Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 26, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1942
Page 2
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Page Six Highland JOE M'CLUSKEY, WEDNESDAY, Bill Corum 'Twaa a Day to Keep Fresh in Ytnir Book Of Baseball Memories Tho Leagues Are Even In Money and in Other Ways, Except For This, SOUTHWORTH HASN'T " YANK OPHELIA •" Warn 1 1. lha't n wonderful HOOn • for lnuM^hall In ltn< Stadium t»n. Sumlay? VVi,- llioUKht II W/IH from rvcry poMMlhlo. slail|xi|nl, and that- ovcryliody rotiniM'lt'fl w.lth the 'show I'atud what Miss* '•i (lulirin was won I r;ill 1( ii grnat hand for the Klrl." In oilier words, a urcal hlK liatul I'nr tlir lltllc -wlrl add tilt 1 MK I-lalio Hilth ami Sir Wul- liT ,liilun(Ui, and Hilly I'lVfinH ami CiuiHin Kd Harrow ami all and sundry. U'H loo l.tlu for MM to ro- vivc! I h o details hi-i'i 1 , Vou'vo read about 'cm i wlu'i'n and p.vftry nnglc. , ^\'(.' only w<ml gratulatlons and Ing a M-ur-kor I'm If anybody In Hi a stroni<''i' rush head and rlnxlnK li the rfliirn of Klnx Walter than WM dli In rroni (»r vorr In I'ron and n hulf htrNuM Sox tlniifi the Do<!(| o)' Mir (lartlhinis, Yrl If Crmiln hud comn out will u MuU'inonl in llo.ston In \vlilrh lu .snhl 11ml his IIMIIII WUN now piny (no Ihr Itivsl hull In Ihr, lrn(jun, I Nat .lluv' Ditlsh would !»«•, hut Hint ho Imri in ilonhl.s nhoiil. an nlMinali', Hostoi vlt-lory, wh»( do you Hilnk wouh Ina'c luipprnrdV \\'linl 1 Ihlnk IN Mini, n would havr IIIMMI rushed From llur- viu'd und Howlon university lo "Mwr at .lor, men \vllh huth'i'-t'ly Jiots \vouhl Imvr .surroimdcd him, niul n colh-rllvp UHsp of .sui' \vouhl havo jjnur up In'lmll Hrulr.s (lint \vould ha\'C madr Ahuci Douhli'duy trcmldr In his tonili. I M (>• from to add our ('-(Ml- to way Ihiil, hi!a Hoi'krr always, ' panknl park got of' bloofl to tho lu |.bi! ears over 'IrMii'K' 1 and Sfr ...,\Vtdl, then, w>'ll malrh him fm 1 his Ihrlll. Ur her 'Ihrlll. Sunday's three flue Ar-m.v-.Navy Fund affairs In Ihe American l.eaguo brought tin' eontrjibiitlon of thn Junior lo(»p U|'» to a par svllh tho National League's. A'S'hlrh again Is ns It should be, \Ve don't yet know the c.VHCl I'ltfiirvM. Nor do '(ho <-xaeb figures rnatttM-, now that wti all know that the majors (rave gori'> well •over Iho Ifip of |.h?»lr J<i|»it half riillllon K"iil. with each contrlbtitlnK MiibstanMally the a a mo amojmt. To have, onn lettxun proi thousand more tliun the. natural ami unimportant, hurl .one or Ihu other hundriul thousand mort; boen iinffirliifiate. Thus It all ends well and beeauso WO foci as we do about baseball ay ono of our KI'<:H| national Institutions, .we are ph-ased and proud. Hii.rv Tiif'i'Kfjj e a fe\v ther Is o ha\e fn'oduee a would havo A hot rivalry between Iho I wo leufjUPS l.s a henllby I'hlnjf, .lust n,*< fieidlb.v HH rlviilr.v nmoiij/ the (dubs In their respective leu(|iH'.H, \Ve be- Hiwe deeply \n theso riinlrles mid do our best to keep 'em alive by iHirdlhifj them no\v nud Iticn, Hl(/bl Ihl.s minute there probnbly /sn'r a man alive who Ihlulv.s tmu. tho llo.ston Med Sox have a .Japanese chnnec of overhinilhifj Iho Yankees and winnlnn the American leaf/no championship. Thai HOC* for Tom Yftwke.v (hroitfih Kdvviird Trow- Collins and •1o > se|)h KdWunl '*^ Hie Med Sox bat boy, Yet the Mod Sox have hrcrv I he fastest ntoviiifi team In the Amer- h'lin leauue during (he past Fort- nifibt, and part or (heir IruvellUifj lmi« been i»l the direct expense of the Yanks. Moreover, In the stundlniis of Ihe (dubs In the two leagues as of yes- lorud...v(h(» Yanks WIMMI Just a (nunn TMMV \V()IHil)N'T ItKI.IKVK 'I'llMIH MAMS; TheiM) Is no telling what would have happened If Joe had let, go wllli .suoli i\ blfi.sf. of dullane.e. II would have rocked Ihe American league to Its foundations and wlll.- rd \\'lll KarrldKe's high oollar rlghl, dou'fi l.o his shlr!hand, oven with Ihn ronler weather wu are having. Such things Just aren't done In Ihe subdued rnvlronment of thn IfnrrldKo loop. He.sldes svhleh It, would be lese majesty, or .soine.- IhliiK of the sort, Upsides which further, (Iroifln, of course, doesn't believe II, I don't know whetfier Hilly Snul.h- vvorlh, who mariages the Cardlmila, lielleves It. What I do know Is that In Ihe same olreumslanres, ho DID say II. That, he thought It would be a close Hi Ing, and lhat lie was already beginning l.o iV-el a IIMIe sorry for Durnchi-r and Ihn Dodgers, blow- ln.« such i\ nice long lead. lie has said It every 11 mo ho has been interviewed all season long. Cheek hank and correct me If I'm wrong, lias said It when Hie Hrnnks wen- leading by nine, mid nine and a half, and ten games. If -you can tlnd Just one time where he ever has Indlcaled that ho foil, any other way about II, send HIM the clipping, and I'll send you a big red Skookum apple by return mall, KurllnM-more. Hlly talked' tho snmc way rlghl. down lo Hie wlro last season and.'by golly, si III was lalk- IIIK lhat way when he let out, u wounded -bleat, of disappointment In f.'hl<'«.Ko on Hin day Hie Dodgers cinched (ho (diamplrmshlp mathematically, WON MANY tlTLES GOOSE EGG S1?ECIAJLIST w. By Jack &>rds (By United'Press) v JoD-McCMilskcyMa ouo 'follow who really•'. deserves to ho called tho "Champion of Chu-mplons." 'I'llat tltlo , wasn't '.conferred on him by over-zealous followers. The lanky track Htar—who's,.'now: Lieutenant Joseph P. 'MoCluskcy of the Hulled States Navy— gained U>o cl'l.stlnotlon' by -•winning more na- tluiwl cluunplonshlpH than any other Iniokster, . Last month, the 31-year-old long distance Hpoodstor won tho' hallo ha 15,000 meter run at Fall River, Now York, That brought 'lite lifetime lolul to • 23 senior championships two more than Pat Mc.Donald's i'or- nor .standard of 21. , McCluskey has hocn sonri In. com- M'lillbn foi 1 so many years thai 'a boon nir.knamed "Old Hones','-' lo won his I'li'Ht tllift.'In .1MO, while till u, student nt Fordliam univur- lly. Jn. hte early earner, he stuck o shortor '(.Mslnrioes—shorter being M Hie vh'lnl.ty . of. two in-llcs "or Ten bo uls, In left tfOlli!gc with a record "of /liiK (iaphireri" five InteroolleghUo hamplonfihlps and half a.doxen na- lomil orown.s. 