The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1939
Page 2
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?AGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE ;(ARKj COURIER:;NEWS, . TUESDAY,' NOVEMBER'7,'-1939 : Countess Babs Ba(k-Sileht On Romance Social Calendar WEDNESDAY S t.VLNTS JfunV-Sin'or Pnrcnt Teacher nsfotlation meeting three ocl ck nt Junior high school auditoimin pic j ceded bj executive iKXUd meeting tl J 30 o'clock | todies' Aid, Toinplc Israel mccl I ins \\tlli Mr* nose Goldberg nt 1 her ho lie in Os"°ola al eight oclocs ' Mis J/1oio Itegoncld cntcititnln? Ei Mcntlil} Luncheon club I Tov"-i "nd Counlii cljb meet-1 in- Mi'h Mr> J W Piiiicr J Mrs.; Harold Sclinee entertaining AUO niu.tje c'ub j \Sc<inesriPv. Bilcige clul) meeting , vi'h J'r^ Patns^orth Btacl' ( firs E.uell B Gee and Mis II r Kii'lmei enteiHlmng Chap- j ter D of Uie V E O sisterhood at t'u> dee Irinc oi,e o clock | THURSDAY'S EVENTS Viar Socktj, Chinch of the 1m macuute Conception ipousonn? bingo paitv, eight- o'cto-l Catli lie] Mrs Chsilps L Wjllo, u'tirlain in" Delta Gonlrrcl club Airitorei Parent" Teacher associu- lion meetii'g 230cclo-k it hl»li iCllPO) Mrs lv v w cnwtoul enter talnin* Doub'e loui Bridge cluo Miit-^cek Bridge, club mectinf, \vitn Mrs M O Usiij Hit Eugene Dickinson havmu Thur-div Des^il club Mia Bvron Moise er i Thinsdav tuncheon club [1 Thii'-«dav Aftenion club incetins, ,5 with Mrs J M Willnms |l Llhotl Hctehcr chaptci United Daughter', of Confedcracj, meit ' tng 3 30 oetoek ntth Mis W M FLAPPER FANNY corn, (m evh't* T.U. RCO i/.s. PH,o By Sylvia FRIDAYS LVLNTS M« Louis App!"bium enter tain ing rridav Bridge club Litctarj Demrlmeit Woman s club^ nvollnj •> 10 o clock a I club house SATURDAYS FVE>Nlfa Aincric'aii'- Association of University Women meeting a i "Hotel Noble. 12:30 o'clock Elect Mrs B A lijnch was cnoscn president of the Worn-ins Mission in Officci's B A lijnch was Bits of New* Mottly Mrs. C. O. Hires Is 111 of nrlh rills'nt her home, 027 West Wai nut sired. Mr. and Mrs. A. E, Hall ; KIK Mr. and Mrs. h. F. Rrosdon spell yesterday In Dclaplaln< Ark. Marion Ofay, of Memphis, speii the weekend here with his ' Mr. nml Mrs. 0. M". Ofay. NiiFs Virginia Wllllains has re turned from Fordycc where 'sh was maid of honor In (he vviddihi of Miss Elizabeth Bohhelt and W. Winburn which was solemnly nt I Me First Baptist church (It. For clycc Saturday. The Rev. Enpha' ft. ncastey, wh hns been conducting an e'vanjtl Isllc meeting at Elkln, Ky. ( siop'i>e here yesterday alici last night fo , a visit before going to Port Sinit i where siie opens « liieefihg to night. Slic was the guest of iic.v Isislcf, Mrs. Jack Parker, ahd^fam-. Hi'. -' . " •' ' Miss Caroline Cook of Duncan, Afiss., is .spending (Ills week here with her aiint, Mrs. ii. S. SlimnofiS, and liiinlly' ftiid Miss Anita Pivy Beck. Mrs. Robert Buster and Mrs. 6. "Why, I thought you'd like her!