The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1936
Page 2
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PA6E TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1936 Stalk of.Cotton , Wins Prize for . St. f.onis Child ^(Continued-From Page l) will deslio to contiibnlc nmy not )ia\e sufficient F c.asli readily available, ami, bankable noles will bo acceptable (.from *tthe/iv for . Hint parl^of Ihelr conUibuttons which they J cannot conveniently pay 111 cash v , -, AVlille. contributors to the fund arc expected .to; receive their nriii- cipalv reward/ through the^effect wh'ch the 'ftfelory, payroll Is sure to have xuxm business and jirop- crlyi values In this community, it! A cotton .stnlk, obtained for n visitor from St. Louis, Mo., by Po- lice'Chid Ed Hlce recently, won s\ second )>rl?.c in a SI Miuls public school fartien exhibition for'a' 10- year-old ygutli t liic boy lias advised Hi? )»)lcc officer. ' Chief Rice''said the cotton 'stalk was .simply an,a\erni;e italic. Hint lie. isccurcd for one of several visitors who saw lliclr first cotton aiul niilclj nh Inspection visit to thc : cot-' ton oil mill hero. Ttie boy's letter follows: ','.'••• • - "SI: IJouls, Mo. ; oct, is, ma. "Chief of Police Rice, : Blylhcville, Aihaiisns From Relief Rolls to Farm t '-'-.-'•' »r Ownership Mosleys' Record Worn relief rolls to land own-1 chicks, a pressure cookei and seal- oiship in llirce .,ye'urs Li, • the or and a .Bowing machine, lx;;,|def> ichl.t'vement of : Mr. ^and' Mrs. making minor Improvements to lias been ai ranged, to. place .on tl)e :. Denr : Ml , R | cc . unll of the factory a metal lab-1 -when'Kirs. O. II. Snndler vis- el bci-.rln B the. name of nil who Uc<1 , youi . c ity,,f C ciitly she brought hclpM to niake Impossible , back with her a stalk-'of cotton Each of\Jhc - drive committees K rmvn iirr DlyUievllle •'• '^ lias'.been assigned 'a list of nboutj- ....jf,. s ; Sandier gave mp tlio'tat- fift>, individuals and nrms An ef-! lon llll( i l | n tllm , QOk ,,, to ' Bc i loo i forl will be. made Jo see nil. of. to show lo my frlentls.-> them tomonoiv but If Hint k lin- .- As tt r(!sult die cotton' was en- nosslblc each committee will con-1 toed in Ihe St. louis Public School tie its ttoik until exerjonc liiis GardenExhibition, and won a sec- ontl prize red ribbon itward. "Vours, Doiiijla Davidson, aye been asked, fo contribute. The-''committees': No, 1—Qcorge Hubbaid, captain, w U Horner. llussell Phillips.- Jack Applebamn," Oscar „. , , , . , Bailej Hauy Klrby ville mcrchmiU hncl any doubt con- No '2-o'w 'McCtilchcn ca»-1 ceml "B "^ ™ Ule lo tncm °( 4 el tain, C R Bibcock W T' Bar- "" '» s »'" lio1 ' "Ml;. 1>><T should ••' _ _ _ come to Kcnncll on somc.'Rlv- Wnlker pay (lay "and wntcli tlio B iris rush out of (be fnctory am I into the Mores." lie concluded'bj nett.'Toni, Little, C. S. Lemons, F .B. Jojnci. No 3—E D Ferguson, captain, Joe, Isincs, R D Hughe's, Haibeit, F, E Fo\, Louis Apjilc- bauni. No.. 4.