The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 18, 1934
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Served by United Pren HOME EDITION THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NOKTHJUW AHKANBM ANU KWTHUR MtHOUlU VOL. XXXI—NO. l«fl Blyllievllle Billy New* BlytJievill* Octultt m vrill'VMl l P Am/two to i>nir.«v .noimm i) «« -~~" Misslsslupl Valley LeuJer BlythtvlUe llerild "'•' I lU'.V 11.1,1'., rtltKANSAS, HUDAl, AUGUST 1^ 1034. S'NGLE COPIES FIVE CPN'TS OSECUTION IN WILSONJELECTION Grins !o Ri<l<ll< ancr Reporters Burred (ram Moor of l.oui-, siana House BATON DOUfiK. La.. Aug. (UP) - I'iuhi.s ljink<> nut E.illPry mid on Ihe floor nf the i />>'>"'% Louisiana hrju-r- early itnluy. a few ' £i| •£;'•?$ mfniiir'S after Iluc-y P. LornVs Jt-2-I'£/"''"' islflilvr su-;im nillcr vijh:d lo i-s-| p^ rlu<l<> ilu- tu<-s.s ii'dni its session. A in"-U':'.p:i|M!r phm<igj'!tphrr was sliiEEftl ill the pialli-ry by gnarrt.-;. <ipp:ivrtiily -.1 pan of- ilu- |Kihlii-!il machine. A ivpnnt-r ru.shr.1 to L!K- iilimr.iU'aplirr's dc 1 - inul Mine was a brief en- On iht- llufiv uvo members .scuffled but finally were separated by j t-.eriff-iiiits-at-ai ins. , Wrmlil Han S|ieci:il I'oliie Thf firiv/.if-d M-t-ncs.' more ex- figgprrued but. not unusual since the Kingnsh took over the .state uf Louisiana, followed an early morning session of the senate which, performing much in Ihe manner of :i coffee urindrr. had b?en vigorously cranked bv Senator Long ami turned out 20 laws, carefully dr-slBnPd lo reduce Hit; city of New "Orleans to the status of a conqiic-i-i-il province, with Long as military dictator. The house was immediately convened to approve an amendment, to a bill which prohibit?; mayor;-and other municipal authorities from arming special police. Representative n. M. Lester, anti- Long, invoked a rule to clear the floor of spectatois. charging members of Long's machine not members of the legislature were lobbying. Speaker I Allen Ellendcr, Long henchman,'Included the-prexx and -ordered 'reporters out. Reorescn, latlvc Provost stormed off the floor. "1 won't cast another vote until the press is returned." he screamed. Krportfr Slugged Bedlam broke loose. Finally Ellender Instructed the press to sttj in the gallery as spectators. There Leon Trice. New Orleans States photographer, focnssed his camera on Senator Long, who was on the floor, angrily arguing with Representative Provost. Two unidentified ir.en. described by bystanders as "Long tlnigv." slugged him from behind. Robert Meyers. Associated Press reporter, rushed to Trice's assistance. He pushed the crowd back and the photographer's assailants disappeared. „„, Pleass don't try to trtcl; me Into A New Mrs, Rockefeller Says Roosevelt Demands llutl I le May Remain on j Recovery Job \ WASHINGTON. Aug. Ill (Ul>> — Hri-sidtnl Koosevell today tlully I informed Cii-n. llu^h S. Johnson I thai hi- it-main nilli ihe NBA ! i-.utl ilH- :idminislralitni. I J<i!ni-<i:i ri'vi'iih-d the altitude of J Mr Roost-veil UIKJII U-aviny the j Wtiiu- linns:.- V.IIL-IX'. in an hour's j t-uiifi'iincf, in- discussed gcnt-ially i tin- uropuM-d ii-oii!i<iit>:aiUm uf ihe MtA. 'The piTsidi-iu tolil me- I could inn E« ««'«>• from the- NUA or the admini-sti alien," Johnson said. "Me wrims mi- ii«lit here with my feet natal down on the tioor." "Aiul ol coma- I'm slaying." Johnson added. Tile recovery administrator indicated ihat Monday he would ] have further information 10 give, oui ciinm-iiing ihe reoi'ijaiilzaiinn of the NRA. the puu^fur which he .'rad was "coming i-hjlii along." Asked concerning reports as to i whether he hud ordered code hearings involving the automobile industry, Johnson said he had a n-ftiicst for the hearing but that he bad net made up his mind as j to what was to be done. Johnson's visit at tile White House today was the first time he has iceu Mr. Hoosevell since the tatter's u-unn a week ago. ford following h York from Loiulu Clerk Injured in Fall from Balcony of Store William Charles Crowe, IH. .1. c Penney store clerk, .sustained !