Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 25, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1942
Page 3
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, AUGUST 2B, J9J2 DAILY NEWS Page Seven Serenade' 1 I» lioew's Lead «. i «)lli donlury-Kox IB bont on koop- ,, IH happy for the durullcm for ,,(i ihc hcclH of "My. Gul Sal" ,i, l ,y*h»vc oomo forth with another l,'.,uii musical Just .bubbling .over ah 1'.vuiis humor, merry tunes, ^tHlliiX 'dances and, best o.f all— Ipliv ilndiU' at her musical buHt, 'iiinlll>.ht. Serenade" It's called nfuP j, ,,|ji>s innltfhl- at the Loew's Poll L.h-'i' wllh Unity and her co-stars, 1 M.ynr and Victor Matiu-o, .ili'nl. (lrahU'1 She's perfectly < as Mho Hlngs, dances and' against a Hrnadway back- And to complement Ilitv s iilonde, Johnny Payne and Mature turn In grand purrs-Including a rousing Imllln, that looks as 1C the U.S. Boss in Solomohs ij.- v v M i r la n 1 1 11 o pk Inn tin tl i -PrcFl'ton ^os'l-o i' In the 'how film', ' "A CibhUbiiUin AR '",'j'l,,, Hfai'-Htnddcd cast Includes ,.„,, svyiimn and Gobtna NVi'lghl, \0in' vl« with Holly for the nt'- ...'ilons uf Mulurn and Payne, .Iniwra I'L^n, as a dyspeptic producer, l>l,H silvers, his corny best, 1 up fur some genuine guffaws, Serenade" Is tho per- the times, )ten Dai.'k.iV, ; wJvh;h ,0-ponq^. .today at Mhe Gem i t-heator, It .)#' ah cxultlngi drama of ihe aippqi-Juruat: of .the underworld and one that the aud- • i e n oo '••<{< t r o ii u b u« 1 y. u ppki u d e d upon • Us (Kwplu'slon, Although Donlbvy.v plays the role of a Jewel Uilcf ex-i •traordlnary and a convict, Ills part carries It the, entire'-sympathy-of the picture,, tha-t of a father's; for Jii.y •. Mh-kuji 'Hopkins .handles bho dii'fl-; bull, role ol'Mils wife witli «ht!rijautil! acting, and undei'Vlmidlng, '.coi v poratlohv' > ' °fftiidersotii' :'taken poyer immediately, by a r.e- -•••'..' ; '.v:-•£*);: ,/c.^>:$,S - i'-j itielvprjf- James'A. 'Smitflcy, or New , It's -\Y OI ^h the price of -admission* (ilone 'to SQO 'her Nvurdrobc, w.hlcii Is ' the 'last, word. In smartness, 'ton Foster, as the fie-fcectlyo Who ! becomes a .Judge, is ex'oench. Oth-' er ineiirbors of The oust ehosO'n Wil/lr, equal care Inojudo Morbid Hubor,' Philip Uced, Gloria lloldcn, Douglass biiiiibrJllo, Sharon Douglas And Bill Henry. Indrana, ;: • -Ball Jii , Indian^.. , Corning 'Glass, coiiipany,. pi' Gorn- Jiig.YNew York. ••'.'.'. .,••',.:'-. .'•';•• : ' " v- And 'the Glass, Gontalner,.-,asspcla-> tion, of, New yo,rk-city.' &•'**,£?,.•.$..£ Judge .Kloeb was: pracli^Uy, se-, yore v wi til .-1110, Glass/ Gontaiirer-4sHp-,'; sUitJon; Up 01 stripped of its thereby rcclucing it;. : "lo/ av;-i:e|eii iBtalisUeal. i -'.The. Hartford given however, .was givon the,; iiipst;-blame. sai.t 'for -maintaining Uie ! 'm6n ; ppoly;-|un- : v^ile Hfti*'.i ' U;s ririlnnf: -llp.fmiairiir . v «v»ai.nm ; 'l' D LEGAL ••' ^District>bf Naugatuelv, ;ss.;Prolate Gourt,. August '24, ... ... . ;;. EJrUle :pX:D.avid^T. Walsh, late of Naugatuck, JnY.", Mk] ceased.