The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 7, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEV/SPAPEH OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBSOUIU VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 107. Blythevlllo Courier Blylhcvllle Herald Dally News Valley wader RLYTI1RV1LLR, ARKANSAS, TURRDAY, NOVHMI.iRR 7, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS, BELGIAN, State Department Protests Transfer Of American Ships WASHINGTON, Nov. '7. (UP)—The slat« department today objected to the proposed transfer of eight U. S. Line .ships to Panama registry. The U. S. Maritime Commission had planned lo give final approval of the transfer today hut lias now deferred action pending' full study of the situation. Secretary of State Cordell Hull* informed the maritime coinmis- 1 .sloti lhat he was extremely desirous of preserving the full integrity of the neulrality law and of regulations establishing the combat areas. He indicated that he considered the transfer of American ships lo Panama registry so that they could avoid the resiric-| lions of the neutrality law would be an evasion of ihe spirit, if not Blast Of Dynamite Kills Four HEIR IN "We Arc For Peace" But "Alert" War Commissar Declares the actual lellcr, of lite act. Would Hire Alien Crew's NEW YORK, Nov. 7. (UP) — The United Slates Lines, transferring nine ships to Panama registry, for trade in war zones, will hire only alien officers and crew, it was announced today. • The • announcement immediately drew a vigorous protest from Ihe national maritime union. John Franklin, president of the United States Lines, said ships would be manned by foreigners in keeping with restrictions of Ihe new .neutrality crew. It war, believed lhat the officers and crew would be British and Latin American. The maritime commission was expected to approve today the request of the United States Lines to transfer the nine ships. lo foreign registry, so that they may carry cargoes, including arms and munitions, lo European war xones. Approval of its application to transfer nine vessels to Panamin- IftVt -cregistry was expected '.o be the •forerunner of many other re>quests;"for •• tran.sfe'Ks^td^lfltlii ;A.m~ - eric an flags, by shipping, lines af- fected'by the new neutrality law. II was understood that the commission already has approved the U. S. Lines transfer "in principle," but in a formal statement last, njght It said that final actio.i was being delayed pending a thorough study of the proposal. Final JOPL1N, Mo.; Nov. 7. (UP) — Four men were killed kday when 1.500 pounds of dynamite exploded at the DiiPonl Powder Plnnt near here. The dead, all killed instantly, were Bryan Hough, Slyvestcr E Weiser, Raymond Allen and Clarence McCombs. Finland's Women.01: War Reported Seen Near Azores; Allies To Hunt Nazi Raiders approval be contingent on MOSCOW, Nov. 7 (UP) - Wnr Commisscr Voroxhilov told the army units massed in Red Square today to celebrate the 22nd an niversary of the revolutionary tha "wo avc al peace but, we must follow international events closet; and he ready for'a war ulthoui;) we shnll not. lake part in war." The; speech preceded a pnriute of 50,000 picked troops, Including the general staff and border guards. Hour after hour the procession of tanks, motorized forces artillery, anti-aircraft guns and infantrymen Tiled past Josef Stnlin review. Only a few airplanes were overhead because of a light, mowfall. Following the militia through ;he square were more than one million civilians shouting anti-war slogans and carrying banners with caricatures cf Brltl.sU and French war aggressors.' Voroshilov said: "We have no unemployment and no crisis. Our troops arc in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for the security of these countries find thai of the Soviet union, not to interfere with the internal affairs of these sovereign slates." He called Hie Red army "invincible" and was applauded thunderously. "The largest powers of Europe and Asia are involved in war, attempting to solve the