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Boston Post from Boston, Massachusetts · Page 4

Boston, Massachusetts
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Tuesday, September 27, 1842
Page 4
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II HOOKS, &C. NEW BOOKSTORE! NO. 40 WASHINGTON sTRf:J .. STATIONERY, MUSIC AND PERIODICALS!! ...a nnuC " UlllRfkV l. eavtll til V PI'UI IHflKIf. 1 If r "' ..., u.i u. a,., tor MJ, ricntj " . . . - i. u itMB. new . , .....I ,( ...ft. km(HiI engraving - nrri is a i s ist Io, or Wintrr'a v reath for IH4. Spark' Wa.hi.if mo, " 1 "' aThe ,'l.7rrv s,ec No eta" Nos I, 2 and 3, Pelaant, the Disowned and Devereux, o'U'UiT "of Wavbrlbf NovirLa, neatly bound to Ara - beaatte hecka - Luile Cola What's to be done - . Young Mans IjuMie uJ a good uaaorttaenl of Miscellaneous, Blank, 0CMOOL, A TuV KoOKI. ICiBLKOot all the various aicea and binding, and Ilium Boo Ia general tie. Alao, Bristol Hoard Drawing, Writing, and fitter Paper Quill Steel Pen - H'lver Pencil Cases Pocket Hooka Ac A lot ot superior Writing In, by dozen or alnglc bottle. XT Prim o Ijow t at one o titer ttore. BIN" DING done in a superior manner, and at satisfactory price. 403 - PLEASE CALL - 405 G KO It J K r - 1 TV t O V IV tr I I I 1 " GS. at eop4w BLANK AND STATIONERY. 1 A T. K. Hul l. AND, Stationers, Engraven and Plate Printers, No 7 Water street, have o hand a large assortment of Blink Notes, Draft, Bill ol Exchange, dec. Ac, which will he sold at the following pi - ires : Notea, !! nmi Safe, 50 eta per him. do Scroll end plain, 50 do do do Railroad end. 50 dodo do aeroll end Ship, 62 do do do Virw of h "change, 68 do do Dratta, 68 do do. Notea and Draft, letter heet, 50 eta per quire. Will be ready iu a few day, a Town and County Note, wiih Medallion enda, 6 cts per hun. Bill ol Lading, with a view ol the New Custom - house, 5 eta per noire, , . , ' . , Rill ol Exchange, lat, 2d and 3d, with Hteam Ship on end - do plain, 75 eta er onire. . . The above are all from ateel platea, and of the most approv - lat Tie, primed on Kiilih and French Papera. 4lao, on band, from 1etier - prea Bank Checks, plain, 6t eta per quire do two quirea, bound, ft 75 do one qnire, bound, 87 cH Bill ol Lading, letter sheet, 45 eia per quire - do, kHir on aheet, 66 do do Memorandum Checka, b2 do do ftailrotd Eniriea, ruled, 50 do do. On hand a aaaorthient of Blank Booke alo, manufactnr - ed to order. . . ' Ordera received of Engraving and Card Printing, Copper - plate and Letter - preaa. , , ,i 1 llf !Hve umiak irvnimiuiwnini vj w, cheaper than at any other atore in the citv. On hand a larga aaaortment of C. C. Wright 8c Co.' fine use. Elaatic Steel Pena, the cheapeat ana neat article now 1 : . - . ClOptf ' I ROSTER'S COPY - BOOKS nkw series. Just f published by BEN JA. PERKINS, 116 Washington at., Foster's Elementary Copy - Books, in ten numbers. Th nnhhuher with renewed confidence solicits the attention of parents, teachers and school committees to this new series of Copy Books. The author now resident in London has during the last three years visited the most celebrated establishments In Europe, and has availed himself ai the opportune ties thus afforded to obtain information in regard to the subject of teaching penmanship. These books are now produced by an entirelv new process, which obviates many of the objections which were made to the old series. The copies have been re - engraved in the first style of excellence the clasoifica - tion and arrangement of the exercises have been materially improved, and no expense has been spared to render the system, In every respect, superior to any thing of the kind extant. It is simple, practical, and perspicuous easily applied, and undoubted in its efficacy. Foster's Copy Books have been republished in the British metropolis, and introduced, very generally, into the public, private, and parochial schools throughout Emtland, Scotland and Ireland. 22 AMERICAN STEEL PENS. The advantages these pens possess over every other pen in the market; consists in their possessing all the ease and elasticity of a quill, f liding.smoothly over the paper, without catching and spattering, and at the same time shedding ink perfectly. They possess nil the qualities ol the best English pens, as regards the fineness and smoothness of the mark, and at the same time perfectly easy to the fingers, a great desideratum to eonauiners of pens. The public may rely npon the quality of the pen, and or their mobb than answering the description given of them - , iu fact they are pronounced by experienced book - keepers, teachers of penmanship, and private gentlemen, to be the "best pens ever used." They are manufactured with Burnished Points, (a great Improvement,) by C. C. Wright St Co., in the city of New York. Dealers iu Steel Pens, Merchants, Banks, Insurance Offices, Schools, Ac. supplied at manufacturer's prices, by S. A. JOHNSON, Agent for the Manufacturers, No 59 Milk street. a26 tf " C GRAHAMS' LADIES AND GENTS' MAG - M AZ1NE FOR OCT. The Boston edition contains two steel plates and music, and a fine variety of reading articles from a great number ol good writers. - Also The Lady's Book for October, with three rich engravings and articles from Miss Sedgwick, Mrs Hale, dec. For aale by the year or single No at 25 cents. The Ladies' World of Fashion, at $2 per year. Ladies' Musical Library, $3 per year. Just published and for aale by JORDAN & CO., No 121 Wtfabiugton, opposite Water st. s26 LATELY PUBLISHED. Book of the Navy Ew - bank's Hydraulics or Mechanics No 16 lire's Diction - sm - v No 86 Encyclopaedia Americana Biography of the Age of Queen Elizabeth Life of Jean Paul Richter Man of Fortune Phrenology applied to Marriage Complete sets of the Lady's Musical Library The Family Physician Gunn's Do mestic Medicine The use of Brandy and Salt as a remedy for disease Complete sets of Six Nighta with the Washington' - ans, Ac. Orders from the country for single books or by the quantity answered at the lowest prices. n26 1334 Washington street. OOKS VERY LOW. At the store of the snbscrib - er may he loiina me toiiowing worm, ai very iow price : Napier'a Peninaular War, 5 vols Works ot Lord Bolingbroke, 4 v Marryatt's Works, complete in 2 v do do in 1 v D'lurael'a Novela, complete in 1 vol Worka of Mr Opie, 3 v Milford'a Worka, I v Scott's Life of Napoleon, 1 v Chjnning'a Works, 5 v Mrs Sherwood's Worka, 15 v Baratow'a Historv of New Hampshire, with 5 elegant portraits, 1 v Dewey's Sermons, 8 v also, The Washington Harmony, a collection of Sacred Music, price very low. a22 124 Washington, corner of Water street. M USEE FRANCAISB AND MISEE ROYAL Muee Fraucaiae, Uahgnani'a edition, containing English as well as French Letter Presa, 4 vola, atlas folio, containing 320 plates, bound in full morocco. Musee Roval, par Laurent, S vols, alia lollo, containing 160 beautiful' engraving of the moat remarkable paintings not included in the Musee Francaiae, to which work thia lonna a aenuel morocco. ' Received and for sale by LITTLE dfc BROWN, Book - aellera, 112 Washington street, 8ii7 EW BOOKS JUST PUBLISIIED. - The His - 11 tory ol New Hampshire, from ita discovery in 1614 to the passage of the toleration act in 1819, by George Baratow. Vols 12. 13 and H Specimens of Foreign Literature. Leciurea on the History of Christianity, by G. W. Biirnap. Rebelliad, or terrible transactions at the seat ot the Muses. Folsom on the Prophecies of Daniel. a31 UKNJ. 11. GREENE, 124 Washington at. I S1V EXPLAINED TO THE WORLD, or how to understand nittsic and enjoy its perfornionce, from the French ol Francia James Felis, Director of the Musical Review ot Peris, translated for the Boston Academy ol Mumc. ... This day published by BENJAMIN PERKINS, 116 Washington street. . n BOOKS. First Impressions, by Mrs Ellis A 1 Collection ot the Promises of Scriptures, under their proper heads, by Samuel Clarke, D. D Breakfast Table Science, or the Philosophy of Common Things. Just received and tor sate at TICKNOR'S, corner of Washington and School streets. s26 A i niTRON'S BIRDS OF AMERICA. The i. Birds nt America, from drawing made in the If. S., by John Jame Audubon complete in 100 plates, and lor at a reduced price by WM. CROSBY & CO., 118 Washington at. , 26 Ml' DIE'S 1 l.v Roliert BIRDS. The Natural History of Birda, nl le 12nio. London. CROSBY ifc CO, No 118 Washington s26 For sale by street. WM COUNTRY MERCHANTS in want of Combs, Pocket Books, Fancy Goods and Perfumery, can obtain a good assortment at low t rices, at A. S. JORDAN'S, No. 2 Milk aireet, 2d door from Washington street. s26 BREAKFAST TABLE SCIENCE, or the Phi 1J losouy l Coniinon Things, written expressly for the amusement and instruction of young people, by I. H. Wright. This dav published just received and lor sale by LEWIS A SAMPSON, 122 Washington street, up stairs. s20 HOT AIR FURNACES FOR BURNING WOOD. BRYENT A HERMAN have lately added to their highly approved Hot Air Furnace for the Anthracite Coal, new pattern Furnace lor Burning Wood on the air tight principle. Therefore all those who object to furnaces heated by coal, can be accommodated with a very superior article got up on an entire new plan IV om any thing heretofore offered for sale iu thia city, by applying at B. & II. 