The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1936 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1936
Page 9
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THURSDAY, OCTOBEK 22, 1936 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)''COURIER NEWS Tfl PROFIT ROIL! Coronation of. Kins; Edward Will Give Lesson in "Dollar Chasing" By MILTON BKONNKR NBA Service Slaff Correspondent LONDON.—When King E:lward VUI is crowned on nest May 12, there is every prospect that the British, who so often are pleased to call Americans "dollar-chasers", will give their cousins from the U. S. A. a .sample of moncy-grau- blnu Hint, will make all other nationals look like tlie dunces In the lowest rank of the financial kln- - <lersarten class. /The main hold-upr-whnt the - British call a "ramp"—will be In connection with the great Coronation Day procession. Necessarily such shows do not often occur in the life of any man, because, unless for unforeseen fatalities, there are not many coronations of a new King. A British Coronation Day , procession is one of. the sights of Eiiroiw. Big detachments from all' tjie- nrmeit services of Great Britain and the'Empire march in it. Crowned heads, princes, and statesmen from far and wide take part. It Is a remember and that many later boast about. Expect Kecord TJironj It b possible that the crowds in London next May will be the bi°- gesl the capital has ever had The police arc basing this prediction '•upon their experiences last year • when the late King George V celebrated his silver anniversary as a monarch. The crowds that thronged the streets every time the ruler was scheduled to make an appearance surpassed all expectations. Remembering this and with a desire that as many people (is possible should sea the Coronation procession, King Edward agreed that the route of the parade to Westminster Abbey and from the Abbey back .to Buckingham Palace should be lengthened by about two" miles, ft was estimated that this '" would give thousands of people . . more chance to get standing room on the sidewalks, and other thoii- . -sands a chance at a ' reasonable price to secure seats' in windows and stands. Spacious Speculation But .the authorities reckoned without the greed owners and speculators. The moment "the -route wa's officially announc- , .«!, speculators swooped like hun- I gry buzzards. Business buildings, /......whose upper ^stories had'beeii va- ' .cant "for jjionlhs, - were tentatively '.tanen by tile speculators al.-thou-' sanrts of pounds for just one' day —May. 12. Some times these speculators' resold their rights ta. other speculators and took a big profit The result hns been that the pric, es demanded for" seats in windows' have soured to figures as high as 5250 to 5350 per person. . It has been freely said that rich Americans and rich people from the Empire dominions will'gladly pay tills cxhorbitant price. There arc numerous flat -buildings where people cannot get a flat for rent' beyond May ] of next year. The . owners expect to make half a year's rent out of one day's takings. The London newspapers have teen full of editorial comment criticizing this Sweet Tribute To Edward Englishmen's thoughts long have been dwelling ujwn the forthcoming coronation of King Edward. At a recent confectioners' exhibition in London the judges (shown left and right) awarded n high prize lo this 80-pound candy model of the monarch on his coronation. throne. ' . "display of the privileges of wealth on the one hand and of gross profiteering on the other." Seals for Only 10,000 At present the Office of Works is expecting to build stands to seat about 10.000 people. But" this would be a mere drop in Hie bucket. Besides, the general public would never get a look-in. By the time the members of Parliament; the officials and their families and personal Mends were through, there would not-be a place left frn- the ordinary man .without pull or' a government Job. ,'• - - Now it so happens.that.the government controls about. 