The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1934
Page 4
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COURIER NB1» OMOLUR nan oo, ro M* NttfeMl Mmum AituMM DtlUu, lot, H«« York, Ortrclt. St. tpul*. OklJM, KIN** City. PubUtbed Every Altenaoo cxccot sunoajr. Entered if second oiius miller it UK post oflloc at BiytlievUfe, Arkansas, under act ot Congress, oe- iobtr 3, 1917. _.--• Ecrvcfl BY t"* Unltt.1 PTfiM SUBSCHHTJON RATXtf By carrier.iii me C'ty or BWiwrtUe, I5e per week or W.50 per year In advance. By mall wttlilii a radius ot M mile/,, 13.00 per yctr, $1.50 for «lx mon.hs, 85o (or IKne moDU»; by mail In postal zones two to alx, luduilw, W.W i»r year, in Mines seven ar.e* eight, $10.00 IKT yc-T-, jwjsblc In advance. II Orthodox Economics Needs Humanizing would Ij'j a lot I'nsiur to figure out how -lax-ossful our [>ITKUM(, recovery dl'wl.s ;iro likely to be if ivo only iiail sumr way of tcllij);r how cxHi'l a siMi-'iK't: orlliuilox economics really is. Acamlin^ to the old ;;elu>ol ccoiin- niists. rt'L'ovory from i» ik'pi'o.ssiun must follow eurlaiii ii.'iliintl liuvs- Tlicrc luiiH be a (K'lhilKm long eilullgli inn) BUVWC wioUKh 'lo rwnljn^t nil the relationships of prices, wagon, and debts, which were init out of line by tile previous inflalioimry trend. Until Ui;it rcailjitslmc'nt is coni- plele, ive arc told, there <H 'no possibility of recovery. Now the reason \vliy people are refusiiiK to wait for these natural processes lo do their work is that :i terrific price iii human value.'; miisl lie paid. A fair expression of •'llio'" orthodox viewpoint is contained in a. bullrlin recently issued by a New York business advice linn. * '*!-.» .-...• This' bulletin iisscrls recovery cannot come until wage* have been deflated lo a ixjiiil at which industrial operation is profitable under li deflated price scheme. Such deflation, it says, ,.?is being retarded by present guvcniiiinnt relief policios. "As long as the government continues to provide the unemployed, eilher tliroujrh jobs on public enterprises or through direct relief, with Eiill'icicMil funds to deprive ihoin 'of the .incentive lu seeTirq-iirivatc work nt any price," fiitys this bulletin, "(be supply of labor will not be large enough to exert on .private wage scales the pressure needed to force a quick adjnst- " ICI| I .... A return to sound business prosperity will bo po.stiwncd until the government voluntarily modifies its relief policy to a point where it will not interfere with the proper deflation of wage rates." * * « That does not make pleasant rfiiiling-- During the last couple of years we saw examples of what happens when labor has "the incentive to secure private work at any price." \Ve saw men employed at 55 ami $G a week. \Ve saw women glad to gel job.-, as hokl servants for no pay at all but their board. v We saw college-trained engineers and skilled mechanics mowing lawns for 25 cents an hour. We saw, in brief, enough sights to make the heart sick, and we saw enough of them to Ipet us a long, long time. If thiit is all the Itoj/e that orthodox economics holds out—thai such things must l>c endured indefinitely, with'out nny attempt to alleviate them —it is hardly surprising that ordinary folk arc beginning to feel Unit thoy want something a little less orthodox and a little more humane. •—Unite Calton. Toryism Still Lives Sir IVrcival Perry, chairman of the Ford Motor Company of London, ,-eems to