The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1936
Page 1
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,i; *i VOL. XXXIll—NO. 187 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER • THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTilB^AR^Wqj.r^n^^'^-*-"•-*• • """ijiiiiiei ARKANSAS AND SOUTIIRAK'l' MTUUSM.-,. niythevlllc Courier Blyllievllle Dally News illyihevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader AND awniEAgr MISSOURI WILL LAUNCH FACTORY DRIVE SING'I.K C01MKS F1VK CKNTS Oriental Seixed in Poison Mystery PLK FRIY j G e i- m a u y Files Sharp C o .u nlei' Charges Against Soviets LONDON, Oct. 22 (OP)—Russia's abrogation of the Spanish nonintervention pact and her withdrawal from the international committee, of 27 nations on non- JiHcrvenllon was believed today to up certain at tomorrow's mcctitiK cl (he committee. Tlie mec'ting was called by the Earl of Plymouth, chairman of the committee, in response to Russia's prolests against further delay A sharp diplomatic clash Involving Russia against Germany and Italy: was believed likely. " 'A German note which was liandcd to Lord Plymouth yesterday lodges eight charges of vio- I.i I ion of the pact against Russia and accuses Madrid of falsifying evidence against Germany. | Thc Italian embassy announced U would deliver before tomorrow's meeting the Italian reply to. Madrid's charges of aiding the' rebels. Portugal informed Lord Plymouth that its reply to Russia's allegations will be delayed unlil The German note accused Mad-' rid of a deliberate attempt to mislead" foreign governments by Loyalists Defend Knilrna.l ON ° Ct ' 22 ' HueyVSonWiiis! College Ballot Police Chase Following Memphis Robbery Ends In Arrests BROWNSVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 22 <UI')—A wild gang of youthful bandits, including a pretty 15- year-old red-haired' girl, was I rounded up by ^fficers today | . after one member had been found I dead near the scene of an accl- .Uent which resulted In.the capture ! of one youth and the girl. I Thc capture of tlie remalnm" i you[li, Chester Johnson. 22, of Chicago, was made by Chief of • Police J. O. Walker and Night Marshal P. is. smith while a posse of officers was searching foi him In a cane brake swamp seven miles away. , "We got a lip a strange person was down at' a camp on the out- J •skirts of Ihe city and went down' ami arrested him," Chief Walker told the United Press. He said young Johnson was unarmed and made no resistance. "He denied his Identity al first but we took him to jail "where we arc holding ' identified • said. The trio captured were lo be carried to Memphis for question: >ng in a $50 drugstore robbery Taking a rue fiom ins f.ithci the rate Sen,lor lh]»v I oiig Hussell Long uiecl sound linckj brass bands d loudspc.ikeis to win Die presidency of LOIIIM- ona Slate Univcisily sonho- rnoroj. Russell s Jrc-.linnn cl.iss slaie was elected, and his sislei Kose Long, won her campaisn tor office. Above, I'li'sidcnt Points to Inv |-roved Conditions in Nc\v England Talk lIAinTORD. Conn.. Oct. 22 lull—A chccrhiB crowd esllmnt- «l l>y some at 100,000 welcomed i reflilent lloosevelt today when '<•• mine here to bid for the elec- loral vole O f Connccilciit ;n«c crowd packe<f every Inch o: Biisluiell park, facing the golden-domed state .capilol, and TO ON JOURNEY [flSI Ulerury "Notices"', for Maid " he 'arrived "to from which at .....