The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1934
Page 2
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UUD; OOUBIKI NEWS FRIDAY, .AUGUST"17," 1934 ...3JB*: Tbe^YSiro'.wpi satiety 0*1 .Ttfirv.T Mr*. 'W.. M. .Ufcniey was co-tort. «s. Tbt'pfe»r»» »M 1*4 by -Mrs, C. B.' EtcbilOfj, 1 .-tin. B. .F. f Otter Save the devotional uj(J" HTS. A. S. D«n- followed w}l)» 'pr»y*r. Kr». R. M. Kooncc -J»Y« a t»!k' an "Rural Life in t|* ' South," »nd Miss Edna Deed dlkuwtd a chtp- ter of lilt Bible study took, "Christian Industry In America." The liostew aered ap Ice course to those ptwent. * » f ABMUCC Birth o( DM|))t«r Mr. and Mrs. Baker Wilson announce the birth at a 4»ught«r in the Memphis Methodist, hospital . last nitht. **» Mr. and Mrs. Vii»H Kelt. 56JS West Viiyt, announce the bltlfc c( a daughter Tuesday Bl^ht. The child, who weighed eight pounds, has been pawed GreU Lynn. Mrs. The Thursday duo n>t; with Mrs. M. Fitaipamofls »t her boa\e on Ash atreet yettertay afternoon The s!i Ubles were attractively arranged against the background o[ green ferns on the porch. »nd' were decorated. with vuef o[ red crepe myrtle. Bejide* the 'members o{ the club there were : ile«<n fUWe ere; nt: Mtsdunes Idtt^l Jtopool, W. W. HonipeVir;'0»bTl«f>t.rut, .8, M. Matthews, W. 0. 'Cates,- Hcj, • mon Cross, : EBima 'Bumey, J. .W. Bader, Lode • Hiynw. ; A. B. fttHr land, and'Mrp. Stantan. The Hostess continued the red color schtW oi the'd«cor«tlo» in her refreiluneriti by / Bervtng Iced • watermelon to her guests. STUBBORNNESS By Helen Wetaktaar f OFTEN rented oul ray neail *• When il **s bright and new. A day wat ill I would allow, And lajl tad;, two and two, MOVED in and oul, and mil imt in. ifl (TlK neighbors frowned oo me I) So easily I routed love, I Ibougot 'twould always)« A SIMPLE thing lo make il leave; rt Then you came, laughing, gay. I meant to xnd you HOHK at dunk, But you won't w) away I Announces Change In- Periods When •'Library Is Open |-~- Mrs'"" Ira Gray, librarian, announces a change In the times which the library will remain onfii. In order to accomodate those who found It Impossible to use the library because of their work, it will remain open from 3:00 to 6:15 in the afternoon and from 7:30 till 8:30 on Thursday night. Tills change should enable a larger number of people to derive benefit from the number of books in the city library. The International Mind Alcov course and Education of the Car Cotton Crocheted Luncheon Sets Are New Acids Zest to Favorite Cake Recipe to Change Frosting Often If you have a favorite cake recipe but want to change the Icing on it from time to time, be sure u> clip tliese out and file with yom best frosting ideas. Tills coconut frosting la esjiecially good: Coconut Frosting One third teaspoon cream of tartar; two cups sugar; one lialf cup hot water; whiles of two cgt's; one and one half cuj» o( grated coconut; one teaspoon orange extract. Boll sugar and water until it will spin a thread from the XIXKMI, pour gradually on tile stiffly beaten eye whiles v.'hich hay> had the erea iicgic Endowment for Internatfori-1 (lf lartnr added. Continue beating al Peace, donates four books to Ihc U "UI tlllck enough to spread. Then plythevlllc library each month » dt ' the coconut and oraiwc ex- The purpose of the International Mind Alcove is to assist readers to gain u wider knowledge of the people of the world, which would Increase Interest hi them and stimulate the