—you have so many things in common." "Including it couple of boy-i'ricnds, it seems." Mrs C E Edils. Circle Four; ,Vtrs. Theodore IjOgan, .Circle Five. The 'Rev. Mlllon Graluim. formerly secretary o[ the locftl church nntl now pasUr nt Melbourne, spoke on the work in. his church during the program period. Mrs. T\ H. Hayncs led the dcvo- tlonnl from the eiglith .chapter of Phllipliinns which was opened with repealing ilie 23rd Psalm. Mrs. I,li7ins pliyed ''Take Time to Be Holy" for the jncdllnlkii hymn. turned In al the Christmas parly. A .salud coitrsc was served (luring th(! -socinl hour -when ganies were jjciycd. •ury sooictj cf the lirst Methodist I Pinjcis were .offered by Mrs. Hoy church at u mcctln? jcitTdiy ftf IcriiDoin at the church. She Kill 'succeed Mrs. Wj' P. Brewer. Oilier officers eiioson were: Mrs. L L Bakei MCO president Mrs L E Old recordm" sccicliiiy Mrs, Charles L Wjlic coircspontling «c-ict-ir\ Mri W J Pollard trevs- iire-, Mis Ma B Reid local tieas urec Mrs Jimes Hill supermiLii dent, of .study; Mrs. R, A. Nelson, publruj %trs Hurv Knb\ •mrei- mUndeiH of Olnistiin s chl irli lions, tfr Fied Warren Mipplie ;Mvs. C: R; Stevens. World OUllook Head. Mrs. Clinrlcs Neivconib, Mrs. S. M: Honil, Mrs. Tom W. Jackson, Mrs. Hayncs, Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Bishop. The meeting of the Elmweod Cemetery association scheduled for lilrifi} has teen postponed because of illnevj am! conflicting inccliivjs, officers announced .today. > ,-• ' • -* ^ c • ^ - i Membtii. '(if the mission study ;roup of the Woman's Council, Ita'S Mrs. L C rutty ; ti. Hiibeher eiilortaln" eight gucsls .with a party at. her home yesterday afternoon. Red berries were massed iii the center of the (able which was lighted by red tapers. Thr:iij>Mout the remainder of the hoiise, fail flowers were used; High score pfinc In (he brldee yuriies wont lo Mis. Kivcs Alien. The hostess" served a dessert course. Temple Israel To Have Ai'ihistice Service Sunday 1 A service commeniornling Armls- ticS day will held ifi T6mi>lc Mrs Kernnn Rlm"i Children •,'Tirsl Chi stian clmrch, met for n work •»p-eiat Hu?h WhltMtl Mis r B \Villnins Busi Circle. Mrs: James Hill was In charge of tne dpvouoml \hich was til en iroi-i John aid il=o gave i review d the list chiptc of the mr-sion j stud"- bvV ".Through Tragedy to Triuumh ' prosjrniii ycstefday_ afternoon Israel Sunday afternoon at three o'clock", Tiabbi HCnhiiii Pollack nn- iioiinced. Tlicr'e wilf'be n shcf'l statement regarding th6 inltrnatldhnl scene, nnd selected passages from literature dealing with (he theme of d. Oaiuke spent the weekend In Pafagould. They vvcre motored lib'ine yesterday by Mrs. Baxter's.pafenfs] Mr. and Mrs. H. W Wooisej v>ho spent the day here with Mr. and Mrs. Baxter. Mr. and Mrs. W I! Eisles of C'larklon, Mo., spent Ihc weekend liefe as the guests of Mrs Faslev sister, Mrs. nny Wortliingtdn, and family. Mrs. Clara Davis and daughter Mr's._C. 1). Wood Jr.. have gone to El Paso. Tex., vvheic Mrs Davis will spend the winter and Mrs Wood will visit foi several -weeks A'hilc Mrs. Wood is away, her son C. B. Wood ill, is visiting hi grniKlpnrcnta, Mr. iml Mis C B Wp:d Sr., In Lrixoii Mrs. Eugene Dickinson . is . hn- ' proving from ah ear infection which has confined her to he'f bed for a week. Dr. and Mrs. .5. P. Martin nnd daughter, Miss Virginia Miss Min> Meilc Patterson and Sterling Martin spent Sunday in Oxford; Miss, with Miss Gloria Martin who >•> a .student al liiC Umveisitv of Mis slssippi. Andy Cimstock, of Kiihsas city, has arrived to be connected with Ihe Universal Credit Company here. '•- Miss Coy Pierce, of Little Rock, the home of Mrs. j. C. Ellis, who peace will be read. The ceremony was lender of the program. Mrs. (if reading thb To'r'ah, or Scroll Nonvcod Hcclpo was co-hostess, j will be observed. I!:il)S Baby: Laiicc llaugwitz-Keventlftw. Golfer Itchrrl SwccMicy, picltiic'd ' 4s h6 arrived in New i'ork. Mdivani Haugvvit/.