be one of those old-school l-.'iiglish- incn who feel that the uwld'.s shipping and exiwrl trades belong to ICng- liinil by divine right and that it is somehow impious for other nations to presume to have a share in them. Speaking at a meeting of (hi- Anglo- American Club in London Hit- other day, Sir Pcrcival criliei/ed the United Slates for Mibsidi/.ing its shipping lines (a stunt Knghtnd ha.s employed for generations), declared thai American ex-ports should be limited to such raw materials as tobacco and cotton, and complained that it is unfair for the United Slates to try t,, keep those South American and Far Kastein markets \yhich .ahe took away from Britain during'(ho World War. One had supposed that old-fashioned Toryism of this liiml had jus) alioiil died out in Kiitfland. Apparently it slill has a survivor or two. Farfwell, Marines .. .Within . the next .fortnight or so, the last American marines will be leaving the island of Haiti—and neither the Haitians, the American pnb- bc, nor the marines themselves will ltd very badly about it if they never go back- The marines have been on the island for many years. Their greatest strength there was in May, \\m, when more than 2,000 of all ranks were concentrated there. This spring and summer the number had shrunk lo approximately 750; and now, beca'use of. I be new iimlcr.ltandiin,' reached between the American and Haitian governments, it is shrinking to nothing at all. • If is good to see the marines leuv- '."(,'• The island's situation was very tangled indeed when they first landed, and they did a lot of very excellent work; but in the end the Haitians must work out their own salvation as an in- deticiulcnt stale, and they can't do that until the last American marine has gone home. Tlie American has teen n man o! lailh. —President Ulcnn Frank of the University of Wisconsin. « • » The. American dream Is thai lliis country must always remain u laml of freedom and opportunity. -Dr. Hubert A. Millikan, fumecl scientist. "Our forte musl wili/i' Hie )iii|wrlanrc pcarante. Htirlnn's sales have iiim-HMed I)' •LTMVILLK, (ABK.); QOUR1KB NKffB SIDE GLANCES By George Clark FRIDAY, AUGUST 17,' 1! Doctors Discovw Smoking Adversely Affects Greulation DR. MOKKIS nsiIBEIN JcurnaJ of ibe American Atsorialloti and of <h« flcaiui Magazine .- was found Hint caws I of blood vessel inflammation occur more frequently among smokers than among non-smokers, 11101-3 alldJlioji is telag given to the ro- lalionslilp of tobacco smoking lo vessels. Experiments jmvc shown thai cigarette will produce "i _ it majority of normal people under ccilain conditions a change in tin: .surface lempcra- anns nnrl Ir-gs. Morr- emx It has boon shown Hint, with imsoiK, slowing or even Mopping of llio How ol will occur in the capillaiy vessels in Ihc finger lip.; ills smoking o[ a cigaiet. have conlinueil Iheir studies In this coiin?clioii have brought out .some very interesting facls. They tested the effects of clgarcls on a number ol | rviifiruinl smokers, using jiot only | standard brands, but a bo .special I types ol cigarcls without nicotine, nnnlliolalcd cigarels, anil some made wilh ashlcss filler paper. They also made social .studies on certain ixiople known to h:- . cApoi-hilly sensitive lo tobacco. I • i » '1 lie invCKticalor.s ru-e ivniirii- he hail icntoved from his nose. •t |K'|-snii:il ;i])-i l;lrl - v i; " ei "' !l "•* ",'.'" •»»««•» I STTeeu" Gking. Ob\-ioiis'.y. if