Boston Post from Boston, Massachusetts on November 13, 1840 · Page 1
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Boston Post from Boston, Massachusetts · Page 1

Boston, Massachusetts
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Friday, November 13, 1840
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BOSTON MORIN IN G POST. PUBLISHED DAILY, AT NO. ‘21 WATER STREET, BY BEALS <V GREENE— CHARLES GORDON GREENE, EDITOR. VOL. XVNi. NO. 1K). FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 13, 1840. PRICE #8 PER ANN. IN ADVANCE. ,1 din <’• 4 Tit»-: B oston M orning Publi'li«*! ,! VJ - ¡iiinuin, navabl* one half in ( r o ivnlv. al V- i" ' • Duly, P,;, s Po'T,” Semi-Weekly—Tues, v>—at ¿1 per annum, one half paya- a,j v a n<’<*. .. n <1;»v’ and *‘"'1' ’■ "p ’ ¡' 'rv S tatesman ”—W eekly—Saturdays j if in advance—$2 25, if paid j ~,1' , lx months ; and $2 50, it not paid until alter r.x months Irmn the tune of subscribing. , 1(.„c paper* contain the news of the dav—tor- mi I domestic—agricultural, commercial and . iiv intelligence, and full report* of the most in; ' , ¡in’’ criminal and civil trials in the courts hold- i mi Boston, and frequentlyAn other sections of tlie Cointnonw raiih. i' «*¿1» cl 1 ■“ BUSINESS CARDS. ENGRAVING AND LITHOGRAPHY. B . W. T li A V KIPS ENGRAVING AND LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT, ¿ol Washington sthekt. (Nearly opposite the Marlboro’ Holet.) JV. R—Formerly T. Moore's, successor lo Fendi» ton. may I I eopisliîi&osl 1 ni IIHNKY POOR A CO. JOBBERS OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY! GOODS, Chamber# No. ‘28 Kilby street, Henry Poor. Boston. Phinea.» S. Flake. _ Nath’l Orceins, Jr. «P” _________________ DRY GOODS. ELM STREET HOTEL. N O 9 K 1.^1 s I’ It K El ...BOSTON. Roani Ileduad !» One Dollar per Day. n,.. Sub. rilM-r, 2 ral élu I f„r the (»ainma^e heretofore „towed ..II bun, ha* Ihe pleasure to inform hi# patrons r til v i bat be aliti continues proprietor o| the , *,.,!( Hitvo .•-la’ll ^hoieot To i tie mai* of business it" ir. „nt a ar;*n-'i! by any other house in the City, it . I k - ite t within l 'V > oiioiHea walk of the Market, and in loimeiliale vicinity of I'm principal business streets of the fii,. Proprietor hns re-eoltv made sorh arrangements ‘In III« ,i , i,. M now able to accommodate #eni leinen and their ""*1 « ! "conwnÄapartment* the pm*mt low 1 " , ,.ri uronrav.oi’.-I m 2 experience imlio husmeas, 7o «. .... Jlva .aeea atrordcil.hellalier-l himeel. that win Still continue Vo receive his «hare of the public patron- ' i i tl... It iii-e is a larse and commodious Stable ca- IÄÄÄ i-«* ”ii" „I m.! attentive 0*1 <*is. daNIEL CHAMBERLIN. , f o2't Boston,, I SI". ^ 11 ________ FOR SALÉ. ti . KX(51 F HOTEL '21 Aim street, opp me ¡»1er- i, , «... The Stock. Furniture, and ;-:J.chm«’s Kow, Bos to« .Ma«- I lie i H«*l «1 are offered a '”•»<” îw"?qr,*. n.’i’. rr of business, in the im- fm -ale it IS local. » the verv n.„,-e Frank- ;-!\rK,Ä^rd,Vu ¡'¿¿ÄS ss*« wisìii ;Vl,o invest c a pii at m tavern busi.»««, cannot find *> HO ipjiòrtunity *# the present one affords. ^ TILTON, i >22 lf : --------- A . S . JORDAN. No 2 Milk Street— 1st Store from Washington st. FVFKY VARIETY OF SHELL CO MBS-HORN COMBS— ' ’ POCKET BOOKS-FANCY GOODS AND PERFUMERY. VTHf“ Combf of every pattern made to order and repaired. »2'J if _____ M E L L E N & II O P K I N S, FURNITURE WAREHOUSE AND FEATHER STORE, Corner of Union and Ann streets, B>>ston. MosestiMNt. Charlef^lnifttins. AUCTION SALES. UV THOMAS * S®A5rfc C0 Office No 8 Central wharf { HI 3COM BEK JR , Merchant Tailor, has removed from • 36 Cone re*« si rest, to 10 Washinsbm street, near Dock Spiare, where, in addition to hi-usual slock o/ Cloths, Lassi meres and Vestings, he will keep an extensive assortment ol Stocks, Gloves, Hosery. Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Shirts cm lars, Bosoms, Suspenders. Ac.., which, with his siock o| Clothing, will constitute every article necessary for the compaction ni a Fashionable Tailoring and Gentlemen’s Furnishing b.-tab tsn mf:very Garment manufactured by him will lie made in the very b- et manner, and as regards the tiltme of the same, per haps it is only necessary to say, that Mr A. G B arker s . continues to exercise his ad ill as cutter. I. M. Jr. acknowledges with gratitude the very liberal encour agement extended to h in, and pledges hnn-clf to the prompt performance of every order. , , ... , , As low prices appear to be the order of the day, he will just intimate that he is prepared to go with the times. a tf All the Accounts yVhcrler, wliich were assigned to \X neeler a-agent for K s ( f l)rCef,lijBri xm re, Moses Clark, on > ^ schedule »f the names and ac• unsell led on lie . i al public auction am! sold at ibo counts will then I ms advertised at Pu above staled time. py orc|er 0f Assignees. — Ai private sale 14 half pijies port wine ol prime ymlity. _ AUCTION SALES. DISSOLUriON OF COPARTNERSHIP THK Coparin^rahip H«r^t*»foro exDUiif between iPe •uh^rrio 1 ers, is till« day, by muiu il consent, d’lssolvetl The artairs >f the ciMicern may be settled by either of the parties, and ail ier-‘Nis indebted to the concern, >r that may have arennnis to settie are respectfully requested to cad sml ‘^vVHl’TE. Oclober28, OLIVER HALL. 'IMIK Subscriber will continue the Auction anil Commission * Business at the s»me pi ice as heretofore, and respectfully -olicils consignments from h<s friends and I he public »encral ly. Cash advanced on goods as usual. Outdoor sales ol every des- cr.Ttion will be promptly attended »°-WILLARI) c WHITE. tf .125 — ^EO. B. BLAKE Ac CO., niPOKWR* OF DRY GOODS AND DEALERS IN *T b «C. WOOLLENS. N o TS 3 Granile Block Milk street, BOSTON. George B. Blake, I David Nevins, S fS L IMf:. ST -GEORGE COMPANY’S L’KTANG WHITELIMK, A superior article, landing every week, and for sale by DAVID DAVIS, OVER HOPE INSURANCE OFFICE, STATE STREET, may 2 7 epis&ostf TO LET. , . f-K Twisptrin is Chimbers ... tho second story of the new>.,ie building, No mu Waslnngtor. street, very eli,i de >•■ wiinlMalo^ww CAPFN LYON & WEBB, on the pupure of MARSH, G/xi r-.v, i- 023 ireinises ----------------------------------------------- ------——------TO LET. , .. ^ Two Chambers over the Auction Store, corner of Devonshire and Water streets. Inquire in the store. MILITARY ROOMS, 1*23 W ashington street JONES, LOWS Ac BALL. BY 0 D 10 RNE Ac CO. Office Non 0 A id Fulton street. BOOTS n HOKS, BKOGANS A LEATHER. On Thursday, Nov 19, at 10 o’clock, at ollice 200 cases hoots, shoes and brogans. d I h I s .!". 1 nTiUdelplua and Baltimore slaughter and Spanish sole leather. . Cash advances made on consignme' is. at private sa e 100 cases mens thick boot#-do kip and calf do- 4000 pairs U..I— linings—bindings—Ac. 25 bales negro cloth*. AUCTION NOTICE. T HE Subscriber hereby respectfully gives notice to hn fronds and the public generally, that be may •<« fom”* al White’s Auction Store, corner of Congress and Water .ml will attend to Out door of every ^»cj'ptioo of K 1er chandize, Real E-iate Ac. OLD ER HALL. Boston, Oct. 2-i, 1840. __________ NOTICE. » MEREDITH A CO. have taken the store comer of Milk A . and Atkinson streets, for the purpose of conducting a Gen eral Auction anJ Oimmissioa Business, under the firm ni it MKRFDITH A CO. ami solicit consignments trom their triemis arfd the public Thev are prepare.! to make liberal advances in cash on Dry G.t>wl-, Clothing, tiiocene* Cutlery, Jewelry, r ur- „Hum and all description# of Merchandise. D3” Particular attention to out dom sales. _________ Lisle Thread Gloves. Silk, White and assorted do. '• with elastic wrists, d>>. “ *' button 11 do. •* heavy Black do. |l.inen and extra size do, do. Cotton Gloves. Berlin do. [Buck French do. Castor. Ac. Ac. Kid Gloves, lined Silk Plush. do do Wash leather. English Kid do do. stic do do Fur. BENJ. LORING At CO. BLANK BOOK MA NUFACTURERS. STATIONERS, CHART A NAUTICAL BOOK RBLLKU8, 122 State st ree ».Boston. Bookbinding. Printingind Ruiiiigofevery lescription. feblS tf n't) is&ostf TE A A ÑD WIN E ST OR E, WHOLES \ LE AND RETAIL, Corner of Milk and Federal Streets. p;(p‘ Subscribers have taken the above Store and arermw re- I lb vin-a complete and choice assortment of Articles m ..... which they offer upon as moderate terms as can Is. ’"viv^í -MOebU- Sherry — Port— CUret- Champogne- » h m - ¡V -Hermit age ;j!