-neveiltld\v, ' heiress Balis: "Welcome home, I don't to the Woolvvorth iivc- Eduimied with an: alien's six-month '.passport, -Countess .Barbara Hut ton ' urnes back lo the flnllcd States from Europe t/; P ut 1'er .Baby "somewhere where he would be safe." When the ,"' commitlec of 'striking Woolvvorth slbfe Wkera was picketing the pier, she said, "This is a welcome home--! tion t- (hhlkl « With B.i^.nas her thfeelyear-ow S on, Lance: H.ugwit z-rievehtlovV, w i,6se; falhef is. Count Court Hangwil.-Reven ipv. Bar- think. .Wilh » ^ .^ flnnj ^^ ^^^ gii g rcf(is . d (o as ^ a th . 1%li6rl _ lllat Ara e rlCBn go!£ei . Ro , je ,t Sweeney, be 'Babs' next and .third husband. The marriage would restore her American citizenship, lost when slic mar ricd the Danish count, . . .". b'ara's'European divorce who traveled on the same liner with her, Aflractue Btidr has arrivtxl lo be technician tor (he Johnson-Malian clinic. D. TlaWmock is able la. bo oul after having been ill .for several dn'ys. Mr. and ivlrs. \\ illnm tiv 'he Mrs. B. S. Simmons and Mls^ H'ltli hci St6ele-Cooter •-' Society—Personal Hostess Id l'6iiii| Matrdiib . . . . Matrons Bridge club of Slecle of; Mr. imd Mrs. Arthur Wagnor nnd which she is a meinbef at her home ' ciaugliters, Peggie Ann .and sheiba , . Cnruthersviile last Wednesday joy, spent Sunday with relatives in evening when Mrs. A. of Sleefe was a guest. Mrs; Marshall Burroughs received bridgeo nirtird' and Mrs. Marshall Cairieron the high score prize. Ifaughlcr. Born , Mi and^Mis J D Tart who live on (lie, L«wts 'Lester" farm ncai Cooler afc : ahnouiicing :the arrival ot a 10-pound baby girl at their hcme Sunday night. The baby" has L. J;rdan poplar Bluff. Miss Wilma C:ok; who has been visiting Willis Rmi Pird was before iccciit nnriwc Miss EKine Mi I Cecil Lowe, grniip chair- ( Rabbi Pollack extended aii Invi- innii, turned the meeting over to tation to all lo nltcnd the service. li2iS5ippl ( ountv Oirl ^D^ cir m ( cliche Sliuw Miss Marina Helen J J Bryant, devotional leader Ihi tople, "To Witness Christ", T r: • fUJrlrpn Dinner vns bisrd on the fourth chapter 10 U1V f ^llCKen Winner of Aots Silent mcditntion anil j At Lfegiflli Hilt Hfil perk of pn\ei closed by Sirs. Russell ijar- j him concluded this period , A , , kd Mis Elhs presented Mrs. George L (l the Irenchmin' Bavou \viil Inlciprct th" ic'e of ' MILD Wmthiop ml W. Uarham who discussed mei . C an will be given Legion Hut Thursday iiight ffohi five fh" c m"dy '•Futtthi'c Susjn Marion <ij? lorest \vl\l r-h is to be •gbeti at Blue Monntim Miss b> ^the dnmatie diparl ntiil of Bin" "n'oiintiiin college. Nov. 21. under tiio 'direction of Mlstf raizabeth 'iirt-T hi-ad of ilie department Tl'f plij wis [lrs f ihfn bj Hiratft Undid rn Piikc at t'ic Gil oly. Theater. in New. York. After flu premiere •=! nwin-' at Blue M unlim Ihc pliysr 1 ; will ffmr Ms-vlvinpi vdH the product Ion lErtilh the Church" Mrs..