unsolvable problems of capitalism by war hut the Soviet Union has been spared war to i>.;\succcssfurpeacc policy,". Defense Attorney In Louisiana Scandal Case Seems Very Wrathful NEW Om.EANS, Nov. 7 (UP) — Assistant I). S. Attorney CK'ncral O. Jolin Koggc nurt the newspapers of New Orleans were licensed in open court today ' of revealing lirtind jury sends In Ilio Invosllija- llon of tho Louisiana scandals. Counsel of Abe L. .Shnshun, former lieutenant of Klujjtlsl Huey Long, charged tho news papers with obstructing Justice and Inciting public opinion against dc fendauts. Ask, Belligerents To Negotiate Peace And Offer Their Services? THR 1IAGUIO, Netherlands, Nov. 7. (UP)— Queen W|U holmiim of the Netherlands and !<iii(j Leopold of JJelgium 1 appealed to Great Britain, Kranee and Gurinnny today to negotiate peace "before the war in western Ktiropc out in its full terror." * 'the sovcielgivi foiinulnted Hie poacc appeal nflev all night,;conferences with their' 1 foreign' mlriis'- ler.s and while anxious " Dutch ciowds blood In a dmling rain oulMdc the royal palace. They announced Hint they had sent telegrams to Adolf Hitler, President Lebrun of Franco and, Kins George of Britain, offering Ilich good offices to bring the powers together. Four Men Drown In Coal Mine presentation by the U. S. Lines of assurances that it will meet cerlaln conditions imposed by Hie commission. Isolationist congressmen criticized the proposed transfer immediately and threatened aii Investigation if lliere was a gcuevnl transfer of American shins to foreign flags. Sens. Gerald P. Nye (Rep., N. D.), and Bennett G. Clark (Dem., Mo.), charged lhat the proposed transfer wns "wt a Inly a violation of the neil'ral- Hy acl, in spirit at least." A presidential proclamation issued shortly after President House- vell. signed the neutrality act Saturday forbids American ships from sailing 'to any belligerent pori and froin passing through a wide "combat zone" around European belligerent countries. On Oct. 31—four days before the neutrality net was signed—the U. S. Lines filed an application with the commission for transfer of registry of the American Shipper, American Banker. American Trader, American Traveler. American Farmer, American Importer, American Merchant, the President Hording, and the President Roosevelt. LONDON. Nov; G (UP)—Neutral naval circles reported today that allied naval units had sighted Ihe German pocket battleship Dcnlsch- land in the neighborhod of the Azores islands. The allied naval command, a re- he said, i liable source reported,--lias'" worked-j It'wa's.tlie.second/day of'a.threiv- out a definite'plan to hunt down' the beutschland because its presence in the Atlantic endangers shipments of allied war materials from the United Slates. . It wns said lhat the Deutschland's presence off Newfoundland (en days ago had been confirmed. There was considerable speculation as to what tactics the' allied navies would-use.against, the pocket battleships which'tire too strong for allied cruisers and loo fast for allied battleships. The suggestion was that n strong force of British or French warships might be diverted from the North : Sea or ' Mediterranean for action in the Atlantic. British Naval Mlnislcr Winston Churchill's visit to Paris during the week end was said to liava been for the purpose of perfecting a plan lo immobilize Ihe Deutschland and also the Admiral Schecr ay celebration of (lie Red vevolu- ion. ; Earlier in his order of tho day o the Red army Voroshilov had iiinounccd (lint Russia wns "alert ind invincible" and i denounced Great Britain and France for "Instigating" the war in Europe. would have lo be tried aisiUnsl the icwspapers mid he presented a pi>- Itlon prolcsllng thai Shushim voiild not be able lo obtain n fair Irial in the city. Federal Judge Wayne Cl. llorah took Ihc mailer under advisement and nave attorneys for Shuslmn until Nov. n to file petitions and other papers. Wilkinson based his chavftcs on u court order handed down by Judge Uoriih at the beginning of Ihe scandals