Ï',miS^Ve,mriffa-Canary ami Sicily of different va- JOHN MARSH, No. 77 Washington Street, Joy’s Buildings. MANUFACTURING ACCOUNT BOOKS. DRKSMNO AND WRITING CASKS. POCKET BOOKS AND WALLETS, MARSH’S IMPROVED M ANIFOLD LETTER mh7 ’ WRITER. Ac. Ac. EDWARD LA M B. COMMISSION MERCHANT, for tbs purchase ami sale of DRUGS, PAINTS,OILS, DYE ST II FFS , AC. No. 86 , Statr Strkbt Boston. j28 retail. Istf s 2 teiiea. I! ï\ VIMES Sbfe — .«a Cord,als of France, Italy, ^TKA 1 s*'— t'liif choicest varieties of Black and Green, in canis- ers,‘h .xesandchests recoiveii from the {Ä;'! ;A».f tm«W,t J .va-Java -am. West ''i’!G VRS —The eh «cesi brands, embracing the Reg »lias and he celebrated 1.i-Flor brands. NOYES. POWERS >V EST L,S, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 10 Central Street Boston. S. Noyes, II. Powers, D G Estes. eptf i','n TJ LOVE STOKE.—DARWIN CHAFFIN, No 80 Washing ton street. KidGloves. Assorted, “ Black, " F.xtrasize. u Dress, “ Pearl, u White. “ Buff, Military Doeskin Gloves, Worsted fine Gloves. Cash ¡mere Gloves. Fur Glove*. Extra size Buck do. Berlin Gloves, lined. Meri no (»loves, fine, ela wrist*. For sale wholesale and_______________ LADIES ’ C LO A K C LOTHS ! NOW OPENING AT THE CLOTH STORE OF C. C. Ac W. H. CONANT, (Formerly Conant, Thayer <f* Co.,) 55 W ashington S tueet . 1 hale splendid GERMAN LADIES’ CLOTHS.among which 1 are light and dark shade* of green, brown, olive, b.ark. blue black, mu'l*erry, dahlia, citron, and other desirable .colors, of a superior quality and finish. 2 bales medium quality FRENCH and GERMAN, suitable for CLOAKS or TRAVELLING HA BITS-colors, blue, black, b|,>e black—some of them very delicate-brown*, greens olive, smoke, mulberry, bronze, and other fasbiona de color*. ,1 bale# low priced London, French and German manufac lure,comprising all tV above colo-s, and making one ol the best assortments now offered in the city. i^r [3 (J (j A VV H C, hesr leave to say, that the ahovc goods were selected wiih great care and are warrante-l to sustain their lustre after sponging. All of w.nch will he sold tremely low lor CASH, m wholesale or retail, as above s 2 ft ll ________ ISAAC DAVIS, WHOLESALE DEALER IN ENGLISH F ÍENC I AN1» GERMAN FANCY GOODS*; PERFUMERY, COMBS Ac. Nn. 20, Washington street— (Up,Suits ) fl| talmofflm irown -»ma uinji » « ..................... *\7& Ä -Picklfi, —Pr,»,.ö,—sii'l Ss 1 ‘"iiV'ÂvrïûùMBou!’' i)f l,-r- from the Country promptly execute*I. Wines L , sent to a»v pin >’f the City free of expense. at,-> I !> *l,lf _________ E. Ai E. A. HOBART, TA I LORS, ANP IMPORTERS OF CLOTHS. CASSI.VIF.RKS AND VESTINGS/ No. 1 Congress Square, Boston eptf f 3 ________________________________ m 7 G I L M A N, Mas recently taken the Mouse JVo. 25 Brattle Street, Where Permanent and Transient Boarders «an find o|0 good accommodations. n*tf — CARPETINGS. I OR TABF.R ha* just received at his Carpet Warehouse, No 57 Washington street, four doors north of Court street, a large aud full supply of Carnei in«*, of all the various kin-G and styles, and they will be sol. 1 at a large discount from former prices Those in pursuit of Cartings are invited lo call anti examine them—they are assured that the prices shall be as low as can be (bund at anv store in the city. Among the assortment mav be found the following Rrus-el# Carpets—some new anil desirable patterns. Three Plys—new anti handsome styles. Kidderminster— suiters, fine- and commons. Stair Carnetings-Brussels, Three Ply, Damask, twilled and fine Venetians. Straw Carpetings—checked and plain^ Kites—London Town, superami fine Tufted AV ilton and Brussels—English Buckings. Painted Carm-ts— «f all widths and very handsome patterns. J. T would |»articularly call the attention of purchasers to the ah>»ve Stock, and' is in hop**« to receive a conliauance of that patronage heretofore extended to him. 81 •* BRITISH AND NORTII-AM ERIC AN ROYAL MAIL. ^££¡1* steamshtps of E&rT4 I200 TONS & 441) HORsE li I*Tll f POWER From Boston. BRITANNIA C H. E J udktns , IN jc . 1 ACAIAA. K dwabd C. FI itxkh R. N. Jan. I BRITANNIA, C. H E J udkins , |eb l CALEDONIA, R ichard B. C leland , March 1 Rate of passage, «125. No Berth will be secured until paui r°For passage apply to S. S LEWIS, No 1 Commercial wharf, Boston. - From LiverjKiel. Dec. 4 J»n. 4 Feb. 4 ORIGINAL POETRY AUCTION NOTICE T HE Sutwcribor has taken store No 7 Water street, corner of Devonshire street, for the purpose of transacting the Atic .ion and Com mi** ion Business, and solicits cone'gmnert* frorr bis friends and the public. ASA COBURN. Best on, Sept 23 H3“To Let—2 Chambers. Inquire as above. _________ JABEZ HATCH. O ffice N o 166 W ashington street . THF HAIR* THE HAIR! ! THK HAIR!!! THK HA III - inc. No better evidence is wanting to show the superiority of the genuine Buffalo Oi! over ______________ other preparations, ,L,n lh., - number of Druggi*'* are endeavoring to imitate it, and foiling SSrir ^serablefniitaamts on the public for getiume. lle^l" HuffaI^Od is fit*t ukmg the plare of "Rother articles to . Tm otbe 7 rrUc^W*'7'd 7;.u-es it use gives Kaj «f - ‘^i (lark,n and give the hair to curl beaiiiifu y J _ nerfmn d, and gives perlect satis- asaun gloss. It is highly penm . » will observe the faction to all whohaveeiven ^n. Rcxwr.” Also “ Buffalo ol'd’*iomrinte -1 on the Kittle. In consequence of a counterfeit which Ins recently appeared anil is now for sa.a, I have been persuader?to obtain a new label engraved >>n copper, for which I have «cured a copy right., entem ^D^ric.t Court of Mas- KSaifC"»&*.. -ni - .i«'--«!- - t !T n law. Dealers supplied by ¡.J l ^ 0Ves Ke- Sfied'by aVu^DniggW«'aSl Fancy Goo,! Deilers in Boston, Lowell. Providence,Salem, New Bedford and Worcester mh 19 cnp_________ - WINES. »MADEIRA—A large assortment of choicest Old Reserve o M ,li ,n.l 01.1 Lnnji.n Paniciilsr—alw. ottgn™; .. , • c.l. f.Jinwino hranild. vix •—Ktibcrl Ue«il—J UDYCia t ¿r "»Ian,i.l OffVnci—A ue.o-AJ»in»-anO nthtr UranJ. CH AMP AG.NK.—Gicsler’s Anchor brand, of the cele >.. c vintage of (834-Jules laiusseme’s Kagtebvand, in pints an nu tria—and the Defiance brand in quarts. . PORT WINE.—Harris’s brand it* <K casks, of superior cpiaD ''' s T i V ly ' m A DKIRA.— Ingham’s I/mdon Particular, of super!„ an,i llavnr, In 'hf I»,«*»,-> ™‘». »»' Colli brand in buns. pi|>e», hbds. tierces, qr casks, a - Constantly on baud and for sa>e ^uV ORKKiOH! * je5 epi^tf or ALFRKDGREKNOUGH. J. DAVIS, RRAW ESTATE, STOCK, AND KXCHANGE BROKER, Corner of Stale and Exchange streets, a 24 lv ______ FRKFMA VTLK’S (JUVI'RILLK BAND. 4 ,a id Post Horn, B.-s H,,rn-«CoWeiy ofthfi la'esl pub- »Ä CTSKÜ^T k Ä v Na -t vv.cret, streut, Biwlon. J— Pupils instructed on the Harp. #13 «M'Tn _____________ U EMU VAL. MARSH, CAPEN, LYON vV WEBB, PUBLISHERS. BOOKSELLERS, AND STATIONERS, No If>9 Washin? stree*., (up stairs ) j3 DICKINSON’S CHEAP CARD PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT: aug29 Office of the Rotary Press. 52 Washington*? reet. SUPERFINE WINTER GOODS. M ILTON & SLOCOMB Fancuit Hall Building have received their full supply of Autumn and Winter go-ds, comprising the most choice selection they have ever offired for sale, con- sitting of over coatings of every description: viz: Beave_ and Pilot cloths, A-phalmm-. Double Milled |Broadcloibs, Super and Medium Diamond Beaver of English, French and American manufacture, of every color; he-i English Double Hunters cloth, extra super German Twilled Asphaltums coating backs and velvet finish, an elegant article for gentleman’s Dree* Siirtoul#; Dutch Duffi'ls, Pilot Cloths and Mushing*, as nearly water• proot *.