Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 5, 1898 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1898
Page 17
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THE LOGANSPORT . * ''-f *y < f ?3D YEAR. WEDNESDAY JE YEN ING,, JANUARY 5. Attention, Mothers! T HIS being our annual we find our stock of JACKETS much too large for this season nf the year. We've- laid out on a Urge table SG Jackets, 4 to 14 years, previously marked from $« to $10.00 fliev are yours for—your choice > We advise you to anticipate, vournext season's wants «'n in Scsndal Rears Its Head in the Fight for the Buckeye State Senatorship. not tie. as it Is a free country, and as lone as the people behave they have a ri-'ht to be there. But all people have tiT-ir-preferences and prejudices. Until today my Republicanism has never been question." Kisses and srroans mingled with Children's Jackets An Actual Discount Of 25 per cent, on all Cloth Capes and Jackets, also Furs, Evfrv Garment marked .in plain figures. You're at liberty to pay us 35 per cent less than they are marked. We announce a new line of Outing Flannel, the regular 1 2 #c quality; all shades and designs here for.. y. cases Fancy Calicos, new designs and colorings, always worth 6*/ a c, special at 5c All our HANDKERCHIEFS used for Decoration during the Holidays are to b ^ s ^ dfr ^ tn f r ^ earr prices. You'll find them displayed on front counter. STATESMAN'S WIFE IS DEAGGED'Uf. Alleged Imlijrnitv to Heir Given as an Ex- cus« for Votinj: Ae-tiinit Manna—Said In- dicnity Promptly Denied—The Uncertain Mr. • Griffith finally, It Appears. Lauds wit.li the Aiitls-Gov. Bushnell Has .Some Visitors Who Ask Ouestiona and His* and Groan. Columbus. O . Jan. 5.—-ate last nisht the Hanna managers lost the two doubtful „_. members-^rinHh arid Joyce—that they had gained during the day, so that there is now no material change from that of Monday, when the house stood 5S to 53 against. Hanna. 'This would give the senator only TO votes on joint ballot, or three less than enough to elect. In Sbnection with the change of Griffith back to the anti-Hanna camp there are most scandously sensational reports in circulation, Griffith has been on both sides several times, and has so pledged himself, in writing. Hanna workers spent Sunday ight with Griffith and at 3 a. m. he Bse Logan Milling Co.'s Flours PATENT AND AUTOMATIC. lours are the Purest and of Highest Grades on the Market THOMPSON'S HERB TEA ... FOR THE .. . Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE ...FOR... ,sia Biliousness, Liver aed Kidney Complaints, Hheumatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Ability, Sick Headache I Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. ' fiirotala, Eryeipelas. Salt Rheum, Eczema, Weak Back, Fever and ' Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW YORK. ni sent for his wife to come from the Great Southern hotel to the Neil House to join him in a conference with the Hanna men. At S a. m. the Kurtz men saw Mrs. Griffith, a.nd the all-night work of the Hanna men was undone just before her husband went to the state house on Monday morning- to qualify as speaker pro tern. • with the other candidates of the "combine." |^, Griffith tf Might;? "Onsartin." y After the legislature organized Gr'il- fith had another night of conference on both sides of the senatorial case, and yesterday morning h« gave the Hanna men a written pledge over his ownname that he would vote for the senator. Later in the day he was seen by the opponents of Senator Hanna and last night he gave out the following: "It is due to the public and to myself that I make a statement of my position on the senatorial matter. While it is true that the convention which nominated me passed a resolution requesting me to support Senator Hanna, and while at various times during the campaign nd ?ince declared my intention to fol- jw that request, and even promised a ozen or more of my constituents in •lanna's headquarters on Monday of his week that I would do so, I have, owever, since learning the particulars .f the indignities heaped upon my wife Monday morning, reached the convic- ion that I would be untrue to my nanhood should I cast my vote for a nan who either uses or employs such methods," etc., etc. Say That Griffith Is rulsifyine- The men referred to as having offered Mrs. Griffith indignities are Mr. McPeck an old friend of Griffith; Mr. Chapman, and Jerry P. Bliss. These Republicans were with Griffith and his wife together, and apart at different imes during the night of consultation, ccording to a statement made by McPeck, which winds up as follows: "Mr. hapman and myself have been very varra political as well as personal friends of Griffith; and if any indignities had been offered to Mrs. Griffith by any peeson while she was.in our presence we would have resented it. It is not reasonable to suppose that Senator Hanna or any of his friends would offer any indignity to any lady, especially the wife of a member who had promised to vote for Hanna for United States senator and whose vote at that time, as he had through the entire campaign, fully expected to receive." Burke to Vot« (or Hanna. Judge Frank E. Dellenbaugh, of Cleveland, last night gave the following statement to the public: "I am.