International mind. The four books donated to the library (his month were, "The Air Menthe Answer," by E. k. "The Saga of Pridtjof Nansen" by J. Sorencon, "The Romance of Labrador," by Sir W. Granfell, and "On tlic Roads From Rome" by L. Vlllarl. There were five books purchased by the library recently, two ot ace and Fradkin. .ract and sprea don the Chocolate Frosting Wlicn you have iced a cake ivllii boiled while icing, spread orer il a layer of chocolate which Is made by melting one square or one ounce of chocolate, with one Icaspooi butter, one teaspoon hot milk am one teasixx>n pdwdercd sugar, nil mixed well together. Quick, easy, and novel. Orange Frosting One cup powdered sugar; one tablespoon butler; one egu yolk; gralcd rind on; orange; one lea- spoon lemon juice; one teasi)03ii This unusual pattern is easily crocheted and is siutnbb for luncheon or dinner; similar mats are used on buffet, on trays, on the dressing table and .chilfonljr and elsewhere in the house. Crocheting Tile directions given l:c!o\v. materials needed are knit- .crorliet in next o;:cn space, an-.l , cliei in 2ml chain from ami . ling and cro"lict cotton, one ball ( repeat from * !i more times, chain I single noclict in each stitch of eacli o fecru and of Nile green. A ! 2. 1 double crochet into .l;ist dull- 1 foundation chain, chain 2. turn. steel crochet hook No. 5. This j lj!e crochet of piecetlitijf row. chain amount makes Ihe four place matsp, turn. shown in the photograph. j 4th row—1 double crochet in 1st To tnakc the Nile green block: | open space, * chain 'i, 2 double Chain 24. 1st row: 1 single cro-' crocliet in next open space. which, "Stars Fell on Alabama"I ora "i! e J uicc : onc fourth . ,. grandparents uv WJjeatlsy, : Arfc ; Prank ScoW.'-wbo "*»? employed lr»- the pflW of District 17, tos'i jn^ed.' to Rock where he •w|U'p»»lM hi* horn«. "iirs. Floyd: Polly Ann Buck Will Represent City At Memphis Juii«e of the contest to pick this clty> representatives in the beaut? competition at, the Mid- South, fate in Memphis had theh- work 'cUt out for then\ last ul$ut when a lorgrous array of beauties paraded . across the. stage • at the Rltz theater ; • They flnally (ejected vivacious, brunette Pol\y Ann Buck as worthy of the tlf- "Miss BJythevtlle." She to cornpe.te with other beauties Society and "So Red the Rose" are on the rental shelf. The other three were children* books. "One Day with Jambl" by Sperry, Is suitable for children 8-10 years of age. "The Treasure of the fslc of Must." a [girl's mystery story by W. W. Tarn 1 Interests children from 12 to in years; "The Ship Without a Crew," a mystery story by Pease, is suitable for boys from 12 to 16. With the addition of these new books to the library an additional Interest among readers Is expected although there were 1767 books circulated In July, 51'A of . which salt. Cream tlic sugar and butter, add the egg and beat, then add -jail, grated lind and puicc. If too stiff, add more orange juice. Bent very llioroughly. Decorate the top of tlie cake with strips of candied orange-peel. Special Orange Frosting Two and one lialt cups sugar; one half cup white corn syrup: one half cup cold water; grated rind two oranges; two whites of egg. Mix and boil together tlie sm;- ar, corn syrup and water. When tlie mixture thccads from the : chet in 2nd chain from hook, and single crochet in each stitch of loimtlalioii chain. Chain 3. tnvn. 2nd row.