- v-,^;^^;^,,' , : ; Upoh de- ^^iijvnicl r P. .^WaMsihvY'pra^jVj^VUi'al^^let^ -ol^ au- Ininlstratib^niay^^ ..-'on '"'xji'S-pbr application' on s>ai.d its patent ^ .Judge s Koeb '•'ordered^ the ^cprnp : ii NOTJfCE T l, ( . srrond hit IH "A Haunting \Vo il (in" wllli liUUiTl and Hardy, « llnrloiM C-4 ;> imhy gift at the Bumsloads [ ' ; lll( i ,, inan-HUnd riot on the \\\(\M\' Hu'ali'r screen today I 1 '• C UIUIKIII I| H MIcHHud Mvont," new- lati.Kli-lantnied 'domestle 'ooiu- Slngloton, Ai 1 - l.uki 1 and Larry Sim ma, Inlrn- J'j'n'c s a new 'Hiiindlmid named ,' rt( ,klr CiKiklc, It must he roport- ,,,! h even imlHhM' than -her father w | U > n he's in trouble, anil he's al- \\;\ys 111 ti'nlllile I HiHrd upnii Ohlc Young's pripulur strip family, "Mlomllo's KviMil" lifts motion picture to a now level of laughUtr, 1 I manages to lose Ills Job, It iMck with a rulao, lose It This photo, of Maj. Gon. Aloxanclor A, Vnndorflrift, \v\\6 .commands tho U. S, MarinoB opbrntlne: In tho Solomon Inlands, was made when ho \yns n colonel. Ho reached his present rank last March. Gon. Vandcrgriffc entered tho Marino Corps as a HCC-. ond , lieutenant in 1900. Ho has aorvod in Cuba, Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico,.Haiti and China. Ho la n native of Chm-lottofwillc, Va. This la an official U. S, Nnvy photo, (Central Press) \m\\\ and wind'up working Tor tho governrnenL —all boonuso 'he 'lias a brilliant rirw Idea, the manut'aerure nf bulldlnM' materials out of polulo peelings I fmgwood, loo, nmnnges Mo forget the -little stranger In Ills by Inviting to it another r, a phoney-playwright with d love fur food, The.'so«ond Ibarl Js' v ','Molody Lane." ?;» i -'A 61OFRCIALS Nauga tuck, [ -'.-• August 20th,. •TO THE^ .. .The jclootors of t^<. town \\vil l^cdu " ' ;CUH on \Vecl n esda^;,--., A.ugus t::.^2Gth', ' r at i ho rTp,\yn Hal i ^Bui Wing,"a\ 8 $ f $n.i; \E;\V.T,,v -for. Lho...purpose •;^t^etilii\Ql 'delegatea-. : on,r 1 ^iltornaf/ps : '- 1 '-" 1 '*-•- : ' A * ~ l - : iGongrosslonal, County!" iGonvenlilons and 'tor ii f rOWN , *.-'•• .;-J-- ... Ch'alr'man , -: elecUon .'"irif" bo heand Probate up pi i cat; I on S tletcrniiiiell,'.;, at -'ithd ^ .. Ma untuck, -; : In !-.8fel^day -,pf. Scp- tem'ber, 'A. -VD/.-iO^SS, -M- 3::06-io f G]0(ok 1 n th,e, 'afternoon ^n'aifWiatvinoticc be rsaid ap-, arid ;piacc or .toy\--p.u'b||sh;lng the some, "newspaper bavlrig':'a';;vd{Mua;t.Jon : Jn,;:said District, -and v of ; v a ; :.copy' there' -In .Die like .. ill -salti;!