-prepared to say, aa coming from the llpa of Senator Burke, that he will faithfully keep every pledge and every promise he made to the good people of Cuya- hog-a county, either on or oft the stump In the last campaign. Furthermore Burke's vote in compliance with the wishes of the people of Cuyahoga coun- _ this statement and Gov- ern'or"Bushnell raised his hand to quiet the assemblage. "It is uy your 3 uffra*e JH-t I am in this high office. Now if you have no respect for me, for God's sake have respect for the office." -Slave you taken ar.y action for a candidate, governor?" inquired one ot the delegation.. "I have no vote in the legislature," he said. Continuing, Governor Bushnell said: , "I discharged my duty last spring when I appointed Mr. Hanna United States senator. Now the members of the legislature must discharge theirs," From the governor's office the delegation marched to Senator Hanna's headquarters in the Xeiil House, where the mem- bei-H greeted the senator. Addresses were made, reviewing the action of the Toli'do convention. — T!ie resolutions adopttfl by the state convention that nominated Bushnell for governor say this: "The thanks of the people of this state are due to Senators Foraker and Hanna for their splendid efforts during the present session of congress and we congratulate the people on their representation in the United States senate. Desiring to continue such representation, and^ appreciating his service to the party anV-Vo the people of the state and nation, and his eminent and proven fitness for the position- we indorse the candidacy of Hon. Marcus A. Hanna for United States senator to succeed himself, and pledge the support of the party in the next general assembly to his election^to both the short and. the long terms." BLOW TO PURCHASING AGENTS. Rock Island and Alton Railroads Shut Them Out of Trains. Chicago, Jan. 5.—So far as the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific and Chicago and Alton is concerned _the busK ne:;s of the purchasing agent'for small towns near Chicago is gone. Orders were issued from the offices of the two railroads informing these purchasing agents that they would not be permits ted to use the trains of-either company. Tfrese orders were issued at the request of 'the United States Express company, For Little Adventures Uk« the One That Is Narrated in : This Brief Story. KANSAS OITT THU&S DO THIS JOB. AN 4.STONJSHING ARBITRATOR. Board a Train and Rob the Express Car Before It Has Passed ihe Ciry Limit*— A2AR Messenger Bound and Gagged »od Safe I/ooted of an CnUiiovru Sum. Official*, However, Saying That th« Swa« IVas Sot at All Large. Kansas City, Jan. 5. — After about three months of inactivity Kansas City's; train robbers scored another brilliant achievement last night This time the Kansas City, Pittsburg and Gulf road is tne sufferer. The company's Port Arthur express, which left the company's ;>tation here at 6:40 last nigiit, was robbed before it had passed beyond the city limits. Two men, .*hom no one but the express messenger seems to have seen, climbed into the express car as the train left the station. They overpowered the messenger, bound and gagged him, and riiled the car before the train came to a stop. When the train slowed up at a railroad crossing known as Air Une <Junction, near the southeastern limits of the city, they climbed out of the car and disappeared. Nothing was known of the< robbery until a negro train porter entered the car arid found the helpless express messenger. At this writing nothing is known as to the amount of booty secured. BoVbert Rifled the Local Safe. \fter the train had been stopped and others of the crew had come forward and-released the express messenger. It was found that the robbers had rifled the local safe, taking from it everything 0!! value. They had made no effort to disturb the through safe, which is protected by a time lock. From Air Line Junction a telegraphic report of the robbery was sent to the city and the train proceeded south. The Wells- Fargo company controls the express to JHJR Sympathies. ; Jan. 5-—The cause of arbitration in the settlement of claim* %'tween nations has received a severo cWk in the award by'the arbitrator in the case of Oberlander and Messenger, who-claimed J50.000 and $25,000 respectively, for ill treatment by theMe*- ican authorities. The arbitrator •*»• the \rgenline minister at Madrid, Senor