aic unpleasant, one tnc pre- lt)e ocsnc fur ti:e the miieti lo 00 found lhal Uo elements dominant in next smoke, the lirst wish for the soothing, „ effect, and the socoiid a norvon.i disoider to do • suinelliiii'; with The most immoderate smokers who use Iron) « el-s a day actually inan half of rarh dgarcl, indicailng thu nmoiis ;il>:l iuvolvcel. It is interesting lo n-aliw lhal the Inve.stlgaloi-s iound no appreciable difference in the avenge effect between .stai.ulurd and rie- nicotiiiizcct ci|;arets. Neither was (here any dillcrence keLwmi men- of (he toxic factors 1 voivcd and lhal an>thin B „, oped by the clgnrcl papere Is concerned. ijiolatcd ciaaiels and nieiilholiitctl. Woman May Win Graiil American Handle VANDAL1A. O. (UP)--H mavl (liis year, or u may be lllimy j.',| lieiia 1 . lhal a woman wiiis Grand American Handicap (he possibility appeals frealci-'lJ at any time in [lie history of 1 Grand American Transhonil TonriKiineiu. whicli win be cd here Aug. 21 lo 31, Tlie handicap, bi e « „„. event of Ihc trapsliooiiny wo | has been won In the past, l>' 1-1-year-nld boy. a 70-yeLir-old i' aiKl a iirrarlicr eliaoling in first loiirnumeiil with a borro noil With nil (he ili/lm-iit bramh (here was » drop in Uie surface temperature al Ihc ti|is ul the fiiiBei-s and loes. and in mi>3l of the prisons studied a slo>vlni; stopping of the blood lion aiul of .Ihe small Wood vessels at Ihc of '(lie fingers. Hie lack toms of noliml by exiH'iienccd tJiiukrrs lindcr tlio iisiml condi- ttons ot Miioking is not due sol much to development of any kind I of immunily to the ]>oisons oil loliacco Einokr, lint rallicr lo sonn fort of ruulrol over ivitc aii'l ik-lrtli of Hi? iahabtioii which keeps pofeomms effccls nt a low s»»-t'm i-.cvcr \>y a woman. Hvc nr jix wc:ineii this year conceded a chance lo win r$ Grant, who rwemiy won handicap. The onlsiniulini; fen 1 inc contender is Miss MaVie Ki.| Iowa women's title and tied John Patterson of fjes Moincs the lomi ojK'ii title, wilh 107 [>f '200 largcts. Other high .. age women shots are Mrs Wai Andrews of Uaytoim llc.icli bl symp- MJSS Mercedes Idiff. Columl.u:; The work scuim-d to .sliuw The Editw's Letter Box Miss Alice Ci-Llhers. 1'hilaik'l'p] HOT I'.ulor Owner Kuldilrl CLEVKI,AN1) llJl'i-Whilc hi I il>' reigned in a lin-r pji'lo proprietor, J. j. Ku(icr . 55> milted suicide in his jiulonu.1 m » garage lircan.Tc liis life joyless. -Life lias !>ccn nolll >mi sUHtsele and lor me." ho said in a note. ,«> ." which he left. The rriuier-Lcinkc 'I'o Hie cclitur:! Recently n fiiend cf win? in Mls.'.oui-i who wanlrd lo ad- 'iiiilugc ot Ihc l''r«v.ici'-I.ciiil:e law t) set his debt reduced ai:d |KC- •cnt, a foaTlosiire came tu me- lur advice and \vi- hail some ihlliniliy n HndliH; onl jnsl Imw lo n:'xrnl indei- ihls law. lint In l!n- l.i^i ssuc of "'flic ArkiiiisnK l-'.ir:ii:-i-" l)ere ;ue full instructions l"« lu JiiJCK'fl inidcT llii.s law anil ;.:. (his nay l» of help to many 1 will [irate tlie instructions in full. Vi?.: "Wrile to Judge. Mnnincaii ol lie federal court al Utlle Hock. Ark. His office will send you a ilank form. Sic,n It mill 'in at ] 14 'of your nriglilwr.': «> si s n I t with yon. Hend this iKliiam in I to Judge Miirlincuit. fie is n-nuir- .-d under the law to name a 1-011- cilialcry comniks.siun. Yon ilien file n Fchcdiilc of whui von owe and what you have. This I'din- i)i«-ion or concilialoi-y conmmirc Mil llien call a inceliiu; -of the li)lk« you owe money uii'.l ald'niiit n woik on! un aijrei'ineiit of lirpiitlilini: (lie debt over u |>vno<! ol rears. If Ihe creditors ivfnv.