| , xllle " 0 . clo c kt ff. W as announced lo- opl vvhasc subject Chihhun lioines To Serve Tlie World Mrs. George Cross who (altcd on "Christian Leadership, „ d f Oak Baptist chnrohi who ?ponsor the " ' , tint. Mi- Suzie Vivian, lite long P'occeds Will go Into (he fund Ross group, whs talked on "Chris-1 °" razing ^ the old building was Homes In VOrcien l^ands." ! star l«l yosterday, 'Jhe convention of the Disciples of Christ churches which wns held been giv'cii . the' name of . ' Patricia Lee. Jane rela- wilh lives' here, returned home them.' Cas'cv Edwards, J: P. Edwards and Tommic Crawford spent yes- tcidaj m Alamo, Turn on business Miss Eh/abeth Shcriod of Bflls Tenn is the guest of Mi tind Mrs. Fafris Edwards and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hopper were visitors in • BlylheviUe Sunday. Biitt Spent SaUirdiv in Mcniphi nioiiias Anderson;- daughter of Mr. where they, attended the Vander ^nd Mrs Hubeil Potter bilt-Ole Miss" foothill game Eddie B. David aUcndtd to bilsi- ness in'Fnyellevillc ovdr Ihe week DojTWOod Farm BufCBU eiid Sii also siivv the Ar^anw? it . •• m 1 i university-Texas A. « M. football unit Meets Wednesday Baine. [ ]T!h'e-Dogwood 1-arni Bureau unit will'^'rfl'tfcf Wednesday night -at the Dogwood school house ofliceis 111- nounced today M"en""ind vvoiucn who ire mter- this --HoHv in Ma'rston NEW Oiily Terror YORK (UP) -- Examhiiv lions arel o,,H hmfo, Hunter College uppercln r smui Ghosls. baiisliees ind black cat d(i hot- scare them tlnv revealed ested are urged to -iltend in a siipc'rstitioh =mve> MmiY mectins those in charge slid girls carry isood luck tokens and • sny special prayers before c\am Rehti Ctuner Ne\vs want ads Eyaoii Earls, Jerry Thelbert Bishop were .Wednesday to' attend the funeral of Mrs.- J. H. Avery, formerly- of Sfeclc. ' . '•Mr.-arid Mrs. But! (Bud) Holly of Colorado Springs, Colo., arrived Friday "night for a two weeks visit with Mr. Holly's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Holly ,aiul other rela- Supl. Jack Wimp returned home from Nashville, Tenn.. .where -he lias been attending Vnhderbill University. Dr. T. S. Cooper left Monday, f:r Fort Myers, P!a.. n-ficrc he k to spend the winter. • Miss- Jeanetta Mr. and Mrs. Abner Ashcraft am children visited Mr. and Mrs. E. H and Hcrr'cll of Tyler Sunday. employed in WCst Memphis, Ark., {state executive board meeting Sai- srieiH part of last week Here with , urday in Uttle Rock, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.'M.j^ "-"•<•">•"•>»»•<> '•"•» Copper. • - " . Mrs.' H. S. Ilollcy is recoverln.!* after a week's illness. i Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Willis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.- Lewis Lester. • . , - . P. H.'.Gooiwr Ls spending the first week in St. Louis aliefe'lie. is buying Mrs. Byron Weaver of Carntli-1 slock for his stores at Hollund and ersv Hie .was : host ess to Uie Yoiing cooler. Fred Flcenian, Mrs. O. E. Quell- nalz, Miss Elizabeth McHenry, and Miss'Irene Morgan. . Mrs. H. 'A. Tliaekerny of Camlen, state president, presided over ihe session at which plans lor ,1ns year's work were niade. If they arc kept sllgiitty inebriated witli whiskey and warm water, elephants don't mind traveling oil • ocean vessels. •' Attend Meeting At Little Rock Saturday, Five members of the local" chap-! ler of the American Association of University Wdliien aftendtd "the WHY For nuicU relief from 1 cfiltl symptoms- sufi'cr from Colds? take 650 -; Tahlets -. Salve - Nose -Drops COFFEE —. - ALWAYS FRESH o' .Richmond, "Va.. recently was cuscti -ed by George W. Puller- lsc.n p^ 4 -'"!- of the church, who attendee! it. Mrs. Nisthtw Carle became a ' mi'inbor of the Shellon ijroup and Mi Inrry Brcwn of the Mollicr s'ntt -ui-rvisi' ltos F'° l| P. -Hii Camp 7^3 ot . A , •"'•'»^?'