's Furnace. Grate and Stove Factory. Nos 61 and 63 Congress at. B. it H. will attend to setting them up in the itest manner, and with dittpatch. eop3m jy25 VNKW ARTICLE. The attention of the Ladies it. purtictilHrlv invite! to Mrs Adamm's new invention a patent HI' STL E or TOI KMKR. This article can tte worn with great comtoi t it being constructed witliout padding is vrry light aitd Ktirtlciently elastic to retain its proper form giving an elegant and graceful appearance to the figure in all portions quite the revert to the hair skirt. They are offered to ih public at a very low price tor the'nresem season at 304 Washington street, corner ot Suffolk Place. :.. j - tf , W tRKK.V BOLES would Inform ms trienna and the public ihnt he has taken the old stand recently occu pied bv the lte Wm. Cook, in Charlestown street, near Charlewtnwn Old Bridge, wherein he will keep a general aaaortment ol New and Second Hand Materials lor Buildings, which he will sell at liberaL prices. N. B. Will still continue his usual business at his old stand, aoruer ot Portland and Sudbury streets. o2 iN EW GOODS AT LOW PRICES consisting ot Combs, Fancy Goods and reriuinery. Jitsi rcceivru a large assortment of the above goods, selected lor tne lau trade by the subscriber, and for sale al very low prices at wuolosale an 1 rt - tail. Dealer from the country will do well to call at JORDAN'S, 2 Milk, 2d door from Washington at.. Comb, Pocket Rook, Fancy Goods and Perfumery Siora. s21 ' . oa FLOUR. Willi BBLS. fancy and common brands Genesee Floor, O""" nu.l Hi half bbU Flour, received via Western Railroad, and fr sale by EARLE A BROWN, 9 and 10 Lewis whirl. a!3 COFFEE. Bf;s St. Domingo Coflre, of superior qnalitv, now landing from brig Montillo, from Au f'aves, and lor FISHbRS BALDW IN, 24 Merchants' Row. IKtf HI sale by J - A LBiNl" AND NEW YORK ALE constantly Uiubti - hi hbla and hhds, a prime article for Jraught or bottling OlH for we by JAs. v LAB 1 fi"'' 1 " ' " oaep linn cu b - OK STEAM E.VGI N E. T wt se - m3 cou.i t tiid Iron Boilers, 24 feel long by 2i feet diame - ter, tor by 1 F. d CAURL'TH, No 16 Cuatom - housesi. , isS - oaTudTh W ANTED. A fiit rale Salesman wanted by E. F. N EWlt ALL. to fill a vacwev occ.isimeil b thf dis - c.hnrge ot a iteamen who deviated troni the FIXED 1 Kit b. s22 tf tilHKRM tHL A 5f D C .4 N D L ES. ol all q uHlities. 7 and in any tjiittiuilv fhr sale coiislantlv bv CO(tr. - if ALL A. SWAN, Nt Lewis wharf' if a 20 I TM BR ELL AS ariona qualities, by the ease or dor - , 1. foraaleb) ASO.N DLXTF.R CO.. 37 Court street. opposite the Court - houae. tf ni25 IV AILS. K mil assortment of Cut Nails, constantly lor sale bv W M. t. t.orris a U). u (Vntral wharf. and at their Depot, Pearl street whart. H( wi LOGWOOD. 50 TONS Camneachy, landing and for sale TER U DSON, 0 Long wharf. CUES - a SEPTEMBER 16TH. - "P London Pocket Ildklh, new and desiralde patterns, just received and for aale at DARWIN CHAFFIN'8, fed Washington street. .16 iMISCELLAIVEOUS. NOTICE AND REMOVAL.' . 1HK UNDERSIGNED wilt ia future conduct business wider the firm ef Ctiswno A; Krnp, and have removed to Store 41 nU 43 Water, corner of Congrcs ats. 33 W R. CROSBY KEMP. 4 ?VEV COODS FOR TAILORS. CT'SIUNG A KEMP, Niw 41 and 43 Water, corner ori - o - freaa atreeta, have in afore and are daily receiving a lull aaaorunent ot new and deairahle Gooda, via: biujciNtn, French, CJerman and Amertcau BROADCLOTHS, in all tuts tianal variettea of eolora and qnaliliea. English, f.erman aui French UOKSKINat and CASSIMKRKS, in Blacka aim tmmcj at lea, in (treat arfetv. Wool Hlncka, Ifluea, ana r ancy co - ! orel American CASHIMRRBS. Kmliah, Hrman and Amur - can HI - VKR and PILOT CLOTHS, in Wol Blacka, Bluea, Funcv. Fienreil and Plain etttea. Black and Fancy figured VKLVETF.ENS, SATINETS, Lyona Silk VELVETS, Figured Velvet, Blitck ami Figured Satin, Paria Silk, rich London rt'ahmerw, Wool, Velvet nd Valencia Vfc,STIlS, compria - iag a very large and beautiful aaaortiiinnt. Black Silk HKRtJ - ES, Figured Alpacca Sergea, Black itombaunea, English Satia Facehml Figured Siieciaa, American do Silk and Mohair ConiMnd BiiiiJiiig beat light dye Silk Twiat sewing oiis - S 4 and 6 - 4 Red Paddiiiffa I'anvaa Padtiing Veat Wigana bleached, brown and colored Dnllinga Brocade,Twit, Satin, and Mohair Coat,.Over Coat, and Metal and none Biiepenuer Buttona 6 - 4 tireen Hocking maca .;aMnank nfa Check Lininrn. 3 - 4 min 4 - 4 Brown tionanua nuapenuc Cravata, etc. etcall ! whicn they oner, ai low pnoea. lor email or approved notea. Km eftl 1 TiLLAKD WINTER CLOTHING X Cheap enough at but Fathiouable and Well iMaue. 1 will men i ion the price of a few articles, vi ? Wave Beaver Dark Over Coats,, Irom 12 to 20 Plain Beavers, with Velvet, 10to$U Pil. t Cloth " 5tol4 . Fine Dress and Frock Coats.. 9 to $20 Coarse do do do 5 to $ 8 Vermont Grey Pants ....i 2 to $ 3 Blue Black Doeskin Pants.... S to 7 Fancy Doeskin Pants 8$ to $ 8 Vests 62 eta to 9 6 Together with every other article usually kept in a fahiona hie Tailoring Establishment. Also, CLOTHS, KERSEYMERES and VESTINGS, wholesale or retail, or made up to order under the charge of Mr John Fbazkb, whose taste and style of cutting is not Inferior to any in the city. try In addition to the above I have received a Small Stock of a Tailor leaving trade, amounting to 2000, at nearly fifty per cent, off from first cost. These goods will be run off almost at the purchasers' own prices. JOHN KENNEY, 43 Ann at., between Merchants' Row and Blackstone st. 22 eptf GEORGE L. RANDIDGE, MERCHANT TAILOR, NO. 29 SCHOOL STREET, BOSTON, Late Foreman to G. W. Wilson f 96 Washington it. EEPS constantly on hand a large assortment of Cloths, I m Cassjmeres, and Vesting, Gents' Dressing Gowns, Bovs' Jackets and Pants. All Garments at a deduction of 30 per i cent, from former prices. Black and all colors of Coats, Iron 13 to fly formerly 19 to S22. Black and extra best Cloths imported, 17 to 925 " 23 to $33. Pants, - 3 to $ 5 5 to 9 8. best Cassimeres imported, 5 to $10 8 to $14. Black Satin and other Vests, 3 to $ 4 " 4 to $ 6 " 3 to $ 4 " 3 to $10 " $ 2 $3 50 " 5 to $ 6 Sup. Satin, Velvet, &c, best, Boys' Jackets, of all colors, 6 to $ 9. 5to$ 7, i Gents' Dressing Gowns, all kinds, Thin Coats, 6 to $15. 3 to $4. blouses, - - 4 to $ 6 Gents' Neck Ttes, Cravats, Scans, &c. at very low prices. Gentlemen in want of handsome Garments may depend up on having them made in as good a style as they can be made ' in Philadelphia or New York. I have made arrangements to receive from Paris, everv six months, an entire suit, which I should be happy to have examine i. - tf s2 FLANNELS, COTTONS, &C CHEAP. C. C. St W. H. CONABTT, 55 Washington street, . II FAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM AUCTION 12 bales and cases Flannels, Sheetings, Shirtings, Satinets, esc, which they offer at the following low prices, by the piece or yard, viz: 40 pieces fine White Flannels, at....... 2d cents. 20 do do do 25 do. 0 do Twilled Scarlet do - .......33 do. 20 do Plain do do 23 do. 20 do do do do 25 do. 40 do Super Bleached Sheetings, at.. 15 do. 60 do do do Shirtings, at.. 12 do. . 50 do Brown Drillings, at .10 do. 40 do Dark and Light Mixt Satinet,. 50 to 62 cents. Also, a great variety ol Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Velvets, dec, at proportionately low prices. - Call and examine at o 55 Washington street. XS a26 . . 8m fO THE PUBLIC Gentlemen in want ot fashiona - JL ble Clothes, made to order in the most beautiful style, and cheaper than they can purchase the same quality of cloth vulgarly cut at any other place, are invited to call, where they will And an excellent assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings, purchased mostly for cash, at low rates. Very handsome coats, of all colors, will be made for from $14 to 23 Pantaloons from $3 to $9 and Vests from $2 to $4 each. Every garment will be put at an exceeding low price, and no deviation made. The Public may depend upon having every pains taken in executing their orders to insure satisfaction. Gingham Coats, ready made, a variety of patterns, of better ginghams and cheaper than at any other establishment in the city. Dressing Gowns, made of nice Edinboro Shawls, at the low price of $4 50 the same article that heretofore I have been obliged to sell at $8 and $9. Other Gowns, of va rious patterns, from $3 np. A large assortment of Scarfs, Handkerchiefs, Cravats, dtc, which will be dailv replenished, and sold lower than elsewhere. GEO. W. WILSON, tn7 96 Washington street, np stairs. HINCHMANS FAMILY SOAP. A new article in Soap, superior in quality and durability, and made of different materials from any other soap - ia this country. May be used successfully with hard or soft water, being emollient in it iwiar, MatmHating itself even wfth sea water. For washing Linen or Cotton Fabrics, it is without a rival in eradicating grease and dirt with less labor and rubbing, which with other kinds is so destructive to garments. Possessing, also, the finest bleaching qualities, free from any injurious tendency.. As a shaving soap, or an article tor the wash - stand, it is not excelled by any of the most expensive importations from foreign countries. These are its properties, and a fair trial will prove the facts and induce a determination to purchase no other kind when this can be obtained. 100 boxes just received and for sale bv J. TUCKER dt CO., 1 and 2 Chatham Row, adjoining No 1 Long Wharf. al4 (lOALS COALS. The subscribers having been ap - J pointed Agents for the sale of Hard and Soft Coals, are now prepared to deliver in any part of the city or vicinity, at the shortest notice, the undermentioned Coals at the lowest cash prices, and they respectfully solicit orders therefor. HARD COAL. Lackawana, Peach Orchard, f Broken and Screened, and Lehigh, t Egg and Nut sizes. Beaver Meadow, J SOFT COAL. . ... Cannel, Newcastle, Screened and free from dust. Sidney, J All the above Coals are warranted to be ef the very best quality, and equal to any in the market. N. A. THOMPSON & CO., No 5 Commercial wharf. J27 if SHOVELS, SPADES, FORKS, HOES AND STOURBRIDGE FIRE BRICKS. f g DOZ Cast Steel Shovels. smdf 50 do Steel Plate do, back strap. 500 do Iron Shovels Murdock's, Adams dc Allen's. 50 do Cast Steel and Iron Spades. 500 do Stetson's pattern forged welded eye, common and steel plate polished Hoesi 400 do Cast Steel Handled Hoes. 50 do Butterfieid fc Sibley's Manure Forks. 200 do Moody's Shoe Knives. 10 M Stourbridge Fire Bricks. For sale at reduced prices for cash or approved credit, by J. ROBINSON dc CO., No 5 Lindall street. a21 islw - ostt BOSTON, GORHAM, AND KINGS MILLS GUNPOWDER. RM. BaRNaRD, No 75 State street, is Agent for the e above Powder Works, and has on hand, for sale at the lowest market price and warranted 4000 kegs Boston Gunpowder, o ids eacn. 2000 do Gorham do . do 1800 do Kings Mills do do Orders for other sized kegs, such as 20 lbs, 16 lbs, 12 J lbs, 10 lbs, i lbs, and 5 lbs, and Powder in 1 lb canisters, packed at short notice. AI9(iTo Let, the Room now occupied by the oriental Bank, to be vacated first of March next. For terms apply as bove. ... .'