Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 25, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1942
Page 2
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NAWATUOK DAILY ,NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 25,', 1942 Corum Broncs Are One Thing, i When Ray Got Mad, the Ray Robinson Is 1 a | : G f c>wboy Grabbed Leather Leaping Dark Panther, j With His Teeth, Folks, ,^^^m^-«*^»»*.^'»».«»*» < **'«^ x *. »^-*m-«.^'«.«»'«.'*"K»'x»<*'*»'*'** RUBE SHANK GETS HIS "SUGAR" CARD to .V* he, porl'urin n Shank ,\vliu H br«'ak browns mul \v)irn he wi.'t IM yoni'M tried lo rldr black llM'hlnliiK In Sq.iiaro (i'iii'den Tuesday U n I Miihnn old holt, of couldn't h a v o knocked him In m n r i 1 dlroctions and Ih'd him Into sti'iini','cr knols. Whkh I* one \v;iy of IHIIntf you lh;it (1 o w 11 o y Sli.nik ran afoul ol' ll:iy Hohlll.Hun, one of Mu 1 most d;iiiM''Ti>iiH and dc- s I r u c 11 v c flsl fixhlcrs around, ami got tossed, all Hit- way OVIM- tin- la'yout. Ituhy hud r»> more buslno^ In' the .name rlnK wllh HmblnMoii than tho next ainMLImm young limit yo-u see In. the slrfi'l. Ami thiil 1 :. no knock :il Mnb'-n. NoM'lghtiT lilM WMlghl In the world today has any l"Kltlmate business with Mio bdslfU'HM end ol 1 "Sugar Ha v'. 1 -*" whiplash t'HlM. HohlfiHon thrown punches like n fell'ow throw ing racks I'rom a slingshot, un his aim yci-nia to -be Improving tho tlrno, . Ut course, he could soarecdy rnlH thti t'kiundei'lng Sh.nik. I J ! ly after the vruUiri'wHiin cnwhoj, t'hrcw caulion to the winds, »w came loiclnni in to slug 11 out Kmboldeoed by a rlgh thru JolN-fl the cocky cnloi-e/l boy's complacency, and ftnathm* Hh-urtw 1 hi. thul added man than It did Injury, ilube was It the old ytp-l~Uli!(«-l'Ol whorl IIMI snrldlc girth guvo way. Furious at Juivlng been nuuihau dlmt, however briefly, by the brawl- Ing young man from the VVesI Tto-binsion s[)un him Into perfect punching rurw and lacud a left hook lo the sldi- of tin- jaw that HlllM'll I'HCUJH'tl llllN HHH I»,V hill liuckwiird tain llm roprs, hi IIUVH lln« lfiisl-|)iin«l»lN|i lh> null him there \vllh ALL-STAR GRIDDERS WHO Slnink look iilnt) mini". H, It Wii.s u'ltHlnif iiHMwlonmis mid ImpHc.s.s. kspiu'inlly I'oi* Iho. cowboy, who hml hll lhc< dust hi about till III/' pOMltloil.S HIMl pONhll'I'.M III) When IM| him (hut he .sccond.s cowboy hi* 1 oily OF knof-ked luibon Into (he ropes. The kid from Colorodio made a supreme effor! to shake, off the effec,| ofth'lH nid-liuillier bombshell and bounce back flKhllnK. l>nt hln Icx^ hud heard Ui" r»H nf tho \yU«l, , Sri, Instead (if charglnK forward, nn-he plainly was altenipthiM' to do, Shank toppled over on his face. He pitllcd himself to -his kneea and took "elM'ht/ 1 Ife Just was hack on hlfl -ffid. when flobin.son I'elnled him With the left and let KO a rlxht t.l.nt hll. the '|.II||'H eye, •Oovyn. went the cowboy In mld- rIng tar the full count, This time •(;(! Hilly CavauaKh K)«vo him extra Hc-coml when 'hn rose, by thrAiiKh HIM limn luuiorcd of wIphiK