Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 7, 1957 · Page 27
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 27

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1957
Page 27
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•"riday Eveoing, June 7. 1957. DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS (Ail Listings Central Dayllfirnt Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL (1230) FREDAS' EVENING «:00 AJei Drier iell-Airs 8:30 News Sports ?:45 I Man's Faro Anderson ?"00 Munitor Anderson 7:1£ ilonltor Anderson 7:30 Monitor Danger 7:45 Monitor Danger «:00 Monitor News 8-1-0 Monitor World 3:20 Monitor .Sports 8 45 Monitor Music Hat! 3-dl.i Cavalcade Murrow J-15 Cavalcade AnOcrson S-JO Caval'-acle P-obcrt Q. 6-4". Moscow Hobert Q. 10:00 News SPV.-B 10 :lii Ni^hr Dp»k Herder Ti-SO Niffht Desk T'.v.-n Crier 10;4a SportR Wettzel SATUKDAY .News Nfc-wa Weather Sporta Kews Heatter News News XtrWH Pulton LewU Variety Music Serenade News Mystery Music Mystery News Bob & Ray Music Hall Bob & Ray Fun TSme Bob & Ray >'un Tim'i BlK Bands News News I ma^I nation Niffht watch Reft Haven NigMwatch Rest Haven Nightwatch Rudy Nlj^hi-watch Kudy Ntffhtwatch Music Night watch News Nishtwa*.ch MORNING g-OO N'ormaE. P.o«s John HarrJnston Newa Hiee-Shlne 8 : la Sorrnan Boss John Uarrlnston Bar- uitnce Prei Rlae-Shlas 8-30 \CTVS Jch . KarrlnKton News Ads |-4a Books -fab Harrlne-ton Burn Uance Prev Hise-Shln* !.•<)') News Juhn Harrin«ton Ban. Liunce Pruv P.ise-Slilno 315 Monitor Jnhn H..rrint-ton Bar r.aiice Prev nixo-Shine 1-30 Chicago Galen Drake News Me od ea 9 : 45 Monitor C:i],-n Drake Una Ascot Mflodles 10-00 News Kuliert Q. 30 IS Munitor I'.fchert Q. 10:3(1 Weather Josh Jirady 10 4i Monlior Jo*h Brady 11:1S C»».-illtv MualcGeo. Watson 71 45 Monitor Gunsmoke- N o w H T u n o T i m e r a Rita. Ascot Tuno Timers News Tune Timers Rita AJICOI Tuno Tlmern Newt- Proudlv Hall At-rrl. USA Proudly Hall Nt-wB Chance Tj;A Chance SATURDAY AFTERNOON 12:«'J Nsws Niw» 12.10 Kami- Horn* Jonh Rrady 12:30 Croucho Paul Gibson 12-45 Oroticho Paul GlbHon l:ir> Monitor M'»l I'ellalra 1:30 Monitor HMlnlrn 1:43, Monitor lOjIlalm Maws N'JWH Mac'n eri« P. !''U Koundup r.f-A Poloy f;trm Corn'-T I '.':d Koloy Kann Corner }>'':: U vaJ "\\ arm -up Kf:«Uval "Warni-up J'>«ilvit[ lianebiill 2: ; iO Nev/u U';llalr« Newjt HuHel.Jill 2:10 Monitor /Jdlalrw J-'ii^Uvai 3;aweh;ill 2:30 Monitor l;,:!lairi) »'itlvat Tiasiiba 1 2:45 Monitor Ueliairs |.. : ':t.ival f I,;iM.:ljnll 2:00 N'iw» I'.ellulrs ?,:ir, Monitor j;<:ilalrn 2:30 Monitor lirjllalrji 2:45 Monitor V.H!:ilrH 4-<ll/ X'-v/fi .Sr./.rlH 4:15 Monitor -JSellairn 4:30 Monitor linllalru 4-45 Monitor llfllntn r, -00 .'.'<-v;» NnwB t-30 lilo I'.hythms Mai rinllnlrii 6:45 P.lo I'.hythrnn -Mai linllitlra Police Nab6 For Speeding Cily polico oporntin^ the electric tim(;r on fturlin^ton av«nurr iirresU:<i .six drivers for f:xcec'linn th« rjo-mile-an-honr spffcd limit Thursday. Two of tho six post'-rl forfeit bonds to cover their finos tind costs. The JsptM.'ds al which (ho motorists were citjckod wc*re from 41 to 40 mile's on hour, Vf;rniif Stephens, 02, of route .'i. k!!f:t'?val Ji'fineh'all TIJA M<;1 f,'l:irlc N'!W» N'-.WH-Sportu HJi'j wcHWft Afljj Peru An indictment against Guy T,. Woods of I'uru, charging birn with embczxlint: $3W| or more from the Peru 