The Napa Valley Register from Napa, California on August 21, 1974 · 17
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The Napa Valley Register from Napa, California · 17

Napa, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1974
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A Threat By Airline President . MIAMI (UPI). - The president of National Airlines has warned 1,600 striking machinists and nearly 6,000 employes furloughed due to the walkout that all of them may not be recalled immediately when it ends. L. B. Maytag, head of the line which handed out performance bonuses to all its employes last spring before the strike began -because of record earnings, said in a letter to all its 8,000 employes that National's competitive position has been damaged by the walkout. Some 1,600 members of the International Association of M a c h i n i s t s and Aerospace Workers have been on strike since July 15 when talks on a new contract to succeed a pact which expired last fall broke down. Other unions refused to cross the picket line and the airline has been out of operation since then. The strike's continuation will require major adjustments to compensate for its adverse impact," Maytag wrote. Wilbur Spurlock, IAM president, said Maytag's letter was an attempt to "get sympathy of the wives, who really don't know what goes on in negotiations, to get them to harass the guys to go back to work. JAL Announces Fare Increase TOKYO (UPI) Japan Air Lines. Japan's national flag carrier, said today it will raise its international air fares beginning Sept. 15 because of rising fuel costs. The increase, the fourth this year, is subject to approval by the Transport Ministry. The announcement said passenger fares on Asian routes will go up by five per cent. The increase will be four per cent on European routes and eight per cent on the Pacific routes. 17 The REGISTER, Napa, Calif. Wednesday, August 21,1974 :iAIWICK-DUTTONS z o D 9 M AUTOMATIC NUMBERING MACHINES D-51 5 Wheel S1995 C-71 6 Wheel $2295 Print! up to 99999 with consecutive, repeot, duplicate, triplicate and qwodrupkote actions. Hos S wheels ond mstont resetting. One piece frame with heovy nickel-ploted finish. s n x 6 c -4 0 z State Briefs Sued For Antitrust SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) - Five canning firms which process 95 per cent of the albacore caught off the Pacific Coast annually have been sued for alleged antitrust violations. Western Fishboat Owners Association of San Diego asked unspecified damages in a class action suit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court on behalf of a group of tuna fishermen. The suit alleged that the canning companies engaged in a continuing conspiracy to restrain trade which results in fishermen getting "unreasonably low prices for their fish. Faces Bomb Charge HAYWARD (UPI) A reserve policeman has been charged with planting a bomb in the potice station and then reporting it in an attempt to better his chances of becoming a regular officer. Municipal Court Judge Robert Byers Tuesday set $3500 bail for Robert Woolum, 26. Officers said Woolum went into a bathroom in the station Sunday night and said he found a bomb but defused it. Police said a nine-inch pipe bomb was found in the bathroom. Police Lt. Peter Quevedo said Woolum admitted under questioning that he planted the bomb because he thought it would help him when the police examinations are held Saturday. Non-Stop Negotiations OAKLAND (UPI) Nine state legislators have urged immediate, non-stop negotiations aimed at ending the 51-day strike against the AC transit system by 1,6k) bus drivers, clerks and other workers. The strikers are seeking parity with employes of the Bay Area Rapid Transit District and other transportation agencies in the area. Energy-Saving Code DAVIS (UPI) A proposed building code, designed to use the simplest form of solar heating and cut electricity use by 30 per cent, is being studied by the Davis City Council. If approved, the proposal would require developers to equip new homes and apartments with a number of energy-saving features that could cut an estimated $80 to $100 a year from electricity bills. In brief, the proposal would require the use of light colored roofs, more windows facing south because they are the most energy efficient in the summer and winter, and natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation using outside air. Anti-Smoking Bill Dies SACRAMENTO (UPI) A Senate-passed bill banning smoking in food stores and classrooms and imposing other statewide smoking restrictions has failed in an Assembly committee. The measure (SB2168) by Sen. Anthony C. Beilenson, D-Los Angeles, was rejected Tuesday night by the Criminal Justice Committee on a 3-3 vote. The bill would have required half the seats in theaters, buses, airplanes and trains within the state to be set aside and marked for nonsmokers.. Excluded were transportation carriers which travel across state lines. former councilwoman Annette Lombardi would be charged in Santa Rosa Municipal Court with possession of marijuana and concealing evidence, Vickie Flaherty, who was