- yon aie iillowcd lo slay on Uir l;ind iinil lay inli'resl. on an appi.wd value if (lie debt nl Hie rate of PA jicv j f.'iil per year far n period ot six I years ( Every farmer who is hoiwlc.'-sly I n debt and wlmsc ik-')t is due •••luiiild lake iidvnnlncr i>f this Iniv which was passed riir liis l:cnelii rarinrrs mid others slinnlcl cct nut this article and keep it. H might come in handy some lime, W. .M. '1'ncHer. By Williams 'AT'S WHV"t~" PUT 'EM IN) FRONT- SO'S THEY'D THINK THEV WAS tM MV STUMMlCkf TO A SWELL PAO-TY, '.M' WHEN TH' CAKE, CftNDV AW COOKIES (SITS COM IN' TOO FAST HE STUFFS MIS SHIRT FULL AN'CeSMES OUT \wfTH A BOLD FRONT, THAT Alhirin Sparrow t diinrl UELCHEIl'I'OWN, M.iss. ((j|>, _ An albino cliippiim jwr- is Ihe only ono of ils Jiinrl wns discovered in' u-, t,y Hown'rd W. Kniehl. It. is Miinr-ii-Jiitc Two Princes l ( ail to Win Beauty JK u-^v.vyiuv"-t r "«» — —-•——». — —-'.isi it.t l -ti?ft._-^r? Edith Rn.irk, formrr V .ilies c. : H. report;! on Kliimlng <" New York tbal fho jiici f\\n riir:ie Charm- Ing? while rtanclrc i : England and r*fu?ed to become i.'rlncc 1 ;? of either because she w.mts lo msrr> au Anurlcnn. Th? 101.11 wooeri were Prince Ihnhlrn o! i-Iw-jn an the Prince of Nepal. India, wbo Mtss Rosrk ittisis, tfcjms v!e> Isnlly Jealous n» mt eslSer, lhal nicotine is probably the most IIECIM llllltH TODAY Dl-.S H A I; II II 11 N. IM lr. 1ric» n,,l lo l, r (,„!„ .ilhir K ltl, I,, fc^ r crill , SYV' . J...i""..""'""" Inrllnllon Sins. iv,iri:u.ii.t.v. ., W | M | T ,„.„„;' lucnl. l.i ji Ike olnl, lh;,r li:iiiii< ulyht. •'."lulld Inn.ictnlly, I) o n I . I. IhT.mii |n<,, „„,,; ,1,- u:ill<,ii lij IMflllV U III! llillli;. iini- or .S.lvl;,'. uuf.i,, , V |,,, h!11 | l.rru drl,,kl 11B :. Hc , ric , ,„ ,,„,„„ n<ntt* in RI, hailing ivllli lil m :in,| - .Shp rrnolto I Srlrla ,, n ,,„„[, fc » |ir^l« th* inri,,l, c r „( lltf \Vi,.iinn'« dull KOXV GO O.N WITH THE STllllt CHAI'TRIl V1I1 J^OOTS faced Mrs. Verncll bravely. She was siaillas but It was n neFIier.ito lidlo smile. "1 don't know what you mean." "Yes, I tliluk you- -'do, Tlartara ncnr." llonls li.-ul ncrcf likrrl ,Mrs. Fcrnell. Sb e w as wliat Isabel, wilh Justice, called "ivolson sweet." "It lias Iwcn liroiiBlit lo my at- tciHIon," ^h-s. 1'eviioll went on swiftly anil ciiinollily. as though Blio had rclicarseil it nl! bcforo n mirror, "lhat some of tlio .lutilors havo been cuiiiUciianciiig— or shall I say really ciitrrlng into drinking parties." At Hoots 1 quick -frown ami Kcsliirij ol denial she went ou blainlly. "Tho Vaclit Club dance Is an : example. A certain youut; man— no panics >iro (o bo lirougbt Into tins. 'iiiinil— Imd loo much to tlrink. A young n-oniaii wont sailing with him. Ho fell overboard. Tlio yaung woman left her party— >vas seen to arrive homo later wlili a strange csenrl. All very reprehensible." "If yon nw.iii me. Airs. Fernell," lionia said wilh a sort ot frozen childish Imutcur, "I did dauco wilh Hardy Whilmorc. I did go out on But I didn't . the vernmla with him. know ha was drunk. I didn't go . calling with him. Tlio Eaaia thing have happened to anyone else there." "All, lint my dear child, It didn't. ' There's llio IhliiE," tbo older , woman tu .1 sort of melancholy triumph 1 — nnci it [itace lor . Boots stood up suddenly, llrliig jsliow (.hem all. of this farce. Her color li.irt now anil her eyes wero enormous in a white face. "What yon mean, Mr3. v Fernell. is lhat you want mo lo hand in my resignation lo tlio Juniors?" "I didn't Fay Hint. . . ." Kos.' It was Honis who was (he more com- Jioscil or Hie two. N'edda'. Molher wouhl t>e sparetl tlio iioda aail smiles of urctuuilcd sympathy. "It will havo blown over by llio time alio gets buck." Knots thonslit. 