'And, unlike'most o.3l-grufluat<j 4 traeksters he '-didn't, rop uuf,- of compelll-iou a couple of ears nl'tcr leaving college, lie kepi. Kill on running, until he'became' -be man to beat In .lluvlon^-dls- uiuc ranks. iS'ul, lhat.. Old Hones uildiv'l. do all rig-lit by -himsell 1 'In •ho mlddlu distances. His best Uiiio r two. tullos. Is 9 .minutes,. U 8-.10 »onds, not bud 'any way you look a I It. '-.;•. Kaoh yoar .slnoe '30, McGUiskcy has managed lo win at least one national llllu. Usually .two-or three. He's .run irv well over, 500 races "in his i;{ years of competition. And he's won some (JO-bdd amateur titles Including -those. M CLAMBAKE HERE SAL AUG. 29 M.AHTI.N 1 " TNV: » WII.M ulvliif/ it (he iMnrlln" (o Ihu hlllcr mil, in olluM 1 wonl.s, And, us I OMIT .siiw MiiHIn do nl (lie Polo Oi'ouiitl.s, ftlill uns rluvHlnjj n nuy hnvnrd tho club- liniijw lo IIK; him out nrinr the hull f/niiic \v\\s over. Tim! mny .sound foolish, Prrhnps it is foolish. l!nl | like II, llVthc \v«y I like bull plnyni'.s to piny, fool- iMtll phiyors lo hii'Mc, horses to run, II(jliters to Hfiht. Tho Vmikocx piny hull Ilia! \vi»y, Tlmt's why limy iniiki) n HhiunhlfN of Iho A, I,. poHiinut. rnvc, «»V«M\V yonr, ovnn Iho yoai'.s .whon Mioy urn nut nclunlly Hint fjoniK M<wt yours, The fifth annual mi ting and otam- •Imko of Ihu Tennis Making Depart- MHJiU of the,,('nilf.>d Slates Rubber Co. will be held on Saturday of this wo('k.-'«t Schlldtfon's Grove on the New Haven road. Augustine .'KldalgO: Is general /m for.llni oveqf; nnd u large cornmUteu will insure that no stone .will bo 'left un'lurned, so that Hie 1 event..wllj measure, right up to (lie lilgh/y successful 'affairs held by (he 'depai'tmi/nt. • Several hundred are expected to n I Lend-the-o van t which Is-one of the largest affairs'-of ;lts kind held by I/lilted states Rubber Co. em- ployes,, each season. . A largo program embracing ro- frpHhmorils,' sports eynnts, music and various Bother oontrlbuf.Ing factors Is, now. being arranged. Local Club Winner Yesterday's ftemilta Boston 4, Cleveland 3' (1st) Boston. 5, Clevelanda< ( (2d). St.* Louis ! 8, Washington i Sb. Louis 3, Washington 2 New York 5, Chicago 3.- The ; W. New York 82 (Boston 74 St. Cleveland Detroit . Chicago* 53 ». 48 PhlladefpWa ;> 43 Today's Games, Pitcher* " ' Ybrk~Dle.trich "... Cleveland? a^: Bp^tori^Hardor 10), vs. .Btrtland-O-l'}.': ' Detroit -at.Philadelphia (2)~(twilight and,-nlffli t)—Wh jtc (U-10). and Trucks (li-G) vs. Fowler (5-9) L. Harris (1Q-1J), . - ., . ,. : (Only games ^scheduled.' : . and Vestcrday'i ftesulti Phiiaclelphia.- 6, Ghl.^o; 4.. Pittsburgh: 6, Boston, 0. ' Cincinnati 3, New York • 1. St.' Louis: 2, Brookiyh i (14) vote of . the Stores will give her, Jne doesn't asic mem ^ tb deliver: Of 5 Straight Games Ace" Burette To Toe Mound In Contest at Brass City. Manager "Milt*' Weinman's landers, winners of I heir, lasl ilvo Central, Connecticut league games and now resting m third p j aco m lite eight-team circuit, will' invado Hamillon park, Waferbury, nt r,>, tonight for a game with, the Waterbury Tool nine. The Naugatuck team bcal the Mty league Washington Hilh •> i last week, the Hills following m) ' ,wilh a 0-5 victory ov,er th 0 Tool later in Hie week. ; The borough nine hag .been, traveling at.a-fast clip, tho • past.«i x weeks and hopes, to continue its good work with a win. over iC formidable .Tool outfit ibis,-cvonlnR ; Ace Burette may pitph .for uio visitors, with CharJcy Foster available for the honiQ forces. YOWBASEBALL AND Brooklyn; Louis'. New York Cincinnati Pittsburgh 'Chicago .. Boston ' Phlladel'phia The SMuidrntt ' /":-,' AV. .......,:...84> ..