The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1939
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1939 S TO CHIPPIE (ATCK.)' COURIER NEWS Full Speed Ahead In Army Arsenals Washington To Make Sure Foreign Pin-chases Don't Harm U. S. KV THOM'Art 11 MCA Service Stall WASHINGTON, " War and Navy departments will keep careful eyes upon foreign purchasing' ngents lev, the-/ slioiv an incllnalion to . buy ico many of the thine-; needed for the United States' own swelling military forces. If European nations start flashing too big bankrolls, I am told, they may be invited to "lay oA" i some of tlie strategic items that we cannot obtain in sufficient quantity for our own army and i navy. That, was illustrated just the ol her day ivlien Soviet Russia tried to buy here, presumably for Cier- •niany, 10,000 tons of rubber, which we do not produce. Tlie /Srmy and Munitions Board appealed to American manufacturers lo help avert n domestic shortage by telling Rus- .sia lo buy rubber elsewhere. Which, patriotically, they did, The President can get Ihe same result under the National Defense Act if too great inroads are made in liny ilem vital to th<; army and navy. Not that there is any disposition lo shoo foreign orders away from American industries—least of all from those industries that are equipped to mnnufnctiire simon- pure munitions. Today shells are not made by private American plants, as was true before the United States entered the World War. Whether (hey will bo in the future depends on whether foreign orders are received. Prom tlie Government's viewpoint, such orders would not only 'give emplcy- mcnt but help educate private plants in making munitions, thus strengthening the national defenses. LAST WAIf, NO GUIDE TO THIS Most, of Washington beievcs that those who expect, after the lifting of the embargo on war shipments abroad, a sudden golden gusher of war orders from Britain and France, are likely to discover that their idea of a boom has goite "phut!" and Dial a lot of their war babies have died a-bornlng. For this war will not be just n carbon-copy • of [lie last one. in 1914:-;Eui'Opc {had little. warning of war,'~and no* understanding. In' 1939 Europe lias' been preparing "• for years, hoarding reserve stocks and, now, commandeering and regimenting them. Today the French northern industrial area is not invaded nud exploited by the Germans as in 1314—and Britain has nearly doubled her steel capacity since then. And Canada and other dominions plan to turn out mere supplies, from trench-coals to plurn-and- apple jam. for Britain's "Young Bills." England has found tlie Empire n "better 'ole" than the U.S.A. as refuge from some of her own shortages. BUSINESS, ' ' ' BUT NO WAR BOOM, > . A So, says Washington,) cfm take your fingers fromryoiir', eais. There is-to be no' driuh-sptittinE boom that: will -Set' mrirlufiiVttlfe'rii of machinery, electric goods and steel immediately lo altering,their plant.? so that they can make; uiu r nitlons, while others ge'tji'tian. i overnight selling explosives,/ copper, brass, cotton and.cotton goods, wire, chemicals, leather, tires, horses, wheat flour,' corn nnd barley. Those : were the Inaln items \ve sold the Allies. But," thus far, their wa: contraband, the port figures.:' .t i!t\y f> But that 'dees' not "me'iin there wilt be no war biisinessji;Indeed, there Ls some already. .Everyone has been buying machinentppls^nnd many airplanes-have'been- avvKiC- ing only embargo repeal to be shipped to Britain and France. They could, just possibly, be fltiwn to Germany too if Germany wanted them. Whoever buys airplanes • Is likely to buy American, fcr-Am- erican ships and gadgets-arc good. Also due loiroll, though perhaps not so fast, • tire automobiles aiid accessories, especially trucks'.' Missions from Britain and France fire already in this country making inquiries. They are interested, too, in blankets nnd shces for their soldiers. America's arsenals hum these days as the government steps up armament manufacture, Above, n h5l- meled worker in the Rock Island, 111., arsenal puts finishing touches on n base for an anti-aircraft [>un New Non-Sinkable Bathing Suit Student