—Rupert Craflori, captain, Jesse. Taylor, J. J. Dnly, ,J. L. Guard, 0. H. Wilson, Fred Ballba. No 5~W J Wumlcillch, Cecil I Shane, Oscitr Fcndlcr, L. Q. Nash, C. A. Cunniiighnni, Russell Parr, C. G. Smith. Special, committee for out pf town confnbulois — B A Lynch and J A Leech ; Kcnnelt Mm Tell Benefits ' -saying that his company'.s store., lilythsyilk "will do Its part" fo ward raising lije money for'the factory hero. . Kml(m:ccl Unanimously Chnirmnn Lynch appealed rn- lomer clients Mosley, Route 1, Osceola, of the Mississippi County ichaMlitallon farms near Mnrlc, vlnucis of third place In the ten- nil division of the "I'lanl lo >r" contest. In . Mississippi county. : H In 11)3-1 large hospital and doc- .ors'"bills forced Ihe Mosleys'onto relief. The following year they Jeciinie "Relmb" farm clients, iis- ;umhig..a delil of $381.84 for lools md n mule. They bejjnn Ihelr 1035 operations with' nothing. On January 1 of this year they had s, a mult 1 , 85 bushels of corn, a Ion of liay, 230 rgiiaiis of caniied fruits and : vegetables 'and 10 pounds of dried frnllfl and i'ciictnbk'3. ',': .'.Today nn Inventory , 6f» .farm (heir home. They have bought 40 acres of ticw land on lloule 2, near Hlythcvlllc, for 4 farm jwmo. of their own, junking the' first'p'ay- uiLMit. with home of their 1930 nr'o- flt, ..'•••;' Mrs. Mosley, whose'canning, and BardcniiiB work has liecn an jin- lioi lant factor In thcli 1 "Bilccess, 1 li> a fovmer •!-]! club girl of tlie Ix>nc Oak community, near Bly- Ibcvllle. imxlucls livestock on their ofi Stop Chills and FevefS 'RidYoufSytteni oFMalarip! i | w ,),,, c -0 ms of . Unless rhrek«; farm'shows $980 'worlh collon, corn, soybean hay, EC lium and brecclv one mule. ' ,., . , ' / 'Ul IJJL' (.'Ut'ttS OI J>lill.llJ,l. l/JJIU'i3 im'ctil'/J, milk cow, four hogs, 00 chickens, I ! 41 , E ( |i= casc w m do serious harm to your Iwo goats, COO pounds. .of cured jl.callli. Malaria, a blood infection,'call» mcnts. 700 quarls of' canned Ifor two things. First, destroying.tUq in- friills and vegelnblcs, 5p pounds Ifcclion in Ilic blood. Second, .Inillilbu of , dried trulls and vegetables, 1 ',up Ilic blood lo overcome tin: cKccis ol id 150 |K)mids of lard. i jihc disease and to forlify against fuillici Mr, Moslcy -now :lms:'ioii liand .Uttacle.- . • ..-• • .-•,-, . Grove's T.isiehss Chill Tonic supjilici ibolli tlicsc effects. 11 contains Inside? quinine, which kills Ilic. infcclion iii ilii jlildod, and iron, which enriches'am :liarlds up (he btood. .Oiiils anil fcvo soon slop and yuu are. restored to liea'll The Rtce-SlK company s proposal was explained In detail by Mrj LjncVi at. Insl night 1 '! mais meeting. In brief the compiny promises thai if Bljtlievlllc prp\idcs It with a suitable building, estimated to cost. ponlcdly for those who had doubts concerning Ihe undertaking to mnke theinsdvcs heard but.noth- ing bill endorsement of the pro- pnsnl came from (lie crowd. A do/en or .more brief lalks were mad.! and nil urged that the money. j'Uc i-alsMl aiitl the fnclory obtahiod. .Pinnlly : ,1 