The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1932
Page 3
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JANUARY 14, 1J132 • Maior W. 0. Wood Has Custody of More Money Money Than Anyone. IjY KODNEV NEA Service Writer WASHINOTON -~ Andrew w. Mellon isn't treasurer of the United Stales, lliouxh countless persons are under thai fmpresison. Mellon Is secretary of the trcas- u\y. whereas the position of trcas. mcr'of ilie United States—which carries with it custody of the na- I'nn's slua'nttc sold reserves — Is Major W.. O. Woods. Maybe his name is strange lo you. but you carry Wood's signature around with you at all times, except when you arc broke, because his signature appears on every piece, o'l paper money Uncle Som issues. •. - In addition to being the mon ,A\ho has custody of nearly onc- j \s.M of all the gold in' the world y;st no*'—which has come about with the big now of ijold to the United States-Major Woods is the man who signs the. president's pay check. Every month, included among the thousands of 'checks he issues, is the on? he sends to the White House, by a messenger, payable to the president of the United States for $6250—or one-twelfth of $75.000—10 help keep the ivolf from Hooter's door. The exact amount of gold—in coin and bullion — held by thu treasury .on a certain recent date .was $3.557.448,324—equal to approximately S29.50 for every man, woman and child in the land: But only n mere S5.000.000 of that huge amount in gold :s stored in the big vaults of the Treasury Department building in Washington. The bulk of it is distributed as fpVJows: at the treasury's .New York assay- office, '$1.225,000,000 San Francisco niiht.!;$).226,OOO.OW; Philadelphia' mint', '"• 5585,000.000 Denver mint, S412.000.000; in'vari- ous banks, $100,000,000; and smaller amounts-'-In -various- government assay offices, in the west. The coins are In dusty bags auc the bullion is in equally dust> bars. This vast treasure is seldom disturbed,. except when an occasional shipment is made abroad to re-establish a trade balance, •plays little part' in trade itself; It js. merely the security for trie pa- tr money that represents gold in t channels of business. ."Sue this?" said Major Woods as he drew a S10 bill'-from his'pocket "This piece of paper means that the owner thereof can' get $10 i: gold • for it any time he cbcts .to come to the treasm^ and demand it. The treasury has the. gold dollar for dollar and will nay • to .the paper money holder without ques- Plenty of Money Luxora Society —Personal Mia Cari Mui Hires snlertalned at a bUfel supper In lier home Monday night..Those attending were Hie Misses 'Owcna Forbes, Ixiulse Turner, Malbell Cooke, Elizabeth Spimn, Mrs. Elijabctli SUllnum and J. n. Necly, Harmon Eastman, John Wheeler and Fortune Ambers. Mrs. liive Richards had as her gtiast tills week her mother. Mrs. (Bon Cooper ot Osccola. She's a Fledgling-at 81 Mrs. Sam Bowen entertained th W. O. H'oods, treasurer i <lay ' j three table contract club of which '.she Is a member .Wednesday after- pioon. High score prize" wns won by . Miss EliMbclli Spann. Guests In u3- (llilon (o Hie club members Mesdamos J. 1. Milllln, n. C. Lang, ston, J. N.. Hunt, Howard, and the Misses Maibell Cook; niiil Elizabeth Siiann. Mr. aixl Mrs. Hyer Law of Memphis visited in .Luxora Sunday. Hnys Gowcm of Memphis was t)ic guest of Miss Dorothy Brown Sim. or -the Dnltfd Slates . pass out Cliichibu Smiles lion." There are five kinds ot paper money- in current use. Major Woods explained: United Slates •notes, gojd certificates, Federal Reserve notes, national bank notes and silver-certificates. These sleep- Ing hoards of yellow metal guarantee every note; sljvcr certificates are issued against deposits of standard silver dollars for the convenience of the public, which prefers the paper to the heavy and bulky metal. .