— 1 double crochet in 4 more limes. Chain 5, from lurn. 5th and Bill rows—a-.une as 3ri and 4th rows, back loop of ne.vt single crocliet,' j 711, row—Same as 3rd row, cs- _... ... chain 2, skip 2 single crochet, dou- 1 ccm - c ; :; i m •> n i c ,| (] of mw; (nrri . hie crochcl iu back loop of each of next, 2 single crochel, repeat from ( * 4 more times, chain 5, turn. j 3rd row—2 double crochet, in 1st | open space, * chain 2. 2. double I rmv _, til ,,, 1( , crochct j|Uo 8lh back To make Hie ecru block: 2nci row — 1 single crochet in hack loop of next stitch, • chain 1. skip 1 stitch, 1 single crochet in next stitcli. repeat from * across chain 2, turn. 3rd row — 1 single crochet in back loop of each stitch across. Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows 6 more times. Each mat requires 17 Nile i;reen j blocks am! 18 ecru blocks. V.'f.lp loop ol each slltch across. '_ ;u| . blocks together, alternating colors Chain 21. 1st row—1 single cro-1 blocks wide. in checkerboard style (starting wiili ecru). 7 blocks, long and 5 volumes circulated in June, 48% Miss t.a Verne Scnrlock. daugh-|of which were children's. tcr of Mr. mid Mrs. J. C. Scurtock, and Mr. Clols S. King of Blylhe-' vllle will be married ut the liume of the bride's parents in Osccnlal at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon, | August 19. were children's books, and 15151" 1 * minutes. Beat the whites o! The ceremony be .^ild by the Rev. E. K. Latlmcr, pastor of the Christian Church and imme- Evangelist Finds NRA As Old As Holy Bible Evangelist Leslie Garrison used ilblicai quotations last night at his Division and Chlcfcasawbn •emovc from Ihe heat and let stand the eggs stiff, and. add .mixture gradually lo tiiiy eggs, continuing to beat, unlH thick. . Add orange clad.- Spread 1 -'between• layers and over the. entire .cake... . . •iiays : 'will return- borne foiSay.'Mr. -.White Is golpj to Parajoujd lor ",:her. . MUMS ;': Bradley '•"after a ' ten ^iys visit w|th. Is to compete with other beauties dlalely following Mr. King and s^rlnture throughout;:..ttie. Mid South for.the us bride will leave for a visit with m dPB T u . "-' -" '- - BelU and ho»M lltt nl«ht . Amanda. Tlvrajlw: In pteveja'nd, : Tenn. -.-'••'• . • ;;> Miss Mary : Wen W«V«, "ho »«s been visiting herauqt. Mrs. Gi)th, He King, win r?t.ur{l'to home ' title "MK-' Mid-South." The liicky young lady who wins the title Is to reign o'r the fair for the week of Iti duration and be the guest of honor at affairs tendered her by social organizations In Memphis. Trie judget ol the contest were from Memphis, and Jack Finley Jtabiruon. matter of ceremonies, directed tfc« affair. Sltoani - Spi&is, Art-i Sunday, j . : : Mr5 . au»:iMe-:qA <uwt«t«. Telwhone Alarm Clock Edna Katele, and Miss Tabitha Sudbury, »r? In Chic«|o attending the. tafr: .They were accompanied 'by friends from Hot :8prlngs. ''• Mrs, H..G. smith and : of TalloWi. . La'., , wl)o have 'ijee'n Brought Inventor Fine streets tabernacle to compare with .the NRA Blue He Interpreted passages from Matthew, Ezekial and Revelations ' C ilcS5orIre - relatives - In; Tallulfih, La. : For- the ceremony Ihe bride will wear an afternoon frock of white crepe with U representing authority similar to I that given the NRA to contrgl iii^ work! had broken down mor- wlucatlonally, commercially and politically, that democracy is at an end and that dictatorship inevitable. The Oieir lived n their re lioinc In who is t. in Blylhcville n they will