>. cut over one eye and u pnssfble fracture of the skull when lie fell from a balcony in the store this morn- • ...-. ., - ,«.- -- -"-ray examination of .younir a""?,,'NOW feoonT wns '"> "!«* "«"' , determine (lie extent clerk was dropping coltoii "sacks from the balcony to fniolliei- clerk on the floor below when he ' became nverrbalanced and toppled over the bnlcony railing. His head ,struc-k a shoe rack as lie plunged downward, head first. KIDNAPERS FR[[ North Carolina Evangelist Tells of Three Days Spent With Abductors NASHVILLE, Tetm., Aug. 18 <l)P)—Rev. R. H. Askew, 28-ycnr- old Four Square Gospel minister, of Goldsboro. N. C.. who was kid- naped and held for $25.000 ran,i som Tuesday night, was released by his three raptors 10 miles from here early lodijr. He caught a ride to Nashville with a farmer and walked Into police headquarters Announcing hh Identity, Askew told officers he was kidnaped at Ritelgh, N. C.. Tuesday after noon, Near Ooldsboro, he said, i strimie man stopped him nnd nsk- eH him to take him to Raleigh i where the stranger's daughter was sick. AK«r reaching there three unidentified men pushed him Int Inrre sedan. Askew said the men robbed him of «4fl he had In his pocket to buy bricks for his new tabernacle nnd then forced him tfl lake several sleep producing tablets. ! He first res-Blued consciousness In Richmond. Va., Wednesday mor- nine. where^hls cantors houeht him a not dof for breakfast. Aft«r breakfast, he said, lie was forced to take more sleep tublels and awoke again tn Washington. Friday afternoon, after three days travel, the ' party reached Knoxvllle. the victim satd. Sheppard and Patman Ask 15-Cenl Cotton Price TEXAKKANA, Ti-x., Ally. IH. lUl')—Senator Murrls Shepiuul und Representative Wright I'otiiian today urged the eiirront cotton price be pegged at IS cenls u liound. They sent leleBiams lo President' ficospvell, Cliali'initn Jessi- Jones of the icconstrucllon Ilimnce corporation, and Svrctary of Agriculture Henry A. Wulluee. The effect of such action would b_- 10 maintain the market price m tin- fame level. Senator John H. Uankhead. of Alabama, previously had asked the president to peg the price til 13 cents. NEGRO HELD FOR Secret Hearing Conducted at Carnthersville (or Farm Hand STEELE. Mo.—Owing lo Intense fcelltiK of Ihe cltl/ens and tliruiitli feur of mob \'lt>lence, the prelim* Inary hearing of Manuel Jenkins. 40, netjni form hnnd, churned with criminal assaull iiixin the 10-year- old daughter of Noel McUa'niels was secretly held In Canithcrsvlll-, Society Ls waiting to welcome a new Mrs. Rockefeller to Its midst as a consequence of the wedding of Miss Mary French and Laurance Spel- inan Rockefeller M nt. Woodstock, Vt... in a simple ceremony attended by all the bridegroom's family except John D.. Sr... nnd. hlx' brother David. The ncwlyv.'eds'are shown on the steps ol the Congreealioin New York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. IB (UP)— Cotton closed easy. open lug! i low close Ocl 1324 1.125 1306 1306 Hcc i:iM 1339 1321 1321 •Ian 1311 1341 132G 1326 Mar 1354 135* 13-Srt 1340 May I35S IHCO 13-17 13-11 Jill 1363 13(15 1350 13M Cairo Doctor Lured From Home and Freed in Counary by Thieves CAIRO. 111., Aug. .18. <U!') — Three bandits early today tricked! kidnaped, rotbed. :inri released Dr. J. J. Keiiclleman, Cairo [iliysk'ian. in an isolated section of southern Illinois, near here, and ihrn es- ea|)ed in his automobile. Farm Debt Committee Holds First Session DESERIER ITEUSBEffll CHEST BEFEnEB session yesterday with c. G. Smith. I n , , , v , „ „ j. H. smart jr.. John Beanicn I body ot woman, Brutally Textile Union Rejects Prc i *,,,!