NIC resin off hlM on his Mi'ii.v official's shirt, -\;. . fAS IN A fc'JNOW: Inhlnson \VIIM Itrcntlilnfi Mohlnson promptly down ii|juhi \vilh n didn't even liolhcr not , (Invuniiuiih put nn end lime WMN U niliiulc.s itiiil of NIC MiM'onil roiinil, .Tin 1 hml seen Ihr sljjhls of Un» In well tiliih record lime, (', It WHS n mlsmnleh, Hut efiriil Hml II l.s not ens.s lo inuke n mhlnli for Huhlnson, rlfihl. now Hint d(H'Nii'( Wind up looKhijl Mini wny hel'oi'c It IN ovnr, Unless I nm you cnn 01 most, .sec llohln- SOH (irou'ini/" mill impi'ovlni/ l"i'»i» In.v lo diiy, The cullhre of I he oppo.slllon he Is mrellnn iniiy linve soinellihid lo do • with Ihl.s Impi'CNslou, Still, I (lon'l believe tiny body U'h'o IUIM seen him can douhl Mini here Ks \\ renl nood flf/hler IIM he .sttuul.s, nnd H polen- Ihil (iretil H|)hltM'. And he Inn 1 ! ni'lu- nlly lil yiMirw oil! .even Ihoufih he IIU.M oli'lolnlly renched Ihnl ripe nfie, IIKHU'III OA1IM IS INDICATKI): Brooklyn St/ Louis New, \'ork eiricinnutf Pittsburgh Boston Philadelphia' off- oan I In , so tho lie Isn't likely |.o III! out to be, more than a middle-weight, or Just possibly a light llxhthuavy. Hut barrliiK some sort of fluke, or a Mliprp changn In his wny of living, he Isn't likely Jo be beaten, either, until he starts tackling bigger and tilfM'e rugged opponent*. None of those that I think of hand, will otttcki.MH him, llo lie can lilt, And IIH'M than a Milton Uerle svlsccrack. never ban shown the sign 'ar HM I fiave .seen, of minding rainx, mcniilng (he rough-going. N'ohody cnulrl anl^ any flghler to oirie Ugh I Ing olT two Nolld smashes Mitch ,'IM Shank hit him, any quick- r or more Mavagely than he did last light. So, when you sum II up, there seem to be much that a Ixhtcr could have (hat. he hasn't, It's prctly apparent that he teles o model himself after ,foe I.otils, ugh he sllll Is no Joe In his earing In Ihn rlnK or oiil. '('here an Innate modesty and dignity ,ouls that Hay eontrlve lo Bernie Criiumlns Jeffrie* Missouri Mnrlt'in nnothr Sieve Juzwik Notre Damo Daniel State AlBlozI* Georgetown VJnco Banonls Detroit , Binge Minnesota Mai Kutner l^oolhall's nnninil <li'euin Annual 28 Hils Boni;(9/:pro\cli«hiplpns ontest ,, Vi;sU!i'd.jiy's Jlesulm Louis ^'^rookTyn'''!. 1 '' Industrial Leaders Are Held; to Jfive (Hits by \ < .! ; s .; . >,-> - j.'i \:.~~ ' i'/> '•'„'• 'c •'•• i'.- -;.-tV"- " ' ,.. .-» 'i -V . Standing : .". W. 05 :59 55 ,58 .50 .34 L. m 43' 57 .61 63 74 '8.1 Pet : .533 ,492; M& .460! .403 .296' Todoy's Gmiiies, PUcher» New Ybrk at Cincinnati >.(iO-4) ys. HiddlQ '(5-8). WV-H- Y fe' at ' :S * : - L '^' (night) wyatt (15-4) , V s. Cooper, (liy-7), Kpsipn 'at PittslDurgh" Sain;•'•'('<MJ;J' vs. Se\Vejr (13-12)./ Ph i lad'e"-) p h id at Oh icago—Podga i - ny, (4 : 12) vs. 'Lee/;(13-11^,: -•--••-AMERICAN All-? edged out Wie,U., S..^ubher Co. last; at IteereA^n field by nic .vo'iiy .close scbVc of l-p^Tlie ibno run of'-'/Ul^V ''contest ..