. s " DUCK, PIG AND SHEET LEAD, LEAD PIPE, AiC. VTM. B. SAWYER, 133 Stale street, has constantly tor ww stale in store SAILCLOTH. D. Brusgins Bilibins ZotofT Plotnikoff Serikoff Half Duck Alexandrossky, Zl men, os i to o English and Scotch, 24 inch, Nos 1 to 6. COTTON DUCK. Phcejiix Mill and Ravens, Nos 1 to 10. RAVENS DUCK Light. Heavy, Bear and Imperial. MATTS. 6000 new, Sackings, Twine, dec Also, Pig Lead Sheet Lead, Lead. Pipe of all sizes, for sale at the lowest rales. istf s22 MOURNING FOULARD SILKS. YH F. NEWHALL, No 192 Washington street, has open KJJe ed and offers lor sale, a very handsome assortment ol KnnUr.i Silks, of superior quality and handsome aiSWSB. 'j m y m - - - - 11 uatteruH. Those who wish to purchase are particularly re - ' it ... .. i . ; ... sl.u Kaf'nsa iKatr ttiirsH asas OlM'SlfXl lO CHI! ftllU CAttUIUW UIOWl WWiw aj r. j24 tf 4CCORDEONS AND GUITARS. Just received nif anlfiidid assortment of Accordeons and Gui tars, from the most celebrated French manufacturers. Persons in want ol a first rate instrument will do well to call at GEORGE S. TOLMAN'S, No 121 Washington, opposite Water street. sl5 MARCH 28. GIRAFFE VELVETEENS. It; ASE ot Black, Olive, Green, Drab. Moss, Olive and Coffee Brown, desirable styles for Business Coats. For sale iow tor Cash, at CHAS WAITE'S, 40 Washing - ton street. c OTTON GOODS. Sheetings and Shirtings, various qualities Colorek Cambrics and Paper Muslins Wan - keens Bleached Cotton Print Cotton Hags fruiting Cloths, dec lor sale by B. li - GRANT, 6 Liberty square. s22 tl UTSiDE COATS of all kinds, from $6 to $30 cheaper than at any ntner efctaniisnmcni in mis city, at GEO. W. WILSON'S, 96 Washington street, upstairs. s24 .'. . . : ' If . ' ' CUT NAILS. OsTWWl KEGS Cut Nail! Jff M - Works, and KEGS Cut Nails, manufactured at the Belle for sale by CURTIS, I.EA - . a7 VENS dt CO., 106 Stale t. KB 4GS. No I, No 8 and No 3 Leghorn Rags, a constant 4 Umlv on hand and tor sale by WILLIAM V YSB, No 1754 Pearl street, New York. Apply to JOHN A. HANSON, No 53 Waierstreet. Boston. tf - d6 FRENCH UMBRELLAS AND GENTLE - sT MKN'S SMOKING t.ArS, just receive irom rans, .., iig - vo v uiii.kv . etc. ios laaua it court si., imm - sl4 ton. IP OMESTIC GOODS. Heavy sneeiing ami twirling Brown. Blue und Ifleacftea uniting aim mining Cloth, of various styles and widths, for sale by GEORGE SEARLE, 60 Milk St. ' J1 4JTI FF GOODS. Merinos, blue black and assorted colors A Ipac.cas, xilk warp Figured Chene Vestings, dec For sale by B. B. GRANT, No 5 Liberty square. 822 tf SYDNEY PIT COAL AFLOAT. 90 i HAI.IIKONM Sydney Coal, on board schr August, for sale by CHESTER JUDSON, No 8 Long wharl - Iw sS2 EAGLE MILLS FLOUR. Id BULS. lauding Irom Brig Carlton from New Or ff Jeans, and lor sale by EARLE BROWN, 9 and 10 Lewis wharf. - - slS I TM BR ELL AS. 26. 23, 30 and 82 inch Cotton, cane 7 and bone frame Umbrellas do Silk do for sale by R. B. GRANT. 5 Liberty square. tf s22 A M ERIC AN PRINTS. - Several new and beaniitul stvle of fine dark Prints received and for sale by BKNJ. POOR, 68 Milk street al3 HAY WOOD PLANKS AND BOARDS, tor M9 CoJHiterand Stair V A CO., 10 Water street. n..i.r .mi stair Work, tor sale bv P. H. CUTTER a24 . - MISC?ElyEOlS". j "J. rj""i f wit """ '"" P'1""" ' i '. 11 "J ''" 11 1 ' ' lTrR. Fi FELIX GOl RAI D'S P O UDR'E'SSUBTI L S ! Qa.BB01CATtS tlUMSJI SUIERrt.COlJS MAia. THIS above chemical preparation haa received the stamp of public approbation lor some years past, as the most sale, speedy and effectual remedy ever discovered lor the complete eradication of finnan hair It is decidedly an inestimable article tor the toilet, and has entirely annihilates) those delsHerioas, uncertain and - dangerous cent position which have been too frequently employed. No lovely or beaatitul woman, Who has the unsightly appendage of a demonstration of a beard on her upper lip, harry aide of the face, moles, or a mass of hair covering a broad and elevated forehead, should delay a moment in procuring a bottle of this Invaluable powder When applied cold, this preparation Is used by some in lieu ot a rasor. for removing the beard, which it effects with mors esse, with as much rapidity, in a more satisfactory manner, and at less expense, while at the same lime A leaves the skiu sort and delicate to the touch. To uproot the beard it is applied warm, according to directions, (French and English,) accompanying each bottle. Price $1. GOl'RAl'D'S EAU DE BEAVTE, OR TRUE WATER OF BEAUTY, For removing tan, pimples, freckles, blotches, morphew, Ac, realizing delicate white neck and arms, and erjcitiug a healthy juvenile appearance. $1 per bottle. Beware of spurious im itations ol this celebrated cosmetic, of the most deleterious nature, utterly ruiiions to the complexion, and by its repellent action injurious to health. GOURAt'D'S VEGETABLE LIQUID ROUGE. Composed materially from flowers and simples, imparts a delicate roseate tinge to the complexion, immoveable by rubbing with a handkerchief or linen doth. 50 cents per bottle. Remember ! the above celebmted cosmetics are to be had at the old established office, 67 Walker street, one door front Broadway, New York, and at A. S. JORDAN'S, 2 Milk, 2d door from Washington street. Boston. AGENTS. New York; Albany, Alex. Guthrie, Perfumer, No. 4 Maiden Lane; l'tica, G. L. Browne, Genesee street Poughkeepsie.J. Gray ; Buffalo, J. Hinsdale; Hamilton, Mod - isou county, Grigg A; Grant Pennsylvania ; Philadelphia, Mrs' Brown, 76 Chetuiut street Maryland; Baltimore, Seth S. Hance, Piatt street District of Columbia; Washington, Selhy Parker - Alexandria, C. C. Berry Virginia; Richmond. Mrs Fravser, F. street Connecticut ; Middletown, E. C. Ferre; New Haven, A. Law, C hapel street ; Hartford, Wells dc Hum phrey, 178 Main street; Norwich, W. Faulker Massachu setts; Boston, A. s. Jordan, X fllilk street; tuoweti, u. a. Carleton A Co., City Hall; Lynn, DrA. L. Holder; Wor cester, James Green Co ; sprmgneia, r. A. cowies; Lee, Bull Hodge New Hampshire; Portsmouth. W. R. Preston - Maine ; Portland, T.Hayes Co.; Bangor. Whittier Guild ; Hallowell, F - Scam mnn Rhode Island ; Providence, Charles Dyer, Jr., Westminster street Ohio ; Columbus, Sumner Clark New Jersev ; Princeton, T. Seabrook. Every bottle of Dr. Gouraud's Cosmetics has his name with the name of preparation, and New York, blown on the four sides, and his fac simile engraved on the wrappers of the Pou - dres Subfiles. None other are genuine. , je28 , VERY IMPORTANT. Db S. STOCKING, Sur geon Dentist, has the pleasure of announcing to the cit - izensof Boston and vicinity that he has recently made one of the most important discoveries ever made in Dental Surgery; viz : a Diamond Cement for filling teeth, when, by decay, they are too sensitive or too far gone to be filled with gold or any other bard substance. Its superior advantages over all other cements have been fully tested ; and the great object for which the profession have so long labored, is at length fully accomplished. The best cements that have ever been ottered, have uniformly, within a few days, when brought in contact with the liquors of the mouth, changed to a dark appearance ; and the consequence was, the teeth would partake of the same shade; but the Diamond Cement neither changes its color, nor the shade of the teeth ; and for years will remain as bright as the purest gold, and as its color corresponds nearer to the shade of the tooth than gold, it is obviously a highly valuable discovery. Though at first soft, and easily introduced into all the irregularities of the cavity, yet in one hour it becomes hard like stone, and will remain so for any number of years. Dr 8., by scientific research, has also discovered a suitable Anodyne, that will allay the - most violent toothache, and destroy the nerve of the tooth without producing pain. This is also a valuable discovery, inasmuch as al) the preparations hitherto resorted to for the purpose of destroying the vitality ot the nerve, have produced the most excruciating pain for at least ten or fifteen hours. Most of the teeth that are usually extracted may be saved by first killing the nerve, and then filled with the Cement. The full set of Paris instruments, with which Dr S. extracts teeth, has never been exceeded in perlect adaptation to difti - ilt and almost hopeless cases by any other invention. Artificial teeth, set on pivot or gold plate, from a single tooth to a lull set, either with or without false gums, on the most favorable terms. - Particular attention will be given to filling teeth with gold. Price $1 for common sized cavities, and Irom 50 cents to $1 for filling with Cement. Extracting, 25 cents : all operations warranted. Office No 266 Washington street, corner of Avon place, Boston. TnThJtFP&Sttf j4 M. KRAMER Ai CO.. No. 48 Conihill, Boston, would inform their friends, and the public in general, that they continue to receive from all parts of Europe, large quantities of different articles of Toys, Fancy Goods, Musical Instruments, kc, suitable for New Year's Presents for chil dren, and for old and young folks, consisting of ail kinds ol Fancy Boxes, Writing Desks, fancy Baskets, Cnessmen, Dominos, Loto Boxes of Biy.ks for building, and all other kinds of games interesting to children. ALL KtN US OF TOYS, VIE: London. German and French Dolls, dressed and undressed Musica1 Tovs Jews Harps Paint Boxes Drums Files - Guns Pistols Cannons Horses with Coaches Chaises and Wagons Boxes of all kinds of wooden and pewter Tea and Dining Sets Cities, Towns and Villages Companies of Sol diersSights, Optician Show Boxes Panoramas of London, rans a. a Constantinople, and ail Kinds ot ngures. - MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Large and small Hand Organs Clarionets Flutes Filet - Violins, and Violin Strings Flageolets Guitars Trumpets - Trombones Bassoons Bugles Seruphims Accordions tilassichords and Harmonicons. " CLOCKS OF ALL KINDS. German Musical and Alarm Clocks American Brass and Wooden Timepieces Man lie piece Clocks all of the above Clocks repaired at short notice Also