™i ij , n^iiLj, uei. 22. Add| ct of Orlcniil tnme thiillers -A loyalist offensive started J°<»wi «">ny famiihr feature in the i-m. today against tlie train- disclosures following the ' iriW in Cr fr • 7 a.m Tajo sector, just west *of"tlie ^stri^ teglc railway town of Aranjuez.' vnn souths crosl lerv , B a were " ahead of ,ast night The olrl they tied ™ early l °" C ° f arrested last nMit fleeing atitomobi £0mC rond 1 "" c " 1 "' Cm ^vc hot pursuit. said she Tho ,„i i — flranjucz. ••;'•»«=.. luu .L,. unurchill, 'wealthy -liie iebel.1 counter-attacked si- 6: »-W-old wldowv-Hc'-k chareorl mil ane«,L% : with lhe , oya1ist . *_ .with Attempting to"'miirde? h ru feiisive. sendmc* fi« 0 (« „«• «._•.-%- '•--; iwicntJeri *„„*!,_ __!.,: . .. • Lliru sjew'sa^ L. Churchill,'wealthy , denied 5 she I Employment up 350,000 -wuow wiui me loyalist of- •""•" firempting to'murder' thru' ^sending fleets .of .Doml,te.nfii^r)ed A t™thpaste,:ahe .widow's over the government n,;^, prospective ' Keirs';.;'MS ' GeoM 211L rrmtin.inrl c , . T?PPIT<IC n „{„ _- , . . ^'^'5' fensiye planes o The fight continued noon. Two black bombers from the reb- «' lines flew over the government defenses on thl s front durimr the fiercely. at v t Hie loyalist militia with 8«n fire. The desperate cfre of the capital's only railroad escaps to the coast sought safety in d t *es and hills. CasnaKiL wer in,. thc c °nn>on cold lasts only three or four days and gives immunity for three months Longer illnesses are due lo secondary infections. . Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Oct. 22 (UP)— 1'lie stock market today sustained its most-severe setback since Sen- ember 25. Trading p icke[1 ,,; eoPn the decline and at times tickers lagged beMnd the actual market. Moderate support developed befor» Jlose but .. lower. A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Beth, steel Chrysler ° Cities Service Coca Cola ' Gen. Am. Tank Gen. Electric .... Gen. Motors Int. Harvester ... Me Kcsson - Robbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .... Packard Phillips Pet Radio St. L.-S.' F. '. Simmons Beds .. Standard of N. J. Texas Co U. S. Smelting "" U. S. Steel Warner Bros Zonltc of ....179 1-4 .... 72 1-8 .-...126 1-2 .... 43-8 ....125 .... 07 3-4 .... 48 73 1-8 .... 80 .... 10 7-8 .... 5C 1-4 .... 46 3-4 .... 12 1-2 •... 45 3-8 .... H .... 21-4 .... 46 3-4 .... 67 5-8 .... 43 1-2 .... 84 70 3-8 .... 13 1-2 .... 87-8 n, , .—.>••* "trainpaiiie three boys- south ' because wanted /'to see, this" she section of the ^.country." :.:, .,t,-...,i,-,. : r'.:" ".' ' She: appeared' '"impertiirbed^t «Sm§tSS: fss SSttSVraS-A - p j''f, 6 |r ' Save' her name as Priscilla Frosta, of Beloit, Wis., m September, Secretary of Labor Reports ; , and (hose -or her arrested, com- pamons as Dick Fiannery c a 1" o , and Chester Johnson, Chicago - ' .Johnson said to be armed with two automatic pistols, was 1," lone .member of the, foresome to escape Into the swamp,' 'The Vrl and Flamiery were a rre s M as | fey attempted to '/lee the scene and j, mm , e M(l ,„ Wl(s deaa two hours later in a weed New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 22 (UP, ' Cct " I^eves aniece.a^herhu'staid:. to , protect a • promised ';• bequest' In also analyzing Thc'^aSief "oriirs^ Churchill's husband, who died sud to'ly in St. Petersburg, Fia., i ns t January. Authorities, say his body «ns cremated at the suggestion of Chang soo Lee. FDST[fi¥I HUDJH Randolph County Farmer Placed in Secret Jail Pending Inquiry FCCAIICNTAS. Ark.