Warns Against Eating His Pet Goldfish MORGANTOWN, W. Vn. (UP) — Gordon Sherwood isn't taking any chances on losing his pet goldfish ' Sherwood, a sophomore student at West Virginia University, well aware cf the recent goldfisr^wal- Jowlnng craze, has taken steps to protect his three fish. The fish are housed in a bowl in a, fraternity house. On one side of the bowl, Sherwood has printed this notice: "Do net trespass. "Do not feed. "Do nol EAT!" Jcffcmn M.D. Knrollmcitt PHILADELPHIA (UP)-Jefferson Medical College has 498 enrollees for the present term. The college has graduated 16,596 doctors since 1926. the Ncely bill, lie is now studying PAGE THRE1 Look 'ere Male, Not So Bloom' 'ard! Discusses Proposal To 1 rude Islands For War Debts uv nmioi; OATTON Courier N'mvs Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Nov: 7. — VJiiv ,!Jly (lelialo si'vernl and 'cbnitrCKsmcn mucd Ifitlie United stales liovernmi'iit £}">. net possession of llrltlsh ; ; "l-'rOiieh Islands in tlie. C'avlb- . ,n Ken In return for cancellation ojf "uup'uUI war debts. I ' Prom iv slmteitta point of view l)ii,s- Jiil(j!il he very sound. The, nrmy anil navy think highly of outlying island bases in this era of iieilal power. Hut from a straight dalhu's-and-cent-s viewpoint the deal mluhl not prove very satisfactory. ; So fur. the islands which tlie (Jnlloct states already owns In the Caribbean have cost Mils uovern- II, to sec whether H . Ls preferable has menl n great, denl more limn It ever got out of them. to his own measure; if he injures . Puerto Hlco has been a not cx- uinl il Is lie will support It In- pensc to the U. S. Treasury for stead cf drafting n bill of his owh. years. From '1021 Ihroufih 1033 Ell her way, some bill which for Instance, net oxpeniillnros In would knock the spoils system out of state politics will come before the Sennle this ivlnlcr. What the bill's chance of passage may be Is an open question.. It figures lo draw a g:od deal of support from certain praclleal-mlndcd senators who happen to be on the outs with the governor. 1 ; of their , stales and who, as a result, might be gldd to get n chance t: cripple the governors' machines. One somewhat cynical estimate is that It could probably get a score of votes In the Senate for that reason alone. T)n the other hand, cf course, the state's rights cry Is sure to be raised against it. In any casc^ however, the two senators are go- Ing to give 11 n good push, since tlie Ncely bill has already been reported out of committee, it will at least ccmo to a vole. 'lilt o( aft I ilBht, till- 'Mill n ninn-M-nunt dnitti ye, tub nnd sonib jei bicl- nll'me it's Ijellei limn ome, llmt\v,ot 11 Is Not uif bad lids wai " imHiiln's Tommies take n tubbing ".someftheic In Trance > Scout News Boys ——. :— Girls Study, Knitting 'Members of the senlcr troop "of Girl Scouts under the leadership of Miss Mildred-Moore were, taught he first principles of knitting.last light when they met at the Little louse. Candy was made and served with cetl drinks after the knitting lesson vas finished. Except for slight bulge caused by buoyant material worn undernenui, new ncn-sinkable bathing suit demonstrated by Ethel Uries in NC-.V York looks like ordinary one. Manufacturers say it keeps wearer afloiu, for indefinite period. BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON By BRUCE CATTON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Nov. 7.—A double barreled bloiv at the sprils system —aimed at usins jhe influence of federal spending to force all states under civil service—Is beins pre- rrared hy Senators Matthew Neelv of West Virginia and Carl Hatch of New Mexico. The famous Hatch bill bars all federal employes from political ictivity. What these senators nr-:- posc is a companion piece which would extend that ban to all state »mployes also. It was referred lo the Senate Committee on Civil Service. There il drew the spirited opposition ol Senator Harry Byrd of Virginia; but en the final day of the spring session the bill was reported on and it is now on the Senate calendar ready to come up for action HATCH 1'LANNED DIFFERENT APPROACH. So little noise did the whole proceeding make