Invcsllgaltonii. u prohibited mention of witnesses' Important in the defense-plans of lilllc Finland In Ihe event war mines .subpoenaed lo appear be- . FORT SMITH, Ark Nov. 7. (UP) -, lllo jo,^ nulch-Belblum conir'. I —Four miners were drowned today ,,, l ,,;i.,, 1 n „,,,,„,,,,,,1,1,7 ii, n n«icn Defense, Attorney Hugh W. Wll- when a wall of water frcm an old ""i qv °,, n "'T. nlri n irol™ of- kerson said lhal Shushan's case. working broke through and trapped '/^Sonl criticizing neatml' I them in n pussnycwny at the nnlrus onl Company mine near Midland. Seven oilier men In Use pnssngc- ny swum lo safety. i The dead were O. Evans, Bill icC'ilnnls, John Boma and Jnke jClgll. comes Is the Lolln Svard League, a women's voluntary service, pictured here in formation drill. Comprising more (nan 100,000 members, the league is trained for "home front" war ,1 Jolin B. Crawford Killed In California By Hit- Run Motorist Canadians' Commander Former Hot Springs , Publisher Dies Today - HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Nov. 1 (UP)—E. Marion niggs, 47, former publisher of the Hot Springs New Era. died today of heart disease. Rlggs published the newspaper i until five years ago when he sold it lo C. E. Palmer. He then en- lered the real estate and invest ment business. \'r>ir Orleans Lofton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 7 (UP) — Collon futures gained 40 to 50 cent* a bale today due to stronger foreign markets. open high low close Dec 926 927 D21 921 Jan Mar 910 913 907 May 897 905 897 Jul 881 889 881 Oct. 863 863 858 Spots closed steady nt 927, up 8. 923 913 004 839 SCO n Corn open high low close Dec. 50 1-4 50 7-8 50 3-8 503-8 May 53 53 1-4 52 7-8 52 7-8 -'John B. Crawford, a member ol a family which has long lived ii: Blythevillc and Gosnell. was instantly killed by a hit and rui driver Thursday night, Oct. 2G, ii Merced. Calif., it has been learned here. He was 30. He wns the husband of Mrs 3race Crawford, of Merced; fathe of Loltie Sue and Joan Crawford also of Merced; son of Marlli awford of Blytheville; brother o Owen Crawford of Torrence, Calif Tom Crawford, Mrs. Elsie Leduet ter, Mrs. Dood Reams and Mis Jewel Crawford of Blytheville. Two youths were, placed in ja: at Merced and a third was frc on posting a bail bond. One wa charged with negligent, homicic and Ihe others-were charged wit accessory. Mr. Crawford was struck as Ii wns walking alon^ the Yoscmll hieh\vay toward Planada. Funeral services were held Tuei day at Merced. ? uneral Held For Mrs. Cora F. Co open 87 3-4 Whftfit high low close :9 87 3-4 88 Mny 86 7-8 87 3-4 88 5-8 80 3-4 i Pictured for the first lime in his ! khaki service uniform, Lord rwscdsniuir,Governor-General of Canada and commander-in-chief of (he Canadian forces, inspects a regiment al Ottawa. Funeral services were held lemphis Sunday for Mrs. Co State; Bollmgers Win State Honors Announce Loan Upon 1939 Cotton WASHINGTON, Nov. 7. (-UP) — T piulmcnl agriculture ilc.- announced loilaj hat it will make loans available on 193!) coUon to gro.v- :fs who planted .their acro- ige allotment. The loans will be made a' ore Hie grand Jury. Wilkinscn snld this order hn<! icon violated and he suggested tlmt he press bo hold In contempt or Olll'l. Oilier cases, including Hint o 'o:':ner Oov. Rlohnrd W. Lechc were postponc<l until later dnlcs. The st base rale of 8.3 ten „ .,, , • i 11- ' i](; .°HIUI: siiiin;nii: uJiin y< pound on 7/8 inch middling UI , hC | cl ft j m ] 8m( . lU of | hc with differentials which will sippi county circuit court, brine the minimum to 8.7,'isawlm district, at BlylhcHlle,! ff n ;.",' u ', (1 "sentence.' r , n ,, ) ° „ , 1rY ,,,,,i holding Hint Eurl Majors of Dell MM Jinn ' n (I f ' wns cntultd lo continue lo re- Tho 1939 loan, unlike lhat cch , c ,,| snblmy bcnclUs mAcr „ of previous years, wilt make disability policy wllh ihe John allowance for location differ- Hancock Mutual Life insurance pniifil A hMici' loan rale Comnny even llioush his farming Lllllill. rt lllglll.1 lUilll i«i^- , , , , , ,. , , - .,__,, s m( will be allowed on cotton neai incomc slllcc , lis (ilsnuim , v ,„ ports and other concent nv tion points. Says Vaccine Effective In "Birlh" Fever Mississippi' County winners of ic Plant to Prcsper contest climbed nother step toward sweepslakc onors when v nil were placed In ic semi-finals of Ihc slate com- elillon and one record was so ulslnndliuj Hint stale honcrs were warded before the contestants were isilcil. Mr. and Mrs. Mclvln Bellinger, f the Shady Grove community iv Manila, won the Arkansas tonic improvement championship vtthout having any serlcus com- elltlon for the honor. It. was ar.