The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1941 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1941
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1941 Striking Force To Meet Any Threat To Nation Gaining In Power Atlantic, Pncific or Fm- East, naval .quarters lierp nssort. President Roosevelt in an executive order cmiied ihree fleotr, under sepiu'iuo commanders-in-chief: Admiral Thomas C. Hart commands the Astatic Fleet; Admiral Ernest. J. King, ihe Atlantic Fleet and Admiral Edward Kimmel, the Pacific Fleet. Kimmcl also is com- mnnder-In-fhief of Uie U. S. fleet, comprising all these forces. Prior co ihc reorguni/.fition order, the frilling forces uiloat consisted of tiie Pacific Fleet, the Asiatic Fleet and I)K> Patrol Force in the Atlantic. The new reorganizatoin- not, only gives rhe Atlantic force a full fleet status but provides greater flexibility in .organization 10 all forces. Battle Forec in p : u-i«e The groat, bulk of the naval BUT1TEVTU,R, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS German Sea Menace Extends South THETRE HERE!: WARDS 1941 WASHINGTON CUP)-The recent reorganization of rhe U S fleer into three distinct forces 'has improved ilils country's cnnucii" to meet, tmk.-kly and forceftillv 'any , , threat to American secuntv "in IMP ' stren K |>J sull resides in the Pacific " ' * Fleet, based at Hawaii. However. the Atlantic. Fleet will he augmented substantially :ia the niivul program tfalns momentum, ami some :u-w units are expected io be added to ihe Asia lie force. Tlie ('ommamiers-ln-tihlef. are regarded as being well quallfieci for their positions in increasingly critical days. Among (hem, they have seen .service in two major wars and a series of campaigns. Kimmel, who once served as President. Roosevelt's aide when the latter was assistant .secretary of navy. is. a veteran oi" the World War nnd (he Mexican campaign. in the World War lie served as executive officer aboard the- LT.S.S. Arkansas operating \vitli the British Grand Fleet, After hostilities ended he was captain of the yard at, the Cavite Naval Station in' the Philippines and later commanded Articling |Q W prices. Stunning new patterns! or Possible Gorman Sub Attack. Lanes British Convoy Route* SOVIET RUSSIA German planes, subs based on COCJili, roiiis on ihippmg ready to strike' Sn horn Rumanian, boors based Italy could Hitler would (ike bases here tor plane*, subi route to Greece URGENT Will the man at R's dinner parly last who said any bourbon would do', please try Gibson's Straight Bourbon? Once you enjoy its smooth, m e 11 o w flavor you'll always want it. Gibson's Straight Bourbon whiskey—90 proof. Tins whiskey is 4 YEARS OLD. The Gibson Distilling Co., New York, N. Y. Menace of German submarines and planes to British grows us Miller's threatened "unpiwedentcci sea attack* may e have already British vessels. i to been rnidim> LAKft CITY. Utah iUP»~ . miUTiiH'i's, business conditions and even I' p!;m- wlll sir divided jj.s •] result oi' Aim-rii-u's prepsn'silions lor national drirns<>. That's du' prediction m:\de in Sail. Luke City by l)r, Kdunrd c. l.indemau, author luul leciuw, u! New York. indication oi social" structure, are bound to increase in day.-; oi tension." .-••!!id tho .social expert. "Family tension i; bound u> firow when men :m- heln?.culled int.oser- Jlu.sband and wil> become )1^ :uui drift ineviUibiy into '' court.s. "A! l.h»> same time, yoimu people, ''•linj,' they were meant, lor <-;«'h .her. U'.'t married. Mi.sinke.s un oi'ien t!u i re.sull.." About economic problems, Umle- man >;aid. "rtv,ard!e.s.s of whiMhor \\v hnvc to flKhi or not. !ht- United -Stales i.s on a \vt\r economv basis lor On? next five to i.en year.'