*„,.„ ' ' ' \ l/^n I iicrnHfo\-*>i-l Woa%- '. 1 t A_ T ' Seek tn Link Murder With Labatt Kidnaphtf LONDON. Ont.. Aup. 18. (UP) — A trusted emoloye o' the Lnbatt brewery, headed by Jbhn 8. Labett millionaire Camdlsu. was mysteriously «taln ilurlng ths nl»tit, It-waanscurted here today The man was Ciordon McKen- ile. He. was found on (he str«t / a .taxleab. driver. Petecllv*» were, summoned Immediately : -from • police ,-.heoi(Iou«rt«rj and .started j on lji»esllKation of ftie .dtalh, t9..detennlne wh^tHtT there nus •; any cp^nec^lon with ,lhe John S. Labptt- kidnaping cose .The kidnapers of Labiilt,' threaten»d '(o .return Ti'nd kil|'hlhn If he a IdPd-police in the warch for hi- nlxhictors, a police official declare! today. Tlic ncuro salved his nrc- Imtimry hearing mid will l:c helt without bond pending trial bcfoti :he circuit court of this county a the next regular term In Novem ber. On the afternoon of July 21 while the '. father was away on visit to Mississippi nnd the motile was attending a funeral. It charged that the negro, a fan hand on the McDanlel farm, at tacked UK IIUlc girl while *bo wn gathering" eggs at the barn. I had succeeded in tearing the cloth es oft the child when h« was su prised by his wife.-who saveii tl child from serious harm. -' Deputy Sherlfl J. A. Woodwar was notified and found the negr in « drunken stupor In his shac near Oie McDanlel home. Due t threats of violence the ncuro wa taken to Caruthersvlllc and Troi there-transferred to some unknou Jail, where he was held preliminary liearlng, which wa continued from time lo time mil Friday. The Chickfisawba District: Farm Debt Adjustmejii CominiitH- ol Mississippi county held ' i;.s first. tendance. Several cases of farmers seeking re-adjustment of their mortgage or debt difficulties under terms of the Frazier-Lcmke measure S|vii.s dosed steady m. ISIS, offlui ihe city to rejiort to police. '•'• j About 1! o'clock last night, he * ~ [said, he received a telephone call reciiie.stiny his .seiT:rrs for :i .sicl; woman. He proinplly drove to the place lie said, only to bo .sei/.ed. tonnd. and kidnaped. On tin- way of the city, he said, hr deaih if hi Stock Prices Bealen, Gonzales Nearj posal for An Increase in Monthly Dues CONZALES. Tex., Aug. 18. IUPI -The body of an unidcmified «o- Will Explain Bankhead Law Procedure N'KW YORK, Aug. 18 (Ul'l—The net lesull of Iwlay's (railing mi ihe , Mock i-srlisinge was about ?.,-m so • ihrc:itt-neri wilii far a.s prtivs nx-iv concprnrd. while I li-mplod lo esen irnding volume was, arnund ttir| lightest i:i 10 years. A. T. and T npth. Strel Cfiiysler C'illes s.'i-sie,- Coca Cola (it'll. Am. Tank ... On. Klt-clrlc ( ifii Motors Int. Haive.ster Mid-W.'.st U'lilillfs Montgomery Ward N. V. Central Packard Phillips Pet Radio ' .Simmons llnls St. L.-s. p litandaid of M. J. . Texas Co nn i-i I Arkansas Girl Takes 27 1-2 Poison in California 32 1-2 I 1 1-» ! HAN BERNARDINO. Cal . All" A representative of the federal wasjinteinal revenue oifico wiil explai:i :ii-l details of iht- regulations and in- -Mruclions lo bo lolloned by cotton tinneis under the Bankhrad lau t> Sinnrrh at the county n^fiit'.s .•I'ii-e in the lien- Monlay ni»ln at 7:TO o'clock. Steel S. Kmi'liim; im 1-2 Wheat 135 'SI 3-t 18 1-2 26 3--1 •a a-8." W 7-8 ,5 '"« I note askrd nnlln- to notify I-ewi-; '" '"- I Sims. Carthage. Ark. 5 5-8 | 1 , 10 1-8 1 1-2 44 5-8 23 3-J ! :<-8 18." (Ul'>—Rachel Silas. 