Hooks and Eyes Eyelets Eyelet Machines Scissors Thimbles Knives Combs Brushes and all other articles usually found in a Variety Store. Just received a few Jointed Figures, carved in wood; these figures are made with many joints, so that they can be placed in different attitudes for artists to draw from. The above goods will be sold at wholesale or retail, at iow Traders from the country are particularly invited to call and examine. episdcosti&St m26 BALANCE AND SCALE MANUFACTORY! NO. 23 FULTON STREET, BOSTON. L. LOCKE would respectfully invite those in want of Platform Scslbs tor store or other weighing, to call and examine an improved article of his manufacture, which he feels assured cannot fail to please, either as to accuracy, durability or price. He also continues the manufacture of most kinds of weighing apparatus now in use, of which he keeps constantly on hand a large assortment, made in the beat manner and warranted. Also, an assortment of TIN WARE, for Grocers' use, viz: Oil Canisters Measures Tunnels Scoops, Ac. He would also give notice that he is now prepared to build to order, SCALES for weighing loads of Coal, Hay, etc., on an improved plan, which he will warrant for accuracy and durability, not inferior to any other Scales of the kind, and will be furnished at a low price. N. B. All kinds of Weighing Apparatus neatly repaired and warranted. eoply si STOVES, GRATES, HOT AIR FURNACES, RANGES, Ave. Ac. The increase of our business for the last year, has made it necessary to enlarge our establishment considerable, and we think all who will call and examine our stock will allow that we have as large an assortment of Stoves of all descriptions, Hot - air Furnaces, Cooking Ranges, Parlor Grates, Ac, as can be found in New England. We have made many valuable improvements in Stoves this season, for some of which we have secured letters patent. Hot - Air Furnaces we fit tip in the best possible manner, and warrant a successful operation. We have all sizes suitable for any building whatever. Air - tight Coal Stoves. This article needs only to be seen in operation to be admired; the perfect and equitable temperature ofji warm room heated with this Stove warrants a free and easy respiration, which is very necessary to good health and the quantity of fuel that it consumes is not quite one third the amount it would take to heat the same room with a grate. We have also made a great improvement in our Column Stoves and Grates. Cooking Stoves, Stoves for healing stores, shops, offices, Ac, of all descriptions and prices, kept constantly on hand. Also, a laige assortment of Berlin Grates. All who are in want of any ot the above articles would do well to call and examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere. Patent Rights for ourAir - Tight Stoves for sale on reasonable terms, al ALLEN A CLARK, 18 and 20 School at, Boston. GRATES AT REDUCED TRICES ! rill IE SUBSCRIBERS offer for sale a much larger assort - JL ment ol Grates than can be lound in any other establishment in the United Slates, consisting of a variety of patterns, some of which are the most beautiful and highly - finished arti - eles ever offered lor sale in this market. Also, a great variety ot intermediate and low price Grates, which will be sold as low, at wholesale or retail, as they can be bought in New York, .or any other place r.nd as we have most of the New York patterns, and much improved facilities tor manufacturing Grates, we are determined not to be undersold by any establishment in the country. BRYENT nERMAN, 61 A 63 Congress street, Boston. N. B. B. A IT. continue to put up their celebrated Hot Air Furnaces, the bext and cheapest article that has been introduced and the beat proof to substantiate it is, that there have been two thousand of them put up within the last few years, and given good satisfaction. 6m leS HOT AIR FURNACES! "SO PATENT." rWlHE SUBSCRIBER haa for the last two years been en - . JL deavorinc to get np some kind of a Furnace for heating dwelling houses, stores, Ac, which would come within the reach of both rich anc. poor. He is confident that he has at!aiued his object, and in that belief would now most respectfully recommend them to those who are in want of such an article, as being both economical and durable, and will, with a less quantity of fuel, give out as much heat as any other Furnace now in use. Those in want of Furnaces are requested to call upon the subscriber, where reference can be given to nearly one hundred persons, who have used the same to their entire satisfaction. , ISAAC ROSS, No. 5 Milk street, al3 ep6m Opposite the Old South Church. MRS. GARDNER'S INDIAN BALSAM OF UVKKHtlKI. T' HE ORIGINAL VEGETABLE LIVERWORT PREPA RATION. Price 50 cents the bottle. The most popu lar remedy for the cure ol Coughs, Colds, Spitting of Blood, Phthisic, and all diseases of the Lungs; also it is in extensive use for the curs of Liver Complaint is Mrs Gardner's Indian Balsam of Liverwort and lloarliound. This is the first preparation ol Liverwort introduced to the American public, it being now twelve years since it was first established. Itrf reputation stands unrivalled as a Cough Medicine. See certificates and places ot residence on the printed direction round the buttle.' The undersigned, having received great benefit for the cure of diseases above named, with confidence we recommend the celebrated Balaam ol Liverwort to the public A. Webster. David F. Woodbury. Thomas Haskins, Jr. E. Morton. C.Ellis. H.Gail. C - Williams.'"' Miss L. Howard. Wholesale and retail by the proprietor, WM. BROWN, 481 Washington street. Retailed by all the druggists in Boston, Salem, New Bedford, Worcester, Providence A. BAD. Sands, in New York. Hartford and Springfield. s4 A DAMS'S PATENT ABDOMINAL SUP - The inventor of this article invites the at 2m PORTER. tention ot married ladies in oar lieu lar. and all others afflicted with Umbilical Hernia, or any abdominal weakness. This supporter is so constructed as to avoid the least ptsaiible pressure, iieing composed in part of Caoutchouc, thereby expanding to the tncreiise of size, at the same time affording a con lortable support. The subscriber has the recommendation ot the most eminent medical men, and is at liberty to reler to persnia who have worn them, and who will take pleasure ia explaining aud describing them, as above. For sale at ADAMS'S Corset Ware Rooms, 304 Washington St.. corner of Suffolk place. J, aiiies at a distance will m ix) the number of inches around the waist, allowing the measure iuat to meet, being neither twht nor loose. State the case, and it an ordinary one, how long the Supporter will require to be worn. gi : ,. . lwis osAistt " WICK I NG. A constant supply of different qualities of Wickuig, suitable lor Southern and West India Marketspot up in good sty le and for sale at the manufacturers' lowest prices by CHESTER JUDSON, No 8 Long whart . j!8 isll" - ' MEDICINES. aO aTk aft PER VISIT nLT 1 1 Dr if. would 9 1 I F " " resitsrifuUy iaform the nubile that his en emies having no other way to injure him in his profession, have circulated renorts that his rharsea are extravagant. Dr H. ha always reduced his tail to such a aim as his patients are able to pay. Poor patients can receive, and always have received, his advice rati. Those - m tnW circumstances for 50 cents to 75 cent per visit. And) he will charge no person more than Hi. when visited at hm own rooms, - Dr H. practises on alt diseases ef the limbs, muscles, joints. Ac. Ac. such as hip diseases, scrofula, white swellings, bone setting, paralytic affections, and rheumatism in all its forms. Dr II. nays particular attention to deformed spines, ana eurv ature of the spine, and diseased and inflamed spines. He can do more to restore diseased and deformed spines in one month than any other practitioner in the United States can do in two months. He has all kinds of copper, brass, tin and elastic ia - er stavs, better adapted to restore those complaints, than is awed by any other practitioner. Special care has been taken in the construction of annaratus that is adapted to all cases of snmal distortions, and for this nnrnose Dr II. haa se cured the services of Mr Phelps, 63 Court street, whose skill in the manufacture of such instruments is unsurpassed by any other artist in the conntrv. Dr M. has a pamphlet, containing over 800 certificates nf the above eures, which can be had of him by writing and pay ing postage. He has over 8000 certificates which have never been published, many of them certificates ef cures of diseased and deformed snute. Dr H. has also a medicine which is a certain cure for neu ralgia, or tic doloreaux. Also, another for Hemmeroid,or piles. Dr II. thinks it sufficient, to give the public confidence in his medicines, for him to sav that he uses them in his prac ticethe extraordinary success cf which is well known, and unequalled by any other practitioner. S. C. HE WETT, 14 Summer street. N. B. For sale bv Dr Hewett, his rheumatic, bone, and nerve Lmiment far superior to any other ever used; Also, a valuable Strengthening Planter. Also, every Kind ot Medi cine he uses in his practice, to all persona wno wian to purchase. His Strengthening Plaster lor weakness In the back, stomach, sides. Ac, is for sate by Maynard A Noyes, No 11 Merchants' now, wholesale and retail. a30 TuAF6in&St6t Y RS. MOTT, the celebrated Female Physician of Boston I' M. is constantly receiving large quantities of Roots, Herbs and Essential Oils, by the steamships from Europe, not to be obtained in this country, and is enabled to cure those diseases which have baffled the skill of the most eminent physicians. Mrs Mott pledges herself to cure or relieve all diseases incident to the human frame, more especially the following : Rheuma tism positively cured, of however long standing; also, Tic Doloreux, Gout, Decline, Patsy, or Paralyzed Limbs, Contractions, Humors, Scrofula, Salt Rheum, King's Evil, Canker, Ring Worm, Catarrh. Sore Head, Dyspepsia, Debility, Spinal Affections, Nervous Symptoms, White Swellings, Hemnor - hoids, Piles, Asthma and Phthisic, Liver Complaint, Jaun dice, Worms, Female Weakness, Fits, or