^ strict, ^ a of 'Uie; known; . heirs r^sidl;n : ^ y O'Utsklie( v ;l;his District 1 at lcast;-len-days; / beforc : 'sald day as- ond; fry i 115 can -'be done wUh aliachmenIs supp]le,d with a nC\v elcoLrical roaster.' • LEGAL District of Naugaluck, ss. Probiite Gourt, August ''M-, A. D. I0i2. ESTATli) OF Antonio. Sabia,. Jate pi' Beacon Falls, in said -Dist' let, deceased. '/.Upon the application'of Carmcla Sabia Presto .praying thaL,JoUors of administration may be gi'anted; on said estate, as per. application on fHcKfiiiore fully appears, .it is ORDKRKD—Thai, said , application be heard arid determined at the Probate 'Office-in. Naugatuck, in said DisLriot; on the Sl.h. day of September A. D. j942,'ai 4:00 o'clock S-n .the afternoon and that notice-be given of., Uic pendency of said'applicuLipn, and the tliiic 'arid, place of bearing, thereon, by publishing the same one" time in some newspaper having a circulation i'n said Disti'ioL,' and by posting a copy thereof .on the public sign-post in-the".town'Of Beacon SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK N.fblriW U. 5 fV.CI CM,-. 6yR.JSCOft s, jn said District, and by sending, postage prepaid, a like noUce .to each of iho known -heirs' residing ouiside this : District, • and lo the Guardian ad litem at least 10 days jeforo said day assigned. 'i D. EMMET SHEA, Judge. (!A(5.P-IEP O IK. 3Er<WEEK IROK BARS KEEP ADVERTISING "A Gentleman After Dark" Is Gem Lead Now Brian l.ionlevy shared honors wllh of 101 m Ira, New York. Toledo, Qh(o, Aug. ^-^-(UP)— r ljhe government has won- /a 'complete legal victory. In Its ; campalgn :t,o shatter tjio glass..container monqp- Nlnu companies arid 01 ofTlelals have been oonvlnoed of violating the Sherman anti-trust act. The decision, chme .18 months after the government.Instituted the civil proceedings. . . . . Federal Judge Frank ,L, Kloeb, ;in handing down the verdict, said Ui " glass container -'monopoly hold life, and death .power over individual companies, The concerns convicted are.: Owens-Illinois Glass company, of Toledo, .Ohio. Hartford-Empire. Glass company, of 'Hartford, Gonncotlcu't. ; lOmi^h'o Machine company, of Portland, Maine. Ha/,el - Atlas . Glass .0 o m p a n y, Wheeling, West Virginia. Thatcher Manufacturing company, By PAUL ROBINSOK IPS Consult Classifications Below For Profit. Watch Them Daily Announcements anil l/i» Having department of Iho NiUiKalui'k National Hank IKIH l)fon l»Hl. Any poi-Hon having vdaliriH on '8uld book Is called, upon lo lo pivsunl tho 8amo to tho bank iwd month* or tho snmo Imok will ho doo'larod and rxtlnHm'Hhcd and a new ono \m\rt\ In llfti thoraof, Dalnd at NnuK-Uiiok, (lunn., AUK. 25, , ' Sopt. 8 Merchandise HotKsohold Articles Duo to unfoi'soen c rooms oL' i'urnllut'o purchased '•! months ago by a young couple, recently was abandoned. This furnl- tLji-o. .sold • {'or Is now- avail- LOST— fin.Molliw rutlon hook», A and H. No. F'lHOK.;. Unsvard It 1 retlirmul I" Wllthirn tf. OldukoWHkl, lolt 1 - pliono 4892, LOST— .\ of «la«.s- sllghtly Hcralched, host we<*ks ago, 1'Mndor plcaso ruluni same io Tho News office. 