* anv swyhs ever imported into the country. Also Hutch Gnat s Hair Cainhlels of very superior quality, together with 5^er7 "c* cription of fashionable, seawnable goods, wliich will be sold a. very low prices by the piece or yard, or m inufactured into gar- meets in the most perfect manner nh [) B . M E Y E R ■ » 1 .NPF1' PFUI LY informs Ibe Lad ies of Boston and vicinity, ir*tha ho hi^rmi.v d f.-o>n lu* lams, ore. 322 Washington , •r,i ih*> so ic ion * (' i vnbers at the corner of Milk and Fed i u e « ce ,,o Milk street, oppo-ue Allen’s Auction . , , l.iio-eu x new and extensive assortment of • »^Ku-lish and Domesiic. Fancy G„*>d*, which he will sell I* . i» ,rr..ii! ii in-l>w—t market prices. "7“ V new is- .rttneiii of French Boots and Shoes will he »p,-n *d mi Tuesday. eplm ____________________ TO SHOE MANUFACTURERS. DIORNF .t CO Auction ami Commission Merchant», Noe J ’ ’d,;, Fulton street, (near Btackstone st ) for the sale of Shoes ami l.oalher, h ive large store*, 'n,a^ , -rs ire invited i«> iIcivhil their goods and invoice#. Adver ■n iMh-ir csiaolishmenl continually in many of the D'Ptr . .I ,, t the Union, mr.i ificturcw can join In the benefit of „1 v V riS.m il». "V .lepi-iung tfieir go,«ls with it#, without 7 .v*7.#e nm such as is .cm iKv incurred. Liberal a.lvances ...i. | reitiifi All good# add will be !««• ior m cash on ., all other good# »nil ba subject to the order of the T b — 31 initf.ictnrers can u-e our rivmts ot dispose of their Wl, m-1.1, if i lt-y please, williout Charge. 8 _ FOR COOKING. IIIR-smN’S KXTRACT OF LEMON gives to Custards, Pud I dio-s S. 11 IC-. Bancm.nge, Ac, the finest flavor <»f the ,, „„rib • I f ont all bitter and rancid «p.alities-sold m 'vot- ,, A j!i, directioos, by most gracers and druggists Keepers t I -L a nl Boar.ling Houses inxy obtain it in quadruple size aot- ■ r'“j p pnF.srOV, Chemist. 70 Federal st Ms,, -PRESTON’S REFINED SUGAR OF LEMONS with «,« , nure and fine llivorol Lemonade may fie made at any mi on. -Ury ca, Ac.; alsoin sickness, being i i-r sufi*: itute tor ths lr -,sh lemon. ____________ 1 ut KV KRL AS TI NG PEN—m ids of gold. i,pi»-d wuh a m-la!lie alloy, a- much hixrder than tlxe rh.a .urn ■ -! - ho ler tin,i wi endure longer than the ru >v. ;: 77 V;clv I-Ifieqeiil. It ,s i* e ml v wi,M.l and ,f left i „ ,,„i>rro l,*d s.x yeirs’ constant use of this ele- i,,. , p., - ,t p-odu'ftd sensible wear. Invented by John I \i *s, K*i 2 i 1 •♦*»*r k« nisVfi !l!ti,a, ^¡ 1 || V thw liav r^eiver! ami f*r sa!« Hy BKNJA (OiClNG A CO., Stalionnrs. 122 Mato street. I 2 t t i UN nC VI As>A(’HUSErrs’ S t ' a TK PRISON NOTICE - Person# »I w'-‘iin ■ t > fi ave P-nkiiife or other blades put mio old , , , ». .. rV j , —.1 to depisti the handles, -«cose.I m a px unii," th.; owner’s name, in Box No 1» Me U ;Exchmu *. Wdsm’s Lme.B—'on: and call ii|»on the .. » - of the Rooms for them when finished, i I !,J or hinu ,'•! Gr.o.f-also. Knife Bladcs-Screw • , ., ,other l»t i • k 1.1 White Smiih’s work, usually exe- , to- Fri- >., a:'*• - -¡riled and will receive prompt alien- lUlHrn CHARLES LINCOLN, Jit., Warden ' Car!-siown, July 9 1-ii). oopisAostf noors. shoes and brogans . 4 t¡ ’.\ V. \L XSS mt’MEN r Will I»- k-pt constantly on -’*■ li i.» I tv si!-, -eh at ¡»-ivate, and xuctioi sa es, together IV t \ ■ v V ok. i* ui.iiei ile », au>l Brii im »re Sole Leal her, I j, , l.iii-a-.* A A , at the lowest cash prices, t*y ODI« > INE'a lb» . Nos 3 1.1 I in Fililo , st.,near Blxckslotie st. Orders prooiiilly attended I». >> N j ,,.rJri Ca- i advances mi !- on gi»kis of the a'«'ve k>n>l. ,f *24 » 1r HI T ! 5 » ' A l\ SHIP I’l.ANK—The sutiscri-r lias ken ?e VV -jami-d - ile for the sale of Wime Oak Ship Plank > c s 'I i v A i: > , L> <.>>:!. V Y , and is now ready to ' ' Y-, i » it.v 1*1 «mitv -r cia-knesslo be delivered in B «ton ‘ - i ' n»o- who miy be in want will do well to call ; el-..»here, as we. aliai! b>* ab!- this year In in Y V oihis n,irk-i. s >m - of the finest Plank ever brought ' >K . . . , \ 7 V irk DAVID SNCW, N> 2 W.nale,, s:')!' Vuvwhar, TEMPERANCE LTQUID BITTERS, I (Without Win- or Alcohol ) \| 7 HITWEI.I.’S Corieentrated Fluid Extract of Ritter^Roo»«, D ,,r the Genuine R»t or Dinner Bitters.—This most desirable resu’t has liee.n eff cted by moisture, steam arid strong pressure ; like the real juice of the »rap; it is pure ami« terated, and may be taken clear; though mild and deliciously pleasant, it is an effective that a tea spoon full i* a sufficient rinse. It is alike useful at all seasons of the-vear, strengthen- in'the stoma h, procuring an appetite, ami assisting >liges- lion, and iieing free from stimulus may be safely administered to both sexes and all ages The time when Bitters an.I New Rum w-re svnommous terms is by this process done away—Wine is very little hetier, and i* the least calculated of the two to cxiract the virtues of the medicine. , . To indu e medical men to recommend this preparation to th-ir patient», the ingredient* eotrposinc it are subjoined Beside* I he choicest tonic roots of our >>wn country are also added Gentian. Quasha. Ginger. Sarsaparilla, and Rheubarb Roots— also, Orange. Peal, Bears’ Wholtlehcrry Leaves, Lavender, Uas- cariila and Cardamom Seeds in suitable proportions. MEDICINAL QUALITIES For Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Fever and Aaue, Flatulence, Languor and De’nhty. Head Ache ami all Nervous Complaints, Badness of Breath, Ac. Ac. It also Cleanses ami Purifies the Bloou in a most remarkable decree, reviving the spirits and invigorating the whole system—it will secure heaith to the healthy, and give strength aud relief to the invalid ___ Zjp- Said at the low price of TiVKN TY-FIVE CENTS for a pint Inttlo, or #2 |>er doe., including the box. Sold at the Druggist Store, corner of Milk and Bath Streets. 113“ Copy Right of Label secured. D3- AROMATIC SNUFF, for Headache Catarrh, Dizziness, drowsiness, Hypo, Dimness of the Eye sight, Ac. This most fragrant, grateful, and cheering composition, mostly made from roots and aromatic herbs, has been in use for mure than a quarter of x century. It i* strongly recommended for those pur- (»we# by the late Professor Waterhouse, of Cambridge, and many others. Price 50 cent* and 25 cents a bottle. a27 «Pt-f ___________ BRUSHEsT BRUSHES!! BRUSHES!!! D EALERS and others in want of Brushes, are inf ited to call at the fission Brush store. 72 Washington street, near the Post office, a id examine the gr atest variety to be found in the city, viz •— . . 1230 d>z Brushes, of every variety of form anrijfinish. 530 do Cloth do with and without handles. ||)*iO do fine ground Piint Brushes assort>-dsize#« (UK) do do tlo Sash do do do do Varnish do do do do Shaving do no Feather Dusters, large eizes PHI do Hearth Brushes, new patterns 230 do Dusting do gilt and plain. 153 do Floor do |33 do Horse do 53 do Ctmels’ hair Varnish Brush-s, assorted sizes. 153 do Pconah and Velvet do Artist** Bruthe* of all km I* —r >oib, Nail Hat. Lotnh and Flesh Brushes -Hatters’, Bookbinders’, Curriers’ and Printers’ Broshes, Ac. Ac The above were manufactured by the subscriber are warranted of the t»-*t quality, and will !>e sold at wholesale and retail, at th* lowest prices. ADAMS, Ag^nt. si 4 SHAWLS! SHAWLS!! S MITH A McQUAID, 335 Washington sireel, are jnst or»en ing a splendid a.*s>»rtmeot of Edinboro’- Cashmere —Meri- no—Taglioni—IMoslin de Lain-and D'ghlaml Pla A Shawls-’ prices, from . 25 to *4.50-8 4 Red Mermci . all wool, >* low as 'Ni- Black Cashmere as low asS.