'f'rust Company has been dropped, it wa.s learned hern Thursday. Woods is now charged in an undertaking with embazzlement of funds of ](;s:; than $00. When arraigned before Judge J.ynn /'arkirLfrin in (,', S. Distric Court at Suuth Uend several days TV Programs FRIDAY' EVENING 6:00—Channel 4 Rascals Channel 6 Channel 8 6:15—Channel 6 Channel 8 6:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 6:45—Channel 4 Channel 6 7:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 7:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 8:30—Channel 4 Channel a Channel G 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 9:45—Channel 6 10:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:45—Channel 4 Channel 8 11:00—Channel fi 11:30—Channel G Weather News News Doug Edwards Beat Clock News News Jim Bowie Blondie West Point Crossroads Riley Zane Gray Playhouse On Trial Adam-Eve Monte Crisfo Playhouse Big Story Detective Sports Line Op Cochise Person-Ecrson Red Barber Hiway Patrol O. Henry Studio 57 Blame Wreck On "Blackout" A car driven by Harry S. Byers, 67, route 1, Star City, left U.S. 35 a mile and a half north of here, Cugat | tearing down 12 rods of fence and crossing a field, at 1 p.m. Thursday . when Byers apparently 'blacked out." Officers said Byers was headed south and went off the road on the west side. The car tore down the fence on the farm' owned by Dr. C. L. Viney and tenanted by Abner HuH. The auto went another 30 rods after hitting the fence, going through a shallow pond in the field which it crossed and finally coming to a stop in a mud hole. Mrs. David Weller of New Augusta, Ind. who was passing with her husband told officers Byers made no attempt to stop his car as it went across the field. The Weliers and Dr. Halleck of] Winamac, who also stopped at the scene, went to the Byers car, but said the man would not talk or get out of his car although he appeared Russ Rap "Bomb" Work LONDON (UP)—A Soviet scientist Thursday accused the United States of developing for its nuclear arsenal a "weather" bomb capable of causing droughts ->r floods. Radio Moscow, voice of the Kremlin, quoted a Soviet scientist identified only as Prof. Federov as saying the Russians are not afraid of an American "meteorological" bomb which could "cause droughts or downpours on alien territory." Federov said U.S. scientists were "going off half-cocked" on the idea of being able to control the elements with super weapons. No one can control the weather, part of the Kremlin campaign to call an immediate halt to nuclear test explosions, Moscow Radio said that at Wednesday's session of the five- pover disarmament conference in London Soviet delegate Valerian Zorin repeated the demand for a ban on hydrogen and atomic bombs. The radio spilled details of the secret meeting which adjourned until next Tuesday after a deadlock over Russian demands for Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-i'ribunc Eleven Truck Crash Toll Mounts To Nineteen Several of Victims in North Carolina Tragedy Perish in Hunt Robbers Flaming Wreckage FAYETTEVILDE. N.C. (UP)— the talks and a dispute over Soviet-West German differences on President Eisenhower's "open he said. Any nation trying to un-| skies" aerial disarmament inspec- leash the forces of nature'• over a'tion program. hostile land "might get 20 times the