-, O=t. 22 IL l~ J ,° ] \ n R ' Keiscr - prominent stock dealer and plantation own->'. was being held for invcstlsa- '1011 tcday in an unnamed county jail by sheriff j. T. Thompson m ccnnection with the death'late yesterday of his foster son. Don- ncr Arnold Keiser, 15. Keiser's detention was remiest- ed by a coroner's jury lliat was miraneled shortly aflcr the youth's death fr-i ' j °, iif^i jjt:,n;iivi4ie -were "irr^sth i icmpson announced that the Manila enrly last nHU = ?boti S'OUths Ixwiv h-iH K™., -i.t j *_ !.. = „ __-., - ...=!' , f . (XJl 'l . .A pistol lay nearby. Flannerv 5 would . nerv >»•> Killed himself. So ", g ' d " S ^'"B'-on -the de from Memphis that "he never go back to! the pen ' • o" "ni./v t-u, Hie ueji if lie could help himself.' He 'hud been recently paroled : from an 11- year robbery sentence. Drivers of Cars Which Hit Mules Arrested WASHIMCiTO'Ns'.'Oct "22 ! ' (Uf?)^ Piivatc Industry added more than workers . lo |( s payrolls _ September nnrt -landed out payrolls totaling S2,5go,000 Mr week more than In August, Secrc- laiy of Labor Frances Perkins announced loday. It was Ihe sixth successive month In which employment increases were reported by (he bureau of labor statistics. At -the end of September 1 1-' COO.COO more workers were on in- (luslrial payrolls .than a year a»o and Ihcir combined earnings were "P lo S32.COO.OOO per week the bureau claimed. Miss Perkins said that approximately e.cco.oco now al work In claimed him when deliver n pcech. The preidcnt In n „._, , sled suit stood on• a" platform ;1 8 tlie park and waved to his •"" '''nee to quid them/ Mnally he began: "You arc more than friends in Connecticut for you arc my nelgh- «Plre<! by the sight before mc-tens chl/drc" * ° f 1 " 0 " 1 U ' OI " CI1 "'"' "I am here In a two-fold capacity ' lijlk to your governor, your slalc oltic als and scnators-lo talk about' noods-aiHl I am also here, I am candidate for high public Roosevelt •'then stressed thc 3f cooperation' between the themselves and thc federal Rovrnment In meeting the problems "f (cods, one of which Inundated ,'.,,' , Hartford last spring. raid, "employment lii.r-'iT •"""-". la 45 I )S r cent greater] i"«n it was in 1032. Aggregate pay- 1 ran* arc ,.i p , r ccnt erc[ltcr t , )nn j ,. -- , The payrolls are running nt R n* C ° f S44 ' 00 °.MO a year more. Building construction Is „,, f our lines and the merchants arc seT uig_28 per ccnt more merchnndlse the value of your farm prod- Hie .money received,"-by Ihe fanner has gone up -30 V«, p=r mroe people arc types of reg- i Candidate Is Siifferinji From n Soro ! Tliroiit - j AllOAni) I.ANDON TRAIN IN t TEXAS. Oct. 22, IUI>)_A pllvsi. clan ordered C!ov. Alf M. l.andon who l s sitlferhiK from n sor» thro it • to remain In bed Icvtnv ,, m i ,,,fr,i,,! from making rear platform speech-1 n as his special truln s »»d cast-1 ward en route lo Oklahoma Cllyi where he is scheduled lo speak tomorrow. <lon remaned inside the siicclni iraln at El paso ami did not ad- <IHSS n trmv d of m petsom • , linlliered at (ho rear ptalfoim fhriiiinu, 'i\ve want l/indon." ' l)r. Schuster swabbed the vm cnior's throat, and ordered him lo rminln In bed lo prevent miv possible spread of (he Infection ta the nryiix ami bring a premature em lo his sp-»ltin E campalitn En rauli- eastward aft'-r uwallliw 1t1 ^.. N ™ rnM . lvvlthn *ar B 5it',,mle aiu ! " ror - lmc "l- ""ic "omes, cs Jo!: s of every on? of m " Governor Limlon made .his first stop n Texas at El [>aso. In resnnuse o Hie shouls of the crowd, j iie u am Clark, former ambassador to Mexico, apneared at the train nl.u form and told the group that Oov enior I,andon Is a man "who «[l be an honrsl al! ,i j., 5t m-cslclcnl •ires Today Force Suspension of J o n c s vi 11 e- Vidalia Line •Prispn" O'ficiiils Proceed With Plans for Execution Frida .. —.. ... (Ill vj |ji.