j\vners division for all owner-op-! ty J- J- Piekren, county agent" ^rators. and the tenant division forj Farm plan sheets "will be' sup- —• «••>.» vij^ n.u«;ji. ujviijuu i<ji \ * .«*ui uuiu Mieets win be suu tenant and sharecropper fanners. ! Plied to all farm operators in the" KJIIII- 10 ] with other W ' inne ? : -\ Vi11 CO!n l Dete SUU; with each farmer being as- * pigmentary steady. gible to part.icinate in the sup- state will receive $5100 second ftin<s" viinohVu ,,,f •• , place S75. and third place $50 A ^ r L inforinal! on for the In the United States. The food guilty judging commute" w - i s £ ^ P ,^"""""S .^il - building whi.h wUl oualifv the nroducer for ;:et ccunry winners 0^1 I i ° P Rymersfc as ^ Ulc s ^ oavmenL must b- vrmvn on County winners ui. s t y^ar were ; t ™ [mcc m carrvin-< out the prne- the farm for cnasumnfion bv the ! Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cheek War- , a , classilication of crops producer and his family and the • n " .'---.-. -'- • • unc.»r t.m pio^nuu. Il also ijhrnv., , requirements ur»rl--r tliis nrovis-iou Uon ullounent, the allot- 1 must bu In addition to the pro- mems 01 other special crops, the '. ditrer's regular production of food total acreage m the farm, and the ! croos. G. G. Caudill Agency Insurance OF ALL KINDS - 7.07 100 N. Uroadwnj PORAT! BARN ON OLD CmCAGO MILL & LUMBER CdMl' SITE, BLYTIIEVILE'S PIONEER AUCTION SALE! -— in the landowners diviskn. . , . - and Mr. and Mrs. E. M. pfeffer coUon llllo[1 »L-nt, in the tenant division. Enrolment in the 1941 program will end May 1st. acreage in cultivation. In working out his farm Pavme>ns in coUon slimns nnd plan ' the $3 food povment,. Mr. • Increasing thousands of families are buying water systems before spending money for less importanc modern conveniences. And more and more people are buying Deming Water Systems after they know about their many superior advantages. The Deming "MARVEL" Shallow \\ 7 eil System illustrated .. . like all other Deming Water Systems so QUIET you can't hear it run! Dependable, too! And ic FOR SHALLOW WEUS *** ^ ^ € ° rUn ' "MARVEL ! - G Ca 2 p?c?ry: 275 to See us about Deming Shallow and 600 gallons per hour. Quicc TVr>rk \V7^11 \VT,^ c rr-i opcrauon.Timken roller Bear. *->£££ \Veii Water Systems, There S ings on crankshaft. Ball bear- 0 ^- i . ^ , ings on crank end of connect- a rj gQt type at the Tiefat OTlCe mg rod. Automatic air control. f X^T-T> Stainless steci piston rod. to meet YOUR requirements Many other features. ^ ^»»-tA*^. YOUR FAMiLY .DESERVES DEMING WA T£* SYSTfMS r ,- . . i . , " — — ^^Am )jj;in v..^ o.i ii/un ij -ivmt.'iii,. jvir j-'K' l crf»n Knives thrown carerecsly in a sheet each farmer may haveihc concluded, are in addition" 10 m ^ drawer become dull fron, Just help of a AAA coimnlttcemau pnvments made und-r the "A^ -notking against odds and ends. , or representative of the county prberam nnd do not nfforl lh-m To protect he fine edges of the- committee. The farmer and a com- find tb's nha^o of the oro-rum oi" blade., uie knives should be kept mltte'eman may discuss how the not affea other AAA re ulatIons m a rack on the wall or in a farmer can use the maximum as- —- i^u.ations •— "•• >••*>- »mi u: in u -«..»»k.i. unii uac tjjt: maximitni as- drawer. There should be a separate slstnnce available in order to carry gi-oove for each knife in the rack. , cut the soil-building practices needed on the farm. Taking into account farm allotments, rates of payments, and other factors, tlie Planting Time Is Here Again! SEE OR WRITE ME FOR Fink's "O" rid Seed Corn The Best You Can Buy A. C, OWEI Rt. 1. Manila, Ark. N*w A If a* fa Mill Under Construction i«e of good principles. Through personal contact farm-managcment with the commiu-eeman. farmers mny also become better acquainted with new provisions of the 1941 gram, Mr. Piekren said. pro- Defense Work Leaves Farmers Short Handed! •l.