^hci>vedVs'Mic. close- n'cs's qf v t')iO.,fray../". ._. ' i( : ; \,. \Vi 1 df Bi 1J" > DUii ii, a d clod' a sli u t out »y l>iickp'd iaho; Tli^/Avlnning iuia...wjis' sc,orod in tlie fi'ftli' whan 'DV'Th'uiirilon''sin«-led, w^hl to secpnd, :o»i ''$. hit by Lcm' Creddp; stole 1 th>rd,. " rode home On. a vfielder/s;.'oho|e^.:'••'•'. • Watty..-'Janus,., ; ;',>\Nfeij-lcii6wp over, but' all in "vAin. Francis "Red 1 ' 1 , "Wild 1 Bin", Duiiii, addod' a sliut- >ut' (p '.'Ills' 1A»*' spring of Victories ) y. p i t-cli i ng : ; fj v^h it; ^al 1; H o w:i s Hvckcfd up hy^'Stoyepipe >Kd n May- o»»rt" :r ' ' -* •'•'••'' "•••••'.• •• . '_•>. Pet.! .525 LOCAL ATHLETES CORPS HAY tlu- hf on or Ullly'H neck IMK! the erereo .step|»ed oul or I|».V rh-ed another xllek of' M IlllOIlt copy. I'V.r asked Shank f',\ampli\ when Unit Dnnphy him on the nlr last nlHlit It' hnrl liurt! hftn. May repllerl ie wa;i a Koorl lough hoy anrl hard to hanrllo. or wonts to that effec.t. Which was jieri'eclly IriM) aiul perfectly all rlwht. Hilt as I listener! IhroiiMh the earphones, | could .almost hruir fjnils Maying In a Mlmllai- situation, "Yes- sir, he sure shank me up good with that right hand." IT WITH NVH!I1AM,V T\vo fonnnr iN'nugatuc.Ii High Hohool Mini- uMilnlcH, "Roh" nucclo of lilgh Hlrnjfl n'nd "MlUe" Plsani of HiMdon'- Falls have In Iho Uiilli'fl States i\lnrlnn f^orps. Unlh youths, Just iiO y(?jii:.s .o.f.agQ, pluyocl Ho.vcrafr spoi-ts at Naugutuok High, school ijnutiiM 1 Clpncli Pptor..J, l^olcy, and Miii-"Uoacon/•Kulls' star was rnloil hy his (jonclt (is our 'of tin! harfli'Hl hltlliiK basnball' players ever lo .show locally. Last whiter both boys w«ro mom- hei'H ul' the c.nmk'lljnll l.e.uin of Loe.;il /i-r>, United Ikibhep NS'arkerK of AnuM'Ica, a unit that lost only three, games over, a IOIIK SCI/ISOM. of pfoty. ' ' Hiic-i'lo IH a son of Mr. and Mrs Anthony Hucclo of 102-High slreet while PJsnnl, ss'lio lives a I, 7 Main Hli'f'uil.,- Himnnn I'VillH, in a son oil Mr; and Mrs. Louis I'isani. It Is e.xpeoleij Unit both bnys will Mnnn Jin sent to Pari'ls Island, S.'C! for Uielr juarine row-ill I, training, I *"' 5 > ,'.' • : • :•'•-.* >':•" ..V ,; I P '^'-^^'^'C " /: itching. • .-'!''- ;,. \'..--' ''•' ^^ •. f -..-. Score of NigHt Game, at St Louis One. Was 'Seven to (n.v, UuHed on. -, % in .'pf.h'er.,.. wordav'send ;v a - rlg)it £ ':. 1 LOudo!fI •;.pi t;cji;p 1',-v 1 jVga'inst ••* 'tlinfii'.'ariTdv goiibrally "tho'y 'do alT right. "." ' Tho St. Louis Cardinals are .not, out to play tho game' according to the Uro'oklyn plan. So last night,., bcforo 25,000 ' : home tow no rs who crowded' into 'Sportsman pa/rk- thoy- sent Max.'Tiairlur -out. to tile, . . '• " The/ (Slants-. La.nler . sends plate- •ward^cghto.'. from Hie.;- port' side/ B r o.o k-lyjirj gi- o p ed • a r 6 u n i 1. v u n de r t h e .arps ; ; ai(w'-j|y,9nihg and was i able t,o ioii^liVb.^..^^'" '-pf .' l:he ; left-li'anded- pttphes.Tte, sa : fc-V Jilts/ 1 • -V-'v. •;•:,...-.' • • i »•/ ' .Vir..- ; - . »-- ' . .- : • ";r:;Tlre" re^ilts:' SI.' Louis seven; ' - ; • (No games'Vch'e'dtiled;') •.. ; '' u 'Tiift;'isittndiifiV' New York«, Boston ..... Cleveland .. St. Louis '-, Detroit •:,.;'.