- a W i rt'K* ular cmiiloyment other tiian agriculture than nt the low point of the depression In 1033. . Employment gains were reported in both manufacturing " and ncn-manufacturlng industries. of 90 manufacturing Industries, CD reported substantial employment increases resulting in an increase of 1.8 per cent in (he employment Index for v, hole. industry as ti Two men, alleged drivers of cars I ^ a '' et ^ f° r Striking i of 18, near Leachvilie,-were a] State Avenue Agent Of' lor a chemical utes. request of the to Little Rock analysis al (he jury. Keiser is n former chief deputy sheriff and served as Randolph county's first agricultural agent. PERRIDAY, La.. Oct. 22 (UP)— Two Louisiana and Arkansas railway bridges were destroyed by fire today, causing Indefinite suspension oi! service between Jonesvillc, F er - rway and Vidalia I,,,? 1 "', 6 ! 111 ° f " 1C flrcs ;vas ""known but they were assumed to hav been new acts of vandalism rc- '"'f folhc strike of 500 I^nlslana and Arkansas union trainmen One span was localerl at Wildsville, over Blackwatcr Lakes c.oss- 'ng. the other near vert's plantation, at Samuel cal- Moro. Both LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct 52 (UP)-State prison farm officials inle loday were proceeding with preparations for'the execution early Friday morning of rioy House 22-year-old Garland county slaver During the past three montliE l-ov. J. M. Fiitrell has granted tip I condemned man threa time exlen- .slons but employes of the ex'ecutlvj ofllcc .said that no action on the Part of the governor was expcct-d Ihis time lo prevent tlie execution Earlier today three women r«u- resentliig a Garland county church the membership of which has bc- miiio Interested In the condemned man, appeared at the governor's oilic hi an elfort (o win another extension for House. House was convicted earlv tills summer of the slaying of Tom Menser, aged Garland county money-lender. Ayllif Draper. 2li was convicted with 110115= and rec-lvj a (Icath penally which was changed Inslsart of going to movies, on her afternoons off", Sally Snlmlnen Finnish kitchen miild, bought o scratch pad at a 10-cent store aiK ret. to work lo write aihovcl. To- dny Miss Snlmincn | s the wlnns pf a $2100 novel contest coiiduct"d by a inibllshhig oomjinny In uel slngrors, Finland. Miss Snlmlnen who has been In the United Stat« only six y.;ars is '^Iiown, above, rwlng In her lasl day's work over lie pots aUd',jffiK>s]uv will re- liirn to her home on the Aalanr) Islands,- mtrtway- between Sweden and . Denmark' and there devote harself entirely, ( 0 writing. Full $70,000 Must Be Raised Piomplly to Bung Garment Planl HCMP A rampilgn lo laLse $70000 to >'I»K a RIcc-RtK Uiv Goods com- l»iij t.ununt facloiy lo Bljthc- iilli>, inthushsllcally endorsed al U iin-vs meeting at the city aiidl- 101 i last iiigit, will be launch«l nt U o'clock tomonow inorn- A few mlnuies latei the fli Jjhlstlo Is espiclcd lo hciald the Hist lontilbuttoti to thc fund IhioiiBhout ti,o day It i, planned l«> mimil the whistle to mark each $ai|0 step lowaid thc $70000 goal Membi'it, ot (he committee do •nl espt-Lt lo inlsc Iho full $70000 lie fhil day 'ihcj mo hopeful IwwcVLr, that niday night «ill ae (he fund abo\c the $50000 innik-n HBUIO which Ihcy he leie would a'suie nclilcvement of "if campaign goal with a few uioie <Iaj.s of follow-up wmk 1'roiiipt Action Issinliu UUtheMllc must act mompth »o obtain the factoij it I ,, 0 , J . «1 out, us the Rice StK coiii]nni i i^ii' 0 BC ^ "* " Olv 1'1'inl into Pioiiiictlon us soon ns possible Should delay be encountcied ill alsmg the neccisaiy money heie He company would pioLiblj tuiii o one of u numbu O f oil LI o«n.s thnt are inlere^lcd In ob taiuinij the plant Details pr...lomoriofta cinipit",! jvt-rc nmpiied out at n mtetlng o e Chamber of Commcice Indus«•!. 