Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 5, 1898 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1898
Page 18
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LUELUI1BBITT Preacher Say* He Has Seen Hef Alive Since Ame 1 Green Was Lynchid. liability of the company to furnish gasi 1 for Hating at well as heating and an alleged discrimination in charging one price for gas used when burned for fuel and another price when used for Al THE MEKIOAK CAPITAL. the cit, holdln, the canipafly as ™uch responsible for furnishing gas for light as for fuel and finds that the difference m price is an unjust dtaerlmliiatlon. A permanent injunction is granted to prevent the company from turning the gas off from any consumer refusing to pay the irom *ny ^ be proropt- company .-to bv the gas and an early ruling 20-ctr.t rate, ly appealed the supreme court, asked for. Indiana Wool Growers Meet. Indianapolis. Jan. 5.-About twenty- five prominent wool growers attended the SHE DID NOT KNOW IT Bmt, Ala*. 1UBJ Her Did. thirteen topics on the programme for discussion. They included an address by President T. C. Phelps, and M timer Levering, ft Lafayette, spoke ._ -Methods of a Breeding Association "AW. IJghtbTOwn. editor of the "wool Record." of New.York.™ £_ There York." W«fl, Hut Objected to Recalling H«r Early D»v»-Stoiy of the Trasredy- Of intewat to Natural <J». Users-Indira. Man Wrecked Kn Haute to Alanka- Buictde oil a MunV-le Citizen-Wool Grow•n J*e«t i»t Jnlllanapollit. Flora, Ind., Jan. 3,-The disappearance of Luella Mabbitt and the mob rnurd-r later of Amer Green occurred ten years ago. Green and bis mother lived at Younf? America. Ttte Mabbitt family resided a few miles east of this place Green had been paying his address -s to Miss Mabbitt, and one night he called at tbe Mabbitt home, aroused Luella from sleep, and the two drove away together. She failed to return, and the parents grew suspicious. In- «ulry at tlie home of Green showed that he hud n.t re-turned, and some one reported tlmt a man had been seen in the -woods near the Mabbitt home, washing W B hands-in a. creek. This gave rise to » Huspicion of n.urder, and the creek was dragged for the body the work telnjr continued for several days, without results. igkeleton Not Properly KUntifled. The belief then became widespread that the girl had been murdered, and .bout a year afterward the finding of a woman in the river near Lafayette confirmed, this Impression, it_ being: re- _ Dort'jd that the skeleton had been , pover ty. He spent the ^ — -- fdenUfled as the bones of the Mabbitt 5 ays £ f Jast v , eek sea rching for employ; by the filling in the A. Graphic Story Which Shows How Sel- doa rtomen BealiM Their True Condition. Ins l»rgu silk mlU where tbe loom* we.re tbruniming, and all wa« noise and bustle a woman, skillert in manu- tecturlng and dyeinar delicate illu wis tolling. Sbe looked tired and dejected. Her cheeiks were sunken were dark lines beneath ner eyes. You could easily detect the peculiar j sallow look which comes upon the LEGATO PLAYING. ««rytt,ta» P«P««><1« on Variety »d Or* dation of Tone. ••I, is one of tbe chief weaknesses of the pianoforte as a musical instrument that owing to its mechanical construction a perfect legato us an impossibility. The singer can vocalise a succession of sounds on one vowel without-the slight- e«t break in tbe continuity of sound, but S pianist has to deal with separate "••"' f _ .._ t..A v*i ni crrc HTlQ FANCY SEEMJEWOEK. REVIVAL OF THE PRETTY RIBBON OR LORRAINE DECORATION. A Pl«.in« Art With » strings and separate hammers, and there therefore each sound sings, as it were a separate syllable, with a more or less bard consonant at the beginning of it. contributor to Ihe Mn.de, To<.ch of French tine- E*p«»ed 1* Flowi»* Scroll* Ix^er-. Knot, .nd .Bow. - *-*— Trimmlns* Tor Gown*. Ribbon work, sometimes known a§ Lorraine work, shows a certain dainty, RED ROUGH HANDS Thns writes a who adds: To minimize the evil and so to ap- nounced for the r-hance Market ~- ---- wa?d«, a discussion of whether the Ration should hold its meetings a different plac« in the state ,«ead of Occasionally her face, which was usually bright and attractive, would )= clouded by pain just as tbe sun- Ight Is sometimes shut off bypassing louds. It was easy to tee she was not hflpp7- Ind yen she worked, straggling been at has assembling at Indianapolis as been the custom heretofore. Chlcajoan Sluicldeii at Indianapolis. Indianapolis,. Jan. 5.