that even Senatcr Hatch hadn't heard about it Meanwhile, he was planning to do the same thing in, a slightly different way. Tlie original draft of the exist Ordinarily, tho federal govern- contrcl the political actMHe" of - cxton<11 " E Us covcrn ^ to •« *"»K> 'eileral treasury, and the federal; government can lav doun the conditions under which its money is incnt. That facf, gives Senators Ncely nnd Hatch the leverage tliev need. XFF.I.Y STRIKES FIliST RI.OW me of local machines.) Vari OILS members of the Judlclar Committee, lo which the bill wa referred, doubted that this wa constitutional, and the secion wa dropped. This summer, however, scvcra Puerto KIco by the U. S. inent—that Is, the excess of oulyo over receipts — Imve a v e r a n c d nrouiul $2,600.000 a year. itiaiKr BOOSTS KXIMvN'DlTUUKS In 1031 cosl.i .shot up rapidly, as depression relief 1 money bega'u to be poured Into the levrilory. U. S. expenditures In Puerto Ulco went up lo slightly more than $0,000,000, By 1930 the figure had climbed lo $32,938.000. Ill 1837 il stood Hi $31.000,000, about two-lhlrdr, of Which was for the work of the Puerto Rico Recovery Administration. ; ,The slory is similar In Die Virgin Islands. The United Stales bought these islands from Denmark In 10(7 for $25,000.000, ' ' Annual appropriations hy the federal government for those Islands have since then ranged bc- Avern a low of $100,000 and ti iigli of S(H3.000; last, year they Stood at $265,000. WAOI: SC.VI.K i,ow IN V1IJGIN ISLANDS Virgin Islands illustration $: n pretty gocd example, for lirlt- i|n owns many Islands in thai jfoup and Infornmlion; here is thtit economic condition IR cve\\ wprsc than thai of the American iniuls. - ' . - , '' ' i fiWhile 10 cents a day is considered a fair rate for Inlior .in the American virgin Islands. Negroes from the Ihlllsli vlriiln Islands consider themselves lucky If they cnn )jel to the Amerlf.'in h-laiids— betniLse their own wage scales nvc so much worse. Should Uncle Ham suddenly multiply his Caribbean Island holdings by n score or more, there would almost ceilalnly'bc ft hugo uddcd driiln on Hie federal tvens- ury. :'u Show Cub Film A film of Cub scouting be Tlierc would be compensations, of course, The army and nuvy consider tho Jarlbbeari Islands of vlltil Klralc- Ic Importance. Tho big new ntr iase under construction In Puerto llco will. It Is fell, make the casl- :rn approach to the Panama fairly secure. Hut it Is no secret thnt, the strnlcBlsts would 10 happier It It could be supuli'.- nentcd by, bases on some of ihc other Islands not now under the American Hag, KICO oooi) I. S. CUSTOMKIl Trade and commercial compcn satlons would be equally Inuior- ant. Tor all ll-s cost to the U, G. Treasury, Puerlo lllco litippcns to be the sixth best customer of American exporters. little Island bout-lit $81,000,000 worth of U. S.-madc gosds 1038, and supplied the United Slates with Roods worth $10,000, OpOj A considerable nil-earn ol casl "lows • into American •; pocUetbooks shown at the high school Thursday light nt, seven p'cloclj fcr boys and their parents, it was announced to:lay. There Ls no admission charge for Ihe film as mejnbers of the Cub council nre very aii\i:ib- for all iiureiiLs and boys to see il. Tlicy oarlicularly urge the attendance of boys and parents of boys of cub age. nine, ten and eleven years. Council Meets Plans for landscaping the Liltlei House grcunds were discussed at a meeting of the local Girl Scout Counncil at the house last night. Mix. W. C. Hlgglnson placed Mrs. E. B. Woodson in charge of the landscaping committee and It was asked that all people priming shrubbery during the next few inrnths. give cuttings to the scouts. Troop leaders, completion of tlie Little House and record books were among other tcpics of discussioi during the meeting. Philadelphia has the largest single unit natural part: of jury city in the world. CHI&DRiNS frequent -Ab< „ • ,. ^y\ v '.'"rrMforiiigiliii- •^ cumftirts of c.nlils anil niglii. foiiglis, nit) VnpoRub on throat, chest, and backnt bedtime. VnppRub'spoul- tlce-vajxir riclion relieves congestion of upper air passagnft^i/ascs '• soreness of cliest nnd back muscles—helps