Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 26, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1942
Page 1
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PLEADS IN BEHALF OF MANY vn ,,,,.h < AUK, v ,ntlon IIKIV prevent OX- Of JOVVH •unoo. i iitUn liopo for tho O r .h'WiHli rnl'ugiuiH—-most of mum may l»o baok within Mil«ns|». Slnoo tho Popo'H ploa, "• lin ,H'slooil Mni'HhfU Pntaln and I l,av;il huvo boon 'withstand- o to adopt* inoro antl- Itowovor, llltlor JHIH bmanii.Mi Unit till JOWH from tho II !m!',r ( | cHumlrloM who fled to . ill 1 ' 1 'ilni'i 1 ll 1 ^ 1 ' 1 . IWii'OUiuUul Up for jj'p'ji.l.dlnn Iwolc 'to tyirtl oporatod p, n rh hrowlwiHt Hayn tho ip jdurlM tonight. M l fallM In provldo enough •jl,,,!', thi' Na/.lM may .go Jwok •I tiu- your Hit lor camo to ,, vi- p< S cr fir l,.., . (() .iiffon- ' ( .|,ihlmi hul ° r HpUl up Ji>wl8h thn mon and wom- onnipM, and UmvlnK umUlondml, Many MHVO iH'otitflil Jowlsli lo thn ' Vlohy-oonti'ollod tlKM-o hn» no faollltUiH to Ilicm. Jewish and other orgnnlviatlons aro> appoal- I,.* to Aiiit'rk'a and nthor ooiintrics | 0 'iu'iivlil«' u liavi'fi for I ho liomojoas chlklmi. ........... - i,nc Nnugatiick Fire Alarm Boxes fr... ' ' '.' ..... ' }{ rti f<oonllon I'/ Nuhbnr HnKonorutlnK f-'o, I'l Si-oil Hlrnnt, oopnor Lowln 15 (IM.M. Slino (!o,, i\ll!)Nor Avo and Wuloi 1 Street If, nulthur AVOIHIO and Ghnrry Bt, 17 Town Kni'in, JUibbor Avonuo |H nisdon Mfg. C!o,, Andraw Avo, •2i ciiui'cli Sti-out at Park Piano- 2,1 (i. I. H. lilnvo (!O M Mnplo Street *\ Town Hull, oornor Maplo and Clnirc-h SU'oolH 25 Mo.ulmv Strout ?rt S.'iltMii School U8 Hlxh School , , • 31 Joimson Strnnt M May StnMit, tit Phootilx Avo, 31 Maid strool, corner Maplo St. t 3,'iM,iln strriU, oprhor liotohklHH yiN'-w llnvmi Uoatl, oornor Here's the future Queen of Glamour at the tender age iof eight. Even then, Lana Turner was developing a personality omile and rhythmic swagger! It was while attending Hollywood High School'that taleiit 'scouts discovered her as she lunched at the counter of-this corner drug store. (Insert) Lana as she looked during school (J^y^ f f3he made her<-first screen appearance in "They Won't Forget'V'tfte begin- of a series of sweater girl roles. Soon Lana was^chosen in % college poll as, the ideal companion with whom to be^stranded on a desert island. Teamed with Clark Gable in 1 € Honky TprikV, she won new fame. ^Th.e romance flames anew in her latest M-G-M picture with Gable, '"Somewhere;I f ll:F!nd You M at Lpewa •"Somewhere I'll Find You" opens "a 5-Any oornor Golden Goldon ;);r,'iri'(iii street . ' • Hlwil at Hill St, : - llf«fi and May Streoln ii mainland Avo., oornor Galpln St •l;'lloaill(iy Street, oornor -Aetna.