- lounccd today. ' Records submilled by the young artner and his wife showed tlicy lad accomplished far more than ny of the ocnlestants in Ihc home mprovement contest to give thiin lie stale honor and the. right lo :ompete for MldSoulh sweepstakes, vhlch will be.announced Dec. 19. Mr. and M'rs. T. T. Campbell county winners! hi the Lnndosmci divisicn. arc .. included In llie 11 county winners who have reachei :hc semi-finals of Ihe state competition. Included in Ihe nine '. Icnain county winners lo reach Ihc semifinals are Mr. and Mrs. Greene Payne, of Gosnell. The farm operalor divisjon^has been narrowed to two with the Rcchtln farms as one of these. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Duclos of the Rechtin farms, 1938 Arkansas slate tenant winners, also . get to compete In (he finals of Ihls division without entry in the state contest. Arkansas slate judging started yesterday when Judges selected 25 farm families who have made cut- stanciing records In their farm operations (his year to enter the semi-finals, and began visiting | stlnc experimented with mice, farmsteads of these county winners j Tho experiment wns conducted hundred Holds Dell Planler Enlillcc lo Receive Contimicc Disability Benefits LITTLE ROOK, Ark., NOV. 7.— countiics foi cndangeilng their, neulrallty by yielding lo Iho lalluus Imposed liritlsh blockade tlie : drastic' Germany. "" 'alher And Son Convicted; Mother Gels Prison Term THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Nov. 7 (UP)— Queen Wllchlnilim . con-' ferrcd behind closed doors at the palace for hours this mornlnff with King Leopold of Belgium, who nr-' rived unexpectedly last night, ^ *, " The foreign ministers of both countries were present. Their con- SYMI'ATHETIC? ',* LONDON', Nov. 7 (UP)—The jiniq lipnenl of Queen Wllhel- inltiii uritl Klnj Leopold ' s " a ^; surcil of n sympathetic r«ep£ lion" In London but Is not ct 1 peeled -In provide n. basis for i:c:ico informed quarters ,sald tndiiy. supreme court yeslcrdr ' ' ' Mlssl Olilck A sordid case involving an 11- ycnr-ofd girl resulted In the slcp- molhcr being sentenced lo aone-. year prison lerm and six -men feionce uegny hsl night, continued pleading sillily to Ijilsdcmciiivpr 6f- v »»tH: 2 a. .in., and was icsumea tenses-tn. conuceficii wltji j tlie/jaset In- circuit 'ctiiirt today, l ,;' .' Allen Uin'Rotl was ncQUltlcd'hy u directed verdict of (he offense of pandering and entered n pica- of guilty lo contributing lo juvenile delinquency, n misdemeanor offense, nod wns fined ?2S and sentenced lo six mcnllis In jnll wllh Iho Jail scnlenc'e suspended pending good behavior. Cases of pnuderlng lodged against S. P. Oann, W. E. Stewart, A. C. Long and Jim Carney were nolle pressed and Ilioy pleaded enllty lo similar charges of conlrlbutlni; lo deilntiutuicy mill received a similar . (it wH"*snId_ •they • were. > discussing llie, inter- imtlohal situation. * Although Belgium and Holland are wedged In between extensions of Germany's Slcgfhled Hue and France Maglnol line, and rumors have been current that (lie Oer- muns were about lo slarl a major offensive, Ihp best Informed sources here did not- believe a '-crisis had caused Leopold to come here. Some sources said Ihe visit wns only for Iho purpose of surveying U»o International sllunllon " ' these two neutral neighbors. us It affects nuil 'filemlly liacrcs , s lm(1 him a The high court said: "Insurance to compensate a permanent and