moUon «iis ntntle lliat the' meeting put itself, on record ns endorsing t|ie pl:in nnd npprov- •iiijj a camjMigii to rii.lsit.'the n;cc;s- .sary money. Before putting It to' 250 bushels of corn, n ton and a Imlf of hay. TO pounds of'cotton- seed inciil, 1,000 pounds of Kllnye, nnd three bushels of soybean .'ii'Pd for next year's operations. His work this year yielded a net return of $•112.91 after paying this year's coot of openilion and rc- iKiyjng his original vchnl>ll!tnUon Ibnii. • j Not only arc the Mosleys op- crating efficiently and Intelligently, producing prjicllcnlly all of .heir food and feed on Ihelr place, <nys Miss Cora Lee Colcnian,comi- homc demonslration agent, but they arc investing lliclr cainlngB wisely. This year they pinchnscd milk co\v, ; . a' ISO-egg incubator, which was paid for by selling baby it \\ill Immediately equip ri vote Lynch said llml tie would regard those who, voted for it it and pnt it In operation^ glvlni; j inittliis Ihemschcs on record as employment to about 3CO psrsoiiS, ready (a bick un lluir cndm-ccmmt ino'tly Momcn and girls, as soon I with-their money, iic'llien called (hit, number or worKeis can bo I for a stnnitlng vole which, .so'far trained The bulldinjj will umiii.n Ills'property of those tv-l:d conlrilj- ute to th; fund fbi its crectbn but-will be tuailrible, rent fiee, lo Rice Sti\ as long as the conccrp operates a factory m it Rice-Slix ajre'cs to my ill ta\c- and msur- -inci and to maintain the property.' i • • .• ,(•» f v,«,^* Present, nl last nighl's mcHlns ^ere two Konnetl mou, Joa Weh- nian, cashier of the Hank of Kcii- nett, and Sim Gribei, head of tliu Graber dcpiiIment stores, who told of the benefits which a similar plant, established at Kennetl iji 1923 by the Ely Walker company, hadj brought lo Wai community, j Wclsman renevicd Hie history of the Ely-\Valtcr plant for which cltizsns of Kenuelt raised about $45.000 in 1923 and to which they later conlilbiilcd another $12,^00 It has grown unit! it noj employs between 600 and 700 workers, has a monthly payroll of about $25,000,. and' is a major factor in Ihs economic lite of the town. as could b'p seen. brcJughl everyone In the hall lo Ihelr feet. Young Hitch-Hiker, 111, Word, irom Father and comfott. For Inlf a ccnUiry, Grove' 'J'astclc&s Chill Tonic hils been sure relic •for Malaria, fl is JuH as useful, too, ns .general tonic for old nnd young. Plcasan ito take nnd absolutely harmless. Sale t give children. Get a bolllc at any-dm store. Now two sizes—50c and $1, Th ,$1 size cont/iihs I'/; tiroci as mucli a5 Hi •SQc size and gives you 25% iiiorc f'i .your money. his Chicago liojue u-lt)ioul n crnt In his pockcU, he said. Hospllal authorities have wired his father 1 ,- who,, nceordlnir to boy,, is ... Chlcngo. 