with them, faces similar charges. Both Laughlin and the councilwoman resigned Aug. 7 when accused of taking marijuana plants from the police station, to which the marijuana had been taken by officers from the home of city planning commissioner Eve Kitchen and five other persons. Egg Pooling To End LOS ANGELES (UPI) A controversial statewide egg surplus pooling program in which extra eggs were diverted to Japan and other outlets will not be extended beyond its Aug. 31 expiration date. In a stormy meeting of the Egg Advisory Board, Tuesday, the pooling program failed to win an extension when it fell one vote short of the necessary 10 favorable votes. The program, which was highly criticized by consumer groups as price fixing, required producers to voluntarily curtail production of eggs by 2.5 per cent or deliver that percentage to the surplus pool. An Accent Mark SAN JOSE ( UPI ) This Santa Clara County city may soon be spelled San Jose with an accent mark ( ' ) over the e. The City Council voted 4-3 Tuesday night to put the accent mark over the e" as a tribute to the town's Spanish heritage. The name change was adopted and will take effect unless the city attorney's staff finds legal ramifications of the action. Jail Release Ordered SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) A woman who refused to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the Symbionese Liberation Army has been ordered released from jail. U.S. District Judge Alfonzo Zirpoli released Cynthia Garvey, 23, on her own recognizance Tuesday after Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas ordered the release at his vacation retreat in Washington state. Contractor Identified SUSANVILLE (UPI) - Dental records revealed Tuesday that remains found in aircraft wreckage were those of a Susanville contractor who has been missing since 1968. Lassen County officials said the victim was Harold L. Clarke, 35, owner of Clark Construction Co., who vanished during a November flight from Redding to Susanville. A survey crew found the wreckage last Friday 15 miles west of Susanville on Coyote Peak. Defy High Interest SAN DIEGO (UPI) The chief executive of the state AFL-CIO feels Nelson Rockefeller "must defy the policies of high interest rates set by his familys bank" if he is to be acceptable to organized labor as vice president. "It is not enough for Rockefeller to place his holdings in the Chase National Bank in trust." John F. Henning, secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation, told labor convention delegates Tuesday. Arraignment Thursday Rea9an Agreement COTATHCPT) District Attorney John W. Hawkes has announced that Cotati's former mayor and a former city councilwoman would be arraigned Thursday on marijuana charges. The Sonoma County official said Tuesday night that former mayor Stephen Laughlin and SAN JOSE (UPI) Gov. Ronald Reagan says he agrees with President Ford's position on amnesty for draft evaders. He told newsmen Tuesday before speaking to a Republican fund-raising dinner that he opposed unconditional amnesty but the government should be "lenient." ESSENTIAL OFFICE PHRASES ON ONE COMPACT SPACESAVING UNIT. PHRASES INCLUDE: first clou. Registered, special delivery, porcel post, da not bend, pleose remit, via air moil, lor deposit only, printed motter and speciol hondlmg. BITS )RIVE A LITTLE-SAVE ALOT Hours: 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. rices Effective Thurs. to Sun. August 22nd To 25th .. . RED-RIPE EACH wM'M: Dial-A-Phrase Dater One stomp does the work of 12. Moke mstont selection of desired phrase with unique dial selector. PHRASES INCLUDE: onswered, bock ordered, conceited, billed, chorged, checked, delivered, entered, poid, received, shipped. DAP-2 3 mmm 9 u y i X b c -w 0 ! $3 STAMP PADS O Black, blue and purple inked stamp pads in many size 9 Uninked pads also available. K Barwick - Quitons I'JVNtMMAr.HlNt INC Ir NAPASTAhONttT sizes. n it b c OFFICE PRODUCTS 3230 JEFFERSON ST. PHONE 324 3138 NAPA, CA. II THOMPSON SEEDLESS SUNKIST VALENCIA ARTICHOK MEDIUM SIZE um (nSofl ...... ...Ac n ut Los Angeles Police Arrest 'Alphabet Bomber' Suspect LOS ANGELES (UPI) -Police Tuesday arrested Muha-rem Kurbegovic, a Yugoslavian printer, and charged with being the "alphabet bomber who killed three persons and wounded 35 at the international airport Aug. 6. Im convinced we have solved the airport bombing and the placing of a bomb at the Greyhound terminal, said Assistant Police Chief Daryl Gates. Kurbegovic, 31, was arrested in the mens room of a restaurant in Hollywood. He was accused of being the "Isaac Rasim who took responsibility for the airport bombing, claiming to be the "chief military officer of the Aliens of America." He was to be charged today with murder for the deaths of two skycaps and a New Zealand passenger who blasted apart by the bomb left in a public locker. The FBI said it would bring a federal charge of destruction of an airport, which carries a possible life prison term. Police said Kurbegovic had been under surveillance for several hours and was arrested after he dropped off a tape cassett the bombers method of