Quesada, rind liiis decision was in favor of the Mexican government and against the American claimants. Tn« discouraging- feature of the decision i» that in making the same the arbitrator apparently overlooked every point of law. according to the English standards, and decided the case with reference to his sympathies. It is sala that a more extraordinary opinion than this from a legal point of view was never seen at the state department. Oberlander was a deputy sheriff in California, and he was kidnapped ana taken across the border by Mexlcanoffl- rers. Mrs. Messenger, in whose houte lie had taken refuge, was ill treated. When it came to rendering .his de» rision. the arbitrator, it Is said, ignored the facts and reasoned that because tho United States government had not recognized the rights of the Chinese Bov- ,'rnment to indemnity lor the killing ot Chinese at Rock Springs, Wyo., whil* insisting upon indemnity for losses «UB-, talned by American missionaries in China we could not expect to have an Indemnity awarded our citizens in such. this. This peculiar lack of legal cases as . perception Is said at the department to be almost 'without a parallel In th« histo it;: business. This is said to be true of the business between Chicago and Joliet, where there are a dozen or more purchasing agents who earn a snug income by mak- \ns a house-to-house canvass twice or three times a week, and then coming to Chicago and making the purchases which the housewives need. The order will also mean a. serious loss to a number of Chicago merchants, for the purchasing agents buy thousands of dollars' worth of goods in this city every month. W. H. Truesdale, vice president aiid general manager of the Rock Island, said that the Order wag simply a matter of living up to the contracts be- Uveen the railroad and the express corn- business on the road, hen: C. R. Teas, Pittsburg the local and Gulf office manager, . stated that there was not much of value L the local safe and that $200 \r $300 would probably cover the company s loss. Police Don't Believe the Official*. In police circles, however, the impression is , that the robbers secured a iboroochlv ap-UMhte periodical for vremcn, will tnter npon its thirty-hnit volume in iSaS. During the ycir it wili be is heretofore A MIRROR OF FASHION Pan's and NetV York \ Each iss« will conoii carefully_ pr*. " '. pared drawing of the advance fashions Fashions | ^ p^s and Mew York. Once a month A Colored Fashion ; the liAiAR »ill issue, free, a colored o ;„„,»„* j fashion supplement. Cut paperpMtens Supplement . of „,„;„ p,*.^ j n eacti number will be Cut Paper Patterns ' made a feature. These will be sold in M if *Mt LI o_u«._ 'connection \iilh each issue at a uniform A Bi-Weekly Pattern . ^ -,-,,<. BAZAR wiu ^ publisll b ;_ Sheet 1 weeklly, free, :iin outline pattern sheet. LONG SERIALS AND SBORT STORIES Two famousauthonwill contribute Ions; serial stories to the BA.TAK in iSijS. The first deals witli Scotch and Continental | scenes, the second is a story of .'I young jprl, versatile, and typically American. I ,WILD EELEN Jiy in.'JJAit BLACK RAGGED LADY ulwio.. 3* Fomj Mary E. WUkin* Octave Thinet H. P. Spofford Iff. S. Briicoe W. D. H»««II» tf. D. HOIfELLS Thes: and » score of other eoiiaBy prominent -writers irill contribute short stories to the BAZAR in, 1898, miking the paper especially rich in jj«r>- E.Wilkios fiction. DEPARTMENTS AMD SPECIAL ARTICLES OUR PARIS LETTER THE LONDON LETTER S-, KMTirAXlt.-E DE FOK£ST f» AVt, POViTXir SKELOIT CLUB WOMEN HUMOR &if.iXGSKera. IFSLCR Sr J*oaxZXXDRKKSAXCS ' Tbire «Ul be » series of :irticles on Etiquette, Music, the Voice. Art, the Play, Women and Men, Leaders among Women, Gardening, Housekeeping, Life imd H«ilth, locoor Details, etc. 10e. • C»ny (Sort lor Full l>rMH^««) S**-. ** « *•» n Of U*iUd Stata, €«*•**, taU Mtxio. HAIKR t •ROTHI-RS. P«liM«kir«, Utw York CHj CK^TCTIMCI ty and the state at large will be cast for M. A. Hanna for senator. Burke has shown himself to be big enough to rise above his personal likes and dislikes, and keep his pledge to vote for Hanna." Bl'SHXELI. CONTINUES TO HEAR. Sprinirfii-lrt Delegation Visits Him—Besolu- tinn of the Stat* Convention. Columbus, O., Jan. 5,—Probably the rao?t interesting feature of the doings yesterday was the visit of a large delegation of Republicans from Springfield to Governor Bushnell. Representative \Veaver. the .spokesman of the delegation, in addressing the sovernor.said: "'I nad the honor to present your name at the Toledo convention, and am proud of .t. Circumstances hstve arisen which have changed the current of a.ffairs. Certain persons who claim to be Republicans are endeavoring to thwurc ?,ir. Hanna's candidacy, but we cannot believe that you are one of these, that you are unlo^tl-. For you to do this would be a political blunder, if not a political crime. Hence we call to ask if you have done what is charged aigainst you." Governor Bushnell, in his response, referred to .the fact that the representatives and senators from Clarke county are strong adherents of Hamia, while but three-fourths of theCtiyahfl'ga county delegation are for him. He said he had been misunderstood arid misrepresented in the present controversy and charged that it -"iraa not true tliat he had attended a Democratic conference to defeat Hanna- He said he die not know that such a conference Itat been held. He expressed the belief tljat iihe members ol the house and senate i«hould settle the question; of a senator and that all others should remain »' ill tic fight. "But tbi*.