The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1939
Page 6
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BL'YTHEVITiLfa' (Amg_COURTER NEWS ' MONDAY, Chicks And Hurricane Renew Rivalry Friday Night At Jonesboro H^jTr. PIUKNlV Having tasted from the conference victory clip with brifi "triumph over the Hope Hohcals the <» Cliieknsawa will K° nftcr win No. 2 in .the Hi.? 5 i.n Friday -Bight when they engage (heir nvclj "™ V ll ^ lonesboro Golta llui-netinc, at UK- Craig h«ul County S$a. It will head a comparatively light CQHlercnc« menu for the week. <_ On Die basis of sheer "dope. • statistics, advance nollccs, or what-have-you, the Chicks arc expected to chalk up their stralgltt beating over tlio Golden Gang. But when nlythevlllc and Jonc:*:ro grid representatives tan Bnlla Scores Sensational 32; Harrison's' Best Is 31, gle what has gone before is worth 'llllle. In doping out tlie winner, Previous encounters have clearly shown Hint, to the special. delight of customers who have been for' tunatc lo be on hand. And this coining clash is net expected to bc unlike the others which have gone before. • I'ivc l,oop Games Five other loop games are carded for Ihe week bill none Is expected to iiltcr the conference sland- The Dope Bucket J. P. FIUEND Michigan, Nebraska And Oregon Slate Fall By The Wayside I5Y HAItriV IT.UGljSON llnjlfil I'rcs-i Sports Eililsr NKW YORK, NOV. C.' (UP) TlM-ro were only eight hardy survivors in Ihe inatjlc circle of majo unbeaten football learns today a (he .season went into Its /;na ituntli. Tlircc—Michigan, Nebraska am Oregon Slate-fell by the waysld over Ihe weekend and stern oppo sition still Is uliead for those who WANNING—"Don't sell Jones- have kept defeats. their records cleiin of . Southern California Is undisputed b-ro short!" Such was the warning king of the Far West and seems given out for the benefit, of the. certain to carry the hopes of the Hlytheville Chicks. Friday night, west Into I'asadena's Rose Bowl. Tlie speaker wns Lowell Maiming The Trojans' lfr-lo-7 victory over who coached the Goldt-n Hurricane Oregon State disposed of tlielr most for four seasons and was unable to dangerous opponent lo date, and ings lo anv nppiecinblc extent, cause iniiiy anxious moments for leains. The leading .,n .m salvage a win against the Maroon Maulers. While dressing prior to the Hope- knocked Oregon Slate from the ranks of the unbeaten. Notre Dame and Oklahoma be- While dressing pui'i iu mi; azu^i.- NOUC uamu miu ^tuiiiiuiiiu »"• Blylhevllle game during which he s t ride the Middle West with power- served as umpire, the former Jones- | U i, resourceful teanis^ Notre Dame Uie Pine Bluff Zobms, fresh over an j«-» ™ < J"| m 'j; ] V om | m , )0r ccnl . ['^ 'Voht"okla"honm team, o'ne of Impiesslvc 2-,-o walloping m < i ., you W0lrt{m 't recognize them as n, e real powerhouses of Ihc nation, Noith Little RocV. Wl>«= als ' l "^ l tllc snme c]llb w hich opened the brushed aside Iowa State. 38 to 0. Spa™ a?rmf .S upsel, ™ ™,-'^r^^'then N '™- C " l "»> 1 " ™?. r m .^ should continue ui""" 1 ""-' 1 ( °- ls Ulc " slnn " S ' waid Ihe Aikansas „ - souri and suffered Us first defeat Ihey are net too small. They have O f (he season. polish, precision, and above all, a Tennessee, which has to bc ranked v^t ... i — "smith Ihe powerful desire Grizzlies lest Ihe real strength of •« •P iiif> rtnrl*«;vtHf Pniilliers who have amb * . - !,....... D — ^ [fl^'esLuh.