—Con- Lhe new built nt Stf^ls on the old comnross site. The m'M. beln^ built bv the Denver Alfalfa MiM'n^ nnd Products Comonnv. will bo n '.-rent benefit to farmers In this vlcinitv, it is believed, nnd several lumd'-ecl acres more of alfalfa nre being ' fO"d!ri-r In two months, uncl this will not Kivutlv iiMoct the nroduc- tlon. UK ))rochu i tion yeui- on rich ik'lin land wii.s 37K- tons per jicre. pounds of beets equal one poUnd of corn. However, they will come in at a time of the year when pastures are short and a supply of corn for hog feed Ls low. it was pointed out, Mr. Rogers .started feeding 150 head of hogs from four acres of beets In June and continued on Into the fall; until his ho?s were ready to put in Lhe bean field. He bi'lieves you can't beat- these beets for hos,' feed during the late Summer and Full. Ccala national forest, Florida, contains a live oak that grows orj ii table ol its own roots. REBUILT KLUE RIBBON Tractors & Equipment ALL GUARANTEED DELTA Implements, Inc. •'{12 So. 2nd Phone 802 COTTON SEED Coker 1§© Strain 3 State certified, re-cleaned and Ccrcsjm treated. Stone¥i!!e Jim Sfonevi'le 2 !»•• Ilk ilulrilacE^ Hlythevilfc, Ark. isfot: REPAIRS REMODELING REDECORATION and REPAYMENT on easy terms planted. A crew of six m*n fire now workino: and when the ml'l is corn- Fur your "homework" w. uiKJ FHA I m: tired Lo:in. j l^our crews each dny, usin? nopro?:- . N. C. tUPi— | imarplv twelve on ench .shift -•-" dp ^"^ is .setting up its J Ralph E. Nye. vie" nr^H-nt of own cror, control program for On-1 the compnnv.' nnd A c' Rod^n s-ow county farmer,. mostcr mocllan , c ni)d chlftf J' jj VV.K an estimated 60 per cent: near of the comp.nv. are in , Steel, rrriMvrt 00 " 1 / ai ' m labor m;tt '! lo ^'njP nftcr thftsc 'interests. " Lmri:n..-d on construction of a n-nv ; srmy ami-aircraft fnln- cent-rut; From Fno.l" to Mnss :JR , iH:arby holly Rjd^:, agricultural Natives of Swa/iiand ^oulh \f- operationf; • rlca. ent by cupping their Innds : and diDping them into tho j Vim tan jrive your home mor {room, comfort, convenience, and i renew proU'dion at once and p;iyj in Uirre :ttmusl fall puymcnts J)e- ffir.iiiii^ Nov. l, Vmi (an hi-ihl :t new Itarn <tr fence V(,ur fii Ids on same terms. ACT NOW j ri!A terms expire July 1st. E. 0. 101 Courier News want aa- Read CourifM- \r>'.vs s,;>nf nns URI F01 SALE We are the authorized dealers for the !e For this territory. Our price is the same as when you buy them direct from Sloncville. We have on hand the AND 441 Remember Stoncvillc Cotton is hfg- holl and cotton pickers may be scarce (his fall. You will then wish you had planted Stoneville. Inquire at the Countv Agenl's office and afk how many i:ol!s to the pound of the (liiVerent varieties. We also have , Nitrate of Soda and Mixed Fertilizer cn hand, new ready for distribution. FOR SALE APPROVED ALFALFA You Can Buy a Deming Pump OnFM.A. Terms HUBBARD Lespedeza and Beam and Peas of Various Variety Also Car of STONEV^LLE Pedigreed 2-B and 4-B L R. Matthews Gin Co. Phone 403-W-2 Yarbro, Ark. Y EVERYTHING FROM "IT PAYS ME to plant less land to cotton and more to other crops. I get the yield of cotton I want on fewer acres at lower cost per pound by using plenty of Arcadian, The American Nitrate of Soda. "Arcadian is good Soda. Experiment Station tests prove there is no better Soda. And Arcadian is made by home- folks right here in the South. I want Southern Industry to grow. And I want my cotton to grow too. Give me Arcadian, with Uncle Sam on the bag!" HOPEWEtt, VA. RALEIGH, N. C. COLUMBIA. S. C. / ATLANTA, *_ MONTGOMERY, AlA. ' NEW ORLEANS, U. MEMPHIS, NITROGEN

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