- i;i Antna Strout,, pornoi 1 Clliff St, 15 Walnut Strnot, .oornor. Oil ff St, Irt Mlllvllln Avo., oonipr Park Avo 17 fill ff Sti'cot, oornor Ploa8ant IX nrovn Htrnot, oornor >fay Av«, H) (londyiHu 1 Avonuo, .' M iiicch sti'iuit, oornor 'Orohard Sir W i\f«in SoroHt,- oorrtor Llndou St. M flfion Slront W IHxh Slrupt, oornor Oak St. '•I MrltlMo Striwt noar Lumhor Yard ^ Solinoi Sti'oot, oorncr Aiuloraon W Mfilleahlo Iron '>\ Sprlnw Stroot, Slront 71 MroHpoot Stroot, Worka oornor fJronnan oornor lllll • 72 North Main St., oornor Bridge Htl'OOt 7,'l Iioouat Stroot 1\ Woodbine Stroot, lllll Stroot 75 North Main Street- and Court 1J2 Foot of Ward Street UH Ollvo Stroot, corner of Ghorry 1.14 Sp'onoor Stroot, oornor of Cherry 110 Dunham Mills 117 Melbourne Court 1.15 U. M, R, Shoo Go., Kubbor Avo, 121 Corner Andrew Avo. & Scott St, 101 0, M, n. Shoo Co,, South Water Stroot ;M2'May Stroot noar< Ico House 412 Uillsldo Avonuo- -and MIUvlllo Avonuo • • \ 418 Now Stroot , »•-•-.••' •VI4 Hookwojl Avonuo at.Salorn street <il& North Ghui'oh.Htreet; . . LASTING PEA€E IS PREDICTED BY JOSEPH KENNEDY .. Hlaata at 8 p". m, Teit alarm. 4 Blasts, at a .a, m,-'12:30 p, .m, sohool, grades 4 • to 5, 0 Blasts at 8 a. rn.-.12':30 p. in, any department, •-,!.. 10 Blasts at 7:45-a,, m, No,sohool soliool, grades i 16 8. ....-, No No in Boston, Aug. 20~(UP)—Joseph P. Konnrdy, former' ambassador, to Britain', "predicts .a lasting peace after, this war is over. Kennedy 'made .his' prophesy til a masQ-lndu'ot.lon ceremony cliinaxiTig. \ Bostons•QolebraUon.of navy .rccruil- j n g:. WCC k., his (It'sl, public/ap^ pea'rarice;sliiob ho .resigned his post' as .a'inbasisa'401'r-. Konnc'dy_". told J,00-0 navy. Intluctccs: •' r >'•''• • _ . (( Xoii: N^)ii'*<not - see.; yo'ur sbns'-go fortn'ib-waivns',w6:sop you so forth. today."; ; ' ' ,' ;: '-. .."• " '. ' ' ' ' BIG IN WEDDINGS Superlative fiving... "In thi Coital oj Niw England* 250 smiling fnccs 500 willing htindi to serve you 9 Alr-coolocl Dining Rooms 400 flrtproof Roomi with Both !r«m $3,85 f»r »nt; $5,30 f»r »*• UVIln IX'pt. M' /or city f*tf/t and ' trtrip KENMORE BOSTON. MASS, - KFN. 2770 KHPYOUROAS HOT WATIi SIHVICI OPIMATINO ICONOfMKAUY Have Itoky fouctts flx«d. Expostd .hot wattr pipti should b« iniulottd, Car* ond otttntion .should bt given to tht HtoUr. Call your gai applknct dtaltr for any rtpoiri i^ nttdi. Edwards, 'Mas.Si Aug. 20— (U P) —Unolb Sam's, soldiers 'are 'marching to tho altar, .in. Inoroas- 'Ing iniml;era and, inoro often than not, It's tho girl friend who decides to take the big step. According to IA .John T/. Olanoy, chaplain of tho 181st Division, the girl friend figures that she prefers walling for 'her "soldier sweetheart a.s a Mrs, rather than an a Miss. In this big army camp, soldier romances are' keeping ;thc -Glut-plain so busy that he already has tied more nuptial knots thla year than he did In all of 1941, l.,lko tliolr fathers before them, soldiers are marrying at a rate nearly rioirblo that of peacetime, and as a rule It's with' Uie steady girl friend, says Olvaplain Clancy, .