Falling sickness, and all other diseases tucideut to the human frame, too numer ous to mention. No Mercury or Minerals of any kind used. Femaleslabor - ing under various weaknesses can consult Mrs Mott with per fect confidence, at her residence at the corner of Lynde and Cambridge streets, the west part of the city. All letters from the country (post paid) promptly attended to. Medicines forwarded to all parts of the United States, and the Canadas, by the various expresses. Hours for seeing patients from eight in the morning until seven in the evening. Particular attention paid to the diseases of children. eptf a22 kF however long standing, can be positively cured by the V use of Mrs MOTT'S celebrated Essential strengthening Medicines. eptf s22 MMiMMfltWM This distressing complaint can be cured without the use of the Lan cet, eptf a22 8 This painful and contagious disease can be cured bv her medi - 2' cines, so justly celebrated for cur ing this disease. eptf a22 AND PHTHISIC Persona troubled with these dreadful dis eases can meet with almost in stant relief and speedy cure, by applying to Mrs MOTT, who has been so very successful in curing this disease, having very seldom, if ever, failed eptf azvs & This dreadful and dangerous disease, of however lens standinz. can be cured without tail by the use of Mrs MOTT'S Fit Mixture. This medicine is so well known that it requires no further comment upon the certainty of its effec ting a cure. . cntf a22 Persona suffering with this dread. fill disease can be assured ot posi tive relief or cure, without being tapped eutf a2 Whose children are troubled with weakness of the Kidneys, Ac. can be assured of a positive cure, as Mrs MOTT has long made these diseases of a particular branch other study eptf a22 V RS. MOTT'S well known Corn Liquid Josephine iv Dentifrice, for whitening the Teeth and Cleansing and Purifying the Gums her celebrated Essential Oils for Sprains and Bruises Lip Salve Oiutment, for sore Nipples or Bro ken Breasts also. Ointment for Chapped Hands and Chil blains, can be obtained at her residence, corner ol Lynde and Cambridge streets. No connection whatever with Miss Hunts, her former pupils, eptf a 22 - - - " THE TRUE SOURCE OF HEALTH AND - . STRENGTH. In Seasons of ike Tear purify the Blood and correct the Jf owelty if you would enjoy Good Health,. ZJt The beat MEDICINE now in use is the celebrated ; , SARSAPARILLA . " , ' - AMD TOMATO BITTERS. mills INVALUABLE COMPOUND, which is mainly JL composed of Sabsapabilla and Extbact or Toma toes, has been ased in the private practice of our most cele brated physicians for a long time with great success, ia purifying the blood, eradicating humors, and strengthening and invigorating the system. ' This is the first time the medical virtues of Sarsaparilla and Tomatoes have been combined and the result has met the moat sanguine expectations of the medical profession. These excellent Bitters will be feund a certain cure in all eases of indiitestion or dvsnepsia. loss of appetite, general de bility, feint nes and sinking of the stomach, lowness of spirits, costiveness, determination of blood to the bead, pain in the limbs and side, diarrhos, weakness, dizziness, cutaneous eruptions on the face mid neck, hectic fever, night sweats, nervous and sick headache, acidity ol stomach, billious affec tions, and ia all diseases csjnsed by impurity of the blood, the debility of the system, or the unhealtuy state or the stomach and bowels. These Bitters are warranted to be a purely Vegetable com pound and mark this, XT they can never do the least injury in any case whatever. .CD FREDERICK BROWN, 68 Washington street, corner of State street, Braton, hns been appointed the Agent for New England and to him ail orders lor Bitters, and applications or Agencies must be directed. eoplt o2 THE MOST HIGHLY APPROVED MEDI CINE NOW IN GENERAL USE FOR COUGHS, COLDS, AND ALL DISEASES OF THE LUNGS THE VEGETABLE PULMONARY BALSAM Is believed to be the mot nopular medieine ever known in America, for Coughs, Colds, - Asthma, or Phthisic, Consumption, Whooping Cough, and Pulmonary Affections of every kind. EXTRACTS EROM CERTIFICATES. Dr Truman A bell, of Lenipster, N. H., writes that he con fidently recommends it use in all complaints of the chest, as equal, if not superior, to any other medicine withiu his kuowl - edae. . Dr Thomas Brown, of Concord, N. II., writes that, to his knowledge, it has never disappointed the reasonable expecta tions ot those who have used it. The public are particularly cautioned against the many counterfeits or imitations, which have partially or wholly at sumed the name of the genuine article. . irr Be assured that it is not genuine .unless one or both of the written sisnatures of Sampson Rked or William Jon's Cutlkb are found attached to the yellow label, on a blue en - vtrimte. (K labels of and alter the date of Dec 1B39, will have the written siitnatijre4l Wm. Jon'n Cutler. Prepared by REED, WING Ai CUTLER, (late I .owe & Reed) Whole sale Drucirisfs. 54 Chatham atreet, Boston, and sow ny lrtig - 9ists. ADsthecaries. aud conntrv merchants generally. Price 50 ecu is. eoptf jl5 rflOMPKINS' ORANGE FLOWER LOTION JL For the Complexion. This Lotion is recommended to the public with perlect confidence. Its efficacy is established lor curing Pimples, Freckles, Blotches,. Redness. Sunburns, Tan, Ac. There never was an article introduced for curing the above complaints that has given such universal sat isiac - tion as this Lotion.. It ha not tailed to effect a cure in a single cane, where used according to directions. Hundreds can bear testimony to its efficacy. Its cooling balsamic qualities render it excellent for gentlemen to use alter shaving, as it keeps the skin solt, cool, and free from dryness, besides leaving a delightful perfume. For sale by ORLAN DO TOMPKINS, 271 Washington, corner of Winter st, and bv all the principal Druggists in the city also, by Geo. II. Carlton A Co., Lowell B. F. Brown and E, Porter, Salem E. Thornton A Son, New Bedford George Lumis. Lvnn Bliss, Chapin A Co., Springfield E. W. Bull. Hart ford Joseph Bnlcb, Providence Charles B; Smith, Portland Ed ward Wood, Bath Samuel Shore, Fall River Rogers A Arnold, Charlestown - Mrs Hayden, Uuincy - Moses Hale. Jr., Newbury port JohiKCoe, Worcester.. Also, for sale by ORLANDO TOMPKINS, 271 Washington st., the genuine Buffalo, and Bears Oil, purified and petfuined bv himself! and warranted genuine. They are put in larger bottles than usually sold, at the same price. o If s!2 PfMJE SUBSCRIBER deems it his duty again to noti - M. . ly the public, that he has no connection with any Infirmary in this citv. except the one kept by himsell, at No. 40 Salem Street. This renewed notice becomes necessary from the lact, that himself and his System of Practice have been held responsible, bv a portion of the public, for certain deaths, which have recently taken place at the house kept by JONAS W. CHAPMAN, at the corner of Portland and Hanover streets. The subscriber, therefore, reiterates that this Mr. Chapman was dismissed from his employ, some years ago, tor incompetency ; and that he ia using the subscribers name without aay authority whatever. He belongs to the clan in Blackstone street, with Hale, Mattson and others, who call themselves True Tknmsonvma. The subscriber has no other wish in this matter, than that the public should be made fully acquainted with these individuals, their character, their practice, and their medical acquirements, for then he will not be charged with being a part ticipatnr in any ot their transactions, and the public will no - be cheated by the false signals held out te entrap them. , SAMUEL THOMSON. faCEB RING'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL. - Thia Cordial relieves Dyspepsia and Nervous Affection. It is a certain cure for nervou Headache, and an excellent preventive ol costiveness and low spirits. It speedily promotes strength in all cases of general debility, restores a good and healtay appetite, gives tone and vigiw to ihe whole system, aud i highly recommended by eminent physicians, as well as by persona who have found relief Irom it, some of whose recommendation may lie seen at. E. Wight's, Druggist, who has just received, and will always keep, a large supply ot the Cordial on hand. Price 1 per bottle. E. W IGHT, Druggist, 46 Milk street, (opposite Federal street.) 21 4tisA9tos BOTANIC MEDICINES ! 'fMIE SUBSCRIBERS continue to prepare and offer JL tor sale, a great variety of Botanic Medicines, suited to every disease where Medicine is needed. Many of their preparations have been used and highly approved by the public, lor nearly twenty year. Patients attended as usual at their Hospital, No 110 Hanover street also in the city and vicinity. Orders tor Botanic and Thomsonian Medicines promptly answered. EL1AS SMITH, BENJ. F. ABBOTT. Boston. 140 Hanover street. eply let. 16 HARRINGTON'S VALUABLE prescriptions tor the Syphilis, Goaorrhcea and Gleet, in all its various stages, put up in a neat and accurate manner, accompanied with directions, Ac, to be had at said Harrington's office, No 9 Endicottstree., Boston, a tew doors from Hanover street. Dr II. can be consulted at ail times in the day and evening at his otTise. mh2i MADAME IlESTELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN. ' CIONTINI7E3 HER OFFICE, AT NO. 7 ESSEX ST., ' where hereelebrtcd Female Monthly Pills and Medicines can he obtained. eptf 8 STEAMBOATS, &C. JACOBS'S NEW YORK AND CANADA ar Al Jt AG JQ f - J croiaw Mn - . - EXPRESS. ALBANY. MONTREAL AND QUEBEC. S JACOBS would respect m II y inform the inhabitants of the States and Canadas that his arranaements are now completed for manias his Express from Albanv ie Montreal and Uuebec twice a week, and from Montreal to Kingston once a week, thereby affording a convenient and speedy means ot forwarding Specie, Bank Notes, Bill, Drafts, and valuable packages of all kinds, between either of the above cities anil intermediate towns. Packages of goods accompanied with an invoice, will be en tered at the Custom House, duties advanced, and forwarded itnout delay. He will attend to the acceptance, negotiation and collection of Droits, Bills and Accounts, aud in short, will transact any business that may be entrusted to his line, with promptness and care. Articles will be receipted and forwarded to Albany from the offices of Messrs llarnden A Co., 8 Court St., Bisnon ; 3 Wall at.. New York: 42 South Third si.. Philadelphia. Offices and Agents North of Albany A. G. Filkin, 228 Riv er st., Troy; P. Johnson A Son, Whitehall ; J. 11. Peck. Bur - . lington, Vt.; J. C. Feirce A Son, St. Johns, L. C; C. Mayo, Exchange, Montreal; Dorwai a Warner, brokers, Uuebec t J. II. Green, Kingston, If. C. Davs of departure Irom Albanv for Montreal, W editesdavs and Saturdays: from Montreal for Uuebec, Tnesdnvs and Fri days; from Uuebec for Montreal, Thursdays and Saturdays ; from Montreal for Albanv, Wednesdays and Saturdays ; front Montreal for Kingston. Mondays I Kingston tor Montreal, Thursdays. S. JACOBS, Office with Harndea A Co, 12 Exchange, Albany, and in Exchange Court, Montreal. N. B. Packages for the interior of Vermont forwarded with satety and diapatcb. August, Iel2. . am ale BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. OF 1200 TONS AND 440 HORSE POWER EACH. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, commanded by J. Hewitt, CALEDONIA. 44 E. G. Lott. ACADIA, " A. Rvbie, COLUMBIA. " C. H. E. JuDKins. rVillsail from Boston and Liverpool, callimr at Halifax, follows: From Liverpool. From Boston. 5 Aug. 1 Acadia. - Columbia, Britannia, Caleookia, Aadia, Columbia, July 19 "16 Aug, 4 Sept. I it Sept. 19 "17 4 Oct. 1 20 "16 Passage Money From Boston to Liverpool, $135. . " to Halifax, $20. These ships carry experienced Surgeons. No berth will be secured until paid for. Note. All Letters and Newspapers must pa through the Post Office, Merchandize and Specie, (except for personal expenses,) shipped under ihe name oflufreaee, will be charged as freight, and liable to Custom - house regulations. Specie taken on freight. Parcels to be forwarded by this line must be left with Harnden A Co. Apply to S. S. LEWIS, No. 1 Commercial wharf, Bos ton, tf . mvS PEOPLE'S LINE ! FOR EASTPORT, LI BEC, ST. ANDREWS, CALAIS, AND ST. JOHN. ON FRIDAY. r nas sv The mat and favorite Steamer HUN - S - j TRESS, Capt. Thos. G. Jewett, will leave 1 Portsmouth. in connexion with the Eastern Railroad, immediately after the arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. 1 rain from Boston, on every Friday. Returning, will leave Eastport and St. John on Tuesday. O" Persons wishing to send for their friends in St. John can do so. For light freight or passage anply at the Eastern Railroad Ticket Office, Lewis wharf, or to E. WRIGHT, Jr., No. 11 T wharl. Fare to Eastport, $b 00 1 i. Calais, 6 SO Meals extra. St. John. 8 00 a24 IseThAF - oseMTuWAS BRITISH STEAM SHIP NORTH AMERICA FOR EASTPORT AND ST. JOHN. N. B. FROM THE END OF LONG WHARF...BOSTON. The strong and substantial Steam Ship NORTH AMERICA, Capt. Wm. Mabek, Vfcilv V - T vill resume her old route, leaving the end ot Long wharf, for the above places, every SAT URDAY, at 6 o'clock, P. M. No change ol boat. Persons wishing to send for their friends can do o. For freight or passage apply to CHARLES K G1UUONS, 75 Long wharf. jy 15 FARE REDUCED. REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR N. YORK. DAILY, SUNDAYS EXCEPTED. The Steamers MASSACHUSETTS, NARRAGANSETT, RHODE ISLAND, MOHEGAN, K tinning in connection witn w ra i erw ' the Boston and PmiHnf P a - 4 and Stonington Railroads, .thihh i i mi The Mail Train will leave the Depot of the Boston and Pro vidence Railroad, at 4 P. M., dailv, with the exception of Sun day, and al Stonington will meet one of the above splendid Steamers, to k on te arrival of the cars for N. i ork. vis: The MASSACHUSETTS, Cnp. CniasTOca, on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. The RHODE ISLAND, Capt. Thayer, on Monday, Wed nesday and Friday. O TicKets lor the route, and nenns in tne steamer, may be obtained at Harnden A Co.'s, No 8 Court street, and at the Ticket Office at the Depot ol the Boston and Providence Railroad. One of the above bats will leave Providence for Newport, at 1 o'clock, P. M., on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Fare 25 cents freight taken at the following greatly reduced rates Goods weighing 40 lbs to the cubic foot and upwards, $5 5U per ton. Measurement Goods, 7 ets per foot. Hnnla ahflm tuiniiMa ami hut. will h tafeon mt nnl. per foot. 1 , . - a!7 11 I N G H A M AND BOSTON. FALL ARRANGEMENT. TWO TRIPS A DAY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The Steam Packet GEN. LINCOLN, Cant, Geo. Beat, will on and alter Tuesday, Sept. 20th, make two trips a dav, between Boston and Jlmgham, (Sundays excepted,; as follows, via: Lews Hinuham Liverpool Wbabf, Boston At 7 o'clock, A. M. 12 " M. At 11 o'clock, A. M. 4 " P. M. FT FARE 87 CENTS. XX Carriages will be in readiness, on the arrival of the boat at Hingham, to convey Passengers to any part ot that and most ol the neighboring towns. N. B. Passengers bv applying at DooliUle's City Tavern, or at the Captain's Office, can be conveyed to or from the Boat for 12i cents, except to the Depots and to other Steam boats, lor which 25 cents will be charged. DAVID WH1TON, Agent. Hingham, Sept 16. 1842. islp - ostf sl7 RAILROAD TO FRESH POND. CrFARE Ui CENTS. JCt (D Depot near Charles River Bridge, in Charlestown. ON AND AFTER MONDAY , Sept. 19, Passenger Trains will run every week day over the Charlestown Branch Railroad, to Fresh Pond, stopping in Somerville, near the Bleacbery, and in Cambridge at North Avenue Bridge, near Porter's Cambridge Market Hotel. Letve Charlestown, 7 and 9, A. M. ; 2, 4, and 5, P. M. Fresh Pond, Ik and 12, ' a, ", and b EBEN. BARKER, Superintendent. Charlestown. June 29. 1642. islw - os!2w je30 NOTICE. THE BOSTON AND MT. AUBURN OM IV I lll!l ...... frnm Hriitll Mlrt tt'Mlf 'tn every hour from 8 o'clock, A. M. to 5 o'clock P. M and from Mount Auburn, evtry hour Irom before 10 o'clock, A. M. to i before 7. o'clock, P. m There will be an Omnibus to r resn I'oua Hotel at tne toi - owing hours: from 45 Brattle street, 9, 11,1, 3,5 and from Fresh Pond, 20 minutes before 1 1, 1, 8, 5, 7. O - Fare 25 cents. U te, UNITED STATES MAIL. NEW ARRANGEMENTS. FROM BOSTON TO BURLINGTON IN TWO DAYS. LEAVE Boston daily at 7 o'clock A. M., via Nashua and Lowell Rail Road. Leaves Nashua after the arrival ol the first train of cars from Boston via Manchester, Amoakeag, Hooksett, Concord, Boscawen, Salisbury, Andover, W itaiot, Springfield, Enfield, Lebanon, Hanover, Hartford Vt., Sharon to Royalston in one day. Leave ttoyaiaton tor Monipener and Burlington second dav at 7 o'clock, A. M., and arrives in Burlington same day. Reluming, leaves Burlington every day, passing through the same places and arrives in Boston second day at 7 P. M. & GAS8. CHANDLER A CO. Proprietors from Nashua to Roy alt on. July 17. 1841. eoptf jylS CAUTION TO TRAVELLERS. It7 The public are cautioned against pnrchasing Tickets at No 11 Elm street, of B. P. Cheenky, for the Mail Stages from Nashua through Concord, as he docs n't pay his Tickets to the Proprietors. Traveller can obtain Tickets at No 9 Elm street, of Mn. Cumminos, who pays his tickets. n27 GASS. CHANDLER A CO. STAGE NOTICE. T1HE SUBSCRIBER takes this opportunity to inform the public, that be has the Agency of ail the Stages running in connexion with the Nashua Railroad, with the exception ot Gass, Chandler A Co.'s Line te Concord, N. H., which he has no connexion wiih whatever. Being an Agent for the Old Company on that route, be of course tickets expressly to them and none other. U" Travellers can obtain tickets for all parts of N. If., Vt. and Maine, at the General Railroad and Stage Gffice, No 11 Elm street. B. P. CHENEY, Agent. d7 STIMFSON'S PATENT RADIATING RANGE 3C ir - ir n "" npiIIS APPARATUS contains many valuable improvmen.R si which nine years of experience has enabled u to make, and is superior, if cheapness, durability, facility of repairing, together with convenience and economy of fuel, are good qualities to any other now in use. Having sold more than a THOUSAND of our ranges, we are enabled to give such reference to those who are now using tiiem, as will convince any one of their excellence. A Silver Mkoal was awarded to us for it at the late Fair in this city, and Premiums have been awarded at successive lairs in New York and Philadelphia. They are made of various sizes, to accommodate families, boarding - houses, Ac, and can be set so as to brat water for bathing in any part of the house. II. A F STIMPSON. No 127 State street, corner of Broad street. m22 eoTiill tjtOR SALE At N All CM WARD'S Manufactory, ia Roxburv, the following articles, viz: Mould Candles, No 6 do do No do do No 10 Soap - Best Tried Tallow Head do Marrow Newt Foot Oil gain Bones Thigh Bones Jerked Beef Booe Manure Hoofs Ovster Shell Lime T allow Scraps. Snr Naiti'M W abb may he found at No 8 Lou; wharf, on Tuesdays, Thwvdays and Saturdays. 17 TuTbAStf .Jbv BJW - ABU lW B ibi I ESSMSSRSJSVVSjnfSBl If BH SISHTSISIT 1 1 H BltTni TTIIIIUTmTlTlTr: irTinrninrirniVlll' 'II mllll TJ 111 .1.1 Hi UirTllIrHlIlt 'iUH till I . T i I : IMt m; liUJ1tl!MlM.JM: mill i 111 : - III "' M l RAILKOADS. WESTERN RAILROAD. Af AN AND 4.PTER MONDAY. SEPT. I2th, 1842, Passen - r ger Trains will leave as follows: Boston 61 A. M. aud 3i P. M., Sundays excepted, for Albany. Albanv 6 A. M.. and 4 20 P. M.. " 4 ft Boston. Springfield 6 A. M. and 12 M., forAlhany. Springfield i A. M. and U P. M.. " tor Bmtou. Worcester 9 A. M. and Sf 'P. M. Albany. On Sundays a Mail Train leaves Springfield for Boston, at 2 A. M., arriving at Ronton at 8 A - M. returning, leaves Boston at 2 P. M., and Worcester at 4 P. M., arriving in Springfield at 71 P. M. tr The time is Boston time, which is about 15 minutes In advance of Albany time. The Morning Tram from Boston to Albany arrives at Worcester at 9. at Springfield at Iff A.M., at Pittsfield 3J. al Chatham. 