* year,t,,oi,«h « ± wh^ I^near, can^ ^ « .unbeaten and un- Jlmmy Thoml , son j , , emlt , ss , to « In. They will literally > ns , hc , ' lcnm ct the nation every other week, rc- .Johnny Dulla, scnsnlioiinl young ;hleago professional, turned In » :urd of Oil, six under par, and Dutch' Harrison, Little nock, ilgh ranking professional carded a 71'in nn cxlnbilicn foursome with John P. U'lili and E. 11. Gee, Iocs I jolfers, »t Die Blytlievlllc Counlry Club Runrlay afternoon. llulla caiiiR wllhin a stroke of lyini! Uie record lor the nine-hole course on- Ills second ronnt), carding a 32 mid having excellent t-hnnces lo tie the mark befou falliui! shcrl. On his best round the tall, powerful Chicngoan die not, go above par on a single holi nnd collected nn eagle ' on tin number one hole, driving lh< green, and birdies on the tv.'O, thret and five. Harrison's teore suffered from penally strokes but like Bulla hr did boiler en his second round after getting the "feel" of the- court on Ills first round. Bulla carded 3(i on the first round while Hani son stayed even with par—:t7. Har rlson cut three strokes olf his fii'il round on Ills second trip with i :i<l, two above Bulla's 32. Lent I carded a -12 on lits first round and a -10 en his second round, playing as Harrison's' part nor In n best ball foursome. Oer turned in n 44 on the "first round and a 42 on the second round. Diilla's long drives featured the match from the spectators' viewpoint. Thc young pro who hns rapidly progressed lo Uie front rank of professionals. drove Ions distances consistently nnd _ found the lengthy Blylheville course more or less made to his order. Bulla hns gained considerable rccogm tion as one of the longest, driviu" golfers in pro ranks, taking his Htlng pros and round the course. local golfers HV11 P I JO, II [> \Vhcn Ho Grows Uj Today's Sport Parade Hy HENRY M NEW YORK, Nov. G <UP)~ Mon must 'A. and M., Tulanc and North Caro- place alongside the heavy hitlii UUjll CACIIli; fcinn-vw and lime found the going rough all SCOUTED _ It ^ ft bcUer-ilmn- jear after being picked to be ( ip ^^ to cl . , hal thc ohleks among the leaders, if not at | the ^ ^ ^^ m nlgM heart of the c ass. Yet ties "P-| Hcnd CoacU GclSr nss | s |a, lt . Hansell pear lo have too many guns 101 Bob Coleman's crew who have yet to lecord a loop victory. Coach Clyde \an bickle and his Liltla Rock Tigers take it easy before their crucial game with the 7 Zebras next "Pug" Winters, and Athletic Direc- lor.DIll Ruckman all occupied seals son mu UK iimu in thc press b:x and appeared to ' stn ' lC| southern • bc ns busy as a one-armed man s i nlu - crt i p Tulane with the hives. After thc game they bnmfti Notrc D offered no comment and were not T . T p,.ns A. ni There may bc trouble nliciul for six of the eight .Icaiiars. •lemieisse will hnve iin easy lime against The Cilaclel this Saturday and North Carolina will steam-roller David mm meets kumiss California plnys collides with Aln- Notrc Dame goes n^imis A. nnd M. meets South _i. "T'llpy UliCltll IIU l,wilJiLimv mi" M >,• b •• — - 1Q\\'JI lOXuS A. IIIHI IV1. lilKVlo *J\JHl'" nn Redbups I»es.sed for a statement concerning cm ' Mctllt)( ii s t and Cornell play ,„„.,,.„„..,. thc Joncsboro-Blythevllle game this Coll! ,^ e f\ WK should be at leas 1UUU IIIOH V _i_-_. _. |_l. 1 TTn.i.nun^ IJ n nl"l 111 II . . .1 t.. 11 - n l~l. A fair sine gallery followed the the Dig Ten lltlc and. maybe Ihc _ national championship. Tom Har-1 mon. Michigan's great back, gave a ood account, cf himself, bnt-Hhe ales decided this, was lo be 111.