1'oor "Molher! She wns so proiiil and sensitive. Tlio whole thin.; would bo a nightmare to her. And Boots could not hear ilia llicushl of the iuevilable,'interminable con- verealio.DS. "My dear, 1 think it's a.Fhame. You're perfectly right. L wouldn't, stand It for a mitiute." Well, the very Instant Mother c.irao back from Aunt Xedd.Ts Boots would go to (he- city, would find S place for hf r?»lf. Slio would Mcntilimc, Iheie "Coili, bat I'm sorry 06011! me olhcr aight," Hardy said. weather His blood pressure, . . ." tlic north, apparently deep in 11,5 Mrs. Haehurn llulteic,! alwut, fold- 1 pages ot a new magazine • Sling. packing. "And ilon'i slay loo 'niana?eil Die most casual ereetim*! much in the snn. dear. I ihtuk you 'She lifted her hand and let tt fa 'I girls swul loo much time on (he She said, "Hi:" iu a matter of fac ? ' was the town to tace, wilii head high. t w,i5 rea<ll:is the oilier, tone. dny soitm plate tliat the sun really j harms afler a certain iwint. . . ." Her fair l>ro\v was creased iu wor- rieil lines. 'Don't worry, rtarling. Everything will be oil right. I'll slay away from beach if you waul Hardy was palpably emharrnE. "l!«-=ti. lint I'm sorry nlraul .inilile. Boots nfte,( her oyebrowtl with an air ot noudialance. '* "f met fsalwl lodfiy," blunde Why. l.a!.y. I wouldn't think- of >in 5 fool of niv F elf anil hauled yo U! Of course you must havs a into it. If i here's auythin' I ca ' " . good liiuo. I only nisli you could 'do. ..." get awny to the uiountnins this! Hoots year. The chnnge would do you ' - -- ~ 1 Bonn, i on vo been lo.okiuE — I don't know-kimi ot washed out." »Idl the older woman. j _. At long last IJools wave.1 good- l|'»' lo her as tho castbouii?. train I ,. moved out. She turned lir.ek K>!ran=e rambled on. not waiting for a ro . .tho battered sedan. The thoashls! wi ,], . ( "Kill Xcihla Bent me the. ticket. '"'licit nil aflcnioon s!io hr.d been ' diil Alice Forncll want, dear?" .Mrs. Kaeliiim was luekiiiB a sifiaiiliy IJack liate to gn off In all this tic.-it"" elie j laneiicrl, not alto5et!|t-| ''• "I think perhaps i using nor imagina li^lilly. i»' all Ills uld witches f, '• after your skin, all ran=e yon WMllzcd on. Hie ver;-j ,. v , , |i'u». «ui .-.mrnii sent me tno ticKel.' ^ lul;Ll il[ i aueinoon eno nr.ti occn ^o. hut lhat is what you wanted | She said she irouliln't t.Uo no tor keeping al bay swooped =l«ut her -, l ' seo mo n innf (=nV <r->" _.. ^ ... . . _- .~i to seo mo nh "I've known ful in n. ' - Isn't it?" your molher It's all very t there ai for an answer, nbout the Daddy's so worried now like so many birds of ill onion. r ui." ni?se'l her sha -Sl^e could inako ' it enl too—it just j c .,,,_ „ „, .: J uvuvu ^MSS, near: L laid u ni • 'n • , S!le , s ' 1 " 1 a firei " """S' on a cUalr half a minute, ago anil """" n "" ls (1|<1 " ot - '; e:lll >' lnar.