total" disability Is not. insurance upon one's business, hut, is n guarantee of continued personal Illness.".,. The company pnld Mr. Mnfiers at the rate of about $150 a monlh PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Jclfer- son Medical College physicians afler nearly three years of experimentation have announced development of a new vaccine against puerperal infections (childbirth fever), which proved 100 per cent effective in 228 cases teslcd. Not one cnsc of puerperal sepsis, cause of 50 per cent {f all obstetric deaths, developed during the experiments, physicians announced. The significance of Ihe development was apparent as slattstics show lhat approximately CO per cent of all sepsis cases terminate fatally In this country, where more than 0.000 women die annually In childbirth. Drs. J. Bernard Bcrnstinc and George W. Bland to:V: leading parts in Ihe development. Bern- for five years after his and Ihcn notified him such payments would be discontinued. The. high court affirmed another Mississippi county clrcull court M:st of the men involved were past 70 years of age.' The Illlle girl's step mother. Mrs. Willie.!•'. Taylor was given a year's sentence on u charge of pandering but Ihe six mouths already spent In Jail will be deducted from thn prison scnleucc. Claude F. Cooper tepresenlcd Hargctt. Nelll Reed wns attorney for FftUvnrds mid the other men had n> attorneys. > In nnolher Illicit relations case. Charley Strickland was nlvcn tsvo throe-year sentences on charges of ' llces '' n "d carnal abuse and his son, Clarence Strickland, wits given two three-year .'tfMitences on the same charges but the father's sentences will run consecutively while Ihe . (At Brussels .Couii elides said Leopold's trip with his foielgu minister Piuil-Heml Spaak wns 'In some way a counteipnrt ot the conference held recently In Stockholm by the kings of Sweden, Nor- IIERLIN, Nov. 7 (UT)-WeU Informed cuiarlers brllrved tp.- nlsht (hat Germany would wcK cnmr. Mm iicacc move of Queen Wllhrlmhui and Kin? Leopold, Mil no official comment was available Immediately. Chlckasnwnn district judgment up-'son's will run concurrently, making holding n justice of peace court him only have lo serve Ihrce years, judgment for $38.81 in favor of The case involved the no.v 16-year•" • --• oold daughter and sister with the crime alleged lo have occurred two years ago. Percy Wright was their attorney. The case ol Fred Bevill, charged with violation of the fish and game VV. E. Green and Son against W. R. Overtoil. Zal B. Harrison. W. Loon Smith and Jesse Taylor were nltoim-ys while n Lltllc Hock f 01 . way and Denmark and Ihc piesl- dcnt of Finland, and Ihelr foreign , | ministers. The trip was mainly in llie spirit of the Stockholm conference and there may be several more similar meetings soon, court circles said.) So far, there had been not even the customary communique von Leopold's visit here. The foreign to personally select state champions. The Stale Judging <j:mmltlcc ... ...... ... ... yesterday complcled Ihe gradius ot Florence Cox. mother of Charles record books submitted by Ihc C. Tucker of Blytheville, stepmother of Victor and Roy Cox of Osceola and a sister of Mrs. Frank Ferguson of Wilscn, who died suddenly Friday night at the Mcni- nhis SI. Joseph's hospital. She was 58. . Tlic remains were brought lo 13.5CO Arkansas families participating in the competition this year. Of this number, '1170 were Irom Mississippi County. The committee, made up of Miss Lois Scantland, dlslrlct home dom- on 228 volunteers. One and seventy-seven cases were delivered spontaneously and 51 had operative interference, Including Cnsarean sections. Ninety-live per cent of the hospitalized cases were discharged after two weeks cr less, i law firm represented Ihc insur'-nce i law, was being heard this after- 1 noon. He Is alleged ts Imvc ille- company. Ed n Cook wns attorney for! gaily used'n picnic selue at Armorel Overtoil and .Inmcs H. Uoleson of Lake and lo have carried Ihe fish Manila represented W. K. Green and Son. away