- lols 1 dny. ; Player or the day—Bill de Cor'rc- 'ont, hltjli school sensation o( two years ngo who finally got going in he Northwestern backfield. He •Ipped the Minnesota line to set- up ,hc first touchdown his team scored and then made a dazzling 01-yard run to win the game, 14 lo 7. Strangest game of the day and the season—Tola's 4 to I) vie lory ever Purdue. Thc game was scoreless unlll Ihe final period. wi)en Purdue was thrown for two safeties. Game of Ihc coining week—Texas A. and M. vs. Southern Methodist oppose the weak and likely can win yrtlBOM .insm- ^--^ht. "However. Euckmau ,ng their flis siring. Coach Geo ge ? £ . cll . cum . Giant hasn't been blessed v: h i Bobb elite, luck or i|»ta™ ««1 Ms Ucn r.oTst bC by "^^. <*™\** «•» to a i 0n ^n. anil those outside the fold alike. Two I'lay Early Russellville and Benton steal a march on the others by playing Thursday night at Hussellvllle. Benton has Its great back, J. P. Mooie, in fonn but- will ' half dozen such r with Ihe. Wallace -..,.... gioup But the margin won't be too great, as long as Moore is In there booting them tar and wide. Other games Involving loop members are. Hope at Prescott; upset lurking In those of the highlights of Van Meter, la. The famous Cleve- have an awful champaign ever today after the parly given by Bob ?,uppke and Illinois . • • Miiingan's new "polnt-n-inlnnte 1 tiam played up lo its name-but, only for seven minutes . . • the Illinois victory not only Increase! Xuplta's reputation as a coach lo prestige but added . painter ... He is nrst work it oils ever to paint an entire slat blue in two and a half hours Now Ihat the arms embargo ha bren IHU-d '.ve wonder if Mimic sola, through its purchafing agon Heinle Bin-man, will be able t buy armaments thai will enable it l« win a football ijamc . . . In beating Minnesota Ihe Norlh- wi sterns "finally shook loose Kill De Corrcvcnt and Ihc youngster nuule lits scrapbook come to life . For a- few SLT.OIIOS he looked as good as his press clippings rend . . Tennessee stuck another rose in Us hah- by knocking oil' Louisiana Slate and the only thing that, can keep the out of the Rose Bowl is a discontlnu- of transcontinental travel The Tennessee backs were so fast lhal they had been in Baton Rouge on Ihe dny of the great disappearance they would ' caught Proxy Smith before he got tQ-lhe cily limits . . . Thc Oregon trail doesn't lead lo eating Iowa Stale 'lian Ghmidl as dressing . . . T. C. U. con- mics lo be a scourge . . . f.ast cnr If, was the scourge of the outhwest; now it's Ihe scourge of s coach, Diilch Meyers . . . The ;hinese never handled rice any ctler than Fordliam did on Sati'<lay. . . . Santa Clara beat Stanford by hree touchdowns but won't, get nuch credit, that being par for he Stanford course this year . . . U. C. I/. A. blacked out California and Chicago claimed the footbal' illor the name for its moral vie tory in holding Virginia to 47 points . . , lang Island University, with one of the best teams Ihat money can bxiy, continued Its winning ways with nn easy win over West Virginia Wesleyan . . . You may can slop Pitt but you can't slop Pittsburgh . . . With three rust rate teams to depend on the smoky city is never without a winner . . . When Pitt bogged down last year Carnegie Tech flared up, anil this year when both the Panthers and the Plali wls In the hlghlighl event. Joe. Appleba'mn, local . business, man and sports enthusiast, has been re-named chairman for Ihe second consecutive year and Is working en a big program. Tentative plans call for (lie sPlcc" lion of (|iieen and allendanls ami the coronation at Ihe football game which will bc preceded by a Im^i; parade. Bands from Blythevillc, Forrest City.'Reiser and Wilson will be ashed to participate in Ihc; activities. slumped DuQuesne took over anc new has won six straight . .' . II took Dartmouth SO years to get, one victory over Yale . ... II looks as if it will take the Little Bos- Bines a hundred years to gel one over Dartmouth. For Best Results • '' '• In Baking—Use Shibley's 1 Best the Rose Bowl anymore Oregon State