Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 1, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1896
Page 8
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Another Harvest -firSE Fosters Kid Gloves Slaughtered Mercifully READ LETTER BELOW - New York, July 486,1896. Jtcbmitt & Heinly, Logansport, Ind. ,.,,,.. not be any object ii the price is,right Hoping th ^°^ er ^ lon Wl11 meet with your approval. Yours erV g ^ 1v1 ' stem The above goods have arrived and we will place them on sale SATURDAY MORNING. These' are the goods that generally retailjat 6225 '$2.00, $1.50 and $1.00, our price.for choice 'of entire lot will be 58c a pair. Be.on hand early as we don't expect lot to last long. SCHfllTT & HEINLY. FULL;OF VIGOR Sound Money Democrats Will Thoroughly Organize. THE WORK IS BEGUN -The rtbvenient. Grows Suprls- ingty in Indiana. 'be paid $10 per year for each 1,000 of population except iu counties or over 100,000; salary In these not ro-exceed $1,000. Tlie other two members to'rc- coivo no salary. Expenses i>:tid by Hie county." : • • ' ' • A and green tains.-Rrtllicruit. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. ^ Twenty-rent organdie. 10 cents to- day.—Tlic Bee Hive. Large roasieiv given away with one U> can-of taking powder.—Tnmt. For SSlc.-Xcw typewriter, ?20. Bon TVIaman, Boom -1, Crawford block. Otto says-somebody must have moucy. Ha want.- it; will Rive two .in merchandise for SI In C; >sh. Ladies, oi.ee again: our very finest children's hats at 50c. worm SI. at Otic-*, 1'f you mention tills Item. Today Is the last and big day o£ the Bee Hive's upbuilding and buaeflt sale. Great bargains In ever)' dcpartnieut. radios', boys', girls' and geiite' hosiery underwear, hose supporter*; prices cot in two; 3c a pair up.-Trttde Palace. We arc making a big sacrifice to close out ran. shoes. Call and pet -a bargain. Alroo GreensfeMer. Third and Market tttrcor. Those who en-Joy a day'* ontlns sliouW not fail to take advantage oC the sxceinrmgly low rate to St. Joseph via the VundnlUi Line. Train leaves the station even- Sunday at 7 a. ra. Fare Tor -tiro round trip, $1. The consolidation oC the Natural and Artificial Gas •companies, makes the payment of bills for' consumers using Hoth kiwis ot gas much more convejii- on-t The person paying for natural gas W ho is also a user oC the artificial can now pay both bills at the same time, atthe company* office, 817 Pearl street, All WIls are O.ue and collectible on the first of each month with customary ten Jays' grace. Bills for August, 1SOO, now being due. THE THIRD FLOATER, Report ol: a Child's Body in the Wabash. yesterday afternoon about 1 o'clock V; .T, Bantu reported to Patrolman Hick'ey that he liad seen the dead body of a child floating clown the Wabash •it the Seventeenth street bridge. After seeln- the form Mr. Btiuta linrricd to the Panhandle station where he notified the officer, who lost no time in sending ., mail out into the river in a boat, but uo Boater was seen. Dave Clymor and several other men also say t,hat they s'iw the body. It Is probable that floating chunks of wood are mistaken for human bodies, as there Is no report of anyone drowning up the Wabash. AFFAlIi. Miss Percy Luce euturtiiincd about twenty-five couples of her young friend's last night at the daiiclug pavil- ,l.ion at Spencer park in honor of her friend, Miss Lovejoy,.i)f KlKia'rt. For- iwfT'.s oi-chestva fimiishcrt the musk: to which tin- young people-daneed away a very pleasant evening. - The barn on the farm OC Hurmeu l-'reshour, eight miles north of this city was burned to -the ground yesterday mornlDg at 10 o'clock. It was filled with hay and- grain and the loss will probably exceed .fl.OOQ. The amount exact cause of the tin: is not knd\yn.'j:hc exact cause of the lire Is noi-k npwu. The farmers living In the neighborhood prevented the fire from spreading and also made "an attempt to extinguish tht ninmes, but It proved fruitless. Last summer one of our grandchll-, dren was sick with a severe bowel | trouble Our doctor's remedies had failed, then we tried Chamberlains Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which gave very speedy relief. We re- K nrd It as the best medicine ever put on the market for bowel complaints-Mrs. E G Gregory, Frederlckstown, Mq. This certainly Is the best medicine ever put on the market for dysentery, BUW- mer complaint, colic and cholera Infan- tum.ln children. It never falls to give prompt relief when used in reasonable time and the plain printed directions are followed. Many mothers have expressed their sincere gratitude for the cures It has effected. For sale by B: F. Kecsllng, druggist. Huckleberries DOc a basket.-Tra.ut. BADLY HURT. Thursday afternoon while Messrs Ivrels and McMananift w.cre engaged in shingling the Jatter'a. house, the scaffolding gave way .and Mr. KreU fell to the ground, sustaining probably fntnl Inju-rles. Mr.