**^ fce fkid. "aO*- several thousand dollars in money and jewelry. The report received at the express company's office here states that the robbers entered the exprss cai- as the train was passing Kyrads, having forced the rear door with a jimmy." E. X. Hyde, of Kansas City, '&» the express messenger. Upon turn-i ng from his work he looked into the arrel of a six-shooter. The messerager ftVred no resistance, though he was rel'l armed, and after the robbers had .ound him one of the two stood-guard ,ver him while the other rifled the uafe. New Hand* JntUe Profession. The robbers are described as smooth aced young men and the fact that both vere extremely nervous while in the express car is taken as evidence that hey are new recruits to Kansas City's •orce of train robbers. At 7:10-o'clock ast night a special tram was sent to the scene of the robbery with a force of policemen and marshals, and these men are now scouring the country along the river banks in search of the robbers. Though last night's robbery Is the first that has occurred on the Pittsburg and Gulf line it is the sixth crime of the kind perpetrated In Kansas City within fifteen months. There have been several arrests of alleged train robber* during this period, but there has not been a single conviction. HE IS IN THE PEN FOR LIFE. And IS I» the Safest Place He Can 'Be, for the Comnaunity. Chicago, Jan. 5.—Julius Tunte was given a sentence of eighty years in the yesterday In Judge Baier'i puny. STEEL WIRE COMBINE A FACT. Big Company Incorporated at Springfield, Ills., with $8 7,000,000 Capital. Chicago, Jan. 5.—The American Steel and Wire company, with its capital stock of $87,000,000, is a reality. It -was incorporated at' Springfield yesterday morning by John W. Gates, Isaac L. Ellwood and Elbert H. Gary, who paid the state JS7,000 for license to do business. Of the capital $30,000,000 is to be preferred stock entitled to receive each year out of any . surplus or profits a dividend of 7 per cent, and the remaining $57,000,000 is to be common stock, which will be entitled to receive such dividends as the net surplus may declare. The new company, with its normous capital, will have its head- uarters in Chicago. Wife of 1" Year* Commit* Suicide. Sturgeon Bay, Wis., Jan. 5.—Mrs. Ephie Gilmore ended her life 'Sunday ig-ht by" committing suicide, taking a ose of arsenic. She and her mother, trs. Charles Stevenson, had been ar- ested the day before on the charge of eecing a Norwegian out of $10. This o humiliated the young woman that he evidently took her life to escape urther disgrace and trouble. Mrs. Gilmore married "Ephie," the young bi- ycle rider of Menominee, last June in Sturgeon Bay, moving to Menominee. jfrs. Gilmore and her mother came iack here, and thus ended a stormy chapter in the life of so young a woman, the deceased being but 1" years of ;e and.her husband only 19- Illinois Legislative Doings. Springfield. Jan. 5..— The governor =>ent a few nominations to the state senate on its reconvening yesterday _nd they were confirmed. The hous» senatorial apportionment bill was ad- ,-anced to second reading without reference to a committee, aiid adjournmen' 'or the day taken. The house devoted the session to ^ eiie-al debate on the revenue bills; and I tificate and stated his desire to have tne Pliny B. Smith, of Chicago, addressed I same recalled, as he was not entitled the house at length on the general sub- t o the government's bounty. He added of arbitrations, and has -un- .Jy a6n« much to prevent Jthe —^ submission of other claims to a rb1 ™: ,1 tion unless it oan first be known that . ^ the arbitrator is familiar with the principles of common la,w. according to tba English standards. ; BRYAN GREETEDJWITH ACCLAIM. He Reaches Home and Find* » Ban<m«» Awuitine Hi* Presence. Lincoln, Neb.. Jan. S.