-.', Chicago° ... •\Vaslilhgton Philadelphia Today's Ch i cago at New. York— Ifu m ph.- C1 evelah'd'• at ; : Sostbn'' (21-e-Mi 1 nar •4(S-SJ/vfthd' Harder f'Q^LO^. vs.* Chase R yah .' and;- .V Jack' '^!» ore tu rned 'in .some fi«e o^field.V.pJny.' Sluin- •non, 'of ,lJhe. ;<l Uv:;S.';r "ma<lc a fine ))l«y on Creddo;e-)Kird ^masli'jii i.h e ;sixt;h. 1 . ;• , : • : ';; ; ;v. ( • ; :'; - ' ; The ,u;,S,.Ru^)er;thi^aiened l only .p'nce, Av]ieh In Mie .s!xih l '''thcy'"load- ed .the bases, \.9n two .sing|es and a \\i\lk and had,' t'hcir heavy' hitting MAiwiger SlianWoh V.'-stejvpifr^ 'tp u, ( , plate.' Wi Oh . the. ,<j,ount' ' 3':ahd/2 and oil I;; Mhe, wen 1 f( down, .swinging- on .ldin' .X>ne k On^;df^BI]r.l>d?in^st'l>alls. SchiK fo'ql.e<i • ou'tf • 'to i Gaulfleld ut Ui-ird.: riiuitos "led J ,. , Afanager "Bud 1 " puhn.js nowconv- •pieiin^ ,iJie:"--AJJ-$lars < '"8ia|e"5ror' " ' week.' this ' St. Louis at,Washington (twilight and night)—Gale)i6use . (ii-9) and SundrJa : (6-6) : .ys'. 1 . •Carrasquel (0-5) and Masl,erspn (!>-8)V >; ': (Only- gaincs 'scheduled.} ;x • * • > New York,, Aug., 25— (U P}-—The New -York Giants, are 1 . s|ar'tlng' 't.o build'.their 1943 team. •jBhey! c a 11 o cl. p r p u r c ha s 6d -fc.e ri - mi n 6 r • 1 eagu e P1 a'yjers, a 11 of" \\' Ii o m -w) 11 're p 6 'r(,. '• to the'Giants when their., local seasons ' V;-.«Th e ""'" I'JHo/y .; lea ves Lh e . Gar d i n a '.-:- -Jfl -pd ?tl)^:)bcigers.- ;> And^'^io • curren I; soi'iesv\has 'three' irioro games • Lo ' ' , • Slf, /Louis .batters • .'toucher! '.Larry ' •Froiioli 1 ; ; AVebber nncl Nugli a'tolaj' of 12 sol'ltrsmacks. The .rest , ' .of^Mic clubs in 'both were. -.kilo'; yesterday. - • • 1 1 I ' ' I I i •' . .1 i • M ii xa lu rile (lets. y rcspiViUvnly of 1,1m Nau Ooininll.lon for • flying Ui JUV WAH ftOMDS TOMORROW 9. GROWN UP AND m tim Holly wood' M Favorite Young Movie Start rii<7 4 W M J J y JMVrJW *JIM4f I ^^^S FLORENCE FOSTER |§§ I Nor would •!(>'(> hnve Ix-on pulliiiff on any purl oi 1 nn ucl. lie is just UiiiliMl lo (jo Ihnl wny. With him u simple I'uet Is .somHhliifj lo iMuati- cejiled simply uiul I'rnn^l.v. Nalui'ally, can't .'shy how imioh Hohlnson wns iurrod or how «om- plotely he renH'/eil 11 in Ihe licnl of hnllle, lint il » have been phtin to till Unit snfiH'lhhif; nnulr hint nilfjhty nuul uiliihly fhst. •''oi 1 he ehaiMMMl Inslnntly from « shili'M loiifi I'liiifie, cool mid cnrcful hoxer Into u slushlnfj, .snviifju knockout, Hownvri 1 , no two people are alike niul It isn't I'lMiNomihln lo rxiioet Hay to he iinolliei 1 ,!oe simply heeimst; he nlso l.s nn exceptionally clnssy Mlihler, No mailer how" nuic.hi ho muy ndmlre .loo or how dlllfjenlly he may try to emulate him, 'I'hotVII he only one .loe Lou l.s In our time. Not Mini, (here will he a trnhi- Iwnl or l|n.v Hohiiisoii.s, lie's 'loo flood. Viu'y, vrry (jood, indiMid, ns his unhenlfMi record in ,'i'i Irip.s to (lie post proves, Speaking x>f|iSpjiorfs ;\ ,,;<,. i