effect at home." American atomic scientists repeatedly have denied the nuclear and thermonuclear explosions have any effect on world weather pat- News I to be awake. Byers later recovered, Code 3! according to Sheriff 0. R. Carson News Movies Late Show Weather Tonight SATURDAY AFTERNOON (CDT) 12:00—Channel 4 Channel G Channel « 12:30—Channel 4 Channel fi Channel 8 12:45— Channel S 1:00—Channel 8 Channel 4 2:00—Channel G 3:30—Channel 8 4:00—Channel (i Channel 4 Channel U 4:30—Channel 8 Channel 4 Channel G 4:45—Channel 8 5:00—Channel 4 Channel I! Channel 8 5:30—Channel 8 Channel I! Channel 4 Theater Ptoy Rogers Lune Hanger Cartoons Baseball Schools Dizzy Dean Baseball Baseball Baseball Cartoons TBA and Deputy Roy King, who investigated. Driver Fined After Wreck Roy Bales, 57, of Greentown, fnd., was fined $1 and costs in the local justice court Thursday evening after he fell asleep at the wheel of his truck in Walton and struck a parked car. He was charged with driving to the left of the center line by Deputy Sheriff Lionel Davis, who investigated. Bales was headed south on U.S. 35, Davis said, and went oft on the left side, hilling the parked car Museum a:ul a sif!n ' pir-iurn Damage was estimated at $.'100 Ui liie parked car, owned by Don Lowry of Walton, wliile Bales' car was a total loss. Big Picture Comedy Parly Fury Film Rocky ,Jones Buffalo Jr. Kamar Wild I'M Cisco Kid TJiff Haker The Russians, however, were making a '.otid public outcry over the effects of nuclear weapons as i premise the Russians deny. 4 oT n^allndla I An old truck carrying migratory 'workers packed in like cattle rntlltd into the path of an oncoming trailer rig Thursday and 19 persons perislicd. It was possibly the worsi smashup of its type in American history. Eighteen others were injured. The victims were pitched sprawl,S. 301 and into the weeds alongside. Seven; died screaming in the flames thai engulfed Uie stake-body bean pickers truck as Zorin again said the Soviet Union was willing to promise not to use super weapons if the West will do the same. WINAMAC, Ind. — Two young robbers took a total of $129.15 in a robbery at the Winamac Recreation Park bowling alley at the east edge of town on stale road 14, at 12:45 p.m. Thursday, plugging tho manager, Ed Wall. Wall told officers he had just opened the bowling alley when tha young, dark-complexioned men entered and said they wanted to bowl. He said they struck him as lio started to get bowling shoes for them, taking $94.15 of the company's money and Wall's billfold containing $:!5. Wall, who reached (he phone to call officers but was still sitting trols and inspection on grounds that some nuclear tests now can be carried out undetected — aa Recover Body From Wabash LAFAYETTE CUP) — Authorities pu'.led the body of William Sliger, 42, Lafayette, from t h e Wabash River nor'Ji of here Thursday where he and his wife apparently drowned. The woman's body has not been recovered. State Police said. Authorities said it was uncertain )ww the Sligers lo.st their lives. They said fishing gear and personal belongings..were found on the river bank near tiieir parked on the floor when arived. said one was about 6 feet tall and the other about four inches shorter. He said he believed one of the pair was WBariiiK cowboy boots. wore Sheriff Ralph Motorists, Trucker Fined In J.P. Court Three motorists and a truck lwet -' n lwo lr « cks look 1!) lives in driver were fined in the justice Texas la Au S ust ot 1M7 - U^lors it slowed into a dilch, All the. ., „, ., ami Hoy i.'icels, victims were Negroes. The wnite! driver of the other truck survived. The worst previous'"collision be- Gaibrealh. 