• From n study of tho many cou- plos 'ho 'has married, iho has found lhat thn boom In wartime, iruir- rlagoM Is not tho ros.ult, of" hlgh- sficed rofnancos, bub sterns, from steady o'ompfiny dating from long bnforo Pearl Harbor, Thn chaplain confesses that solving thn romantic probloins of the Holdlors la one af Iho'biggest duties In 'his 15-hQiir day. "They've usually made lip their minds when they oo.rno . to mo for •udvloo and my part Isn't so hripor- lant," -ho declared, "I merely help •thorn seo both sides'of tho question inoro clearly," TUESDAY HALF HOLIDAY SLATE IS ENDED HERE OF IWTGETUELOIL Fi'idny nt Lock's Poll Tlicnlcr, WnterlHiry. CLASS IN NAVAL BE GRADUATED training of 'llieir undergraduates. Special courses!' wliich ,\vl 11 hnsten the tlm'e \vlieh the students/may obtain .commissions have been arranged.. A college/ education is a priceless asset in • civilian life; Jn Mic arjncd' services i t .may sp'e) 1> th e difference betNveen bbscurity -and, an Officer's- insignia'. Let Unclp . >aiii' decide how soon lie is going ; tO; need )uv college men. - ..'•;...;\, ' '' ' Cambridge, Mass., Aug. .'26—(UP) Harvard university holds graduation exercises .Friday bXil..there.'wilU be a 1 'different-"' typ,e of graduates wlic \yi-M leave -ttte^dainbi'ltlge school time.,- thi /Browii p Jr., A .navsr : distrlcl/',<joni- 5^"$n.''._R)afj|"jB,i]5G '•"VK'» )'" ' --^ • j*« i : -: -VV.^1.1 -iL-'U'-V»-^J ^i. f Bos tori, -Aug'.. 2f|~(UP—New England' hbmaowncrs'wIVo. have oil rieal- Ing. ! /'cf|ii"lpmeiU." Capable of conver- sion'muy ybon be .unubi'e to get any fuel .oil.. . ' ' \Vjir Production Chief Donald Nelson t writes in .a Ictier to' Governor SftltbiiBtaM that ,.he/, I'orsoes a pi-'o- hlbitlon. of. oil'• clo.lhrcries -to suoh oonsuinerH -in thlB region. And he nclclB that such a recommendation is under consideration in the form of nn nmnridmonl. to the original limitation order on fuel oil consumption,'- Thomas, Samuelsoh, J63, : -P. doed five' 1 timesj. in;World-^ three times Vc.'this \r—"' '^ in Lpnc^n as he s cross the north DEAD AT 77 Bnrrlngton, R. I,, Aug. 26—(UP) — A former Rhode Tslnnd Republican, leader—Judge .Nathan M. Wright- has! died at his home In l-3arring.Lon. lie was 77 years old. Judge Wright, was a member of the.iso-call-ed -"Big Six" group whi(5h ruled .state politics for almost a quarter century. Spanish cotton planters, have planted about/ about 25,000 hectares this year, 2000 hectares more than last year; when about 11,800, bales wore produced,,,; . .,, • Jersey - Ci l,y, N. J M Aug. :,2G —American 1 diplomats, and.'/j refugees caught In Japan by the waVi are trickling .slowly on " to tliOlr; native, soil from the Exchange"J|ner Grl'psholm. ; - •--•'•'"' ' ;- ; ' ; ' ! ^ '•';^;; : ; : ^ ,So far, Httlc more than 300, of tiie boat's passengers h'avc .beea'.perml C- ted .ashore after undergoing;:a, < t)ipr- i o ugh exam i no II on by ;:sc6resv.^'f ^fcd- o r a 1 age n ts, So in c .have ; been sen t; to Ellis Island',for dpte'ritip.n-and'ad- ditional InvesLigaUoh.- , It's/bcli.eyetf thai' ih o "Ins I, o f l,he passengers' won't be off the Gripsholm bgfore,.the-end of the week as G-me'n''make :.siii .I f ;rja.ii iitti.q.jcij.^u.i.."^^}^/.-^^.- 1 -,.-" 1 '.