n y l\XLi»U D. PAIvMER ? , Sports Editor, United -Press Hodio EXTRA-/n Person m by Hoii' 'M AND HIS ON ORCHESTRH / //rr/f TQfii NORTON haiuilny BETTY AL NOBLE OTHER ACTS lOEUI'S POU Lust "bay — li'OOTIJOll'f plu.s A-U\UNJIN(i Wl-1 WILL "TARZAN'S NEW YORK ''(iUNCiA - LAST DAY — |)|,\» — "KING jiu (U#t>rnnjor r football game o I' 1 il i o ''sons o'n.y,n'6' ;; f ui* t)i!pr' a'wa y' Ch a ii Friday 'n'lghl.r«p'orh'nps'>tho time . : is over-ripe to attempt 'to-'sketcli the barest' outlines of the most uncertain gridiron season since J!)i8. 'There will,' of- no'cossity, be many gaping liolus In" the picture. Some of thnsp .ncvor. w/lll l)'o tllJ.e.d In with firm strokes and solid colors. .'-•;• Football, " 1'lko" 'Rvb.rythlng else clialned to thn'chariot of the war Korl Mnrs, will j-nact 'automatically md from v/uuk to weok with tho shi'Ctlhg"fortunes'o'f"'tlic mighty con- I'lict. Much has ,boon- said.about tho ox-. orluH of stars and coaches; to the nnnofl services and Its likely affect on tho collogo gahie.-''''-> . v While this is truo. to- the cxicn't' that I ho 'significant changer in the :l'.M<i gridiron scone will bo a powerful omphasls ;ou soi-vlco teams, j,ho nasc probably has -boon- ovcrHtated. Tlic present d.rat't hiw is not oper- nllvo until itlie age' of 20. And most college players arc ibss than that ago. . S1 . : ,. ;.,.... ... DC coursa, any number, of thorn have enlisted, But the woods stjll am, full ol' such stellar names as'- Olass-jawod Frank Slnkwkh of OooVgia, Stovo l^illpowlc//of Fordham, Billy' MI lion brand of Indiana, Bill Rolnhard of California and BIIJ llondorson of Toxas'A, and M, - ..-:"' All but a-few of the, largest I'oroncos and almost all of the orfuI '/independents" have let down Mm bars to freshmen. Which moans- that the averag'o ago of college ^players will', be youngbr and the games, as a result will 1)0 of thn wild and wooly var- l«ty' with classic .boners ,t\nd. startling upsets tho order of'-the day.. Another effect of' this ciroum- stanco will bo a general leveling off so that thorn will be- fewer stand- out'teams and .tho outcome of con-.' Insts will be more and more unprc- dlct'ablo. •; in of. "the" limes, stress'- \yill bb'pla.ced on.all-out.o'ffonsfydi /: built." around spnod, daring ami ; surprisp. :. . , So; that;, tho '•jrtot'.lreflull,, ••fpom'--thq spectator's 1 vipvyppiht, fthould;be for hulghtened rather than''lessoned in**_.'_**< 4 *' ' '• ' lf ' * • • **"•,''. ' . ". * * games "in marked -use. of, :arcl igh Is for nigh t ,still "ofliers, are factors I-'X."- ' Already ,tho War department hljitcd, darkly that regulations arc 'in;.tho'' ^process- of --pi-omulgatipn- wh'icli wi'M -place even moro string--. (] 1 n.t / .restrictions on the use of-trans-" .porta'tion fucjlitles' needed for do- feiiHC J3y large spoi'ts crowds. ::'l-9 -offset- this, many ;ofti),e.larger schools located In" small college .communities ai'n moving some of thoir traditional clashes- to noarby large.'cities'. Tills would tend to keep at;i;enda"hc"e" up" Jjy '"utili'/Jng 'purely local transportation facilities. .There la cpnslrlcrable ta-lk .that the:.demand- of-the armed 1 services for vigorous young manpower -js such''tf({^the ?.draft law's -will ; be i aine;uleci :: -'f;o include boys of ,i8, and 40—'probably .after the November elections'.,;, s • / ; However, J thls^iilvGly. would' h'avc slight aft'ed't on college football ,..