-A ™ stranger, who* registered . at fornia hotel as John T. Ingram, o£ Chic^o committed suicide by taking morphine. He left a letter asking that on j E Nichols, of 168 West Madison and S. F. Kinser, of Chicago, be noti- street, Chicago, Halsted street, a , fied and that word also be sent to the county clerk of Bayler county, Texas. The note explained that he ^ had been unable to find work and could no longer three ^ponfiBJi uj -.. — --. *j . Mat bltt has since said that she did not believe It: was her daughter. After a long chase a detective arrested Amer Green and his brother BUI on a Texas ranch. No trace of the girl was found The brothers were brought back ana committed to jail. Bill Green was convicted in Miami county of the murder of Bno« Brumbaugh, at Toung America, •evcral years before, and he is now •erving a. life sentence. Amer was confined in lail at Delphi, and one night a B,ol> of iiOO men burst the doors lead- Ing to the Jail, secured possession oi the prisoner, and after conveying him to the vicinity of Flora he was hanged to ft tree. Lu«lla Mabbitt Wai Sot Dead. While in the hands of the mob he persisted that he was not guilty of murder and that he did not know where the girl was. She had gone west with hire, but they had separated afterward, swung into eternity denying And now comes Rev. Daniel formerly a minister in the church of this county, anc that an innocent man was lynched. Parker was a frequent visitor »t -the Mabbitt homestead, and was wel acquainted with Luella. with whom he frequently talked. For several years •-He"'has traveled extensively m th west and in Mexico, and he says tha •while in the City of Mexico he met Luella Mabbitt, who was married to a wealthy and influential Mexican. hai a conversation with her, but waa averse to speaking of her past ex- pe-lences. and gave him to understand that his room \va 3 better than his company. ______ • INDIANA MAN'S ALASKAN JODKNEY. Hi* an Experience nf Shlnwreok and ays i ment. He was the deed. Parker, DunkarcL asserts i Vote of Confidence 5.—James A. Sib- J.U iJJ.**-**^-"*""" * -- _x*«*. proach as closely as possible to a perfect it is important to observe that a s of eual strength, lipbt and say aspect, a that insures it favor whenever there comes a "revival," as freqnend.v oo- cnrs, of this pretty art, for wh lie it mav o , be the latest fad there are ladies „ of notes of equal nowevm perfect the mechanical connection may be, will never sound smooth. ££ recurring percussion,particular y to _„ ^ if tbe notes are of eojual length, seems attract the ear and to destroy all sense of continuity, but if the same notes are played with gradation of strength either crescendo or diminuendo, the effect of legato is at once felt, and the disturbing who can remember this kind of among the fanciful industries of their earliest days, and certainly among the old treasures of ten found in some ancient workbox we have fallen across a stock ofthese tiny narrow ribbons care- foHy wound upon cards or winders, exactly similar to those we require now. The designs must always be of that XJUc u'rc^giJ-a AAJ.""-* •-- •- — * j period in French art when flowers ana f, .c«Jj-. bleeding palro«, «b»p*l« and painful dngsr end», pimplw, hl oily, moihy skin, dry, thin, »»d frlltaf h»ir. Ju«- ing, *»IY scalps, all yieild quickly to wann tetM- with CDTICDRA SOAP, »od gentl* »nolnuii«» with COTICUBA (ointment), t (uticura J, »ld tbn»cb«t the i~rU. rorr= D«c« i!» CMM. ., . Pn»l<w« Soft. TUi«H«iuU, mt. ITCHING books, council He she De- Putnam of Shipwreck Starvation WtUle Eu Route. Oreencastle, Ind.. Jan. 5.