The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 18, 1934
Page 4
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ILTTMVtLLB, (AM.), CQUB«1 THE BLYTHEVILLK CQUR1EE NJtWJI OOCXDU mm oo. FU '.' 0 ». BABOOCK. ". Sol* MtlMil AdrertUio* • ArUnsM OtOia, Inc., New York, Ohlcito. Pttrcll, Bt, Loull, D»llH, K»?i*» City, Mem phi*. 'Published Every Afternoon Ktc(,ct gunMjr. Entered is second olus matter »t the post otllcc at Bij-thPVllle, Ar- kansus, undct *ct ol (Xingr«e>, October 9, 1917. Servea DV !'"« Duilcil Pie« RATES By carrier in tnc c;ty or BtvUlcvmo, 16o ptr wr«k or (650 per jear In artvanci:, By mill within a radius of CO miles, 13.00 P*f fear. I J.W for »lx months, 85o for tljce moo tin; by mail in postal zones two to six. Incluslw, M.50 licr ycur, In-nones seven anri eight, 110.00 per year, payable In tdvaac*. China Pays An Appalling Toll For Weakness Half M million people may starve to death Uii.s summer because of tlie drouth. Not in ;i eenliiry lists there been n drouth so severe. Crops have withered under ti blitzing KIDI which has kept, thc temperature at lir> tluj;n:un, day and night, for weeks. Rivers have dried, tip, springs have slopped flowini;. There is no food to Ijc had ;it all, over wide iireitR; Hi scores of villages mid towns even thq supply of drinking water h:is become exhausted. The federal government wants to do something to relieve siifl'eriug, but it is so weak, so overburdened with previous efforts to combat, the drouth and so short of funds that it is doubtful that it will be able lo do anything effective. » • • These few sentences present a living nightmare. They do not apply, of course, to the United Slates. They do apply, however, to China- They were taken from a recent news, dispatch telling of the horrible crisis which China is facing this summer. The Chinese drouth is one of the worst in living memory. So is the one .that has hit the United States. Indeed,"the weather seems to have been about tlie same in each nation—much heat, no rain, a steady depletion of all water supplies, a binning and blistering of all growing tilings. fn the United States it.has meant grail financial lo?s for the farmers and higher prices for the city dwellers. In China il is meaning nothing less than wide-suread .starvation—people dying by tfic scores of thousands because they cannot get food and water. • » • The contrast is instructive. The disaster, was the same, in each case; but in one laud (here was a social and economic organization capable of meel- ing the crisis, while in the other land there was not. In other words, these tenible natural catastrophes that come upon us every so often can be robbed of iheir worst terrors if society is organized to meet them properly. Mankind can triumph over nature if it will. Its worst dangers are those which come when Hie human element itself proves incapable of meeting the challenge which fate periodically otters. • A Curb On Greed The refutations laid down by the new Federal Securities and Exchange Commission contain rules designed to check simulation by corporation officials who like-to take little flyers in Hie securities of llicir own companies- Need of such rule was abundantly shown by disclosures made l>efore the Senate's famous slock markets committee. Case after case was cited in which corporation officials got more interested in making a stock markcl killing than in conducting the. all'airs of llicir corporation in the interests of its .stockholders. This 'not only led to a wholesale milking of suckers in Wall Street; all too often it .subordinated the rights of the genuine investor to the greed of Die s|)eailaling official—to the investor's direct financial loss. If thc commission is able lo curb such activities, business as a whole will be in much better .shape. Order In New Deal It is good (o learn thai thc president has ordered a full survey of all Hie "alphabet soup" agencies in Wa^li- ington, with a view to making their future activities more coherent and harmonious than has been the case in the immediate past. There has been''a good deal of confusion in the capital in the last few months. Part of it arose because .