'AST—A l)l«ek .pursio (n vicinity of I'. S. lluhhnr company NVerlnes- (tuy afternoon, 1'Mnder pleaso I'^ivn HHiiui at the NOWH olllce. Howard, MOiNUMICNTS ? p««lHl prlcos on All Memorials '. JUGHAtlDH ijr.O Bo, Main St, To I, M87 vinegar. D. Dillon, in Melbourne court. Dial 2.107, fM-tUmo.x Autos nml Trucks For ahle for some lucky person .for $141.75 Pay $!W,n;» Deijuslt—.152.50 Weekly Includes 2 PC. hiving Huom Suite, with lamps and tables. Modern Bedroom Suite, T) PC. Dinette Set, rug, dishes and silverware. EverylhIng looks llkf! new. Gan>be seen at your convenience at Albert's, 268 So. Main St, Watei'bury Phono 4-8144 Train, bus or. ear expenses refunded on purchase of above outfit. JO-UAV—Special on gas and combination ranges. Electric ranges, JjilH); metal folding bed with Goodresl. mattress, $.10,95; U.\12 llnoleuni rugs regular ljiH.00, :now JHr>.40; 0 piece Maple breakfast set, $2iU>0. Reduced prl'ces on all other lloor samples. WATEUIUJMY KUMiNlTUHIO GG. West Main St., Walcrbury. Dial 4-H022 SPKCIAf,--! Hiring our August Sale, IMoce Maple Bedroom Sulto, (l(H)D USKD (.JAMS Pnokard-Wutorbury, Ino, i Walortown A von lie, Dial- /Ml 100 i\M\ HAliK r'oi'd Coikvurilble Coupo Kord Cohvo l-'ord Tudor K»nl Dclnxo Kurd Slntlun Wu'lion Ford. (i(>m>o Ohhiiidhllp '(loupe iM-Soto NfillliM .siMdvhnkv'r I'rt'Mhlont Lincoln Xfiiitiyr^dd^l Mnooln ./uphy dun-oil SI. I'arl* A l»Uone W\ 10, Main, Gor, (Join, Waterburj Tel, fl-OWJO Business Service Wnntcil to Kendei SAVE ON YOUH OIL AND COAL Installed St.oi'rn-. Sash Combination Storm .Doors insulation. Order now for Later Delivery, Free •ostiinato. .IOIIN .1, CAHHOLL & SONS, INC. 2H1 Spring St. Phone 2572 MOTOROLA' Auto H - lldl °- iviv^ a. V^.XVW±J/A. Sa|dH & . Sorv!co Water bury. Gravesbn & Sims, 28(5 North Main St.. DIVJTQ'S MUSIC .& REGOHD1NG •STUDIOS All •Instruments ..Taught. Records Made As Low As 50o. >57 So. Main SL TeI..-4-lfi5r FOH SAL 10 —Golden IJ an I inn sweet corn and tomatoes. Picked fresh, for canning. William Schildgen, NUAV Haven road. SERVICE On all makes of refrigerators and washers, moderate prlcos. NEW ENGLAND MUS1G SHOP 102 Grand St. Dial 3-7103 Metal •Ceili Gutters, Loaders, Tinning, Roofing and "F.urmuso \Vork JAMES B/VKER, Telophonj 2:^)5 }r> Hrndloy St, " Nuugatuok, 'Conn, IM.OSINU (.)UT—All gas ranges aiid oomhluatlon coal and gas ranges. i!0% off I Till'! MADID SHOP IHO Grand St., Waterbury. THE HADIU SHOP 180 Grand St. Waterbury INVITATION TO SAVIQ FlNAr7AU(JlJST OLIOARANOJC!!! SPAGM HKATIOUS .• Now On Display 1 «;xp l/lnolmim Hugs Odd Kilch<ui;rable ,..,,,..„,. Odd Living-(loom Gluilrs ...... Employment - --.".tA-at; •ir^.ii Men ''K'.-i UowllhK Alley, An«n- (Shtiruh gn-*.*««. lir **»^. H'.\.\- WnnliJd part time or nil day, flood Apply AdaiiiH'.-Drug wonuin i »nn, Ol< jtnliool. 'An ospnoldll J no np(. f ,| nK ; ri'llahlo, oiwmlxn-- ' 0 "- A' box K, In euro of, Garrl Tables ,, f/l'Vlng Maom Sulles (•I Burner) Oil Gooker 5-pc. Hreakfast Sets VampH ...' ••' Lamps ..•• Klrtor Lamps Living hoorn Hugs , -STOP IN.TODAY 'AND MA KM YOUH SKLIOC .j ITADLF.YAS ANN10X ,t)B j .on 9:00 ;i»8 1,1)8 2.08 bai'jfnlns in fjoort used radios, priced At ?3-$D-!