'received m=cl>[\n!cal enginsei- In An answer had not Uecn last night. "But I know'ho will come." ypung Van Tnyl said ' "Trnvellng about Ihe country on your own is grjat fun, but when you are sick, your dad Is | the best 'fi-lend yon have hi. Ihe world. He couldn't let mi! down now." • < , The most. p'opjilnr. boota lii lirit- nin's .free libraries, apart', from flcllon, !uc;:blographlcs and .travel stories. . with amoebic dy.sen- lei'iVrii tG-year-old Chicago youth Impatiently awaits the.: arrival of his father hs has not seen nor heard from since he ran away from home last July. •John Edgar Van 'I'liyl •-Jr., was taken to the hospital yesterday from Hassolt, Ark., where lus snys he has WQCII picking cotton for .several weeks. He 1ms been In seven •Itates and many clllcs since he left • • • '••••••- FOR SALE "Bernat" Knitting tarns •••FREE INSTRUCTION : ItiXlUI.AI! CI,,VSSKS Friday, 2:30 P. M.' . Airs, l^slic Hooper Graber saiti that if any Blylbc- i 1103 Chlck'asnwba - Phone 79: SALE ' 20% OFF stock 'I'o elest: oiit iirescnl l» inaht: rodin for liewl; fiuictiused line. Shouse-Henry Hardware EoJ •riioiiu 30 LIBERTY CASH GEdCERS HOT Trads in , Your -Old Stove on a - New MQi2ei s nistic MOORE': Keroseni RiTE PRICE GJ10. & MKT. SPECIALS F| K. C. MRATS WB I)KMVKU ,,,,'., Sll T. II. VuuHllilicr, Oniier _ Ulght >'riin-s livery F| NK FOODS . ^ Ml .n. I'HONE.2»t 111 U. Slain, lilythcvillc Duj- On Kvei-ythiu);! Liberai Allowance HARDWARE CO. PHONE 32 STAMPS STi:i>K, Ilnnelcss llccf ITlp Clioh'c, 'reiwlev. I.b— 11 at OKOllNI) HliKF, . I'lirc •• r anil .• IDC I'OItH .RttAST.'l^nn T'cndcr. FRANKFIIKTCItS, Tiire -IC' All i\!cal. I.b IOC nOI.OGNA, Hi-Cli-aile lOl- Ily Ihe I'tcee. f.b. .. L^i- NKCK HONKS. I'rcsli Ullll 7!^, Menl>. 1.1). liV- W.KV S'n-:\V, Nl™ Inuleri/v Kih or Hrlskrl. I.h. .... 1UC SAUSAfiK, I'lire Tork Connlrv Style. I.b, ... IIKNS anil Dre.sseil t'rcsh Daily ''"• -25c """ ; 29c SALT '-MEAT J'nilinir. l,h. .........'... n Sii'e, Strrjih-n-lPiiii, 11 1SO1I EI> HAM, Sliccil 25c Dllivriifs arc inade in (own al 8, 10, 2 »l\t. S every day en Liny iininunl. Try our Ser- Virr. In (lie liens, Nnrlh, \Vi\sl 2 ;)iul P. 51. country all ilircc- South, East mid 5 1'. ill., 1 nuil 7 ,b!9c ..Z7c ..65c ! m '23c 1 50c »A(JON', I'ey. Ureakrasl ltinilli--ss, Hi :v-c.: Itlml-on STIiAlvS, Swift's Pruin. OOp l.cin or lleiuul. Mi Otiv. UKX -VVKV. LiMII) S Ibs S'-IO •IS His. Sli.M WliHc Klhlwn S!IOJtTl!NINC. s ibs si.n"> •IB ibs. sr>.os SAHDINKS. Tall Can •S fcr GOITKi:. Alaxn-cll House cr Cnnova. LI). KI1>NEV..»KANS, J.uu of Arc. 3 Cans SOUGHUM, New Miss. Gallon CRACKERS. Frr.'.li Soila 2 Llis. 15c; Mi I'KANVT' I!UlTi:H (Jnnrl 25r; 1'inl ... AI COH01, Kiibblng; full I'lnl • ......... STOVE 1'11'E, Itrfi K'n.r. F,icli l!UII.niXG VAl'KK C» [!hir. rcll E3c; Kerl, roll JTcC liAISINS, Seedless -j Q „ 2-1 b. llnusc-hnld I'Ug 'RUU-K SAl,T IflC-lb.; sa<k Me: l.b. TEACIHiS, Evap. -I ' Kr.w cro|i. Hc\ ?2.'">; lt> 1' rUUNES, Evap. Sire " w 26 c 20c 60c 9c 15c 15c 12c k SlllBLBVS . IIK.ST t'T.OUIt riaiu or Self Rising Z-l-lli. Sk. Site; Barrel fC.M HI.-ACK I'liH'KK liulk. I.U COCONUT, linkers. Sill I'll, 111 Me; Htilli, COl'h'KK, Ohl Jiulge 3-lli jar 80c; l.b Jar OK HA M MpAl, 2-l-l.l>. S;u-k OATS, ninltirr's. Cup Saucer. I.gc. Hox .. I'OTATOKS, litll H". SI.J5; Sk. S2.45; OXIONS, r.arse Yellow .Sack SI.IC; I.b ("OI-T"E1<:, Hed Rose.