- There are in exislenc? 5-10,000,OCO silver dollars, of which 494.000,000 are stored, an-ay by the treasury; 60.000.000 of these held In 'Washington. At places wlwro the government stores -its gold and silver the treasure is so safely vaulted and so well guarded that any attempt at holdup by robbers would be futile. The government pays S20.G7183 on ounce lor all gold offered it, the price fixed bv law. Thus, $5000 •orth weighs ll'i pounds, while 4'i-ton truck could haul away .OCO.OOO worth. The bars of bill- in, each about 2-3 the size of an ordinary brick, are worth approximately $8000 each. If all the gold In the United States were melted into one lump, that lump would just about fill an ordinary box car. The treasury issues paper 111011- ev in denominations from $1 lo $10,000. the latter bills being used most often to settle bank clearings and to 'facilitate cash real estate deals. It htirrtly would be Rood business management for ,-. man to carry a $10,000 bill around in his pocket, says Major Woods, since tho loss of interest thereon— at 4'j per cent—would be about SI.15 each day. The new $1,000.000 treasury bill, of which the public has heard so much recently. Isn't currency at all, says Major Woods. It Is a government bond which is issued at a Her Piles Healed After 20 Years Mrs. TJ. E. Mast. 817 South 7th St., Goshen. Ind., who was entirely healed of piles and other Rectal ears. The * Mlror clinic ' s " ite ! McGee St., Kansas City. ? new frce copyrighted o pies and other e Trouble after suffering 20 ye "fjscs mi sufferers to write „„ book , ins n fa(( , Smiling Prince Chichibu and- two even more broadly smiling aides nre shown sit the Tokyo railroad ;tation as they watched more Japanese 'troops start' for. Man• ' . ehuria. doesn't I Miss Evelyn Martin, who has been [visiting relatives In CnruthersviISc, returned home Sunday. Mr. ml Mrs. C. s. Tiiweall mirt son Harry Cash returned last week from Marion, 111., where they visited relatives. Mrs. Walter Brantlcy and daughter cf Toronto moved to Luxora early In ihe week and have tnXen roims with Airs. Rush for the winter. L. L. McDearman and daughter Margaret visited in Blytheville Sim- day. Mesdames Sam Bowcn, Alvin Wunderlich, Foster Yates and ihe Misses Mable George. Meredith and Olivia Graham, Pauline Seaton and Bettye Jean Wunderllph attendee! the show Iri Blytheville Sunday. Misses Laverne Scurlock, Helen Beverly and Gwendolyn Hollifield or.Osccola visited In Luxora Monday. Mrs. J. N. Hunt was in Memphis Monday, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Ashmore of Osccoln visited in Uixora Sunday. Midway Notes C. P. Pjplcin, Dallas Scalllon, C McGoujjhan. Mr. Deason and Jack Hill were in Blythevillc Saturday., Mrs..E, M. McDonald is visiting her mother, Mrs. Annie Partlow o discount, payable at face value at maturity. The discount represents the interest. ; .. • ;• . The Sl.6,000 bill Is the largest currency^.'denomination the gov- over Mltiml Dencli, Flu., Hie oilier dny. on the Iiorlzro, Is sdnwn us she look Hickniiin. Ky. the flu. Und Is £eriously ill with Reed Crawl'ey. and R. L. Thorn visited In Luxora -Tuesday. ' E. M. McDonald was in "Blytheville on business -Tuesday. • Mrs. Hexie Wilson and childrer are vhlllng relatives at Haytl,-" Mo Leonard Hill, . Marvin -Crawley Horton and Joe .White". att«d« ernment^has ever.issued, and. there are".8546 "of these in circulation.'" —-- — ^ «I.»UUT> Ma.tor Woods kriovs money and C '™ rcl1 , at B ««l<!lte Sunday night. is a lot of It. When he became 1 _, ,™ Gre 8« s and Miss Callli ! Blaylock were married Sunday ha: treasurer he receipted to his pre- • ~ u .n. nj ''.'ecessor for cash and securities iri Bt at tne home/of the bride's the val«° of $14,16S,396,«1.97 2-3— )parenti . i£r - and Mrs. Blaylock. The the 2-3 of _ a cent being due to a fractional part.of a, bond (hat the government won irt a lawsuit. miring his conversation about money, ths'-major displayed and explained a'-number of different kinds of bills—but-he aidn't offer to pass out • any samples of his wares. • . State Takes Charge of Bank of Portageville '<* Rev. A. J. Hill officiated.; Leading Merchants Play Frisco Quintet Tonight PORTAGEVILLE, Mo.. Jan. 11-The Bank of Portageville was closed here yesterday by order • of its The leading Merchants ' of the City cage league u'lll take on th- Frisco five at the armory tonight. The Hubbard quintet will probably draw.a bye, bein e slated to play the Lutes team which has not tj:en on the floor lor a game this season paving disorganized just before official play started. The soldiers of Company M will , _„ - ... ta!( o on the Dixie Fliers In the fin- board of directors and placed in the i 8 ' game on the night's program • . . _.. .._ . .1 f-j .. r a hands of the state finance depart- I- Standings mcilt. The bank, it iyas announced, Teain W. will he turned pvar to Statj Ban'* Merchants g ^v.imlncr O. M.' Duncan for furth- Company M t or act!on.""No reason for the clos- ^'"s 3 . ing was given but it was generally Hutiljard — ......... 2 understood t' failure to collect Fri *co ................ ] farm loans was responsible. The lost statement showed the nnk to have loans totaling $140.167 and deposits of S123.323. Cani- tal stock of tho bank was 820,000. Aljilionsc Delisl? was president of Mte institution and H. W. Fields. cashier. It was the second bsnk to j close its' doors in New Madrid coun- ' t.v in th; past two weeks, the Bank ' of New Madrid failing to op?n n ago. Lutes Pet. 1.000 .800 .600 .600 .200 .000 Dr. Fred Allison and Edgar J Murphy of .Alabama Polytechnic inslidhtc have discovered that gold n atimim and five other chemical elements are mixtures of atoms chemically the sam e but different n weight. DETROIT. <OP)-Drivers of am- biilances. policy ,, atrols 3nd 0(h , r emergency cars, nre trucks excepl- ° ' red traffic lights except . n _" sf s of extreme emergency. Black Draught To Avoid Constipation The Only Wily tn Jmljc. Future M'rather Is by the I'.ist—'1'iiifs Why MDIions nf Weather Htc- otis Are Kepi in nWiKfiun Statlsdrs of cllm.iie .irj mcit'y digests or summurie.i of past wou- her, but (hey liidicafa, r a ee"- 'ral way, the. wea'.'ier of the lu- ure. There is a common Impression 10 he effect thot conservative me- eorolcglsts do noi engage in long- ange weather forecasting, except, wrhaps, in an cxpei-imema] iniri icademlc way. without reference lo any direct application of their forecasts to human nllalrs. This idea is hardly consistent with the fact that nearly every big inetcor- ologiral estnbllshmeht in the world compiles and Issues clhimiic sta- tfctics, which are used ns :i means of antlcipatliiB the -weather of the distant future and are intended chiefly for that purpose For example, the Department of Agriculture published a few years tlnue ntid so on. li is chli-fly because of such pracllral consldcrntlons Hint mc- teoro!o K lsls mnmtaln weather ob- au-vaticns on-a vast scale throughout Die world and publUh records or (li B csis of nil these observations. There nre many places In Em-ope ni,d