i Blytlieville. u l for the past four years. He. Is em_ployed at" the ' p P- nn y. com P all y ! n believed that the inslrumeia the NRA Is vested in labbi he Pf „ . , „ , (unions and if these fail it will Members of.the.Thursday bridge nfcan -„ conlp i eU , breaking down club-of Osceola were entertained O f the NRA." He urged a re- jyesterday afternoon at the home turn to God In such a time as SHEFFIELD (DPI — FrcdericK| or Mre - Joc Hlros m Lnxora, where this, for all the peoples of tlic ••as fined 125 tor using i^ lcs ' s „?, Ulc mcmtecs wcrc enrth, assuring his audience that KITCHEN BY -SISTER MARY : : NEA Service SUff Wrllrr .Spare .-.a .corner of 'your'-perennial border .tor a'few of the old- time sweet, herbs that were" always to" be .found in your gnuuliuotUcc's lesci'ibanly agiccablj taste (omul cumbers, in French (iressinn served in line salad, gin :iote!s and restaurants. uiion vinegar bliouid be made in August when tlic K-nvcs are at their best, altliousli tlie dried leaves always can be used. Four cups of liot'vincenr arc pour- in j?. blackberr ed over oiic cup of fresh leavc.s mitk, coffee. and allowed to stand three weeks, stirring cncli day. The vinegar is then strained and bottled ready for use. j Basil vinegar is made by .steeping the leaves in vinegar. For two weeks tlic .vinegar is heated cacli day and ponrrd over Hie leaves. The infusion is strained and more basil added until the desired strength Is obtained. Garlic vinegar is unusually good with summer vegetable salads. Hend Icltncc. sliced tomatoes, cucumbers,-new cabbaqe—in fuel any vejctable served witii French clu-j-s- iny made with garlic^ vinegar gains a distinctive flavor. • • Garlic Vinrgnr SK cloves garlic, 8 leaves basil, | 1-2 nutmeg. 3 lemons, vinegar. Grate nutmeg, tomato ;uul wulorere&s juice cnnistarch jnul- The world's hiehest suspension bridge spans the Royal Gorge of with plain crcLim. milk, lea. ! tile Arkansas river at a height of DINNEU: Broiled hainliurg steak j 105'j feet. , '-'.tiH with mushroom sauce, riccd latocs, Jlewrd otru. salad of mixed ;\ greens wilh hard cooked egg dress- iiij?. blackberry shcibct, plain cake, Read Courier News VV.-inl Ads. Making, Ifc-blockin~ i Trimming Hits We can make vmir old lints K\K new. Hlcain blnckcri ir,to any new Sljlc. Mrs. II. <:. Wicfcliani - Kcss Hal! At Our Ursidcncc 6H Vital Main - - Thone 280 Automobile Sales Co. Cor. Main & Fifth (Successors lo J. C. Appleby Motor Co.) Studebakcr, Hudson, Terraplane .and Willys cars. Eleclric Refrigeration Get our prices and terms before you buy any eteclrir, refrigerator. visiting 'frjen^,. \^m for two weeks, will : retran to their home tomorrow. . ' James Tankeraley, who has been ill for several days, is in the Mem. phis Baptist hospital tor ' treatment. -. ••-.'•" Thurman Attlns, C. H.- Wilson, Cecil Shane, 'arid "Arch, litadsey were among those who went to west Plains. ' Mp., . to attend 'the funeral of Ed Rice's .mother, who tiled at her Ham* there Wednesday Mr. and Mrs.. J.. W. Blythe, and children, Bobble 1 and Margaret, ol Dewitt, Ark., will, arrive Sunday to spend several days with Mrs. Ed Hardin. .Mrs. Mary -Little, who has been : visiting her daughter, Mrs. Fred Smith in Dexter, Mo., lor six • weeks, has returned to the honn of her daughter; Mrs. Rodne, Banister. • She'- was ' accompanied V Mrs. Smith, who will visit Mrs Banister for several days. the Automatic telephone as mr m- Mc * tl " mcs Nobl < ! Ilui1 ^ Jesse Brown Christ has never failed His people, expensive alarm' clock. - .. |H. nrt file Walters of Luxora and | Yarbro, Promised Land Hold Quarterly Session expensive alarm ,..