•.'..•.;...;/. 7Q-'. -. ...'.. 65 .......... (JO, ...;,;..... -sti.'-. ........... 58; ....... 50 35 L, 37-' ,43 58 .61, 63 = 69 75 81 Pot .604 ,048 .528 .-.496 .471 .457 '.400 .302 INGOtFPLAY The (By shape United Press) of things- to conic?-for ;Score Winning '":Kun in Last Inning at (hoy are, and luivo hceii, They -»'V rr j^g^MMMB" oday al > d ON romoiTow STAGE b GROWN UP AND 'acJue. Hollywood fcrVorJfo Young MorJe Star I AasitTio FLORENCE FOSTER IXTR*. <» Harmonies by Holt' '% of Hut (ho mnjorlly. or Ihr American (rtun.s don'l, ; piny. Hint. way. sull'cr from u .stniiifin hn.sehiill known, n«. "Ynnkonholini" which mnkii.s slronji nicii likn Dykes (trid Oronin Juinfi under IMM|S an<i hulk IheuKselves in close. l.s nt Iho more monllon of the word "Yankee," Thl.s >.\plnlns why uiuler almost Idenllenl circumstances, they si III Jiro helling on (lie N., L, p'enmmt I'tiee on HroiMlwny, Hut nlso why, IT you wei-e unwnrry enough to nsk for tho prices In Ihe A. L,, they'd .send Mini uuy with tho net after you. And (jillle properly, of : Fourteenth St. Louis; (ll.v"Uiitlc<"r-"Pr«3ss) : Ca m III i. rolled to B rp W«V .1!V ,Wftl k • or popped to Sanficrs,./ M'odvyjck grounded to 13rown; . . ' . .'• ,;^v Tho Dodger's went ilbwh any, twp, three-in ll|o top'.br'-tlio fourteenth. JMiu seqre I'ofnainL'.d .•tiecl^r-J3ropklyn : ;oiie, St.'l^oui.s; one.', ; ' : ; : -^.';.v ;'•'. • .Up.".steppud-''llip/GjirYUnais^for; the ', . of tho-. fourteehtli. . Kurowski jjunl.erl toward, Ilrsl, 'utul.-.bVjth'" ru.h- .Mei'H .we're .sa.fe.- M.ort -Goop'or: tried, .1.6 saerillco, but forced KuVowdk!, 1 iVN'ehbor to HlggSi 'Brown.'..walked filling the bases. Moore .•"bfjat out' a' h i fc t o > R i ggs ; - M a r i o h r p m p'ecl r hp m e Aylth-tilie^Avihhing run.'". '• • ,', : •>•.'. Firiaj!' score i : - TJius'',did; seijohd'.' place 'Sf.'. 1 Louis .makeVit' two in^;a>a^owi - 1 over.v t,he. leading /Brooks.., f last:; 'i^ighl,^ •-'ijlie Qodgo iw,-leq r I - T < tli ereby :> m e 1 ted:; t'q 'live antl'qne'; JiaJf, g^mqs it . ; AndVi the'. secies lias tv>5o. hib'ro \garnes'/;tb^gpV-!/ ; i^" i •',\vliero ^inf> v theV"JN[at1 ] pi[jiliiv' ; j|oa'guei- : Clncinnal;i ;Jjeat: New ;ydrk,,"UirAievti one..Phi 1 aidelpIlia >trourifeed>-tiievGui)s -•••••••- ' - •••Pittsburghv."' -""' .••trirnmerf _._,. K<c,-:f1ve, tb\tijree;.;; >-fi.bk-,:'.»V^a-b !| •f^rn ; :-.Gleye!ttrticl, v "f6ti th'rpe In^ll inningsV and ;flyc;:to- ; . •'iM.itiBrown's"'j>oaivAa3hVn - ; .bric • *-• I • *^'t B^f 1 W TI t * » J *J VJUU- . T T U 1^ » I • • I Q I'**/ I N U « » J V V* ciglit/td'one and three toAtwpyln-:~l] innlrig^. The 'oijiqr'ArnerJ^arv; '''''"'"" o j u b^' v were not sch edu 16d. •,,' fly KALPII I). PALRflER Sj)orls Kditor, United l»rcssHftclio Regardless of how ' tlie,/.current soixs-'forr the Cards' t failure to j.Herles bet ( svoen the Brooklyn Dpclg- f--tnelt v ding-dong battle'', .witli ers and, St. Louis barrlinals- leaves Brooks..,for the flag, 'thu National league t .[>haoipi6nshlp situation,' orodll, nuist.'