n (cw ln om . Q country W ],cr c weather records have ijecn kept comlnu™ly lor more Ihnn n century. • Some of these records nre of formidable sire. One of (he stim- ago, as a section of the beautiful 4tlas _ of American Agriculture,- iome elaborate charts showing the average dates of the last -killing" frcst in spring and the first 'in autumn fn nil parts of the United States. These charts are merely a record, -of what has happened In past years. They enable farm-, ers and. fruit-growers : to'know approximately when, in any' locality, frosts .are due. • : ' ''. Iri a 'similar way, engineers, In signinB Ecv.srs, assume ' that heavy 'rainfalls In the future will riot greatly exceed in 'intensity 'hose 'of the past as recorded .in he climatic statistics : of the ; locality; doctors send their' patients o places where beneficial climatic conditions have .hitherto prevailed on the . assumption' that substari- 'ially the same conditions will con- Wcatlier Bureau library «t Washington Is a file of volumes coil' tainins dniiy measurements ot ininfnll made in India. Each volume, presenting the figures for it single year, Is as big HS un unabridged dictionary about 12 pounds. anil weighs 666 CC£ Liquid or TaMela tutd internal. ly< and 666 Salve «tenallr,. make »,(omp!He and efttcUie treatment lor CoUs, .'.';• ! *5,OH)0 in Cash ^Prizes Ai* Veor Drirght for Parikiian Dental Fees Extractions 60e to ?1 Fillings 51 and,up. .•' Full-Plates, upper or-lower . ns Low as ?10 Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist , BOARD mild more SUMMIT COAL LOW ASH-HIGH HEAT LESS THAN 2',i ASH OVER 15,000 HEAT UMTS Also Other Good Coals BUCHANAN COAL CO. Phone 107 EXCURSION ROUND TRIPS Memphis St. Louis .... EransrlHe ... Birmingham . Jackson, Trim * 3.30 Ttt 9.68 12.75 THE MAGNOMA LIMITED . . . Kor S(. Louis and intermediate points, reaves at 3:05 P. M. daily; for .Memphis at 9:30 P. M. daily. Free Pillows and Porter Service. O NE ol tit fuMM buM* fa t!x South, offer- rjn lu/uriooj Mnict orer the linn of 6.70 Low One-Way Farts Xrw Orleans Hew York .. DW^Or^rhound. Step «bo»rd thlm lUct motor co»ch ... not. «w ittr«cti7« inferior, then tettle down in in ilMiahioneil, redKnnn duir for a comlortabW tnp. Porter stmce, free pUlowi and ice water. for your convenience. Greyhound travel it no, ^i, comforHWe and con»«uent,but n economical . . . Uke »d«m»ge of low winttr round-trip ntei it one->nd-on«- bill dmn regular onc-wiy fate. UNION BUS DEPOT 2nd & Ash Sts. Phon( . 2; , GREYHOUND THE RED & WHITE STORES Thousands of Red & White members from Hudson Bay lo Mexico with but a single purpose -to Furnish Your Foods ECONOMICALLY! Prices Good for Friday, Saturday, Jan. 15, 16 Tomatoes NO. 2 can 3 For 20c Catsup Fane, 14| Oz. Bottle 16c Macaroni Or Spttxhftli 5« I'urkn«e (iood <)pulit< 3 For 13c Apple Butter 1 M-O/. Jar Each 20c Red & White or Pet 6 Small or 3 Tall Cans Baking Powder Red & White Mb. Can 23c .. ('alumet Mb.Can25c Bananas Celery Lettuce CHEWING GUM All Kinds 3forlOc CORN R«rl & White. No. 2 Can Country Gentleman Fancy 2 Cans 27c Spinach No. 2 Can 2For27c Fig Bars California I'er Pound 12c; PEAS No.'.2cCnn'. Red & White. :;,,,, - : . Fancy ; < ,| No:2Can2(te 4Pounds/19c Stalk 12c 8c OATS \ Red & White. 20-Oz. TKg MATCHES 5c Size 3 Boxes 8c MACARONI Or Spafihotti Rcil & White Fancy Quality 3 Pkgs. 19c Peaches Choice 2lbs.25c COFFEE ' Bjue & White Mb.Can29c SUGAR 4 Lk for 19c PEPPER " Black 3 Cans 25c Corn HO. 2 can 3 For 25c At Red & White Markets Oieo Blue & white 2 Pounds 25c Pork Sausage Ib. lOc THE REDS WHITE STORES Tht Sign of i PtendaMe

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