- McMnnama grasped a sca-nUi-ng which -was nailed to the roof and hold until 1 his wife boktcd a ladder to the roof and rescued Win,..-Krels is lingering between Life, and death and his physician says that his condition is very dangerous. •;. •- ludtanu polls, July aO—The sound money Democrats of Indiana have begun their work of organizing the State with vigor'aiid'tMHlmsiasm. At a meeting of tlife sound money league this mfirning Samuel O. Piekens ot this ctly \vas elected chairman of the State Committee and a mfcmber was selected to ivprescut each district. Th!,< committee will be- announced as soon as th;> mo.mbe.is h;\vu been communicated with and the organization will then bo spread out to-,each county in tin- Stato mil finally to e:«;h precinct. The league ilso took the lliv;t steps toward organizing Marion cotuu.v by electing Allen W. Conduift. -one of the mort prominent Democrats of 'the <:iiy. county chairman. Ho will begin at once the work of wioctlng a Democrat lo represent each precinct on tlio county committee. The sound money sentiment has bt-eti c-rystalCizing very rapidly i-n this county ami those iu charge/if the movement say fluiil. a .sound money Democratic tic'ui-r will get almost if not <iiiitc as much support horo as Ihe "Popncfatic" ticket nominated ar Chicago. John H. Wilson, the Indiana member of the National Sound'Money Committee had a pile of letters before him this afuinioon representing every district in the Slalc. "It Is surprising" lit.' said, 'how tlife nioveiiH'ti.i: is growing. Tlio other day a Democrat said lo me. speaking of a certain county wlierp the green back cra/.c"lia<i"]>'H>n proiionnoed that we would probably not find any sound money Democrats in that county. Now here is a letter from one little town In Ihiit county giving the names of twen- ly old-line Democrats Jn one town who a'fo In favor, of a sound money ticket In all "tin-''coiTC.spoudc.ncc growing out- of the organization of (he State I have not received a'letter that Is not. en cotinigitig," w. s. w. A B1CVCLK PARTY. merry party of bicyclists s:n.rH"l out l:wt evening io ride to Uoyal CcnU-r, or at least a part of the way. Tln>.v had large Ciiluesu Ian tern." tied ly their l.ian- dlebars and -tiinde a prelly show as t'loy turned ou f^ North street and wheeled iicrosn the Til In! *liwr'l»r!d>, Tb<% 61 [he. riders (lismounti:J iil. Col 1 hill and walked up. but tlnil w.-is (is« tin 1 }" wanted to sivi 1 *ri"i*' brelllli ffif liif joiie ride before tjfcm. and not tiiiit i\i$? '.ould not hafe climbed the hill it' liioj- dad wauti'd to. The following made ill; lliu party: Misses Lizzie Homlnirg. Atitin Hild':- bramlt, Daisy Fisher. Miimifl Foreman Messrs. Fred Maninarf. Adam Felker. Messrs. Fred Marqnet, Adam Fi'lker, Victor Seliw, Prof. A-!th:i, Juhn Guard. Will Sine. Dr. AllKHM Nyc and Will Reed. A Stolen Bicycle a great deal to the one that is a loser. Why run OBJ risk vAen you can have your wheel Insured against theft at a very nominal figure and get its value when stolen? Insur* at once and bs on the safe side. . . • ; Ponctnred lires Repaired, From this date on for 25 :ents at the Burgman Cycle Co A SENSATIONAL RACE. Frank Agan Proves to be a Bet- Morse Than Was Thought. Frank Agan paced a sensational race at Cleveland yesterday. In Hie -:0" pact: four of the swiftest horses in ihc- coiini.ry woiv eutercd. and it was considered ;s'cinch Unit .Toe L'aK-heu would win. Robert .1.. Joe rate-lieu. Frank A'-ran and Itubensline compeletl. atnl Agan won in straight liiMts in the rc- ninrkably f.-isi. '-ime-if 2:05. 2:04, li:0-l : )-i. .Toe Patchesi was second. IMborl .T. thii'd and nnbenstinu fourth. Henry Brookmyer hns traded his <-'<ilt Soijibriiel for a three-year-old gi-ldiug which is, in the oiiinion of liorsemcn. a coir of much promise. The coll. Durango Sprasiie. was owned by a man named Hill, who look a fancy to Som- bruol and was willing TO glvo ilr. Brookmycv a good ihing I" 'hi- ;-rade. Dtn-ango Sjmigue as a yearling ha.s :i record of 2:4S, and John Eastry, t'.ie trainer, has tried him a half in 1:17 and 'there was still a reserve ot speed left in him. ON HIS-OWN HOOK. . Thursday afternoon ft Wcstside boy named' Charles Schilling was caught in the month with a fish hook, attached to a liuo which ha held in his hand. The liook was removed by-a gentleman who was standing nearby. .-HEALTH RULES. SecretaryHurty of the State Board o£ Health, has forwarded to the Secretary of the Ca.is county Board, an outline of •the new sanitary meastuv, which lie propcses to have enacted a taw." Among its provisions, are the following: •The' new Slat* Board shall consist of .seven members'; four-physicians,,ou? lawyer, one-ouglnoer, one business man. Appointed by'the Governor. No salary. Only expenses paid. .Meet each quarter. "Stale Health- Commlssloncr-Sliall be appointed- by tlu> Board. Shall be a capable physician who has made a speciality-of Sanitary science and hy- gienc. Shall' be experienced la Siinl- tary chemistry and bacteriology. Shall be' proflcient In vital chemistry and Vital-statistics. Term, tour years. Salary, .