-DL AM m the above shawls have been bought at the New A ork and Bosfon Auctions, will 1« sold at the greatest bargains ever offeie.l in 1 1, is city, who'esale and No 33» Washington st.,aecond U>or south of Wes! st. ' DH) do 233 do 25 d«' —COPARTN KliBHI P NOTICE. E PHR AIM WOOD, Draper and Tailor, at his old stand, 360 Washington street, take* the liberty to inform hr# former natrons and customers and the public, that he has taken intJ pair us i>i 4 R»s*P r IVFWMAN, who ha« been b».« fore* nS«™ ~..iu !» k . wpoht CO li.ollemen in of elofliin*, by 811 !'r Zof wi»l fin 1 a large and excellent assortment of gooJ* A part 'd the r fiit! and winter supply just received ; ami they will con- tintie to add to their present stock of cloth*, Cassi me re*, Plot and Beaver Cloths, Vestings, Ac., and other articles usut y ‘tSKSi I'.th.enllr, .„i.f.cion of tl,.». to him lo c,itt at lh« ar>... pt.reai# »I.1-^ that have accounts against him w.ll present the.« t payment. v-./tnt ________________ FURNITURE—SILVER CHINA A GLASS WARV. Chi Tuesdav, Nov 17, at 9 o'clock, at office. Will h- sold the‘entire furniture recently contained m the Bromfield House, the pr.prietor. bavin? re “’’"X C„ns sling of 100 superior double and single feather beds of the best nualitv—double and single curled horn and hair mattrasses -palm leaf, ralian and ««raw d»- 00 o.mforms-UWl blaokets -2(H) linen and cotton sheets-bedspreads—100 double and single bedsteads, most of which are Adams’ swelled tvam-bOkid- dermiuster caspeta-hearth rugs-pamied oil cloUt carpets- wash stamls-130 cherrv wood toilet tables- 100 lewking g!a««es, *«,me of which are French plate-large size mahogany card U- hies —Grecian dining >ln-C sofas-330 chairs, part of which art superior w.xxl, cost *3 50 eech-mahogany and panned toilei la- fil^_50 sets ivory handle table and desert krtives and forks- 150 oz silver tea and table spoons, butler knives, Ac-a large A -xte««Ive assortment of while china dining and ,ea ware-do toilet sets—German silver ca*t«rs—brass and Britannia lamps rocking chair#—mahogany parlor chairs-cut glass tumblers dishes wines, lemonade*, champagnes and celerya-iarge bras# coffee iirns—copper stew pans-l:ett!es-brass »tair rcls-Mnnz- ^d mantel lamps-hair mat*-broad brass pieces for stairs- Bri tanma and tin tea and coffee pots-tin heaters-set* steel fire irons—100 bibles—stoves—lot of pans and blowers—kitchen ta file* together with niimen»»!* other articles. Sold without reserve and may be examined the day be fora the SalC‘ TABLES, MANGLE, STOVE, CLOCKS, Ac. —al3 o’clock — A snnerior set of mahogany dir,ins tables in 6 pieces suit a hie forlKr«n»-a first rate mangle-one of Holla way’s largest size cooking Stove superior to any c.a.kine apparatus now in Willard’#8day uptight clock—8 day tune piece—a set 6 matched dining tablet, Ac. ___ —At private sale.— Upstairs—An assortment of custom made furniture, at very ^Superior*refrigsraters. warranted filled with charcoal. 1530 rolls paper hangings^ _________ ______________ BY J. L. CUNNINGHAM, O feics corner of M ilk A F ederal streets . ELEGANT FRENCH FURNITURE,. OIL FAIN TINGS, Ac. On Tuesday, at 10 o’clock, In Corinthian H#ll, e'.trance on Federal street. A collection of elegant now French furniture, received from ^Tomnrisin* lollet tables, xvith marble lops—ducliesee— remtre table ”marble tops—nisht tables- French card 'ahles-work t»( nles— #of.« table.*—-neridon— Voltaire chair* in red morocco and fiair—invalid tables—elegant French bedsteada and other articles Also — A lot of best furniture made in this riiy-compristng *r>ahnsaiiv chairs-sofas— pier tables centre do Also—A few Adam’s swelled beam bedsteads, a s,,I*®nor arU, cle manufactured bv the tale Charles Adams anil may be the last opportunity to furnish with bedsteads of this manufacture—a set of Superior mxhseany Grecian dining tables, on castor., custom “ A&*-The balance of the lot of bronze and carton pierre articles it i) per led irom Paris — At 12i o’c.ock.— A «mall collection of nil paintings, mostly by the old masters, comprising sever.l valuable painting*. « The hall will be r>ism on the day before the «le » a. aon.lemeu are invited to examine the collection. The sale will be without reserve. To Let—Corinthian gallery, suitable for an exhibition mom, for a dancing room or sc.h<s>l of any sort Dear Colonel —Please publish this sonp in the Pi S’, so that we can a!! have it by heart when Thanksgiving Day comes—ami the way we ’II brrak-’er down, afier dinner, will be enthusiastically thankful! And now that our whig friends are getting over their mutigrubs, and resuming the face of the genus homo , we may be able to harmonize in one general, kind, mutual thanksgiving for the abundant pumpkin harvest, to say nothing of the cider ! THANKSGlVtNG-DAY SONG. Am —Mellow Horn. Thankvgiving-day. of all the rest, Is what we Yankees love ; For, harvest o’er, our friends we meet, And send our thoughts above ; All welcome home, with gratelul hearts, And joyful, smiling eye, The festive board we draw around, And feast on pumpkin tie ! On pumpkin pie, on pumpkin, pumpkin pie, On pumpkin pie, on pumpkin, pumpkin pie— The festive boar.! we draw around, And feast on pumpkin pie, The festive board we draw around, And feast on pumpkin pie, The festive board we draw around, Anti feast on pumpkin pie— On pumpkin, pumpkin pie, on pumpkin, pumpkin pie, On pumpkin, pumpkin pie, on pumpkin,pumpkin pie! And when the glorious day is past, And eve appears, perchance, We ’II to the gay, enchanting hall, And join the merry dance ’T is there we’ll pledge our hearts to love, While time is rolling bv— The festiv« board we Ml then forget, And e'en the pumpkin pie ! T^e pumpkin pie, the pumpkin, pumpkin pie. The pumpkin pie, the pumpkin, pumpkin pie The festive board we’ll then forget, And e’en the pumpkin pie— The festive board we’ll then forget, And e’en the pumpkin pie— The festive board we’ll then forget, And e’en «he pninpkin pie ; The pumpkin, pumpkin pie, tYc. * A YANKEE in loco. DOMESTICI GOODS /- 1 ASKS fine Black Cambrick#— Book folci do— l'hcenix Co U Nankcens—7-8 Bleached N.irtings, vanou# styles-4-4 Bleached Shirtings, fine qual il y JdObales fTinting Clmhs ; balesGladdiug s fami') Sb eetinrs hexvv Brown do ; heavy Crown Shirtings. cor «ale hy a29 tf 1 WILLIAM LAKNED. 73 Water si- VELVET SATIN AND BROCADE BUTTONS rtU^HING, MARSH k. CO., 61 Kilby street, corner of «»■ ( ' ter sireet Liberty S,,u.tre. have just received-velvet. mohair, sji in, and lasting Button# of the newest style«, plated and coiivex. fo. dress, frock# and over coaU. Ata»-Worsted Cord* I tr-e size-silk an-l mohair irmvrial and round Cords, various sizes, (or dress, frock and over coats. I»u /'lOMFORT.— Winter Under Shirts and Drawers, viz: Se(/' co* ia, Saxony, Merino Shaker, Cotton, Silk..Buckskin, {a new slid superior article of fine Saxony Shirt# and Drawers Also, Ladies’ Silk Shirts and Drawers. . „ I ikewisi) an extensive assortment of Gloves and Hosiery. At DARWIN CHAFFIN'S, No 80 Washington street. ol6 lf ____________ M ISS M. HAWK, Artificial Florist, No 139 5 ott, one door from Grand street. New York, would inform 1.he ^Merchants autl Milliners who are abom te tbe eityfortUepr po*e <>f purchasing ArtIfi-ial Flower», that ^ just finish*», a most splendid as^nm;ni <K FaU an ' ^ ^ Flowers They are manufactured of t rench equal to <nv hnporie l ffovvers, and are to be had at the folio* Buiiches*oPM k and Tabby Velvet-also, Cambric Muslin Leaves • - - $6 00 pr doz Wreaths of Silk an>l Tabby Velvet—also, Can»brie wltl. Muslin Leave», * * Face Wreaths. do do <!o do. Sprigs for ln.siileof Bonnets—A aud Cambric, «¡prigs for Caps—Muslin Leave», sl7 ” TO THE FURLIC T HE Agency for the sale of “ Double Disti. led Rose Water from Damask Ro*e Leaves, from the celebrated Nursery of J. M. Prince. Flushing, L.I,” has been transferred to J. L. i F4VITT. Orderi» tlireeled to him through the Post Office, or ’eft «it «No 156 Cambridge street B«»slon, will l>eattended to im* mediately ; and the public may rest assured that they will be lurnisbed with the same article a27 eopisAostf f s \ OTHS AND CASSIMERES.