'Deputy W.-.yne Koopkry and State Troopers Rudolph Schullz of the peace court here Thursday evening. Larry L. Sheppard, IB, of route 2, Royal Centerr, and Floyd J. Pruictt, 17, of route 2, Galveslon, ,vcre fined J5 and costs apiece, Sheppard for speeding and PruiolllJ- 1 discovery was made by is posted $20.75 ;ift«.;r In: was .sliita'l *»'.». Woods entered a plea of nodi S<>r i/.oini', 41 jiiili.-.s ;m hour, and 3U. route '2. Wiyu\ Thin plea, without admilllii;; TCackiinK C:ir Kills Child MIAVCI12 IUP) — Linrl.'i f)j;inn Juckson, If) monlhs, w.'is killed Thursday when a ear backud over Set Election In Wisconsin I MADISON, Wis. (UP) — Gov. Vernon W. TJiffmson Thursday culled a .Hpc-cial election t» be held AUK. 27 to choose a successor lo Ihe late Sen. .Joseph II. McCarthy. . Thomson's anmrjiictrniont came on Mm eve of the stale llopuhlicun convention at I/a (,'rosse starting car. The Sliffcr's bruthor, Robert, a member of Uie Slate Fire Marshal's Investigation Division. Slider was a brolhcr of Mrs Bca Williams of Monticello. Olliors survivors ;\re his mother and two brothers in [..afuycllc. .Sheriff Charles Miller of While county joined In the all-night search for the bodies of the victims. , Center, paid $21.75 a.'tcr ho wa.s ;;uilt, sul/jeds him in u arnwted for KoiriK 42. of conviction as in a pica of (juilty! her body on a city slrcul near her home. Mrs. Virginia Sorrell, 27, lold nounced fIDP candidates for noinl- NOT fiUII/I'Y MUNCH:: (UP)—A ji:cl«e asked tending several critically injured said Hie loll in Thursday's crash easily could reach 20. Driver Hurt In Peru Crash I'KP.U. InJ. — Herbert Sliipman, 37. of 467 Adams avenue, suffered reckless driving. Both wercj arrested last Sunday by State Trooper Richard Kcyes. William Dohcrly, (i2, Fresno, Calif., arrested Thursday by Troop, or Kcyes for improper passing, wa.s fined ft and costs. Raymond .Sherwood, Mi, Muncic, arrested last wuc'k by Stale Police Cpl. ft, M. Heeler, district PSC1 officer, was fined $5 and cosis for operating a truck over tho registered weight. Plan Bible School At Bethel Church Hclhi'l Methodist cbiirch will con- Darrtll H. SmiUi, 42, iV.iekhaunon, jdiicl a Vacation Church School be- W. VM., how he pleaded Thursday' Hliiiilni: Monday, June 10 from I:MO- lo a charge of public intoxication. SmiUi replied: "I'm nirl niiilly of intoxication. I was drunk." SUIIIMSNA CHKMIHT WASHINGTON UJ'1 J > — Tlio Kcn- Fnday, when al least four an-i alii Internal Security suhc(nnniil- :i:!IO p.m. T'.iisre will bu courses nf- fm-d for kindiM'Kiirton. primary, junior, ,'iml junior liinh buys to death in the wreckage. jm . icS| H .. ls , u ,. 