„.„. . ,„ One of. Frederick's duties was! 01 ' 1 : BlJ ;" 11 of °sc«ola. wake his employer every niorn-! ' , ,, H - ""'ewoll wns wln- B. His metliml was to go into!™ r Df "'S 1 ' «ore club prize nnd telephone box. Insert two pen-1 " rs - Br 5' nnt won lll B" guest prize, es and dial his employer's| Mrs - lluM "'j- consolation favor, umber; this caused the bell in' Is employer's house to start ring- Huffman News Mre. c. W.. English. Sr. an daughters, Mary Alice and Flor *nce, of OAtes, Term., have n turned to their home after, visi' ing Mlativtt 'here. ' . , Mrs. R. H.-Grteri and sons, Mrs C. W. English, Sr., and daughters visited Mr. .and-,Mrs. Floyd Hal .in Glcfepn/.Mo., .last .week. . :' ChmrJe*' and:-Frank Moore lu rfWrned'hao* 'after visiting, rei . ffrw in, cmi, ; ,'Tlmn. '.Mrs. Saito'Wic'kln-is in B t'h • bone hejif:-?^-!'-.'. -•'•• .-. IWT'A.'. S. Miller, a^fUney.'oi Coot- Sundny alter- ..-.drier. Moore and .g. •I'rederlck let It ring for u iw minutes, and then lie pre.s-scd Bmltlie Baruiers, small son of Tlie third quarter confcvni'c: of Varbro and Promised Lane Mrs. Margaret Barblers, is recover-(Methodist churches will be held-al ing from an attack of malaria Promised Land Sunday morning which kept him confined to his The Rev. Sam B. Wiggins, i o jJonesboro. presiding elder of Ihe Methodis bed for several davs •d tntton "B", which retiinied Im his pennies. • . .... The police court wns full of I Mrs - J - s - Wnhl a "d Mrs. R. C. Joncsboro district of wed admirers of this simple and I ? e "} ° f . CBnithersvillc, Mo., iiccom- | churches, will preside. et effective system, but the mav itrale lined him for "(raiidulcnl- • cpiisumlrig electricity." uarez General Bans Nude Bathers in River panted by Mrs. Wahl's house guest, Mrs. Arthur Oliver of St. Louis. U7;i| i • . • o • I •pent Tuesday visiting friends In I" 111 AS S'St in KCVlVal Osceola. Mrs. Oliver remained over niBht as the guest of Mrs. H. J. Kale. At Promised Land Churcl JUAREZ. Mexico lUPi —Nude lathing In the Rio Grande ha: leen .ordered stopped! Gen. Ubaldo Garwi. Juarez chief of police, issued the order. "Why," complained the general, "it's getting so a decent IXTSOII :an't take a stroll along llic river sank without being shocked by he sight of nude males disporting themselves in tlic water." "And the women." General Garza said, "throwing up his hands. bad as the men!" City police, explained City Attorney Luis A. Trias, have no jurisdiction along the river bank In the federal zone, which extends 160 meters from the waters rd;e. Within that zone only federal au- horlties can make arrests. Evangelist Jessup Gives Sermon Topics j Ttie Rev. "Cyclone" Jessup. who is holding a revival at the gospel lent on Second and Sycamore each Sunday night at eight o'clock, has announced his. subjects for Sunday night. He will preach on "Sin ol the World" wltlT "Where Are the Dead." Everyone Is invited to hear him. The Kev. F. G. Vlllincs and son [Floyd, of Calico Rock, will assis the Rev. nrover Sutherland, pas tor of the Promised Land Church who ts holding a revival at church beginning Sunday. tha -.feuiiiday dinner guests -' ''- .C»mburn~ol o! : Mrs. ' Tlie cotton boll worm inflicts about $104.000,000 damage to cotton, corn, tobacco, and tomatoes in this country annually. Hospital Notes Admitted-. Grovcr Scraiw.s. clly. Dismissed: \V. D. Hope. Wilson; Mrs. Robert Jackson, Cooler. WANTED Room antl board by laborer. Address "B" Courier News Office. 