-Just received a few bale* t / ' and case* >f English, Germ m and American Cloths, of various colors an 1 qnal-tiee. Also, cases Foreign and Dnmer-t»c (‘assimere.* and Doeskins, for sale at a small advance, wtvdesale a ndrel ia 1 1 b y C. C * W.’ H. CONAN T, formerly Conant,Thay« nr A; Co , 55 W.i#hin?ton st. ' PAiNTKD CARPETINGS. TOR TABER has just received a large supply of Painted Lar 4 fwt# of ail wiilihs—some new and beautiful patterns. Fur chasers will do well to call at hi# rooms, No 57 Washington st. our door* worth of Court st- U ____________ BROWN SHKKTINGS. bales 37 inches common Brown Sheetings 53 >lo 37 >1» fine do rio. For sale by GEO BOND A SONS, No 9 Kilby st. 20 nl R HENISH AND MOSELLE WINES.—Just receive.) an invoice comprising Mobile, Steinberg, Johannisberg as>l Marcobruner, in quart and pint bottle*. Also, in quart bottles, Sparkling Hock and Tokay, Kelsling Geisberg. Thf» ahdve are all excellent Wmca ; f’»r sale hy G. BONI! A SONS^ __________________________________________________ 024 N EEDl.ES.— A large assortment received at JORDAN’S, from the most celebrated manufactories including head- in>* and netting needles Sold cheap and warranted at Store^No 2 Milk st. SHAWLS. I case high cost quilted Satin Shawls, * friofes—just received and for sale by WHIFAV ELL, * LA* VER A CO. _________ >U PER sHIP ‘D»MAN. lows A lì \ 1.1. r .•>•>'i »>>1 a variety of New Plved <" i Sie ! Tibie »ad D.-*«eri Knives and ■ ' ' v . . H »U 'led Dessen Knives *>»! Forks—Plated '! \,Y , d i ’ i*iors — Planished I'm l'ish Cover*. ••» sets .V mr qu. iHv -Small J -p.uned Wauer^ end Cani Fi.ner Macho Inkstand# a«» i ImI pat terns. Ponfolt.'S of new and For sale at *2d Washington st. 4w \ l-Pl ICATIONS * *• lil tfia 2)t: h ins notice ill be received at the Mayor’s Office.un- mr the uffi e of Wn.iug#Master m the ,r«‘ • Tuli-j i!i'Vr'!l!ñg!"ml accompanied with testi- juaítíicaL ions Hili, \ov 10 . JONA THAN CHAPMAN, Mayor t 2 i nh 1,12 A CARD. X A HUNTINGTON, Merchant T.ilor. formerly of the J. ,ir>n of*ioodrich A Hnntingion, having remme.l to Ibis cirv would r**nectfu!lv solicit a »bare of patronage from the public He I* now op mm? a splendid assortment of Gootls, at Chambers 76 VV isl.iugton street, a tew doors south of Slate st , from wtiich ha \* ptap ireil to ftirai.^h ScAi I and I t>hi«.Mixhle far- nieru*. at reasonable prices Gentlemen wishing to cast, tfieir lull* will receive a liberal discount. Boston, Oct. 24, 1813. A C A R D • H SALVO, having connected h’s !m*incs* with L. A. HUNTI NGTON, 76 Washington street, would respectfully invite his friends and customers to call on him. where they may tie assured of his !»est exertion# to suit them. Boston, Oct. 24. 1843. if °26 FOREIGN PERIODICALS. V N P PEABODY wiUtske *u»<scripiU>ns at 13 West street, for 2 ’>t) F»>reign Peruxlicals. a list ol wh>ch, with the price#affixed may ¡>e *»*->u at the book room.*. Bv a special arrangement, she can supply, at a less price by hall than they have hitherto cost, the I rilowmg :— _ . ( E.botmrch. Westminster Foreign. British an>1 Poreiga/.c- vt-ws si #i 53 each. The British and Foreign Medical Review, S5 ; Tradt-rs’ Magazine, St’> 53 ; the London and E linbtirgh« nsojihieal Magazine and World of Fashion, «6.03. The cumber# will come by Cu iar»l’s Line, and can be delivered before the American edtihm are ready, aud will con ain the maps, illustrations. Ac . omiued in the American editions. N B — Foreign Periodicals for October are received at the Foreign Library. which is now open, and the subscription list more than hall filled. TuAFif «20 REFRIGERATORS AT PRIVATE SALE—56 MILK ST. fpHK Subscribers will be •uppi.ed with that imlis|»ensa!>le * article, m.ule. in the best manner to or>lef, of various «¡ze* and wai ranted a* go«#! an article as can h<> hongiit in Boston A*.', l'wu largo size with apartment», mam«f*c lured in Bal* .¡more, CLARK A HATCH, ml 7 AI.LENDALF. SHIRTINGS. 33 inch Bleached Shirtings, No 40, for sale by VV 51. LARNED,73 Waters!. F8 6 00 C 03 1 50 0 75 BY WHIT WELL, SEAVER <V CO. O fpice N o 75 ( granitk bi . ock ) M ilk strbbt . pKW- On Mondav. Nov 16. at 34 o’clock, on the premise*. (Unless [H-evlously soul at private-*.xlc ) One of the most valuable #q>.are p. w«tn the Lev MrGannets Clnirch, Federal street, being a wall p„w on the western ais.e, No 31. PACKAGE SALE. On Wednesday, at 9J o’cb« k, at office. 129 package* uf English, Scotch, French and American dry •ciSSi'-S t Z'P «.»»the *»>. t«.l, for «»»•ion the aiternoon prevmus to the «a>e. VALUABLE DWELLING HOUSE. On Thursday, at 12 o’clock, on the premises. A vatuxnlc brick dwelling house, heine No 13 Sheafe bitRSLstreet, three stories high, mo>lern built, having two par- mrs connected bv fo|, I ing doors kitchen on the same ,ve'l of water. The house i* now nrmpied hy the Rex Mr Siowe and will lie vacated on the first o( December Condition# at -a.e BY DANIEL HERSF.Y. O ffice N os 27 A 29 E xchange hTRtET. R 1 A A STUART’SSte.xm Refined Vanilla Cream, and Cream Brai>l Rock an>l other kinds of Candies, allowed by all who have tasted to be superior to any confectionary mam. factored in Rosm«. All are praising U. Just receive,I a fre«h supply from New York, and lor sale bv the or ounce at wil.I.TAM BROWN’S, corner of Eliot and Washington sis.— Se.e that you gel the true kind. A I»» t he Mol ¡rated Candy (Compound Boneset) for Couf and Colds, is for sale at Lhe same ul *ce. 11 DR. HARRINGTON'S V ALUABLE prescriptions fortne Syphilue; Gonorrhoea and Glo-t in all its various stage . put up in a neat and accurate manner,accompanied with directions Ac, to be had a» «aid Harrington’s office, No 9 Bmllcoii street, Boston, a few doors from Hanover st. . , . _________ Dr H. can be consulted at all tunes on the day and e're.nms • . .*« in hfol at his office___________________________________ EWFS& KirillDGK'SOrigannm Lintniment or Pain Extract- a superior preparation for the cure of Rheumatism, «Drains Gout, Swelled and Stiff Joints-Contrartion# of the cords Ac—seeceriificateeon the direct tons; also, a n.imber of reference#can he given bv the nroprietorof its astonishing elh cacv For sale hy WM. BROWN, 431 Washington street, Hen- shaw.WardACo and Maynard A Noves. Lewis* Co. Retailed hy all the Druggists in Boston. _~J)2o PER SHIP ROMAN. J ONFS. LOWS A BALL have received an invoice of Shef field Tat'le Cutlery consisting of sets of 51 and 53 pieces, of various qualities , Also. Table and Drssert Knives, without Forks, of warranted au ility ^l,r stl e al Washington st. n!2 _ F IN3 ÛNDEK GOODS.—Burlaps, 4-4. 36 Y Paddings and Buckrams, lor sale by GKO. BOND A SONS. * ,4_ S HEATHING PAPER—House and Ship Sheathing P.qwr for sale by GEO. BIRD A SO\S, 68 Stale street. ie3 * ........' ¡s A n»! f 4JILK UMB IELLAS—suitable for expnrialino — red and oth O ,.f color*—constant!v on hand and for sale by WHITWELL. SHAVER A CO. 4w »10 HEAVY SHEETINGS. ¡i/\n bale* Portland and Morison Brown Sheetings, f>»r »ale by Y(R* GKO. BOND A SONS nl° LOOKING GLASSES. *f TTnionand Annstreel» enplm °* \ FFD A first rate Bonk-btnder—one who can furnish \\ ‘ tir. Ysi testimonials. Inquire at No 139 Washington st, up stairs, Al*o, a first rate Sewer inquire as all Mobtoagsb’6 Sai.k. On Monday al 10 o’clock. * T »ha'l sell the stock of a trucking establishment—consisting of 7 horses—16 harneeees—5 wagons—2 trucks, Ac—together with all the lool* belonging to the establishment, such as shovel# ^"/Uso—2^wo>>leu stables, one of xvhirh is situated in Z*>ne -Ueei ,nd lhe other in Sun ha- street. The sate te commence m Zone loJin« >-™* G.o.. ,o C..ur « ">orJet of Monf„ee. FURNITURE—STOVES. On Tuesday next, at 9j o’clock, at office. I shall sell a large and general assortment of house furniture crockery and glassware, stores, and other artr. e». MOTK’F -The subscriber attends to out door sales as usual, nanv part of the city, such a# Shop Stocks, House F urntture, lie«! E*-ate Ac Weekly sales at office, viz—Furniture on Ri£!!