1 committee this moining rive soliciting conunlllcci each n ilh »x members, WCIL named im| u sixth committee consisting of B Lynch, chahman of (l w industrial coimultlcc and ,1 A 'siih,r,r !! " cti " fhctaskof . demolished. e ones and both were r re ' 2 antl ls lltilcs north- of lure in Concordla mrlsh near Jonesvillo, where mobs of women have halted trains and hi- Umulaled the crews in rtie past tw? 0 A camivn , tly New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 22 Collon closed steady. ouen high Dec Jan (UP) — four —Cotton slipped on one to today. Prices held .s,,., "> a narrow' range during a turnover and closed steady, open high low close 1177 1178 1172 1170 1175 1176 1173 1175 1183 1186 1180 URo 1187 1191 1182 1188 "85 1187 1182 1186 1134 1137 1137 1137 SpoUs closed steady at 1222, oil 1177 1180 1187 1191 1190 113!) 1181 1182 1191 1194 1191 1142 low 1173 1175 1184 1187 1185 11.18 Spots closed steady at 1222 three. close 1177 1178 11R7 11B1 1189 1H1 oil =>•"• iiuuiiu l.[]?ll simultaneous arrest by Will Wright - - - - -j '' -i i » i iw ill. local officer, and W. E. Armstrong revenue department officer. Howard Summers, one of the al Icged drivers, will face trial in in,,, nlclpal court here this afternoon on a charge oi driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident. M. O. Gibson, the other Ls charged with leaving the scene |H Cscar Elliott, former polic- lew miii" ' fiCCr ' was lodBCTl '" llle cil >' J ;l " "• i this afternoon after he struck W. [ E. Armstrong, revenue department! was _ the [ officer, on the ja,v and allegedly u- . r ,.,, _. attempted lo wrest the officer's "IlSSOUfl Lhlld DfODS » pislol from Its holster. ! i- n tL ! \tr- i incident occurred in »! f ° Ueat " fr ° m "indoW c was ci to life imprisonment by Go Futrcll after House made a con- resslon, saying hk companion J,acl no part in the slaying Luxora Man Injured When Car Hits Culvert W. A. Hill. <C, I.uxora. sustained scalp wound an, miisrs mm HERE Delinquenls in Con n I y Fewer Than at Any Time in 15 Years Probably as good a sign of returning prosperily as could b- found, at least in the Mississippi valley, is the 1935 state and county delinquent realty tax list for the Chlckasawba district of Mississippi county, published on Page 12 of to- dav's Courier News. There is nothing about (lie list lo show this r-xcept ILs comparative brevity. It. is tile smallest that has been published in al least 15 years according to courthouse attaches. Last year's percentage of collsc- lions on 1034. taxes payable in l<iv was better than that, of many previous years but collections tilts-year easily outstrip last year. Actunl figures for comparison are in available at this lime but It Is definitely known thai collections have been considerable b?ttcr than last . of tow!!"' 0 -vin" C i cm ,"i mI S" • Ill le delayed - oa next 1 ucsdny— should It rain lo- morrow. ! out . piobably until oiuier l man even propeitj , n "n C n1 '-""" P">r«*'on • » M ° ' miC 1:CC " ™- rhiR Ihe amount to be asW each AS the total doe, not n far „ excess of the amount !' ^ >alsM tllc Eollcitl »S tiees. when thej slnlt o,^ mornnB, will be Instructed SCt , '" nCCC "' • com cm, m in, the c S|)CC " ktl rutl Amoiinls Nccilcd Oiir list of piospective con• ilJiitlons has iccehed thc most '"rough ^ study. Ml Lynch de" 1 PARAOOULD, Ark.