from the lake. onstration agent; Eugene D. Rut-1 world, land, Farm Security Adminlstrn-l China's grand canal, 1000 miles In length, is the longest in the. Livextock Osceola Sunday afternoon "where' ti:n; Charles F. Simmons. Arkan- | burial was made nt Violet cemc- 1 sas extension agronomist, and J. C. lery 1 Burnett, district agent, will arrive . --Mrs. Cox Is also survived by her ' in Mississippi County sometime to- 1 EAST ST. LOUIS. husband, Guy M Cox; three other day to visit the county winning i (UP)-Hogs: 10,500 Claim German Planes Fought Off By Ships LONDON. Ncv. 7. (UP)—German airplanes flew over Ihe Shetland Islands north of Scotland today. One of them was reported to have been shot down by anll-alrcrall In the North Sea British light naval forces and two Pcllsh destroyers fought off attacking Ger- I man airplanes. Ihe admiralty nn- 1 nounced. Harvey Morris Heads Methodist Church Board III.. Nov. 7. Top, 6.55 170-230 Ite, 6-**-6M HO-I60 Ibs.. 6.00-6.M Bulk sows. 5.40-6.00 , sons, Irving R., Owen G. and homes. It was announced this, Woodrcw Tucker of Memphis; one morning. They will Us accompanied I daughter. Mrs. Keltic O'Brien of by Walter U Durham Jr., direclorl Memphis, and two other step :f the Plant to Prosper bureau o daughters, Miss Joyce Mac Cox of the Memphis Commercial Appeal Cattle: 4,860 comvay, and Miss Mary Love Cox which, with the Memphis Chamber Seers 9.00-10.15 of Memphis . O f commerce, sponsors the contest Slaughter steers, 6.20-11.00 01 Mcra P" jn ArkansaSj Mississippi, Missouri ^ ___. r . Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.50-0.50 Steel nails and tacks are made and"'rcnnessee "in" cooperation wllh Slaughter heifers, _ 8.25-11.00 Hitler Confers With His Chief Advisers Harvey Morris was elected chairman of the Board cf Stewards of Ihe First Methodist church st a ineeling held at tiic chinch last night. Other officers chosen to serve; during the new conference year were: J. L. Guard, vice chairman; Miss Wlllync Tayior, secretary; and p, E. Coolcy. treasurer. Reports by officers and committee chairmen closed the conference year last night when it was reported lhat everything had been paid In full. Appointment of committees will be made at the next meeting. Ucc. i. ' sue a statement when the conference had ended. The Belgian king and foreign minister had reached the palace unobserved last night by automobile. Passers-by had noticed wilh curiosity that the lights In the I queen's apartments were sllll bum- Ing at an early hour. The announcement that Leopold \\as here caused wild speculation. It wns believed that Leopold was returning home today but : there was no certainty of it. The conference coincided with.a growing fear among neutral nations of Western Europe and -the Bailie for their security in the face cf reports that Germany BERLIN, Nov. 7. (UP)—Marshal Hermann Ooerlng, German nlr might soon start a major offensive on her western front. Belgium protested to Germany yesterday, through Its ambassador in Berlin, ngatnst a flight of German planes over Belgian territory Sunday. Belgian anti-aircraft" ob(Continued on Page Si Minnesota University Ages MINNEAPOLIS, Minn, (UP> •- WEATHER chVcf,"coi. deneVar'von'Brauchltsch, The" Unlvc"rsity"of Minnesota aged' Arkanws-Partly cloudy tonight commander in chief of the army, 18 years In one minute when the and Wednesday, cooler n nortliwest, and General Kcllcl. chief of the Board of Regents voted to mate im<i north central portions tomgm. army high command, visited Fuch- the official founding date 1851 in- Memphis and vicinity - CMWy germ-free, to protect carpenters Ihe extension departments of who hold them In their mouths. slates. rer Adolf Hitler's chancellory today stead of 1869. Classes began .In toight with light raUi Ihls after, OD575 for a conference which was said 1850 but laws provldin? for ihe noon, colder tonight; Wednesday low cutters 3 50-4.50 to he highly Important, ' university were passed in 1831. generally fair and colder. ^

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