1(iod Mst m) Four died later in hospilals. nvunuo and fell asleep at llu- Many of the bodies in I lie road w!lco i |, iU j,, K ; , pal .Uoii car owiu-ii and |, y K \\ a ,),. lm , M e dlin. «:) Kasl were disfigured by burns mutilation, IdcnI.ification \vas k'di- ous and many of the victims, poor people who followed tho crops for a meager living, were known only uy such first nnini/s as George, Tom or Dick. Four of tin: (lca<l wore women and one a Hi-miMiUis-o'.d child. The infant., Uiarli's Lee Freeman, dk'd al a hospital. His mother and his Ri-anilninilH.T, itlentiliecl as lielha Freeman, -W, of Fort Pierce, Fla., were, n'.so killed. Adams. He was charj;eii with failure lo havo his car under control. Damage was eslimakil at $500 to Shipuinn's liili" model cur am! S7HO to the parked JS5G model Cilv 1'OI.K ON I-'IKE firc:iu':i were called In Ibfl 1I»' siinlliiMsl edi;e of (own al ;i:lli p.m. Tliiis'silay, when n lelopliom. 1 pole caiij'lil l:re. Tho flames were The Iraclor-tniilor thai slummed |,,ni,.) { ]y i's:iiie,iii.s]ii'd. into (ho Negroes' truck was carry Ing polalid's in ion-pound Another potato truek, driven Joseph l/o/.,'i)c of Henvk'h, !':»., iiheail of the one involved in I lie The nllii:r <lnvt:rn and UK: ap(:(;<U; at which they wore clocked were Kverclt Jutinxnii, SB, of Ki'i Kasl Waba.-ih uvcnuc, 4(i mill;. 1 ; an hour; CJcon;t: JScauriKinl, 31. of Jill Vfvxl Ilroadway, 42; Charles Drtx- I':r. 00, route 1, Kcwamia, VI.; anil Lena franklin, 44, Plymouth, 4!. There arc approximately sin million two-car fainilin:; in the (J. ,S. t,t l.' •J. I,. l'j:.7 «.-.-i'i.,ii ii.-i.-u III" Al' ..ln.ll.- 1/..1 '•Ill-It /!<•. 111..] Will, II! ! 3-....:iv<- Inf.. lli.i run 1-1.i !.!..! II.I! 111..' I..-.IH.I! in.pi..- I" Ill-Ill V hot permits him to deny the s. Woods claims that the amount involved in the indictments are •iimi!' which the bank lias owed liini a. 1 : commission by terms of a contract cnlurc.d Into when he became a;.ienl for tin: bank's irwur- uncc.. A civil suit i.s now pending in Miami circuit court through which Woods ricuk.'i jml«mi;iil for $OT5.!I7. I He: (MjiitcntH lliiit this ro|jrcKcnls only jiurt of the amount the, bank iiwi.v' him. Pii'c;jii.'i<: of Wood.'i' pica In tin. fi'dnral court llicrij will, be no trial tin.' (Jvcisiun in tin; i:ano nMiiiK wilh .Juili.;i; Parkinson. A fi/'obation offi<:'!r will m.'tkc an iiivirstinalion ami report his lind- iiil'.it In JudKc I'urkinmm. In tho accidiMil report for lli<; city (larini/, Ilio montli of May it is shown lliat there wen: 'M ucci- ilunla and 17 persons injured. Thin mki'S u total of I.VI accidonls for iu first live iTioiitliH of IDS? with 11 perilous injured, Tliertj wc.ru :il traffic arrests dur- iiK May iiicliidini; islKltl niolormlji cb.irf.ed with driving wliile under tho inlluwiei; of liiloxicaiitii. On llii! criminal led|.;i:r it In shown that VI puriioiiH were arrunted. Out of thiii number l!j wcro charHeil wild jmhlli: intoxication und ten for beiuf, drunk ami dl.'iorderly. Tbe National S.ilety Council ha» iinnDliiiced thai Peru will receive fin aw.'i/'il for ••i;ii i 'lonci/ic(' of accident record)! for Mllili. police .flu; was backing her car lo .ura aroun'l al a dean cml. Tin: child was dead 0:1 arrival a', liall Memorial Ifospilal. nation will be vyinu for support. At least four Democrat!) have indicated they will also lie candidates for the sent left vacant by McC.'irl.by's death. tee lias subpnnawl I Jr. l-iims Car! 'Mabel Howiiian, primary; Mrs'. nil-Is. The din.rl.nr «f Ilio school! ••] | ol)]tl , ( | in my rl , ar vi ,, w ,„,,.. is HlHidn Ciink. Tin- Iwielicrs jirc: ,-,„- ;1II ,| saw n |, a || ,,r f;., v , Mrs. fi'crtniilo Kulkor mid Mrs. s;ii( | ••[ W( ,, n i,, u .