21. of C:iv- llias;<'. Ark., today vvn« Feriously ill tloni |k")i e on polii 1 ' bi'lie\ - .'d was nikou in an attempt at suicide . Authorities ueve ppnieliin? for a man named Robert Schnsi i svl'.cm Miss Sim*- lei.oitefiiy left I note 1 i-xprofKing her love. drove- into San Antonio in a lj:oo:l .'pattered automobile. j Authorities here were informed Iliac a pair of blood soaked woman's shoes and two rings w?re found in the rumble scat of the automobile. ' Wic-: was said to have contended he stole the automobile near Gon?ales and insisted that Hie Wood resulted from a fight he had st Goiuules. B. F. Galbreath Dies — | Young California Girl NEW. YORK. Aug. 18. (UP)— A move to start a war chest to be used in conducting a nation vide strike In the textile and affiliated industries was voted down today at the convention of the United Tex tile Workers of America. As the union extended a strike authorization to branches affecting C25.000 workers, the general assem- HcHaney Appointed Under New Bankruptcy Measure Fay McHaney. atlorney in the office of C. A. Cunningham, has been named conciliation commissioner for this district of Mississippi corny under the Prozler-I^mltc amendment to the federal bank- runtcy -statutes. Mr. McHaney will handle petitions of farmers who desire to take advantage of the terms of the federal measure to forestall foreclosure on their properties. Details of the procedure may be obtained from Mr. McHaney, whose office Is located in the Ingrain building. t-.JD.WD workers, the general assem- c» - 1 A • u j bly defeated a proposal which fluCKman Again Head would have increased monthly dues Af Alumni AIM/-;**;. from 20 cents to 25 cents, ITle extra' nickel to be used as a strike fund. I Meanwhile the executive council of the union, ordered by the convention to set a date for the strike on or before September 1, prepared to meet at the Hotel Woodstock at 4 p.m. The committee was expected to decide on a tentative date for the walkout. Hal L. Norwood Admit!! Defeat in Letter Today LITTLE ROCK. Allf. 18. (UP>Atty. Gen. Hnl L. Norwood conceded defeat, today In a letter ol conijrnlulutlon to Carl E. Bailey. Pulasitl county prosecuting altor- ni:y. "From the primary returns as reported In the press," the veteran campaigner wrote, "it appears that of the 246,111 votes accounted for you have a 8.173 majority. "I think iliat the complete returns may reduce it some, but not enough to affect the result." With the letter one of Ihe most bitter political fights In recent years ended. Official Count. Completed and Primary Winners Will Be Certified Affidavits by workers at the ImbUltiiilun colony nnd others, stlfylns to Illegal voting at the x in wih'on, where <m ballots ere counted In last. Tuesday's Imary, will be turned over til . o prosecuting attorney fur in- "•sliijiHIiin and -submission to the and jury, U was decided at .yes•day's meeting ol the Democratic ounty centrnl committee at Oscela. ' The committee counted the ab- enlce ballots and canvassed re- irns from the county's 57 elec- on boxes, preparatory to official ertlflratlon of the vole, which hows County Judge Za.1 B. Har- Ison renomlnaled for a third term jy n majority of 181 votes. .ov^r George W. Unrhatn. former coun- >' Judge. A complete tabulation of the official count, of Mississippi county's •ote for county and stnle offices ippenrs elsewhere tn this i»per. Except for the .addition of the ob- entcc vote nnd the filling In of ilank.s which appeared In the vole 'rom a few boxes the figures aro •Irtimlly Identical with those given the unofficial Courier News : tabulation the day after the election. In the race for county Judge Judge Harrison plcfied up nine votes In the official canvass, und received a majbrity of 57 votes In the absentee ballots, thus boosting his majority from the 115 votes, by .which lie led Wednesday to 181. Decline to Purge Box Decision to ask the. prosecuting attorney to ict_ on charges of illegal voting a'nS' 'irregular election procedure at. Wilson followed refusal nf tlic central committee cither to throw out the Wilson vote or to purge the box of-llle- '• Bill ballots. The work which' the latter procedure would have in- ' volvcd. coupled with the fact' that • It could not possibly