&55i« ea Thursday—Clothm, an &uaM.,,,n( «(»licit* lhe patiouage ol his friends ami the public. LITERARY NOTICES. roems. hy J. N. MrJilton. Boston : Weeks, Jordan Co.—This publication is of rather a larger size than lhe usual volumes of American fugitive poetry, and it contains a great number of pieces on all imaginable subjects. We are giid that in these political times any one can find leisure to indite “ lhe flowing rhyme.” For our own part, we can scaice'y find time to review the productions afier they are written, printed, bound, and presented. T he longest poem in the volume before us, is “The Triumph of Liberty,” delivered before the Literary and Scientific Societies ot Baltimore, in 1838. It is in the uarra- tive style—vo much so, that it is little else than a relation in verse of the various tyrannies which have oppres-ed mankind—their dissolution—arid the final triumph of liberty, as a matter of course, in Columbia. The versification, with but few exceptions, is very smooth, and the figures are mostly easy and unstrained. The thoughts are sensible, as they could hardly help being on such a subject, and in such a beaten track, as the author has followed. But there are very few passages where inspiration raises the poem above the plain Macadamized tenor of its ways, and we think the whole affair might have been told to equal advantage, and with equal elevation, in common prose. There is little fault to be found with it it is mostly correct in mea«ute and expression, and is superior to the pieces contained in many poetical publications ot the American press. But it is not, ia our opinion, a poem, for all that. It is truly mediocre, and will prebably share the fate of it? less worthy rivals and predecessors. There are many other pieces in the volume which will answer to this description—pieces which are written in an excellent spirit, with excellent morals; and which, were they in worse company, would be noticed with approbation. But this approbation would only be comparative, for the verses themselves just fall short of that originality of thought and expression which alone can give to fugitive poetry a lasting value. ii Guenever” Is a very pretty and well written ballad, in the olden style. It is about King Arthur and his* far fumed queen, with the hundred Knights of the Round Table. The rest of the book is composed of a variety of shorter pieces, in blank verse and every modification of rhyme. There is an occasional carelessness in some of the lines, which might easily have been avoided. In the blank verse, we often see such as the following :— ply to the wants of man as well to-day as yesterday, and so back to the beginning of time. Apply this test to any of the ancient or modern writers, who are universally considered “ great.” The comedies of Charles II have passed away, for they were descriptions of manners—Shakspeare’s dramas still remain, for they are descriptions of jnen. Anything which is bounded, which descends to the particular, is as sure to die, as each one of us, while our whole race remains as powerful and as numerous as belore — Religious poetry is a high order of writing, but it is only when it speaks to universal man that it can endure. General praise, general prayer, general hopes, and general fears will be always unchangeable, and without turning to the Fslams of David as an example of enduring religious poetry, we may notice, that those Hymns ot Dr Watts, most generally known at present, are those which appeal equally to the hearl of the Trinitarian and the Unitarian, the Methodist and the Universalist. Mr McJtUon lias shown in many of his religious poems, a doctrinal spirit, which cannot but clash wuh the views ot many of his readers. We dislike this obtrusion of doctrine, which seems to us to denote a mind far from comprehensive. but on the contrary, narrow and bigoted. A minister writes a book of poetry—editors who dislike the task of perusing the stuff, puff it—the author admires it, and it dies as quietly as possible.— No one thinks of naming the writer, in speaking of religious poetry, he is as dead in their remembrance as Hamlet’s father. With some people, religious poetry is any thing which talks of " hell and the levil ” in a serious way, to the tune of Old Hundred, and they think it almost blasphemy not to read and admire any thing of the race which comes 'out. Such people, we might advise to subscribe for a new edition of Dr Watts, to set them right on the subject. To return to Mr McJilton. Our author excels in the simple pictures of life and of the heart, as those who read any of the pieces named above will readily perceive. He seems to have a penchant for descriptions of Nature, but the paintings are mostly feeble, and at best, descriptions of outward things merely. Ho does not show the effect of Nature upon the senses and soul of man—an effect, in the absence of which, Nature might as wetl have been hideous nnu disgusting. Mr McJ. has not much fancy or invention, as his “ Triumph of Lib­ erty’’ testifies. He generally wants fire, originality, strength and point. Still, as before remarked, there are many precious jewels in the surrounding irasb, and many of his poems are worthy of perusal and remembrance. BY COOL1DGE »V HASKELL, O ffice N os 29 A 31 W ater street . SHERIFF’S SALE. Suffolk s« Boston, N«V 10. 1810. Taken on siindrv writs and will he sol,I at public auciion, On Monday next, at 9J o’clock. Ai store corner of Milk an«l Pearl streets. All the »;ock in sai,I store-cnnsi*!inTofhroadcl.,th«-cas»i meres-calicoe-brown and bleach «hmmer and sheet.nzs-ho —gloves—thread—»ilk and worsted gloves-lose the'wuh variuus other good* usually found in a dry curds jobblm e»tab ,1SA! m >-A1* o *!1 the shop furnhure, viz-mahoeenjr ceunure- de*k#—chairs—»love* and tunnel with o’her article* Per order of Jalwz Pratt, Deputy Sheriff. —at private sate— 10 blocks Egyptian and Venetian warble. BY F. E. WHITE, O ffice N o 22 L ong wharf refrigerators S uspenders >r » ne v and be* utfui «ivie jus! receive I fr» n Paris, ami f >r sale by DARWIN LHAr- FIN. 83 Washington st n¿ .«>,.4 UGH TER LEATHER. Slaugtuor L«*ttier— for sale by COBB A KINS- 0*2 w <>26 %0 |A;Y. I'1 City wharf i ; R \ r E S’ G R A T E S ! ! 0 R A V ES • ! ! AMBflf.iH \\P SWEET WATER GRATES revived v and i\.r nie Uv W.M. P. A A. A tOsTEK, No 48 nom u —P i.ltes siuqi'ie t at short ,otir,e and on reason able a‘2l \ »ro.ii _____ PRY IT TRV IT It vo. *a.»i a ¡rood slurp am! sniuolb * <U or in*, try Roger*'* Patent Meet Hone and Strap, the • • ir. ir I» lor ¡>m; ynnr K>z>r in go «I order, with the lea#* >o' '■• of .«nv Ibi > :. now offw 1 t o *.»te wholesale ami retail, al ID:;* |s Stai lottery W .re l'use, 77 Washington street. Joy’s Iludió»?. o!2 P ) sijtp BUI I DEls IV M K COFFIN A CO 14 On tra! * whirl, have forati« the following articles,, viz— Anchor*, « o 3)3 to I»#») 16#—i 'ham Cablee freni 9 16 lo 1| inches — i iviu'.'s finished and uufimshd — Wlodtaa Ne ks—Capston -.»...•lies -lions» i ul Deck Pipes—Shape« of>vcry description nade to order»! the shortest notice. istf mlfi LARI’, BUTTER AND CHEESE, bl»!* Iuxnf • V/ |33 tubs Welch Butter, a prime article. 133 do do. suitable lor Baker’s use. |3M casks Cheese. Fur sale a i low | uíc es for cash, by GOVE, BROWN A CO., Vo I under Fattemi Hall Market. tl «21 |»()]M \N CEMENT—A constant supply of Roman Cement Ik jo whole half and quarter c,i*ks, from one of the most ap ■»roved m »»uüclMwr*. warranted fr> *h constantly on hand, and îors.le at the Rondo.. Importing Warehouse, 3G Conduit,corner i*i Franklin Avenue. . . Contracts mad» to deliver lvs- quantities, at satisfactory prices. a.iwis&o-'f mI6_ —rrmr lidY-'i'iiMns— **hdi C« ■ •*’. tu« m» unían ut« S"!:;• i»Æ«-- 1 --«#.