.bu given out- '(Uddor iSiros Slaughter of- the. Cards, for a performance that (leJlnHely is. of championship calibre, ' . Many baseball men c rod it the broken kept:Slaughter oiit of the lineup for llv.e. weeks••' Mast season of Lhp chief rea- AND HIS ORCHESTRH NORTON /oo/ur/n^ BETTY AL NOBLE OTHER ACTS IDEUJ 5 POll HELD ronimnE EXTRA! ON STACiE -1 tONlGHT! GIANT BATHING B|AUTY ^0NTEST wjri ;-tlie Brooks... for the •'Tliis year an eariyrsea.son'-'slump •-rwhicli,>kqpt lijnps down amoiif? ; the ; >yea'k'vliitiers": until July 4lh--rniay be assigned; in tlie final^^.reckoning, ! as. the,, r;o]ison tbe BCdbirdgi^did hot epme; through in"1942V' '; . ' '.'• • ', HoAvcJver, if the Cardinals, .a^ain. , are in .there -.haUling..;. the'^ Brooks righ t. 'down. to. the--wire,. Slaughter's ; resou roes-must bfi cited highly Jn 'the Us.t of-, why/8.aiid;.wl)erefpre's !V ; . ;\Vhen Krios came. allve: wjth- hy.e 'hits ,in, t;be> July AUi dPubJphead^r, :his battlng average \yas a .naero.^270, iS j n c e t.h.on h e's. a ddo d ' . a ho u t- • 50 • points :tp, tha^nguro,. to. broatlie hot o n the neck of th e ; Brooks' Rote r: fpr tho' ieaguc-leadc^ship. ; Indeed, 1 'Slaughter is, leading.' tlje senior:: cii;ouif. in tho : -totar .nuriib'cr jpf liits. He is runner-up; ; .to/BeiseFT^ jaga-in—in'.", ''the,. nilmhor:L \of| •-r^ns ..scored. And bc'is running neok.-and- neek wfri Dolph Gamilli of the Plat- bush ifyock Jn thp alHrnporfcanfc matter 'of runs-batlcd in 1 . t ^ On^Joly Atl^ evo< Ihe^BrooTcs had about tho^same margin 'pr leader-: ^ship on the Cards -thftfc 'thoy^'have Today's Games, Brooklyn at St. Louis (twilight) —Macon (4-1) vs.' Beaxley (15-5) New York at Cinolnantl— Lobr- man (JO-4) vs. Kiddle (5-8)' Philadelphia at- Chicago—-(2) •— Hughes (8-14-);-.. and Johnson (7-13) FJoming; (3-5.) 'and B-lthorn 10). •...'. . . .....v , v : (0nly games (7- -. Saratoga;,Springs, N: ?t,\ Aug 26^•. (UP),—the; $50,000 American derby rat Chicago this Saturday became rjust another week-end classic today when- Shut Out, king of the three-year-olds, was withdrawn, v : Thc derby had.shaped up 'as one of the most'exciting contesis of the ;year, when ,it promised a duel'be- tween Shut Out arid Alsab; resurgent ruler of the 1941 two-year- olds. But John Gaver, trainer of Shut Out,, said that^ the. colt has "trained:off a bit;"- ; ; -.: / ; ; The next ongagenienb for the'Ken- tucky Derbyj < Belmont Stakes and Arlington Classic winner will be llie- Lawrence realization -at Bolmont— the latter part- of September, Following, that, -Shut 'Out will run in the Jockey Gold Cup at the same track. Said Gaver;—.... "There's nothing" the.matter with ijm. He's just trained off a bit. I iust think ha' would he heat if he went to Chicago;- And I don't see iny senso in shipping; a horse halfway across the/country to i)c heat- en. But he'll come around all Tight." -Ibwio Pollet won 22games between- hem. White notched 17 triumphs and Pollet—brought up- late in, the eflson—clicked for five important the J943 baseball season became a bit clearer today -wil/h the/calling up.of young--plfiyers for n'oxt.ycai nhd the announcement thai; stil .others have joined the armed ser vices. 'The New York Giants 'made theh first move toward rebuilding when .'.they•.