^^,;.j : ^an'riir\g'.t(? dop'eH .ap^fctrn£ri^r ^Ijo-qse^ ,;.Liivesl;p[ck: v ;' 7 ' AfIer.;ii.oTfhig . f aroGntUn.''a ; ''<iarkv'baspnVeni'. fO : r a ! . lo si /goal/ ; am1vtyndlrig,only/a- piippy; l-hey ''received <-a ; message;.-fuoirr .a'n Ignacio """rancher' •ask-lng - : thenr'/tpslooato a ..slti'ft'y''.pb'i'k'er7:>yhich was "tied up in fc'sa'ck -ih';tlie ; ;;r;ear 'of ;iny tiruck." ONIS-MAN^ RUBBER DRIVE (UP) ;;'/.^yron 1 ,,;N v ^^^(U] yiiinian Georg.^ C{.--L - % ly'"ii^Po»flcd'^i/b,^Ur •Town CTpun- ocrtain- ."Uncle Sam's ;--'sljrap iVv' : a'''.i > Libbis!i v pl'L6"l]c approxinuLioly G12; pound? .._ w 2Z,-aulpjiji.oblle tires K some of T whl(jii'' dal-ed d017. ,'/ • \\ 1 Lil . tillu , i+i-f-tf-*' *^( v * *^ * * "*.~. —v*' • M 'f* more Lhaii^ohe^miJiy•:!«• upset^ be-, cause youths, who' finished their scliool courses -last June, insist .„..,.„ they^pi*eteP>:t6v-enlist- in: the ,army or navy-/rather 'than continue • their -education in • R'ollege. -, 'White the.-;. pa.triotism of these youngsters •.'Is'v.v'ipy be ; commended, their judgm9'rit V 'is 'not 100 per cent good; -Military.' and 1 , naval- .officials n and; again urged "-young - men of college- age; not " yet subject to r .'the ^draflv^Io-remain* .in school ««i, ^suro uiVtil they> are '';.canccr.: : Most ol' v the that no enemy agents arc attempt-large collcgesvantl/universities-have ing' to sneak into the .qpuntr> ' mado prcparalibhfe for tho miliiary Robstins War Birds on a Floating Nest c^ . i cy > With tho closing of the stores here yoator'day .aftornoo.n, camp tho ond of tho awn'mor Tuosday .half holiday .program that looal .store olcrks havo onjoyod slrioo Juno. • ' Next wook ushers In the Fall sea«OH' and tho majority of the Nau- galuck Htoros , will mUlntaln ' the usual storo 'hours of D t to O' li dally, six days oaoh,\vook, HOSPITAL PARTIAL TO CilRLS Detroit, Mlofi-,—(UP)— Tho 1 todies. tl'iom, Just about took over the Infant's ward of iGrlttondon hoapl--! tal during the first hnlf of .Inly, In, Iho two \vook8--popio.d there wore; [(put; Hots Of, twin;glris' b ( 6ri( IrV-thc irrtsipl'lul—ft" record' for'; twin• 'birth* •'at the Institution/ 'no^wltljsUndlng tho ronord for such a;Hljfji 'foiulninc percentage. ' ' _•" '. ' : ';' i Kurn.lluro for ciilldron'H'rooms to \vhloli top '•plootoM-'oan • bo added as ownors grow has. boonflnvcntod by a resident of Stevens Point, ^bad the day. . ' .; 1 A Sun Oil advertisement "in t'iJs Newspaper Jiighlighted "!tiio .problem when, it pictUred : ; - a torpedoed' :tanker blazing:'-, hivthcV'sea. ' <u j v he . _)edo thai.'dldM,his ^blasted Jts : \vay\rlght .'into- your-hdnlc.v' .said- the 'itdy<»rtjsenienti ; apd: .-.-.-,.. •;, y ; f "Odr government ; hfls .ipici^'^s/ that this is tot-al .wa'r In'/svjilch dc- Ccat means total dosLructionv' Oiir, war industries must have \,}\G' lie- troleum 1 hey require to :'carry' on, Therefore it becomes UIQ solc'hin and personal duty, of every civilian -5? to do hii> pyr.t in-oon|ervlng ; ilohb - Is Inot "Watcrbury's Friendly Department Stor« ' '' ' ' 16-PIEOE ICED TEA and & matching- coasters . ^.decorations.' ' .8-PIECE TEA AND TOOT plates, and 4 cups . . . a] 1 in clear crystal; ous for bridge luncheons. \. ; /r:v 4-PIECE SALAD BQWL SET— A/ large, siiiipiy de- signed. bowl and plate, of ricl^ gleamiijg^uby . v . : and a fork and spoon in'diamoitd-patteiftisd cr'y'fe- ".