* )•■«; DAN’S Fancy Goods a>>d Perfumery Store No 2 Mdk .c, d door from Washiuet«*. el. _______________________ WAN TED. I H. enpt f SODA ASH. 4 SHEET IRON WORKER at H. A F. STIMPSON’S, No Ol 127 State sir set. ‘*”r'lf 027 S UTFRJOR REFRIGERATORS for sale hy JABEZ HATCH, 166 Washington street. _____________________ ID ____________ WINTER AND FALL OIL. 1 gall* Winter and Fall Sperm Oil. of first qua nr, 1 I*'') Itndin* from sc!»o»ner Enteyuise —for sale by BLAKE k TRUMBULL, corner of Milk aud Federal street# o22 H _________ NF.ATS FOOT Oil,, in hbts N»at« Foot Oil, of good quality, for sa'e by FI.ETCH ER k APPLETON, No# 2 and 3 India sireet. s3 ^ ‘ ____________ U casksSoilx Ash, for s.le by EDWARD LAMB, 86 f^ate street. eop2«v I o-M WHITE ARSENIC. 1 r*nn lh* Crude, for »aie oy EDWARD LAMB, 86 8ute lOl "7 street. eop3\v________________«*31 FRENCH WOAD. -j •’l\l t llts primeqnal'ny—now landing land for sale by ED« ¿ÍJUU WARD LA MR, 86 Statesi. eop2w *2'_ >. i , u >, t i',, Loa», on » goo.1 firai Mo-igage in the ciiy •S HfUU by J. DA VIS, corner of itate and Exciiangest« m2 ,f ___________________________ 2003 BENJ. POOR, rri Kijbv st. B wool. ll>s fine Fierce Wool, just 'received and for sale by — — -* * • - a 5 PROM I ON DON —A creat variety of im « malerial for fine t 7JS,'«-.'!«! « liTCKINSON'S «MW*. Kl (fofo nçton nvrr.ñX -A hbl* Southern RosÌu-m g-O shipping order-for sale by »>(r FLETCHER A APPLKION, Ntw2and3 India»!. iaAoelf sla fTOCN’TRV W (M)Lar.d C tí »i ml Wo>l Klanncis; o'v- mixed IV,».Pen Yam aud Socke-for sale hy POOR k CO .28 Ktlbv street. _____ IIANK AND RAILROAD STOCK b.«ight a« <*#'«' ! by J. DA’> VIS. corner of State aud Exchange sire, ts. I f M A 11 OC, A N Y CI! AI RS ! | «SÄ“ J' Im . verv No 77 22 I l > T RECEIVED a iari« assort meid «>f M «bogan j Cha a »d f.u *a'.c hy MELLEN A HOl’ivl NS, at the cwner 'moo A'id Ann streets. si. CIGARS. 7 % lililí SuperiorPriitcipeCigara. • M n I ^.#»0 Havana do For**lehjrJ. M MCUl*OCK . 13 L>xnjr wharf. i «14 tioxKV IX SM a* A. e»*NWl AXI> MKXHIAX I k M.I »KS AM' |K>01:l/>OX‘ ,S .......... D.AMON» RK.AVF.KS—for .eTbiWlTÜT a KK * CO. 1JÍE* I» Nlo *:t Atil« street. W L^t-KXIP.LE WALLETS—new style.. lo-Moo male. ^ r.hoiCA —Jii 9 t rece vet! an*.! fur sale al M A • , VanltinrtoM street. ‘ O H. SASSAFI*As .—2 for Site '•> ED" ADD I A-vn/, State street. e<xp'2w rPHFRMOMETFRS One cse '»est quality Japaod Case 1 Thermometer’s, assorted sizes. 8. 10 and 12 inch, warranted perfect For sale bv the dozen *r single, at unusual fow prie«».a’ MARSH’S, 77 Washington at. ___________ol0 _ __ _ ^(|| ASSES. Zf\ prime retailing Mo! H**e*. now landing. For sale by J. J VALFNTINE A OEO C. BRIGGS, No 12 Commér­ erai at. ’ ____________________________ double'barrei.lkd GUNS. -« rv/~v of , ou .Tt1«*—some verv superior, of high eo*t— 100^^For Sy WHITWKI.L, SEAVER A CO., 75 Milk at reel. ____^_____________________ ^L. OSTÎT n AND GORHAM GUNPOWDER—For sale by K e M. BARNARD, No75Siaiestreet He has also Spectacle Island to lease and 33 tons Hay to sell Applv as aitove. ________________________ÎÜ1 _ - ~ CÂPE ALOES. 1 /Vi\Ck lbs «op-rior Cape of Good llo(>e Aloes, iust landed and 1000 fo*«àrie by FLETCHER A APPLETON, Nos. 2 A 3 Ind ia st reel . ______ isAost f a.3 TkTF PIUSULTRV DESKS.—For sale at MARSH’S, No 77 iN Washington street, Joy’* Building, a uery choice variety , of Neplua or Travelling Desks—some of extra finish with the Dressing Case combined. o26^ con II WHISKE.V —Ti e cele'Mraled “ Ar.!brv-I»ley ” brand Monutaw Whi-kev. of fine ff ’/or. in ,-v.ry re- ppfrt verv superior For 8-uc !>!«.»KL iV TRUMIîl'IX, corner of Milk and Federal Rts. n5 VV(«3l l EN YARN. -a /-v (NiNzx lh* Woollen Yarn, suitable for fflling, will lie III,UuU s,d,| low !>y GEO BOND A SONS. nil _________________________________________ ¿M j OOR CLOTH c a NVA«'*-'» « Tard Can**** for V Ctrp,*! Painting, For #a!e by G. BUND A SO.N n K ilby street PROVISIONS. On Monday, at D) o’clock. At the Navy Yard. Charlestown, M m ». 2367 lbs bread-103 lbs butler- 193 It« cheese-I hbl beef. jRv order of Leonard larvi#, N«ivy A^eut« REAL ESTATE. On Tuesday. Nov 17, at 12 o’clock, on the premise*. If not previously disposed of at priva!- sale. Ash That valuable and eligibly situate,I bouse No 15 Tre mont street, n-'xt to lh- St Paul’s Church, own-,! and re- c^ntly occupied bv Dr Hayward, and i» one of the most desirable lor, a ¡ion* in the city. For a plan ol the estato and further oarticulars apply to Charle.Hav ward. No 59 Slate street. Conditions made known at the time and place of sale. BY WM. TAYLOR .Y CO. O ffice N os 7 A 9 C entral street . —Monthly Sale.— BOOTS, SHOES A BROGANS.! —For Cash — On Tuesday, Nov |7. at 1») o’clock, at office' 250 cases Boms Shove and Bingans Cash advanced on ci>ti#ig»ments for the above sa!e. BY CLAPP xY STEELE. C orner of M ilk A P earl streets . DRY GOODS On Tuesday . at 13 o’clock. A »«ñera! assortm-m of foreign and domesiic dry goods. —at privatesaie.— 103 baie» Tins>eranoc brown «heelings. BY F FREEMAN, O ffice No 36 M ilk street . “She rose on dark Oniario, ’ere day was gone— ‘ Emma, thou art young—thy bright morning sun— “Emtna, thou must die—as the blossoms lall— “Bold A rctutus moved, and the fair PLEiades These are any ihing hut heroic lines. In the rhyming verses, there is sometimes a redundant syllable which may be slid over in reading, if one knows what is coming, but which stops the flow of the verse at the first perusal. Among the mediocrity of most of these effusions, however, there are many beautiful thoughts The last four verses on “Confidence” are very good. The story is of a storm al sea. Amid its terrors, a soldier stands fearlessly on the deck, and seems to enioy the conflict of the elements. Hts frightened bride rffshes from the cabin, and clings to her unshaken lord, wonJering how he can smile ta such a sccn6 of terror :— ii jfo word the warrior spoke — but he Drew from beneath his vest A poignard bright, and placed its point Against her heaving breast. She started not. nor 'hrieked in dread, As she had shrieked before ; Bu* stood astonished, and surveyed His tranquil features o’er. < Now why.’ he asked 1 dost thou not start ? May not thy blood be spilt?’ With sweet composure she replied, * My husband holds the hilt!' * Dost wonder, then, that I am calm ? That fear shakes not my form ? I ne’er ran tremble while I know My God directs the storm ” “ 0 give me back my hope,” is a very sweet and simple production. Among the other pieces which we notice as being really good, in their several kinds, were, “ I have no father there the last two verges of “A Mother’s Love;” “ Procrastination “Leila's choice the last verse of the “ Old Elm ' To a Musqueto and “ Love’s Appeal” Anv of these deserve a better place than the field of tameness ,n which they are planted. There is a very pretty thought contained in the following from “ L.te-a garden.” Alter tediously describing life as a garden. in which all are wandering, and all are seeking after ihe one flower of happiness, he concludes by VALUABLE MISCELLANEOUS ROOKS. Or. Wednesday, at 9* o’clotk, st office A collection of valuable miscellaneous bnok#,comprising*un< arri works, novel.*, Ac. Partk„!*rs here .lt.r BY CLAUK A HATCH. O ffice N o 5T» IYI ilk stkkkt . A superior W,I.Ä^r.ia.!e hv Traogii.on Lor,'-cost «120 Anv shin r in want of a .»«rumen, can rely on thi* firn rüte. Hair f l-Kh of all w.rit).» at tbe lowe« cash jvrie.M. ^ ^ A fresh ¡mportaimn of hair cloth, ex a q . > nettes. _________________ No 9 o‘29 Ñ V PURK STÜH r IB* ' ndy A ND Cl N laurini«—for «de by SILAS ■>27 Oflii bids firit qua! tv ! ‘ V' 'f ! '•> !)’.?— * ' PEIRCE A CO , 22 Elm street.' ntPFR — P.'IWte.l Pi>!*er for Tark* and Braris, of I VieV* GEORGE BIR» * ^O-NS, 68 State *t. jc3 •'A'-ri________________________ t BROTHER'*’ extra *un*rfine while w»ve, («»tin gi’D nillet Pa,,rr, for sale .