-purchased three-rookie play- "ers -and recalled 10 others from •\ th c i r m i n o r 1 ca gu e fa r ms. The Braves, meanwhile, purchased 'Johnny McCarthy, -former Giants' -first,'baseman, from the Indianapolis Indians. Tommy Henrich, Yankee right-fielder, was sworn in as a member of the Coast Guard. And Dpm DLMaggio, Bed Sox fly chaser, has joined teammates Ted Williams and' Johnny 'Pesky in the -Navy. All of the enlistees will, play un- '•tli 1 called '-for •'active service, possibly toward 1 the .close of the base ball season. The fledgling Giants/will NOT rc- •DOrt 'Until their, minor league seasons end. : 'The players purchased outright are Bobby Coombs, 24-year-old" Jer- •sey City pitcher; Charles Fox, 20- year-old '-catcher from Bristol, Ten- •nessee, and .Outfielder \ 7 ic Bradford, .manager of Jacksonville, Fla., and leading Sally league hitter. • Recalled from Jersey City were "Pitchers' Hugh East, Sal Maglie, 'Johnny Wfttfg and Dave Koslo'; outfielders Johnny Ruckcr and Sid Gordon, and infjcldcrs ; . Joe Orengo and Connie Ryan. . From Minncapojis, they recalled Pitcher Rube Fischer and from-Col- u-mbus, Outfielder Howard Moss. • Tli c Braves are giving two players and an unnamed sum of cash to Indianapolis for McCarthy. The 20-year-old firsl-aacker, who played with tbo Giants from 1936 to 1940, has batted 293 for Indianapolis thus far, bashed. 15''homers, 10 triples and 31 doubles, and driven In 94 runs; Johnny will .report, to the-Braves for spring training. The Braves have NOT yet named -the players they will send 1 to Indianapolis. ; "Bcrnic" Sullivan and "Eddie"' Cblcoski,- took, the honors Jn the, u. S. Rubber .company, two-man tourney n rials, last night at Ibc Hot) Brook club, defeating "Eddie" Gcise ;and "Bill" Gruner, one up in 18- 'Ijoles. ! Ten teams -havq been taking, part ; m this tourney wlitcb is very popular each season with local "U S" employes. The duo of Sullivan' and Chicoski has been playing groat golf, winning, eight mutches and losing only one. .. ' The finals which were witnessed by a large crowd of golfers, were nip and tuck right .down 'the lino until the final bole. The- names of the winners will be placed, on the large golf plaque In tiie U. S, Rubber Co. game room, ' where the presentation . of wil also take place Jator week. ... ; ;—-—••«»«.—N— prizes Jn the 7i TO The committee In charge of tbo Naugatuck Daily News Open Golf tournament today reported that tho entry list to date has Reached .the d mark, with three local firms still to place their entry list. •Indication's are that this tourney, for which The. News has, donated I prizes, will be J,he largest Mint tho local golf club lias ever, played host to, and will include; every golfer of any moment in Naugatuck. :/ Jt is expected that the entry list from the Bristol, Co.. and both divisions of the Naugfl tuck Chemloiil Co. will swell undoubtedly the en- Ury list to close to tb'e j 00 mark. , Entries .close Thursday so any local golfer who desires to sign for the event should do so. 'Britain is now. producing twlco as many tanks «s in August, ' 1941; three limes as- rnany <as in February, iMJ, and five limes as many as in August, J940. , The /act that 1 the Brooklyn e^try 'jhas tfectf|unablc to widen'tho breach |^ln> tho^pfc^woiiing |,attribiilie !l ,Mn weeks Jargc neithor ;of ; tiro .young south- paws.seemed able to.