Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 7, 1957 · Page 29
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 29

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 29
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Friday Evening, June 7, 1957. RIP KIRBY E YOJ SU?E YC"J 1VC.VT AT LEAST TAKE A XOC.METTE ? NO, THANK YOU, SIR. I LOVE TrIE APVENTURE OP AN UPPER SEFTTH. COME ON, BELLE .'THESE -kwHAT'RE WE TH2OJSH TRAINS PON'T > TRYINS TO RUN EVERY THREE MINUTES / PO-- BEAT LIKE THE r-.y,- _^/THE THIN& SUBWAY... t&$fm/ \TO CHICAGO? THE NIGHT TRAIN RACE5 W£Sr WITH FOUR PERSONS WHOSE PATHS ARE OEST/NEO TO CROSS MICKEY FINN I'VE JUST GOT TO GET OUT OF PIMM' WITH MINTY TOMORROW -SOMEHOW! THAT CROWD WOULO BE TOLLOtVIN' US AGAIN AND — A-AHP youVE T YES,PHIL! I'M STARTING FOR GOT TO LEAVE i THE AIRPORT IN FIVE MINUTES! F-FOR BRAZIL V'M TERRIBLY SORRY-SUT TONIGHT, MINTV? J IT'S A TOTALLY UNEXPECTEP EMERGENCY! WELL-AH-GIVE \ I WILL, PHIL! ANP /T MY BEST TO I WAS SO GOOD SEEING CLARIBEL! / you!s'LONG-ANP GOOD LUCK I Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Trroraw KERRY DRAKE SEE, MINPy/THIS TOPS...HAVINS SST. PRAKE HERE.' .. LIKE A KIP FROM THE SANDLOTS 6ET TINS TO SIT POWN WITH MICKEY MANTLE ' FRANK RARLING,! HOPE YOU DON'T MIND MV BRINS1NS AN OLD HOMETOWN FRIEND TO HELP CELEBRATE YOUR SETTING OUT OF UNIFORM? I'M 60IN6 TO TRY MISHTY ••* MAYBE.. YOU'VE 1ARP TO BE A GOOD PETEC-^BEEN SMARTER •IVE.SERSEANT.'OFCOURSEj ALL AL.ON6, C'LL NEVER SE AS SMART < FRANK.' AS YOU / REX MORGAN, M. D. GOOD MORNING, KEITH.' VOU'RE W EARLY. EMMY LOU "Alvin, I can hardly make out whwl you're saying—stop tatin;.; v/hi!o you're Iryiuj; to loll we how you adore me!" GRIN AND BEAR IT "They moy bo ohcod of ui in lomu Atomic wc(i|»)n:. General, hut Ihunk heaven', we still Ifatl the world In the number ol iiuWic rolotiooi oHicorj!" Top Japanese Lawyer Is Hired by Girard TOKYO (III')— Army SpcdallKt T,C. Williiirn S. (iirard (Htawa, 'J'hf; fjlUn'iicy, cdoncn frorri a r>i) iri:iii lli.l Hint included u ol AiTKjricaiiM, vents CA yoar-old It ;iur<j Iliiyuiilii i»f Tokyo wlm I yi;;ir» (.•xpi'i-iciuic In crlininiil lav BUZ SAWYER 111., cJHi..;o one of .Japan':! Lopr' , ' ' . rnmlnal l;.wyi:r:i today to d.-femt I«'"' '" '''•Har-tol "•" «"<» <* ll >< ; '> c »l !iim in u .lapani'Hc court aKain:illallx.nie.y;i in Japan. ll« opoakx no •>l woman on an Army [irinj; rani/.i:, f Addto 1 I Outdoor | f Enjoyment f * 5 * "i * You'll get more fun out *> * of summer activities by * S chewing cool, delicious 5 I. 1 ". 1 "'" 1W "- In nildiliiun, (llrard reijueBli'd Ihiil Maj. Stanley I 1 '. Ivevln or the li;t Cavalry l)ivl«ion':i .Indue ad- voeale oHfice, iiervi: II.H hi:'. |ieriion- al lei;al advi.ser. Idwln wu_s ilu- :«:i'llj(rd by UK; army as a "(|iiall- lled tiUorni-y" from Hollywood, Calif. KAHM IHIHKAII TO MKKT The Deer Creek towiiHhip Karm Iliin-aii will iiinel ul. !l p.m. June. 10 in ilii! Yiiuni! America nchool. The 1'et ami llohby chili riiemliiM'M will entertain, A flhn entiled Miracle In I'uriidldo Valley" will Wriglcy's Spearmint Gum. % Take some with >ou. H/AlYl! ZORKA TELLS WE TO EAT. WHEN i GET BACK HE'S COME! HIS LUGGAGE IS GONE; A CIGARETTE IS BURNING ON THE RUS.' THE HALL DOCK IS OPEN.' IT DOESN'T TIE, SAWYER, BOY! f HELLO, HERE'S ^"LEAVING FOR MADRIP. URGENT ' NOTE' M BUSINESS. PAY HOTEL BILL AND ^ "ETURN TO CYRENf " BUT 1 FLEW HIM HERE IN HIS OWN PLANE. WHY NOT TOMAPRIP?... AND WHY'3 HE WRITE A NOTE TO ME, AM AMERICAM, -IN SPANISH?.. THIS SETS STRflHGER EY THE MIMUTE. f Take the weight off yo«r shoulders with one of Bailees 1I10PI-TEX Suits. MARY WORTH \ • •• THAT CONCLUDE* THE ^ |_ ITWfAMS,A5WVCOLLEAGUES WILL \GKE£,«THAT VOU ARE !M I'tRKEl PltV5IO•^LCONDITION AHD WILL •RGBABLY GET A LETTER TROM , THE PR.E5IDENT IN 2037. :OfM RATUIATIMG VOU Oil \OUR IO02.I sai LITTLE ABNER VOU ARE TOO SWEET TO DECEIS/E.'.' THIS AINT THE PtG ME. I VJEAR GLASSES.'/ NANCY NAKICV IS SO LAZY—NEVER GETS ANY ' EXERCISE I KNOW HOW TO MAKE HER GO OUT AND RUN LOOK, NANCV-- •I MADE ' A PINWHEEL FOR STRICTLY BUSINESS "So you're lale because of u blowout, Argyle — did lost nil night?" STRICTLY RICHTER "Worut niincurriagc of justice I've ever ucon." CUTIES "Only been here two months — and look what ho'a picked up today." DOTTY DRIPPLE I DIP, SIR- TO S/WE VOU THE TROUBLE/ WHO OPENED MY ArtY MAIL THIS rWJRNING ?! PRIPPLE, I HAVE A RULE HERE THAT I 'OPEN MV MAIL, MYSELF/ NOW 1 HAVG * NOTHING TO PO At-L AAORNIMG/ GRANDMA OH. IT'S JUST PAPER PLATES, BUT THEY ARE A SIT HEAVY/ LET ME GIVE VOU A LIF-'T, GRANDMA// YOU MUST BE PI.ANNIN'ON GETTII-J'OUT O'TKHOUSE A. LOTjfHI S SUMMER,../ NOPC, NOT OUTO' TW WOUGK.... JUST OUTO' DISHVVAFJSHINV

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