—H. L. tr'ch a. rormer resident of county, writes hla parents-Mr, and Mrs. Jchn A. Detrlch-of his narrow escape fr, 3 m death while on his way to Alaska. "I left my home at San ., Nov. 22. for the gold fields, in Francisco Dec. 4, When «,,,t two days the propeller on the .teamship broke and we were left at the mercy of the angry ocean. There was a bis storm raging, and we were *-lven with the waves and the tide »ntil the ship stranded on the rocks. o-i the west coast of Vancouver island. "On Friday, the llth, we took to the life-boats—four of them. There were thirty of us. The captain's boat landefl »ifely the next day. also the third mate's boat, but our boat, the first mate's, was on the water five and a half days. We were without food that long and water three days. One man iiled and the other seven of us were nearly dead when we landed on an isi- *!nd We were on the Island three and t half days, and lived on mussels. Vi e were 'Picked up by an English steamer Mid brought here. It will be two or bree weeks before we will be able to work. We lost all we had. The American consul is helping us now, and wll. ,,end me to the hospital at Seattle. 'Wash., In about two weeks." BOYS HAVE THEIR OWX WAY. an- City Cleric Get* Columbus, Ind., Janev city treasurer, Monday night per- mptorlly tendered his resignation ow ng to differences with some of hi. ondsmen. During the day there was ji expert examination of his finding all correct. The city declined to accept the resignation, and Mr. Sibley will continue to serve. Suicide of a Muncle Man. Muncle. Ind., Jan. B.-1-aac Beck, local aeent of the American Express company despondent over business troubles and overworked, committed suicide by sending a bullet through his brain while in his office yesterday. Beck was 57 years old, and had been in the express business for thirty-two years. Strike at an Indiana Coal Mine. Brazil, Ind., Jan. 5. - Two hundred iners employed at No. 8 Brazil B.ock , Coal company mine lnau &ura.ted a strike yesterday because the bank boss allowed three drivers to work who had 10 t settled their dues in the mineis .rganization for thejast month. Will Be Buriedl Tosether. Fort Wayne. Ind., Jan. 5.-Michael M11 ,er and Viola Marquardt who committed suicide at Monroeville Mondaj were buried side by s.de. It has developed that Miller lost $500 during the past week while playing cards m this city. ,_ Found a. Bloody Sjiot in Gotham. New York. Jan. 5.-The Daughters ot the American Revolution say that the> have discovered thai the site of the postofflce in this city marks, where the first blood of the along when she should have borne, and possibly in bed, Poor little woman! How brave sbe was in her suffering, and bow faithful. And yet during all that time, she was unconsciously bringing disaster to her employer. Every moment of that day, whilu she was so bravely strug- cl'log, the exhalations from her body wore irulning Che delicate colors of ie silk upon which she was working. Alas, she did not not know it! But wllien the choice silks came upon the market and it was found that the colorings were ruined, an iavestiga- was madei anfi the poor little woman was discharged. For what? Simply because the sickness, which comes to every woman at certain times, had, unknown, impeirceptioly, colored tbe gossamer silks over wiiich she was Dolling. This is a sad story, but it is aoso- lutely true. It happened In Newark, K J., and furnishes a very valuable lesson. lo shows that women, however careful they may be, :we often unknown to themselves, exerting and influence, not only upon the persons, bnt also upon the things about them which is by no means agreeable. It in nnforlmnate that such fihould be the case, but it is none the less true cnssion unnoticed. the are Sen depends on variety and gradation of tone, and it is