leaving messages and officers felt the voice on the tape was the same as that of "Rasim." He was arrested on the basis of the voice on the tape," a police spokesman said, and his apartment was then searched by bomb squad members with explosives-sniff-ing dogs and "there is incriminating evidence at the apartment ... explosive ingredients." Kurbegovic, who entered the United States legally in 1967, stands 5-feet-ll, weighs 200 pounds, and has short brown hair. He worked for a blueprint firm. Police said he had been arrested once before, for an unspecified sex offense. "We think he is one and the same" with "Rasim," the police spokesman said. Investigators believe there are probably no more members of the "Aliens of America" that Rasim claimed to speak for. "Rasim" demanded repeal of all federal immigration and naturalization laws, other laws affecting aliens, all sex laws, more effective separation of church and state and the punishment of two police officers, now retired, who killed two Mexican illegal aliens four years ago, but were cleared of wrongdoing. GM Bows To Pressure $54 PriceReduction Announced DETROIT (UPI) - General Motors Corp., bowing to White House pressure, today announced a token reduction of $54 from its planned price hike Trimming Viet Aid Defeated WASHINGTON (UPI) - Hie Senate today narrowly defeated a move to cut $150 million for South Vietnam from the already sharply reduced defense appropriations bill. The senators voted 47 to 44 against an amendment by Sen. William Proxmire, D Wis., which would have reduced military aid for South Vietnam from $700 to $550 million. The Senate acted after Sen. John McClellan, D-Ark., read a letter from Defense Secretary James R. Schlesinger warning that the proposed reduction would seriously hinder South Vietnam's ability to defend itself. Proxmire argued strenuously that the South Vietnamese have been doing well and they would continue to with $550 million in military aid the same amount extended last year. The Senate voted down the Proxmire effort to further cut the defense bill after defeating a maneuver, 71-21, by Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz.. to delete entirely military aid to South Vietnam. Goldwater had argued that the United States should either live up to its commitment to provide military aid to the Saigon government, or eliminate it entirely. Sen. Thomas F. Eagleton, D-Mo announced he would move to set a ceiling of $81 billion on the defense budget. of $500 for 1975 model cars and trucks. GM said the reduction was in response to an appeal from President Ford to roll back the increase and help fight inflation. The average increase on GM's 1975 model cars, which are being put on sale as soon as dealers receive them, is now $446, including $100 to $160 for emission control equipment, $20 for higher destination charges and the remainder to cover the higher costs of labor and materiels. The move by the nation's No. 1 auto maker, the acknowledged price leader, was seen as a gesture to take off the pressure that has been building since Aug. 9 when it announced the 9.5 per cent increase. President Ford was sharply critical of the hike and had "ailed for a reduction. This reduction is our response to President Fords appeal to all segments of the American public to help fight inflation, GM chairman Richard C. Gerstenberg said in a three-page release. Gerstenberg said the new increase would average six per cent for cars and 10 per cent for trucks. On cars, this would include between $100 and $160 to cover the cost of adding new emission control equipment. Ford Motor Co. president Lee A. Iacocca said Tuesday the No. 2 auto maker has little choice but to follow GMs lead on prices. Ford indicated in late July its increase on cars would average $418. But Iacocca said the hike now probably would be in the same range as GM increase. Neither Chrysler Corp. nor American Motors has made any public disclosures on their pricing action for 1975 models. Gerstenberg, complaining that GM will be absorbing about $100 per vehicle in unrecovered cost increases when the 1975s debut, said he shares the president's concern with inflation. Hostage Freed As Deputies Blast Their Way Into Jail AMARILLO, Tex. (UPI) -Deputies blasted their way into the Potter County jail today and freed a jailer held hostage for more than a day by five knife-wielding inmates. One inmate was killed and three other persons were wounded in the assault. County authorities said Dar-vin Ray Meharg, 39. a former police officer and ex-convict from Wichita Falls and leader of the revolt, was killed. Trusty Edward Hosford was wounded and in serious condition in a local hospital. Department of Public Safety Patrolman Cal Hinkle and Deputy Sheriff George Giner suffered minor leg injuries. Officials said all other inmates were not injured and were in custody. "The jail is back under the sheriff's control." said a county spokesman minutes after the raid on the top two floors the jail area of the courthouse. He said the two officers were wounded by shrapnel. The two prisoners caught bullets apparently fired by police. The rebellious inmates