^Purchnsed ^from,; ; Jersey City was , : t'lbnal league's best: pitchers.: Four pitchers, Hugh IDast, Sal 'Maglie, .lohnny.Wittig, and tlaye Koslo have b'cnn recalled .'from Jersey 'City 1 , as well as>.in/lf3iclers Joe .Orengo .and Connie Ryan and outfielders slohn- ny Rucker .and Sid Gordon.", ', Rube.'Fischer, -a, pitcher \yith- Mjn- Jloapbli.s,' and -Howard'Moss',- Outfielder on'the Columbus Red •Birds', have also boen recalled".•' "And . catcher Charlie Fox and outfielder,: A^lc Bradford will lie' brought up from smaller .farms. <» »» — '• — '— '-': '• ,:• MEVINOTTIS IIERWTBALL » WILL OPENSOON The HJS Jr.lUMU, .... •-. - .--.; : -.7 In' kboping with the,genera'l splritj 'the ' limes, stress'- will bo 'placed The . administration's policy to date has-been to exert every influence, "to .encourage college youths to -o'pniTDlcte ;thelr • courses 'so 1 th'at thoy. ;nmy be 1 of maximum use when they^.db'cn^er the service. ' P a r 11 c ^1 ar 1 y is t h Is true concern- Ing thos^.^klng 'engineering, pre- m.edlcarcoilrsps, and the like. /. And th'd .colleges are co-operating ]y% •speeding, up their academic rou- i tjjjeisovns"."to knock from six months l,oj?, liji^ear ' p IT -.the usual four-year (Hy United Press) Manager Mel (Dtt of.t.h'e New York fants is moving up to challenge Ted Williams as king- of the n>a.jor leaguo homo run .hitters." •""''Master Mel v in IIONV boasts a total of 24 four-baggers i'or. the scuson>, two behind Williams. Ted .hasn't had much competition-in the last few weeks, but now. it looks, as though Ott will -at. least give ilim-a' run for the home run title. Williams is still holding his own, howeveri in the baiting'average col- wartinio ' v fbptbail lordst. ._ But wiietlior ' will remain,. 'ithQ, i grGat;. . sport it -was in pcacb'-tlme, ' 'to 1 ' be s«eny" :: " Vt •••'•--. '',: ;" ;- ^' :. k MestrictionH, -on the '"use : oi" rubber and gasoline. In-some areas, -the size of crowds in others, mid the ," • M ; l I Itary au !.h ori ti es al so .• are :awar« .that t'lie intensive -physical educa- ; tlbn icolirscs"adopted by most insti- -tiXtion^i'fpr- the jlura'tioni arc per-. •forrtilng .a.-"vltal• •'• 'ppntion '' of. the: ^'tbijghcning-up" "process for them. College-boys not how. old enough to •fight: will be fine physical specimens when';4hey -roach that age -and'are tupnetl 'bycrfco the servTces; v ' An'fl..It- : is:noteworthy,'In passing, that. 'football—a bruislng 'body-co.n- tac't-'spoH :which In all.,its -essentials i most; clos.eJ.yj •approxlm'ates 'the. mjTitafy .•Jdeal^-ls^ Wlgh' v tip ^bri ;iihe>l IJst^in the conditioning.programs. '^Fh"en r ,;. too, many la-nd-, grain t cpl-, logos' arid municipal 'and- state .