an excellent plan, in studying an ordinary legato melody, to determine that no two consecutive notes shall be of precisely the same strength Tbe amount of variety must, 01 course, depend on tbe character of * phrase, but very slight differences efficient for the purpose, and if an actual crescendo or diminuendo should appear unsuitable it iis always possible_to increase toward tbe middle and dimm- ish toward the end of the phrase, or vice versa, according to circumstances. Perfect control over such delicate nuances implies peri'ect control over the fingers—in other words, perfect technic -and can only be acquired by those who possess a sufficiently sensitive ear, together with the necessary perseverance in study. . , Attentive listeners will agree that command over all gradations of tone between pianissimo and fortissimo, and perhaps especially between pianissimo ind piano, is a chief characteristic of all great players. It is, indeed, far more than velocity or force, the sign and token of pianoforte technic of the high- 7. B. Stanley, grand chief templar of Indiana, went to Ligonier today. He will begin a ten days' temperance revival tht« evening la t,ba»- clty. ___ . _ , We offer One Hundred Dollar* rowwd f«f »Dy case of C«t»rrh that cannot b« our«* »T Htll'8 Catarrh Cure. -^,^- o F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Props., Toi«*o, O. We, the undersigned, nave known > . J • Cheney ferine last. 15 years, and beUeve W» perfectly honorable in all bntlneM t™°»**- tton» and flnanciallY able u> oarrr out any obligations made by their firm. :. wholesale Orugrirt*, RIBBON WORK DESIGN. foliage were entwined in graceful outlines; and generally with a flowing scroll of ribbon, true lover's knots and bows. The work is very fine and delicate and well suited to small fancy articles Druggist*, Toledo, O. Hall's Catan* Cure is Mken Inwardly, •*» in* directly upon tHe blood a»« m«- oous surfaces of t»e system bottle. Sold by »U druggisti tent free. H»ll's y»:n>H:rPtH««f etliebe ' t Samuel. Alexander, of Gas City, as sachets, notebooks, screens, and it can be cushions or used in dress est class. Styles In Furniture. not o general the spot American members of the Colonial chapter revolution was shed. The >f the Martha Washington of the Daughters of the American Hevolu.lon purpose.erect- ing a tablet there to discovery. i-ommemorate their '* Wheat Sold for Export. Chicago, Jan. 5.-Jcse P h Letter is said to have closed contracts for the greater part if not all, of his 8,750.000 bushels of cash wheat. Negotiations have been under way for several days, and are about closed. The buyers are L. Dreyfu"s & Co,, of New York, French ex porters, and Gill & Fisher, Baltimore. The Weather W* May Expect Washington, Jan. 5.-Following are weather the indications for twenty-four hours , yesterflav: For Indiana and HH- oij-Fato weithen probably colder in extreme "'° „ __„;„-,„. wooferlv winds, becoming s^ttern J^^^-p.rffr cloudy And yet, fortunately, is Is a fact, proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, hat women of the present day can, >v availing themselves of the latest md besii discoveries of science, almost wholly overcome the ill-eflacts oil toe jeriodio sickness. It is true there ias never been but one discovery for iccompllshlngthls desirable end, but ,hat one has proven to be no pure, so jcientlfic, and so efficient, that it is oelug used almost universally. Here Is what Mrs. [Randolph Howell of Washington says upon this most Important subject: "I have often in the past found it impossible to attend receptions and other social functions, owing to a temporary state of illness, but of late years I have been enabled to entirely banish all painful effects to myself and possible unpleasantness to others by the use of a discovery which I believe, lio be a bocn to woman-kind— Warner's Safe Cure. I have been so wonderfully helped by the painless power of this remedy, which has seemed like a friend in