-Jos Wavm- ' ,, \lsup, six. son of M jWllburn A. Alsun of C " Highway struck Cl. several crrridor of the city hall. Armstrong was attending municipal: .,'', «"«"•". <vrK.—Jos wavm-j ""•"«••"" '"g . ... _ court. Elliott was said to have ,„?,'!"• slx ' E011 of Mr - and Mrs. milcs belo «' Biylhevllle, last nWU teen h-Joxicated. win,,,-,, . ., , ... . .. I ~. Armslrong said he knew of no motiie for the attack of an accident. Summers' car unless Elliott held some fancier^ rc- . scntmcnt over tlie matter of own] crship of a pistol Involving an- allegedly struck! 1 oilier revenue officer. Dec Jan March May July Oct Spot Average Is 12,02 Tlie average price of 7-8 Inch ; middling cotton on thc ten destz- I naled si»t markets today was 1202 according lo thc Blythcvllic Board Chicago Wheat Harry Wrijiit's mule on the Flool ! Tllc nsslullt cn "' e wi «">«t warn- way road. Gibson's car is said to' '" e ~ nccorriillg ( o wit»i,««c UII,A have struck a mule otfnert by Mark Grisham on Higliway 18. Negro Injured When Livestock I ojien high low JUcc 114 115 1-2 113 3-4 May 112 3--S 114 3-8 112 3-a close EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Oct <UP)—Hogs: receipts, 6,500 Top 10.00 . S70-240 Ibs., 9.80-9.90. 140-1GO Ibs, 7.50-9.80 22 Chicago Corn Doc May open 93 1-2 89 1-2 high 94 5-8 90 1-8 low 9.1 3-8 89 1-4 ing. according lo witnesses who were standing nearby. Other officers grappled with Elliott rushed him to Ihe jail. and ;ro injurea When Memphians Accused of He Jumps from Truck! Vi n \*ti n . »„,«;«„ I Frank Wright, negro, of Memphis, sustained bruises and cuts and possibly a fractured rib when he jumped from a cottonseed truck on Division street late yesterday Thc truck was said to have been traveling at a speed of about 15 miles an hour when Wright jtnnncd Apparently he had "caught" a ride on the truck, said to be owned hv Ihe W. H. Mhvyard g| n at S[ ^ and driven by W. Koonce W. E. Armstrong, revenue officer took thc negro to the Blythevillc hospital where hc received cmer Violating Housing Act MEMPHIS. Oct. 22. (UP) — Charged with making false credit reports for borrowers under the Federal Housing plan, ivcr Schmidt and James U. Tucker were ordered held today for removal to Arkansas by United States Commissioner L. R. Featlicrslouc on charges of 90 ' gency treatment ycars PM " with thc relur » ° f « J«gc amount of rc-ally to ihc lax books through redemption of lands forfeited to the slate, dona morial hospital from ure skull received about 4:30 o'clock when he fell from a second story window. His head struck a concrete sidewalk. Mrs. Alsup and thc boy had Just, returned from a cotton field, where they had been picking cotton. Mrs. Alsup was preparing supper when informed of the accident by her brother, Johnny Neal. Mr. Alsup was at work al Arbyrd Cotton Compress. -- -- ~..., j •*«" "^^.Jrt JUKI | escaped with leaser injuries. ' tlvntlon of large tra Hill and Ingrum were removed / ""'"'Proved land. cnl- irevlotisly t »..^'iini ,\^n; ILIIluvin to the .BIytheville ho-spilal whore they were re-sting well today. They are government river neel workers. Little Accident Victim Reported Better Today ,, i convict farm sii|>crintcndci,l, while fcrnest McLaln, five-year-old son .attempting to escape enroutc to the or Mr. and Mrs. E. T. McL-iin of county farm Luxora. from the the Dell community, who was seri- ] coimly jail here.