| ( ;m ,| f , mm | lll( , injiirt'ii and ciyiii^ wrillihiK nn<l | scrcaniiiiK." Mrs. Barbara l)i;!aplnno and Mrs. I'nuliii'K, Nobel priy.o - winning cliumist, to determine if Co'iniiui- n-ist (ji'K.'iiiiwition.s were huhind his pcl.ilion \A> sU>|) iHicica;' hotnl) tc:.'il M. llsii; liecdii 1 , juniors; iiml Rev. (ilciin (Jainploii, juninr hi]..U. All the boys mid ulrls in lh« Ro!h- nl ciiinniiinily are invited to atlond Ihi'sti cliisst's, Kori4i\ I';i., an Ai'niy irf'.ysir.an, \v;i.s fri'iiili'd wi.ih s;ivini; sonu i lives hy fust firsl niil work al Ihi 1 .S't'iMie. lie dircc'.cii (illior 'workers in ;iidi!ii; Ilio injured. STAMPS Mado In Our Own Plant 2-DAY DELIVEfEY CHKOMECtE PRINTING CO. 417 Markor Ph. 4362 NOTM'K 'I'O II iin.l.-ii-.lKH. 'I l.i <|.;!Tj •j:i:,v. ;.i iinl will, l ' M. .r.- il;iy of . in., :ni|i. ' ..,| Clly, 11 M.|ri''il II. .Mi MI.I r»ii.. I. It: for 'luiliur lli y.. .i 'l«.--.n IIIK rnrlh 'liool . . JAIiDliK A . IC'IIAKI<'II:K f :« l-lv.li Dint D... T.'.< «l Al. '.|j..l|.> H..vi-r;iK" Iliiliril «.r f.ir-.^ t-ounty, lii.llii "i., will. HI 2 .. .n. mi I),., :;.|l/i <is. v <,r ,iini... in:,'/. ;.i iln. M. irouri .1:....in, dniil II.. -., In Ihn iMIy {'if I..WN) nt f,..Kiiini[.i,rl, In.lJiiiui, In niil.l (.'..i.HIV. In-Kin lliv...1llK...ll..lr iit ii... in,1.1).-;.ii.in i.r tin. r.iii..w- liir. III.IM...I ii...i-i-i,iin, ii'>|in:nlliii- Hi" l.-ftiil,, I., 111., apt.ll..;i iilti, lit. Hi.) !..*;ill.,li!! h< r..|n:iri.-; .-it r,lll i,f Ibi- ^li.ih.ill.: l!i->-i-i-ii K ii I'l-rinlln <.f Hi" • •I-I.IBI--I lii-ri-ltuirii-r ilnnlKii I mill will, HI nn 1.1 flrn'i i.d.l i.lii.-,., (..- I'.-lVM llir.il 111:1 ! il.ll ..(.I..."!-!!!!)!' Ill" niMDni, .,r '-i.i.l iilMillrl.nln ilr! Ill" iir.-iiini: Hi,, iiiuiMin Hi. 1.1 "h in .M lu k ii n In I M.I I • J.I.I-.I 11. IIM Hi-Ill! I'. ";il<-r, .|nl •i null..mi IIAMi IN V K3-1TI.J A'l'I'iN Wll,l. I!l-: "I'K.V TH 'rill',' I'l'CI.K', AM' I'l'III.tc rAltTHMI'ATHiN IM Itlli- . l.VI/IAVA I'll! A' :!•: r. v !•:. J/'fifiriMC flKV- IXl.M M IMKIf I. 1 -; i. MINT;H.:A u NCIII.I.; |.; Chairman MAKE A HIT WITH DAD SUPER-CLOSE 1957 SiMVEMASTER, FOR HIM You can't buy thlt now black and gold rnodlo for loss onxwli'jro, Now! An ciuirtly new .Sunbeam SMAVIiMASTKK — fasicr, closer, more comfortable tlmn iiny oilier kiml of sliavcr. This mnrvelou* new Sunbeam bus (he acienti'licnlly precision honed Golden </Ii<lc bead, lightning faiit cloublc-uciion cutter, and » new, faster armature type KliAL motor. In Lncilhar Cut* MONTGOMERY WARD Start your day as a tluisy! .fbe suit that takes care of it Kasy launder- in/; by nriachitie (flnn't Kpin-ilry) or by hand! K up drip dry— Heldnrn n<;(,'dn N 1 ] ~10 bfJ 'V "Jlniidy lo weai.' in a l'i;w houvu —fr(!nh an a daiiiy! lion;—ut last—tliu snil (lint ilotwn't H|)«'inl UN lift: lit (lui cl()iiiii;i'K . . . UK; suit Hint pnys its wny in convenience, t Klylc mill iienl looks. Tin; (rirk is nioilcrn "Wnsli mid WKIII'" fithric with DM; <;KS<Milinl plus of ('Xi'i-llcnl (niloi-iii| s '. Todiiy'.s (lie dny to slurt en nil HH ndininihlc ijimlilics! DON RTCIIARDS D.'icnn Hi CuLLon in blue minla- turu cord $;iil.!i() DACRON At OUI.O.V in .shades of (.{i-vy and (.an wa.Hlit.ible Lwi.'crl $'12.!)0 7. r j% DACM.ON, 20';;, CO'lTON In miniature cord, Blue, Tun, C'rey If'IT.SO ... JUNE 16th is FATHER'S DAY

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