60 per cent of the available v space along the announced route of the • processions—the •• offices "in Whitehall and the open park spaces in the Mall, a large Hyde.Park and Constitution Hill. A' number of'prominent citizens have written to the papers advocating that Instead of providing for the favored with 70,000 seats, the-. Office of Works should erect stands accommodating' 500,MO. ' The'vast majority, of'these; seaU; :could-be : 5bld-~to" the"g>rieral pub-" .llc"atr a price which wou'ld cover 'the : cbst of erecting the stands and give'a-large profit which could .be turned-iii to the King George Fifth Memorial .Fund; 1 - The prices would be very much less than those exacted by-thc speculators. And ths general effect .of'this would be' to force the speculators themselves to become more reasonable in their demands. Next to this matter or seclno"tnc procession, the most vital question for the would-be visitors from outside the country Is tiiat; of hotel accommodation. Tire total number of rooms in the so-called luxury hotels Is just about 5000. King Edward lias reserved about 800 of the choicest of these for e.vpeclctl prominent guests who cannot possibly'be accommodated in Buckingham and St I James's Palaces. • Egg Marathon On For Picked Hens of Land Smart Obstructive Bid Spoiled By Not Knowing When to Stop BBy WM. K. MrKKNNKV Secretary, American nrli!(« League Consciously or unconsciously, the bridge pluyer every on™ In a while makes * 1)I<1 Hint Is reiilly great, either because It assures the accomplishment of Hie ultimate on the Imncl, or so Interferes v|.th communication'.between the op|>o- AA2 VKJ52 « A52 * A Q 104 *KJ84 V 1073 + 9852 ' AQ953 V AQOC1 . 4 None ' : *K7B3 '•:• Duplicate—N. Ic S, vul. . South West North E»it 1 .* 4 » 4 V Pass Pass 5 * 6V Pass Opening Jcad—• K. Zt ncnls that, they arc prevented from reaching the best contract. Recently, in the Western states tournament in Columbus, O., one of the eonteslanis made a brilliant cbslrucllve bid which accomplished Its purpose against a conservative player'holding the-North hand, only to spoil It a moment later by making a foolish bid, which brought Its Just penalty.. The bid of four diamonds proved to be a very fine nuisance or obstructive bid. North had a fine hand, and went Into a deep study as lo just what action he should lake, whether to bid four or five. However, he was conservative ami vchtmilty decided lo take the sufe -otiise by bidding four. Qulle imtiiriilly. South, wllh his bedrock minimum,, could lake no further nctlon, us many players »'<«iM not even have opened his ™»<l, and his principal Justification was the old one of "strength In bolh majors." '" When the bidding reverted .to »«l, iij. was 110 t C0 iit«nt to lot well enough nlone, and .so led North li) ufii the slum. Wlillc It Is'lnie 'that seven clubs ™> be made, as n losing spiule ••mi be discarded on the long "carls in the South hand, that conlrocl was not reached. Thus Wi'.st, by his second umu'co-ssuiy defensive bid, traded a clear Ion for a tie for boliom. Wisconsin Collector Amasses 14,000 Buttons K1O, \Vls. (Ul>) — Anyone unable lo solve the old problem "but- IUH, button, who's not the button?" might, consult Mrs. Halph i). peck 01 I (to. Mrs. 1'reli has collected 1-1,000 butlons of all chapes iiml slues In Hie last nirec years. Home of her specimens nrc from the coats of prominent persons, Fete to Erase Flood „ Memory of Johnstown Toddy's Contract Problem North is playing the eonlrncl •I six no li-iiinp. lie must lose tlic ace of hearts, and the diamond finesse will fail. Where does be find the Uvclflh Irk-k? •A A K 10 V K J !> * A Q 10 5 4 *A7 ¥ -I :i 2 «032 + 032 AQJ08 V A (1 E * K!)7 1051 473 VQIO'87 »j a ' + KQJ98 N. & S. vul. Opener— A Q ; Solution in next issue. 22 STOnns, ,Comi., (UP)—one the country's oldest,, marnlhons Is the egg-laying contest'at Connecticut Slate College, now in its! 20th year. , . ' - ' In the :full of-,every year,'hundreds of hens ' settle Into '• their nests In the poultry husbandry department's modern electrified, and .alr-conditipncd pens'. Entries are received from over all .parts .of the country, ami the college has captured records' year ' after year. . .: • . -.. '- _ •Each contestant enters 10 hens, and . 10 'alternates.' The hens, of each entrant arc 'housed 'in separate pens, /equipped 'with' 'wire nests, automatic watering and four windows each'.'-Eggs are col-. : lEcted dally, graded and a chart i kept of/; progress'. At - theXerkl "of. '.365 days the final'.' .•jc'orliig is* u'rr^ nouiiced, . : year there' are 1,305 Seve The JOHNSTOWN; Pa (UP> citv of Johnstown, scene of floods In '1889 and 193S will "get .mil from tinder"- in n ; iiminoth Hallowe'en celebration which Is intended tp "bury foiexer' all thoughts and rcnilndcis of the two disasters/;-' Parades, prizes and general merrymaking .will feature .a busy day and a gala evening. Cifcic' leaders are bunded to 1 gethcr to .bring to (he • city .'once again a joyousness and show.Vsif prosperity which for years "has been lacking. At any rate —'(lie floods will be "buried for keeps. 