need-that I have urged its use upon nearly all my lady acquaintances." Women should not suffer, need not sufler,neednot be unpleasant to those about them, if they will only use proper care and the best inventions of science for their help. There is every reason why they should be both Among the more striking of the new designs in furnitune are various articles in dull polished .Dak of simple design, which stand out conspicuous among more elaborate models as tbe perfection of taste for libraries, dining rooms and BUrCCJJ3j M.AAS* " j trimmings. A dressmaker has prepared a white satin skirt and embroidered it up each seam with a suitable design, and the effect is much improved by the addition of spangles and sequins. Ihe bodice is also worked to correspond. But, of course, such work mast be done C. It K. most carefully or the beauty of the would be spoiled. Tbe whole dress a guest of his daughter, Mrs Dykemau, on the WesMlde. Cine way to be Bajpy IB to attend to tbe comfort of your r*mllr- Should one Of them catch a cold or oown • onW H.T'orter. corner Fourth and streets, note .gent, widget a trial Otto's Cuns, tlie irreit German teme47.n*« We tfve It away to prove that w) bare a iu*» cure for coughs. eoldB, aBtbma, con«umpUOB and all d Iseases of the throat and luc*». "— Bizeg 50c and 25c. _ method of working is really very simple as each petal and leaf is formed by the ribbon, which is threaded into the needle and passed through the material, and only occasionally a stitch or two needs to be added in fine sewing silk. «mall French knots are .introduced as centers to small flowers, and rajsed S. W. Ullery, tbe hardware merchant, bas returned from a Tlult at his old liome it> Ohio Rbewnattf»i Cored in a Day. Cure" Tor rheumaHsm and ralaia radically action upon the ^S^^™^i«ssr^- lh» ail- H§S£S i ^S 8 .SfflS.w«t| DoD . t , ruVanTVsks about health. ed to match are a pretty idea, and just Avold C0 ugh8, colds, fevers, pneu- at this season, when there are large moniai an a a ll other similar house parties going on and where often ^^ . keeping your blood the retraces of garden and greenhouse HoQd , g Sar8ap arllla; are esfhausted, decorative needlework ana p _ .„.,..„,- comesjn most opportunely. ' Hooc j. B pills are purely vegetable- In passing it may be suggested that an d do not purge, pain or gripe, on a large table broad ribbons can be tg most Affectively introduced, and these I *•* must fee arranged with regard to the silver or other ornaments in hand for decoration. Much depends upon the arrangements for lighting, whether candles, lamps or. electric light be used. halls A SHEKA.TON STUDY Then aga.in there are some very fine specimens in dark mahogany m the n Chippendale style and handsome inlaid mahogany suits in the Sheraton design. Less elaborate suits in mahogany, walnut or ash are made in very original Sd charming styles. Pretty little white suits suitable for girls' bedrooms are to be had at reasonable prices with a combination chest of drawers and toilet - A.11 Wm Winters, of Rochester, 1» in the sity for a tislt with friend* and relatives. From Sire to S»n. ainily medicine Bacon'n j N«ve« pwee* from »lre to ton feu U1OO, J.M"Ji-"^ v - — J * Two broad ribbons twisting in and out ^ of the base of lamps, flowerpots or des- for sert dishes are most effective m two col- Kacy . K you Starting from the center and end- disorder, get, » free sample ^ t, i.u'o :« rnnr»H ' J — T * -=«" Viavo inriffreil i bows at each corner, tnis is mucu used or ore. Ing: ss the ribbon. c iAkiM"*-* ,. A doily worked with correspondmg centerpiece is on very fine linen in file ^_._ agent, sod !» distributing sample* free. Sara* floss, one ^ orkedinonly I strand "of" the filo floss and in their | vana^c . leather- light to fresh westerly to southwest he Fruit ,Tar Wort jThey Please. Mu-ncie. Ind., Jan. 5.