\ ' '"' ' '' '' ' defeo^/i . . ZOMBIE GLASSES — 10 : oiiiice "glasses, rated . . . t^vo of tliem red, t ;•.;_ and two rose. • - •'..' .*''/. ' TOMATO JUICE SET— A ::*qm 32,oimce clear crystal ... and six five l bnnce decorated with tinyj frosted appjbs. SALAD PLATES ~ Eighty; Vsir plates, For Innclteqn sets, for j ONE DOZEN TUMBLERS-r-Fe to gp . in a large I0-o,imce size: good-lbofc- ^ type of RIGHT INTO YOUR «OMJE . Wages are liigner than ever before; jobs are to-be had foir .the asking: So \vrHes:a soldier 'vin 1 an ad' N.. al6iie-:;Uiat -Avbrries ;.tlie ' private ; lie |ays. ; '••.''.' •"••••••;''.-. '•:•;.-•''-.''? •'.'' ': '•':..?"•''''-.' ..' 3' "Sihpo PjearL: Havbpv '. .the'-.- : s'old-lQra- ! andi sailors' -jiave' one !aim 'bply— defeat! ng . ; o u r ^'cpu h tuy-.s ' .en'ein i es. . We believe ; that ;,/o,ur'. ,ta}?k would ,; much easi er •'.- If • ' ilic/-. home front ^yo)ald^sh;arc•alliB,te^Hn^; 1 • % i: vi At-, the same. lime- otir.: cbrresppnd- e n ; t f Qn e I o s e d • .e J gh t 1 o i 1 ' te ri c Up pi ii gs , all : from ;one":day'« ''paperV .aijd "asked : '.Ms- this-, total Avar?'-* 'Mofit -' of sllowing lhat • ;the.v hpmei - j frontv was: hot' fighting a : tbbl. war. It-; wa's a , ing crystal glasses ^ Buy War Bonds ' ' Complete , Soup -.of-:.the i €OLD SEAFOOD PI ;:-. jHalf; Cdldr IiO.fistef Salad, Crabmcal. . tered .Egg arid' Tomato W^^o^p2v;^^.l Vvff^i.CCjiPrKlS-:'-^,-' ' /',,< ?J : fr- &*. *<&iv *S^S»#'SV*V >. - -« —.—«—• S^S^-.^- • -" -—-p-t'-' 71". - t V-- ; -y--V'- = "» , '_ - i <^^J^^^,^, V Here is n wartime-scene aboard a United States aircraft carrier '-at sea, .Sco^t .an^^ef, bombing planes , hro tightly packed on the flight deck,-where they are refueled; rearmed and otherwise,made c ready 1 by a - • - - -••* «-•«— the decfi^he 1 pilots>e]ax* and await the call to take to' , (Central frett) ^4 4 v V*^| •• V *^ ^r w**mm-9r^m — -- »--— - - r fy --- - f _ Bwarm of mechanics for an instant takeroff. Below . ,„.-;..:j^X ' the Air, This'is-an official U.^S.I^Navy N -,• Ai. One Ad Will Point Their Feet To Your Door The'more people see, the bigger the results will-be;uTliat' 8 the reason why advertisers who have used The Naugatuck. News, once come back again and again. Their ad goes into thousands of^auga- tuck homes. There it! is accepted, for The News is a newspaper that is BELIEVED in. As an evening paper it is read longer and by more members of the family . . . and that's the reason why you get such thorough, coverage, of this market when you-adverdsa in The Daily News. • \, ' • •'•.•' , Evteryone Reads The • i ; NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS

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