• BEN I. LORING A CO . Sja- tioner#, 122 State st. f t n'!’ BY SAMUEL A. WALKER, O ffice N». s 43 A 45 K ilbv street . — st private wie — A tlark anml her«» 6 vear» »1«I, perfectly kmri. «onnri and will fo ui anv h.irtje#» a.. I vehicle. mosl excellent or,riertlHe «i l' änd pxrtic - ariyalafoeri for a i .riy, sariri’e boroe. In- qiiire of the aurtioneer. ______________ ________ ” BY GEO. COND & SONS. Al private « xle, 7 fEse« English merino# -3 du Aí lu*tres-2 do Lon I on »uperfi.te bms.!rl<*i!is |3 twle Russia hall a «upen,«- artete | 4 cases «mbrella sine «»am«. iu*i arme-! ,e*r Hurculean*. rv; WHITING, b.v »g pracu«e>l MeriFiue and s'ureery in U Haverhil! f<c twenty yea-*, ba# removed t„ B rt-m, ami n mw ready t.» alterni t * a" the e*H».»f hi* P'”f-#c*n. Residence No. 17 Cambrulge riree*. nea B-'W.l.m, sqtwre. ijj,>p itiweiijiitv saving— “ And few have gained the favored flower, And those who have, its folds between, Have found the sharp thorns intervene. Wounded, alas! they turn to fly, But tall upon lhe spot and die. The flower they strive so hard to save, Blooms fairest near the seeker's grave." The thought is a very true one. but the lines ore spoiled by the word “ save" being put in merely for the purpose of rhyming with “ grave We never before heard of the author of ihese poems, but should conclude that he was a clergyman, from the serious tenor of many, and the religious strain of mo«t of the contents of the work. He is a so called temperance man. if not a lelotaler, and has indicted many duDes hi the praise oi water . Although we believe in the utter moral impossibility of gelling mankind lo confine themselves to Adam * ale, vet on this point we have nothing to say- But as religious poetry fo much in vogue at prevent, it may be as well to set the species in its proper place. True poetry is the voice of mankind, not of an individual. I* is not *• cabin’d, cribbed, confined.’ to a particular sect or ?ge ; it is universal, and will ap- The Metropolitan for October. Boston: IVeeks, Jordan xf Co There is a good deal of tun in the present chapters of “Sayings and Doings at Oxford.” The madcap tricks of the students remind one strongly of Cambridge in old times, when mighty jokes goaded the poor Faculty to the point of despair. There is much nonsense in these letters, but now and then there is a very comical paragraph. “Leaves from .Memory’s Log,” gives a queer account of Billy Culver, the oldest midshipman in the service. Billy was very fond of grog and roast goose, and was in the habit of superintending the culinary operation, in propria persona. On one occasion he was absent without leave from his vessel :— “A greenhorn of a lieutenant, who had recen ly been entered for provisions on board the Royal William, as vupernumerary waiting for a pa*sage to the West Indies, atone r. m ., di'agreeably surprised Billy in his usual avocation of basting a fine goose. As the day was warm, Billy sat wuhout his coat, hi» *hirt-sleeves tucked up, and an oversized ladle in hts hands.” ‘“I answer to no other name but Billy Culver,’ replied oar old friend ; 'bat I see you are heated, ¡or —try n swig of my rummer:’ and he presented his large glass, woh the reddrah liquor, to the young officer, who thankfully drank till Billy called, ‘Belay there,’ and the officer, after drawing breath, in a courteous manner said, ‘It is my unpleasant duty to arrest you, as absent without leave, and convey, you, as a prisoner, on board the Royal William guardship.’ ‘This is very mal-à-propos, as I was to dine with some friends on the fine bird before yon ; but I will put on 'my coat and attend you to old Grimsby, who is very harsh, as I am only a few days over my leave of absence granted by him. May I beg the favor of you not to let it burn till 1 can send the cook in ?’ So saying. Billy slipped on his coat, and slipped out of the back -duor, and very soon reported himself as come on board to first lieutenant Grimsby. !Mr Culver, you have overstaid your time three days, and I have sent Lieutenant Greenhorn to bring you off under an arrest; have you seen him?’ ‘Dear tne, how strange !’ said Billy, endeavoring to look verv innocent; ‘after taking our nooner together, (by this he meant a glass ot grog, a bad custom in vogue among seamen, even in these days of refinement and reform,) I left him in full uniform, basting a roasting by the kitchen fire of the India Arms, Gosport ; and if you will plea>e to allow me to fulfil an indispensable engagement this day, I will, on my passage, make known to him your commands.’ ‘Send him off instantly, sir ; such conduct is particularly unbecoming in an officer or a gentleman.’ And our acquaintance. Lieutenant Greenhorn, was ever alter facetiously termed Goose Gtbbey. I believe Billy’s objections to being the youngest lieutenant were in course of time conquered, and that he died m a rank I never expect to obtain, that of posi captain.” Sir Sidney Smith, the hero of Acre, is also brought before us—dining upon rats—which delicate dish turned the stomachs of all the company. Both Bentley and the Metropolitan seem to have been in the funny vein for several months past. With bat few exceptions, they eschew melancholy, as bad as Job did evil. I d this number, “ Adventures of a gentleman in search of an Estate,” is very laughable. The scene is. laid in Ireland. The sketch of the Irish Barber is excellently done. Besides this, there are “Lord Killikelly,” and “Records of the French Prisoners.” both humorous for the most part. In the latter, is de’.aded a joke played upon a sleeping ne­ gro, who was much disliked on board suip. His wool was fastened by puch to the beam above, and his hammock being cut from under him, he was left dangling by ahe scalp. Not w.rhstandmg our knowledge of the tortures of the poor devil, the scene is ir- re'fotible. Laugh we must at his French oaths, and comical expression* of pain. “The History of the Jews,” and “Memoirs of an Italian Exile,” are also continued in this number. The poetry, as a whole, is better than usual. “ Stanzas to Love,” though on raiher a used up subject, are very prettily turned.— Nine out of ten of the magazines, English and American. would be much improved by the omission of their verses; but onee in a while we come across pieces worthy of remembrance. Nor can we do better than quote the following lines, which conclude the present number. They express a true feehng for the beautiful, on a subject which, however common, must ever be the holiest in the world :— SONNET. —BT T. ÜREE.NWOOD. I **w a mother o’er her first h«*-n benrii»?, Pressing soft ki*-es on hi* cher.»)» brow. * While hope, end pride, and deep affert >n blending. Lent to her tranquil ro»j».tei>*nre a fb# Of holiest beauty. Feeling without «tair. Beamed from her e***. a»d the pure »>”>1 of prater Seemed breathing in lhe gentlx murmured strain That trembled on her Dp—it w*» a scene That angels, from their homes of ecstacy (Homes, where dark S>n lhe spoiler, ne’er hath )*»»n ) Approving, might tn»*e xietv-d w*l please«! to see That m a w„rld.of *o m.u-h Debt bereft, Some share of primal love unsullied mil wivs efi. T»í Ameriten Turf Beeister and Sj*r«*i Siega- in. —The November number of ib» be»onfullf i primed periodical ts jno is<oe(. The present num. her contains an enaravin« of Latwce!.*,. the « nner ol the S.. Letrer for IRIO, a, lull «P«*). There >x also, a inhoamph of lhe famous Eclipse, «nh .1,0. i , hi, anatomical and geometrical grams exhibiting ni* nn ’ tl , m„,r be interesting to ail am*. proportions, i ,n" ,,-irs who desire i*> know the beamtiful of their „ohie h«bby — the horse. This number, among other things, I La' a valuable article “ On the breeding of horses for Le turf and for the chase.” and « F.ecepis and Prac- Suce, by Fiaak Foicsier.”

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