-There is .other hitch in the boys' strike in the Ball Brothers' fruit-jar works. About 6 o'clock Monday evening a settlement had apparently been reached, the corn- panf conceding the advance to J4 weekly demanded by the boys, the latter m«rei'ins that the increase should be held 'in abeyance by the company until ' the close of the working year, m July. and then paid in » lump, and pronus- ing in consideration of the increase, to foment no further trouble. Th>E' factory started yesterday morn- ln« but at noon the toys again proved toT be dissatisfied, and another strike -was inaugurated. Th* state later commissioners, who are still here, are asam coring to adjust the trouble. Tne claim to be masters of the situation for by quitting worn, they can caus« a low of several thousand dollars dally of the_company. DECISION AS ToJfATCRAI, OA& tl«*t tli« Ga* Company on Iw» Points Involve*. Richmond, ind.. Jam. 5.-Jud«e Heiirj <? 'Pcx of the Wayne circuit court, handed'down » decision of great int«r- e*t to natural J&» burning oMstricU. Tlie question involve-l in the -ult which W a«. brought by the city ajptot tt. natural *as company w«re two: .»• rcstoriy wiuu*% * v * - . »ri»We winds, beqomir.e southerly. THE MARKETS. Chicago Grain mid Produce. Chicago, Jan. ^. were the quotations on the Trade today: Wheat—January opened 90%c. closed 90%c: May SnlnedSlKc closed 91c: July, opened s^c closed S2%c. Corn-January opened 26V-C, closed 2G%c: May opened ?quc closed 29c; Ju!y. opened and closed $& tots-May, opened 23*c. closed •>liic- Pork—January, opened SS.M. cloted $197%: May. opened $9.23 closed $9 «o. Lard—January, opened * 4 ^?closed $4.72%; Msiy, opened J4.b.,.,~, Closed $4.S5. Produce: Butter — Extra 'lo'uer Ib; extra dairy, oacklns stock, 12c. Eggs-Fresh SIOCK., 2»o per doz. Dressed Poultry-Turkeys, 9©llc per lt>: chickens, 6@7c: QUCKS, G(ffi7c Potatoes — Northwestern aO& 6te per bu. Sweet Potatoes-Illinois, $2.00@S.OO per bbl. Chicago I.lve Stock. Chicago. Jan. 4. healthy and happy; there Is no reason why tney should be even temporarily indisposed. Modern science and Invention has rendered all this needless. Thousands of women have learnud this, and can cheerfully testify to the happy condition they have been in since they learned what to do. com ^ ^ -------table and then; are many other mgen- natnral shades of color and may be va- iousand useful combination pieces of ried accor ding to ta,ste. The convention- furniture which will commend themselves to dwellers in flats, where space is at a premium, among them being a wardrobe, washstand and looking glass in one. new creamery., ISc: fresh Pi: ping lots- Cattle-Estimated receipts torthe day. 4.500: quotations ranged ^ ,5,0^0 - d cnoi« o - «$.$£ fair to good. i3.75©4.40 common to me- l*._ a- «7n«M*>(> butchers' steers. ;75 stockers, S3.60^M.1!> feeders. J190@3.SO cows. J2.6&@4-50 neifers, $-..» *400 bulls, oxen and stags. J3.ou(g-*-i3 Texas steerk and !B-50®6.5» veal calves. ^ andLambs-EsUHULted receipij for Uie day, 13.CKH): quotations ranged mt $S.60®4.6« -wesitercs, J3.lft@-l.SO natives, and S4.30@6.25 lambs. Mil-«r»«Jc«!« Grain. Slllwaukee. Jan. 4. \Vheat-eteadyj,Xo. l^orthera. M%^ Women have taken to the apron again. This is well, because nothing makes a woman look more at borne in her own apartments than a dainty little anron Our grandmothers would as soon have thought ~* leaving off their capes or dainty coiliirs and cuffs as their black- Bilk or alpaca aprons in the bouse. The modern apron is not so somber an affair as it was in those days. Tie more useful and less expensive ones are. made of fine lawn and trimmed with a little embroidery or lace of dainty pattern. Others lire made of bands of white or colored satin" ribbons put together with lace straight up and down, cross„„,„, or diagonally. A full frill of lace all 'the way round, bows on the pockets and, ribbon strings give the finishing tonijh. "It is perfectly astonishing, said a beautifully gowned woman, at theap_ron counter in a big store, "how these little aprons save one's skirts, and women generally are wearing them now. matter