™« reolif wa.s alib^is TI Ih l>oinc ""' °"' iM thu ic f«-slir!ients of offers C G Hi P<; h-,t n-bt •'indttic'ic?, cookies am! cotlee j prosram. Plans for n campaleu for ncvv 5crv < ;tl alt " r l "e business sewlon.j Plana for carrying om Uie pro- Hl^sncEis v ere made Ihi is i o'Cbivsralhcmunis decorated ihc| grain were outlined by district cx- |< liRo4 fialcrnal scoots m po >i |howr _ | iciulon agents. of ndill and uivc ik mcn-'b'i in ". * •* i — ; : irod 1 it ^ !tss Turner To Speak i Kltly Keeps Kyp on ]!car Kfnte Hcpnly Mcrt? Knval' NrJ'hlinri Wrs. Mary I Hoi Spun? ilcriitj n t the Rovcil Attertd Conierence Held At Jdhcsboro Msis Cora Lee Colcmaii. county home demonstration necm; D. S. I.iinlrlp, county asiicnltural agent, and 0. W. Roth, AAA asriislant j here, attended a district nicelini | in Joneslxiiv. today where (here a discussion of the 1940 AAA n'' to Hie icpori la=1 ni"ht<; nuttinp nefmhrrifiits v.cre 'c tlie business sessioit. Miss Winnie Virjiit Tinner. e!e- | ELY, Mtnii: lUP)— CnrollCfs In n eri afi^r' mcntaty supervisor of city schocls. ICCC camp near here (xillce the Anhonr.c^ Hrsicsscs lor A I ti \\ Ii.idn- Mxs. Fred Hcemrui. Miss - TVs'ick "Ur-, Dora CCPI.C woods, a IM-lb. bear jioliera tlit- ninip. and a small domestic cu; polices the bear. Both fur-licarlng animals arc (vcK-mniinered mem- tjrs and have the run ot Iho tamp. The only thing bruin i3 I will be the speaker at Ihi' meeting ot Ihc Junior - Senior Parent Tcnchcr association tornorrov: alt- cir.oon at three o'c'ccJ: a', tiic- junior hish scho'.l aiidltorinrn. The general meeting win i.<; pte- Dav;s will be lia.-tcvc-. cc led by (in executive twtitd inert-1 ntrnlcl ol is tne cnl - toVrri?mbcrs <>5 the American .'U- 1115 at 2:30 o'clock. 1 —-^ scclrttloli of Vnlversily Woraen Icr t , , ] A Boston gmnnnker onci- a luncheon m^etim, =al iraij , n lt , c hrUtmas Tarty 12 VL ockci ft Ihf Ho«M J.OV i -, hm rcr a chtLtmas jrafty to Ire ' '' Ol: Ivtiss EHrabMK Anftrwn will \,t • Rlv( , n ,,, c llrsl Ffllja . ,„ ,- >: ,, m . hnd lc«d r of the iro-tam 10 b-- pix- j ter ftcr<! nude-Friday nigh'. ! Ducting of the I.;«!ieV fiih.V. it' the First Mcthwiisl church. Mrs. Belle Wood gave the dev:-i timial which was followed wllhi praver by Mn. K. B. Williams, ft i was decided that the birthday: plate of eacli memlx-r must be' Xe'w : Officers Ch6scn Mrs. \VY J. Ro.Ogers was ciioscn Ii ht'sd the wor^ ot the Wo' Missionary Union of the First Biptist church duruig th" coming je,V tit a meeting of Uie grojp yes|, teraay afternoon al tin! church. :She -vrill succeed ifrs. H. H. Brooki, who has served Rs president during the past year Besides-Mrs. P»:d»ers. the.follow- ing _ ofiicera true cho en * Mrs Harrj Frl'e!u> fir^t MCC prcsj- I? deal, Mrs E B 7/coJson second l| v'ce pr a iden* Mrs fjiyd SJck- •' reon, third ucc president, Mr . H. j H Ek<ra!w, rcc'hlicj «ecretarv Mrs. "fed Kin? corrtp'i.,dm» socretatyj ^n R,,*rt Grim, treasurer. OJrrie cha rm^n ><aiii£d ycs'tefday 'ttH-c: Mrs Tfcn V.' Jaer^>on Circle On«: llti. Vlz't^t Bishop Circle. T»o ytn M T. Bi-ir, Circi« Three; Art&GifiShop Opening tfov, 8-9-10-11 Souvenirs 'Mrs. Ceo. ¥. Barbivivi 1308 Hoani SI. a £HII With a l'2-f<H)t Ixir- il ^eigllfd 50 pounds and *"° ' Jc hred from ;v rest. Soy Beans All \\'v Arc Hu.vcrs F(>r Variflics of Siiybt -Sec or I'ltoitc Us for llifihcsi liaily Offer. Blytheville Soybean Corp. I'honc 555

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