bring any change In the primary results, apparently Influenced the committee's decisions. The question was raised by Jesse Taylor, chairman of the committee; . who culled attention of the members lo n resolution lay Ing down rules for Hie conduct of the prl- mnry. ndopted at the last meeting of Ihe committee. He read H af- ' fldavits, chiefly from employes of ' the Dyess rehabilitation colony; who testified under oath that .some 300 workers at the colony; many of them without poll tas receipts, were carried In trucks to Wilson, where they were lined up, hnndcd folded ballots already marked by colony foremen, and'-. herded into 1 the polling place to east their votes. A number eatd they protested they were not qnal- Son and Negro Named ificd voters but were told made no difference. .Some that, said Legion Post to Elect Murdered by Attacker Officers Monday Night Of Alumni Aisociation LJovd Sticltmon was re-electetl resident of the Blvlhcvllle high school alumni association at a ses- ilon at the city hall last night. Stickmon won by a small margin over Max Logan, advanced as a candidate over his protest. The contest for the office a-as somewhat heated on the port of back- ets of the respective candidates. _. Logan was elected vlce-presldem.j The negro has" signed n confes- Mrs Joe Craig was re-elected I slon to the slaying of John P. Esl they did not even sec how their' ballots were marked and did not know for whom they voled. The mattei did not come up until late in the afternoon and a at Home of Daughter . SAN DIEGO. Cal.. Aug. is <UP> j Thcre win DC an important meet— An all night search for pretty | ln S of the Dud Cason Port No. 24 Colia Coin. 16-year-old high school i of the American Legion at 8:00 services for B. F. Gal- In-palh. 87. father of Mrs. J. II. S>rl who failed to return from . . Fisher. who died at G:M a. in. Aug- .short walk last evening, ended to- i m ory. Monday night at the ar- Election of Post official: 18. be held at the home "New (Means A serond' 011 "" Walnut Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p. m. Mr. Galbreath was born in Ohio, April 24. 1847. He married Malissa Willis, mother of Mrs. Fisher. day with the finding of her body inn <l of delegates to the Slate Con- behind a shed near Balboa park. Iventlon. which Is to be held at She had been slugged and crim- i Eureka Springs, on September 3 inally assaulted, authorities said. ; nn d 4. is to be held, and all mem- NEW ORLEANS. Aup. IS t --Colloii futures wnr easier on KPIV Orleans exchange today.- in Washington. Indiana, nnd they had five children, only one of whom-Is living. His first wife died ill 1!>OG. and in lilOO In- married : uarents, Hell Smith. To this union.Cotn. In reconstructing the crime they I tald the girl had been strangled' Celia's disappearance was report-! lo police at midnight by her; Mr. and Mrs. Edward i shortly after daybreak. thc are urged to attend. Austrians Sentenced For Smuggling Arms INNSBRUCK, Austria. Aupr. 18. in Union County Death I mln)te i of couunitteeinen had left. in union Bounty ueain for lhclr hmiies A mimbcr of oth EL DORADO. Aug. 18. (UPl— The Union county grand jury today indicted Earl Estridgc and Miles Green, the latter a nsgro. In connection with the slaying of Estridge's father August 2. Estridse was charged as an accessory before the fact and Gr:en with first degree murder. Trials m cs Tn j s were set for next week. crs refrained from voting when a motion to purge the Wilson box, advocated by J. P. Tompkins, Burdette, and C. R. Babcocl;, Blytheville. was submitted. It was defeated. 8 to 1. J. B Bunn, Osceola, and V. O. Holland, Blythe- villc. urged that'the matter be referred to the prosecuting author- opposition. Certified copies of affidavits and other Information will' secretary and a P. Brogdon' wasj ^ge^ ^^1^' you^ Weib^^oim.'