|llO. New England Music Shop, 102 Grand St., Watorbury, Dial 4-7193. EIJCCTRICAL AND tlADlO HEP A IRS — Lowest Possible Prlous — SWAN ELECTHIC CO. Elootrlolans 15 Uhiiroh Street NOW Is til o time to store your fur coat. Pick up and «lol Ivory soi'vicc. . Also for tho lH\«t ;<li'y oleiinliin, lolo- phone 2 78 Ciliiiruli Slrcot, Niui'0aluok UCT Us Put Your Lawn Alovver in shape foi 1 . the. season. Mowers sharpened, repaired, etc. Gall for and delivery service. Melbourne's Service Station; Rubber aYQnu Telephone 3420. : : ; . ;...• ,,'.. ,A-7 T; tf For K^ent Real Estate 72 Apnrtiiiont* VVAN'I'KI>— UBNT of ii or 0 rooms liy srriull 1 American family. Dial 3454. in,'l Mniulow Sti'O' 1 ' Wnl,pi'>»n;-v Real Estate For Sale Forma FOH SALF/— tiiokl-Miok! VVInit nil , investment. .10 1-2 porcent, 8 room • !<> family houHe, . 0: •fruniKOH,- and store, .Income ;JM)7-inor\lhly. $7,000, {) room 2. family IIOUHO on Car,. i|!ol nl-reat, $f>r><)0, Snn.Pntsy Iirtb- i-joln, Menllor, 172 Ill^h stronl. . Telephnnn 3'i08. front, ;firook i A, Slioploy. Naugtttuok 2433, WAN'rKI>-rll«nt.or 4 or r> nooms by fiunlly of two »flujl.s. Irvlnk-Roson- blntt, lolop'horio :m2 or 270r>. FOH SAL'Kr-Ono of host .10-ro,om, 2- famlly 'housew. All in.oclern.ini- provcmaii'ts. Fully Insulated, large rooms, 2-nar''gfini/ro. Nicely Jand- soaped., priori IJltQ.nOO.OO. A. Shepley, telephone 2- SALKr-In 1 Ilcneon Falls,- 5-i'oom bungalow., with extra undnfshecl room. Central -location. Available Sept. 1st. Price $1800.00. In'ftauga- turn, .MOW 4-t'poni -bungalow. Modern improvements. Bargain at JtiiSOO.OO., Ready to.v.-movn -.into-im- modiiUoly. A. Shnploy, . ! |olnphon'e TO HKt\T—For ffoiiilninhn, a .air-y•,, all' oonvonlenccs. -Tel. ^l"."'A78a.- •_ ,_ ...,__ :,..,, ,'!).: 13MMBT SHEA,^H . ETTA KETT SPEAKTIM; OF s DID VOU ^-i./WAShl bur-Bur WHATABOUr THEK2 COTA6E? D!DN/ : rCOME: RENTED/ ?- ANDI.:;X DOWN, TOSrAV WITH , -• DODIE"/ SEE-N HEIZ AROUND i By ROBERT STORM SECRET AGENT X9 FROM ti TtiAT YOUiZ FRAU EL5A,,.YOU HAVE BROTHER . AMERICAN PLAHE IT (5 OUR V//5H THAT MM TO BUILDING,,. SORRY.. [ ORD&&&! you \ MAY ( —THE &OY YOU WANT TO ' A DOING * KURT,* HAVE NO By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE GRA1? BRICK BRADFORD NOW, GO/' AND GREAT WILL BE YOUR REWARD/IF YOU SUCCeEO- DEATM,IF YOU FAIL/_j WHEN CENED CHIPCHA, ASSEMBLE FIGHTING-MEr I CAR. AND ftflCfc, GOTO .THIS/NEW KING OF TMt MANTUS -TELL-HIM •I WOULD AyfSIT HIM TO'COMGR/XTULATE HIM.' SUGM FRIENDLINESS ALL UPON i DESTROY MIM By BILLY DE BSUIV BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH GULP GULP GO^G--. HOHE CORNER :« Syndicate, Inc.,.World rights reserved By LES FORGKAVJf; BIG SISTER HAUNTED MO SLJCM oiDNT-GEt J,V\IELL;SILL^; WHV, '7' YbO <9p-,lM.ANO GET THEM? ' IN :.,'/: : NPB.O!PY LIVES —~~ ' < WHAT MYSELF? 'TOlR.'THAT BEHAUNTEO . ,,.,.., .^ --«,-,-.,. Copr. VJ-IZ', Kinp F«rurcr5>'niiif;iic, Inc., AVorM riglili rfjcrvci By WALLY NN FIND OUT// AND SKEETER YEP!).,- I'VE HEARD GRAND- I'VE TOLD YGO I DOK'T TO BDV Tel. £574 • -=;

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