1 h Tatte BOTTOMS UP MADE OUR "SLOW MASH** WAY WOE USED FOB 3 GENERATIONS M OST folks who try Bottoinstip take to it right off I They say it's mighty smooth whisky—real kindly to the taste and throat. And it stands to reason it should be— because of the extra time and grain we spend on the mash. Try it 1 You'H likely say it's mighty smooth, tool Y S attorns Up ^ KHTUCKT STRAIGHT MUMON WWSKY • SILBERNAGEI, & CO Exclusive plslribulora for Arkimsa.ii.litl* Ro< , k rine Bluff ' nmiioU Our (I Customers ( h-ivo bolter POVfoi'luinjr (Jill's, tllill Iji'inir holler, rcsiilo prices— KeoiiiiKo our Inbrjennt.s snve morn cnf viiluo 'and give more miles of- service— —Lot's l.iihHcnlc n'wl SHVO your cur loo. PHILLIPS Service Center Before Ton Buy Any Outboard - See the (Other: iSlzes; to 16: H. P.) HUSBARD' TIRE i BATTERY CO; WANTED TURNIP GREENS BRING SAMPLE TO BLYTHEVILLE CANNING CO. iBUTHEKIllE, »RK. Presenting the phenomenal facts about QlJLFPRIDE THE WORLD'S FINEST MOTOR OIL rpliB facts on this page sound hard to believe. But here is the 1 reason why GULP!'RIDE_and only GUI.PPIilDE-can accomplish such results ... : • Gulf begins with selected Pennsylvania crude, refines it to a motor oil (hat equals;the best-then further refines il by the excl,,. sive A Ic/ilor process.' . • Only GULFPRIDfi is made by this process-result of 15 years' research-the same scientific research that has made every Gulf product a leader. Read the facts below. Then drain your dirty summer-worn oil and refill wifh GULFPRlOE now."At all Gulf dealers. • THE U. S.'NAI'r specific.. t;ons for motor oil, as well BI those of all other government agencies, are bettered on tvery print by GOLFPRIDB. For instance, tliis oil forms only '/( the amount of carbon allowed by Navy specification!. That's \\\,y GULPPKIDE itmost completely laniibes carbon cleaning. AN AMAZING TF.ST. Holile No. 1 ihows a mixture ol 6 famous Pennsylvania motor oils. Bollle No. 2 shows idem after being put ([trough Cull's Alclilor process. Dolllc No. 3 tUows the If/a waste removed from lliese already highly-refined oils by Gulf's Alclilor process. This process starts where others slopl That's why GULFPR1DE is the world's finest motor oil. TOPS Iff THE A1R-S out of lh= II winners in last year's National Air Rices used GULFPRlOE OIL, the identical oil you can buy for your c«r at any Gulf dealer. This "aviator's oil" irill tale you farther before you need lo add n quart linn «ny oil you ever uieJl QULfPRIDE T«t emr AUHtOH-fKocisue teoX HIM fiHMtrtvimiA e/i Tntsted Over a Million Times in 35 Years JOE ISAACS^ Tlic Goni])lclc Store For Men, Women & Children H 7 <>. Giw and Redeem /fogfc Stamps Smartly Styled Winter Coats Kcononiicully Priced You'll Bel most for' j'<mr money If you buy your Winter Coat at Isaacs, pine toll- orliiif... beautiful fins.. ilU) fabrics . durable ]liili>S>s...wiuiii liilcrllniiigt, Dependable (|imi- Hy at modcrule pi-Ices. C'hildroii'.s Coals S,'{.r>0 to $9.95' Many Attractive DRESSES Just Arrived $ 26 - 50 .Including Classy Jean and other known mnkes II go for those attractive nev, Dresses in n Lit! waj. .{iiej'll g|; e j OU „ n tt lhnt is nothing shoif'of Inloxleallng, Child rens Frocks Day plaids and solid colors delightfully bt>tat of chews, wools, ciepes and practical cottons. Tli'^c; HATS arc the Top, • Top In' style.•:.but iiot in price A comprehensive showing that is certain to please 'C to .13.95 ; Ciirlee Guaranteed FALL SUITS Every Ciirlcc.suit carries a euarantee „ to give perfect satisfaction o: a New 3 Suit FREE. Never have we shown 1 such bcautllul fabrics and patterns as this Fall. See these guaranteed Suits before you buy. .75 Three Other Groups of fine SUITS In three value giving eroups you'll fiml a wide selection of attractively pil- terned nil MOO] fabrics cxpeitly tailored In ; the season's best-styles. Cur lee Guaranteed JOPCOATS Cnrlce Lansdoivii Velvet Finish Toixoats coniblne warmth and style with medium comfortable \velflit...a soft pliable fabric that tailors beautifully.;.beautiful new patterns and colors. S II 9 .75 HOYS SUITS Smart patterns, all wool fabrics at real economy prices. 35.50 lo 89.95

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