-W. J. Bryan'. home-coming from his Mexican trip last evening was the occasion of a mere , J marked display of loyalty and enthusiasm on the'part of his political, and social friends than has been shown ., since bis return from Chicago following hi? nornipation for the presidency. It,, bein? the night of the complimentary \ 1 banquet tendered him by the Bryan traveling men's club; a number of dia- - < tinguished rr.cn who participated in that function were on hand at the station to greet him. Bryan said he,was not yet ; ready to express his impressions ot ,le-ico and that furthermore his speech . ^ at the banquet would be exteroporarie- •>us and commonplace. ' r It was nearly JO o'clock when the Banquet hall of the Lincoln hotel was ,, Ihrown open. For an hour previous .a reception was tendered to notable -uests from abroad, among whom were ' Hon.- George-Fred.-Williams, and MuUW David Overmyer .ind Hon. J. H, At- ,vood, of Kansas. Covers were laid for !00 guests and over an hour was spent n a. discussion of the menu, after which there were speeches. Nearly all the •speakers referred 'to rByan as the generally accepted Democratic candidate In 1900. and the sentiment was generously applauded. They Were Bound To B* Married: Niles, Mich., Jan. 5.—Charles Gifford, a Chicago traveling man, and Miss E. M. Johnson, of Eaton Kapids, were . ' so anxious to be married New Year'*. day that they drove sixty miles over £ rough road In a terriflc bllzrard with th» mercury below the zero point to ' get a license. The county office »t '. Eaton Rapids was closed and the couu- , , ty clerk out of town, so they drove to ; Mason, thirty miles away, and secured a license. A new team WM Mcurcd,, court. While one jury was coming in \ niomentarily with a conviction of Tunte another was | hurrying out to find a verdict against ! him. He was tried on four indictments tor burglary, although twenty-one have been once voted against him. On the trial of the third indictment Tunte broke down on the stand and pleaded and hurrying back to Eatotf.JlapUta tt* wedding ceremony wa» pejjfortneA. Ben Bmttenroitb Do»m«d to Dto. Thomasville, Ga.. Jan. 6.—The onndl- tion of Patent Commissioner Butterworth has- grown eteadlly worse since j- Monday, and he is lying at the point ot death. Physicians of this place *nd from New York are attending him, and all agree that he cannot live more than . . forty-eight hours, while hi* death If guilty. B _ Under the habitual criminal act he'Veceived twenty years for each indictment, br eighty years In all. This Is the longest sentence but one ever given in this county. •Want Their Pensions Cancelled. Washington, Jan. 5.—Since the agitation concerning the the publication of the list of pensioners has commenced Commissioner Evans has received several letters from pensioners requesting a cancellation of their pensions. One pensioner in Michigan enclosed his cer- Another of TboMi BI«-«onnterf«W»- PhUadelphla, Jan. 5.—There w»»vdto- covered in one of the largest banks yesterday another counterfeit $100 «llv«r certificate, making in all six ot thews worthless notes which have been found In this city during the past two week*. Flrtt Sujtar for « toujf Time from Cube. New TorK. Jan. 5.-The steamer Tigilancia, which arrived yesterday irom Havana, brought i;800 bags—6*4,000 pounds—of sugar, the first shipment/ from Cuba In many'months. Georg" Baker and his.wlfe, who lived three miles west of F«lrbury, Neb were shot to death a* they were eating breakfast by "some unknown toU- creajTt. who sjwt tfcrourh th« window. ject of revenue legislation. The Berry revenue hill as amended along the lines by the senate revenue com- introduced and ordered mittee was orinted. _ ^ ' __ recede from the L. A- "W- La Crosse. "Wis.. Jan. 5. —The La Crosse County Wheelmen, numbering SO active members, held a meeting yesterday and decided to withdraw from the League of American Wheelmen. The action was taken owing to a desire on the part of wheelmen in this section to have races on Sundays and also cash prize events.^ _ ^ __ _ __ -Wrapped in Paper. La Crosse, "Wis.. Jan. 5.— The body of a babe, wrapped in a newspaper, was found by-a party of boys under the La Crosse river bridge in this city yesterday -morning. The police are investigating the matter, over which much excitement t>re_valla. ...... that he would endeavor to return all the money dra.wn since 1S95, when the pension was granted. One Bicamist Onto* Bn*In*»»- Chicago, Jan. 5.—David E. Bates, the oisamist was convicted in Judge Horton's court yesterday. The JUTOM had evidently intended to give Bates the limit of the law. They fixed h:is fine at n 000 and the term of his imprisonment at five years. But the term of imprisonmenrhad to be corrected and Bates will have an indeterminate sentence There are four more Indictments against Bates and theywfl!! all be tried. More Illinoi* Hiuen to Strife*. Springfield, Ws~, .Tan. S.—The 'miner* of ' Taylorvilfe, to the number of 200. met Monday night and organized in » union and decided to demand the Springfield scale If. not granted by next Saturday they trffl i

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