.. "The defense program is with u., imrl the lhin<> foe hulivhlimh to do S: to revise thiMr cancc)Hion of na- i.ional economics, Prosperity Is over ilic country, it. hn.s FACE mafic ii.self {<>[(. in (ho just- f'.ettinf;: out. west." Predict ini,-; inoretiswi expondl- tmvs in household Moods, buildiinv trades and ;uttomobile.s. he said Uio "sud part, of II i;; thai, (JO to BO per I'i'iit of this buying will be on the ii^talhnent plan. "If we don't, d<> .soine !ar-sij',h(cd planning soon." came lil.s final warning "we will be in another depression when the war i:; over." l.tvinjj in C'hlckns;t.,u'I):i Msiricl for N T . I*. I).? Are You A Maaon? membership elsewhere or Nimu.' Mull Lod^c, Charter It. K. Uiayloek, sor.'v. Chl<>ka<£u\vb:i. inoin her l-otitft I :>,< (dieek). ftlythe- COOLAIRE SEAT COVERS improve che looks of your car. Enjoy the coolness aod comfort only fiber covers can give you. The rich-looking, durable fiber is water- repellant making it easy to keep your covers clean. The careful tailoring assures you a perfect fit and longest wear. $198 • UP COUPES SEDANS TOUGHER STRONGER THE NEW LOW VRADE-IN PRJCE 2>ejE«x* CHAMPION Flere is MORE of the features you need — more Non-Skid Safety — Longer Non-Skid Mileage — Greater Blowout Protection! Here is a value you can't afford co miss — particularly at its new low trade-in price. ALARM CLOCK Troubadour AUTOMATIC IRON Smocffr-O-Maflc $395 $595 Self-starting. Brown plastic case, cream dial. -{" x 5 " x 3*. TELL-A-MATIC TOASTER Tell-beU rings when toast is just the way you wane it. Chrome. Has dial heat control for all fabrics. Cool plastic handle. WAFFLE BAKER You get perfect waffles. Heat indicator and 7 \$" greaseiess grid. a destroyer division of the Asiatic Fleet, He has also been considerable service in the Navy Department. In .Spanish-American Wai- Ad in i ml King saw hts first- war service during the hostilities with Spain. At that, time he served aboard the U.S.S. San Francisco engaged in patrol duty of! the Atlantic Coast. During Die World War King was assistant chief of the stnlV of Admiral. Henry T. Mayo, coiumander- in-chief of the U. S. Heel. He received the Navy • Cross for his services. TJI 1925, when King was in command of the submarine base at New London. Connecticut, the submarine S-51 was sunk off Block Island. King was placed in charge of .salvage operations and won the Distinguished Service Medal for his efficient work. King is a qualified naval aviator and has served as commander of flying units. The new commnnder-in-ehlef of the Atlantic Fleet tok command of the patrol force in December, 1940. The patrol force was the forerunner of the Atlantic Fleet. Among King's various awards are the Spanish Campaign Medal, the Mexican Service Medal and the decoration of the Grande Ofilclale, Order of the Crown, of Italy. Hart Submarine Expert Admiral Hart also served In the Spanish-American War and the World War. He entered the former hostilities shortly after his graduation from the Nav«l Academy, serving aboard the battleship "Massachusetts and the converted yachts Vixen and Hist. " ! Having Rained considerable submarine experience wirh the naval forces in the Pacific. Hart \vns placed in command of a division of underwater craft when the world War broke out. He was awarded the 'Distinguished Service Medal "for dlstinfuioshed service afloat in command of submarines engaged in operations, n gainst, the enemy." After the war Han weni to Fat- Eastern 'waters and there commanded n submarine Hot ilia in the Asiatic fleet. He became commander-in-chief of the Asiatic Fleet in July. 1939. The President's recent order did not. affect Hart's rank, but it resulted in certain organizational changes. FUNNY BUSINESS IHl he the greatest labor-saving, invention in bistorv Jl only I can invent a way to .start ft without pressing "a button)" . Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the tol- . i .uitj" .questions, then "checking ay.iinst tat- authoritative answers below: | 1. is it yood manners to ask a j bu> driver questions whiie hi- is- I driving? , '1. is It customary to up the Annoiuiceiiients The Courier News has been au' homed to make formal- announcement of the following candidates for public office at the municipa' •^lection April 1. Fflr Mayor TOM A. LITTLE E. K.. .Rabbit) JACKSON For Alderman. Second Ward •IOHN C. McHANEY <Re-election) For Alderman. Third Warn J. E. LUNSPORD driver at the end -of a crews-country* bus trip? 3. I.s there any charge for the meals served on a 4. On a (rain is the dining ear open to all passengers or just those riding first rluss? 5. When riding on n train how do you know when men Is HIT .served in iho diner? Whnt would you do if— When riding on :» Pullman you would like to have an extra blanket- lit ) Ring for the porter and iisk for 0110? ib) A,sk ihe conductor? Answers 1. No. •2. No. 3. No. 4. To all i 5. A waiter walks ibnuhvli the cnr.s and announces each meal. Best "Whai Would You Do" solution—-i a). He-tier Seeils; FVwer Weeds LAFAYETTE, Tnci. (UP) —Belter .seeds mean fewer weeds, according to Oliver C. Lee. Purdue University botanist. In a warning to farmers and gardeners i;dtlnc; rciuly for I ami how they tan travel! ? you like fireworks, and who doesri'l, il's milly loo had you can't see %vhut goes on inside that sparkling big LUiick FIKIJIIALL eight that romps you so cusily do\vn the broad highwiiy. Tliere you'd see eight busy cylinders, with pistons Hushing up and down . . . You'd see each fuel churge packed tight into a tiny bundle shaped like u flattened ball . . You'd see the spurk leap, (he Hume spread, the piston thrust down with extra force MS ench furious fireball lets go its pent-up wallop. You'd sec all this happening as fast as thirty times a second in each of those eigh t cylinders—tuid we think you'd understand then just why there's such a special and exciting satisfaction in the way a Bnick travels. Gasoline gives up more of its power when it's packed as tightly as it is here. That special, fiat- lencd-ball shape of the compressed fuel charge means smoother, better burning, full focus of the power on the piston head, where it counts. So when you've got these eight balls of fire working busily under the bonnet, you really travel! You travel farther on every gallon and you travel more pleasurably. You travel—but, shucks! Why listen to talk when there's a Buick dealer nearby waiting to show you how you travel behind a FIREBALL? EXEMNAR OP GENERAL MOTORS VALUE LANGSTOH-WROTEN CO. Hro»d\vay & Walnut - Phone 1004 niSTlUBUTOK.S: JOHN' MILES MILLKK !23 W. Ash I'hnne HXK m- 375 hono G. 0. Caudill Agency Insurance OF ALL KINDS "H7 iflG X. Broadway E. B. WOODSON I for the fun 2 year term) RUPERT CRAPTON (for unexpircrt term E. R. Jarkson) built-in shielded loop antenna, colorful illuminated dial and walnut cabinet. An unequalled value at this price. Smart-looking ivory plastic case with 5-tube circuit and built-in loop antenna. Note the slide- rule type diaL EVERYTHING YOUR OFFICE PHONE 16 PHONE OFFICE Blythcville. DELTA SUPPLY STORE R.R, & As)> BLYTHEVILLE FIRESTONE STORE 219 W. Main Bill Wunderlich, owner Phone 41 HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SFRVTCE STATION 45-Mmute Battery Recharjrins General Repairin ? , Welding Across from Red Top Gin FARMERS Corn Planting Time Is Here Again! SEE OR WRITK ME FOK Funk's "G" Hybrid Seed Corn The Best You Can Buy A. C. OWENS RL l, Manila, Ark. New onal Sensat Prce Low 1941 Here are a few of its Features Meat Tender Frozen Storage uickube Ice Tras S«ns«tioMl Bargtin— Unrest Price Ever, for s Fngidairo 6 with so many features. 1941 Standard Model R-6. : ; Only 5 I IS .75 OV€* 6 MILLION FXICIDAIReS HA VC BKN BUIL T AND SOLD ! 1-3 DOWN - 1-3 FALL 1841 - 1-3 FALL 1942 Hardaway Appliance Co. 206 W. Main W ' Adams ' Phone 233 HAVE THE

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