•Uni-^ ver.sit ; |es; have, coriiipufsbry R^, 0. T. ; 'j C. courses nvlilch-; supilly- their un-:T derg.ra.dtiates basic military in- i struction while.they are undergoing their;-academic -training. | ^. :i Th,us they:" 1 ara ; prqp'ap^ed; almost; -Im^iecllately-." urjbn^^^Ing^^mduatiBd;; ''to'*sfep.-lnio tne"armed services as ;OtYlcers.iSuch institiitiohs : 'WHl,suffer no shortage of footb'all material. Sfrice b'lg-tlme football • is Big Business: with a capital "B," it can suffer, no material impairmQiU at the gate and survive on anything like its former scale . Therefore ,thQ- f ,,possibility . that wartime' restrictions will seriously curtail attendance • perhaps is the biggest threat to'-"the-game-at-the moment. In seeking an answer, to this problem, the :.nation's leaders .doubtless will consider IIrst and: foremost \v h b t h e r f o o tb a 11 ' ca n con t r I b u te t o .the ultimate victory. ; •It is not a question of whether the •citizen of;a nation, at war is ]3ene- .11 ted by being allowed to be a.-fobt- ball spectator. Or even if tiro players are better off for.playing.the garnel But if, spectator—football is-tb ; be curtailed or '"abolished-rras !GenQ Tunncy'and others suggest—some thought 1 must . be given .to the alternative. . • -' Tunney suggests intramural- football, GaHsthehic exorcises and-,clrills with war weapons/ But' neither football* nor- any other team < sport can exist without competitive rival•IT.';,; : - .'-.0 ;'. : ; ,-•'-"•-' V ; '''.•.'• • '•Pull-, out theV,tradi'Aional . battles and you've removed the keystone which, holds the --of' feofcball together: It will crumble and ajiy of ilie beneliis H may 4 :hav>. ! to $ffer with it. 1 v 'C: v/- •}.':• -i:*" i. * Was, it-, ; not''.-.General -•MacA'Hhur-; who wrote the .inscription over tire entrance to the gymnasium at'.West Ppint, which" reads?: , ' • ''..'."' ;' '"UponHhe Delds of 'friendly,strife '•••'•>• - * . v.'i • •" , . •' - , '.' United Press) 'By the end of this week, football will hnve arrived officially. Baseball may still be l.bc'big thing in sports, but the grid game lias .served -notice- soon take over, For, in a few. days, the pigskin season will open'with a bang. First, event on.: the football calendar is the annual all-star game between the. Chicago Bears and Coir lego All-Stars on Friday al, Soldier's Field in, the Windy City. And two days later -the'' Washington'' Hedf- skfns and the Western All-Army jeam wJJl clasti a(,.Los, Angeles. ' The College All-Stars are beading into the .fiiml stages of tr.aining for their battle with' the Bears. Bob Xuppke, who came out of retirement to coa'ch -the" All-Stars, ]'& putting the finishing; touches on his squad of. ; 75 stalwarts! a poll- in .vh'lcn selected by more than four million football fans cast ballots. The Bears aren't exactly taking things easy befonrtlie contest. Geq. Halas' ponderous pachyderms won an. exhibition game frqm Camp Grant-in Tllnols.'ori Saturday by a- score pf 32-fi.