«omc of the innumerable agencies overlapped one mint her, and part of it came because there did not seem to be any definite course charted -for ;,]! 1 0 |u|. low. The conferences which President Roosevelt,.beginning .ought.;U> help end this confusion. The 'jobs that are being attempted are too large and too important to permit of any more drifting or working at cross-purposes. The big need of the day is to get all hands squared away and headed toward somo clearly denned goal. - OUT OUR t still believe Lenin n-as one of the most, masterful personalities of mudeni times. —Col. Raymond liobins. noted social economist. * • * . If we aie to provide work for all. \ye must have the nvc-i!ay work week. —William Green, A. F. of L. president. ^ * * Divorce cnn hupnen In any family, when 1111 hiliHrmonious. inlolerablc situation exists, divorce Is the humane and justlllablc remedy. —Judge C. J. Guild, Nevada, who Granted two Roosevelt divorces. * » • Strikes aie fewer in number, more readily adjuster!, and tho loss of man hours of work less than in periods of recovery from previous depressions. —Frances Perkins, secretary of labor. * » • . Trade unions are the only way to have democracy in industry. We can't have democracy all along (lie line—in sports, business, society— unless it, exists also In mill, shop, and factory. —Mrs. Clifford Pinchot, wife of Pennsylvania governor. SIDEGLANCE3 By George Ctorfc| Benzene Poisoning Shows Wide Increase In Industry "Why is she taking this cruise around the world, if it isn't to let her hair grow hack to i(s natural color?" Soviet Stamps Picture Horrors of War BV DR. MOfcRlS FISHRKIN Kdllor, -Jawul (Tike American .ApacUtiMi, int ol Hy- seia, Ihe Health Mafuiae As benzene and its products become more and more numerous in Industry, physicians continue to sec larger numbers of cases of persons who have been affected by benxeiie poisoning. In the rubber industry and in' ihn inaiifncture of varnishes particularly, .the use of benzene is coin moil. Gasoline Is, of course, a member of the benaene series of chemicals and is not nearly as jmisonous In Its effect on tlie nervous system as are other benzenes. Chief danger of this substance Is its effect on the blood. It not only causes a breaking down of [lie red blood cells and a diinhiu- tlon of the red coloring matter of Hie blood, but also may attack tlie while Mood cells and In that way threaten life itself. These ixiisons also seem to affect the walls of the blood vessels which they render fragile. In this way they predispose the person concerned to hemorrhages. Persons who arc affected by benzene poisoning bleed easily. The acute forms of poisoning with benzene usually l«gln as a result of some accidental situation, l-'or example, a worker may be asked lo clean the inside of a still or 11 lank or to paint the inside ol a Imk, using varnish or ben- zenc. He may appear lo be dazed or intoxicated or become unconscious FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 193^ Excavation Show First Map Highly Develop NUNl-TAGIL, U. S. S. R. —Exxcxavations In an ancient iicul when brought out into (he fresh air and very frequently such cases' are mistake,, for alcoholic InUKl-' Much more fluent, of coursc/: is the chronic form of poisoning > ,; vcd he , c tL'h fft fillrwiar* uilM. ^ , ____ ' r __ , __ ,I"*-U UUL » ,, thc op| n £, -, e R N which appears with a loss of color, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, frequent tipse bleeding, a and excessive bleeding from trivial injuries. Fortunately, the Ideal method of treatment for a condition such as (his is simply to remove ihc person concerned from the type of work in which he comes in contact with benzene. If llien he Is Given plenty ol rest, nourishing food, fresh