-had a 12-year rec- Criminal Record of Dead Convict Revealed J. W. Gilpin. "confidence man", who wns fatally wounded Friday l)y Henry Lules. Mississippi county con Tiie body was returned to Arbj-rd , community, who was serl- J'licre funeral services and burial ? y In J" rc<1 yesterday when struck verc to be conducted today ? y " car driven by mil Johnson jr.. was rciwrtcd improved today. "Trailer City" al Collie LOGAN, 'Utah (UP)— Thc "trailer city" near UUih State Agricultural College at LOJAII. made up of 25 rolling homes of students, will nave a "while wayo" of its own. The city commission voted to lo thc "city" from u. K,. feacncrstone on cnarges of °«MjJiy p:^er to tin violating the Federal Homing act. " le msfeilclpal UglH and j>owcr ! P!ant on the applic ..... - ..... ~ i trailer residents. application of thc The first known copper alloy, . bronze, Ls mentioned in literature Rain does not clear tlie air In Genesis, where reference is impurities, according to tests made to Tubal Cain, "cunning ar- U Industrial cities by Ihe Ufi<vr In hvn»7* nnrT ' J PiiViH« tr—nt. p. ,_. or , llficcr In bronze and Iron," Public Health Service. S. Bolli legs were broken and ord in the files or (ho Bureau of Investigation of thc Department of Justice, it was revealed today. Glipin, who entered a plea of .ontrlbuloi-s tim,, C i v | n bilih and 0 lie bcnents which he n nj e\- cct lo receive fiom the eshb- Ishinent here of the pioposcd fac- -o.ry. If the campilgn LS lo hn !"ece«ful the B rc\l nnjor, ° of Hose on our ll st must B i; c the mounts we have allotted to them 1 "'7'. " re '""ullni" lo do that *e mlgiit as well abindon the whole cffori." Members of the soliciting coin- n»Uce.s will meet at the Clnmbcr Comuierce room In the city hall >l «..W lomorrow morning to re- :eive nnal inslriiclimis and to imp m^wa>'' !C Cni "'"«» <; '-i» A ^ win? /| C01> thc " lll)llc '" (ouch Mill lhe pro B rc.s.s of Ihe drue it tins been arranged not sound the fire whistle onK to is each i »500 step toward the goil i rt Hut to broadest o\ei naUlo blalion KLCN announccmenis o r contributions as they are received throughout the day mid ' to ' maintain at a prominent place in the liiisiness section n big thermometer record Ihe growth of oen an a u'i|j,n, imu cmcrcn a pica or Injury Inflicted but thc boy|8»"ty to a "confidence game" was conscious today. Poor Sight Cramps Thieves BUFFALO, N. Y. (UP)—Three ncal ;-slghlcd burglars stole some 'roiu Iho °" a ma charge here, had teen arrested times In 12 years in C.UD.S 13 entlv testn rS ., g chine, thr-v were considered important enough lo merit rsporls to the Washington bureau. ^ He had been convicted of six of- froni criminal at- to misdemeanor 5CS such as the ' tacks °" womc » "conndencc" char tiirti —„..., they overlooked valuable lenses and gold mountatngs valued at $3,000 and $100 In cash, for a I Arizona for criminal a..,,^ ,,„ „ possible maxlimnn ImprL-onmcnt of 20 years but apparently had ac lunlly served only a short time. which will the fund. Must Have Cash Thc solicitors will seek cash or its equivalent— not pledges Tlie money must be on hand' before the final contract with the Rlce- Slix company can be slftied. It Is realized, however, that many who (Continued on page two) - WEATHER Arkansas — Partlv, cloudy and colder. Temperature near freezlii!; in north and central portions tonight.. Friday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity — Mostly cloudy Mnight with lower temperatures; 40 lo 44 Friday, partly cloudy. . • . The maximum temperature here yesterday was 81. minimum 5S. clear, with .39. of an inch rainfall lost night, according lo Samuel F. Morris, official weather oiiserver.

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