^olZf ° f -""V elected treasurer, succeeding Oscar! Estridge. InroSrnlnr »«rt ^ ' ^T' 1 ' Fendler, who was not a candidate iSw ^ ^ and Denver Dudley, , , . , n . , „ „ | district attorney, il Is understood. Locksmith TICKS Cell J In '"c course of the discussion for re-election. Three Seek Divorces II -j tv Tompkins nsked if any committee- LOCK and Disappears)man from Wilson cared to say Husbands are plaintiffs In twoi LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 18 (UP) — of three divorce suits filed recent-! City Jailers made a mistake today. ly In chancery court. Bud J»mcs Is seeking a divorce dignities. J. J. Norflcet asks « dl- They put a locksmith, and two other prisoners In an ordinary cell and left them. open hiyh low close 102 104 102 103 5-8 Oct 1M 1-2 105 1-2 105 3-8 IOC 1-81 Dec i Jan. Mar May Jul Chicago Corn open high low close Sep 13 1-2 74 3-4 73 1-2 74 3-4 open liich low clofe . 1S21 1321 1305 I30<i 1336 1331) 1321 1321 1328 1323 1328 1326b 13tf 1316 1339 1336b 1361 1361 1353 1344b — 13491) nnd daughter. Mrs. J. H.; of this clly. Burial will hltrell ieCKS Help Bv 77 75 1-4 1C 1-5 17. Spots closed steady at 1300. off be at l.itlle Prairie cemetery. Caruthersville. Mo. Toty Long. Ben Elliott. Charles Smith. Cecil Dim. I i Hagen were sentenced to be h»ng- ! ed today on charges of smuggling . arms and explosives from Ger- j many Into Austria. from Mamie James, charging in-j Fred A. Lane, the locksmith, held vorce from Annie Norfleet. alleg-jon auto thoi'l chai-gcs. picked the Ing Indignities, and Dena Thomp-|lock nnd took his cellmates with son Is suing Ernest Thompson on 1 him. Ihe same grounds. I (orlhf! I Roosevelt and Small for Apple Growersj BERLIN. Aug. 18. (UP)—The National Society of German Jews to- Alfred and Walter Waddy will bcj LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 18 (UP)—'day Issued a manifesto urging Its """ K ° ""-'- "' "- •—- 1 - 1 - Aid for the apple growers of j membership to vote for Adolf Kit pall bearers. Music will be furnished by the Baptlst x choir. The L. G. Moss Undertaking company Is in charge of funeral arrangements. northwest Arkansas was asked to- ] ler's policies in tomorrow's refer- day by Gov. J. M. Fulrell In a tele-1 endum. gram to Aubrey Williams, acting All other Jewish organizations federal relief administrator. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Partly. cloudy to cloudy, unsettled In north portion tonight and Sunday. • Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy tonight and Suhdiy. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 83, minimum 73, Party Off on Sequoia WASHINGTON, Aug. 18. lUl'i— President (anything concerning the way the election was handled there. W. L. (HI) Wilson said that he was not an election officer and did not spend much time at the polls, but tlmt he was certain the charge contained in certain of the affidavits that workers from tile Dyess colony were voted at a separate and Illegal txw, away from the reeular voting place, was false, in- nsmuch as the place described in their affidavits was the regular vottiiK place, at which elections nt Wilj^in have been held for years. \VmiW Ctanye Poll Tan Dale resolution, offered by V:. G. by Mrs. irromu'iiiKli few ""Hand. «•*''* the legislature to Roosevelt. Roosevelt and •> ->.•• i . , . ,, friends, left the White House''"""W the date for paying-poll shortly after noon todav and went I 1 ** '" »» cff ° rt to end »hoesalc aboard the yacht- Seq-.iola for anil 1 " 11 tax purchases by political. , I candidates find their supporters, "'.. maintained silence on the election, with .20 Inches of rainfall. Others in the party were Professor I was adopted by unanimous vote. H»>-moiKl MoleyT Miss Grace Tully.|j«< | S'' "°»™* W™* that 'and Miss Marguerite Lc Hand. (Continued on Page S)

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