air, and diet rich in iron and vitamins, Ills blood system will usually soon return to normal. Bluegrass Lone Exhibit at Fair From Macon County MEXICO. Mo. (UP)-; — Macon county will no without an exhibit cr. Ig/iru" KamcmkV of homegrown, watermelon, pump- ' ' • • • - kin or corn at the Missouri Stale Among other articles found I)J Ihe expedition were wooden iiloll of man, various utensils decoralej with carved images of birds' hcadl and wooden images of elks, then! backs Ecooppd out. to serve ial bowls. Those Indicated that "priml ilive" man in this region had adl laincd a rather liieh deeice o| artistic skill. Fair this y:ar. but Coulter, who will be the county exhibit, has annoimcrd Mrs. Hugh in charge of Soviet Sentenced Grafters to Deatr MOSCOW (UP)—Death or prlsml sentences were the reward of giing ol twelve grafters who re cenlly attempted a "g?t rici quick" sch3ine at the expctiM.' o credulous Soviet peasants. ' C1 , vi | y iSC | irm litasmw nnd lold them tho |;ov criimenl would nol collect a in-a lax in kind from them, ]irovide< they paid a fee to thc "collectors —Knmensky's she was fortunate enough lo save before Ihe drouth destroyed prac- licilly creiythiiiB in die county, Macon was the original blttc- grass county of the state, she related. Read Courier News Want Ads. I'raiaiil money were nllovral f contribute flour, cereals, oilier products. But, the scheme was soon eirl coracd by thc police. Kaiirn:rl wns sentenced to death.. His loll lowers were «nt to prison foJ terms varying f rom onc (0 tel l years. MOSCOW (UI'> — All Issue ul stiigc stamps, dcsiqned lo ini- [ire.v.s (Heir users and reccivets with tlie hpn-or and futility ot war, was Issued l>y the Snvlt-t Commissariat of Communications on the 20tli anniversary of the outbreak of the World War. There me fmn- stamps in the Dories. One shows preparations tor war. another a pillaged lown in ilames. yet another the triumphal much ot fresh armies toward the mttlcllcld and llicir return home is cripples, mid still another tin- friitciiilzatluii o[ soldiers whose ijoi-enmients have ordered them to fight. siiper- Moscow Autoisls to Brave Dangers of Grozcn Wastes MOSCOW (UP) _ The Moscow AutomobllD Club is orgnnizins; Ihc first motor-car expedition into frozen wastes of the Far Noith that ever lias lakcn place in Soviet, history. • .tiippud with special bullcwn" liivs, which crm ale frozen, roadless terrain, "two -nf;cr cars and five trucks will take part in the expedition.'Their Itinerary will cover 18.000 • kilometers. After leaving Moscow. Ihc vehicles will go lo Kn/nn, Persia. Nov- osibirsk jintl Krasnoyarsk. where they will he loaded on a ship and be carried up the Eniscl River to Dndinka. Tlience the carman will travel overland to Cape Cheliiiskm. on lo Norwik. then to iiulutii al the mouth of the Lena River, and from lliere through YjikuW: and 'Irkutsk back to Moscow. The purpose of thc_ expedition lo test, the practicability ul up- rating this social typr of mole/- c'hictc hi Ihe Far North. Canoe Shaped Like I SPRINGFIELD. Mass, ifl'i — Solly Karsakov. ^!. has taiill a once shaped like a lish aii;l cmi- •trncted like an ail plane. Its C an- assecl spruce covered frame will upporl 510 pounds ami di-pbces mly -I 1-2 inches of walcr. OH, vo Bur i -, rifl I'M' PO'-. IT ALL or- MY TIME TO PROVE VOL I IT ALL / \ Williams ' 1 Trii:;i.' ;F vouA /OH, DAVE"/PUT'' -' X . J .[ ^""'i :s: TH ' \! D O WNJ EIGHT A TIME CMP.P •Trl-V'u O.'i' OUT Hi.'•'.£" fPi^V'S 'so VOL: CAM OME PER YOUTH EY GOT TH' EIGHT, 6(JT SEE IF YOU'LL GET TH'ONE EACH CLUB ioruclmiig." Rnx said, lie iidd Poodlr Likes Mis Tn HAMILTON. Mass, i Ul'i-Intcr- lalionnl Champion I'rhirr Aiex- iiKlcr V. noilelheim. a wlm.