- Pure 2 Mis HUTTKK, Process, l-'resh anrl NVhnlr.sont. I.b. Oil, SAUSAGI-:, Ilex Ne. 10 Tins. Kn. .: itini.niNo iMi-Kii Finn ercd Drsijiii. 500 ft MIl.K, C:irn.illnn i r I Small or 2 Tall Cans IDC SALT, Stock. 50-11) bloekspft Sulphur Mr; I'lain .... OUC 1,KTTUCE, Iccherg. i'resh I '.irgn Upail. I'a CDI.KKY, Crisp Calif. ltlrarhcc|. SUlk S\VKI:T CORK, i:sira Oiinlilv. Can CIIANKKIIK1KS, Kalmor New Crop) 1'inl SWIiKT I'OTATOMS I'm In tliio. I.b SAI.A11 DKESS1NO Worth More. Quart . COFI-TIK. Kite 1'iiic or SAI.A1) OKKSS1NG Salazoun or Stir. Whip. 1 TOMATOKS, Hiiic. Nice lit mr (iinv,n. Lb SYKIU 1 , Sunny Gold Delicious. (}uari l'Ki:si-:HVKS. Pure Vniit All Flavors. I'inl VKACIIES, TaWe. Heavy -I /> Sjriip. lloscdalc. Can .. IOC T'cmalo .Tulce, Sauce, Pork s ".29c $1.25 $1.70 8c lOc lOc 9c ,2k 25c 5c 15c ™ H 19c 5c •LOWKST 1'RICUS IN TOWN 3M \V. MAIN ST., I)I,YTHIOV1LI,K, AUK. •SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Shibley's Best Plain or Self Rising Guaranteed 5 Lb..Sack 19c 12 11). Sack 45c 24 Lb./Sack 82c 43 Lb. Sack $1.60 Barrel $6.25 Onions Yellow 1' Hone Dews Lettuce Hitch Now , (ircon I'ouhtl 3c Milk Carnal ion ,V (i Small or., :i Trill Cans'''- 21c Peaches lt():-;crla!c No. zy. Can Itc'd T No, 2'/. Citn 17c Cannon Dish Cloth Free M'ilh •> 1'kKS. for Lard Bad Bone, !b. 5c ICnd Cuts, !,t). .'. OllllT Cllls, 1J). 2Sc Swift's Oriole i);df or Whole Pound 25c Lamb fJeiminc Spring Fi)iT(|Uiirler, 1,1). 12)/>c l-cj; in- Iliiul(|(r, II) 17V. Chops, 1,1) 20~c Kitncy Sliced Pound Krafis Cheese lirick I'cnm! liet-f K. C. CMMCK. Ui. .. THICK Rlli. !.!>. . ir.c IS "Ac Wilsco •l-Lli. Carlon I/urge Si/c :' Kadi Uoyal All Flavors flic- Cocoa Our Hox 15c Swill's Oriolo. K1ND-ON, Lh, ...'.. IUNDLESS, Lh Sliced Full Dressed 'uiind 1 Pound -Weiners and 1 Pound Kraut For Stew .Mi <ir lirislict i'outul Ijittlc' '(Icncva 1'Iain or S. Rising G u;i ran fucd 24-lb sack 48.-II Barrel 75c CUCUMBERS '^ 5 C CARROTS " Ycsu ,,,5 c Fresh \.b. PARSNIPS- I' fTC TOMATOES No. 1 Can COCONUTS I-'rcsh Kiith VIENNA S A US AC Can 5 t: Wu licst Cruiim Kvai 1 APPLES Kvap. 1,1). COCONUT iS'e\v Harrcl cl 101 ). ID lUI'lTKK Life iinov liar 0 , & (i. (jiaill ,23 (1 POTATOES .«* MKAT l'AS'J'15 Ciinii-2 Tnrnins OK; r>x^2 MACARftf Can 19 C IJhliy's Z'/i Can IT l.ihli.v's (;»!dcn lam. Nn. D Can .1. rnC Quart C:iinni Tall Can if!' OYSTERS Tak Oil! MATCHES Anchor •'I IJoxcs KKAUT SloMy'.s MOPS SARDINES Amcrirnn . :i Cans GINGER'SNAPS 12-07. Uox S Full Dressed Fresh I'inf Channel f t.l). 010GNA Slick GROBNDBEEF u..!5 c PIG LIVER ^'V,,. 15 C VI £ Fresh !,b. STEAK Loin or 1'oricr- house. Lb. CHILI HRICK STICK \viiron Sliced. 1,1). IHJTTKK (iunrl. CRACKERS ,iT c !L 15 C Steamboat "AIM»i,K JUICli i.ibliyHlC No. 1 Can i 'i. Ni». 2 Can StnkoJv's 1|C \o. y, Can II School Days. K;irly 1 A<J •nine. No. 2 ftiii ll) Pure Canfi 10 Lb. Paper Bn S 10 Lbs. Limit

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