the youngster relux into healing sleep. ^r Fur roughing ami irrittilrtl thrtmt t-titifictl by rtrlih, put VapoRub on tlie child's tongue to relieve tlie iiritation. Tlicn massage VapoRub on throat nnd chest. ,/ 'For "sniffles" nnil ixi.iery rnj lieail culils, melt Vapoilub in a bowl of boiling water. Have the child breathe in the straining vapors. This loosens phlegm, clearsair passages, makes breathing easier. Also mas&igc VapoKub on throat and chest. Millions of families use these three time- tested iicat-, mems. m* VAPORUB pin, cur- Wm . bclie¥ed It JW l to make it airlUht. Senator Neely added a sectitn setting minimum standards that such a state nlan must have. It must, for Instance, give merit system coverage lo every slate employe not holding an elective office; it must bar all state em- ployes from contributing to political funds and from taking part In ixliticnl campaigns; and it must provide stiff penalties for any politician who trie.s lo force political action upon state employes or tries to collect mcney from them; nnd it must provide that no one may hold a non-elective state Job If his wife father, mother, brother, sister or child is an active political worker The Ncely bill drew practically no attention— although, if passed It would upset just about ovory slate political machine In the country Hateh then began to prepare such a bill for submission this winter MAY BACK NEKIA' mi,L About this time he discovered NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Scrvlct $10,00 Guessing Contest To the one guessinK nearest the price the entire Subdivision will sell for. we will civo S5.00 i« CASH. ' To the one guessing nearest price the 1st Lot will sell for will bo given §5.00 in CASH. Fifty other prizes given away during sale. The only requirements, you must he present when winner is announced. T guess the 1st Lot sells for.... ^ 1 guess the entire Subdivision sells for .? PLEASE SIGN CARD AND BRING OR SKND TO OUR OFFICE OR BRING TO SALIC. Continental Realty Auction Co. Hugh Yarbro, Adv. Mgr. Jackson, Twin. SALES MANAGERS year In tho form of dlvl- :eiuls from the WB siujnr compiw- es on Puerto Hleo. Tho Island has an Insular and iimitclpal bonded ImlqMediiew of pproxlmalely $'10,000,000. Prncilc- Hy all of Ihls l« held In the United stnlcs nnd the Inlcvest Is >ald punctually. Ilia (orelgn-ownctl 1s- niitlr., then, inlttht Ijcneflt the uuiu nnd IliuincB' of the United Slntoti, nml 'ctjunlly. flrio for Its de- tense, but the treasury Itself would —JiulsliiB hy expurlelico with the islands Hie countvy now owns— linvo a heavy now lead lo bear. Sluilonl Ciimmuics by I'lune KENT, O. (UP)— Cliilen Edward Elscr, a firuduate'. music student in Kent Stale university, flics his OHM monoplane e\cry d.iy from Youngstown to Kent to alleiui classes—a total of 2,500 cominuc- Ing. miles eveiy year. H APPY 11 OUR GRO.& "MKT. FREE DELIVERY lOD W. Main St. Phone IS Stove and Furnace OIL * Diesel & Tractor FUEL TDU/^MT DAY NIGHT r'nVJlNCi 355 166 Barnsdal! Refining Corporation America's Olilrst OH Hennery C. B. Wood, Jr.; Agent^ FARMING is BIG BUSINESS Farming is one of I lie big>;es( .businesses; in _ our. country. Certainly no other industry ; -is'more.cssen- tin] to Ilic welfare of (he nation. And, ;is nil success- fill farmers know, (he business nf rartninir requires sound management and wise plnnning. Of course, the success of your farm is imuorliinl lo you, (o your family, and, in fiicl, In the people of the wliiile fonimunity. May we suggest that you take full advantage of The Kirs I National's banking' services tluil will help you (o carry out sound business principles in the planning find management of your farming operations. Just now you'll find il convenient and helpful to use a checking account in managing your harvest receipts. Then next Spring, if you should need a crop production loan, your good banking connection will enable you to secure a loan from us with a minimum of tlclav. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEV1LLE "The Only National Hank in Mississippi County" MEMKER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

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