- c>cr- nan jxwdlc owned by Mrs. Justii) W. Griess Qf Hnmilton. h served dish of lea every afternoon at p.m. Quintuplets See This Irish Smile 'Coi>;right. l?3t. NI;A S>tr\uf Inc. It's a smiling Irish face lint Hie Dlonne quintuplets $ee at nical time and balhlirae. as XUMP p A 'rlcia Mulllnj. shown heif in a oew picture, handles thcai with expert and tend«r hands N'ur<( Mulllss ciBic oa driv i, iv. Dlosnt hoae liter N" ••it KirlUc* ^-u j nil: sruiit IXv ROOrS 1 lelea lele 'wliii Har waa InlomjplerJ by the nnlval at the Itonrh ('lul> S-A irnniini: in Bll mini. J<UFS l.lind. (us liy cnillliiirlsiui tn ll.itdys lean *nes^ and lilniriii..= [.nlhrr tlu "iin^liiierli" ttiiir I'atly h.nrl him. he slnorl there her. limits Elareil at him. 'I'hen sho smiled. Me wan hnliliii S licr case out In her, a [livolnitF D( f)ni> toitiilEc shell, lint anil llilu Sho si linve lefl It In the car when lie rhcue hei home. "Oli, les. Thanks n lot." She liesan r;illier ]ialliiii;ly lo make the ncce.-.saty Intrnilucllons. "Mr. Whit- uinro . . . Mr. Lund. . . ." Hardy tldweil Oli'l paid they tluss's durk Lrnn?eis were rather hedragjled lonklng. The virile while swenler. In conlrast lo Hardy's heanllfully lalluied flan uels. looked utterly hopeless. "Well. I'll Iffi secln" you. Thought yon might want the gadget. . . ." a jbbc lioda-snrt ni ilni"-Kith jnim ; a kid In hi., eMiiu.n,.,,, K was d jny hut dial rnulil lie hpikeu easily 1 irrilntlni; to (e;| t:o wa-= toi acnre- 'It vviiiild tis a i[ii;ni|ili to be seen delated. jlniEky voice ot hers. It had a;Shells. 'sinipy iindorioue lit It. Vou could' do something with tills girl. . . . n'lmi dlil site mean by smiling iSoliig plarrs with M.irrty and as: that way at old tiedneck Innii ltlE. lnll 5 is His Mrs. Kcrnells of liif.'IJUT«n Club? Something onglil to he don?'"' 0 '' 1 ' barl turned lliumli; nn , '-*• =?.i[ -i h alinut It. He wasn't her class. |her she uiishl as wrii have s-juii' .iiumjiii. |! s onl$ was - crime out ol her tr.inco to j Thus Hardy's thought,. . tbanli lil 1:1 ng.ilii. ihh lltno tno pro- | He bnd tieeu relieved, a (ev fufcly. liecanjto sha (ell sorry for lilni anil Inter! in scs him simhlieil. Who was Ilnnly—wli.ii dirt he think lie was-in po hljli lint, on her all nf n surTden? Her mnnicnl.iir Biilise ot ertlbnr- w moments before.: wljen Jlnots sured lilm tis had nothing; to dn tvith any flisconitnrt slio inUht l«5 snllPrhn; at the hnnili n[ the 1:01,1! I fun out of the : ! Hanly went awny a (dt surpi! jllle wny tNlnjf Ind f.illeii n:it. hailn't In the lea?t luicniled lo t : tliis clrl (ilrces. ho K riiinhlPd. 5 s«tlt?:l into tlie W<*. In Torsoi [n 1)9 '••Ml-? v.n.~ eiitnlcite cidp-l. aail yei the v.a? siriened find ns'l. nlli'^cihrr unlllio llio K\ tircvian imld«[i 3 on oirt hsjo lio casually diihtinl Kvery wnmnn over n rl| _ | had me.inl to do the Rra cernl lliliiK. •rnvl '••" lie was sony Mr setting hci isumnt U-TP "n (ho country riinlnr ninrilng rassinent neil In ttio race or Hardy's 30 was n witch lo (his arrogant, cool nrroc.ince. What II lio dlil us- | hanilsoluo yonn^ man. Ilnl now hi> sumo, qnlte wliliom svairanl. thai j wasn't fnro lio wauled tn havo his the Beach Club guard was unduly kind offer so casually friendly with her? It was none ot Ills If Elm were 10 lio one ot I.archncck's Klrl outlaws whirl, hadn't been her Mull, lint , „„:!, ,1- |,fe. ^fi,,,," llcclncrk-s ijrrlvnl Had stlned sonic ; The nkl,l ,' ln , cnnt under tin llutiSl'ilnillive and Jealons in nun. i s i:, rs . T rr v „.«,„, ,,,. 1r , Bhnre , If Isabel was right Knots was "In " «'onld ho amusing. Manly re .aj;n>n;i i[.o *,\ y ,,,,1 everywhere ID had" with the elio might ns well play the rolo to! ttio llrnll. As flufs's old, parked a few doors dowu tlio Elrcct, chugged cp.isiiiodlc.illy 0111 of slglil she mitt coolly, nxilly." "He's a grand person, with an enliiuslaacn gbe was far from feeling. Sbo knew little or nothing alKint Ihe so,uarely- unlit, bl£.shoiildercd young man with Ilia sliock of unruly hair, ci cent llial lie enviously admired ber. goldon youth looked at her la beside her puzzlemenl- Wlm had gono wrong with the In tervlew? He was accustomed to fluttering Interest. Ha would hate sworn this little tiling would Lo graleliil for any crumbs of flatler? bo might toss her way. But loroe- liow slio wasn't rdaylag up. Ho foil It bad been darned decent of him to coma around tn ths nrst place. Why, bo hardly knew tbe girl although be bad always thought ber flyaway yellow nalr and big brown ejes a delectable eombtnttlon. Sbe could be a knock- llio town: it would make licr surfer. Hellish as ha K-.