- With . most of last year's .starsJback,. the:Bears will be heavily favored to beat the All-., Stars... umq,' as, well as In the . matter'of runs scored and runs batted in. Tall Ted's now hiUing at .3-i(5, and 'he has'Ul runs batted in and 107 runs scored for the. season. grounded ' "Crossroads" Starring HedyLemarr and William Powell •i > J&*- f Naugatuck Daily Jsrcws Open .Golf tournjuni.eiiL, .,will close Its entry, -list pn. /Tyhurs.duyyAugust ;,27th, and* 16 ca 1 go IT er s . \\tio h a've r n 01. a J ready done so, are asked to get Midlr entry Wanks, in just-fla .'soon as possMfle. • .,'';• •'• ' : /Qualifying-'days In' the tourney will, be Saturday and Sunday of this week, with . th]e flrs.f; miatc'hes ; to b/J com.pleted pn or' 'before SepJ,enU).er 4; 'Semi -f i n a 1 -ma I oh es-'v<fl i f- be' ' •on .Saturday, September. 5, :andi;tiie finals will be run, off,Sunday, Scpj- 1 G. ' - -; ..--<-. ;-;'.. t/••'.'• .~ .• '< -. .,.'••;.,$' ..." fina-ls.,\whJcb aify expected to draw a great crowd, there, will; be a luncheon ,and presentation of trophies at" the (Hop Brook club, and l/h'is get-togcthor will set fine stage for the .first plans for the 1943 .season.' ' - ' , • . -The foHowfng -rules ,wj 11 'be observed • in ,jjh e tournament: : " -• i. All .putts .must be -holed out; 2.. Clubs', must, .riot be. •in .traps."; .'"'•. a. A lost JNill may. not, be considered out of -bounds. I, .e. A player driving: into .th<j woods off t.Jic -4th lee -cannot bit another'-'tee shot He must cither find and play his original-, ball or drop >iiot her bail In the woods and Uke a .penalty Qf one stroke, for lost ball. 4. The 'b;wjk of 'the .score card lists out of bounds -areas. All ot/h- er.areas are considered- in bounds and the above rule; applies. ' 5. Players must, wait for eadd'nq lo remove flag when, within a dis« tancc ;o.f ;00; ft. or .wie^iag. i>/ ;i ^r hitting the flag from within -that distance is penalized, two strokes during, the qualifying round, and loss of hole during match play. 0... During 'the qualifying round 3layer whose .ball is .Nearest the, cup- on tho green. should. pu tt f i rst n Order to avoid penalties for hll- -ing pWrer player's hall. Penalty for above infraction is 2 'strokes. 7. In match j3lay all watches will be played "stym/ie." '. 8, In the event 'pi ay ere are uncertain <is; to; rules governing play, Obey should play a provisional ball and .refer the .matter, to the committee, . . : GEM Tonight "Blondie's Blessed Wed. V^HOUT FACE" and "LADIES. IV REfmEMENT Can You Use areS sown the seeds That, -In other "days, nelds, Will bear the fruits on of Victory!' "A loan of^lOO costs $20.<>0whe n IpronipUy ^retmld In 12 monthly [eonsecutivo JiistnUnicnl^." :... ll^YOtjJcJAN PAY f 10.05 ' '' PER MONTH-'— CALL EMPIRE LOAN CORP. Lie. No. 4«8 ROOM 220 linOWN ULDG. Miller, 'M»r. Tel. 4-27(2 BRIANDONLEVY MIRIAM HOPKINS PRESTON FOSTER -"Unseen Enemy" and Added Wednesday »> fl(1 nee Cookin0 School.' Don't miss

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