| BO w it seem; to have disappeared. John t'crncll \corRs in ifr. Risers' office, Bools was thinking hlt- terly. She tlrrcsn'l tJnro to oflciirf Kylvin. Isabel trm right. I oin in , . how bit- Oft, how ui:/air unfair. \S she walked home through (ha sunny streets her lifail was swimming u, a 0 [ hol vapor. :>omig i nj]1 r ,|-ii rm , 'Herself. Tlis Ihnngbt was pleasa: -. ^....^...^ ..^..^ ., ,, il?elf, hi;t pti§ wasn't Roinc llio lifctccs air, lawn spvays played'pursue it further " ; everywhere, Ehaelcs were drawn j "Suia lire's nulling I can do 1 against Ihe pitiless, battering eun- Hardy was , e .n-i o tlm innmn' clilt-« i., IK« ».:i«.,— ^f «i,* j~_i. -i-.. _ _ _ yLl Lll ° luyiuu, , - fhlne. in the silence ot tho dark- F " —.-.^-j.k-u .»,... i. 11 j.i v . *" mi? OUVULO ui iuu iiiij n- i fit:^i jj I thonslu I>| wear my gray ou Ihe encil house the phone rang shrilly. 1 brown train. It doesn't Hie soil. . And so nn anil fo ou. Boots n-,i5 sjwi-cd the necessity of answer- ins the questioning about Mrs. t'er- ncll. "You'll get along ail right, child? I.tnda said she'd come in and do llio heavy cleaning. I declare, I Ihink 1 rhoiilti have naked Florida Fleming to slay with you. She'd ly. ln'3 with Ibo (i\ ago—Uoo'M Hoots, eraerstiif from the | ..,„„, mvtj ,, t with yellow lieart Blill damp, tier'year n>:o--a w-.ov azo—Hoc lliin dressing sown clulched arouml i woulrt have V c ,"," tliriiiM Jt i Ucr. went lo answer It. ' -• "irnicn at l "Yes. Ye?. Who?" Her altered imperceptibly, as rtirt , ... , ,. , J =-iy loosen nown )• >ly. as rtirt herons bright !, M .t coWly feeling ! Uiy. yes, yes. lisnbteil a W i ni t Ill3 ,.„,„„, (or t |l e«es3 so. No—not right awoy. Half moment, n't Icvt an hour.' 1 She flew to the closet, fn.ilclictl , lolrl . "iS nt all!" Tomorrow, s' have been glad' to. The meals at j.i fresh print Iroai its hanger, began I hering all" thi'--' a-dndlr Ihe Inn nro nothing wonderful and hurriedly lo dress. It seemed tojhailn't smlleif at l, ^ she could bate m» guest room. It's Her tliat b?r finjera were all ucrsclf a d.|i s i,nu a - " ' - -> . - ' " Oh. she coulil iljdt t|, e whole Ifting. of course. H.irrty would Ire da- coat—tell what had happened— Ihit Fho had licen complelely innocent i-i Min Forry cplsoda Rnt elic wouldn't Sg;u. I.ei them lalk «l»ut her as tlvy would. She hated Ihs tnnngnt of enterlainlng Ihe rolu-1 assume n=. uaual gentle waves Why cculiln'i «)•» V wr.o.B to'in. evcryhody in IL The-able Mi = 5 Flcrldi at this difficult .Then she broke a fingernail anrl now- Jhvbe V-r n Junior... indeed! lime. ;jagg€d a stocking, causing her to j her cba'nce of cpitm mere »-a» ]n E t one Eraa il drop I "1'rn gin you didn't. HoneMly. I abandon the only decent pair elie Laichneck-' of fomfoit In Ihe whole lettihle'ni mana-« b«--.-••-"-•• ' ' the coolest ous iu the house. . . ." jlliurubs today. Her b.ilr, iirnaily ipamon. Why, Bnnts fliiid<l6i-6il Inwardly at the i so tvactalile. iefu=Ed at first lo!aiiont Hardy |'n S c thnnght of enterlainlng Ihe rolu-|i-=sunie 1(5 usual gentle waves Why cculilii't s)- e Ahlfi Mit; VliTlrli it t kl* ^(ffl«<ilt TVicn elio hrnL-A i fii^r-apmtl nn ^ . i ... . *** She -hfr mother was E olnga«ay. I "Oh, Tkuow «» ie Sl -| DS ca lo» ifleracon jp.'enly of sreen xci Boston, lo visit iutt loutMo't to eat much r»d tawaed. Hav«! , bour. liadn'L tu I Iwcn i :t for y«; P^DfJ tO h ^O!R futnr* t aivay frt 1 ou thia h: Ja" fen to-ett-H.. '" ' S , en to-ett- i. Diddy ; VpHE.V Hardy's louj. lew, tlttk Irx'e've" fraT'v.. meat thljl »' black car dror» up shs rai oa ! " ( I, ^ oi

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