-IS, Hardy was d' cent enough underneath to feel lie knew l"eetcil. driving nway In a cloin! ol J^'lrred | (lust, lo sh.v.v tho town wtiat a ! rns-t:. Mauling in the llcht llirn^r, jojicen this yellow liahril g^iil nmld ;°'i them frnm thp rar's headllghis •I*. Maylra tills was li.jw gvcngnll jTh-i's »« s^tnn kinu'ol unnamed liad felt nlioitt Trilliy. ... • nncir in n, P n j r _ "Wnll. " ff ln ln verj j worn orer It: yon wonlil nevoi liate . " li - a simali.- n-^r.ts "h Int. is'isiwcleil llial slie bad ws3l«d :lllis "ishitis tlim-i = h i on n.IL i .... _ : tl i u t,, „._.. __ . r slight rjiahn .it the nrosnccl. n c had IKGII bnlled as an owl ilia otlinr ' Vl '^ eu 1'inis aiipcnred In llic I night. Isabel had assured htm :'lo°rw,iy smie liours laier. ttiinian;-1 ? n: -'' Tl!«y Sylvia had ridrlc-n him hartly when''" 10 '" sleeveless while silk frnrfc •"')*'• "'* he had met Her ami he'd Mill i wflh a '' rler emerald green J.irkit ""' Ilia hangover. He hadn'l bee nlc« to Sylvia. He bad blj. led tier all over tlio place. Sure. I dlsl| es ami Sylvia was oke but she mustn't nnly a fllor act ai though she ovvnetl lilni. Me iC<x)l - Bcenleil, selt-posie5S6<i. couldi't sland that. Nothing hnrned j him up so much as llio Inovltable ' w . feminine p05£CoSlvenes5. He shleiiMi^an Vii ilia creel'ln- at Hie least hint of ft and Sylvh j Hlr ., v ..... „„ bad mad. a fat,-,, error in sbowlns ^ ..^ $. iln we po Iron «a:nine Klr".ik." d wrung out tea-lnwels j lli x nl « nf n lime hernre. Sue was i '" t!rlm lt(e Hint w.i her hand IJE therefora turned on Boots'why?" now hU moat devaslallng 6mlla. j "Thought Ihe town fathers might Older tvnmen than slie hud been j be'writing you kllers about my known to 113 stlrreil by It. anr] .reputation." Boots had been bun .-•••! hafflccj all i She smiled a hr-.iiT.iy smile "Ob, I guess II isn't as bad as all tbaL" Haidy tvas frankly nellled. ilanly drove .; said: siid the s'renled the ple^ant ,, , n tonight. It lhadnoililnsai nil lo ^ with carp. "Hi!" ' I}" 5 olrl NO:t;eQ -iii'l reslgnatlnns Sbo lined her slim Hand and lei j,,","!, <,'»l' a""''w^^V'Vdo inn If they" MU'I" ^ Hartly gave ber an approvln; i -QI, ih e ,,,,„ . ' .. — • • - fi i • vu, ilia u--lin I PUP"; ^at-A Thought you ,„,, lrl ,^ 1|ll|ly .'^ "c" She widened her eyes- "Oh. ta^S'S^-!'' 19 ''"' ir<lllBl1 might cliange your mlnrl." day. Small wondei succumbed to the charm ha nisi. . i] to Inject Into his agreeable VOUP "Be a swest (bins -.-•? you're uol mad at uic out, be told btniFelf solemnly, u-tlb j tonight. We'll go place? the right clothes and more sopblnl- Well, wby not? Slie told herself, ootblng to c»ted Of course «be »n« of tbe younger crowd. Why, t« was two years ol<!er. Thai q»de Jhf iud eventbine to tain- HPI ..ihtr vouldo't objsct. All the yuuni; men In' LirciLs;k loclisi pretty "iaac6 -• ' hlE. .. ., „ -''5 li.irt neser heea I -L 1 ,! 6 ."""'.. 111 ' 1 «««* -»m to knnw thai I'roh-vhly | ln wo ,,jrt ds- m»r. anyhow. Sh ,. didn't re.illj «»P<-cl 10 ,,„,„ „„ K1||?se -. "on. It «„ a tr .,, ch of hn , t fa Harily frowned to hlmsell. The mood tndiirn hy . h , scenl ot :i be nas ralher prond'ot being 'oarily Vnono as Itie had boj ol l.archnerV. Uivmc He bad always been eble lo grscelully out of dlW^uliles. monev, bis father's tio.Miton. bl? enl. own undoubted charm had some jsbe lnneysuckl» lMe linn-ctf.'r Hlf.heen thi tiles, to do But scenl v -n saatiered. Ordl- '•'• p| thf liarn. well Us rp-.\dy niuilc. It! i-'rond. wen. ne'u lh!s atrt was differ- li^d iieen wrong. It 1 ;o to in* Barn, til -^ c&6n t fool. Bbe

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