Beavers bowed out, before Howard Jones' Southern California Trojans . . . The Tro- i Jans used only three fli-sl-sliing quarterbacks In the game which would indicate that Jcnes has finally cut down his squad to a neat, workable unit of 250 or thereabouts .' . . We now know the origin of the expression "an army travels on Its stomach" . . . The man who coined the 'phrase saw the Army play Notre Dame . . • The Texas Aggies Became the [ Arkansas Travelers en Saturday and did more to the Rfizorbacks than Armor or Swift could ... The Aggies are tougher than the Alamo defenders and fast, as a Osceola Homecoming Plans Are Underway - , OSCEOLA, Nov. U—Although 10 would '• 'days away, plans are going forward ' already for the annual Homecoming at Osccoliv High scho:l which wil be observed Thursday, Nov. 10. The local Scmuioles play the Earl Cardi- The FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER •""• wilh floating power . i . Far nbove Cayuga's waters '"'?,! f, o»r> loval Corncllians were picking spots with one| - . , __. MorE a Wcckcd kick Big ttcd to down Co- . . . „ ig most of this gam tlic. Big Reil was such a pale pink that even the Dies committee wouldn't have been Interested A cowblrd spent the winter of 1900-01 with a buffalo herd, near nuuiu ^ Winnipeg The bird survived the j Oklahoma's burly Sooncrs contin- wintry weather by snuggling in tied to stay us hot_as a m-n-nlann the wooHust back of the horns of 1 "- '" " ">"'""" 1 ""' lire in a celluloid collar factory They had an easier time HBjiBtBraRgii»w«7JMin i<»""""i "n*'•' "" ' ••" WRESTLING Three Good Matches—No Iiici'eafiD In I'rict! Jack Billon vs. Charles Sinkey Freddie Williams vs. George Bennett "likeMeroney vs. Joe Feroni AMERICAN LfcGION ARENA,, MQNDAV-S P.M. •'nlythevllle was back on Iheir heels waiting for the wliistle lo cm! the first half anil got careless." was the way "he explained it. However, he did not discredit, the fine play. It was perfectly executed nnd timed to a split second. Pans, nnd possibly Ihe conches, too, are still trying to i figure out where the Chick secondary \vas. GROWN—A letter from Pvl. Charles C. "Chuck" nasr.ett. who fought here under the name of Upset cf the day—Illinois' 1C lo 7 victory over Michigan which seemed lo be rolling along toward El Dorado, at Sinackover; g'aft at Forrest City. Stiilt- Lasl week was a uiomentus one for the local Chlckasaws. After dropping three straight to conference learns they finally broke the losing streak with a well earned H-B win over Hope. The loss was the nrst for Coach Foy Hammons' felines after seven successive victories and dropped them frcm a tie with the Zebras for Ihe Big 15 leadership. Pine Bluff Jack Lucy, gives an Interesting Insight ns to the prcgress he Li making. "Chuck" Is n member of Troop A. 2nd Cavalry, and stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. He says he finds lime lo continue his boxing, now for Uncle Sam. nud pays Joe Craig, who tittered him, a compliment. "Tell Joe Craig I'm going lo be a heavyweight, after nil," he writes. "I feel so strong I could beat almost . hurdled the North Little Rock obstacle and moved closer to the championship. Hot Springs showed much power in blasting Camden, 20-7, 'Little Rock's ground power was superior to Jonesbiro's serial attack and finished ahead, 22-1, in a game that featured the annual Arkansas Teachers meeting at the state capltol. nnybody in the ring. 1 haven't for- gotlen all he shewed me and. boy, does it make it easy to knock these big 'bums' oVeY. "I'm fighting here this year and I think I can take the nosl chain- WINTER GOKDITION Your Car THE PHILLIPS WAY Here's Whut We Do: Drain out heavy, worn lubri cauls anil refill