how many servants a woman keeps, she always has certain precious •possessions that"she likes to dust or care for iu some way herself, and that's where these little lawn aprons come in. Then I find that the lace and ribbon aprons are a great comfort.when I'm doing fancy work, making altjjnoon tea i_s__ ™™oH-,iTiiT m th«r*ifinedish Fancy writing tables, settees in and graceful shapes and quaint chairs for tbe drawing room iu dark mahogany, covered in printed velveteen or tapestry are quits a specialty, and delightful models can be had at moderate prices. Deviled Turkey. Take the wings and legs of the cold turkey, lay on a gridiron and set over the fire until brown. Make a sauce of a tablespoonful each of pepper sauce, French mustard, vinegar, celery sauce and currant jelly- Season with a htde salt and a dash of cayenne. Lay the turkey on a heated dish, poor tbe sauce over and serve.—Exchange. Of The acnual meeting of ihe shate holders of The City National Bank of Logahs- port, Indiana,, for the elfec- tion of nine directors for the ensuing year, will be htld at their office on Twsdiy, January llth., 1898, tym ten o'clock a. m. to o'clock p. m. F. R, Fowler, Not No 1. 47c. ttc; . . Bral«r--St«*dy; No. or , 'Booking something in the coifing dish lot my spoiled boys when they come in late at night "— Exchange. _ The bustle amended form. o Echoes. here again, but; in For receptions and weddings the vel- t costume is the edition de luxe of all che season's fashions in gowns. Dress sleeves are smaller, and a good majority the „_.,_—., of evening gowns have merest excuse for a shoulder strap. Whatever the cut of your skirt may be it must b€ rather scant in appearance and innocent of any stiffening at the bottom and fit very closely around the hips- It has come—the plaid umbrella. We have had plaid stockings, plaid gjdjts, plaid waists, and now fashion has topped- 1;he whole with plaid umbrellas. . The bnttenSy in exquisitely modeled simulation and the Louis XV bowknot, uorseously d<«orated with rosebuds, are the latest arrivals from over the sea in fashionable feminine decorations. The new corset is responsible for the new figure. It has an exceedingly low taut and is •» straight fronted that it give* the ayensge woman the appear- MK» of l»»g pfaTac^y def onaed. AS EMBROIDERED DOILY. al part of the design is worked in ordinary stem stitch, and two shades of teown should be used. Tbe huttonhole outline is worked in two shades of sage green, each scallop being in alternate shades. With the same pattern traced and worked on a piece of linen, the size required for centerpiece, the effect is harmonious, and the shades vary from vellow to rich russet brown. We are ihen in touch with all the brilliant tints appropriate for winter, and the table decoration may be completed with yei- ;iow lamp or candle shades. McCoy's New European flfei COR. CLARK A» VAI lUtEti CHICAGO. [ Life For S Following Oood Housekeeping's directions for renovating these useful articles, you will first take them out of doors and fill a bowl half full of naphtha or gasoline. Dip the upper soiled portion of each tie quickly in the gasoline, then place tbe lightest colored pe on a folded cloth and rub it lightly with a 80ft, white cloth, which must be dipped frequently in the gasoline. When ibia tie is clean, take the next lightest, and so on until they are cleaned. Isow fasten them by the bands to the clothesline and leave them thereuntil all went has left thim. Nevern« gasoline near a fire or • lighted lamp. Alter gathering the neckties from the line take «ny afledfnl ititcJM* in them »d jJttM than in their drawee. FIRE PROOF. OBC Mock er»m C. «. 1. * I I» «.*at. 9. HaUr***' Improvements costing $75,* just been completed, ind thr , offers every convenience to bef< hotel, including hot tnd cold w fight ind stain hett ta «v*rjr < Rates 75 cento p«r dij "'' -' Rnt cms restaurant [ WU10AM KcCOY, km

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