43, and at Albany, 6 P.M. If Fare through $.. The Cars leave Albany fiir Utira at 7 P. M. The Steamboats leave Albany for New York. at 7 P. M. The Evening Train from Boston to Albany arrives at Worcester at 5i P. M., at Springfield at 8 J P. M., leave next morning at 6, arrive at Pittsfield at 9K at Chatham loj, aud al Albany at 12 M. The Morning Train from Albany to Boston arrives at Chatham, at 74, ai Pittsfield 9U A. M , at Springfield, 12 M., at Worcester 41, and at Boston, at 6$ P. M. The Evening Train from Albanv to Boston arrives at Chatham, at 54, P. M.. at Pittsfield, 7,' P. M , at Springtlebl, 93 P. M., leaves Springfield at 61 next morning, and arrives at H union. 12 M. The Cars of the Hudson and Berkshire Railroad will run between Chatham and Hudson in connection with both trains. For Hartford and New Haven. Steamboats leave Spring - field daily, at 8 A. M and 1 P. M., tor Hartford, connecting with the Cars to New Haven. FOR GREENFIELD, HANOVER AND HAVERHILL. Stages leave Springfield, daily, at 9 P. M., tor Haverhill, via Northampton, Greenfield, Bre.ttleboro', Hanover, Ac. Pas sengers leaving Boston at 8 P. M. may take this line. Stages run daily from tne morning trains at V ay Stations, as follows : from est Hrnoknefd to Ware and r.nPrlii; from Palmer to Ihree Rivers, Belchertown, Amherst ami ion son ; from Wilbraham to South lladiev aud Northampton. O Merchandize Trains leave Boston, Albanv and Hudson. daily, Sundays excepted. Merchandize taken at low rates. Merchants forwarding freight to or from the Wet, ran al ways find ihe Agent, C. A. READ, at the 1 reasiirer a tifbce, No 2 State street, Boston, from 8 to 9 A. M. and from 12 to 2 P. M. Also st such other times as he may not be engaged elsev here, where he will be ready to give information and communicate terms of transportation. GEORGE BLISS, President. Sprintrfield, Sept. - 12, 1P42. "ostf s21 BOSTON AND PROVIDENCE - TAUNTON AND NEW BEDFORD - AND DEDIlAM RAILROADS. FALL. AND WINTER ARRANGEMENTS. - To commence September I. IM2. BOSTON AND NEW YORK U. S MAIL TRAIN, via Stonington. leaves Boston daily, Sundays excepted, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Leaves Providence dailv, Mondays excepted, on the arrival of the Mail Irom New York. The Massachusetts, Cap. J. J. Comstock, will leave Stoningtoa on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The Rhode Island, Cant. Thayer, on Mondays, Wednes days and Fridays. tr Tickets through to New York, and Bertha in the Steam ers can be had at Harnden A Co.'s, No 8 Court street also, at the Ticket Office of the Boston and Providence Railroad Company. Freight to and from New York, via. Stonington, is reduced to 7 cents per foot lor measurement good generally. IT Boots, Shoes, Hats and Bonnets wilt be taken at six cents per foot. ACCOMMODATION TRAINS Leave Boston for Providence, Taunton and New Bedford, and Way Stations, daily, Sundays excepted, at 74, A. M. and 3i P. M. Leave Providence for Boston, Tanuton and New Bedford, and Way Stations, daily, Sundays excepted, at i, A. Al. and 3, P. M. lnve New Bedford for Boston and Providence, and Way Stations, daily , Sundays excepted, at 71 A. M. and 2, P. M. Leave Taonton for Boston and Providence, and W ay Stations, daily, Sundays excepted, at 8K A. M. and 3A. P. M The new Steamboat Massac Hi' setts will leave New Bedford daily, except Sundays, at 12, M.i after the arrival of the morning train from Boston, for Wood's Hole. Holmes's Hole. M. V, and Nantucket, and returns daily, except Sundays, ia time for the afternoon train for Boston. DEDHAH BRANCH RAILROAD. The trains run daily, Sundays excepted, as follows : Leave Bostoo at 9,A. M., 124, M., 31 and 64 P. M. Leave Dedham at 7$ and 10, A. M., ami 51, P. M. !LT All baggage at the risk of the owners thereof. a30 W. RAYMOND LEE, Supt. BOSTON AND WORCESTER RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON and after Monday, May 30, until umber notice, Accomodation Train will run daily, except Sunday, as follows, viz : Leave Boston at 6J A. M., 31 and 40 minutes past 5 P. M. I - ave Worcester at 51 and 91 A M., and 41 P. M. ' The first and second trains from Boston, and all Ihe train from Worcester, connect with the Western Railroad. The first train from Boston, and the second from Worcester connect with the Norwich Railroad. THE NEW YORK STEAMBOAT TRAIN, VIA. NORWICH, Will leave Boston dailv, except Sunday, at 4 P. M., reaching the Brwtt at Hi P. M. - A Mail Train on Sunday From Worcester at 5$ A. M. from Boston at 2 P. M. O All Baggage at the risk of its owner. WM. PARKER, Superintendent. Boston, May 27, J842. islp - ostf ni27 BOSTON AND LOWELL RAILROAD. FALL ARRANGEMENT. gS AND AFTER MON DAY, Sept. 12th, the Passenger 1 rams will run a follows : Leave Bofton at ?i A. M., Hi A. M., and 4 P. M. Leave Lowell at "i A. M , 1 P. M., and 5 P. M. EO - FARE ONE DOLLAR. The Morning and Evening Trains will p for Way Passen gers at the usual stations. Passengers can also be conveyed by Ka bead between Lowell and Andover, Haverhill and Exeter. NOTICE. The Boston and Lowell Railroad Corporation hereby give notice that they have adopted the following rules and regula tions in regard to their liability as carriers. r irst, as to Passengers Ail baggage to be at the sole risk of the owners. Second, as to Freight This Company will not be responsi ble for any goods, merchandize, money, bank notes, or other articles, unless receipted for by the officer of the Coin pan y,ap poiuted for that purpose, nor for any loss or injury, unlet such as may arise by fire from the locomotive engine, or by the gross negligence of the Agents of the Company, nor lor a greater amount than two hundred dollars on any one package, an less ny special agreement. All goods and merchandize shall be at the risk of the owners while in the Company's storeiKwses. Matches, gunpowder, fireworks, and similar combustibles, not taken on any terms. CHARLES S. STORROW, Agent B. A L. R. R. Co. September 8, 1842. osep s9 CONCORD RAILROAD. FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. T tlllS road will be opened to the public for transportation of PssNengers and Merchandize, ou and after Moudas Sept. 12, 142. Passenger Trains daily, Sundays excepted, ia connexion with the Cars of the Nashua and Lowell, and Boston and Lowell Railroads, as follows, via Leave Boston for Nashua, Manchester, Concord, and intermediate places, at 7 A. M., lit A. M., and 44 P. M. Leave Concord for Manchester, Nashua, Lowell, Boston, and intermediate places, at 44 A. M., 104 A. M., and 24 P. M. Way Passengers taken aud left at II ooksett, GoiT's Falls, Reed'a Ferry, Thornton's, and ihe usual stopping place oa the Nashua aud Lowell, and Boston and Lowell Railroads. - FARE. Concord to Boston, $2 50 I Manchester to Boston, $2 00 Do to Lowell, 1 50 1 Do to Lowell. . 1 10 The Morning and Evening Trains connect with the Cars ot the Boston and Maine Railroad. Passengers can be conveyed between the various snipping places ot both roads, on the arrival of the Cars at Concord, which leave Boston at 71 A. M. Stages leave daily for all parts of New Hampbire and Vermont, for New York, Canada, the Northern part of Maine.via Meredith, Centre Harbor, Conway, Fry burg, While Mountains, Lancaster, - Ciaremont, Hanover, Ply month, Haverhill, N. H., Woodstock, Mouipelier, Burlington, Royaltoa, Mid - dtehurv, Vt. - - Information obtained of B. P. CHENEY, at Harnden A Co.'s Express Office, No 8 Court street. Boa 1 011, respecting seats in Coaches connecting with the Nashua and Ioweil; and Concord Railroads, and the different Stage mutes. Merchandize Trains daily, Sundays excepted. Rales through 1st class, $4 per 2000 lbs. ' NASHUA AND LOWELL RAILROAD. ON and after Monday, Sept. 12, 1832, Pasteuger Trams daily , Sundays excepted. Leave Boston at 7 A. M., II. J A. M., and 4 J P. M. Leave Nashua at 6 A. M., 121, and 4 P. M. On the arrival of the Morning Train at Naxhua. Stage leave for Keene, Brattleboro', Walpole, Bellows Falls, Charles - town, Clareninnt, Ac. Ac. Bv order of the Directors, 15 eptf ISAAC P A LDING, Treasurer. BOSTON AND MAINE RAILROAD. JfeJw. FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. o N and after MONDAY, Sept. 12th, 1842. Passenger Trains will run daily, (Sundays excepted) as follows, viz ; Leave Boston at 7T A. M., 12 M. and 5 P. M. Leave Dover at 5 A. M., and 121 Slid 3 P. M. The Morning and Evening Train eat h way will connect with the Traius of the Lowell, Nashua, and Concord Railroads. The Depot in Boston is mi Lowe!) street. Stages leave Dover cm the arrival of the Morning Train from Boston, for all parts of Maine, and the northern and eastern parts of New Hampshire. Merchandissstrain run dailv between Boston and Dover. CH AS. Ml NOT. Superintendent. September 10. 1842. o s!2 EASTERN RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON and after Thursday, August loth, Trains follows, viz : - leave as Boston for Portsmouth, 7, A. M., 12 M. and 5 P. M Boston for Salem, 7, &f. A. M. and 12 M 34, S, and 7 P.M Sslem to Marblrheitd, 7i and 9i, A. M 1, 24, 41, and 6, P. M. Portsmouth to Boston, 7 A. M., 121, and 4 P. M. Salem to Rostua, 7,9, and 11 A. M. 5i, and 6 P. M. Marblehead to Salem, 7, 8i, and 104 A M 2, 3, ami 5. 10 P. M. Sunday 10 Portantoiith at 12 M - from Portsmouth. 7 A.M. Thia Company will not be responsible tor any loan or damage to baggage beyond $ Ha), miles paid tor at the rale ot the puce ol a pawsase for everv $"KSJ additional vxbie. JOHN KINSMAN. Master Tran - portation. al3 islp - Astf RICE .JENKINS &1.KAL. mm , iLlfWI - yftK VI III IN. renter rf Merrimack, Traeerse and Portland Streets, VVOULD INFORM their friends and the public generally, v that they will manufacture Copper, Lead and Ziac Work of all descriptions, of as good workmanship and on a reasonable terms as any other establishment In the city. feb24 is3t - o86tn i"ITl PACKETS. NEW ORLEANS AND BOSTON, 3b LINE OF REGULAR packet To sail puiicfllv from) Boston and New Orleans a th 1 lUtb. aatf gt.tfc of each ' Ship KENTUCKY, J. L. Rogers, master, Ms ion. 44 Ti!M'l',F,ff. D. Mat, " " ' ST. LOUIS, O. King, " a Bark BASHAW, F. Hosts, a, HUI TVN. H. Hooey, 5o - 44 Natchez, a. a. Burweii, The above hir r all m .nm - .l first rluas, built expresj.1 for the trade, of light draft They are rutninaniird by men of great experience, ami m,t7' also towed no and ilnwn th Mn - iumni K ' ' have elegantly furnished accomiModattitnN,' and ihr pn.r'j passage is fixed at $t0, and stores of the best description L vided. , " Messrs Harrod A lsi.iia. Ani. r tk.. i. - - ... Orleans, will admit to ail votx! rn. . - .! ., ...... .... rw sale or forwarding to the iatenor, with fidelity and f,nZ.'7 nra. . . . r 471 r For freight or passage apply to the Propnetera Fair FIELD, LINCOLN A t tf., I - ladt street nr 7 ardV l' whart. tf ; r BOSTON AND NEW OK LE A . sHp A K tTsT I'r.Pr'AlCfl LINE. fUrFROM CENTRAL WHARF. ti& & n To wail punctually on the day advertised. Ship I.OCIMNVAR, 44 HOPE, ON Ft O. " PALMIRA. 