transmission am ilift'erenllal with new winter Gear Oil—ii|i to C pounds. Kx- tra charge for cxlra quantities. Drain out siimmrr welglil oil anil refill crankcase wlih the correct grade of fresh, clean .winter oil—up lo 5 quarts of 25c oil. ExJra charge for over ft ([uarls. premium. S 1r; "h\' i ' or for Hushing oil. ••"' , . Complete lubrication of chassis and all moving pai'ls. 1 U1I1IK 1 Lull uvr^v till. |iviv vti.uu- - , » i «, plonship ns a light-heavyweight. |4. Clean and inspect spark plugs I'm getting larger all the time. I'm aiid^rrscl for cold weather also playing football; am a center "'""' and am doing very \\t\\ if I do say so. When they hit me I just keep en going. But when I HIT then 1 ;men out JL «". ^"t"""- en going, iiia wnen i tin i Other results of conference teams j lnev al . c HIT j look lnrce mc] Include: Clarksville 54, Arkansas of (\ IR g ame last night and liked to t School for the Deaf at Little Rock, ) lav( . got t a ken out myself." 0; Forth Smith 21, Muskogee Mebbe the Chicks (OklaJi 0; Malvern 26. Fordyce_10; I g0 od bet! overlooked a Clarksvllle (Miss.) 20, Forrest City] 0' McGhec 6, Russellville C. • Hides Keys in Porcupine j STANDINGS I COLV1LLE. Wash. (UP)—W. E.I Team W L T PC'. I Somcrs now knows that where Pine Bluff o" 0 o'l.OOo!'here's a quill — there's a porcu- .750 - i™ c - Somcrs went deer hunting. .750! He parked his truck in n deserted 750! farmyard, ihen hid the keys in 0 .Gfi6 • what appeared to be a box full ct, 0 .GOO j dead gra^s. The "dead grass" was I - '5931 a live porcupine. Somcrs' compan-; 500 i ions had to vise pliers to extract a j 500 i dozen deeply - imbedded quills ] from his baud. starling. . 5. Ucinovc battery from car an" paiul carrier, lest cells and clean terminals. Flush radiator wilh special ra- dhlor cleaner anil inspect all hose and connections. Inspect heater anil windshield wiper. 50 - CHOICE RESIDENCE LOTS - 50 Blytheville, Arkansas, Tuesday, November 14th, 9:30 A. M. "The May Bell Sub-Division" ©n loth Street (CONVENIENT TO SCHOOLS, UHUBCHE5 AND 1IUS1X1JS3 DISTRICT) Dollars Planted in Real Estate Ejihan^JBJaliie With the Rising ot Every Sun $25.00 Little Reck Hope Hope Fort Smith El Dorado Hot Springs North Little Rock . . Russellville - * . Blvtheville 310. 310. 310 2 1 0 320 .321 .330 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 3 0 .500 .250 .250 .000 .000 .000 .000 COMPLETE SEUVICE $3.95 I For toiler I'crformancc ' Use 1'liillips Safely-Check Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Clarksvllle 0 0 1 Forrest City ........ 0 1 0 Camden 0 3 0 Jonesboro 0 4 0 Fordyce - 0 3 0 Games This Week Benlon at Russellville, Thursday night. Litlle Rock at Fcrdycc, Friday night. Clarksvillc at Fort Smith, Friday night. Blythfevllle at Jonesboro, Friday night,.' Pine Bluff at Hot Springs, Friday night. Camden at North Little Rock Friday Anight. New Jersey reduced highway deaths from 1278 In 1931 to 885 in 193S. Head Courier News uant ad» J5lh A- Walnut I'lionc 8VO 50 Other Valuable Prizes mm AWAY At This Sale HUY LOTS IN TILYTHEYILLE THE MAY BELL SUB-DIVISION JS ^ AND BLVTMK- SKE and HEAR Famous Suotioneers nnd Concert Band «ER¥ EASY TERMS ONE-THIRD CASH, BALANCE Sft BUY T.OTSm'MISSISSn'PI CO. Stove and Furnace OIL * Diesel & Tractor FUEL "DTJrMvTr* DAY NIGHT JrrlUrJti 355 166 Barnsdall Refining Corporation America's Oldest Oil Refinery C. B. Wood, Jr., Agent V!LLE _ _ __ _____ ____ ONE GOOO INVESTMENT IS WOglH A LIFE TIME OF LABOR THE SftFEST BUYJNC IS ftLWjYJMSyTJIiCTjpjj -... - , - — - - — : \M CONTINENTAL REALTY JU ON For further Inforwatinn sec Mr. Hugh Ynrhvo, Advcrlismp Maimgcr, ACKSONl TENN>

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