«3;ooo. • ' ' "A saultary laboratory shall IK established whetie all necftssary sanitary analysis and hoalth .work mny be done for the.people without charge. "County Health Board—Shall cons'st of two-physicians and a lawyer or business man, appointed by the commissioners. Olio of the physicians to be made secretary and county health officer. Shall meet once a month. Secretary to NO "PERNICIOUS ACTIVITY." Washington, D. C. July 30.-Postmaster General Wilson has issued an order io all railway mail clerk; direct ing them not to take an active Interest iu the national campaign, such as would be involved in .their attending political conventions as delegates, making political speeches... or assisting in the man ngement of political campaigns. Tin Ptvstniaster General's circular exprosslj stales that lie does not desire to control their op'inions oil political matters. The order, which is in line wih the famous "pernicious activity" order oi President Cleveland Lu 1SSO, was issued yesterday by General Superintendent White of the railway mail service, by direction of the Postmaster General It was brought out by complaints against «ome of the clerks. The Post .master Genera] will issue a. general order of the same tenor to all classes of employes In the entire postal service later on. It will not be done, how ever, until complaint Is made. • ASSAULT AND RATTEIIY. Sylvester Reed, the South-Side mouu meiit dealer, was arrested yesterday upon the charge of assault and battery preferred by George T. Lainlxjrn. Thp case will be called Monday in Justice Laing's court. Lima beans.—Rothcrmcl. greatest Discovery or tte 19th Century. I)r. Tcaguc'H MJW KEMIDT Meillcatcd Air For the Cure of Catarrh, Anthlua and nil Pnlmonarr Diseases, It, has no euu»l for *51ck and Nervous H< ad- ache, 1,000.000 people ai« annuiilly Trom tae above named diseases. Woy sutler and die, "hen Medicated Air Is ttc«I«!d Air anil DrllB Co., Richmond, Ind,, D. S. A. HI li the best remedy on earth for La ^pe. It will give Immediate relief +* will effect a cure where all other . .-•dies fall. •••id by B. F. Keesllng. PEOPLE WE HAVE HEARD OF. The girl w,ho burst into tears has been put together, and now wears filling's shoo*. The young man who was taken by surprise at the wearing qualities of PU1- iiig's shoes, U.TS returned, .and says be intends to wear no others in the future, t is rumored that distance lent enchantment to the view, and now the view refuse to return it, without an equivalent in rue shape of PUliug's shoes. The man who painted- the "signs ot times" is now nut of a job, and when last, hea-rd of, wae trying to get a position painting Filling's signs. The man who .lumped upon the spur of the moment, was glad to sit down, and has done his jumping with Pilling's shoos since. The gentleman who went too far ia the argument 'against Pilling's shoes was brought back on a shutter. The roan w!ho was moved to tears, complains of the d-oinpnoss of the premise, and wishes to be moved back again, as the only dry part of him was his feet, and on them he wore a pair of Pilling's shoes. ROYAL CENTER WATER WORKS. • The specifications for the Koyal Center water work* plant IISTB been drawn up and bids for the wortc will be received August 14. The contractor will be required to give a bond ot $5,000 for the satisfactory performance of the work. Four thousand dollars' worth of the work will be paid in bonds secured by town property. Following are the dimensions of the plant: Special low prices on. all our Oxfords nt Aaron Greensfelder's, Anderson & Ra.ns'8 old stand. Third and Market streets. , HARRY FRANK'S Creates a Sensation-such as has never •been equalled-all on account of its unheard and unprecedented Slaughter. Clothing and Furnishing Goods Has to go for whatever it brings. No person in want of anything should fail to attend fliis most important sale. The Values are Simply Astonishing. You all know that Berwanger Bros. & Co. of Knoxville, Term., have leased our store room and we must vacate Sept 1. To do this-tosell $15,000WORTH OF CLOTHING within 30 days requires such a slaughter, the like of which has never been known. $2.00 WORTH FOR $1.00 CASH In this Great sale we offer Overcoats, Winter Suits, Underwear, Shirts, Gloves and Mackin. Joshes »t actual value ' Jt Wil1 c ™ at « * ladness to the purchasers who get such Enormous Bargains for their money. Everybody cordially invited to pick some of the plums while stock and sizes are complete. Respectfully, Harry Frank,, %/ iti~^ «§•• Look out for Sensation^Titemized pric* list in a few days. * V?

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