4 - tO tons, Him " 6T.0 " 6t! 700 44 4.'0 " Capt. W KMOTT. " Al I.E. !RKW. "vrsKM. M 44 41 it u 1 REN ION, Of LA MS, BM RSE. The above shipa are ail of the first rlaae, r..;.,rr id coppered built iu a MitR'ifial tiannir..ii, gant accommodations, vt Hit separate ladies' cabins with best store and cuutataritW b exprrirncrd and arciun! mounting ui. - iMera. who aland high in tbf - ir protfmR. Freight w ill :ilvtus lie taken at the lowest rales and rterv Gtaala add rvel to the care of ihr tn - ui, u....... .. forwarded without additional etneiif. 1 Stenni 1 always taken on arrival at tfo Balhre. F. M. Weld A Co .. Agr - ni in New rlean, will recr?. and forward with promptness mi gf,ii aIdrwrd t.,. W INSOR A BKI Cfc, Nit 12ft State trrt. care, oS UNION AND DESPATCH LINE OF IMLTl. MOR E AN D BO VI O N PACK KT. TO SAIL EVERY SATI RAV VROflf MERCANTILE Vt HaRF. Brig CHOCTAW, Ml NtrkrrNon, Matter. l'hrisio)irr Tvhr Samuel U . II h))Vi, " Clemen I IfrndrtrW, Franklin IVrrisal, - C'alviu llowrs, CHATHAM, IDA, CHICKASAW, DOVER, GEM. u it ti u The above ves - t - Ts rvrptint the oldest asd ffrxt r.i.M, line of Packets Irowi this port, have commenced tbrw - trips tor the season. One of ifcese parkrts will aati iron th ports of Bimion and Baltimore everv Sntardftv, and a strict punctuality 10 the dav appointed for satitbc will alwa ?.. iwrved, ami every facility ud accommodatfoa eitemirttta ship pen hy Hit - ttirrni and mati - r Haunt ia thi trade. For trt isfht or passage, apply to the master t. hoard, at Mrr eantile wharf, to HORACE SCl'ltiiKB a tin 1 tile wharf, A MM I C. LOMBARD & CO., js ami J4, new'stMi. stores, Lew i smith vti!trt. Baltimore (.'LARK A KELLOGG, Rowley's wharf, nth 14 efiaftwM' BOSTON AND PHILADELPHIA PACKETS. COMMERCIAL LINE. To sail every Saturday from Philadelphia Faciei Pier.Cotn - ntersial street, Boaton. Brig ANTARES, N. nark, M.wtrr. " LLA. N. Matthews. ROBERT WALK, W. Sears, LODI, O. Baxter, Jr., ELLA, Z. Whrldea. U The above Vetebt will eompene the Csnicrciaf I in ef Boston and Phiiadt - tpeta Packets tor the ensuing raa. Freight wiilhe mken at the iovteot raiea, and the aiatont acconiiiidatiin and facility extrktied to kit sera by tb arcnts ami masters id" this tine. A Packet will leave Pbiia - delpnia and Boston every Saturday. Freight will always be" forwarued to any part of the western country, bv the railroads, canals, or waggoas, with prvaipt - nes and dispatch. For freight apply to the niasters on board, at PbiSadcipttie Packet Pier IK RCE SCI DDER A CO.. Nti 1 Mercantile wharf R. LINCOLN A CO., No 56 Commercial street ALFRED C. IIERSEY. No I Comnierrtsl vtfearf m t CHARLES SIDEUS. at the General Psrawt Offire, Ctair. rial street, Bttston and ia I'taUtfe - fpUta 10 the Agvats, Mcaars E. LINCOLN A. CO., No S.l Si.uiit wharves. ap7 ialwusly ALBANY AND TROY PACKETS. S2l isSt $a H BANGS'S REGULAR LINE. The Snhsi rfbers eive notice that lbs old sad estabhshed Lisa will consist, the tulioyving season, ol eight superior viz: New Schr. NIAGARA, John M. Lovell, Owea BearjMj, Sylvester Hearse, Ettwta Seadiler, Nelson Rearse, Lot Hinckley, John Cammeti. Jonathan liaJieit, Master. ISiC HER, VINTAGE, ALBANY, STRANGER, LOl ISA, DETROIT. HENRY CURTIS, t t it u tt u This being the oldest and best estabtfedird lias ef Packets, the subscribers do not hesitate to assure shippers that tittom shipped by this line to aay part of the northern er western States, Montreal, 1'oroats. Ac. Ac, by canal, railroad, Ac., via Albany or Troy, will be lorwanlrd with more despatch aa ia better condition than by any other recently formed line, and on as reasonable terms. The Agents in Albany and Trey will personally receive and forwitrd goous, free of any charge for shipping, taking receipts for every article shipped, lbs enabling consignees to receive aH their gods, and in good order. The above vessels are mostly new, and built expressly mr the trade, commanded by experienced masters and first rate pilots. Steam taken when head wind prevent their crossing the bars below Albany, thus affording greater faculties and quicker dw - patcb tbsn by say other line. These packets will will, ia Boafon, regularly from the headH Long Whart; mrth aide, sn everv W edaemiav and Saturday of each week, without tail, and with whatever freight may offer. The well known punctuality of these packets needs no com men is. Airvtr. In Boston, ISAIAH BANGS, er BANGS A BREWER, 15 Long Wharl; Albany, GEO. . GAY, rl Pier, near the foot of State at. Trey, GEO. E. GAY, ;) River st. . Boston, March, 1842 tf nt7 BOSTON, ALBANY AND TROT PACKETS. NEW LINE FOR 1842. Schooner OLIVER, CONDOR, " MANDAK1X. 44 GANGES, " ORNAMENT, 44 FLORENCE, " HARRIET, " BANNER, D. Fuller, J. Hodges, L. Hinckley, D. A. Allen, P. Kellev, I. Lovrii, ?. C. Antes, E. Lewis, Jr., Master. This being one of the oldest aad best established Rues of Packets, the subscribers do not hesitate to assure snippers tbss goods shipped by this line for any part f the northern rr western States by canal or railroad, vis. Albanv and Trov, will be forwarded with as much despatch, and in aa good c.etiiin, ashy any other line of Packets, and nn asrensoRablc terms. Alt goods forwarded by the Agents at Albany aad Truy, Irec of any charge for shipping. The above ve:sel are mostly new, and enm sassdrd by experienced masters, who are pilot. Steam lakea whea hcNd winds prevent their crossing the bars briow Albany, thus affording as great facility and as quick despatch as by any ether line. These Packets will sail from the south side ef City wharf, on Wednesday and Saturday of each week. The well known punctuality ot this line of Packets need no eemmeuta. Agents in Biwttm, WING A SCI DDK R, No. It Cay wharf. Agent at Albany, C. W. BENTLEY, No. fell Uiiay street, ou the Dock. Boat' a, April 1st, f4S. if BOSTON, A LB AN Y AND TROY PACKETS. snjs sflLllVi - SBSBBRassBBsnssn ssBSBBsasssMRRst - ' ' asalbBSHBBasnav lH424JOMMER( IAL LINE. IW From Baltimore Packet Pier, I'cmmercial Street. Schooner U TIC A, TALENT, NIMROD, Mont a no, 44 balance, 44 SAG AN AW, TIGRIS, " . ELIA MATILDA, A. Prarse, J. states, D. Lm.ivlJ, Jr., J. W. Crunell, 11. C LiimrU, C. Levell, E. Lewis, X. D. Orsweli, Mtsctcf Thia Line is comirmt ef the above scaae. and , as it was the but etabiiktd itne front tbt port, the ntsoiemaatlagrats win ruut - avor tu urserv, a aftaie ut putiiw; pstrostags, by a strict observance tf the days advertised lor a;bng, and gsis will be forwarded wi'h as quick dttpatek as hy aay other sVsr tMt4itHke4 line troin ibis port, their aiivsriisemsats te ti.e comraiy notwithafaiidtiig. (;Nnia will be lor warned to the Canadas, Montreal, Northern and Western Stales, vis. Albany and Trov, bv the brl hues Irom tbe chip. Steam will be takva as mil en by ti Unr as any other from tbi port. Da a ot sailing. Vt ednestlays and Suturdays, ttum laiti more Packet Pitrr, Comstrri uti , Agtiits in Boston, i'OllAt E SCUDDER A CO - , No. 1 Mercantile wharf; CHARLES SIDEKS, ni ih (iesersl Psti - et Oihce, Cofttiitercial street i. HAM1.ES T. Mk'AIi, Nt . 40 Uuay St., Aituui). tlwoM HORACE SCU DDER A C O.'S . NEW YORK AND BOSTON PACKETS. NEW LINE. To sail every Wkorksoat and Sati boat, from Mrrcaai; whart, ( omu ercial street, Boston, and frt.m Coeatira Sitp, Pier No b. East Ruer, New ork. scnotmer v iuk, Jacob P. HsiletL Mf Jacob P. HailetL, Timethv Raker. Jr.. tt lit. fan v, 44 peui r, " COMPLIANCE, SPLENDID, Ifetnan Chase, Nelfeoa Kellev, TboBtas Sparrow, Jr. Oren Crtiwelt, The above vessels, composing this old sad well estaMinhe i Line l Packrt. - , have commenced their rrgutar trips ur tus eaKoa. Freight will he taken at the lowest rat - , ai evei exertion used by the Masters and Agents to deserve the m i Id.eral Mh - tre ol pairnttge b - ret'.fitre beatowetl mi this Liar. Slnppera from the city nmi ronatrv will bud thi Line to pos es superior advanin - ea tr lose tag aad unioadit tkew sr - goes at this port having two large aad cow modiou bailtfint for the reception of their freight. All merchandise tates!d hr the western country, will be forwsrdt - d (utiles others. ordsred.) by the Erie Canal l.sae Co.'" si lrRid aad ssr - valled line ot Freight Bargm oa the Hudfoa Rier, to any part ol the Western World, Canadas, Montreal, Ac, lrs of all charges tor ithippiiijr. Agents in BoHtirit, HORACE SCUDDER A CO.. I - canttie wharf, ai.d CHARLES SIDERS. at the t.rurral Pat k - et Oilier. Vt - rcniili!e li:trl. Commrreisl rtrert and ia Nt York. KKA LEWIS, 2fi Coetiiira Sfip. isl - twif ail HORACE SC I DDER A CO.'S R E G I L A R LI N E PACKETS, From Mercantile likarf...L'ommertiul Street. m s n m. HR Bl.l tviRK - I siiiv !n Di patch Lisa. FOR PHiLMiFf.l'lllA Couwkrcial Line. FOR NEW iRK Nkw Live. FtR ALBANY AND TROY Cowwercial Lian. The Pat kfi" tw N w York and Albany sail every Wtffi da andSntnrtlav For linittimtfe and Philadelphia every Sate ur.'av. lr. ijiht tk - M at Hi fowet rate uck dispatch iB loi - .(!tr and proiiipttiett in sailing ta the day adveriiMd. 1 1 1 eptf IIOI'GHTON. TI CKER A CO. have iw - ale i 1 ,N I and 2 Chaibttiu Row, adjoining No 1 Long rs, a nt w article ir drrs4ing or blacking Shttes. It stakes in leather oft and pliable, and given the 4ine a firm - p.d ib. ititich tiiperior to tne cAiiittum sponge blacking. It vtttl retain its virtues ia any climate, and it ihe shoe are pertet ti dry when applied they will never mould aiterwtuds a tt which is wll worthy the attention f those whn are buving Shoes lor Nev Orleans and other Southern and Western cities. toi5

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