were armed only with knives taken from the jail kitchen. The spokesman said newsmen would be allowed to tour the jail area later in the day. The jail was held a total of 36 hours by the inmates. Two. loud explosions rocked the upper ' floors of the courthouse at 11:45 a.m. and minutes later deputies rushed hostage Stan Snitker to a waiting patrol car in undetermined condition. Two other explosions were heard shortly after the first and a dozen police officers rushed through the jail. Other officers swarmed with guns drawn onto the fifth floor patio area and aimed toward windows above them. Today's Stocks Winning Wine Made Of Berries LEESBURG, Fla. (UPI) Eddie Hermann, San Antonio. Fla., won the top prize in the Florida Grape Growers Association's first annual amateur wine making competition Tuesday, but there was little for the sponsors to cheer about. . Hermann's prize-winning wine was made from wild blackberries. Hermann, a water conditioning equipment dealer who makes wine as a hobby, entered the same bottle of wine with which he won second place in wine making at the Pasco County Fair earlier this year. He said he picked the blackberries along the Seaboard Coast Line railroad tracks last year. Judges included officials of fruit wines of Florida Inc., Tampa, and Todd Hunter Inc., an Aubumdale wine firm. Hermann said he learned to make wine from his grandmother when he was a child and made grapefruit wine as a teen-ager. Two years ago he obtained federal and state permits and resumed is nobby. He won the top prize for winemaking at the 1973 Pasco County Fair because his was the only wine entered. This year his wine fell to second place because he had a competitor and the judges preferred the taste of orange cordial to his wild blackberry vintage. Tuesdays competition was held during the muscadine grape field day. NEW YORK (UPI) - After an uncertain opening, stock prices turned easier Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange in light trading. The Dow Jones industrial average had dropped 8.22 to 718.63 shortly before noon EDT. With selling taking its toll of the blue chips and glamour issues, declines pushed ahead of advances, 597 to 419, among the 1,453 issues traded. The market apparently lacked the strength to expand Tuesday's gain, which broke a string of losses extending over eight sessions. The severe market slump cut the Dow by almost 76 points. Analysts said Tuesday's advance was the result of internal adjustments in the market after an unusually long decline. Despite some encouraging economic news, investors remained glum about the future course of the economy. The Labor Department reported its Consumer Price Index rose at a 9.6 per cent annual rate in July, down from the record June increase of 12 per cent, annually adjusted. The department attributed the July dip to a temporary drop in foods prices. Interest rates, a major investor worry, showed signs of easing. Central National Bank of Cleveland, the first bank in the nation to lift its prime lending rate to an unprecedented 124 per cent on July 8. announced it has reduced the interest rate for its best business borrowers to 12 per . cent. But even the prospect of lower interest rates failed to pull the investment community out of the doldrums. Sales through noon totaled 5.310,000 compared with 6.650.-000 changing hands in the same period Tuesday. Among the generally softer blue chips. Eastman Kodak fell 2ir, Exxon l'a, General Electric 1. The glamors also suffered losses. IBM dropped 34. Digital Equipment 2S. Burroughs 17h. Texas Instruments l'a. Airlines, motors, oils and chemicals weakened fractionally. while the rails and steels moved slightly higher. Here is a partial list of near closing prices for today on the New York and American ! Stock Exchanges, supplied through the courtesy of Paine. Webber. Jackson A Curtis. Inc. Napa office; 1738 First St.. I 0 Box Ml. Napa. CA 84558. HEARING AID DATTERY SPECIALS kqtttrv Silt M-13 M-41 M-401 M-475 SO 3 S4t S-76 S-311 All print plus t. Cash tnly. Mfo. tilt 3 82 ,3 97 1.80 3.36 3 34 3 30 3.90 3.12 OUR RRICE .ss SI .IS .81 fl.99 $8.99 3 1 $1.79 ftamombor, for oil your hearing aid nnods ... too us. Wo fit and sarvica Zenith, Audivox, Qoalitona and many othor makes of aids. Napa Valley NEARING AID CENTER "Wo ora hero today so you con hoar tomorrow." 121 qtaia St. Weekdays :30-5; Sol. t Evas, hy Appt. 255-2077 Aluminum Co. Of America 4$h American Airlines 8 American Tel A Tel 42'. Amfac 16 Bethlehem Steel 30s. Boeing Co 18'. Borg-Warner Corp 17 Bristol-Myers Co 434 Chrysler Corp 13s. Coca-Cola Co 77l Colgate-Palmolive Co 21'. Consolidated Edison of NY 7'. Crown Zelierbach Corp 284 Dillingham 5s. Disney Productions 3Sa Dow Chemical 6P4 DuPont 130' 1 Eastman Kodak 78'. El Paso Natural Gas 10s. Ford Motor Co $9 Foremost McKesson 33 General Electric 39 General Foods 191, General Motors 397 General Tei A Electronics 19X4 Georgia Pacific Corp Goodrich 33 Goodyear Tire A Rubber 351, Greyhound Corp. 337, Gulf Oil Corp, jgx, Honeywell. Inc 397, International Bus Mach 3931, International Paper 444, t

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