-find the range this season; However^ 'Southworth refused, to g'lve up on either of them as starters until the beginning of ;:'tiiJs month.. : ii,. ' - ' , • And their, recprds—then and now disclosed- a 1 dismal -four wins as jagalnst-flve losses each. ,„ • •• » : ; Since sidetracking - them: as- stftp :ers-^anpaien(;l^ ,^for'.. tfic • duration- 'Billy Iras settled onrn regular grou of moundsmen that- has been knock Jng off victories \vifh-for Brookly —dangerous regularity: ll is 1 headed by i Mort Cooper, an includes Johnny Bea^ley, Max Lan ier, Harry Gumbert, Johnny Dick ( aon ,and'Howie KrlSt. > ( . j[_ndoed, Southworth now seems t have the entire,line-up pretty wel organized for the * drive' down th stretch. He' has decided 'to alternate Stan A CLASSIFIED IN AD .allribu.uejJI.Mn Jarge nvea/sure ^ to J stretcn. < * - Sl{Uighfcfery r $ J v 4 >** tf , '[^l ' He'has decided'to alternate Stan : Fpr^whJIe/tlie 1 Dpdgers, have r maJh- 5 |/MU9ial and^ Coakor Triplett In lef talned'a pace'cloacr to -^TOOrap (Xwril- f field, -\vjth'MUslal working agains rn'cuv onc^t $n<fa\>}}tifWy<. ]&^t^6ega,h ('rlght-hander/j: tTerry Mooret and SATURDAY ~ 2 FIRST HW ¥IT81 , "I . ' , -? lua BI MfY f l 1 IIE KID In LAW«ANp ORDER onc^t /booming the Re'dbirds haV'e matched ( ^ '.. for game. Tbe Dodgers currently arei crpdit- l ed wi'thi being -one 1 -of tho most po- •ten't '"nower clubs" the National 'league; has ever seen. Yol'the cold figures t show that, |sinco Slaughter started'moving,^ Redbirds have more striking 'than tho Brooks. The f have made more hits and scored /more runs. And, although Brooklyn !,'ls more poised and polished, the St. 'Louislans still may stage a driving 'finish—if Slqughter can keep his t,keen edge. Howeyer,' Jt; the Cardinals! surge falls a trifle short, Manager, Billy Southwortli may havo to shoulder some of the blame, BIlly-the-Kid, as usual,- has > done [an inspiring job of keeping tho ^Cards'hustling—full of Mhat nover- say-dir spirit, ' Bui post-Mea^on analysis' may voal'that' u trr^iado some costly errors in handling his pitchers. ; Last season, Ernie *• r Whlte - and Slaughter take care df the other two outfield posts in Grade-A, style In second baseman Jimmy Brown ,and shortstop Slats . Marlon, St ( Louls has one of the hottest key- istone combinations; in the league. Brown,always lias been the club's sparkplug and Marlon has added 100 points to. his batting average in the .last three months. v Johnny Hopp, Although he bats eighth, Is* the regular first baseman. 'And rookie Wbitey Kurowski has come through to become the varsity third- saoker. Walker Cooper, 'barring injury,^ does all'the catch- Ing, c ^ , The necessity of\JJggeling,a, lineup never does a ( cliu>any good but*, 'In the case of a young team; has to be done until the proper comblna- tio nis found. t If Southwqrth has found It now •and the records Would bear him ouf~bo mnyiyot give the Platbush Ploogios and 1(h,elr Faithful Followers, some bad moments before the last man is out in i Chrysler and Plymouth | I G.M.O. Trucks I i , C. Raytkwich Jr. ACCESSORIES Repairing 1W SOUTH MAItf ST. _ 'Telephone 4006 • | f?m\\mmimi\m\m\\m\\mmimi\m\iM I 1 "TARZAN'S 1PVENTURE" and of >the Prairie?! FACE';; Thiirsday See aii BlAP^chutist fall for .th e cutest triGk ". :. tli at ever pricked a Jieilin'. Hitlerite heel! " "THE WIFE Starring 1 BISKN FRANOHOTTONK ALLYN JOSLYN Todaty:: and 4 'Yoiir^ America'*

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