17-k-ai A moth's wings ate inflated with air, which is pumped Into Hie pneumatic wing-tubes'from the rcspira- tory. orjans. «* Marjone Duekett Teacher, All Tyjies of Dancing. Registration Aug. 31. Sept. 1 Studio at Hotel Noble ^ '•Mi. «hd-.lfr«.'r>iin*r L» ers,.WKl,.tf»aihtO',; Margaret, of C«niUi«i«»l|»,.v m, , wre , Sunday pie»to • at ; Ittt.' .yictorl* ffetly auJ Mri. Occcfe'Ptvry. '; : • •v;lfr. sod-' Mti.'.. Cliarlle Hedge uptw lbt;»«lf : tn(J.wJUj'»'. aud .Mra.- SUcferPcny ."••"..••'- ' . .'.-; Ourtte. floJt .-»ijd > p^t Miirpfi/, of . Owola, /apent. the d»y.- here • Rctd Courier sewi wact ' Ad*. Blytlieville High School Alumni Association Will Hold Its Annual Election of Officers at the ITY HALL AUDITORIUM Tonight At 8 O'clock BAST CARRIAQf Brings One-day Painting —ends days of mess I Yet Wallhlde coats no marc to use. A sttiglc coal is pcncrally enonjjh. 15 beau tiful colorsin "flat" satin finish for walls and ceiling scrm-fjloss for woodwor bathroom* and kitchens. Quart cream., liver and bacon patty cakes, BRUSHES Pure bmtles, set in rubber l'/i* Enamel Brosh . . 2ftc Cleans pots & pans easier I Gal... $1.00 PURE TURPENTINE CALCIMINE, All Colors, Per Lb 12c Chilled lly - S;tnit;ii'y 1'int - 7c Quart - \:'.r. CRAIGS 7-1 Quick-Drying WATER5PAR Makf,i it «a>y totir.niiiFy furniture oit:. Dries in 4 limits-- one c-nt ually enough. 24 rolors. gar that is the source of tlic in- PURE BOILED LINSEED Oil . . . Gal. . . $1.10 WALLPAPER CLEANER ..... Each ..... lOc ClAilDCE Beautiful high gloss PLASCO PAINT . LOCUST AT 18th. /T.LOUI/.MO. for inlerinr nr cxtrtior smfacri. cvcrly; has except tonal covni^g quality. 24 color*. UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL .. . Quart... 70c PLENTY OrPARKiMf.SfACE .THRt£BLOCX\FROMTH£ STATION Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH White SHELLAC Gal, $2.68 FIVE MIMUTES FROM THE SHOWKIO CENTER rdcn' and you'll rejoice the pal- lemons, -heat vinegar lo the boilins es 'of your household. ! point. Combine nil ingredients Some, herbs are perennial and.'anrt bring again to tlic toiling [ hen once established,-• will come j point. Bottle and let stand three ear after year. These include (weeks. Strain, bottle and seal, hymc. sage., sweet marjoram and avender. • Many may be dried and stored or winter use..' Some may be used rcsh, just as.they come ftom the Borage.-, buriicl, sweet asil, thyme, sage and savory arc used only after being dried. Chives, arslcy. dill, chervil raid mint arc jood fresli as well as dried. The secret of fine cooking he seasoning and no housewife ever makes a soup without a fagot of lierbs or kitchen bouquet. This kitchen bouquet us- lally contains bay-leaf, parsley, 3cppcr-rod, carrot, celery and chives. Soups and stews seasoned with these herbs have a savoriness ipossiblc to gain any oilier way. Sage, thyme, savory and marjoram are used in stuffings for paultry and meats. Dill, caraway, fennel, mustard. radish and mint are for sauces. Herb Vinegars - Herb vinegars arc cs|>ecially goort n salad dressings. Basil, tarragon. garlio and parsley vinegars are easily marie nt home. Most fancy grocers also keep these vinegars on 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY

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